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Bear Creek Kennels - Iowa German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever Breeders

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Labrador Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers



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Litter #1- LAB LITTER


Woody and KC have been bred with pups expected Mid-October. This is a high caliber breeding expected to produce serious high end dogs for both field and test. DONOT MISS OUT ON A CHANCE FOR ONE OF THESE PUPS! Blacks and Chocolates Expected

Pups born October 22nd, 2 Chocolate Females are Available


Litter #3- LAB LITTER

UG2 HANK (2015- 3rd Place Nationlist) x Storm

Hank and Storm have been bred with pups expected November 15th, 2015. This is a high caliber breeding expected to produce serious high end dogs for both field and test. DONOT MISS OUT ON A CHANCE FOR ONE OF THESE PUPS! Black and Yellow Pups Expected


Litter #3- LAB LITTER

Trip QA2 X UG Trip

Trip (Blk) and Trip (chlt) have been bred with pups expected December 3rd, 2015. This is a high caliber breeding expected to produce serious high end dogs for both field and test. DONOT MISS OUT ON A CHANCE FOR ONE OF THESE PUPS! Blacks and Chocolates Expected


Litter #4 LAB LITTER


Woody and Moxie have been bred with pups expected December 20th, 2015. This is a high caliber breeding expected to produce serious high end dogs for both field and test. DONOT MISS OUT ON A CHANCE FOR ONE OF THESE PUPS! Blacks and Chocolates Expected




We will have

1- Black Male

2- Yellow Males

Available for Upland October 1st, 2015. Pricing will depend on ability. All will hunt hard and have great obedience and ecollar conditioned. From Pointing Lab lines, and may have hard point. To be determined. Call today for more information!




We are a medium sized, active hunting kennel in Eastern Iowa. We Train and Hunt on Over 80,000 Acres or CRP and Public Hunting with River Bottom Areas. All of our dogs are hunted, and on birds at an early age. We GUIDE at Safari Iowa Game Farms, every Fall/Winter. Typically our Sires and Dams are hunted over 100 days per year, and have over 2000 birds shot over them every fall. Pheasants, various species of Quail, Huns, Chukar Partridge, Ducks and Geese.



We have a Litters of Labs and German Shorthaired Pointers a few times per year. We take pride in our breedings and have CONSISTANTLY produced Quality all across the board in our pups.




And we believe that! We offer training in OBEDIENCE and General HUNTING Skills. We have a 160 acre property we use EXCLUSIVE for training. It contains, woodlines, a 20 acre Prairie and Wild Forb Field and 10 Acres of Short Brom Grass field for training young pups. We offer Pheasants, Quail, Pigeons, Mallard Ducks, Geese, and Chukars for dog Training.

We offer AKC Hunt Test and UGA Hunt Test Training for Retrievers and Pointing Breeds. We also can handle client dogs in the test as well. Call or Email for more information on the next upcoming test and fees.


Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever
Additional Services
Hunting, Training, Stud Services, Boarding
Breeder Contact Info
Mike Moncada
Walford Road
Fairfax, Iowa 52301
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: The Watkins on Dec 13, 2013
GSP Pup- Lennon 2013

Lennon has proved to be the most challenging puppy we have had to date (our third GSP)! While very petite, with pretty feminine features -she made up for her smallness with an energy and tenacity that is unmatched!

We still laugh at the fact that early on, she would wake up at a level 10, commonly at 5:00am - bouncing off the walls, wanting to play!!

As she has aged, she has matured, having calmed down a great deal. She has very sweet mannerisms; gentle with the neighbor kids, very loving with us (cuddle bug) and is a really good listener. She loves her brother (6 year old GSP) and although he is double her size, 9 times out of 10 he caves to her (giving up toys etc) - not so much because she dominates per se, but more because we think he likes her. :)

Lennon has an eagerness to learn and to be engaged, loves to run!! Fun loving dog overall!

Lennon is very small, 45 lbs and healthy. She loves fruit! (oddly). She has been known to steal apples from our work bags and strawberries straight from the garden.

She is a great addition to our family and we love her very much.
Submitted by: The Lawrence's on Dec 06, 2013
Yellow Lab Male pup- "Vern"

Hi Mike,

Hope this finds you doing well. Here is a photo of Cole and Vern (the puppy we got from you). He is now 6 mos old and a great dog. Chris has been hunting him and he got his first bird in South Dakota last month. Chris says he has a good nose and retreives well and loves to hunt.

Thanks again for finding us Vern. We love him.
Happy Holidays....

Laura & Chris
Submitted by: The Totman Family on Nov 19, 2013

Our GSP pup, Gunner is doing great! We couldn't be happier with him. He still very sweet and affectionate like you said he would be, and does great around people and other dogs. We receive a lot of comments on his temperament and how he's such a handsome pup! He's also a very quick learner and is always looking to please. We've been doing some pheasant hunting training and I can't wait to get him into the field in the next couple weeks!

Thanks again!!

Wes and Sara Totman
Submitted by: Michael Villhaugher on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,

Brantley, from Lucy's litter is doing well. He is a friendly dog who loves to interact with people and dogs alike. We both have some things to learn still, but we are getting there.

He hasn't got to do much bird hunting lately, but he loves to go shed hunting. We had a slow year last year, but he loves nothing more than running through the timber for hours looking for antlers. I'll have to send you some pictures of the sheds we find when we go again toward the end of February.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll answer them ASAP. Below are pictures, some are old and some are new.
Submitted by: TIM SANDERS on Nov 19, 2013
Good Morning Mike,

Gus is doing fine. He is very loveable, smart, stubborn, birdy and enthusiastic. I am very pleased with him. He eats well, gets car sick, plays well with my older GSP, chews some, very handsome,

He needs more training than I am able to give. Do you know of any east coast or southern trainers that I could take him to for a month or two. I go to Florida in the winter.


Submitted by: THE GLASGOW FAMILY on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,
Just want to let you know, we are very happy with our dog, Ace. He is 2 today.
We hunted him last year and he was amazing! He had around 200 retrieves.
He is hunting again this year and just keeps getting better. He is a lot of fun in the blind. He is very loyal to Dan. He drinks a little of Dan's coffee, and has taken his sunglasses out to the river a few times, but retrieves them too.

We have a blind in a bay on the Mississippi between Ft. Madison and Montrose.
We Love the Dog!

Thank you,
Jane and Dan Glasgow
Submitted by: The Schneider Family on Oct 28, 2013
7month old GSP Pup
Jake x Fancy Litter 2013

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to give you an update on what we've been working on with Hank since I last e-mailed you. Two weeks ago we got a few pigeons and have been working with Hank with those. For the first introduction we had the wings tied and we were just in our small back yard. He approached it instantly, nosed it a bit and got pretty excited. We did that a few times and then progressed to having the wings untied (primaries removed on one side so that it couldn't fly away). He did really well, the flapping wings didn't scare him, got very excited and just let him chase it around and go to town with it.

Since he was doing so well in our yard we took him to a field to work with the pigeons. We planted them without him seeing then let him loose. He found the first one right away and held a point momentarily, we flushed it but didn't let him chase it and then got him focused on finding the second one. He found that one right away but grabbed it before it flushed and we let him play with it for a bit before having him fetch it to us (which he did, not even caring that there was a flopping bird in his mouth, haha).

The last thing we have done was incorporate shooting into the mix. We did the same thing only we left a long lead on him. Once he found it and pointed it, we whoa-ed him and kicked the bird up, shot in the air (to simulate an actual hunting situation) and then once it landed released him to fetch it (where he again brought us a live bird in his mouth).

So, overall he is doing great and continues to progress well. We can definitely see his confidence improving more and more each week. Doesn't seem to be hesitant after having the bad experience at the preserve. We are also continuing to get him more comfortable around strangers which we are seeing improvements with slowly but surely but am sure that as long as we stick with it he will overcome it. Sometimes we forget he is only 8 months old and is still a young guy!

We might be going to Cedar Rapids to visit some family friends on November 9th and if you are around, could stop by quick with Hank to chat about more training tips and set up a time for him to come stay with you for a month this spring for training. If not, we can always plan to stop by another time. By the looks of Facebook you have been very busy with training and guiding! Talk to you soon.

Ann Schneider
Submitted by: Marshann Entwhistle on Oct 28, 2013

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but the kid does keep us hopping. I don't think either of us felt we were old until this little bundle of joy arrived in the quite household. We have here enrolled in classes three times a week with a very special trainer. She pickes her up and delivers her back later in the day. She does quite well with sit and down. They are working on stay. She gets to play in a large area with other puppies of her age range and she also gets to meet other people. We are trying to stop her chewing on the woodwork with just about everything we can think of. Lady has had her final shots and her rabies shot. She does like to ride in the car. Here are a few pictures of her but she just does not stand still long enough. We have a large area that she can run in and she does stay close to us. Answers great to a whistle it's just the word come she seems to become tone deaf. She also loved the snow last week. At first she didn't know what to think, but the tongue came out and off she went. Just loved it. She also loves to run through the piles of dried leafs. Loves the crunch. Also, Daisy lets her give all kinds of kisses, but when enough is enough the paw comes down and the kid gets the message enough is enough.

All in all she has been a joy and keeps this once quite household jumping.

Marshann Entwhistle
Submitted by: Brenton Feuchtenberger on Oct 24, 2013

Ruger is doing well, he is fairly energetic, intelligent, friendly, curious and very excited about live birds and finding pheasant wings. He is fetching very well from the start and picks up new commands quickly when were consistent with them. My wife got a great picture of him in our kitchen I have attached. He is growing fast and looks like he will be a big boy!

Brenton Feuchtenberger
Submitted by: Mark Groth on Oct 23, 2013
Lab Pup Summer 2013

Hey Mike,

Lincoln is doing great! Finishing up obedience training and getting out on some bird marks. Hey has no issues with gunfire at all! Shot two 12gauge rounds right over him last night while out having him find some quail.Need to work with him on flushing them rather than just picking them up! Going to take him out in the next couple of weeks duck hunting a time or two to get him a little experience with that before it gets too cold. He is a retrieving machine! Had him do 50 plus yard retrieves and a short double just to see how he would do.

I should bring out to your place again some Saturday afternoon and get some pointers.

I will get you some pictures when I get a chance.


Mark Groth

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