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K BAR K Kennels - Illinois Blackmouth Cur, French Brittany Spaniel, Treeing Rat Terrier Breeders

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About K BAR K Kennels

K BAR K Kennels is a family owned Kennel. We are a small kennel that prides itself

on quality not quanity. Our French Brittany's & Blackmouth Curs & Treeing Rat Terriers are not only proven hunters.

They are proven reproduces. The foundation of our French Brittanys are Sire: Salt Creek Tugboat

and Dam: TK's Little Black Coal.

Tugboat & Coal: Have produced 8 litters so far. Their pups are proving their worth in the

field, in the home, and in the whelping box. Bringing forth a whole new generation, of

hunting compainons and family pets.

The Foundation of our Blackmouth Curs are Sire: Shelby's Hunter II and our Dams: Knierim's

Precious Dollar & Knierim's Tiger Lilly. At K-Bar-K Kennels we believe in proven crosses.

Hunter & Dollar have been mated 5 times. Hunter & Lilly have been mated 4 times.

These pups are proving their worth as coon-squirrel dogs. As well as working both wild &

domesticated stock (Hogs/Cattle). We have had pups go on to make Bear--Bobcat--Mountain

lion--decoy coyote--wounded blood trailing dogs. We personally feel the BMC is adaptable

and trainable to meet all your hunting needs.

The foundation of our Treeing Rat Terriers started 4 generations ago. Today those same great bloodlines are going strong through Bill's Tiny Spanky(Male) And his Daughter Knierim's Little Rascal (Female).

These guys are not your normal lap-dogs. These guys have been bred for the close hunting squirrel hunter.

That wants a small dog, with a lot of heart. We use them on our farm for everything. Working livestock-family pet--coon & squirrel hunting--rodient control.

We try to make purchasing a puppy from us as simple as possible. Our French Brittanys sell

for $500.00. Our Blackmouth Cur puppies sell for $500.00. And our Treeing Rat Terriers for $250.00 We suggest a simple $100.00

(NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT) to hold your puppy for you. As God has really blessed us over the years. We use the date of your deposit as the picking order for the litter.

I am a Pastor so please no calls on Sundays. Lets keep Sundays for the Lord.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. May God wonderfully and bountifully bless you

and your family.

Kevin R. Knierim

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Blackmouth Cur, French Brittany Spaniel, Treeing Rat Terrier
Breeder Contact Info
Kevin R. Knierim
7404 E. 825th. Ave.
Altamont, Illinois 62411
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
Our Pedigrees

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Submitted by: Don Grice on Mar 08, 2015
I have to share what a pleasure it has been to work with Kevin Knierim at K BAR K Kennels. This is my first experience with a BMC, so I had a lot of questions and Kevin has been great. He welcomes and treats you like a longtime friend and spends a lot of time explaining the history of the BMC and the bloodline of your puppy. Bane has been a great dog. Our first experience with him was an eight hour ride home with not so much as a whimper. At this point he is only 5 months old and is already tracking and treeing squirrels, we just bagged three last week. And as others have mentioned, he is already a great watch dog, warning us anytime someone comes around. In addition to great dogs, Kevin provides outstanding follow up support. No matter what question I have, Kevin responds quickly with great advice. Kevin, thanks for a beautiful dog and outstanding assistance. We think we will be talking about a second BMC soon!
Submitted by: J Beggs on Feb 12, 2015
I'm not one to place an opinion quickly. That is evident as we have had our bmc Boone for 2 yrs and I am now posting this. He is a fantastic dog. I have had my trials and tribulations with him but I believe that was my fault for slacking on my end. He has found nearly a dozen deer at this point and it is a true pleasure to watch him work a blood trail. I honestly believe these dogs can achieve anything you want them to be. Dealing with K bar K was easier than I could have ever imagined.
Submitted by: Christina Sedlmaier on Dec 30, 2014
Bro. Kevin has been excellent to work with. He is forthcoming,knowledgeable and truly passionate about his dogs. We bought a BMC from him and couldn't be happier with the dog and with the advice that came along with it. Thank you,Bro. Kevin, we would heartily recommend you to anybody looking to buy a working/sporting dog.
Submitted by: Jessica & Joe Thierrin on Dec 11, 2014
We had a wonderful experience working with Kevin at K Bar K Kennels. We picked up our 6 week old BMC in September 2014 and couldn't be happier. Kevin and his family were great to deal with. He answered all of our questions during several phone calls, kept us up to date on his liter, worked with us to pick a time to come get our pup and even gave us tips on where to stay and eat in the area since we were driving 8 hours to get our BMC. Kevin also made sure a Black Mouth Cur would be a good fit for us and our lifestyle. We like that Kevin keeps a K Bar K Kennel Facebook page were we all post pictures of our BMCs, experiences and questions to each other. Kevin is very active with his BMC line and is always offering advice as needed and commenting on pictures and experiences we have with our dog. He has a fantastic line of BMCs. Remington was tracking scents the day we brought him home. He is now 5 months old and my husband has been working to train him to shed hunt, squirrel hunt and blood trail. He is a great protector of our home and will let us know the minute he hears or sees something unusual. He is extremely smart and always striving to please us. He was potty trained / bell trained within 3 weeks of bringing him home. We are hooked for life and love our BMC from K Bar K. We look forward to adding another one to our family from Kevin hopefully in the near future. Remington can teach the new pup the rules of the house and help with training. We highly recommend K Bar K Kennels and Kevin's Black Mouth Curs.
Submitted by: Kevin and Tanya Pelzer on Oct 06, 2014
First off we would like to say Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all our questions and concerns about the breed(Black Mouth Cur).We picked Sako up on Sept 29 2014 leaving British Columbia Canada to pick him up in Illinois. He was the most adorable and relaxed puppy we had ever seen. We spent a couple hours getting to know Bro Kevin and his son Kaleb, also developing a bond with Sako. On our flight back home Sako did amazing, he was very relaxed and only let out one little whimper when our plane landed. Since getting home Sako has boned well with our family. He's already sitting, staying and coming on command. We have been working on tracking with him and he's proving to be quite the tracker following a track up to 65 feet with great concentration and drive at only 9 weeks old. He is very playful and silly when playing with our children, not once showing any aggression to them or their friends.
Thank you again Bro Kevin for the wonderful puppy. We look forward to keeping in touch.
Kevin, Tanya, Aaron, Devin and Natasha Pelzer
Submitted by: Robinson's Pioneer Kennel on Aug 19, 2014
I will soon be purchasing my third K bar K Black Mouth Cur pup. They are exceptional and contain true multipurpose traits: Hunting treeing game and baying game on the ground, companion family dogs, guarding without over aggression, hog and cattle dogs and more.
You will be treated with openness and honesty at K Bar K kennel.

Submitted by: Carly Holcomb on Aug 19, 2014
Bro. Kevin is a wonderful person with great dogs! We purchased our BMC at the end of May 2014, and his communication prior to picking up Rocky, the day we picked him up, and even after have been incredible. He is upront and honest about the joys and struggles of the breed, and wants you to know exactly the dog you are signing up for! The follow-up phone calls are great, and he really provides care and compassion for not only his dogs, but the new owners too!

Would highly recommend the breed to anyone needing a loyal companion, and overall outdoors dog!

Submitted by: Ed Peterson on Aug 18, 2014
Couldn't be more pleased with my dogs. They are hard hunting, good looking dogs! Kevin has helped me purchase 3 puppy's and every time he was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Bro Kevin!
Submitted by: Chad Moore on Aug 18, 2014
I can't imagine life without my BMC's. They are amazing family dogs, great hunting dogs and are extremely athletic. Brother Kevin is very interested in every pup that leaves his kennel. Even after almost four years Bro. Kevin can see a picture of my dog and tell me her bitch and sire. You cannot go wrong with a K Bar K BMC, Keep up the great work Bro. Kevin!
Submitted by: Curtis & Rose Schmitz on May 12, 2014
We picked up our puppy on 4/30/2014. She is everything we hoped for and more. We have been talking with Kevin since the first of the year.He is a wonderful person to do business with. Thank you bro. Kevin

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