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About Sur le Delavan Kennel
Sur le Delavan Kennel, LLC is a small family own kennel in Central Illinois that is committed to professional pointing dog training and to continuing a strict breeding practice of Epagneul Bretons that only improves the traits and temperaments that took generations in Europe to achieve. We are using only the highest performing dogs from France, Ireland, Spain, and the United States for our puppies, started, and finished dogs. What does that mean for the clients? It means that the puppies from Sur le Delavan Kennel have a great chance to inherit these same outstanding traits; leading to great hunting dogs, trialing dogs, show dogs, and family pets. This has been proven by Sur le Delavan Kennel by producing more UKC field champions and grand champions than any other kennel in the US. All litters from Sur le Delavan Kennel are UKC and AKC registered and 100% French Brittanys. It is important to us that each of you visiting our website know that we are hunters first. Our dogs travel across the US every year hunting Sage Grouse, Huns and Sharptail in MT, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock in MI, Pheasant in IA and Quail in KS. We also spend a good amount of time hunting teal, ducks and geese in IL. Many times we get questions or comments from interested clients that "we aren't looking for a trialing dog or a show dog. We just want a 'good' hunting dog." There is no other way for us (or anyone) to prove to you that our dogs are "good" hunting dogs than to put them in front of judgment in different parts of the country on the different wild game. We win out West on wild sharptail and hun. We win in the Midwest on wild pheasant. We win in the South on wild quail. A great trialing dog will equal a great hunting dog. Just because our dogs do great in the show ring, doesn't mean we only produce "show" dogs. It means we produce great looking hunting dogs! ​ We welcome you to visit our farm and see our dogs and training for yourself. If you don't see the information you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us by email or give us a call.
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Clint and Suzanne LaFary
1598 Towerline Road
Delavan, Illinois 61734
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Terrance Lowe on Mar 14, 2018
Our dog is now 6 years old. We have learned more from her than she has from us for sure. I want to let anyone looking for a puppy to think about getting one from Sur le Delavan Kennel. From day one, Clint has been willing to take phone calls and emails. I will have made many of them. He works hard to prove his dogs. He talks highly of other breeders and encourages you to talk to many breeders. He bought us a membership to the CEB US and we have been a member ever since. We don't take part in many of the events but enjoy the magazine and following other Sur le Delavan dogs in it. If you are looking for a puppy (like we are now) take the time to give Clint a call.

Terrance L
St Cloud, MN
Submitted by: Cantrall Gipson on Mar 08, 2018
I have been running dogs in trials for the better part of 25 years now. It is safe to say Clint and Sur le Delavan Kennel have brought the French Brittany to the game to win. Until last year, I had never competed against one and now I have been beaten by a couple. Clint runs a top-level kennel and takes the time to prove his dogs. I have had setters for many years and am looking forward to my first French Brittany from him. Few breeders train their own dogs, it is refreshing to see a young breeder spending the time to learn what his dogs are about. Many times breeders are shipping their dogs off to other trainers rather than training their own now. There is no way for a breeder to understand what they have unless they are spending the time to learn. Clint not only trains his own dogs he wins with them.

Cantrall G
Submitted by: Raven Moton on Mar 07, 2018
If you are looking for a puppy or started dog, Sur le Delavan Kennel is one place you must look. Clint will take his time to answer your questions on the phone or email. It is clear that he is a student of the breed and cares about the direction of the breed in the US. We have own many breeds of pointing dogs and our next one will be a French Brittany, largely in part to the time Clint spent talking to us about them. We saw his dogs on Wingshooting USA and they seem to really be that way not just on TV. We again saw his dogs in Gundog Magazine shortly after the TV show. We have spoke to many breeders now and strongly believe Sur le Delavan will be where our next puppy comes from.

Check them out,
Submitted by: William Wade on Mar 05, 2018
Hey guys,

I want to take a minute and review my experience I had dealing with Sur le Delavan Kennel and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. We started our search looking for a puppy a month ago and Clint was one of our first breeders we contacted. They were not going to have a puppy for us this year, and we were ready for one now. Long story short, after talking to many other breeders we made our mind up to wait on one of Sur le Delavan's 2019 litters. Clint was helpful helping us find other breeders that had puppies. But none of those breeders had proven their dogs the way Clint had. That was very important to us.

Submitted by: Shavaun Leemon on Feb 23, 2018

Thank you for talking to me on the phone last night. Like I said I really enjoyed learning about your breed on the Wingshooting USA show last night. I had not heard of the breed a year ago and now I have seen them on TV and in a magazine. I am excited to work with you next year when I get a puppy. Anyone looking for a puppy (or training as it sounds) should take the time to contact Clint. He didn't treat me the way the two other kennels did closer to my home in Saint Cloud did when I reached out to them. Clint took the time to answer my questions and never once tried to "sell" me a puppy.

Shavaun L
Submitted by: Aaron B on Feb 12, 2018
Hey Clint, I wanted to publicly say thank you for such a great puppy! I had little hopes for hunting this season with a 5.5-month-old puppy. Well to say I am shocked at how quickly this little guy turned it on. I killed 3 types of quail, pheasant and Prairie Chicken over his point this season. He was great on retrieving too. We used him with ducks in the ponds and creeks too. His bird drive was great!

Thank you,
Aaron, AZ
Submitted by: Thomas Wye on Feb 05, 2018
Clint, it was great to meet you at our NSTRA event this weekend in Amo. This was the only way I knew how to contact you so I hope you don't mind. It was really nice to see a "new" breed do so well. Honestly, most of us think of your breed as a bit of a weak breed that is popular only because of its darker cooler. You proved that to be about as far from the truth as possible. Juno is one of the strongest "Brittany" I have seen in years, and I see a lot of them. Thank you for opening my eyes to the French Brittany!

Submitted by: Keegan Miller on Feb 05, 2018

Although we have never met, I am very interested in learning more about your French Brittanys and your kennel. I just learned about them in the Gun Dog Magazine. They sound like what I m looking for. We duck hunt some but spend most of our time upland bird hunting and relaxing at home. I sent you an email moments ago and I look forward to hearing from you.

Submitted by: Jeff Erickson on Jan 29, 2018
Hey Clint and Bud,

I wanted to leave you guys a review for all your hard work with Zac. He handled so much better this hunting season. I don't know how you were able to tame him down and make him such a reliable and easy to hunt behind dog but you did! Were had one of the best woodcock and grouse season in 10 years because of your work. It is great to know that there are some breeders out there still training dogs not just selling them. I wish I would had found you when we were looking for our puppy. The breeder we got him from claimed to know all about training (and the breed) but offered no help when it came time for training. I too see the value in the trialing you do with your dogs. I haven't ever attended a trial, mostly because I never had a dog that I believed could do it. But now if they have any up here in MN I will be interested in doing them. Thanks again!

Submitted by: Timothy Shepard on Jan 25, 2018
Clint and Suzanne,
Hope all is well. attached are some recent pictures of our Miel Sur Le Delavan "Mazie"
I simply cannot convey how much my wife and I enjoy her.
Around the house she is a absolute"hoot", she has such amazing temperament. Very loving and playful. She is great with people of all ages, our other EB "Beau", and other dogs at the home and in the field. I honestly have never heard her "growl". Although she is a good watch dog around the house.
In the home she is fantastic, I simply do not any issues with her behavior (other than tearing up the grass in search of gophers).
As for the utility part of her that I purchased her for, a hunting companion, she is coming along very, very well.
Her prey drive is through the roof. Her cooperation in the field is growing as she matures.
I have had Mazie out hunting Dove, Pheasant, and Quail this Hunting Season.Her performance while hunting is coming along very nicely.
Mazie and I train with three Southern California chapters of NAVHDA, the So Cal, Inland Empire, and San Diego Chapters.
Mazie ran and passed the NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 10 months. We are currently training for the NAVHDA finished dog Utility Test.
Thank you Sur Le Delavan Kennel for your work and efforts in selective breeding and truly working to better the breed.
Mazie was from the union of Rip and Hera. I would recommend to any one a pup from any further planned repeat litters.

Thank you agian,
Timothy and Renetia Shepard
Phillips Ranch, California
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