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We are full time vizsla breeders who have been competing in field and show events with our vizslas for 45 years. We are former officers of the Vizsla Club of America and held every job imaginable in the Vizsla Club of Illinois and still serve many capacities in our local club. We are also members of several other vizsla clubs. We live near Rockford, Illinois.

Our primary interest is producing quality puppies for family and hunting, and preserving the hunting instinct of the breed. Our farm is licensed as a hunt club with the state so only our vizsla puppy owners and vizsla friends can use our facilities to hunt and train their dogs. We breed dogs with excellent temperaments for wonderful family pets, hunting dogs with natural instinct, and our puppies have and do compete in all venues AKC offers. They have been successful in field events, conformation, tracking, agility, and obedience.We have a Hall of Fame Vizsla and for decades many of our dogs have been on the VCA's Top Ten Field list for both puppy/derby dogs and the broke gun dogs. We owned three Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity winners, a National Shoot-To-Retrieve Champion, and many Field Champions, Amateur Field Champions, and Conformation Champions. All our dogs have DNA on file with AKC. All our dogs are OFA Good or Excellent.

Our pups go home with AKC registration papers, medical history, our guarantee, 5 generation pedigree, a training book, and our Puppy Manual with all types of training and reference material, and a lifetime commitment as your mentors.

Our farm has been host to the Vizsla Club of Illinois' annual two-day Double Bubble event in May for over 40 years. This is a good way to introduce new and old vizsla owners to the many things they can do with their dog(s), and come out and meet other vizsla owners and have a fun day in the country. We have also been host to several field trials. Jim has been a field trial judge for over 40 years.

We have three male stud dogs available to approved bitches. One is Ch. Archiee, JH who has our Hall of Fame dog DC/AFC Askim, MH, NSTRA Ch. on both sides of his pedigree. Another male is Silver Grand Champion Just Spike, Jr Hunter (6xBest In Specialty Show winner). Spike is out of Ch. Vizion's Blue Buoy, CDX, TD and Ch. Storm's Path of Destruction (winner BOB Westminster 2009). We also have Man O War out of our Field Ch. O Mega and our Ch. Chicquitaa, Jr Hunter. Man O Was has begun his field trial career and already has some first place ribbons in young dog stakes. All our dogs have wonderful temperaments, are very charismatic, and awesome in the field. All are field competitive and yet wonderful personal hunting dogs.

We have puppies frequently in spring and summer. See our web site for more information. www.buschvizslas.com.

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Jim or Linda Busch
2643 N. Keith Road
Winnebago, Illinois 61088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 45 years.
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Submitted by: Patti Gregory on Aug 02, 2016
I bought my Vizsla from Jim and Linda Busch in September 2015. From the start, the Busch's were very easy to work with. I looked at this sight, and saw how they ranked. I chose them even though I had to travel clear across the country to get a puppy from them! And it was worth it! My boy is top shelf! He is confident, gentle, sweet, calm, and super intelligent. A best in "my show". Kind and sensitive he is wonderful with others dogs, people, cats, and children of all ages. He shines for upcoming Therapy work. This wonderful Vizsla just turned 1 year. He is a perfect gentleman. Jim and Linda Busch are wonderful breeders who care deeply about sharing their Vizslas with lovers of this breed, that do not necessarily show, or hunt, their dogs. They are very flexible, yet professional. Their mission is to produce good puppies that are good citizens, and are "ambassadors for the breed". They become your friends and are always there for you when questions arise. Linda Busch is "puppy lady extraordinaire"! They encourage "keeping in touch", so they can see the progress of their pups they sell. I am very glad I went the "extra mile", and purchased my Vizsla from Busch Vizslas, in Illinois! Thanks, Jim and Linda for my wonderful Vizsla!
Submitted by: Barger Family on Jul 06, 2014
We have a wonderful dog from Jim and Linda Busch named Spirit, he is out of O Mega and Zoom Zoom. Spirit is a perfect family dog. He has a wonderful temperament and is happy just sitting around with our two children being a couch potato or being ridden like a pony by my son. The other side of Spirit comes to light when he is in the field. He is an awesome pheasant hunting machine who will hunt all day if you let him. He has a stylish point, great retrieve and ground speed that is hard to match. Spirit has also ran in some field trials. He received Runner Up in the Vizsla Club of America's National Field Trial Puppy stake, and has recently won a 3 pt major in an Open Gun Dog stake towards an Field Champion title. Spirit has been a joy to own and we could not think of a better combination of attributes in a dog for our family.

The Busch's consistently breed wonderful Vizslas having personalities perfect for families. Over the years they have always been helpful to us in providing advice on training points plus any general pet owner question that have come up. We strongly recommend the Busch's as great Vizsla breeders.

Submitted by: Jeremy Johnson on May 22, 2014
I have a male from a Busch litter that was whelped back in June 2008 (his name is Rowdy) and raised him as a single guy until I met my wife 3 years ago. Once we started dating I quickly realized where his loyalties lay as he fell in love with Lindsy (as did I) and he is now her dog! When we come home at night from work he runs past me right to his mom and loves to cuddle up next to her anytime we are home. Rowdy is an absolute joy and we could not imagine life without him. I truly believe this is a testament to the type of Vizsla that Jim and Linda breed (Rowdy is from O Mega) and when I spoke to them about what I was looking for in my pup they nailed it with their suggestion of getting Rowdy out of a litter from O Mega. At some point we are going to start a family and will want another Vizsla and we will 100% go back to Busch Vizslas again!
Submitted by: Colleen von Eckartsberg on Aug 02, 2013
We just bought our second vizsla, Rocco, who is out of CBJ Vizsla’s Sophie (Lynnette and Doug Engels) and the Busch’s male, O Mega. (Sophie is out of the Busch’s Archiee.) We originally approached Linda Busch for one of their puppies. But after hearing what we wanted – extremely child-friendly, great family dog, as mellow as possible – she led us to the litter from the Engels with her male, O Mega. Despite our buying the dog from the Engels, the Busches were incredibly helpful, involved, kept the puppy for a week themselves to accommodate our picking him up, and have been incredibly supportive.

Rocco is still a puppy, but is a great little dog and has all the signs of being exactly what we had hoped for. He has an incredibly sweet temperament, is super cuddly, and is very gentle. He’s also a really beautiful dog! He adapted quickly and easily to city life (San Francisco), construction on both sides, his new crate in our family room – nothing seems to faze him. We both work and have two young kids, so at times he is flooded with love and attention and at other times he just has to settle in his crate, which he does with minimal complaint. Rocco is great with kids – he has visited our 5-year old’s preschool and is gentle and calm. He’s unfazed by construction and machinery and loud sounds. All the staff at his puppy class think he’s super mellow and not at all timid or shy. He can settle in his crate when the house is full of excited kids and adults. He’s been remarkably easy, and I never thought I would say that about a vizsla puppy!

The Busches are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, beyond helpful, and breed great dogs! We were drawn to them in the hopes of finding a vizsla who is a little more mellow than our first (great, great dog, but not remotely mellow). They offered so much more than a puppy. We will be recommending them to anyone we know who is interested in a vizsla. Thank you, Linda and Jim!
Submitted by: Sem and Kayte Dieterich on Apr 13, 2013
“Colt” is the second Vizsla we bought from Jim and Linda. Jim’s call to me about a new litter they had coming along in April of 2011 came just eighteen months after we bought our first Vizsla, Bea. Our positive experience with Bea, and Jim and Linda’s continuous follow-up calls and help, convinced us we needed(?) our second Busch Vizsla. How’s that for rationalization? Bea went through her JH in four passes and is now working on her MH, by-passing SH. Colt came to us in May, 2011 out of Zeeva and Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger. Jim and Linda’s knowledge of what we wanted for our next Vizsla produced an amazing result. Colt’s early months at home gave us a driven dog in the field and an exceptional dog in the home. The perfect lap dog. He has an absolutely infectious attitude, getting along with two male and one female labs, and Bea in our home. People are drawn to him by his looks and attitude. The tail never stops until he is in the field where he becomes all business. We entered him in the puppy stake, at eleven months, at the 2012 NGDC where he did ok but over the next year we entered him in nine trials where he placed in eight of them. Three-firsts, Three-seconds and two-thirds, all with an owner who didn’t have a clue. What a thrill for Kayte and me. Colt ended his limited Derby career just this April as the number fifteen Derby Dog in the country. It doesn’t get any better than that! The journey with both dogs has been exciting and thrilling, thanks to Jim and Linda’s concern for proper breeding and proper placement. Their breedings produce versatile dogs that assimilate into the family, field, and population. Colt is now with professional trainer, Deg Goodie, and Kayte and I are very optimistic about his future. If you’re considering a Vizsla, call Jim and Linda and ask all the questions you can that are pertinent to you, your needs and your family. You won’t go wrong.
Submitted by: Adrienne Edmond on Apr 06, 2013
After carefully researching and planning...we decided to add a Vizsla to our family. We just needed to find a good breeder. After more research we found Jim and Linda, and they are absolutely the greatest. They were there to answer any questions, calm any fears and walk us through the process step by step. We love our pup!She is great with our 5 year old. She has been a total joy. Linda is so knowledgeable and has been so helpful with any of my questions or concerns. I would not use any other breeder. Thanks Jim and Linda!!
Edmond Family(Dulles, Virgina)
Submitted by: Patricia Madeleine on Nov 12, 2012
WOW! I picked up my little Ellie (Champion Southern Trails Una Roja, JH x FC O Mega) a few weeks ago and I can't imagine life without her anymore. She adapted to her new life in a minute, slept through Hurricane Sandy and is always curious, attentive, kind and loving, no matter the situation. I am convinced that this is due to her upbringing by Jim and Linda Busch. I visited the farm twice before taking her home, and I can't thank them both enough for taking the time and talking a first time dog owner like me through every little detail and answering every question I may have had. The wealth of knowledge they both have acquired over the years is impressive (Jim is not referred to as the Vizsla Guru for nothing!), it feels so good knowing that they will always be there to guide and support you even after you have picked up your puppy. Like you, I have read the testimonials on this website before choosing my future dog's breeder, which is why I wanted to contribute. Jim and Linda will never pressure you into making a rash decision, they really care about their puppies. They will call you right after the litter is born, then send you weekly updates and pictures so that you always know how your future new family member is doing. Highly, highly recommended!!
Submitted by: Ellen & Kevin Reid on Jan 25, 2012
I don’t think enough can be said about Jim & Linda. After literally years of research, and calling as many breeders as we could, we decided to get our V from Jim & Linda. We drove from Toronto, Ontario to the Busch Farm and could not be happier that we made the effort. We were fortunate to get Ruby, who was born April 1, 2011 from Ch. Zeeva, JH and 3xNGDC, 2xNAFC, NVA-NFC, MVSDC, DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC. She is now 10 months old and the best dog we have ever been around. It is clear the amount of effort and care they devote to their breeding. They were unbelievably supportive throughout the entire process, keeping us in the loop and informed. There is no doubt, we will be getting our next V from Jim & Linda at Busch Farms!
Submitted by: Jeff and Sabena Svedahl on Aug 24, 2011
Last winter, my husband and I were supposed to bring home our first puppy from Busch Vizsla but I got cold feet at the last minute. Understanding my hesitance, Linda was kind enough to suggest that we meet their friend, Jim Moller, who was expecting a litter from his dog Elizabeth and the Busch's own Archie. Jim Moller lives just an hour away from Minneapolis so we were able to meet the puppies, as well as the mother, several times. This provided the level of comfort I needed to feel confident about bringing a vizsla in to our family. We ended up picking out our sweet Pippa from this litter and we have fallen head over heals for her. She has brought so much joy to our family, I can't believe I was ever worried about owning a vizsla. We are truly grateful to Jim and Linda for having the patience to work with us. They are wonderful ambassadors of the vizsla breed. We highly recommend them!
Submitted by: M. Lloyd on Apr 07, 2011
After researching numerous breeds for an addition to our family of 5 we settled on the Vizsla as our unanimous choice. I contacted the Busch's and was won over not by just their knowledge and experience with the breed but also the friendly, no pressure manner they imparted it. I flew out to Illinois to pick up Ava. A pup out of Shiloh and Archie. Her temperament is all I could hope for and more. Not a mean or nippy bone in her body and that's saying a lot with 3 kids under the age of 11. She's got a lot of energy and so smart sometimes I think she's got opposable thumbs. Three months ago we added another Busch Vizsla to the family tree. Couldn't be happier with little Luca Brasi. He's going to be a big mush. A high energy wise guy. Recommend the Busch's without reservation. Great Vizsla's. Beautiful people with the best interests of the breed and their dogs at heart.
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