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Submitted by: Debby Warstler on Jan 10, 2021
We now have a second Vizsla from Jim and Linda. “Dana” Perino joined William F “Buckley” in July of 2020. At 7 months, she is a gem. She and Buckley (6 1/2) are good buddies and play when they are not stretched out on our couch. They run several miles a day on our property—a necessity for the “chilling out” that makes them such great pets. Our plan is to have one litter with them once Dana is 2. Get on the list for a Busch Vizsla! It’s worth the wait.
Submitted by: Ronald Baldridge on Jan 24, 2019
We purchased a female from Busch's in 2012 out of Archie and Dazzle. As a Veterinarian I have the opportunity to see a lot of dogs from many breeders, I can attest that Busch's dedication to the integrity of the breed and selection for intelligence, disposition and conformation are second to none. I will never have anything other than a Busch bred vizsla!
Submitted by: Elizabeth Kukla on Oct 23, 2018
I bought Dieter (whelped 2017) from Jim and Linda out of Just Spike & Chicquitaa as my first dog, after much research.

He has been the best dog I could have hoped for and Jim and Linda have been continually helpful and supportive with resources and questions.

I got Dieter to be my running buddy since I have been a runner most of my life, picking the breed for their running ability, size, and health rather than hunting. Shortly after coming home Linda helped us get in touch with the Vizsla community where we live, and since then we have met a whole host of wonderful friends & mentors, and Dieter is now starting work on his junior hunter (teaching me things!).

A big concern for me when picking a breeder after health was temperament. I read about them and their dogs, and Dieter has lived up completely to all of the positive things I've read from others. He comes to the office most days, he is quiet and kind to everyone he meets, and he is excellent with other animals (dogs, cats, etc.).

He has been easy to train with consistency and positive reenforcement. We started with puppy kindergarten shortly after coming home and continued on to complete his CGC before he was 1 year old.

I couldn't have hoped for a better buddy, and is absolutely worth the trip to Illinois to pick up your new furry family. He might be my first Vizsla but he certainly won't be my last.
Submitted by: Debra and Robin Warstler on Apr 15, 2018
William F. Buckley is from a 2014 litter of O'Mega and Zeeva. He is our first Vizsla--but he won't be the last! Over the years we have had many breeds, but none were as "all-around" perfect as this one. Buckley is a true specimen--sleek, solid, and muscular. He runs several miles a day and the rest of time curls up in a chair or travels to work with Robin. So gentle with all of our grandkids; loves to be with them.
Linda and Jim were incredible to work with; if we were to buy a second one, I would only use their line. So happy we found them!
Submitted by: Patti Gregory on Aug 02, 2016
I bought my Vizsla from Jim and Linda Busch in September 2015. From the start, the Busch's were very easy to work with. I looked at this sight, and saw how they ranked. I chose them even though I had to travel clear across the country to get a puppy from them! And it was worth it! My boy is top shelf! He is confident, gentle, sweet, calm, and super intelligent. A best in "my show". Kind and sensitive he is wonderful with others dogs, people, cats, and children of all ages. He shines for upcoming Therapy work. This wonderful Vizsla just turned 1 year. He is a perfect gentleman. Jim and Linda Busch are wonderful breeders who care deeply about sharing their Vizslas with lovers of this breed, that do not necessarily show, or hunt, their dogs. They are very flexible, yet professional. Their mission is to produce good puppies that are good citizens, and are "ambassadors for the breed". They become your friends and are always there for you when questions arise. Linda Busch is "puppy lady extraordinaire"! They encourage "keeping in touch", so they can see the progress of their pups they sell. I am very glad I went the "extra mile", and purchased my Vizsla from Busch Vizslas, in Illinois! Thanks, Jim and Linda for my wonderful Vizsla!
Submitted by: Barger Family on Jul 06, 2014
We have a wonderful dog from Jim and Linda Busch named Spirit, he is out of O Mega and Zoom Zoom. Spirit is a perfect family dog. He has a wonderful temperament and is happy just sitting around with our two children being a couch potato or being ridden like a pony by my son. The other side of Spirit comes to light when he is in the field. He is an awesome pheasant hunting machine who will hunt all day if you let him. He has a stylish point, great retrieve and ground speed that is hard to match. Spirit has also ran in some field trials. He received Runner Up in the Vizsla Club of America's National Field Trial Puppy stake, and has recently won a 3 pt major in an Open Gun Dog stake towards an Field Champion title. Spirit has been a joy to own and we could not think of a better combination of attributes in a dog for our family.

The Busch's consistently breed wonderful Vizslas having personalities perfect for families. Over the years they have always been helpful to us in providing advice on training points plus any general pet owner question that have come up. We strongly recommend the Busch's as great Vizsla breeders.

Submitted by: Jeremy Johnson on May 22, 2014
I have a male from a Busch litter that was whelped back in June 2008 (his name is Rowdy) and raised him as a single guy until I met my wife 3 years ago. Once we started dating I quickly realized where his loyalties lay as he fell in love with Lindsy (as did I) and he is now her dog! When we come home at night from work he runs past me right to his mom and loves to cuddle up next to her anytime we are home. Rowdy is an absolute joy and we could not imagine life without him. I truly believe this is a testament to the type of Vizsla that Jim and Linda breed (Rowdy is from O Mega) and when I spoke to them about what I was looking for in my pup they nailed it with their suggestion of getting Rowdy out of a litter from O Mega. At some point we are going to start a family and will want another Vizsla and we will 100% go back to Busch Vizslas again!
Submitted by: Colleen von Eckartsberg on Aug 02, 2013
We just bought our second vizsla, Rocco, who is out of CBJ Vizsla’s Sophie (Lynnette and Doug Engels) and the Busch’s male, O Mega. (Sophie is out of the Busch’s Archiee.) We originally approached Linda Busch for one of their puppies. But after hearing what we wanted – extremely child-friendly, great family dog, as mellow as possible – she led us to the litter from the Engels with her male, O Mega. Despite our buying the dog from the Engels, the Busches were incredibly helpful, involved, kept the puppy for a week themselves to accommodate our picking him up, and have been incredibly supportive.

Rocco is still a puppy, but is a great little dog and has all the signs of being exactly what we had hoped for. He has an incredibly sweet temperament, is super cuddly, and is very gentle. He’s also a really beautiful dog! He adapted quickly and easily to city life (San Francisco), construction on both sides, his new crate in our family room – nothing seems to faze him. We both work and have two young kids, so at times he is flooded with love and attention and at other times he just has to settle in his crate, which he does with minimal complaint. Rocco is great with kids – he has visited our 5-year old’s preschool and is gentle and calm. He’s unfazed by construction and machinery and loud sounds. All the staff at his puppy class think he’s super mellow and not at all timid or shy. He can settle in his crate when the house is full of excited kids and adults. He’s been remarkably easy, and I never thought I would say that about a vizsla puppy!

The Busches are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, beyond helpful, and breed great dogs! We were drawn to them in the hopes of finding a vizsla who is a little more mellow than our first (great, great dog, but not remotely mellow). They offered so much more than a puppy. We will be recommending them to anyone we know who is interested in a vizsla. Thank you, Linda and Jim!
Submitted by: Sem and Kayte Dieterich on Apr 13, 2013
“Colt” is the second Vizsla we bought from Jim and Linda. Jim’s call to me about a new litter they had coming along in April of 2011 came just eighteen months after we bought our first Vizsla, Bea. Our positive experience with Bea, and Jim and Linda’s continuous follow-up calls and help, convinced us we needed(?) our second Busch Vizsla. How’s that for rationalization? Bea went through her JH in four passes and is now working on her MH, by-passing SH. Colt came to us in May, 2011 out of Zeeva and Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger. Jim and Linda’s knowledge of what we wanted for our next Vizsla produced an amazing result. Colt’s early months at home gave us a driven dog in the field and an exceptional dog in the home. The perfect lap dog. He has an absolutely infectious attitude, getting along with two male and one female labs, and Bea in our home. People are drawn to him by his looks and attitude. The tail never stops until he is in the field where he becomes all business. We entered him in the puppy stake, at eleven months, at the 2012 NGDC where he did ok but over the next year we entered him in nine trials where he placed in eight of them. Three-firsts, Three-seconds and two-thirds, all with an owner who didn’t have a clue. What a thrill for Kayte and me. Colt ended his limited Derby career just this April as the number fifteen Derby Dog in the country. It doesn’t get any better than that! The journey with both dogs has been exciting and thrilling, thanks to Jim and Linda’s concern for proper breeding and proper placement. Their breedings produce versatile dogs that assimilate into the family, field, and population. Colt is now with professional trainer, Deg Goodie, and Kayte and I are very optimistic about his future. If you’re considering a Vizsla, call Jim and Linda and ask all the questions you can that are pertinent to you, your needs and your family. You won’t go wrong.
Submitted by: Adrienne Edmond on Apr 06, 2013
After carefully researching and planning...we decided to add a Vizsla to our family. We just needed to find a good breeder. After more research we found Jim and Linda, and they are absolutely the greatest. They were there to answer any questions, calm any fears and walk us through the process step by step. We love our pup!She is great with our 5 year old. She has been a total joy. Linda is so knowledgeable and has been so helpful with any of my questions or concerns. I would not use any other breeder. Thanks Jim and Linda!!
Edmond Family(Dulles, Virgina)
Submitted by: Patricia Madeleine on Nov 12, 2012
WOW! I picked up my little Ellie (Champion Southern Trails Una Roja, JH x FC O Mega) a few weeks ago and I can't imagine life without her anymore. She adapted to her new life in a minute, slept through Hurricane Sandy and is always curious, attentive, kind and loving, no matter the situation. I am convinced that this is due to her upbringing by Jim and Linda Busch. I visited the farm twice before taking her home, and I can't thank them both enough for taking the time and talking a first time dog owner like me through every little detail and answering every question I may have had. The wealth of knowledge they both have acquired over the years is impressive (Jim is not referred to as the Vizsla Guru for nothing!), it feels so good knowing that they will always be there to guide and support you even after you have picked up your puppy. Like you, I have read the testimonials on this website before choosing my future dog's breeder, which is why I wanted to contribute. Jim and Linda will never pressure you into making a rash decision, they really care about their puppies. They will call you right after the litter is born, then send you weekly updates and pictures so that you always know how your future new family member is doing. Highly, highly recommended!!
Submitted by: Ellen & Kevin Reid on Jan 25, 2012
I don’t think enough can be said about Jim & Linda. After literally years of research, and calling as many breeders as we could, we decided to get our V from Jim & Linda. We drove from Toronto, Ontario to the Busch Farm and could not be happier that we made the effort. We were fortunate to get Ruby, who was born April 1, 2011 from Ch. Zeeva, JH and 3xNGDC, 2xNAFC, NVA-NFC, MVSDC, DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC. She is now 10 months old and the best dog we have ever been around. It is clear the amount of effort and care they devote to their breeding. They were unbelievably supportive throughout the entire process, keeping us in the loop and informed. There is no doubt, we will be getting our next V from Jim & Linda at Busch Farms!
Submitted by: Jeff and Sabena Svedahl on Aug 24, 2011
Last winter, my husband and I were supposed to bring home our first puppy from Busch Vizsla but I got cold feet at the last minute. Understanding my hesitance, Linda was kind enough to suggest that we meet their friend, Jim Moller, who was expecting a litter from his dog Elizabeth and the Busch's own Archie. Jim Moller lives just an hour away from Minneapolis so we were able to meet the puppies, as well as the mother, several times. This provided the level of comfort I needed to feel confident about bringing a vizsla in to our family. We ended up picking out our sweet Pippa from this litter and we have fallen head over heals for her. She has brought so much joy to our family, I can't believe I was ever worried about owning a vizsla. We are truly grateful to Jim and Linda for having the patience to work with us. They are wonderful ambassadors of the vizsla breed. We highly recommend them!
Submitted by: M. Lloyd on Apr 07, 2011
After researching numerous breeds for an addition to our family of 5 we settled on the Vizsla as our unanimous choice. I contacted the Busch's and was won over not by just their knowledge and experience with the breed but also the friendly, no pressure manner they imparted it. I flew out to Illinois to pick up Ava. A pup out of Shiloh and Archie. Her temperament is all I could hope for and more. Not a mean or nippy bone in her body and that's saying a lot with 3 kids under the age of 11. She's got a lot of energy and so smart sometimes I think she's got opposable thumbs. Three months ago we added another Busch Vizsla to the family tree. Couldn't be happier with little Luca Brasi. He's going to be a big mush. A high energy wise guy. Recommend the Busch's without reservation. Great Vizsla's. Beautiful people with the best interests of the breed and their dogs at heart.
Submitted by: Don Erdmann on Mar 29, 2011
I have run trained for and run field trials and hunt test for myself and others for over 20 years. After many Pointers and Setters, I wanted to purchase a pure hunting dog for my personal use. I bought a Vizsla male sired by FC Omega. Again, I was only looking for field qualities. He turned out to be the best all-around hunting dog I have owned. He runs at a good hunting range, backs naturally from 30-40 yards and tracks downed game like a blood hound. I would love to say that this was due to my training, but these were all instinctive from an early age.
I have since purchased another pup whelped March of 2011. At one year old, she is a high energy, great looking dog. A friend is handling her on the bench circuit. She has posted a few points and has finished 1st or 2nd in her class in over 12 shows. She has promise once she matures to open class. In the field, she will be an easy MH in a year or two and will compete in NSTRA/NAVHA as well. I'm hooked on the breed and the Busch's were very patient with my discriminate demands. Jim and Linda are great!
Submitted by: Ken Bagwell on Mar 21, 2011
I first contacted the Busch's approx. 9 years ago looking for a female Vizsla. I had owned and hunted a Golden Retriever for upland game for over 10 years and when we had to put her down I was interested in getting a pointing breed. I looked at a number of breeds and selected the Vizsla. I spoke to Jim a number of times with questions and he answered all of them and more. I purchased a female from which he owned the stud. I continue to hunt her and wanted another Viszla now as well. I spoke to Linda and she told me of an upcoming litter, then sent me pictures each week showing their development. I would not go anywhere but to Jim and Linda for my next pup. This time my wife and I traveled to see Jim and Linda as well as the kennels and other dogs. I must say the kennels were clean and well-kept as were all the dogs. The puppies were all well socialize already and eager to explore. We spend a couple of hours exchanging stories and having all my new questions answered. You will not find anyone better to contact if you are interested in a Vizsla than the Busch's
Submitted by: Jason H on Mar 21, 2011
After talking to and researching other Vizsla breeders within a couple hours time(and walking away unimpressed) we found Jim and Linda's attention to our individual needs and questions extremely fulfilling. The 3mo wait for our pup was worth every minute and the dog is amazing!

We are the blessed owners of a 7mo old Vizsla, that we received from Jim and Linda. Ours is the offspring of Sparky and Archiee. Everyone owner will tell you their dog is beautiful and I'll be no exception. All Vizslas are beautiful. :-)

As a budding hunter (and veteran husband) with 2 boys ages 10 and 7, we couldnt have picked a better dog. These dogs are incredibly trainable, intelligent, affectionate, and definitely willing to please. His bloodlines are definitely proving themselves as I am surprised daily by the instincts he shows. Super playful, extremely goofy, but when it's time for work he is all business. I will say that just like everythign else, you get out of it what you put into it.

None of this would have been possible without Jim and Linda. Everything they wrote above... it's all true. These people are wonderful and more than willing to share their lifelong knowledge and passion for the breed with even a prospective owner. The owners manual we received upon pickup simply stunned me: a beautiful "family tree" that details your dogs bloodlines is nestled within (and it is mighty impressive); plenty of articles and gotchas; training suggestions; crating ideas... a "What to Expect When Expecting" for Vizslas.

The bloodlines are fantastic and the care that Jim and Linda put in is astonishing. I can only tell you to do your homework and hopefully you too will drive past 2 other Vizsla breeders to find a dog that far exceeds your expectations and becomes a most wonderful addition to your family.
Submitted by: Scott Schmer on Mar 19, 2011
Best dog I have ever had!! Hands down the best breeder I have ever dealt with. The Busch's are just great people. The whole experience was a total joy. I would not buy another vizsla from anyone else!!
Scott Schmer
Submitted by: Danah and Paul Fisher on Mar 16, 2011
In 2005 we adopted our first Vizsla, and as much as we know how wonderful the breed is in general, the fact that he came from Jim and Linda Busch makes him all the more special. Schroeder is smart, kind, playful, yet respectful of our commands. He loves all people and gets nothing but raves when we've had to leave him with a sitter or at a boarder. He simply adapts to whatever environment we put him in. He loves to travel, he loves to relax - whatever we do, he accompanies us happily. Last year we adopted a 'brother' for him from Busch Vizslas. Again, we found a perfect new addition to the family. Theo and Schroeder are best buddies. Both keep fit by playing chase and enjoy passing time with staring contests and games of tug and tag. There is no creature more wonderful and loving than a vizsla and no better breeder than Busch Vizlas.
Submitted by: Robert & Barbara Lay on Mar 12, 2011
When we decided to bring another dog into our home we did alot of research. When we read about the Vizslas the first breeder that was on the list was Busch Vizslas we made a few calls and spoke to both Jim and Linda Busch. They were very patient with us with all the questions we had. We decided on taking a pup from them. We did not pick up our pup, it was delivered to us by plane. We trusted Jim and Linda based on the testimonials and the Vizsla magazines and also how they spoke to us.
Well our pup is now 17 months and is the most loving pup with children, adults and other dogs. He is playful and energetic and gives us alot of joy. There is not one time we take him out and someone tells us how beautiful he is. We are delighted to have him in our home.Hunter is our joy.To us Jim and Linda Busch is #1 in our dog house.
Submitted by: Sem & Kayte Dieterich on Mar 09, 2011
Kayte and I have had Labs for over 35 years and have bred, raised, trained, hunted and participated in AKC Field Trials with them. Several years ago I hunted with a friend of mine who had an English Pointer and I was smitten by the type of work this dog produced in the field. I was determined to get a pointer and did extensive research on the pointing breed which lead me to the Vizsla and, eventually, to Jim and Linda Busch. It was after extensive (and exhaustive conversations for Jim and Linda, no doubt) that we decided to go with a Vizla, specifically a Busch Vizsla, and haven't looked back. We bought Bea sixteen months ago, sight unseen. Jim and Linda's knowledge of the breed and their concern for placing one of their pups with the right people was evident throughout the entire process. Their questions lead to picking the exact pup we were looking for. She is unbelievable in the field as well as at home. The minute she arrived home she fit in with our four Labs and now owns them as well as kayte and me. Never an issue with housebreaking. Never an issue with obedience. The dog is one of the most tractable dogs we have ever owned which we attribute to the breeders. Their concern for bloodline is paramount and it shows in Bea's.(Shiloh"s Golden Girl) breeding. Being a breeder myself,I can't begin to say how knowledgeable and how much time, both the pre and post purchasing of Bea, Linda and Jim devoted to our questions. So much so, we are on their list for a new puppy this May. Our experience with Jim and Linda was, and continues to be, The Best!!!
Submitted by: Roscoe Hooten on Mar 09, 2011
We could not be happier with our decision to purchase a puppy from Jim and Linda. Our puppy, Thatcher, was born on August 1, 2010 and is a product of Archie and Sparky.

We were initially intrigued by the vizsla after seeing the breed profiled on Animal Planet. An internet search led us to the Buschs and their fellow breeders in the Vizsla Club of Illinois. The club is worth mentioning because we were impressed by the sense of community that jumps off the computer screen as you read about the various breeders and their connections to each other. As the Buschs seemed to be at the hub that community, we contacted them to arrange a visit to their farm. We visited them in December of ’09 and could not have been more impressed by their hospitality. The highlight of the visit was watching Sparky work in the field. We soon reserved a spot on their waiting list. We were thrilled to learn that we would be waiting for Sparky’s litter. We agree whole-heartedly with the folks that have praised Jim and Linda for sharing information about their puppies in the weeks before pick and for the help in selecting a pup.

As for Thatcher, he is athletic, full of energy, and an attention grabber. His beautiful coat and regal bearing do not go unnoticed. He did very well in his basic obedience class. We have two children, ages 13 and 10, and Thatcher has proven to be an excellent addition to our family.
Submitted by: Chris Clemente on Nov 07, 2010
2 1/2 years ago we had the privilege and honor of getting to know the Busch family and their supreme dogs. I had actually spent a few months talking with Linda and Jim prior to making our decision. During that time, I was overtaken by their compassion and knowledge of the breed. I myself had put a great amount of time in searching for the right addition to our family. When I located Busch Farms my journey ended, for I knew that they were the right breeders with the right dogs. One only has to go so far as the history books to see what they have done for the breed as well as their championship bloodlines. In the past, I had worked with Weimers and Airdales and wanted something similar . Thus the Vizsla was a natural fit. From our first encounter with Linda and Jim, I could feel their warmth and knowledge about what they did and what they had to offer. Through every step of the way they kept us well informed and up to date on our pups status. We live in sunny Florida so it was a great distance between us. We have met the Buschs on a few occasions over the following years, and in meeting them, it only goes to cement the feelings we had and have in them.
Our dog Molly O My was sired from FC O Mega and Shilohs Orient Express......she is one of the most well mannered dogs I have come by...I am certainly no expert by any means...but can see how she handles herself. She is very gentle with all and even our two children...she greets them every morning on each others beds with great joy......she is very obedient and in a way, she almost understands what is going on around her. She is a true Lady of the house......but when she's outside, she becomes driven. Molly's senses are very keen...she is hard wired and naturally points and creeps to flush anything...and We mean anything.....very well toned, and muscular along with a beautiful Copper Coat....great agility and very coordinated.
We have kept in touch with the Busch's over the years and will continue to do so.
If you are looking for a sound, keen , well mannered dog...very true to the description of the breed and want to work with some real knowledgeable and professional ..above all, downright good people..then Busch Farms is above all competition...they are all champion dogs, whether it be in the field, in show, or as your best "buddy?.
Submitted by: Shannon & John Bernard on Sep 23, 2010
John and I had talked about bringing a dog into our home for quite some time. As a young couple living in the city, we went back and forth on different breeds. We were introduced to a Vizsla two years ago and were immediately taken by their beauty, intelligence and gentle-nature. We were smitten.
We brought Wally home 6 months ago and our lives changed forever. His face is regal, his frame is strong and tall, his coat shiny and deep. Above all, he is very smart and his temperment is outstanding. Loves to cuddle and is very good with kids and other dogs!
Our experience with Jim and Linda has been wonderful. Being that we were first-time dog owners, we had A LOT of questions in the first few weeks. Linda was available non-stop to answer our questions and soothe our worries. Not only do the Busch's send you home with a binder full of information - they take the time to really address your concerns and offer up decades of knowledge at the drop of a hat. We felt an instant connection with them and look forward to returning to their farm during their annual Vizsla Club weekends in July. We also look forward to adding another Busch Vizsla to our family sometime down the road.
Some people wondered why we settled on a 'hunting dog' but Jim and Linda could not have been more supportive of our decision to bring a puppy home as a family pet. They are truly the top-tier for this breed - and their love of their dogs and puppies is evident the moment you arrive at their home!
Submitted by: Ryan Bogdan on Sep 19, 2010
The pup I recently got from Jim and Linda Busch is fantastic – he is much more than I even hoped for!
I grew up with dogs – primarily soft coated wheaten terriers – and decided to get a Vizsla for my first independent dog. I decided on a Vizsla because I work in research and am able to take my dog to work with me so I wanted a dog that was social with other people and dogs; I also wanted to get an active dog for trail running and bicycling.
My pup, Bayou, is nearly 5 months old and I am incredibly impressed by his disposition and athletic ability. He has been quick to learn and absolutely lovable as a pet. In fact, my puppy class instructor told me he has one of the best dispositions she has seen and inquired about where I got him for future reference. I have just began looking into teaching him search and rescue/human remains detection.
I have been incredibly impressed by Bayou and would go right back to Jim and Linda for my next dog (when I might be able to have 2!).
In addition to providing a great pup, Jim and Linda have been incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns.
If anyone was looking for a Vizsla, I would steer them directly to Jim and Linda.
Submitted by: Jennifer Minkin on Sep 14, 2010
Jim and Linda Busch of Busch Vizslas breed quality Vizslas - time and again. We are the proud owners of two Busch Vizslas, Chandler (4) and Chelsea (2). Our 11 year old Vizsla, Charlie, also a Busch Vizsla, just recently passed away. He will be missed.

Over the years we have met several owners who purchased their Vizslas from Busch Vizslas. The feedback is the same everytime. Everyone has been, and is, truly satisfied.

No matter where - whether it is in the field, the backyard, or simply a walk in the neighborhood - our Vizslas are on "point."

Jim and Linda Busch have contributed greatly to the breed. They are responsible breeders who are dedicated to the breed and their clients. We will purchase our next Vizsla from Busch Vizslas.
Submitted by: Don and Lynn Nelson on Sep 06, 2010
We have been acquainted with Busch Vizslas since we got our first Vizsla in 1969 and currently have Abby, age 6, and Topaz, age 4 months from their breeding.
Both of our dogs have great temperments, wonderful pets and a lot of fun. We have always had two Vizslas at a time.
Until Topaz was born on May 1, we were kept aware of what was happening with the liter and sent us pictures.
I feel Busch Vizslas are a top breeder and would never hesitate to recommend. With the personal attention that Linda and Jim give to their prospective owners, feel like they are also a member of our family.
Thank you for providing quality Vizslas.
Submitted by: Kim and Brian Hesgard on Sep 01, 2010
We have known Jim and Linda Busch for over 15 years. Our connection started years ago with "Grace." She was an amazing dog- healthy, beautiful, skilled in the field, sweetest gem ever. Jim and Linda not only connected us with a superior dog; we also benefited from their knowledge, support and spirit. They are passionate about Vizslas, respected by others and generously share their time to be advocates for the breed and sports. Their dogs prove again and again to be outstanding in the field and show ring. Most of all, their record proves time after time that their puppies are a perfect addition to the family.

Three years ago, we welcomed another Busch puppy home. Roxie is again proof that the Linda and Jim have a pulse on quality. She is a happy, strong, muscular gal who's drive to please us is endless. At the end of the day, she cuddles up with the kids and keeps them safe.

Just spending a little time with Jim, Linda and their dogs, you'll find out for yourself why we think they are top-notch. We will forever be grateful for the four legged ladies that have blessed our home. And we will be forever thankful for Jim and Linda's friendship.
Submitted by: Bill Kuykendall on Aug 29, 2010
Our daughter and son-in-law purchased a Vizsla from Jim and Linda Busch about one year ago, leading to our own purchase in June of 2010. Jim and Linda have been very helpful and patient as well as generous with their time as we connected with them via e-mail, phone and in two visits to the kennels. Though dogs were part of our families when we grew up and when our kids were much younger we have not had pets in our home for over 25 years, making the friendly and caring way in which Jim and Linda dealt with us both pre- and post-purchase all that more important to us. "Curly" is a wonderful, smart and loving dog and the perfect match for us - we could not be more pleased!!
Submitted by: Ronda Peetz on Aug 27, 2010
We are the proud owners of a five month female from Jim & Linda Busch. After we lost our Brittany to heart failure, we finally determined a vizsla would be our next family member. Not only were we looking for a hunting partner for my husband, but a true family companion. I received three recommendations on breeders and spoke and e-mailed all of them. All were extremely reputable, but there was a special connection with Jim & Linda and we knew Busch Farms was the right choice. Their knowledge of the breed is unbelievable. And not only were they extremely helpful and patient during the research and waiting period, but it is obvious that they continue to care deeply for all of the pups. Our Ziva is beautiful and intelligent - everything we hoped for. Thank you Jim & Linda!
Submitted by: Joseph T. FitzSimmons on Aug 27, 2010
I have hunted over other guys' dogs from my 20's to my 50's. When my twins turned 8, I determined it was time for us to get our own bird dog and teach them upland game hunting. I researched dogs for almost 2 years and finally concluded that the VIZSLA was the ideal bird dog for a family living on a city lot (Chicago) with young children. I knew nothing about these dogs but heard about Jim Busch from a friend.
Jim had no puppies but his great champion (RAANY) had sired a litter with one of Rick Mitchell's females and he unselfishly steered us to Rick. Rick picked out a male (SIRUS) that he thought would be a hunter and no one who has ever hunted with us has been anything but AMAZED. The big guy finds pheasants that multiple Labs have walked by. He retrieves at greater distances than the Labs. He runs ALL DAY in sub zero weather.
Jim and Linda took me in as a long lost cousin when it came to learning about Vizslas and hunting dogs in general. We talked about getting a second dog for some time and two years ago he let me know that another RAANY son (our dog's 1/2 brother) had sired a litter that was due soon. We saw the puppies at 5 weeks. He knew that I wanted a solid hunter - a female that would be successful in field trials so I can eventually breed her to another proven hunter. He opened the kennel area and pointed to the puppy we bought. At 5 weeks this little dog was hunting already.
Jim and Linda are the Cadillac brand when it comes to bird dog (esp. Vizsla) breeders in the midwest. Each and every dog is high quality. The dogs have pedigrees that are just astounding. Their dogs are dogs that will romp with your toddlers, take top honors in a show ring and then blast through the snow drifts after that late December rooster. The very nicest thing about Jim and Linda is that they will direct you to other good, dependable breeders if they have no available puppies or if other circumstances exist and take you in as family when you buy one of their dogs.
Submitted by: Charlie & Dee Wentzel on Aug 26, 2010
We are new owners of a Busch Vizsla and couldn't be more happier with the help, support, and friendship, that we've recieve from Jim & Linda Busch. They've given us guidance when we needed it. They've answered all of our questions and have made us feel like "family" through the ownership of our Vizsla. Jim & Linda are and continue to be instrumental contributors to the breed. They ARE the genuine article!
Submitted by: Steve Hein on Aug 25, 2010
With the passing of my Labrador Retriever I was faced with the difficult task of replacing a loyal companion and vital member of my falconry team. The attributes required to accompany my Peregrine Falcon and Goshawk included intelligence, a great nose and steady demeanor when challenged with new surroundings and strangers. Having developed an interest in pursuing upland game, I entertained other breeds that might come close to the personality of a Lab. Though I've hunted behind many pointing breeds, I was left with the sense that most were task oriented and that the relationship with the handler was secondary. In my quest to find a breed that could point and had the personality of a Lab...I rediscovered the Vizsla! Speaking with a fellow falconer who had hunting with the breed for more than 40 yrs, I asked what the major difference is between the two breeds? He responded...about 20lbs. and that makes a difference when they are sitting in your lap!

As a first time owner of a pointing breed, Linda and Jim have been incredible thorough, patient and most helpful. Now nearly 11 mo. old, Ringo has met or exceeded all my expectations. I've since connected with several falconers across the country that employ the breed, all have said that training the Vizsla is easier than training the birds. While this fact is proving true, it is a direct reflection of the time, knowledge and dedication Jim and Linda have for the breed - many thanks.
Submitted by: Elizabeth Button on Aug 24, 2010
We have had Vizslas for 37 yrs. We always get of V puppy from the Midwest becasue my husband feels that is where the very best bird Vs are from. I believe it is because the Midwest Vs are the most handsome. This spring we were lucky enought to get our pup from the Busches, heartened by finding they knew our past breeders and shared common dogs. We were impressed by the professional and obviously loving overview of the Busch operation, the bloodlines of their Vs, and the pictures of their efforts. (The Vs appear magnificent.) We appreciated that the Busches were serious, accomplished breeders actively involved for years in furthering the best in Vs.

Actual contact with the Busches reaffirmed our impressions and our choice of them. We have never received a pup with instructions, the Busches' "Puppy Manual". It has allowed us old dogs to learn new tricks, so to speak. We are, in fact, relishing puppyhood (thanks to the manual) and marveling in the development of our so very handsome boy.
Submitted by: Anna Warren on Aug 23, 2010
I cannot say enough about how helpful Jim and Linda Busch were to me during my search for a Vizsla pup this past spring. Despite the fact that I live many, many miles away from IL, I decided on getting my first Vizsla from the Busch family. They were always very prompt in responding to emails, phone calls, etc. It was quite evident that their main concern throughout the breeding process was always what was in the puppy's best interest. Yet, they do not go so far as to take the joy out of the experience with intimidating contracts, etc. I have read and re-read the puppy books, pamphlets, & articles that the Busch's included in the puppy manual. These resources never fail to teach me something new. All of the information provided by the Busch's, either directly or indirectly, has helped me in raising a healthy vizsla pup. Banks (my pup) is currently 4 months old and is extremely intelligent (very easily trained; already house-trained!), handsome, and full of personality. He is an affectionate little man. I would recommend anyone contact Jim and Linda Busch if you have any interest in owning a Vizsla or if you already do and are just interested in learning more about the breed. Thanks again Jim and Linda!
Submitted by: Joe Dahir on Aug 23, 2010
I have a 3 year old female Vizsla that I purchased from the Busch Family. In my life, I have had 4 Pointers and 2 Wiemeraners and this Vizsla is the best dog of all. We live in Chicago and she is quiet, does not run away (even when door is open) and does not need a leash when we walk her. She is also extremely affectionate toward other dogs. We have a 2 little girls, 5 months and a 19 months old, and the 19 month olds best friend is Hope (our Vizsla). She likes to grab her tail and ride her as long as she can. If the 19 month old is about to take a nap, she stands in her crib and yells Hope until we take her up to her room and then Hope quietly sleeps next to her crib until the baby is ready to get up. I have not trained Hope to hunt, but I did take her once in Nebraska and she acted like she has been working the field since she was a pup, quite amazing. Finally, I was eating lunch the about a month ago in downtown Chicago and noticed this super good looking and friendly Vizsla playing with other dogs outside. I do not know why, but this dog just acted like Hope so I left my lunch and ran outside to ask the owner if her dog was a Busch dog sure enough it was, different parents than Hope's but a Busch bred dog. Don't know how they do it and I cannot wait to get another Vizsla from them!
Submitted by: Todd Brady on Aug 23, 2010
Jim ("The Vizsla Guru") and Linda Busch are outstanding people and have been a tremendous resource in learning about my 1st Vizsla. When Moose was first brought home at 8 weeks old, I had to learn about Vizslas and how to start training my new puppy. Not only did I come home with a wonderful new dog 10 months ago, but he came a with a 'Puppy Manual' that has been a wonderful resource in how to train and handle the dog.

There are many books out there and what seems like an infinite number of resources online for facts on how to train a Vizsla. However the best resource I have found thus far is Jim and Linda. WIth 40 years of experience, you can not find better answers to the questions you may have. No matter how petty or silly they may seem, they have always answered them.

Not only is this my 1st experience with Vizslas, I have also decided to take on the new challenge of teaching my dog to hunt. Not knowing anything about hunting prior, Jim has been beyond helpful with me in my newest endeavor. When I first decided I was more then curious about learning to do this, I must have asked him what seemed like a million and one questions. Not only did he do his best to answer them, but he's continued to be a resource for learning what to do next and has always had positive words of encouragement!

There are many more wonderful things I could say about the Busch Vizslas, but most importantly I would like to say thanks to Jim and Linda for giving me a wonderful addition to my life and I honestly don't know if I could ever have any other breed besides a Vizsla.
Submitted by: Mara Fizdale on Aug 22, 2010
I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with the Busches and the wonderful boy puppy I got from them. I met Linda on the internet as I was trying to find a rescue/rehome Vizsla to adopt. So when I met them I was not even looking for a puppy. But they were so generous with their time and knowledge that when nothing turned up after a six month search I knew they were the folks I wanted to get a puppy from. I flew in from Ct. and spent a week-end on their farm meeting their dogs, watching my first field trial, getting a wonderful education and picking out my puppy. I was smart enough to ask for their guidance in choosing the right puppy for my life (2 other dogs at home, lots of land, a beginners interest in field trials) and the puppy I have is perfect. He is smart, handsome, sweet and has lots of drive in the field. Even my vet ooohs and ahhhs over him. My only regret is that I did not know the Busches years ago!
Submitted by: Bob & Lynn Murray on Aug 22, 2010
Our Busch Vizsla is the most handsome dog we have ever seen in this breed. And is he smart As a puppy he could figure a way out of any confinement in the kitchen I could engineer. .He also LOVES to train . Has been doing it since he was 10 weeks old and masters almost everything the class tries. A truly wonderful dog. When you get a pup from the Buschs you are getting a dog with great heritage.

Bob & Lynn Murray Glastonbury CT
Submitted by: Janice Hemauer on Aug 22, 2010
This is my 3rd vizsla but my 1st from the Busch's. I only wish I'd found them sooner. They are outstanding breeders, and I will never buy another vizsla from anyone else! When I was looking for a new pup, I told Linda that our family was looking for a nice, calm female; what we got was that and so much more. We were looking for a pet in our family of 3 boys, one of which has comparable to Asperger's. Temperment is key for us. Linda had several litters that would be available, but thought one would be the best. She sent us weekly picture updates on the pups, and we visited. Their kennels are clean, and the dogs are all friendly and nice. We were impressed and eager for one of their pups.
Upon bringing Gemma home, it was obvious how much time they had spent handling her and exposing her to different situations and surroundings. At 19 wks, I started training her in earnest, and she is amazing. It is obvious that she has a solid pedigree. We've done obedience, novice and are presently doing open and agility. I get constant comments on how beautiful, calm, and smart she is. You can do anything with one of their dogs: if I had wanted to put Gemma in a show ring - she could have been a champion hand down - she is absolutlely gorgeous; if I wanted her to be a field trail dog, I don't think you could meet her equal; when she earned her CGC, the judge asked me to go on to train her for a therapy dog - her temperment is that good; she's good at obedience (but a bit bored with it), but man, she comes alive on agility! All this to say, the Busch's dogs are all-round terrific dogs. They are active, lively, cheerful, energetic, but at home, calm and the most loving dogs you can imagine.
Lastly, I do not know anything about hunting, but turns out that Gemma is quite "birdy." I asked Jim if I could bring Gemma out to his farm so he could give me some "pointers" on what to do with my pup. Many breeders will tell you that they support you after they sell you a dog, but not all of them do. The Busch's are not like that! Gemma and I (and my family) wound up being on their farm every weekend for the next several months, learning from Jim. Through the Busch's, I have also met others in the VCOI who have helped me and have even wound up getting involved in field trial in May that I never would have considered before. It has all been a great adventure, and would never have come about without the Busch's. Their 40 years of vizsla wisdom is a phone call or email away. Our family feels like they are part of our family! Jim and Linda Busch produce outstanding, all-round vizslas, and will give you the support you need, whether you are a 1st time vizsla owner or a seasoned hunter. I highly recommend them!
Submitted by: Griffin on Aug 22, 2010
I couldn't have had a better experience with Jim and Linda. They are very passionate about their dogs and breed the most beautiful Vizslas I've ever seen. They also insured that I was well prepared to bring my little girl (Harley) home with me. Harley has been a great companion with absolutely no health issues. I will definitely use the Busch's again in the future.
Submitted by: Judy Wells on Aug 22, 2010
A dozen or so years ago, Vizslas started popping up in our area. My husband had also noticed and was as attracted to them as I was. When it came time to replace our elderly dog, we decided to get a Vizsla puppy. I heard of Jim and Linda Busch from a neighbor who had gotten a dog from them and highly recommended I get in touch with them. In 2003, I did so, and although they had no puppies available at that time, they directed me to places their male(s) had "visited".

Our little princess has been the best dog I've ever known in many ways. As she is getting older, we thought it would be a good move for all of us to get her a puppy brother. We now eagerly await homecoming day for our Sparky/Archiee pup. I can't help being very impressed with the professional manner the Busches display in bringing puppy and owner together; the weekly photos and updates on puppy growth and activity are above and beyond what I've ever known a breeder to do. You can just feel the love for and the pride they take in raising these beautiful, intelligent dogs. All paws up for Jim and Linda Busch!
Submitted by: Gene & Lillimarie G on Aug 21, 2010
Last year we decided to look for a breeder with the intentions of getting our first Vizsla. When finally meeting the Busch's they were able to inform us with everything we needed to know to move forward. So in August of 2009 we flew from NJ to Chicago and met the Busch's where they presented my daughter & I with Mia. A female Vizsla who has truly became a joy in our lives. By the way my wife who was against this whole idea is the one who adores Mia and they travel all over together each day. We can not tell you how many times we are approached and asked either what kind of dog is she, she's beautiful or where did you get that Vizsla she's gorgeous. Even the vet has said she has great conformation and the greatest temperment. Last month Mia traveled with us to Florida by plane and she did great. We don't leave home without her.
Well Linda & Jim we all want to thank you so much for sending us this bundle of energy into our lives, and she does have energy. We also want to thank you for the joy our friends the Senna's are having when they brought home Mia's brother. When they come out to the house the 2 of them play from am to pm and it is alot of laughs. Well now for the final note, the past 2 weeks my wife (remember the one who was saying no big dog in the house) well she wants Mia to have a companion so is debating calling you up and discussing another Vizsla. I am not sure about it only becuase I can not even go to the bathroom without MIa sitting outside the door and whimpering for me to come out and play.

Well all I can say again is thank you for being the honest & caring people you are about this fine breed, I am sure you have brought joy to many family's.

The Genise's
Submitted by: Jody Beckley on Aug 21, 2010
I purchased a female pup, Kinze (CH JB’s Asker Bout Birds), from Jim and Linda Busch in Sept. of 2008. I believe she is a very special girl with excellent confirmation, beauty and tons of natural hunting ability. I am a beginner in the ring and in the field trial scene. She has pulled me through with flying colors. She finished her championship in the ring easily at 14 months (with a 9 pt, 2 major weekend). Once out of the show ring she has excelled in field trials, climbing to #5 on the Puppy/Derby Vizsla list in just 5 field trials. She also placed 4th in both Open Gun Dog and Am. Gun Dog (with 26 and 28 all breed dogs) at the age of 22 months.
Jim and Linda are top notch, well respected Vizsla breeders. They are dedicated to the improvement of the breed, the club and their puppy buyers. They have been more than happy to answer all my stupid questions before and after the purchase of my dog. They have encouraged me in my endeavors and shared in the joys of our wins. I consider myself lucky to have been able to purchase a dog from them and have them as mentors.
Jody Beckley
Submitted by: Joe Senna on Aug 21, 2010
Hi Linda and Jim,

Just wanted to let you know that all is well, and Dante is a happy, healthy 5 month old pup. He's already 37.9 lbs and not an ounce of fat on him. My wife, who was the last one on board with the decision, is the closest to him. He wont leave her side.

His intelligence has made housebreaking and training a breeze. He and the kids adore each other, and he is so well mannered around them that we have no concerns when neighbors visit with infants and toddlers. Truly, he is the perfect family pet, as well as outdoor companion.

About a month ago I was walking him around town and a gentleman pulled up and asked me where I got my Vizsla. When I told him who my breeder was, he introduced himself as
Dr. Bud McGivern. He is a breeder and a judge and he says he knows the Buschs from the National Vizsla Club and he served with you on the Board of Directors at one time. He got out of his car for a closer look and he told me my pup has OUTSTANDING conformation, perfect structure and cropping. Coming from an AKC judge, that was an exceptionally proud moment for me. The champion in him has been evident to us since the moment he arrived in NY.

Your careful consideration and attention during the puppy selection process assured us that we chose the right breeder.

Thanks for bringing so much joy to our home.
Submitted by: Colleen on Aug 21, 2010
In my mind, Jim and Linda Busch are the ultimate Vizsla breeders. If you're looking for a Vizsla, you won't find a better dog, or have a better experience than you will with a Busch Vizsla. Jim and Linda have been breeding the dogs for over 40 years; they are extremely knowledgeable about the breed and are always willing to help you with whatever you need regarding your dog.

When I was a child my family had Vizslas - very much into hunting, showing and breeding. I grew to love and respect the breed, and now as an adult, I have Vizslas. They are wonderful family dogs and very good with children. I first me Jim and Linda Busch, when I was a child, about 40 years ago. They have been breeding Vizslas all these years. They are warm, loving people and ethical breeders. I wouldn't consider getting a Vizsla from anyone else.

And it's your dog. Whether you plan to hunt, show, or you're just looking for a wonderful family pet, Jim and Linda will help you with any and all of that.

I currently have a 3 year old female Vizsla (Maybelle) out of the Busch's Zoom Zoom and Archie. She is currently at Busch farm, having given birth to her first litter a week ago. I trust them implicitly with my dog and of course, I'll be taking one of those pups home soon!

Good luck with your new Busch Vizsla - you're gonna love it!
Submitted by: Robert Lay on Aug 21, 2010
We had a great experience with Jim and Linda Busch.
This was our first Vizsla and when we searched for a breeder, Linda and Jim Busch's name came up being in business for 45 years. The whole experience was great from the time we put our name on the list up to the delivery of our new family member at the airport. I would do it again with them. The quality of their pets are outstanding, and they are wonderful people.
Submitted by: Melissa Balogh on Jun 18, 2010
We have a wonderful male from Jim and Linda, this was our first time dealing with a breeder and and having the vizsla breed. They were very helpful and gave us lots of information when we arrived. We were so impressed how loving and caring they were with their dogs and pups. We drove from Michigan in a snow storm to pick up our pup. We would recommend them to anyone. We get so many compliments on how handsome our dog is and his color is amazing. They kept his sister from the same litter (Zeeva) who is adorable too. If you are looking for a great breeder and awesome dog they are the best!! Oh by the way Jim and Linda Rudolph (RUDY) says Hello!
Submitted by: Randy & Alicia Flerra on May 12, 2010
If you're considering a Vizsla for your next hunting dog or companion you owe it to yourself to call Jim and Linda Busch. Not only will they share their 40 years experience with the breed, the Busch's provide healty,well bred,Vizsla pups ready for hunt, obedience or whatever training chosen.
The Busch's in addition to being friends and mentors ,do not require contracts,co-ownerships or naming rights. They will assist whenever asked but you are responsible for your Vizsla and it's well being.
We have a 3 yr. old female and 2 yr. old male Vizsla purchased as pups from Linda & Jim. In addition to having excellent temperments both are very biddable and eager to please. We have trained in obedience and hunting with our dogs.They are typical of the dogs produced by the Busch's, bold and willing to learn and perform the job at hand.
Give Jim or Linda a call and schedule a visit to their farm - it will be time well spent.
Submitted by: Charles on May 06, 2010
We are very pleased with the 3-year old female Vizsla purchased as a puppy from Busch Vizslas. She has a wonderful temperament, wants to please and easy to train. Not only a great family pet but she also has great hunting instinct. An all round dog from a very knowledgeable breeder. We have recommended Jim and Linda to numerous friends.
Submitted by: Gretchen on May 02, 2010
I have had three Busch Vizslas and they have all been absolutely amazing dogs. People always comment on their personalities as well as their beauty. We had never owned any dog before, and Jim and Linda were so helpful in every aspect - including my numerous questions before and after pick up. I consider my family very fortunate to have come across Busch Vizslas, and I would definitely highly recommend Jim and Linda Busch as very responsible breeders of exceptional gundogs.
Submitted by: molly potter thayer on Apr 29, 2010
We have a three year old female from Busch Vizslas of Winnebago Illinois. We are told daily what a beautiful girl we have by admirers around town. Jim and Linda Busch have been breeding, showing, training and hunting Vizlsas for 40 years. THEY KNOW THE BREED. They are there to answer your questions, whatever they might be, from trivial to significant. Our dog is super intelligent and of great bloodlines. Our experience has been nothing short of superb. THANKS to Jim and Linda!
Submitted by: Michele Cole on Apr 29, 2010
As a breeder myself, pet owner and show enthusiast, I have come across lots of different people in our pet industries, and I have to say with the Busch family I have seldom come across nicer and more ethical breeders - ever. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with them. As far as the quality of dogs they produce… we couldn’t have found a better dog for health, temperament and devotion. The love of their breed is obvious from the moment you contact them and the commitment to the new owners and dogs for a lifetime is admirable. All breeders should take note, as the Busch Vizsla Kennel could easily be a model for everyone else.
Submitted by: Cheryl Lykowski on Apr 27, 2010
I have known Jim and Linda Busch since 1988 when I got my first vizsla through them. Since then I have owned 5 vizslas (3 currently), all of them Busch Vizslas. Jim and Linda are reputable breeders who breed vizslas of outstanding quality and temperament. They stand behind their vizslas and are always available to answer any questions as well as mentor those who wish to participate in AKC field trials and hunting tests, or who simply want a superb hunting companion, including allowing "vizsla people" to train on their property. Over the years I have had several people ask me about my vizslas and where I got them from; I highly recommend Jim and LInda and Busch Vizslas.
Submitted by: Shelly Kliefoth on Apr 27, 2010
I can not say enough about the Busch's and their wonderful dogs!! We have 2 beautiful & amazing Vizsla girls from them. Shandy is 3 and Mead is 2. We found Jim & Linda while looking for a Vizsla for a nice family pet and maybe a hunting dog for my husband, we got so much more than that! Since buying our first and meeting the Busch's are lives have changed dramatically and in a very positive way! Thanks to their encouragement we have joined the VCOI and have met some amazing people, everyone involved is very helpful and friendly. I credit Jim and Linda for fostering this atmosphere. They are both so excited when new Vizsla owners get involved in all the many events available. We have gotten into the Hunt Tests & Field Trials and have spent endless hours with Jim & Linda training. They are both very generous with their time and knowledge. There are many very successful Viszla owners out there who got their start with a Busch dog and the never ending support and encouragement of Jim & Linda. They are truly amazing people with equally amazing dogs. Highly recommended!
Submitted by: Susan B on Apr 27, 2010
Hi. My name is Susan and I have a 9 month old puppy named Cheyenne. I was looking at information online about Vizslas and came across the website. None of the other sites gave me the same warm feeling I had about searching this site. I spoke with Jim and Linda Busch and went to their farm. Previous puppy buyers were there training their dogs in the field. They let me tag along and were very friendly explaining how the dogs hunt and honor each other. It was an eye opening experience and a comfortable setting.

The Busch's are very experienced and knowledgeable in field trials and shows. I was not rushed and was not getting a "quick sell". I think they sized me up as well if I would make a good Vizsla owner because it is evident they are dedicated to health and preservation of the breed. They were patient with my "new dog owner" questions. They share their knowledge and encourage friendships with other vizsla owners.

The farm and kennel are well kept and clean. I visited on short notice and found it in a similar state. The dogs are happy, friendly and well cared for in the kennel. It is obvious the Busch's are dedicated to safety and maintaining standards within the breed.

When I made the decision to purchase a pup, the Busch's kept me apprised of the status of the mother. I, as well as the other buyers in my litter received email updates with pictures of the pups. It made me feel involved in the process and excited to be able to pick my puppy.

The Busch's were and continue to be incredibly helpful with any questions and they respond quickly, so I'm not left to worry or wonder. Cheyenne is incredibly smart, affectionate, healthy and exhibits innate ability to point without training. She has a well adjusted, funny and disney dog like personality that keeps me and others laughing. Although we have not started training to hunt yet, I have the utmost confidence that she will catch on quickly. Cheyenne passed puppy class with flying colors and skipped a grade to go into Advanced Beginners class. She is friendly and playful with dogs, big and small in class. Wherever we go, we (she) gets so much attention from people for her beauty and positive interaction with people and kids. I believe this is due to the excellent care and breeding by the Busch's. I would highly recommend getting a vizsla from Jim and Linda Busch.
Submitted by: Laszlo on Apr 27, 2010
Linda and Jim Bush sent us a gorgeous, outgoing, brave smart female vizsla pup. They were most reliable and kind in shipping the little dog and the binder they sent along is full of practical information (which vaccines, when; how much food, etc...) as well as valuable tips on how to raise the pup.
Our little girl vizsla is now six months old and we will soon find out about her hunting abilities beyond the fine point and her keen interest in birds which she demonstrated as soon as she arrived (she was then eight weeks old). She certainly shows concentration and determination. Thank you Linda and Jim!
Submitted by: Jim Jarog on Apr 27, 2010
I have known Jim and Linda for almost 15 years. They are very responsible breeders and provide you with as much support as one could ever need. They treat you as you are family. My dog Blaze is almost 14 years old. Jim and Linda have been there for us the whole time to give advice and answer questions. You won't find better people than Jim and Linda to purchase your next gundog from.
Submitted by: Charles and Nancy Chadwell on Apr 25, 2010
The Busch's are the real deal. We were complete beginners with this breed, and Jim and Linda did everything possible to make sure we knew what we were getting into. No matter what we needed or how dumb our questions, they are there for us. They also have encouraged us to get more involved in promoting and understanding this very special breed. Our puppy is a wonderful family pet, and the best bird dog my husband has ever had!
Submitted by: Brad Voehringer on Apr 25, 2010
I have been involved in dogs for more than a decade and have met many people involved in this wonderful sport. I must say that no one has been as helpful or as supportive as Jim and Linda Busch. They truly care about their breed and go above and beyond to ensure that vizslas remain such a wonderful breed. My Busch vizsla is beautiful, is a great hunter and a wonderful, healthy member of our family. From time to time, I will be contacted by folks looking for a vizsla breeder and without hesitation, I recommend Busch Vizslas.
Submitted by: Michelle Princer on Apr 25, 2010
I have a 16 month old vizsla(Holly) from Jim and Linda. Holly is my first gundog and she is the smartest dog I have ever owned. I am currently working on my junior hunter and have her in field trial events. She is a versatile dog that is a pleasure to have on my couch, in the field and at the end of a leash for walks on the many bike trails in and around Rockford. I always get comments on what a good looking well behaved dog she it when I take her out in public.

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