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About B&B Kennels

German Shorthair breeder of quality hunting dogs. All dogs are AKC registered.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Samir Bahouth
upland, California
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 18 years.
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Submitted by: Lauren Nixon on Nov 07, 2015
To begin, I want to personally commend Samir and Nadia for being personable, knowledgeable and experienced breeders. Their passion for GSP's is reflective in the dogs they sell. I was looking to purchase a puppy in the winter of 2015, but I was primarily looking at Labrador Retrievers with GSP's on my radar. After contacting numerous lab breeders, I was turned off by my interactions. I saw an advertisement on this website for B&B Kennels. I contacted Samir and was relieved to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly breeder. Samir provided information about the breed and their temperament. Most importantly, I could tell B & B Kennels was a family breeder that truly cared about the welfare of the dogs first. My initial experience won me over and I paid my deposit. After placing my deposit, Nadia became my primary contact. Nadia is absolutely wonder. During the early stages, she provided me with photos, videos and health updates on the liter. I met Samir and Nadia in person with the entire liter for a meet and greet; plus, got to see their adult dogs. On our second meeting, I chose my handsome boy, Wiley. After choosing Wiley, I received updates and photos of his growth and development from Nadia. On the day I picked him up, I was able to schedule a time that was good for me (I live 6 hours away). I was provided with vet records, AKC paperwork and a vivacious handsome puppy. Now for my favorite part, Wiley. Wiley is now a healthy, handsome and active 10 month old puppy. He is liver and ticked, but his head is the solid liver portion. I started introductory upland game training with him as a small puppy. He was pointing from the moment we got home. He quarters ahead naturally and has a remarkable nose. He has the energy level to run five mile and run five more, but is calm and loving at home. Wiley loves children, people and even cats. I could not thank Samir and Nadia enough for my experience and wonderful boy. If you're looking to purchase a GSP, these are your people.
Submitted by: Edgar Penaranda on Apr 06, 2015
I've owned 3 shorthairs. All have been amazing hunters and terrific family members. So when it came to getting new a shorthair, the bar was set high by my previous hunting partners. I started my hunt looking for a breeder several months back. I located Samir and gave him a call. From the get go, he was very polite and very patient when I asked question after question. I was placed on his waiting list and it was well worth it. The puppy we choose was "Ella" she was born on the 11th of January of this year (my 4th daughter's birthday) had to be a sign. We visited her when she was 5 weeks old and immediately fell in love with her. We couldn't wait to revisit her and take her home a couple of weeks later. When we arrived Samir was waiting for us with all the necessary paperwork regarding her shots and, food to take home. Samir gave us a warning to put newspaper down on the floor of the car just case she got car sick. On the ride home, Ella not once whined or budge to get out of my girls arms. She was a total lady all the way home. Once home, Ella slowly got used her new surroundings and her new family, including two older dogs. I'm strict when it comes to raising new dogs, but I have lost the battle with my wife and daughters. Ella has taken over. Although, they have spoiled her rotten. She does her business outside and sleeps in her crate without a fuss. She stays off the furniture (when were in the room, she just now has the strength to get up) She knows where to lay down when the family is watching TV or when we are eating at the table. She is learning her boundaries quickly within the house. She is sweet and entertains us very second of the day. What I'm impressed the most with is, is her drive when we play with the quail wings. Ella is only 12 weeks old and is showing a strong desire to hunt/play. She points steady to the wing on the rod. I play "find the dead bird" with her and she is learning to find the quail wing with her nose, not her sight. Her drive is strong and I have to remember to quit while ahead and not burn her out. I keep the sessions short and spirited. It is obvious that her pedigree is nothing but the finest. I can say that I am truly happy with Samir and his promises that we would be happy with our decision. To sum it up...Ella is smart and her drive is second to none. She is sweet and happy all day long. There is no better feeling when we see her go crazy when when she greets us when we come home or when we let her out of her crate in the morning. I am sure that she will be a great hunting dog and above all...a great family member.
Submitted by: Richard Hardesty on Mar 15, 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank both Samir and Nadia for such a wonderful and pleasant experience these are truly two of the most friendly, reputable, and knowledgeable gsp breeders you will come across who genuinely care about the health and well being of the puppies. I just recently purchased and brought home my male gsp rusty who is a product of vader and hanna born Jan 9th 2015 and couldn't be more happy he's a 9 week old healthy 15 lb bundle of joy which I credit to Nadia and Samir for nurturing him so well I felt very involved with the whole process as Nadia would send me constant updates and pictures almost daily without having to ask her which was very thoughtful and appreciated I would highly recommend any one looking for a gsp to check out b&b kennels they will go above and beyond for you and never make you feel rushed it took me almost a hour to pick my puppy on picking day and neither Samir or Nadia made me feel rushed so in closing I got the puppy I wanted and made what I feel two great friends thank you two and hope to see you in the future when it's time for me to get my second puppy it's been two weeks since I got rusty and Nadia is still giving me advice and tips.
Submitted by: Alex & Kristen Ellison on Mar 13, 2015
My family and I were looking to own a GSP and we came across this page and just had to give Samir a call. To our luck they had just had a litter of puppies born the day prior. We decided that it was time for our family to bring a new puppy into our lives. I contacted Samir, who was VERY informative regarding this particular breed of dogs. We were SOLD!! Within the six weeks we received text messages, pictures, and videos of the puppies as they grew, from Samir's daughter Nadia. We grew to love our puppy more and more everyday even knowing we haven't even chosen one yet. The day finally came, when we were finally able to choose our puppy. We chose one of the males. ALL of the puppies were just gorgeous!! Everything you would want in a GSP! We have been sooo happy to have added our new puppy to our family! He has been wonderful with our two young daughters. I have successfully potty trained him at only 7 weeks! I am absolutely amazed on how smart this breed is!!! Samir and Nadia run a wonderful breeding business and we are very thankful for them!
Submitted by: nick kibby on Mar 12, 2015
After searching for months to find a GSP breeder that had available puppies in Arizona, I gave up and started looking elsewhere. Lucky for me that I did because I came across BB Kennels information on and they had two litter available. I was hesitant to purchase a dog out of state, but Samir and Nadia couldn't have made the experience any more enjoyable. Nadia provided what felt like daily updates throughout the entire process and sent so many pictures and videos as the weeks went on. They are very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Our puppy Remi was from Hannah and Vader and we have had her for two weeks now and it has been an absolute pleasure. She is learning much quicker than our other GSP and has amazing posture and natural hunting instincts. BB Kennels prices are very fair and their service is unparalleled and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good hunting dog or just a great house pet.
Submitted by: Paul Soyer on Mar 01, 2015
After much research my family and I chose a GSP (Millie) for our first family pet. Being an active family we knew that we needed a GSP that was true to the breed. What we got was the most amazing family friend that exceeded our expectations. We got millie from brownie and hanks litter born Feb. 28 2013. At the time we also had a 8 month old daughter they were instant friends. Millie is truly an all around dog family friend, protector, companion, loyal, obedient, and an amazing hunter, retreiver she will hunt everything I have shot about 15 foul over Millie while at the same time she is mother hen to our ten chickens. Millie as also been a celebrity being featured on the Golf Chanel at the 2015 AT&T Pebble Beach golf Pro Am.
Submitted by: Vannesa on Mar 07, 2014
Over a year ago me and my
Husband were looking for a gsp breeder. We came across Samir in upland, ca. After we found out he was having puppies, he answered all the questions that I had via text or phone call which was great. He kept us updated during the whole process from meeting the mommy and showing us pics of the dad, when the pups were born with times and pics, to letting us see the pups and picking ours out at 3 days old. And then letting us get another puppy a few weeks later. We met with Samir every week to see the puppies and feel very involved with the whole process of our babies. Our gsp's are over a year now and have had no medical problems so far. Our male is 50 pounds and our girl is 45 pounds. Thank so u much Samir and yr family for being a pleasure to work with
In getting our puppies.
Submitted by: Gary and Amanda Higuera on Mar 01, 2014
Our family purchased a male GSP from Samir and Nadia as a Christmas present for our 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Samir and Nadia were so professional and knowledgable with the sale of the puppy but have also become a friend. It is wonderful to have a breeder be interested with the pup once it has left their home. It is obvious they both care so much about each and every dog!
We absolutely love our puppy, Mudd. He has been an amazing addition to our family so far and we can't wait to see him in action out in the fields!
Submitted by: Steven Contreras on Feb 24, 2014
My family and I have recently purchased a GSP from Samir and Nadia and could not be more pleased with our expierence. We have not even picked up our new puppy yet and I could not help but post a testimonial. We put our down payment down in early January and at that time we were invited to come look at the parents. I must say that Buck is a magnificent looking dog. At that time we had atleast a 45 minute conversation with Samir and Nadia on the parents, recent litters and what ever elese came up. Needless to say, they are two of the nicest people you could meet, something you want when you are paying a decent amount of money for a working dog. The puppies were born on the exact date that we were told and we were notified and sent pictures with in a few hours of their birth. They have also kept in constant contact with updates and pictures sent every sunday. We were allowed to come and see the puppies (by appointment) at any time during the waiting period. We get to pick out our new little girl this coming week and can't wait to take her home in four more weeks. If you are on the fence on who to purchase you puppy from, the search is over. My family and I could not have picked a better breeder and a nicer family to purchase our new addition to the family from.
Submitted by: Courtney Dunwoody on Jan 15, 2014
We are completely in LOVE with our puppy Winger!! We got him for a Christmas surprise for my boys, ages 3 and 5. We could not have picked a better breeder. Samir and his daughter Nadia are great! Not only are they very professional, they are some of the nicest people we have ever met. They care so much about their dogs, and are very knowledgeable about the breed. I recieved pictures of Dena, the mommy, when she was pregnant. I was sent pictures as soon as the puppies were born. I continued to get videos and pics almost on a daily basis up until we brought our boy home. And this puppy is so smart, and loving. He is very well rounded, you can tell Samir and Nadia spent a lot of time with him. He's my boys best friend. I would definitely suggest BBkennels to anyone who wants a beautiful german shorthaired pointer. I feel like our family hit the lottery. Thanks again Samir and Nadia!

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