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Submitted by: Jovetta on Feb 17, 2022
I brought my puppy home in November 2022 and I couldn’t be more pleased. She’s thriving and smart. Birdie is 11 weeks now and potty trained. I can’t wait until her puppy shots are finished so we can take her out and start socializing her. Nadia was absolutely the best throughout the entire process. I enjoyed so much the daily pictures and videos of the puppies. Birdie has really taken to my husband and I believe there going to be an awesome hunting team. Thank you Nadia for our little girl.
Submitted by: Kimmy and Dallas on Jul 16, 2021
We have chosen bbkennels as the breeder for our last two German shorthairs. Nadia and Samir run a fantastic operation with an amazing bloodline. They are friendly, welcoming, informative, and professional. Both of our dogs are super healthy, amazingly mannered, and have been on point since birth. Our oldest is 3 and has the best point. Her instincts are natural and strong. Our 3 month old puppy has been on point since we picked him up. They are calm, great with children, and exceptional hunters. We’ve owned 5 pointers and loved them all. With that said, the dogs we have had the privilege to get from bbkennels have been easier to train as a family pet and hunter. Whether you are after a pet or a working dog, know you’ve purchased from a competent breeder who cares about the breed and bloodline first!
Submitted by: Brian on Jul 16, 2021
I had been looking for a breeder for close to a year. When I read all the comments on B&B kennels and spoke with Nadia, my mind was made up at that point. She was extremely helpful with any and every question I had! Daily updates and photos of the puppy’s progress. I wanted a gundog and a family dog as well. He is almost 3 months and showing tremendous drive to learn, extremely stubborn at times, but very intelligent. I HIGHLY recommend them and would buy another in a heart beat!!!!
Submitted by: Darla on Feb 14, 2021
Hands down the best breeder I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. As someone who grew up with my mom a breeder of champion line dogs, with her being a groomer and a vet tech, and then becoming a dog groomer myself, I was very cautious and had high standards on who I would decide to purchase a puppy from. From the second I contacted Nadia I knew I was getting a well bred, and a well cared for dog. Her love for her breed and her puppies was un questionable. After purchasing the most amazing puppy from her, we encountered a tragic accident shortly after with him, that left us devastated. Nadia was never nothing but understanding, compassionate and put us right back on the list for their next litter. We’ve now had the pleasure of owning 2 of her puppies, and I can’t speak highly enough of the entire process, and the dogs she & her father breed. If you’re looking for a GSP, without a doubt look no further.
Submitted by: Maria Feoktistova on Feb 07, 2020
I could not have wished for a better breeder. As a new dog owner, I had a lot of questions and needed hand holding through the process. Nadia and Samir were amazing. Very responsive, kind, honest and went out of the way to even help me find a vet down where I live after I had a bad experience with the vet we initially took our puppy for immunization. They take good care of their dogs and have their puppies carry such a great genetic material of the breed. I highly recommend B & B Kennel for anyone looking for quality, healthy and smart GSP dog.
Submitted by: Katelyn Vargas on Feb 01, 2020
Communication was great
We received weekly text updates when the pup was born until we picked out our pup; and then more until we picked him up

The area was clean and maintained.

Our puppy has had no health issues since he’s been in our home. He is happy healthy and thriving.

We would highly recommend BBKennels and their family for anyone interested in the GSP breed.
Submitted by: George lewis on Jan 19, 2019
Well... we did it again!!! Three years ago we purchased our GSP Sullivan from bbkennels and knew we would be back. After our older GSP Muldoon left us last year we wanted Sullivan to have another sibling to romp with. So with out question we contacted Nadia & Samir to see if they had any upcoming litters and within a year we now have our little 9 pound puppy McGuff. He is so smart and playful. At 8 weeks he knows how to use the doggy door, come to his name, and sit. He is a perfect addition to our family and a good brother for Sullivan.
Nadia and Samir are responsible and honest breeders who will always answer your questions without hesitation. Good down to earth people.
Thank you Samir and Nadia for all you do. You are the best!
Submitted by: David Rotenberg on Jan 17, 2019
I take the addition of a family member very seriously. I wanted to make sure that the breeders that we were going to deal with had experience, and our best interest in mind. I was very impressed with B&B kennels through the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a puppy.
Submitted by: Joe Ormsby on Oct 06, 2018
I feel very lucky to have found Nadia & Samir of B&B Kennels. From my first inquiry, they were unbelievably helpful and informative, both prompt to respond and patient to make sure all of my questions were answered. It became very clear to me from reading numerous website testimonials that Nadia & Samir were reputable breeders with a true passion for the breed, and this has been confirmed time and again with all of my interactions with them.

Throughout the pregnancy, birth and weaning process, Nadia was always quick with updates, photos and videos. She and Samir also helped with the transition home, recommending puppy chow, providing continuity for things like de-worming medication, and even sending their pups home with a supply of food for the first couple of days.

I've previously owned two GSP's and have known and hunted behind dozens of them connected to my family and friends. I have two kids, and wanted to be sure that I would get another dog that was not only a good hunting dog, but also an excellent addition to my family. I have not been the slightest bit disappointed in either category.

My new pup, (Django) has been great in every way. He's perfectly proportioned and has beautiful markings. He's "whip" smart and quick to please. The training process has been really eased by his eagerness to learn. Nadia generously supplied me with some Chukar wings, and at 3 mos., Django began to show off his powerful nose and his natural enthusiasm for hunting while working with the false bird. At 7 mos., I took him on his first Dove hunt, and he immediately took to the gun, and showed that his love for retrieving went beyond playing ball at the local park.

He's been great with the family, and the love between him and my kids is very touching. He's high-spirited for sure...(Samir & Nadia breed athletes), but with regular exercise, he's quite calm and well behaved around the house.

I highly endorse Nadia & Samir of B&B Kennels as breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers! In addition to being good honest people, they breed for the right reasons. And their experience with, and knowledge of the breed is very evident. But beyond that, they go to great lengths to make sure that their customers will be happy with the process.
Submitted by: Drew and Corey Marcello on Jul 19, 2018
My husband and I were looking for the perfect dog for our active lifestyle. We wanted a dog that was intelligent, active, yet still well good with kids and could be that future family dog. We were looking for months for the perfect breed and couldn’t seem to find the perfect combination for us until we met a GSP. We instantly both knew this was the breed for us! We were referred to BBKennels by a friend and connected directly with Nadia. She instantly was so warm and knowledgeable on the breed and the upcoming litter. You could hear her passion and love for the pups through the phone, which made us feel so comfortable and excited. We ended up picking a beautiful big boy from this litter, our Louie! He is now 6 months about 45lbs and loves the water, dinner time, hiking with us, and is fascinated with kids. He will be so engaged and excited at the dog park, but then as soon as we get home he will snuggle up with us...(my favorite part). We are so thankful Louie is a part of our family and so thankful we found responsible breeders. Thank you! Drew and Corey
Submitted by: mike gibbons on Jul 19, 2018
I have had about 8 Brittany's and 1 English Pointer so new to GSP's. With my current Britt being 11 years old his hunting days are over. My wife sent me pictures of this litter and within 24 hours we made the 12 hour round trip drive to Socal to pick up Cocoa. I was a bit nervous to be honest but Nadia and Samir love their dogs and put us at ease. Match made in heaven as we
are madly in love with our Cocoa and she blended well into our house with 3 other dogs, and a cat. She is so pretty and sweet and and very smart and very silly. She is mischievous and can run around like a puppy on fire or be completely mellow and a couch potato. She loves to play catch and I think she has invisible wings as she flies through the yard almost airborne.
Overall we could not be happier with our Cocoa Bean and look forward to many years in the field and at home with her.
Submitted by: Corey Ekhaml on Jul 19, 2018
This kennel sure brings quality GSP Bloodlines to the table. The attentiveness of our pup is absolutely elite. Great patterns, attitude, persistence to achieve perfection in any task asked and quality training ability. Great family dog, protector, hunter and overall beautiful DNA along with matched tempermant for any situation. Best investment for a true papered bloodline to date. Well done B-B Kennels.
Submitted by: Micah ballenger on Aug 24, 2017
I wanted a gsp for years and after I did tons of research and emailed Nadia. She was very friendly and informative and I could tell she loves her dogs. She let me know everything I wanted to know. I picked my Callie from them 1/2017. I must say I love my girl. She is a total bird dog. She is a very smart friendly girl. I'm very happy to have met Smair and Nadia they have been very helpful always answering questions when I had any. So Callie is 9 months old. She is healthy, smart and the biggest sweetheart you would ever meet. My next gsp will definitely come out of bb kennels.
Submitted by: Jeff Tuel on Mar 06, 2017
Our son had done all of his research and decided on B&B Kennels for his first GSP puppy. He was in first and got pick of the litter. He chose a male, but I'll let him tell his own story. We were lucky enough that there was one female unspoken for - our Daisy!!

Samir and Nadia were wonderful to work with. Nadia kept us informed throughout Hanna's carrying time and once the pups were born, she sent pics and video almost daily. They were so gracious with information and thorough, including making sure we were right for one of their GSP puppies.

We picked Daisy up January 21, 2017 and fell in love immediately. This is our seventh dog including an english shorthair pointer and another GSP. Daisy has exceeded our expectations in terms of intelligence, eager to please and sweet (but exuberant) disposition. She's going to be an amazing dog!!

If you are thinking about getting a GSP, don't think twice about contacting Samir and Nadia at B&B Kennels. You won't regret it!!
Submitted by: Tricia Bastien on Feb 20, 2017
I was fortunate enough to get a female GSP from B & B Kennels-the Hanna X Turbo-12/16 litter.

I put my deposit for a puppy in May-and it was well worth the wait. I am a very proud owner of a beautiful-very smart GSP.

My experience was off the charts! I can't say enough nice things about Samir and Nadia. They Truly love and care about their dogs and their litters. It really shows.

Nadia kept me informed from conception to delivery. Once the puppies were born-she sent pictures and videos at least once a week. Also, She answered my questions immediately.

I plan on staying in touch with Nadia. Lastly, If you are interested in adding a GSP to your family-I highly recommend B & B Kennels.
Submitted by: Marshall Booth on May 07, 2016
I Just bought my second GSP Bella a female from BBkennels yesterday May 6th. I bought my first male GSP Gunner from BBkennels November 12th, 2015.

As always such a wonderful experience. You can tell how much they sincerely care about the breed and about the pup! Truly words can't even describe how sincere and caring they are.

Still to this day I talk to Nadia and Samir about Gunner my first pup. I send them pictures all the time. They ask about how the training is going and truly sincerely care about how Gunner is doing.

Recently I saw a post on our newest addition where Bella our new female puppy didn't have a home anymore. I hit Nadia to ask her what was going on and some logistical issues happened with her.. after a few minutes I told her I was all in and I would be up tomorrow.

It felt like a family reunion when we arrived. They asked all about Gunner and our family. I Asked them a bunch of hunting questions and what accessories they use along with where they get them from. They are beyond knowledgeable.

Of course Bella was even better in real life.

We couldn't be more happier. Nadia followed up with me today to see how we are and how Bella settled in! I sent here a ton of pictures. I know that will be just one fraction of the many sincere follow ups.

It's so awesome when the experience is so sincere and the pups are such a high quality breed.

Never once did I ever think about the financials. I had no regrets, no concerns, and felt like I got way more than I paid for.

They have provided us with a lasting life experience! The amount of quality time I have with my daughter and pup (now pups) is priceless.

BBkennels are truly the best!
Submitted by: Jonah Tatch on Jan 30, 2016
B&B Kennels were fantastic from the beginning of the process to the end. We selected our female GSP from the litter of Brownie and Turbo.

Stella has been a wonderful addition to our family. Stella is our second GSP, and this time around this pup seems much more responsive to training and our every day life.

We selected B&B Kennels because of their passion for the GSP breed. Speaking on the phone you could hear Samir's love for the breed. Once we met Samir and Nadia, it just proved to us that they were the right breeder for us. We were able to meet Stella's mom and dad and they seemed like they had a wonderful temperament. Once we initially saw the pups and after selecting Stella, Samir and Nadia kept us up to date with texts, photos and videos of Stella's growth. This communication was exactly what we were looking for in a breeder.

If you are looking for a GSP, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to get one from B&B.
Submitted by: Marshall Booth on Jan 19, 2016
I live in Oceanside ca north of San Diego. Was prepared to drive almost 8 hours north to get a GSP (German shorthair Pointer) puppy. Finally at about 8:45 at night I came across gun breeder website then to BBKenels.

I emailed the contact page and got a call back from Samir immediately. Found out they just had a litter. Samir was out on a hunting trip but still called me. I texted Nadia that night and she sent me info on the litter. I placed a hold on one of the males I was 3rd in line for males.

From that evening on till this day I still talk with Nadia. She sent me pictures and videos of the puppies consently.

At 5 weeks we got to select and I'll be honest with you I was nervous. I had no idea how it would work out, condition of litter, condition of breeder location, etc . When we got there we where welcomed by Samir and Nadia. My 3 year old, my wife and I couldn't of had a better experience. It didn't stop there either.

To this day Nadia and I still communicate. She reaches out and askes me how Gunner our puppy is. I send her pictures of him and our family outings.

Gunner my puppy is a total stud. He is a great looking pup, awesome personality, and gets along with my 3 year old daughter great.

Samir and Nadia truly care about the pups and about where they are going to. You can tell they truly love the species and it is totally about the bread and dog.

I know at any time I can call on them for questions and that they want to still be apart of Gunner growing up.

First class service and first class pups! Such an amazing experience.
Submitted by: Brad hollingsworth on Jan 17, 2016
First i want to thank nadia and samir for my pup he is by far the best dog ive had great with family and my 2 yr old boy. Samir and nadia both provided me the answers i had for them and took the time out of there day to answer them. They run a great kennel and i will be sure to be back for another in the near future. If you want a great dog be sure to give them a call you wont regret it !!!!!
Submitted by: George lewis on Nov 23, 2015
George Lewis
Nov 20 (3 days ago)

to GSPKennel
November 20 2015

To start off I would like to thank Samir and Nadia. If you are looking for a GSP I would rate them with Excellent, Excellent. When I first called B&B Kennel and talked to Samir I knew I found the breeder I was looking for. He answered all my questions and then some. I told him I was looking for a GSP puppy with Liver Roan coloring, he said that he could almost assure me that his next litter would have the puppy that I was looking for. The father is Turbo and the mother is Brownie. He was right on the mark. When I committed with the the deposit Nadia the daughter of Samir email us with updates. Once the puppies were born Nadia sent pictures and videos through the whole 7 week wait. Nadia is special and after meeting her in person I was even more impressed. We picked up our little Sullivan on the 7th week, at 6 pounds with liver roan coloring. He has been home for a week now and knows how to use the doggie door and comes to his name. He does his business outside with very few accidents. Samir and Nadia thanks again for our little Sullivan, he is already best buddies with our GSP Muldoon a six year old. What a great addition to our family. This was the best experience buying a puppy I have ever had. George Lewis
Submitted by: Lauren Nixon on Nov 07, 2015
To begin, I want to personally commend Samir and Nadia for being personable, knowledgeable and experienced breeders. Their passion for GSP's is reflective in the dogs they sell. I was looking to purchase a puppy in the winter of 2015, but I was primarily looking at Labrador Retrievers with GSP's on my radar. After contacting numerous lab breeders, I was turned off by my interactions. I saw an advertisement on this website for B&B Kennels. I contacted Samir and was relieved to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly breeder. Samir provided information about the breed and their temperament. Most importantly, I could tell B & B Kennels was a family breeder that truly cared about the welfare of the dogs first. My initial experience won me over and I paid my deposit. After placing my deposit, Nadia became my primary contact. Nadia is absolutely wonder. During the early stages, she provided me with photos, videos and health updates on the liter. I met Samir and Nadia in person with the entire liter for a meet and greet; plus, got to see their adult dogs. On our second meeting, I chose my handsome boy, Wiley. After choosing Wiley, I received updates and photos of his growth and development from Nadia. On the day I picked him up, I was able to schedule a time that was good for me (I live 6 hours away). I was provided with vet records, AKC paperwork and a vivacious handsome puppy. Now for my favorite part, Wiley. Wiley is now a healthy, handsome and active 10 month old puppy. He is liver and ticked, but his head is the solid liver portion. I started introductory upland game training with him as a small puppy. He was pointing from the moment we got home. He quarters ahead naturally and has a remarkable nose. He has the energy level to run five mile and run five more, but is calm and loving at home. Wiley loves children, people and even cats. I could not thank Samir and Nadia enough for my experience and wonderful boy. If you're looking to purchase a GSP, these are your people.
Submitted by: Edgar Penaranda on Apr 06, 2015
I've owned 3 shorthairs. All have been amazing hunters and terrific family members. So when it came to getting new a shorthair, the bar was set high by my previous hunting partners. I started my hunt looking for a breeder several months back. I located Samir and gave him a call. From the get go, he was very polite and very patient when I asked question after question. I was placed on his waiting list and it was well worth it. The puppy we choose was "Ella" she was born on the 11th of January of this year (my 4th daughter's birthday) had to be a sign. We visited her when she was 5 weeks old and immediately fell in love with her. We couldn't wait to revisit her and take her home a couple of weeks later. When we arrived Samir was waiting for us with all the necessary paperwork regarding her shots and, food to take home. Samir gave us a warning to put newspaper down on the floor of the car just case she got car sick. On the ride home, Ella not once whined or budge to get out of my girls arms. She was a total lady all the way home. Once home, Ella slowly got used her new surroundings and her new family, including two older dogs. I'm strict when it comes to raising new dogs, but I have lost the battle with my wife and daughters. Ella has taken over. Although, they have spoiled her rotten. She does her business outside and sleeps in her crate without a fuss. She stays off the furniture (when were in the room, she just now has the strength to get up) She knows where to lay down when the family is watching TV or when we are eating at the table. She is learning her boundaries quickly within the house. She is sweet and entertains us very second of the day. What I'm impressed the most with is, is her drive when we play with the quail wings. Ella is only 12 weeks old and is showing a strong desire to hunt/play. She points steady to the wing on the rod. I play "find the dead bird" with her and she is learning to find the quail wing with her nose, not her sight. Her drive is strong and I have to remember to quit while ahead and not burn her out. I keep the sessions short and spirited. It is obvious that her pedigree is nothing but the finest. I can say that I am truly happy with Samir and his promises that we would be happy with our decision. To sum it up...Ella is smart and her drive is second to none. She is sweet and happy all day long. There is no better feeling when we see her go crazy when when she greets us when we come home or when we let her out of her crate in the morning. I am sure that she will be a great hunting dog and above all...a great family member.
Submitted by: Richard Hardesty on Mar 15, 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank both Samir and Nadia for such a wonderful and pleasant experience these are truly two of the most friendly, reputable, and knowledgeable gsp breeders you will come across who genuinely care about the health and well being of the puppies. I just recently purchased and brought home my male gsp rusty who is a product of vader and hanna born Jan 9th 2015 and couldn't be more happy he's a 9 week old healthy 15 lb bundle of joy which I credit to Nadia and Samir for nurturing him so well I felt very involved with the whole process as Nadia would send me constant updates and pictures almost daily without having to ask her which was very thoughtful and appreciated I would highly recommend any one looking for a gsp to check out b&b kennels they will go above and beyond for you and never make you feel rushed it took me almost a hour to pick my puppy on picking day and neither Samir or Nadia made me feel rushed so in closing I got the puppy I wanted and made what I feel two great friends thank you two and hope to see you in the future when it's time for me to get my second puppy it's been two weeks since I got rusty and Nadia is still giving me advice and tips.
Submitted by: Alex & Kristen Ellison on Mar 13, 2015
My family and I were looking to own a GSP and we came across this page and just had to give Samir a call. To our luck they had just had a litter of puppies born the day prior. We decided that it was time for our family to bring a new puppy into our lives. I contacted Samir, who was VERY informative regarding this particular breed of dogs. We were SOLD!! Within the six weeks we received text messages, pictures, and videos of the puppies as they grew, from Samir's daughter Nadia. We grew to love our puppy more and more everyday even knowing we haven't even chosen one yet. The day finally came, when we were finally able to choose our puppy. We chose one of the males. ALL of the puppies were just gorgeous!! Everything you would want in a GSP! We have been sooo happy to have added our new puppy to our family! He has been wonderful with our two young daughters. I have successfully potty trained him at only 7 weeks! I am absolutely amazed on how smart this breed is!!! Samir and Nadia run a wonderful breeding business and we are very thankful for them!
Submitted by: nick kibby on Mar 12, 2015
After searching for months to find a GSP breeder that had available puppies in Arizona, I gave up and started looking elsewhere. Lucky for me that I did because I came across BB Kennels information on and they had two litter available. I was hesitant to purchase a dog out of state, but Samir and Nadia couldn't have made the experience any more enjoyable. Nadia provided what felt like daily updates throughout the entire process and sent so many pictures and videos as the weeks went on. They are very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Our puppy Remi was from Hannah and Vader and we have had her for two weeks now and it has been an absolute pleasure. She is learning much quicker than our other GSP and has amazing posture and natural hunting instincts. BB Kennels prices are very fair and their service is unparalleled and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good hunting dog or just a great house pet.
Submitted by: Paul Soyer on Mar 01, 2015
After much research my family and I chose a GSP (Millie) for our first family pet. Being an active family we knew that we needed a GSP that was true to the breed. What we got was the most amazing family friend that exceeded our expectations. We got millie from brownie and hanks litter born Feb. 28 2013. At the time we also had a 8 month old daughter they were instant friends. Millie is truly an all around dog family friend, protector, companion, loyal, obedient, and an amazing hunter, retreiver she will hunt everything I have shot about 15 foul over Millie while at the same time she is mother hen to our ten chickens. Millie as also been a celebrity being featured on the Golf Chanel at the 2015 AT&T Pebble Beach golf Pro Am.
Submitted by: Vannesa on Mar 07, 2014
Over a year ago me and my
Husband were looking for a gsp breeder. We came across Samir in upland, ca. After we found out he was having puppies, he answered all the questions that I had via text or phone call which was great. He kept us updated during the whole process from meeting the mommy and showing us pics of the dad, when the pups were born with times and pics, to letting us see the pups and picking ours out at 3 days old. And then letting us get another puppy a few weeks later. We met with Samir every week to see the puppies and feel very involved with the whole process of our babies. Our gsp's are over a year now and have had no medical problems so far. Our male is 50 pounds and our girl is 45 pounds. Thank so u much Samir and yr family for being a pleasure to work with
In getting our puppies.
Submitted by: Gary and Amanda Higuera on Mar 01, 2014
Our family purchased a male GSP from Samir and Nadia as a Christmas present for our 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Samir and Nadia were so professional and knowledgable with the sale of the puppy but have also become a friend. It is wonderful to have a breeder be interested with the pup once it has left their home. It is obvious they both care so much about each and every dog!
We absolutely love our puppy, Mudd. He has been an amazing addition to our family so far and we can't wait to see him in action out in the fields!
Submitted by: Steven Contreras on Feb 24, 2014
My family and I have recently purchased a GSP from Samir and Nadia and could not be more pleased with our expierence. We have not even picked up our new puppy yet and I could not help but post a testimonial. We put our down payment down in early January and at that time we were invited to come look at the parents. I must say that Buck is a magnificent looking dog. At that time we had atleast a 45 minute conversation with Samir and Nadia on the parents, recent litters and what ever elese came up. Needless to say, they are two of the nicest people you could meet, something you want when you are paying a decent amount of money for a working dog. The puppies were born on the exact date that we were told and we were notified and sent pictures with in a few hours of their birth. They have also kept in constant contact with updates and pictures sent every sunday. We were allowed to come and see the puppies (by appointment) at any time during the waiting period. We get to pick out our new little girl this coming week and can't wait to take her home in four more weeks. If you are on the fence on who to purchase you puppy from, the search is over. My family and I could not have picked a better breeder and a nicer family to purchase our new addition to the family from.
Submitted by: Courtney Dunwoody on Jan 15, 2014
We are completely in LOVE with our puppy Winger!! We got him for a Christmas surprise for my boys, ages 3 and 5. We could not have picked a better breeder. Samir and his daughter Nadia are great! Not only are they very professional, they are some of the nicest people we have ever met. They care so much about their dogs, and are very knowledgeable about the breed. I recieved pictures of Dena, the mommy, when she was pregnant. I was sent pictures as soon as the puppies were born. I continued to get videos and pics almost on a daily basis up until we brought our boy home. And this puppy is so smart, and loving. He is very well rounded, you can tell Samir and Nadia spent a lot of time with him. He's my boys best friend. I would definitely suggest BBkennels to anyone who wants a beautiful german shorthaired pointer. I feel like our family hit the lottery. Thanks again Samir and Nadia!
Submitted by: Lisa Niederland on Sep 04, 2013
We love our puppy Elke! Elke is a product of Brownie and Hank. She is six months old and brings a lot of joy to our family. She sleeps in a crate at night only, is in the house when we are home, and is outside when we are gone. She was crate trained and potty trained fast. Elke has been healthy and happy since we picked her up. She always wants to be by our side, and is great with kids and other dogs. Elke will play fetch in our yard or in the ocean until we are too tired to throw the ball. She loves the water and ocean (we live at the beach). Elke is a beautiful dog! Everywhere we go people tell us what a good-looking dog she is. Samir is honest, friendly, and knows a lot about his dogs. I highly recommend purchasing a GSP from him.
Submitted by: Tania Martin on Sep 03, 2013
What a wonderful experience we had with the purchase of our German Shorthaired Pointer from Samir of B&B Kennels. From the minute we initially called Samir to inquire about his upcoming litter of Brownie and Hank due in February 2013, to when we picked up our beautiful puppy. Samir informed us within a couple of hours when the litter was born and sent pictures soon after. A couple of days later we went to pick our puppy out. The hardest part was then waiting for seven weeks to bring her home. Samir was so gracious to allow us to visit and send pictures while we were waiting. Our family couldn't be more pleased with our experience and most of all our new addition, Millie.

The Martin Family
Submitted by: susan blazevich on Dec 23, 2012
We purchased Heidi in 2011 she is smart beautiful and was very easy to potty train. Heidi is smart she is eager to pleasse and wants to do everything we do! She masterd opening our gate at 6 months. She jumps up trying to open the front door. When she is out I leave the door unlocked and she comes in turns around to close the door! Heidi can be off the leash and stay by my husbands side no matter what is happening around her. She is my special little girl and I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone wishing to buy a German shorthair pointer. She knows how to be safe with kids but will tell me when someone is not ok.
Submitted by: Shane & Jeannette Davis on Dec 03, 2012
We just wanted to say Thank you to Samir and Nadia for blessing us with our GSP Nala. We picked up Nala, our 7 week old bundle of joy on 11-08-12 and our lives have been forever changed by this little pup. She is the smartest, most lovable, extremely curious, and fearless dog we have ever owned. Nala is only 10 weeks old and is already sitting, shaking, pointing, scratching at the door to go potty, and waking us up in the middle of the night to let us know what she needs. You can really tell how much time and love B&B Kennels puts into their dogs. From day one Samir and Nadia both sent messages letting us know how Hana was doing with her pregnancy and the minute they were born they sent us a message with pictures. Once again, we couldn't be more pleased with our new member of our family and would definitely refer B & B Kennels to others.
Submitted by: The Moore Family on Nov 29, 2012
We currently have an 8 year-old male GSP whom has been nothing but the ideal GSP, perfect with the family, both young and old, and amazing in the field. Knowing the breed, we wanted nothing but a GSP again! We searched for the perfect fit, breeder and our family life. Samir and Nadia were just that! They understand the importance of a good quality family dog who is able to hunt!

We have had an amazing experience with B & B Kennel. Samir was in contact with me immediately when we sought information, and even called us to let us know that they were expecting a litter.

He welcomed our family into his house and showed us his quality dogs. We were even able to bring our dog to interact with his dogs. When the litter was born, Samir sent out an email and called us letting us know we could come and pick out our little guy!

We were in constant contact with Samir and Nadia about our dog for the next 7 weeks, until able to pick him up! They invited us out to see the dogs weekly and were kind enough to work around our swimming and soccer schedules.

It has been 3 weeks and we can say that we have been blessed with our "Haas". He is everything that we wanted and more! He gets along with our Schmitty and is very kind and gentle with our blessings.

Thank you Samir and Nadia for giving us another quality GSP that has become an important family member!
Submitted by: Elisabeth on Nov 25, 2012
We had a wonderful experience with Nadia and her father! They were always available for every question we had. They answered every call and text we sent, and sent us videos and pictures almost daily before he picked our puppy up. Winston is a wonderful puppy, and he is going to be a beautiful hunting dog. The vet confirmed that he is in perfect health. We couldn't be happier with Winston and the exceptional service from the breeders and B and B Kennels! Thank you so much for everything!
Submitted by: Cindi on Apr 10, 2012
With Nadia's help we recently got one of Bentley and Buck's  puppies which were born 11/9/11.  Nadia is awesome and we are still in touch sharing pictures and information regarding our puppy Cooper! We were also fortunate to get to know Bentley (Cooper's mom) and our dog Cooper is intelligent, handsome with beautiful markings and posture, well behaved at 5 months , and has the sweetest disposition (which is common with this breed).  This is our 4th German Shorthaired Pointer, so we have a lot of experience with this breed.  Although we don't hunt, Cooper is an incredible companion, great with kids and all dogs, and has already learned so many commands in just 3 weeks! He also works the field by instinct when we take him to open space (which we do often). It is great to work with a breeder who cares so much about the homes that their puppies go to and would highly recommend B & B Kennels to anyone looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer!

Cindi Galfin
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Submitted by: JIll & Dustin on Jan 11, 2012
We purchased a female GSP pup from Nadia out of the litter that was from Buck and Bentley and were born on November 9th, 2011. We named our pup Ruger and we bought her when she was only 9 days old. It was unbelievable how easy and relaxed it was working with Nadia. She gave us the privilege to come visit our little Ruger whenever we liked. We came once a week to see her and the progress of her growth. It was nice to get that bond with our pup from such and early age. When it came to time to pick Ruger up and Bring her home, we wanted to start potty training asap, so we have a dog door that she has access to in order to go to the bathroom outside. Ruger is so smart that she learned how to go out the dog door at only 6 weeks old and has never had an accident in the house. It is amazing how smart she is. She is now 9 weeks old and she already knows how to sit and she knows the meaning of the word NO!!! She also comes and is starting to retrieve. She also holds a point and great concentration to a bird wing attached to a fishing pole. It is just unbelievable how quick Ruger is catching on to listening and obeying. I can only imagine how good Ruger is going to be at retrieving brids. Ruger not only is smart, she is a great looking dog and i have got nothing but compliments from other people of how beautiful she is. I am very excited to have an awesome bird dog and hunting buddy!!! I could not have asked for a better Christmas present!!! Thanks so much Nadia for all of your kindness and time that you took away from your day to let us come see our baby girl, we will Definitely contact you in the future when i am ready to get another GSP and definitely will recommend you to others. I can already tell Ruger is going to be AMAZING!!!
Submitted by: Eric on Jan 08, 2012
We hae been so pleased with our experience with B&B Kennel! Nadia was so accomodating to us as we brought our family over faithfully to visit our puppy from day 2 and every week until we took her with us. We felt so connected to her development through countless emails and updates. We felt fully prepared from the information given. We felt very confident in the care and preparation that took place while she grew. Our puppy was healthy and full of personality by the time she was ready to come home. We can relate to the other testimonials already as we experience the trainability and social nature of this line. This puppy absolutely adores people. From the time we brought her home she demonstrated a connection with us. She is super easy to train. She quickly learned her potty spot, and can quickly learn a new command. At 8 weeks she knows "go potty", "come", "sit", "stay", "down", "look", "ok", "fetch". She could do more if only we could keep up with her! Thank you Nadia and Samir for giving us such a wonderful puppy!
Submitted by: Burnie Renteria on Dec 03, 2011
My name is Burnie and I received a gsp from Samir 10 ½ years ago .We named him Jimmy. Smartest dog I had ever seen. He was pointing at 10 weeks. He was trained off leash before he was 3 month old. We shot over a thousand birds over him in his life. He loved hunting, swimming, running, jumping, Frisbee, tennis ball, but most of all he loved his family. He wanted to be with us every minute of every day. He lived in the house with us from day one. We had kids in the neighborhood come to the door and ask if Jimmy could come out and play. So I would give them a tennis ball and away they would go. An hour or so later I would hear him scratching or barking at the front door to be let in. He knew when we were going to the lake or gun club miles before we got there. He would start bouncing on his front feet yapping he was so happy. But all I had to do is put up my finger up ( I called it giving him the finger ) and he would stop but he would still be smiling. I never kennel trained him. (my mistake ) he didn’t need it, I didn’t realize my mistake until later when he was locked in one at the vet. He felt he was in doggy jail and would howl and throw a fit. He was a trained service dog (I’m deaf to some sounds ) and he was trained to alert me to sirens and railroad sounds. So he was with me 99 percent of the time. All I would like to say is I’m a very lucky man to have had such a dog. We lost him a few weeks ago to cancer. I called Samir and he had a new litter. Come to find out the sire is Jimmy’s half-brother Buck ( same father Gus ). So I have Jimmy2 coming around X-mas. If he is half the dog Jimmy was I’ll be blessed again. I would like to thank you Samir for giving me Jimmy and Jimmy2. I know you have made other families as happy as ours.
P.S. Samir does’t get all the credit. His daughter Nadia is doing all the work while Samir is in S. Dakota and elsewhere hunting. And you can tell by talking to her that she loves what she’s doing as much as her father. So I would like to thank the two of you again for all the hard work. It sure is paying off.
God bless Burnie & Doranne Renteria
Submitted by: Chelsea on Sep 12, 2011
We purchased a beautiful male gsp in August 2011 from Samir and we couldn't be more pleased with our pup and the whole experience. The pup is friendly, loving, healthy, smart, and really good with children. From day one Samir was prompt at email and calls, and he answered every question we had. We visited when the puppy was 5 weeks old, and Samir showed us his top of the line dogs. We were extremely satisfied with our puppy and Samir's loyalty. Samir is excellent at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great german shorthaired pointer!
Submitted by: Shay on Aug 29, 2011
It was a pleasure meeting you and your family and see how much great exposure and love the puppies were receiving. The involvement you have is a true testimony to the many years these dogs have been part of you tradition. I found every interaction with you sincere and rescectful, honest and forth coming. Our new little Sierra, name for my son Kai and my favorite range is already a part of our family. I wanted to express my thanks to you Samir for the patience and instinct, the support and giving this pup a great start. if you are thinking of being a pack leader and a parent of a GSP speak with Samir

thank you,
Submitted by: Jon Devoto on Aug 28, 2011
This GSP is the best b-day gift I have ever gotten
thanks to my wife he is my son. He loves to
play with my 18 mouth old daughter and he listens
to when she tells him no I named him Ruger I can't
wait to take him out hunting ruger is grate with commands
House trans and all he sleeps in the hallway
right by my daughters room and If she wakes up
at night he's sher to let us know
Good and loving dog grate breed
Submitted by: Margie Orland on Aug 25, 2011
Our JSP, Zoey, is just 9 weeks old and in the one week that she has been with me she has responded to "come", "no" and is house trained. She is loving, spirited and such a joy each day. She will be a wonderful companion and hunting dog. B&B Kennels has produced a fine breed of JSP. Thanks.
Submitted by: Mike on Aug 23, 2011
This pup is not only beautiful but full of personality. Hes great with the kids and is already pointing on birds naturally. We could not be happier. Looking forward for what's to come. Thanks b&b kennels for a great dog.
Submitted by: Delilah on Oct 24, 2010
I had a GSP when I was young, and my new puppy reminds me of her. She has an awesome personality. My kids love her. She fits right in with us. Quick learner. Samir is a very friendly breeder, with two beautiful GSPs.

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