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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 40 years.
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Submitted by: Walter Cox on Feb 03, 2018
If you are looking for a great all around hunting and family dog the WPG is a great choice and Todd is a great choice for a breeder. We have a new pup from Todd and our experience with him has been outstanding. Spenser was well taken care of and has transitioned into our family with ease. I can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so we can start working on some outdoor training better. Our vet was impressed with the pup especially because she is familiar with the breed and said you have to be careful with the show breeders as they have bred some less than desirable traits into the show lines. The hunting/family lines Todd breeds don't have the problems.
Submitted by: Jesse on Jan 27, 2018
Great breeder to deal with. Our griffon is now 3 months old and couldnt ask for more out of a dog. Well mannered and a quick learner. Todd took care of some logistical issues when we purchased that really helped us out. Overall great experience.
Submitted by: Anne Red on Jan 31, 2016
We picked up our wirehaired pointing griffon last month. Todd was great to work with. He clearly loves his dogs, which are happy and very well cared-for. Our puppy is absolutely perfect! He is exactly what we were hoping for when searching for a griff. Thank you Todd!
Submitted by: Shanna Kaye Stringer on Jan 01, 2016
We picked our WPG up from Mistie Acres in October. Our Gracie has been a bundle of energy from day one! She is such a sweet dog. Vet says she is really healthy and looks great from his view. We are in the middle of training, may be a little stubborn (that's just the breed I think)! She can sit, and shake hands, points at birds, but hasn't quite learned how come when called.. 😜 She has been a great addition to our family, So glad we found this breeder. We are looking forward to many great years with our Gracie.
Submitted by: Chuck Caverly on Nov 15, 2015
Today we are celebrating the birthday of our WPG, Riley Buck! Hard to imagine how we had made it this far without this member of our family. In the field, in the blind or in the backyard, Riley is attentive and eager to please. He has become so much part of our lives, as Todd told us, " they are one in a million". Todd is great breeder, super to work with and a good friend.
Submitted by: Shaun on May 21, 2015
We just bought our griffon from Mr. Todd and couldn't be more pleased with our pup Hogan. Hogan is full of energy and even though still young we can tell he will be a great companion and hunting partner. Todd is full of information and I highly recommend Mistie Acres Kennels if you are searching for your next dog!!
Submitted by: Allison on Jul 03, 2014
We picked up our first WPG (a male pup we named Dresden) this past April and couldn't be happier with little nipper. He's a character and unbelievably smart. Todd was incredibly helpful and informative about the breed and made sure to introduce us to Dresden's parents and even his grandpa, so we could see the health and bloodline of our pup. He took the time to go over care and grooming pointers and to give us helpful hints. All around, it was a great experience and we are more than happy with our newest family member and future search and rescue teammate. Thanks again, Todd!
Submitted by: Austin A on Jun 03, 2014
I purchased a Wirehaired Griffon from Todd in May and could not be more happy with my dog. He is healthy as can be, training is coming along great. Todd Brown is an incredible breeder that I highly recommend! I found Todd on www.gundogbreeders.com and called him immediately. I spent close to 45 minutes on the phone with him and he answered every single question for me.

Thanks so much Todd!

Submitted by: Steven Guier on May 19, 2014
After losing our Jack Russel of thirteen years we did an online search for a Pointing Griffon. We interviewed different breeders but once our email correspondence progressed to a phone conversation with Todd I new we were on the right track. Todd was patient and very informative. He even sent us updates on the litter. When the time arrived to pick up our female, Babe, Todd spent over an hour with us sharing information and getting us on the right track. We couldn't be happier with our Griff.
Submitted by: Dan Harryman on Apr 14, 2014
We purchased a Wirehaired Griffon male pup (Gus) from Todd last fall. Gus is now 7 months old and has become part of the family in every way possible. He is extremely smart, easy to train, and has an outstanding personality. He's a real comedian. Todd was great to work with and answered all the question we had throughout the process. Misty Acres offers a quality product!
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