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Sun Country Bretons-Home of AKC Master Hunters - Arizona Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Sun Country Bretons-Home of AKC Master Hunters
Since 1995 we have been proud owners of Epagneul Bretons, AKA French Brittanys and producing dogs for the foot hunter as well as family companions. We usually plan one or two breedings each year. Our breeding program focuses on dogs with proven natural hunting ability, proven in health ( all breeding dogs are OFA certified and test negative for the Ay gene that is responsible for the Sable coloration) and have been confirmed by a breed specialist as meeting the breed standard. Our dogs must excel in the field both on wild birds and in test and trials. We don't just claim to have good dogs, all of our breeding dogs hold Master Hunter Titles or are well on their way to achieving it. In fact we have more AKC Master Hunter titled dogs than any other French Brittany Kennel in the United States. Our clients can be assured that puppies we produce come from breeding stock with champion lines, are OFA certified, proven in health, and are proven hunters both on wild birds and in competition. French Brittanys are one of the smallest pointing breeds. Their sweet and pleasing disposition and high level of intelligence make them wonderful family companions. Yet, when the guns come out they are all business! Their fantastic bird sense & drive, natural retrieving and pointing ability, and close working nature make them fantastic upland bird dogs and a joy to hunt behind.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Don and Linda Rice
28015 N 144th Dr
Surprise, Arizona 85387
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Trent on Jun 13, 2016
We are doing good. Still don't have a family photo because my wife is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photos. Here are a few though from the past few weeks. Maddux is fitting in the family nicely. We'll be in touch!

Submitted by: Lynn Dee on May 30, 2016
We are very excited about our new puppy. She is from Sun Country Bretons and if she is half the bird dog that our other gal from them is, she will be a very good one. We can't say enough about the Rice's....their dogs, breeding, and ethics are top notch. Thank you Linda and Don. Her name is still up in the air a little bit as we get to know her.

Lynn Dee
Submitted by: Laurie on May 29, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

I just wanted to let you know I finally completed the registration papers for Mikey: Miles Rhys de Pays du Soleil (call name Rhys).

He's doing well and has an appointment for his vet visit next Wednesday.

He has one or two frenzied episodes each day where he seems just completely nuts! Our Aussie did the same when she was a pup,

He's getting plenty of sleep and exercise and seems basically happy, although there are sounds that frighten him (like motorcycles starting up and neighbors dogs barking).

Our female really seems to like him and he loves her. He follows her around and watches everything she does.

Thanks for all your help and patience!

Submitted by: Michael on May 29, 2016
Don & Linda,

Just a quick note to update you on Holly. She continues to do well and has put on a couple of lbs.

She knows and responds to her basic commands as well as a couple of fun ones like shaking hands and rolling over.

Here she is on point during one of our evening walks. There was a family of quail in the hedge row about 30 yards in front of us that crossed the road a few minutes later.
<photo 1.JPG>

We get out to the Air Force base where I work at least once a week. Over 90000 acres...and no one seems interested in hunting the quail there. Holly and I have pushed as many as four coveys in less than two hours.

Attached are some pictures from those hikes.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful companion Holly has become.


Submitted by: Dave on May 22, 2016
Just wanted to thank you both for doing such a wonderful job socializing Mia. We had many people over to meet her last night and she was great with everyone, big and small. Of course the whole family is in love with her. We had a great first night, not much whining at all. She seems very adventurous in the yard as well. Super excited about our future in the field.
Thanks again,

Submitted by: Brian on Apr 29, 2016
Don & Linda

We are really enjoying our days with Lucas ! He is an amazing Pup. Fun & Smart. Quite handsome too ! He gets lots of attention on outings as people are quite taken by his appearance and personality !
Attached a pic of him pointing a pigeon last week. He is developing nicely.

Hope all is well with you.
Enjoyed seeing pics of your latest litter on FB !

Blessings, Brian
Submitted by: Janine on Mar 11, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

I heard that you have one of Mavericks 2014 pups. I am not sure if my parents mentioned that we are considering getting a second dog. We were thinking about a cavalier King Charles but now are reconsidering the breed. We really would like a companion for our first dog from you,Gracie, that can keep up with her out in the canyon. Rob runs her in the canyon behind our house daily and hoses her off when he gets home cause she likes to get muddy. He likes her low maintenance coat. We have been so spoiled because she has such a wonderful temperament. I can't say enough to good things about her. I am not sure if you would consider selling the dog to us, but if so, we would like to find out more about him.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Submitted by: Janine on Mar 11, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

On a happier note, Junior is doing great!! He is such a big sweetheart! He actually listens better than Gracie sometimes. She can be a bit mischievous at times and he just watches her. It's so cute to see them together. He loves to be right at my feet while I am working and at night he snuggles up to Rob. He has been such a joy to have and we love him soo much!! I can't wait to see him interact with Maverick when we visit at Thanksgiving.

Take care and I will keep in touch :)

Submitted by: ID on Nov 29, 2015
Hi guys

Thought that we should give you an update on how Belle is doing this season. In short: impressive. Although her youth and lack of experience do show at times, this little gal has an innate composure on birds that is impressive. This morning is an example. I am housebound with a litter of 5 day old setter pups so Mike and Belle went hunting alone. Mike could see that Belle was trailing and when he approached her staunch point, turkeys began flushing all around them. Belle stayed on point until the one right in front of her flushed. Mike dropped it w his little 28. Mike had marked where the turkeys flew and later she again pointed and he dropped a 2nd turkey over her. She pointed 3 more turkeys but he had only 2 tags so let them go. A bit later she pointed and only a single quail flushed. Mike thought he missed cleanly but they continued up that draw. A bit later, there comes Belle from up the draw with that quail in her mouth. She also pointed a covey of quail.

This morning is quite typical for Belle. What young dog doesn't go berzerk over turkeys flushing around them?! Her composure on point is like that of a veteran dog, not a youngster and she has shown it since day 1. She has a heck of a nose and is learning how to trail quite well. She has a natural caution in trailing and she rarely causes a bird to flush. We have seen her relocating so slow and low to the ground in open cover that she almost looks like she is crawling, all in an effort to not cause the birds to bust. She backs well and her retrieve is pretty good. She ranges out quite a ways but has learned to check back in. All of this with zero training from us - we just take her hunting.

I know this sounds pretty glowing but it is true. We are curious if this type of composure is something you would say is typical of your breedings? Her style is quite different than our other FBs - they are more hard charging and aggressive in their point - still highly effective, just different than Belle.

Thank you for this little bird dog, you should be proud of her. She is a good one and has especially stolen Mike's heart. He calls her "Sugar Belle".

Submitted by: Nancy on Nov 19, 2015
We had bought one of your puppies three years ago and we would like to get another one when you have a new litter. Our Gabbi is just beyond WONDERFUL!! He loves to hunt with Floyd and is very good at it. He knows the difference between hunting and being a spoiled family pet at home. We LOVE him so much!! A big THANKS for letting us have one of your puppies.
Nancy & Floyd

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