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Since 1995 we have been proud owners of Epagneul Bretons, AKA French Brittanys and producing dogs for the foot hunter as well as family companions. We usually plan one or two breedings each year. We dont just buy a bunch of dogs, slap on a kennel name and breed a lot of pups just to make a buck! Our breeding program focuses on dogs with proven natural hunting ability, proven in health ( all breeding dogs are OFA certified and test negative for the Ay gene that is responsible for the Sable coloration) and have been confirmed by a breed specialist as meeting the breed standard. Our dogs must excel in the field both on wild birds and in test and trials. We don't just claim to have good dogs, all of our breeding dogs hold Master Hunter Titles or are well on their way to achieving it. In fact we have more AKC Master Hunter titled dogs than any other French Brittany Kennel in the United States. Our clients can be assured that puppies we produce come from breeding stock with champion lines, are OFA certified, proven in health, and are proven hunters both on wild birds and in competition. French Brittanys are one of the smallest pointing breeds. Their sweet and pleasing disposition and high level of intelligence make them wonderful family companions. Yet, when the guns come out they are all business! Their fantastic bird sense & drive, natural retrieving and pointing ability, and close working nature make them fantastic upland bird dogs and a joy to hunt behind.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Don and Linda Rice
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Seth on Jul 07, 2018
Don, Nelle took first in her second brace with AZPDC. She found and pointed 7 birds and retrieved them to hand in 25 minutes. I don't think that's too shabby for an eleven month old dog. Thank you once again for providing me with two EBs that are amazing with family and field.

Submitted by: Seth on May 23, 2018
Don, I wanted to check in with you on my progress with Sammy and force breaking. Last Monday everything just clicked for her by Tuesday when she started picking up the bumper and by last night I could set the bumper down at any reasonable distance and she would run and get it with no pressure. I switched to frozen birds this morning and had no issue getting her to take the bird from my hand at all. I don't see there being a problem with frozen birds but I am going to spend at least a week with them before switching to fresh quail.

Now that I have force broke a dog I see the difference in a true retrieve and just the prey drive fetch when I work with Nelle. She wants to break as soon as that shot goes off and get that quail hardly able to contain herself. She doesn't want to retrieve a bird unless SHE pointed it or was in the scent cone when she was backing. Then you have Sammy with the bumper standing almost bored looking at the doves flying over head or the neighbor in the street perfectly calm until I touch her and say fetch. I decided after hunting season this year Nelle should be solid and steady honoring like a champ at that point I will force break her also so I don't have these issues with her 4 years later.

I wanted to thank you once again for all that you have done for me with these dogs and not just providing me with a great blood line. You have helped give me the knowledge to train them to the level they deserve to be at. I might have lucked into getting a good dog from someone else but know for sure I wouldn't have been taught what I have.

Submitted by: Matt on May 21, 2018
Hi Don & Linda,
Leo, aka Nic, had a great 1st b-day. He is 47 lbs and have begun to train him on birdies and his nose is great, I need to work on the point though… hopefully he'll be ready for fall hunt.
He is “finally” becoming a great dog, albeit he is very strong minded and persistent, hopefully equates well in the field.
Thank you for all,
Submitted by: Mary on Mar 13, 2018

We have one of your puppies (Linus) from Gypsy's litter a couple of years back. We are enamored with him to the point we are looking into getting another. Do you have an idea of when Gypsy will be having her next litter?

Thank you,
Submitted by: Seth on Feb 16, 2018
Don, I had a moment so I thought I would give you an update on how my little puppy Nelle is doing. This dog has some massive bird drive at a level likely higher than Sammy even did at her age. The best example I could use is Friday after work I ran down to Pratt's since no one up here has pigeons and bought 5 birds to card for training. When I got home I put them in the little pen I have in the garage and went inside and let the dogs in the house. Nelle started to smell me and then went crazy from there jumping and barking like crazy dog. Carrie jokingly said she is ruined she officially has feathers for brains.

I have now had her on carded birds with the check cord a couple times and she has a natural point too with only a little of work prior. She brakes when the bird flushes which is 100% to be expected at that point. I have worked her behind a few dogs and she is getting the hang of honoring and doing well standing until she is released. She has also done perfect almost every time with retrieving thrown birds in those situations too other than running off once trying to eat the bird.
Hope all is well.

Submitted by: Dave on Nov 13, 2017

We wanted to send you a photo of Ace ,(Ned).

He is a great dog. He has been out in the field quite a bit, and he is picking up what he needs to do quite nicely.

A couple of insights. He loves ice cubes, our Kitty, the fireplace, and his owl pellets... Tasty and crunchy!

He is a wonderful companion and we love him very much. Thanks for being such a great breeder. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Submitted by: Randy on Nov 11, 2017
Wednesday we took GYPSY hunting at the dog club, and of course, she shined! She lives to hunt. She is wonderful at home, minds well, and a pleasure to have around, and especially to LOVE!!!!!!! Very,Very smart too! , Wanted to tell you , I love watching who had the new pups, and seeing them grow. I have started a scrapbook type, for gypsy, have pictures etc. of all her hunts,and fun times with us. LINUS will fit right in as her beautiful Son. Both of you are so special, you have so much love to give and share,were blessed to be part of it. Will talk to you again soon. Randy & Jodianne
Submitted by: Lowry on Nov 11, 2017
We have one of y’alls puppies from two years ago (his name is Linus), and have loved how he has turned out in the field and as a family dog. I am hoping to get a female for my father for a Christmas and am wondering if you have any available?

Thank you,
Submitted by: Frank on Oct 12, 2017
Hi, here is Norman @ 5 months pointed his first pheasant and held until I scared it up. Great pup! Using dummy launcher with success!. Cheers, Frank
Submitted by: Matt on Oct 07, 2017
"Nick, who is now known as Leo is a bundle of fun. People who say Bretons have a personality and purpose are spot on. We requested the "explorer" of the group, and that's what we got. He has a mind of his own when his puppy brain is excited but we see his drive and smarts shining through. This is the smartest puppy we have ever encountered but is inquisitive and eager in the same breath. He will be a lifelong driving natural hunter with a personality only relegated by knowing this lovely breed, French Brittany! Thanks Don and Linda, Im sure you will be seeing more of Leo... he is a unique pup!"
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