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Kellers French Brittanys - Arizona Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Kellers French Brittanys

Kellers French Brittanys is a small kennel that hunt our dogs Epagneul Bretons on gamble quail, mearns quail, scaley quail and pheasant in Arizona. We also hunt them on liberated Chucker, Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant!

All of our dogs come from championship bloodlines, and are proven producers of excellant hunting and companion dogs.

Our dogs are socialized from birth until they arrive to there new family, and make awesome companions and awesome close hunting pointing dogs.

Our email is

Phone number: 602-818-6600

Call or email us for upcoming litter schedules...

Happy Hunting!!!

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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Matt Keller
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 9 years.
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Submitted by: Mark K. on Sep 26, 2015
Great dog! Josie is out of Abby and Gunny. She has a great temperament, is super smart, and a beast in the field. I couldn't ask for anything more in house/hunting dog. She is everything Matt said she would be and more.
Submitted by: Kris Martin on Aug 27, 2015
Update on Bear: Bear is now 8 months and is an incredible hunter. I have trained with Matt several times and Bear gets better and better. He is going to be amazing in the field this fall. Matt was spot on with him and has been a great teacher to both Bear and me. Being able to train with his other dogs and pups is an eye-opening experience into how Matt runs his operation, it's TOP NOTCH! Thanks again Matt.
Submitted by: Sheldon on Aug 23, 2015
At the recomendation of a good friend, I turned to Matt Keller for assistance obtaining my first hunting dog. I was a first time dog owner and wanted a reliable dog to join me in the field on my quail hunts. I had researched French Brittanys and felt that the size and capability would be perfect for what I was looking for. I also didnt have the time to raise and train a dog from a puppy. Matt had the perfect solution for me, a 6 year old female named Katie. I didnt have to do any training and right away she adapted just fine to the family with 3 kids. I have hunted Katie over a dozen times in the first year that I have had her and she has done very well. Katie hunts close, holds a solid point and retrieves very well. She has a lot of energy and is always excited to be out in the field. I will be adding a hunting companion for Katie in the future and will use Matt again for another solid dog.
Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Jul 06, 2015
Our pup out of Eppie and Henrie is super smart and so confident and bold, even at 7 weeks. He is advancing quickly with common obedience and his confirmation is perfect! I was hoping for a female, but this male is the perfect fit, and I look forward to working with him in the field.
Submitted by: Jim Achen Jr on Apr 10, 2015
Hey Matt,
We have had Tank (Junior) and Cash now for 8 weeks and they are excellent dogs.....very distinct but great personalities, super smart, athletic and just fantastic all around happy pups. My boys and I are really looking forward to hunting with these two and my wife loves them as much as the boys and I do.

If anyone is looking for a Brittany you need to call Matt....he came recommended to me by one of my Dad's best shooting buddies and friends and everything about working with Matt has been Dad just met Tank and Cash and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up with one of Matt's pups as well.
Submitted by: Kris Martin on Mar 27, 2015
What can I say...I am more than pleased with Bear (Dash from Ginny & Levi). He is now 14 weeks old and absolutely wonderful!! Handsome, friendly, eager to please and has amazing instincts. I can already walk with him off leash where he is either at my left side or out about 10 ft and then comes back to check in. Visually points on a quail wing in the back yard since 8 weeks and is getting his basic commands. Matt was right about all aspects of Bear. He runs a top-notch kennel and I can't wait to get Bear in the field next fall. I would recommend Matt and the breed to anyone looking for a loving family pet and what I expect to be an exception hunting companion! He also fit right in with my other two dogs. I hope to get another one in a year or two. Thanks Matt and Paula!!!
Submitted by: Luke on Feb 23, 2015
Can't say enough about our now 1 year old pup Dax. He is out of Ganache " Gidget " and Ely's Christmas Eve litter. We both had our first upland season and were successful on Sage grouse, Quail and Chucker, all wild. He is whistle trained and obedience/house trained. He hunts close, checks back, and responds to my change in direction. Wonderful companion! I decided to let his and my first season be low stress and have not introduced a collar. I have found a local trainer who has access to plenty of live semi wild birds. Both Dax and I will brush up this spring and summer for next season.

We like Dax so much that we would like a second male from a repeat breeding if time worked on both ends. I hunted Dax 1-2 days a week in season, but 98% of the time he is a house companion and we would want the second to be the same high calber field and HOME animal. We like Dax's small size and short coat and prefer the same.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog!

Submitted by: Joe Luce on Feb 19, 2015
I had Jinx with a trainer in April of last year and he regressed badly. I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I watched a few training sessions. Let me just say to anyone thinking of training. These dogs require VERY LITTLE TO NO FORCE to train. They are incredibly intelligent and loyal and do not need to be shocked if they do something wrong. Ill leave it at that...

I brought Jinx home and called Matt and explained what I saw. He gave me some very good advice. Give Jinx a couple months break. I did just that. Around august I started training in earnest on my own with quail then partridge and finally my homing pigeons. I raise all my own birds so that makes things nice. I used a couple launchers and a remote and within days had Jinx locking up and holding on the flush. We progressed nicely and I decided to take him to my hunting camp in the north central Pa mountains to work him on wild grouse.
At camp the first day I ran him and worked him on homers (they flew 250 miles back to my coop) the next day we went for wild grouse. The first one he found flushed wild and Jinx gave chase then stopped. I knew he caught on at that moment. Within a minute he found another and held rock solid til I flushed. I released him and he found 2 more that he held through the flush. I was so proud of him. He was like a rabid fiend on those wild birds. Over the next couple day I saw my boy Jinx go from a pup to a bonafide hunting dog. We worked through the fall on grouse and pheasant and he loved every minute of it. He can find birds that bigger running dogs miss. That's what I want in a bird dog.
Now he has matured into a machine that doesn't want to give up. I spend a lot of time training him and I love every minute of it and it was all worth the effort. I purposely did not trial my dog as Im a hunter first and foremost and wanted a pure hunting dog. This year though we may enter some as I feel I now have a close to finished hunting dog and I'm proud of how far he has come.

I've already put a deposit on a female from Matt and were working on getting her here now. I cant wait to have 2 of them buggers out there working!
As far as Family life you cannot possibly imagine how loyal, gentle and friendly these French britts are until you've had them. Ill never own another breed as I'm a believer! My boy Jinx is the perfect house dog. He is spoiled rotten but in a good way.
If you want the perfect dog Matt Keller is the man to see....
Submitted by: Brian Rhoton on Feb 17, 2015
I purchased two puppies from Matt, the first was Rio about 3.5 years ago followed by Scout 2.5 years ago. The dogs have been fantastic with my family and are extremely well tempered. The dogs are excellent in the field. Matt has provided all the training for the dogs. This year I have had the opportunity to hunt over the dogs several times a month for the past 3 months and the dogs have performed exceptional. Last week we had the opportunity to hunt beside some much more experienced dogs (GSP's) and our dogs matched in hunting and out retrieved their counterparts. Both dogs have made 200+ yard retrieves on winged chuckars and pheasants. Matt is a fantastic breeder and trainer I would recommend anyone looking for a dog to give Matt a call, you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Chris O'Barr on Feb 12, 2015
I am a novice with gun dogs. I got my pup Oreo (a black and white dog) from Matt, and it has been an amazing experience. Matt is a great guy who is very passionate about his dogs. He is very meticulous about cleanliness of his dogs to prevent disease.
Not only does Matt have a great breeding program but he is a very effective and knowledgeable trainer
Matt has gotten Oreo started and he is doing great! He has an amazing nose, retrieves great, and is absolutely comfortable around the gun. He has hunted Oreo on both wild and farm raised birds. He has also taken Oreo out hunting several times to polish his skills.
I would recommend Matt's dog to any one who wants an amazing Brittany, from a breeder who hunts and trains his dogs. I could not be happier with my dog or my experience

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