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Kellers French Brittanys - Arizona Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Kellers French Brittanys

Kellers French Brittanys is a small kennel that hunt our dogs Epagneul Bretons on gamble quail, mearns quail, scaley quail and pheasant in Arizona. We also hunt them on liberated Chucker, Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant!

All of our dogs come from championship bloodlines, and are proven producers of excellant hunting and companion dogs.

Our dogs are socialized from birth until they arrive to there new family, and make awesome companions and awesome close hunting pointing dogs.

Our email is

Phone number: 602-818-6600

Call or email us for upcoming litter schedules...

Happy Hunting!!!

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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Matt Keller
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 9 years.
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Submitted by: Nic S on Jun 29, 2014
I wanted to share my experience that I have had with Matt Keller and Keller’s French Brittanys. I have had multiple gun dogs over the past number of years including my best dog (Stanley) an American Brittany.
When I was in the market for a new pup I had decided that I wanted the best qualities that I had in my American Brittany but wanted to have a dog that was better in the house (maybe a little smaller) and closer working in the field. I had enjoyed my American Brittany’s nose, and endurance as well as his intense drive… what I didn’t like was the hyper activity in the house and the big running tendencies. The French Brittany was the answer I was looking for.
When I began to look into breeders for French Brittanys I found that Matt was by far the most knowledgeable, genuine and passionate that I could find. Matt explained to me the things that he found important and what he bred for in his dogs. It was a perfect match to what I was looking for… a close working dog with a great nose, natural retrieve and was extremely intelligent. Matt assured me that the pup I got from him would embody all of these qualities… he was absolutely correct in that statement.
When I went to meet Matt in mid-January of 2014 I was going to look at pups from 2 litters… one out of Ely and Bella and another out of Ely & Gidget. I brought my 2 oldest boys along to meet Matt and the puppies as well. Matt took the time to really explain everything to my boys about how everything worked and make them feel like part of the process. Matt’s operation was absolutely first class on every level. He explained the differences he expected to see out of each litter. Matt helped us to decide on a black and white male out of Ely and Gidget. We named him Benneli (we call him Benny).
Benny is now 6 months old (was born on Christmas Eve 2013). He has been a great pup so far. He is a very bold and intelligent. He retrieves a quail sized deadfoul trainer like a pro (including water retreives in the pool) and absolutely loves it. He goes absolutely crazy over pheasant and chuckar wings. We have been mainly working on basic house obedience with Benny. He is coming along great with “whoa” and “here”.
Benny is a great dog in the house… very calm. I can see where the term angels in the house and demons in the field comes from with these dogs. Benny spends his time between finding a nice shady spot in the back yard or a corner or a lap to curl up in. I have 4 children ranging from 2 -10 years old and Benny is great with all of them. He loves the kids and they love him. He is especially tolerant of my 2 year old who loves to play with his ears and tongue and enjoys getting doggie kisses. Benny gets a kiss on the head from Angelo every night before bed. He is extremely gentle and takes treats and food straight from little children’s fingers without any concern.
The last thing I wanted to share was an experience I had a few weeks back when I took Benny into the desert a few weeks back to get him acclimated to the environment where he will spend a lot of his time over the coming years. I put Benny on a 30’ lead and let him head out into the desert with me. I would let him get about 50-100’ in front of me, then completely change direction. I did this multiple times. He would check back and naturally without command re-direct so that he could “hunt” with me. Benny never got very far out in front of me without checking in and staying where I was walking. This is something that I could never do with my American Brittany (except with the e-collar) certainly not without even having to say a word.
I can honestly say that I would recommend a French Brittany for anyone who is looking for a close working pointing dog as well as Matt to anyone looking for a French Brittany… and I already have multiple times. I will check back in as Benny progresses. If you ever want to talk to me personally about my experiences with Matt he will give you my phone number.

Submitted by: Mark Simpson on Jun 29, 2014
This is to let people know that if they are looking for a awesome bird dog and a awesome companion then look no further than the French Brittany . And Matt & Paula's britts are second to none ! I bought a tri colored male pup from Matt and paula last July and I'm going to pick up my 2ND PUP this August ( orange and white). These dogs are highly intelligent ,love to hunt and just love to be with you. Can't wait to get both of them in the field and watch them work. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT ! Do yourself a favor and call Matt and Paula ,your only regret will be, is that you wished you had called sooner !
Submitted by: Rebecca Wilson on Jun 20, 2014
We received 'Joey' at the end of March and just love him!!! He is full of fun and energy. He loves running around our 20 acre farm. Our quail are almost fully grown and Joey is almost ready to train with them. He is already pointing at local birds around the farm and his instincts are strong! He is so smart and loves rides on our 4 wheeler. Ever since we've had Joey, I haven't seen any deer around my plants and yard. My kids adore him and we are glad he is a part of our family:) Thanks Matt for raising such good pups.
Submitted by: Nic on Jun 16, 2014
I can honestly say that Matt has been one of the friendliest and most genuine people that I have met. I went up to his kennel with 2 of my young boys to look for a male pup out of either Ely & Gidget or Ely & Bella. Matt spent plenty of time making sure the boys were educated and excited about the new pup. Matt asked me exactly what I was looking for in a hunting dog and talked about the qualities that each of the parents had. We picked out Benelli (Benny) out of Ely and Gidget. Matt told me to expect a very intelligent dog that would be bold yet biddable as well as a natural retriever, a close hunter with a great nose. Benny is now 5-1/2 months old and has been a great pup so far... he has far surpassed my expectations. I have taken him out in the desert a few times to get used to the terrain and where he will be spending a lot of his time over the coming years. I was extremely impressed to see how he naturally would check in on where I was going and automatically redirect (even while checking the air for all of the new smells). I let him drag a 30' lead and he would get 50-100' in front of me. When he got out in front, I would change course and Benny would invariably look back and see that I had changed direction and he would do the same. I have had a number of dogs including most recently a great hunting American Brittany. The difference is night and day. My American was incredibly hyper and crazy in the house... Benny is calm and usually finds a corner or lap to lay down near. I also have 4 young children ranging from 2-10 years old. Benny is extremely tolerant of all the poking and prodding and a 2 year old doing a dental exam on him. He eats treats right out of my 2 year old's little fingers without any concerns. My American Brit was a BIG running dog and the only way to keep him close was with an e-collar. He would re-direct only when I called him and (sometimes needed to be nicked so that he would hunt for me and not himself)... I can tell by the way that Benny watches where I go while in the field this will not be an issue with him. Benny has an incredible nose and spends much of his time with his nose up checking the wind. Benny has been working on retrieving and is EXTREMELY enthusiastic (especially when using the quail sized dead foul trainer). To bring this back full circle, Matt has been extremely helpful and always has been eager to offer advice and training tips. He answers the phone whenever I call and I know that I will get a straight and honest answer from him. I can say with complete confidence that I will probably not buy another dog from anyone other than Matt Keller and recommend him and ANY of his dogs 100%.
Submitted by: Elijah Campbell on Apr 28, 2014
My dog roxy at 1.5 years is beyond impressive. A few weeks ago, Matt and I were out training dogs. Roxy hit point around 40 yards distance from us. She locked solid and did not move. There were another group of hunters shooting in the neighboring field, tweety birds were flying from cover righ in front of her. Roxy had EVERY distraction possible and did not flinch! She held solid. She does not bust until she hers the gun fire. Roxy is beyond impressive. It's amazing seeing what matts dogs can do.

Thanks again Matt and Paula for the more than perfect dogs!
Submitted by: Jennifer Shinn on Mar 25, 2014
We picked up our black tricolor Lucie 4 weeks ago and she's an amazing little puppy. She is already reliably retrieving, demonstrates a great nose and is really persistent when finding hidden sticks and bird wings. I think she's going to be fabulous in the field! Lucie has also been an incredibly healthy puppy, and as a veterinarian, I see puppies all the time. We look forward to a wonderful life with Lucie (aka "Lucifer" as she does have a bit of the devil in her!). Thanks Matt!
Submitted by: Levi Abrahamson on Mar 21, 2014
I got a pup from Matt Keller and it showed the most potential of any pup I have ever seen. sadly he was killed by coyote's. I hope for another one half as good.
Submitted by: Joe Luce on Mar 12, 2014
I got my tricolor pup Jinx (Tucker) from Matt last July...He was shipped from Arizona to Philly in perfect health.
I waited a while to post because I wanted to see how my pup turned out. After having Jinx for less than a week he was pointing wings in my yard. Ive worked with him slowly but surely. Jinx is about to be 10 months old and he is just the most perfect dog in every sense. Ive owned 2 American britts prior. This is my first French britt. Jinx may be the smartest dog Ive ever seen. He was unbelievably easy to train. Supercalm disposition and ultra friendly to everyone. The perfect house dog and the perfect hunting dog. Most will not believe how loyal and loving these dogs are! Turn them loose outside and they are hunting machines! Jinx can find a bird where others have missed. He is also a fantastic retriever as well as one heck of a tracker. Ive cold trailed well over a 100 yards through some heavy woods and he has no problem finding the bird and bringing it back to me. I have no doubt Ill be hunting over jinx this fall with excellent results. Ill be looking for a female soon Matt!!!
Submitted by: Elijah Campbell on Feb 27, 2014
I have had three of Matts dogs, Roxy, Henna, and Hunter.
Matt has done so much for me and my dogs. Half a year ago, I lost my pup Henna when she was 1.5 years. She was hit by a car when we were on vacation. Matt was notified, because since we bought his dogs we have been very close. Matt GAVE me Hunter, a new puppy to help us through Henna's death, and to keep Roxy social. Matt is now training hunter for FREE and working to getting him to trial hunts with his sister Roxy.
I have been so impressed with all the hard work Matt puts into these dogs, and the bonds grown between you and the bird dog.
His Frenchies are amazing companions and even better bird dogs.
I have helped train, and gunned for Matt many many many hours in the training process and it is always amazing to see all these dogs become such driven and successful hunters.
I would recommend any of Matts trained dogs, or a pup to anyone looking for a great, natural dogs.
His dogs are very pretty, very driven, and they cannot help but to please the master.
Roxy my pup at 1.5 years is a solid pointer, and retrieves great! I did not have to teach her any commands. All the dogs I have had teach themselves. They kennel up when I say, they learned their own name, and do all your basic commands.
But none of that is a reason to get a bird dog.
If you question yourself at all to get a bird dog from the Kellers, you can call Matt at anytime (He is awesome with communication) and he will bring you out and show you how the dogs work.
ANOTHER reason to get a Keller dog and have him train, he DOES NOT use shock collars. I have gunned over a lot of dogs. I love watching a completely natural dog work that has not been enfluenced by E-Collars.
I am so happy with all the dogs and all the experiences. I cannot thank Matt enough for all the work and time.
Submitted by: Robbyn Minyard on Feb 13, 2014
Allow me to preface my recommendation….Our oldest French Brittany, Gabe De Sainte Keller, aka Ruger, which we obtained from Matt, is now almost 3 years old. Ruger is a hunting machine! His drive and nose are superior, and his is notorious for finding well hid birds that other dogs have missed. We participated in a planted hunt (Ruger’s first) where two other dogs worked a field together, bringing in several birds, while we worked our field. After the two dogs had left their field, Ruger was pacing, so my husband let him run. He found 3 more birds, which the two dogs had missed. To this day, he continues to clean up.

I picked up my baby girl, Hartlyn Jean De Sainte Keller, aka Benelli, when she was 9 weeks old, in mid-January 2013. I had major back surgery (spinal fusion, rods and pins) in February 2013 and I was in a heavy duty back brace, extremely restricted from movement, for 7 months. One day in April, my husband brought home a live chukar for Benelli. He put the bird in our back yard and we let Benelli loose. She toddled and bounced around as puppies do and the second she caught scent of that chukar, she froze! Natural instinct! Amazing bird nose!

That summer, my husband took Benelli out twice with planted training birds (in launchers), for a very limited exposure. I watched from the truck as I was not able to participate. However, knowing the quality of dogs Matt and Paula have produced, I was not worried about her limited formal training. I wanted to be the one to work with her. So for this past year, I have loved on my baby girl, playing fetch and taking walks. Bonding time.

In February 2014, I was finally able to take Benelli out for her first ever, live hunt. Pheasant and chukar. As we went out, she stayed right by my side, thinking we were simply out for another walk, only this time in sage brush. We brought Ruger out and she chased him around until he came upon the first bird. She was right behind him, caught scent and went into a solid, locked on point. After that, it was game on! She was searching and finding birds on her own, locking on point and holding steady. She showed honor and backing respect to Ruger without being enforced by us, but by simply following the lead of her brother when he showed the same to her.

You must understand, I know many of you are thinking it was not wise of me to hold off on working Benelli, that my husband could have trained her, or I could have hired a trainer. I was even criticized for wasting valuable time and letting my dog get “rusty”, but after seeing the superior quality of dogs Matt and Paula have bred and having hunted with our Ruger, I had absolutely no reservations about holding off on her training. She is MY hunting partner & I wanted to be the one working with her.

My Benelli, she is THAT PROOF of the quality of dogs you will find with Matt and Paula Keller. My confidence, is THAT PROOF, when you take one of Matt and Paula’s dogs, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to question.

Matt and Paula, Thank you for my amazing baby girl, Benelli!!!

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