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About Kellers French Brittanys

Kellers French Brittanys is a small kennel that hunt our dogs Epagneul Bretons on gamble quail, mearns quail, scaley quail and pheasant in Arizona. We also hunt them on liberated Chucker, Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant!

All of our dogs come from championship bloodlines, and are proven producers of excellant hunting and companion dogs.

Our dogs are socialized from birth until they arrive to there new family, and make awesome companions and awesome close hunting pointing dogs.

Our email is

Phone number: 602-818-6600

Call or email us for upcoming litter schedules...

Happy Hunting!!!

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Matt Keller
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 11 years.
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Submitted by: Doug Bristol on Jun 30, 2017
We picked up 8 wk old Natalie (now Bailey) June 8, after months of anticipation. Matt really "knows his stuff", is very protective of the dogs' environment and care, and was easy to deal with on communication and our visits to see the puppies. Bailey is now pointing a bird wing in the yard and is closely watching birds in and around the yard. Bailey is very smart and is probably the most loving and sweetest dog we've ever had in our 43 years of marriage. Thanks Matt!
Submitted by: Rich Story on Jun 10, 2017
We got Millie aka Miesha in April 2016 . She is so amazing and very smart, she points at the birds and any animal that comes in our yard . She was very easy to train .She is the most loving dog we have ever had. I would recommend this breeder and this breed to everyone that wants a companion an overall amazing dog. Mat is very knowledgeable about his dogs, highly recommended. We are so happy with are little girl we purchased Nicole from Matt, tri female. We are awaiting her arrival this weekend. We are very excited to get another Keller pup. Thanks Matt.
Submitted by: Heather Howard on Feb 26, 2017
Matt, we love our little Kota! She stays in the house and is a part of the family, but loves to go on the farm with Dad everyday. She's super intelligent and obedient and has been pointing without effort at everything that moves. We are amazed every day by the instincts she was bred with and love that she can be a family dog as well as a hunter with no trouble at all. She is all ready pointing quail with no formal training! We are looking forward to breeding her one day to one of your boys.

Thank you again for an incredible dog!

Submitted by: Ted, Utah on Dec 22, 2016
I should start this recommendation by telling you that I did something very few people would do: I bought a started dog without ever seeing it in person. It's a risk that worked out for me!

I got a late start looking for a dog this past year {2016] and didn't want to go through the puppy stage. I was fortunate to come across Matt Keller's ad for two young males that he had been training. Matt and I spoke a few times and he told me about his dogs.

The last thing Matt said to me was: "Your going to love this dog, and the excitement in his voice was amazing" I thought, "oh sure, we'll see"... figuring that it was just a typical salesmanship from a breeder.

But he was so right: I love this dog.

In fact, everything Matt has said to me has been spot on. The dog was a bit timid the first few days he was with us {which should be expected}. When I called Matt and asked him about it, he said: "Give him a few more days and he'll act like he owns the place." Sure enough {somewhat to my wife's dismay}, he was right. After having one less than ideal hunt, Matt counseled me to be patient and "that the more birds he gets, the better and better he'll be." Again, Matt was exactly right!

Now, some of this might seem like extraordinary dog advise. That's not my point. My point is Matt knows his dogs and he's very honest about them. Having been an owner of field trial and hunt retrievers before my fisrt French Brittany, I can tell you that the dog world could use a few more people like Matt Keller!

As for the dog, he's now a little over a year old and is doing great on pheasants, Chukar, Huns and Quail. Oddly enough { don't ask me why}, I think he's better on wild birds than game farm birds. He took to pheasants and huns really quickly. His nose is remarkable and he works tirelessly for me! He's also just damn fun to be around!

Thanks for an awesome dog Matt! I couldn't be happier!

Ted, Utah
Submitted by: Tom Johnston on Oct 31, 2016
I purchased Maggie, a 3 1/2 year old spayed female, from you November 2015.
She is very gentle with our Chihuahua and plays with him a lot of the time and with our 2 granddaughters. She has an excellent disposition and is a very good house dog. Friends just can't believe how well mannered she is and how she listens to every command.
Out in the field she hunts close, is rock steady on point and retrieves. Simply put, she's a "hunting machine"!
Thanks again,
Thomas Johnston
Submitted by: David Wiest on Oct 06, 2016
We rearranged our vacation itinerary in order to pick up "My Shadow", meet Matt and visit his kennel. "My Shadow" is a 4 month old male, started puppy, that now responds to "Gus". Gus has taken over the house and our hearts, including Sophie our 2yo EB. He is bright, smart and full of personality. People are amazed at how well socialized he is, fresh out of Matt's kennel.

Matt is a wealth of information on all things EB and a pleasure to work with. His home kennel is neat and sanitary. The health, welfare and conformity of his dogs to the breed standards are very important to him.

You will be pleased with your decision to purchase a puppy from Matt.
Submitted by: RICHARD FURROW on Oct 06, 2016
I spoke to Matt several times on the phone and he was one of the nicest and most informative dog breeders I've ever spoken to. I was unable to select a puppy fominaya the litter and relied on Matt selecting the right puppy for my family. We received Bruno aka Otter from Matt. He was a healthy beautiful pup that took a 9 hour flight with delays from arizona to maryland. The puppy got out of the crate and immediately explored my house and yard without issue. Since then he has a outstanding nose and is always looking to work. I couldn't ask for a better looking pup with all the qualities we were looking for in a dog. I recommend anyone looking for a French brittany talk to Matt Keller
Submitted by: Chris Cannon on Oct 04, 2016
I picked up my tri-colored pup Beau from Matt back in April. I just got back in from chukar hunting this morning and Beau made three of the most beautiful points a dog owner could ever ask for! He is eight months old now, and WAY ahead of most dogs of that same age. He quarters back and forth naturally, and is really learning to work the wind. I see nothing but tremendous potential as he continues to get more experience this year, and in the coming years. Thanks for a GREAT dog!
Submitted by: Jaymes Petty on Sep 24, 2016
I purchased my tri colored male "Wilbur" from Matt in April 2015. I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to a hunting partner, and more importantly a part of my family. Wilbur is the best pet I have ever had, great manners, listens better than any dog I have ever had, and is the perfect size for a house dog. However in the field he doesn't take a back seat, hunts close and he did that naturally. When he locks up on birds, it is really the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Loves to retrieve, even in the water. This dog is awesome at 1 1/2, I can only imagine how great he is going to be at 2 or 3! Matt thank you for a great dog, can't wait to get another one!
Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Feb 12, 2016
We purchased an orange male from Matt in June of 2015 and we couldn't be happier with him! Training Cosmo has been a breeze due to his natural abilities and disposition. He's a strong hunter and extremely confident in the field. I am so thrilled to have Cosmo by my side. He's a great pet for the family and hunting companion.
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