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Spin Top Kennel - Alabama American Brittany, Boykin Spaniel, English Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

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About Spin Top Kennel

****PUPPIES*** If you would like to reserve a puppy...please send an email directily to or call 256-232-9142

German Shorthaired Pointers, English Setters, Brittanys and BOYKINS(my "little brown dogs") all trained and tried on the farm. I occasionally have pups or possibly some on the way...and occasionally I will have started dogs. Multiple references with names and numbers are in the field!

German Shorthaired Pointers: ALL GSP pups costs $600 male or female. Three of my females had pups in July. Cindy, Ruby and Paisley were not bred. Many people have requested liver/roan colored pups. Available pups consists of: two solid blacks one male and one female, and one male colored white/black/patched/ticked. I wish I could get EVERYONE the specific color and gender of puppy that they desire. I am in the process of getting the picks in order. I will be breeding 2-3 females as soon as they cycle. I will hopefully be able to eventually get a pup to everyone that has expressed an interest. 8/21/2014.

A deposit of $100 will hold a puppy for you. The pups will be AKC registered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, dewormed regularly, tails and dew-claws docked. I can forward more emails and pictures from satisfied owners than you will care to see or read. And there are comments on this site about many of the pups and dogs that have come from my kennel. And, I truly do appreciate those comments. These pups will make WONDERFUL family companions as well as NICE birddogs in the field. My pups go to people that use them for a variety of things; strictly for hiking-jogging-cycling companion-pets, for hunting quail, pheasants, dove, ducks/geese, blood trailing to locate deer, for antler sheds, for drug and explosives detection, and who knows what else. They are truly VERSATILE dogs.


English Setters: No expected litters at this time. 8/21/2014

Boykin Spaniels:..."Little Brown Dogs" If all goes well we will have a litter of babies born around September 17th. Pups are sold in the order that the names of the buyers are written down. Price of male or female is $750. After this litter the price will be $900.

My boykin stud Roux is available for stud services. Price $500 .... He is pictured with the pedigrees on this site.

Brittanys: Cedar and Jace are expecting a litter around the Sept. 2nd time-frame. These little britts will be SUPER-NICE. The price is $500 for male or female. I have MULTIPLE references and past litter picutres. If you are interested please E-MAIL directly to: or call 256-232-9142. If no answer please leave a message...I WILL return your call or email.

***All of my dogs/pups come with either AKC, BSS, or FDSB registration, micro-chip, tails and dew-claws docked, vaccinated and dewormed regularly. The PEDIGREES are listed on this site.***

A deposit of $100 IS REQUIRED for ALL Pups. It just causes so much trouble when someone decides they DO NOT want a puppy..and others have been REJECTED. I TOTALLY understand that BAD things can happen, and I do not wish to sound mean....but ...Please KNOW if you DO or DO NOT want a puppy and if you want a MALE or a FEMALE....please???? The picks are determined in the order that the names and DEPOSITS are received. I encourage the buyer to come and visit the pups. I always send pictures of the pups for the buyer to view. I would NEVER desire to sell a puppy sight-unseen....nor would I wish to buy one.

If there is a need I will work with the buyer in getting the puppy to his or her home. I have great over-the-road contacts that can deliver your pup right to your home for a VERY REASONABLE fee.

** STUD SERVICES: $500 Check out the STUD DOG Pedigrees on this site...

German Shorthaired Pointers: Hank, Rex and Rudy are colored liver/roan/patched/ticked and Cash is colored Black.

Brittany: (Jace colored liver/white)

Setter: (Sarge--Tri-colored black/white/tan)

Boykin Spaniel: Roux...of course a little brown dog...some call him liver-colored.


GUIDED HUNTS: A new venture: We will possibly be offering selected guided hunts Monday-Saturday beginning in late October. This can be a great opportunity for family and or dad, sons and daughters, grandparents and grand children, or couples and singles. Details about the hunts will be listed later. We do not have over-night facilities but there are multiple choice hotels and restaurants within eight miles.

I think my puppy prices are STILL very affordable for the caliber of puppy that you will be getting. You might find them cheaper....but cheaper is NOT ALWAYS better. That will be your choice. Please let me know if I can help in ANY way with a puppy.

The Spin Top Kennel was inspected by an inspector with The American Kennel Club (AKC) on March 20th, 2014. My dogs were checked and scanned and the facilities and records were checked at detailed level. I am happy to say I DID NOT and have NEVER received ANY negative mark(s). The inspection record may be viewed at the kennel upon request by ANY buyer or potential buyer. I got such nice compliments about the condition of the pups, studs, females and about the facilities. The facilities are all "home-made" with labor and love. There is not one thing fancy here...EXCEPT the dogs! And YES my dogs live in the kennels with access to the run-yards. My females and pups live in the climate-controlled kennel-building. No PUPPY MILL HERE....We just strive to run the kennel with integrity. You are always welcomed to come by for a visit.

I SINCERELY THANK YOU for visiting this website and reading about my dogs. And MANY thanks to the HOST for this avenue of exposure. REMEMBER: send E-MAILS directly to

May GOD Bless...Keep... and Protect ...and May God CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!

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American Brittany, Boykin Spaniel, English Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer
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David Holt
23724 Reunion Rd.
Athens, Alabama 35613
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 40 years.
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Submitted by: Scott & Savannah Sumners on Jul 03, 2014
We received a female liver and white Brittany from SpinTopKennels for our wedding gift this past January. She has been the most sweet, wonderful, and intelligent dog! My husband and I aren't into hunting but wanted an athletic dog as a companion and we couldn't have picked a better breed, let alone, a better breeder! Bisou (French for kiss) had already learned 5 or 6 tricks by the time she was just 8 weeks, and she was potty trained by 12 weeks. Now almost 7 months, she has won over the hearts of our whole family and lights up everyone's face with her loving and sweet disposition. I recommend a Brittany to anyone looking for a loyal companion. Beware these dogs do require lots of attention and exercise, but if you have the time and dedication this sweet breed will be a wonderful addition to your family!
Submitted by: Ron Potts on Jun 26, 2014
My wife made all of the arrangements to purchase a little brown dog from Spin Top Kennels as a present to me for fathers day. Oh yes, I do love her!
I have been around gun dogs and gun dog people all of my life..... my wife has not... so I had a little anxiety about the Boykin search!
My wife is however very thorough!She hunted for our first little brown dog as hard as I hunt for turkey gobblers in the springtime.
When we first arrived at Mr. David's my anxiety about the pup started to melt away - We found a REAL gun dog man with a great selection of REAL working gundogs.
ALL of the dogs at spin top appeared to be in marvellous condition.. they were in great physical shape..coats were perfect..eyes all clear.. kennels were very clean....the dam and puppy enclosure was impressive.... all of the grown dogs paid close attention to David as he moved through the area.
By the time we had our Boykin pup back to our vehicle all of the previous anxiety I had was replaced with the comforting feeling that Mr. David had done all that could be done to provide us with the opportunity to develop a top tier working gun dog / family companion.
Lil Red is is about 7 months old now. She has responded well to training but she has responded even better to becoming a part of our family.She is a prissy, spirited, playful pup that has yet to spend a single night out doors. She is a beautiful smooth coat Boykin and she darn well knows it too!!
Could not be more pleased with our experience with Mr.David and Spin Top Kennels. We wholeheartedly endorse Spin TOP Kennels !! !!
Submitted by: Amy Harris on Jun 25, 2014
Me and my husband were looking into getting a Boykin spaniel for train for duck hunting. We came across Spin Top Kennels on and contacted Mr Holt. He was more than please to sell us one of his beautiful little brown dogs. We also had two other friends who were interested in one too. So we all put out name on the list. When we got the call the puppies were ready, we all loaded up and headed to Athens. When we got there the place was beautiful. We knew right away that we had picked the perfect kennel. Mr. Holt and his family were very nice and welcoming. The kennels were set up perfect. We got to meet the mother and father of the litter and learned a little about their background. Once we got the puppies out, the hunt was on. Mr. Holt was more than happy to let us play with them and take all the time we needed to pick one. After a very tough decision, we picked a beautiful, happy, very energetic dog! Our other two friends picked one and we loaded up all three and came back south. We made a 5 hour drive to Athens and it was so worth it. I recommend spin top kennels to every one.
Submitted by: Krista Watson on Jun 09, 2014
I contacted Mr. Holt originally looking for a GSP puppy about three weeks ago. He invited my husband and I out to look at his kennel and some of the dogs he breeds. He let me hold a bodkin spaniel and that was it I FELL IN LOVE! :) We got to pick up our new fur baby last Friday and we love her to pieces. Mr. Holt is a WONDERFUL person! We had the best experience getting our little fur baby from him. Not only was he prompt in responding to me, he is AMAZINGLY friendly and such a blessing to work with! His kennel is nice and clean and hes willing to show you around and answer any questions you may have. I recommend his kennel to anyone interested in a spaniel or GSP. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Submitted by: Caleb on May 23, 2014
Just yesterday my wife, two small children, and myself went to SpinTop to get our little Boykin puppy, Lucy. I must say that I was already very impressed with David's timely responses to my wife's inquiries about getting a puppy from him. I was even more impressed with David's friendliness once we got there at his kennel, and I was very taken by the actual kennel itself. It may very well be the finest kennel I have ever personally seen. As impressed as I was with David and his kennel, it does not begin to compare with how impressed I am with the puppy itself. She was a bit nervous for a while, but this afternoon she began to settle down and come into her own. In a matter of no more than fifteen minutes of work she has already mastered sit, come, and lie down. As far as house training goes, she picked up fast and does really well, and again, we've had her just over 24 hours. She took to retrieving from the get go. I just can't say enough about this little dog. I absolutely cannot wait to see what she will be able to do in a few months and further. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how she is with my kids. My two and a half year old likes to shall we say, love her roughly. Lucy is very good about this and takes it all in stride. Actually, she likes him more than anyone else I do believe. Our other child is only seven months old, and she is just the gentlest she can be with him, and he just adores her. Thank you so much David.
Submitted by: Wesley McCullough on May 10, 2014
I picked my little Boykin Spaniel "Wrigley" up from Mr. David at SPINTOP just a few days ago. I do not even know where to begin with describing how wonderful the whole process was for my wife and me. Mr. David did everything in his power to make sure that every one of my needs were met. Answers to questions, pictures, and any other things on your mind are simply an email or phone call away with Mr. David. He is glad to answer any question you have for him and does it in a very timely manner. SPIN-TOP is one of the most impressive kennels I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Mr. David has some of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen and you can tell he genuinely cares for each and every one. There are so many good things to say about SPIN-TOP kennel but what I really would like for people to know is that Mr. David is the total package when it comes to dog breeders. He is so professional and above that a genuinely great man. I am so happy we chose SPIN-TOP. The rest of my bird dog searches in the future will look no farther than SPIN-TOP Kennel.
Submitted by: Russell McCain on Apr 30, 2014
David Holt is a top quality person who produces top quality pups. He responded quickly to every single email I sent him. He will keep you updated on the status of your pup throughout the whole process. Every person who i have talked to about David raves about his pups, his clean facilities, and his southern hospitality. You will not be disappointed if you decide to get your puppy from David.
Submitted by: Mike & Sally Truesdale on Apr 16, 2014
We had the best experience ever getting our puppy from David at Spintop! We wanted a new family pet and knew we wanted a Brittany Spaniel. We got our baby in January and she has been the best puppy! She house trained in no time and she's so smart our 6yr old has taught her to sit, give high 5's and lay down all by herself! We continue to be amazed by her intelligence daily. David was so personable and no matter how many times I emailed or called he was such a delight to converse with every time. We even got to visit with our baby before she was even weened and he gave us a tour of his kennels. He had the cleanest facility I've ever seen for a breeder. We actually ended up taking our baby to the vet that David uses and they recognized her as one of David's puppies right away and they were totally bragging on David the whole time and how good and healthy his puppies are. It's not often you hear a Vet brag on a breeder either! I highly highly recommend Mr Holt and his kennel to anyone looking for a puppy whether the puppy will be a pet or working dog you can't go wrong. We love our "Tater" and wouldn't trade her or our experience for anything!! #Spintopkennelrocks!
Submitted by: Sandi Parten on Apr 04, 2014
I bought my very first GSP , Charlee, in June of 2012 from Spin top kennels. She was the most awesome bird dog and overall hunting buddy/family member that anyone could of asked for. When I lost her this past January, I knew that I wanted another GSP from David at Spintop. I bought Cricket a week and a half ago and couldnt be more pleased. I didn't have her home two days before she gave her first solid point with a wing. Not only does David care about his dogs but he puts the same care into all of his pups. When you pick up your puppy, you are greeted with a smile and always a happy, healthy little puppy. I would recommend David at Spintop hands down. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Russell Sherling on Apr 01, 2014
I have a 15 week old GSP that my mother got from David at Spin Top, his name is Gander. This dog is a natural at pretty much anything I ask him to do. I have been focusing on teaching him to hunt deer SHEDS since I don't have any access to Bird hunting. He has done nothing but impress me, not only on his ability to find a shed but his instinct to hunt what I wanted him to. I got Gander when he was 7 weeks old, by 10 weeks I had him finding 2 to 3 practice sheds placed in a 3 acre field. Gander's instinct to hunt comes natural and obviously runs deep in his genetics. Spin Top has it figured out, I would refer anyone to David for a GSP pup. I have done nothing but enjoy mine.

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