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Austin Creek Farms - Alabama American Brittany Breeders

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American Brittany
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Ed Bullard
1122 Swann Bridge Rd
Hayden, Alabama 35079
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Tyler McCrary on Aug 06, 2014
My wife and I bought our first dog from Mr. Bullard about a year ago. We could not be happier with the amazing dog that she is. I have not had the opportunity to take her hunting, but you can tell she has great instincts by the way she will work a field when we go for walks through the woods. She is a great family pet and companion. I highly recommend Mr. Bullard and his Brittany puppies if you are looking for a great hunting dog, or just a great family pet.
Submitted by: Sonia Rivera on Jul 30, 2014
This is our first dog. We pick him up about 11 months ago. Lucky is a smart, lovable and friendly dog a family can have. We drove almost 5 hours to get him, but it was so worth it. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are amazing people. They make you feel you are part of their family. They won't let you go until you are completely satisfy with the puppy you had chosen and understand what is that you need to do to take a good care of the puppy...
Submitted by: Scott Patterson on Jul 30, 2014
We got our Brittany, Lucy, from Austin Creek Farms bout 10 months ago. She has become a part of the family, and loves to accompany us on long walks and runs. When we take her to public places she is always complemented, and all the kids come up to her and pet her. She has never met a stranger. We highly recommend the dogs at Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Adam Narrell on Jul 30, 2014
We bought our Brittany from Mr. Bullard around the end of May and the experience could not have been better. First let me say what a wonderful person Mr. Bullard is. My wife and I carried a 3 and four month old with us to pick up Huck. He and his wife welcomed us into their home, talked with us concerning their breeding history, and just made us feel welcome. We toured the kennels and they were in top notch shape. The dogs are very well taken care of and quite spoiled to be honest. You can tell that Ed and his wife not only love all their dogs, but people as well. I can not say enough about their hospitality. We've had Huck now for about 2 months and he is doing great. He is extremely loving with our children and has already adapted to kennel training. He is very smart and eager to please as the breed implies. If you are looking for a quality Brittany in North Alabama, don't waste your time anywhere else. Ed knows what he is doing and will make finding a dog for you a priority.
Submitted by: Courtney Brown on Jun 17, 2014
We got our Brittany, Pluto from Ed 16 mos ago. He is the smartest, best dog we have ever had. He was so easy to house train and has learned many other commands. He points birds instinctly, he has never been hunting but I think he would be great. He is a wonderful family pet and great with children. We get compliments on how beautiful he is everywhere we go. The Bullard's are great people who genuinely care about their dogs and the homes their pups go to. We have taken him back to visit the Bullard's and they opened their home to us like family. We will get another from them one day.
Submitted by: David Evans on Jun 14, 2014
We have owned two Brittanys and are totally sold on the breed. When our older dog lost some of her energy and developed a few senior infirmities we decided to add a new puppy to our family. We figured that it could ďlearn the ropesĒ from the older one. My first phone conversation with Ed Bullard convinced me that our next puppy would come from Austin Creek Farms. His knowledge of the breed, and that of his past and current litters was truly impressive. Also Edís pride and love for his dogs showed through over the phone.

My wife and her sister went to pick up our new pup and returned, not only with a beautiful new family member but also praise of Ed, his wife, his kennels and his dogs. Our new puppy, named Maggie, is healthy, energetic, intelligent and insatiably curious. I certainly donít have a trained eye but she seems to be perfectly shaped, balanced and coordinated. Our vet is overwhelmingly complimentary of her too.

Itís been three months since our puppy joined us. I waited intentionally to allow our dogís personality and our relationship with her to develop. Our dog training skills seem to have eroded somewhat but her inate intelligence is making up for our shortcomings. Anyone considering a Brittany can be confident in choosing Ed Bullard and his Austin Creek Farm Kennels.

Submitted by: David Greco, Jr. on Jun 08, 2014
A few months after my pal "Moze" died last spring I began looking for another Brittany. I found the Austin Creek Farms site and called Ed. After that conservation I knew that was where I would find my new pal. When I went to pick him up I was quite pleased to see how Ed operates his kennel. It's been five weeks now and "Tripp" is a healthy active little fellow. So happy to have found Ed and my new pal. Thanks again Ed. David in Louisiana
Submitted by: Kelly Koch on Jun 07, 2014
After we lost both our dogs in a months time.(They both lived to their age limit or maybe even a little longer). We knew we wanted another dog and a puppy so he could grow with us. Our 16 year old daughter wanted a puppy to have another 13 to 14 years like she did with our first two. We all agreed on the American Brittany. We looked at a lot of the breeders on this site and after finding Mr Bullard with our little Beaux we just could not be happier. He was his last puppy and we drove for a little over 6 hours from Belle Chasse, Louisianna to get him. We could just tell after speaking with Mr Bullard he loves his dogs and it's not all about the money for him. He is very fair on the prices of his dogs believe me we looked. But he gets very happy we he see's how Tink is when he brings you into his home. She came to myself and our daughter first then went to my husband. His dogs are kept in clean kennels and he keeps fans on them during the summer to help them stay cool. He is just the nicest Man you will ever meet. Wants you to call him with any question. How many beeders would say that. I have never had to deal with a breeder before but I can say this if you want a Brittany pup as a family pet and to use for a little hunting as well he is your man. He is very honest and a loving man you can just see it. And the land he has them on is beautiful. All his dogs are beautiful. I enjoyed watching his face light up when he saw the way Beaux was with all of us and we were with him. I am so happy with Beaux. We have only had him for two days and he is already fetching toys. Still working on potty training and him understanding bed time but he was almost 11 weeks old when we got him on June 5, 2014. He is still use to being with the other dogs. Even though he was in his own very nice sized kennel they were still all their. I am sure he is gonna do just fine. Thank you so much Mr Bullard. If we decide to get another or anyone ask us about him we will be very happy to send them your way. And trust me I am the type of person if I believe in a place I will tell anyone who ask if I don't I will tell them that as well. But you are a keeper Mr Bullard. I truly believe you will not find anyone more loving to his dogs than Mr. Bullard and his wife. I wish we could have seen Mrs. Bullard. He apoke very highly of her with the dogs as well. If you are looking for an American Brittay as long as has a litter or is waiting on one this is your place to go. I would even wait for him to have another litter he is the best.
Submitted by: Chris Chubb on Jun 05, 2014
I manage a private quail hunting plantation in the Thomasville/Tallahassee area. Our land has been continuously managed to hunt wild quail for over 100 years. Every dog I hunt has to produce shooting opportunities for our guests.

Seven years ago we decided to add some Brittany's to our kennel of English Pointers so we can hunt some tighter woods on our property. We bought a puppy from Ed that has been a great dog to shoot over and a great personality to watch hunt. She's been such a good dog that we are back in touch with Ed to get another puppy. He has some fantastic bloodlines but, more importantly, he has our trust.
Submitted by: Josh Frazier on Jun 05, 2014
We picked up our Juno almost 16 months ago. She is the most loving and loyal dog I have ever had. Mr. Bullard is great to work with and I highly recommend him.

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