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American Brittany
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Ed Bullard
1122 Swann Bridge Rd
Hayden, Alabama 35079
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Stewart Kaye on Sep 25, 2015
I have been in the market for a good brittany pup for what appears to be a little over 4 years now. After talking with Ed Bullard of Austin Creek Farms numerous times over the phone, I was easily able to decide that my future brittany pup will come from his breedings. Ed is an outstanding breeder and person and will help you with any and every question/problem you have. As the time for my much anticipated puppy draws near, I can be sure that my puppy will come from honest, loving hands from the Bullards at Austin Creek Farms. Thank You Ed
Submitted by: Michael Smith on Sep 14, 2015
Austin Creek Farms and Mr Ed Bullard are top notch. My family and I traveled from Hattiesburg, MS this past Saturday to pick up our male Brittany Tucker. He was everything Ed said he was and more. If you are looking to add a Brittany to your family, then this is the place to get it from. Thank you Mr Bullard for your hospitality. Michael T Smith
Submitted by: Donnie Haskins on Sep 13, 2015
I just picked up my puppy this weekend from Ed Bullard and was very satisfied when I saw him. Ed showed me around his kennel and gave me a rundown on his dogs. His kennels are clean and I could tell he really loves his dogs and takes well care of them. Before we left we took the pup which is 7 weeks old and he put a quail wing on him. I couldnt believe that pup stoped and lifted that right leg in a perfect point position and I got the picture of it, what a great start. Thanks Ed for your hospitality towards me and my daughter we enjoyed our visit and look forward to good things on our Brittany puppy.
Submitted by: Alison Long on Sep 13, 2015
This summer our dog, Max, passed away from old age. He had been with us for sixteen years. Our two young boys were devastated and so were we. After a few weeks had passed we began looking for a new puppy. We wanted to stick with Brittany Spaniels since they are so loving. Thanks to a little research on the internet we found Ed! I cannot say enough great things about him and his desire to help our family get a dog. In six weeks we were able to choose our new puppy. He is absolutely beautiful and full of life. We named him John Cena. After a week of loving on Cena we received a call from Ed. He asked if we wanted a brother for Cena and we gladly accepted. Now we have Stone Cold. We are so blessed to have two sweet, playful puppies in our home. My two boys have so much fun playing chase with them in the backyard. Just today the two pups played a game of soccer with us. Ed, thank you for the joy and happiness that these two puppies bring our family daily. You are a great guy and we appreciate you! The Longs
Submitted by: Nathan on Sep 10, 2015
No shenanigans at Mr. Ed's. The whole process was smooth and easy and well worth the distance I traveled from Louisiana. The kennels and dogs were well taken care of, and I almost felt sorry for taking the pup from such a beautiful country farm. The pup is healthy and full of spirit. Our family is trying to keep up with the busy little pup.
Submitted by: Joseph Landers on Sep 09, 2015
Mr. Bullard is the best! We had a very specific request as far gender and color, and he was very patient with us and always gave us updates until our dog could be adopted. Although we wanted a family pet, not a hunting dog, he still treated us like a valued customer. He gave us great advice and support.
Submitted by: Leah Hudson on Sep 07, 2015
Mr. Ed is now an awesome friend of mine that I see pretty much as family. I waited several months for my Owen and finally I have him. He's been with me almost two weeks and totally turned my world upside down and melted my heart and given me something to look forward to every day when I wake up. He's brilliant and handsome. I am SO grateful for the Bullards and I just hope that if any of you readers out there are as serious Brittany lovers as I am or Mr. Ed is, then you would take time to do a lot of research, talk with him, think about it, wait it out, be kind and respectful of him (or me and Owen will come and get you) and his dogs because he REALLY knows what he is doing. I know that you'll fall in love with Mr Ed on that first phone call. And you will love your Brittany puppy more than you can ever ever imagine in a million years. Owen already knows sit, "look at me," (working on) stay, how to walk on a leash, where to go potty, how to go to his crate and feel comfortable in there, and his personality and awareness increase every day and it blows my mind! He is not even 8 weeks old yet. I can't wait to go back and visit Mr. Ed again and I keep in close contact with him still. People, if you are good, responsible dog lovers, this is your guy. Don't look any further, seriously. I just love Mr. Ed, Mrs. Donnie, and my puppy very much. Also, my dad got Owen's brother Harry and he is the coolest, most laid back puppy ever! They all have different personalities (but awesome ones) so be ready for a special treat with whichever of Mr. Ed's pups you end up with! :)
Submitted by: Douglas Burlingame on Sep 04, 2015
I have been waiting to get a Brittney for quite a while. Once I decided the time was right I had to choose between a rescue or a puppy. After searching through countless rescue sights it became clear that a puppy was the right way to go. I happened upon Ed's page on the Gun Dog Breeders web page and sent him an email regarding his dogs. He was quick to return my email and shortly after we spoke on the phone. He answered all of my questions and after 45 minutes of stories about his dogs and their adventures I was confident I had found my breeder. His concern for giving his animals a happy home was critical as he was excited to hear our dog was intended as a family pet and likely would never see a bird hunt, knowing she would be adored was all he needed to hear. I was prepared for a wait of at least 8 weeks after reading testimonials, so I sent out the deposit and hunkered down to play the waiting game. Getting a call less than 2 weeks later saying he had a liver and white female he thought would be perfect for me was a huge and welcome surprise and 2 days later I made the 4.5 hour trip to meet my new puppy. Ed was as gracious a host as all here have described and wow, does he love his dogs. Knowing that each one is a big part of his life is immensely important. Hearing that every dog he owns is hunted as much as he can tells you what kind of operation he is running. We were invited into his home and although the paperwork takes all of 3 minutes to complete, we were still chatting and hearing stories 2 hours later, only leaving because I wanted to be home before dark. If there are more Britney's in my future they will most definitely be from Ed.

Submitted by: Travis Meyer on Sep 02, 2015
Three years ago we visited Ed and came home with our first Brittany. Winston is now a full grown beautiful black and white Brittany who has been an awesome addition to our family. This past week we visited Ed again and added a second Brittany to our family, a six week old orange and white who we named Abel. Working with Ed and Austin Creek Farms has been awesome. It is a great experience to visit the facility and learn about his stock. It was even more fun to return and share stories with Ed about our first dog while learning about the next. We found Ed by chance on Gun Dog Breeders and we were very lucky to do so. The dogs are second to none and the whole experience is one you won't forget. Thanks again Ed. Hopefully we get to do this a third time in the future.
Submitted by: Karen & Julian on Sep 02, 2015
Last week we brought home our 4th Brittany in 29 years and our 2nd Brittany puppy from Ed Bullard's Austin Creek Farms. Loretta is an adorably beautiful black & white female with a super-sweet and loving disposition and, just as Ed promised, "she's as smart as she is pretty!" Our almost-6-yr-old Bonnie, a L/W female, has been the best bird dog my husband ever hunted and she is also a part-human member of the family who is intelligent, affectionate and loyal. Her new little sis Loretta came as a shock to her queen-bee system at first, but now they are starting to develop a good relationship. Loretta is calmer at 6-7 weeks than Bonnie was (and seems less "alpha"), and that helps. Loretta is already learning obedience just by how smart she is and by watching Bonnie. I am sure that my husband and Bonnie will have a ball training Loretta to bird-hunt and watching her work this fall. And we are already having a ball just loving on her and being loved back and watching her learn and grow and be so darn cute! We can't say enough good things about how well all the dogs are cared for and how much effort Ed puts into breeding and raising great Brittanys.

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