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Submitted by: Greg Peart on Feb 13, 2023
Our male dog Hwyl is one year old today. What a great dog. Doing everything you can expect and more at his age. Smart and sweet.
Submitted by: Gregory Butler on Aug 11, 2022
Dea and everyone involved were the best we got little Oliver 5 months ago and he just fit right in to the family after losing our 16 year old Brittany Buddy.

Hes a family dog not a hunting dog but it suits him fine. Gets up every day and brings me his harness to go the the park for an hour of playtime just need to get him to realize it does not open till 7 as there's days hes ready to go at 5-6 am and impatient.

Just a well tempered puppy that has worked out great.
Submitted by: Janet Motley on Apr 11, 2022
We cannot say enough good things about Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys!! My 15 year old daughter worked hard and saved her money to buy her dream dog, an orange and white female Brittany. She got on the wait list in February 2021, and her puppy, Star, was born a year later. The Lord blessed her with the perfect puppy! At only 8 weeks old she has started asking to go outside and sleeping through the night. PACFB was wonderful to work with from the beginning. The communication was outstanding and they went above and beyond by sending pictures and videos of Star growing. Pick up day was a dream come true and we highly recommend Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys!!
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on Mar 10, 2022
We picked up our ACF puppy last weekend and we are thrilled to have her as part of our family. She is a happy, playful, smart puppy. Her nose works non stop when she is outside and we hope it is as good as her big sister's. Her big sister is also an ACF brittany who has an amazing nose and hunting instincts that cannot be taught. We look forward to many years with our new family member and hunting buddy. Thanks Powe's.
Submitted by: Jamie McKemie on Jan 24, 2022
Very Happy overall. Powe family was very welcoming and knowledgeable. The waitlist was long but Dea was upfront and communicated well during the wait. New puppy was very healthy, happy, and playful. Looking forward to lots of fun with him.
Submitted by: Eric Atkins on Jan 07, 2022
We just brought our puppy home last week. We are so excited to have him home. The Powe family was amazing to work with this past few months. There was a fairly significant waitlist, which I would expect from a reputable breeder, but they were always there to answer our questions and keep us updated on where we were in terms of getting a puppy. No one controls mother nature, but they're very up-front and easy to work with. We couldn't be more happy with the puppy we have. He's beautiful and was in perfect health when we picked him up. We can't wait to see him grow over the next few months.

I couldn't recommend Powe's any more in terms of the quality of dog we received and the family itself. I wouldn't get a Brittany from anyone else!
Submitted by: Taylor Crouch on Jan 02, 2022
We highly recommend Powe Austin Creek! They truly love their Brittany’s and take great care of them! When we got on the waiting list they continuously updated us on our status for receiving our puppy! When ours was born they sent weekly updates with pictures!

We couldn’t love this puppy anymore!
Submitted by: Jessica Lovelady on Jan 01, 2022
We placed a deposit several months ago, with the selection of color/sex we wanted in our Brittany. Bayli and Dea stayed in contact with us throughout our waiting time, and always sent us pictures and choices. We finally waited and got our perfect pup, just as we wanted. I cannot say enough good things about powes Austin creek farms and their staff. They genuinely care for their puppies, and all of their pedigrees! They’re an amazing family, and wonderful to communicate with. So far, our pup has loved us, and our 3 boys. We cannot wait to watch our puppy grow.
Submitted by: Carlie Gaskins on Dec 03, 2021
My testimony starts and ends with God. After losing our schnauzer, Dixie, I was heart broken but I knew Gods plans are perfect even when we can’t see it. My husband is not a huge fan of inside dogs so I thought, “God how am I going to make it when my daughters go to school and I’m here all alone?” But God changed my husbands heart and we ended up finding the Powes and getting on the waiting list within two weeks of losing Dixie. We were thinking that we would have a puppy around August which would be perfect because then I wouldn’t be all alone during the day. However, God knew better. I swallowed my impatience and told myself Gods timing is perfect. I said all that to say this, our Willow was born the day before my birthday and 18 people passed on her because of her color. God lined everything up so that we would have the most perfect girl join our family at the perfect time. I can’t thank the Powes enough for everything they’ve done for us and our Willow. She’s 9 weeks old now and is so smart it’s shocking us all. We love her so much already and I just can’t wait till she’s fully vaccinated so I can show her off EVERYWHERE. Hahaha.
Submitted by: Haley Sheppard on Nov 18, 2021
We got a last minute surprise with our little girl. We didn’t expect to get one before Christmas. That’s how I know she was perfect for us. She is so good with other animals and my two children and all their friends. She has yet to have an accident in the house. I can tell the breeders really care about their breeds. They prepared her to be separated and she had no anxiety the first night with us. Even as a puppy, she is so smart and I look forward to having her grow old with us.
Submitted by: Monica Childree on Nov 13, 2021
I picked up our little girl earlier this week and I couldn’t be more pleased! She is absolutely perfect and I’ve already spoiled her rotten. She doesn’t get to walk around much since we tote her everywhere and she loves it. ?? We had some unforeseen circumstances come up and had to put off getting one for a while, but Dea always kept in touch with new litters. We were finally ready and I am so glad we didn’t have to pass on this one this time!
Submitted by: bruce truog on Jun 30, 2021
Absolutely the BEST! Our pup is all Brittany with absolutely no defects, according to an independent DNA test. Dea was wonderful to work with and cares deeply for her dogs. We were advised to only buy from breeders who have a waiting list. Powe's Austin Creek Farm Brittanys has a long wait list but it is very worth it. Good things come to those who wait. Our pup began pointing a pheasant wing at 8 weeks less a couple of days. I am so looking forward to the fall. No gun shyness noted. I took her to an outdoor range and stayed back 50 yards or more, didn't even flinch. And we chose the runt of the liter because of a story in PF magazine and on Dea's advise. Send your deposit about 6 months before you want the pup. We love our Oreo!
Submitted by: Sheila H. on May 25, 2021
I can't say enough good things about how wonderful it is to have been able to get our puppy from the Powe family. I've waited on a waiting list for nine months and it was well worth the wait. I picked our Josie Ren up at the family farm just a week ago and saw the love and care they give their animals and customers. Communication throughout the waiting period as well as afterwards is greatly appreciated. Such kind people. Josie is exactly what I was looking for and is bringing us so much joy. Her personality is so sweet. If you're interested in a Brittany I highly recommend Powe's Austin Creek Farm Brittanys.
Submitted by: Eric W Barnes on May 20, 2021
We just picked up our male puppy called Hank on Monday of this week. We have had a wonderful time with him this week. He is so energetic, smart and athletic. He has a great personality and I am super excited about getting him into field work this summer and working him on quail in the late summer and fall.
The Powe family has been great to work with during the selection process. They have communicated really well and been very accommodating as we visited earlier to see their dogs. They are very professional and I certainly recommend them as a breeder for Brittanys.
Submitted by: Thomas and Jennifer Pickard on May 08, 2021
We couldn’t have bought our Brittany from a nicer family! Great people and beautiful extremely well cared for dogs. Baxter is gorgeous and we can’t wait to get our second from here as well! Thank you Powe family!
Submitted by: Avery Smith on Feb 21, 2021
Best Breeder in town! We Love our Brittany!

Our puppy name is Cash he is 11 weeks old now. He is loving life at his new home in Valley Grande, AL.
If we decide to get another Brittany we will definitely go and see Powe’s Austin Creek Farms Brittany’s.
Submitted by: Vicki on Jan 17, 2021
My husband and son went and picked up our little girl last week. If I could rate them higher then 5 I definitely would. We put our deposit on her back in august 2020 and received her January 2021. Worth the wait. She is so perfect and has such a great personality. I could sit here all day and talk highly of them. If you are searching for a Brittany, I wouldn’t look any further. Thank you to your family for welcoming us to your farm. All your dogs are beautiful. ??????
Submitted by: Kaylee Kuhlman on Jan 09, 2021
I had a great experience with Powe’s Austin Creek Farm! They were always quick to answer my questions and a pleasure to work with. Brynlee is such a smart social dog. They had no problem holding her for an extra two weeks until I was able to come pick her up. I couldn’t be happier and definitely recommend!
Submitted by: Robert Kersey on Jan 01, 2021
Waited months for a female, however due to unforeseen circumstances I was offered a male pup. After thinking about it I called and told them I would accept the male. He is the coolest little dude. He loves to go on rides and likes Home Depot and all the pet stores. He is 12 weeks old and sits, let’s me know when it is time to go outside, we are working on other trainings as well. Smart dog and very love able. I did go ahead and put a deposit on a female as well, even though we dropped down the list, I still want a female as well. I Love this pup and I will continue buying from the Powe’s! Recommend if you are buying a Brittney, this is the place to go, even if you have to drive for hours or days. There are no better people with top quality Brittneys.
Submitted by: David Phillips on Dec 11, 2020
We have had our male puppy for a week and are very happy with him! This farm is great, fair, and has an obvious love for their animals!
Submitted by: Delanie Jones on Nov 29, 2020
My first experience with a breeder and for my own first dog altogether. Powe's Austin Creek checks all boxes when it comes to communication, honesty, and quality - they ended up being the perfect fit for me and I can't thank them enough for my new addition, Roo.
Submitted by: Cline S. on Sep 04, 2020
Purdy is absolutely precious and the perfect addition to our family. We are completely smitten with her & she was definitely the best Covid purchase????. Whether she’s playing or napping, she is the perfect mix of sweetness, intelligence, and spunk. Y’all went above and beyond to make the process of getting her so great (constantly sending us pictures, videos, and updates) and we are so thankful for y’all at PACF. We cannot put into words how much joy y’all gave us!
Submitted by: Hayden on Sep 04, 2020
We got a puppy from PACFB just before August. Hendrix is smart and full of energy! The process leading up to taking him home was great. All of my (many) questions were answered in a timely and respectful manner. It was awesome getting to see “pupdates” in the weeks before picking him up- we were so excited every time we got to see a new picture! Dea was a pleasure to work with, she even met us with the pup on her way to work! We look forward to many fun years with our new dog.
Submitted by: Fallon on Sep 04, 2020
hands down best brittany breeder! The whole process from start to finish was a breeze. We got a female orange and white puppy from Powe's Austin Creek Farm. She is super healthy and very smart. She fits right in with my two young kids and loves them. Thank you so much!
Submitted by: ben pickett on Aug 05, 2020
I picked up Maze end of June 2020 and she is absolutely perfect, such a smart dog, she is quick as a whip and shows an incredible prey drive and willingness to work.
Submitted by: Brian on Aug 05, 2020
We recently purchased a puppy from Powe’s Austin Creek and couldn’t be happier! The transition home has gone smoothly, as our little puppy loves everyone and is already sleeping through the night. It was important to us to find a responsible breeder. Dea was quick to reply to questions, friendly, and truly cares about the dogs’ wellbeing. It's also been fun to watch the "pupdates" on Instagram!
Submitted by: Jillian Bates on Aug 02, 2020
I cannot say enough good things about Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys. After Sarge was born they texted me almost everyday with updates and pictures. If I had questions they never hesitated to answer. They were always so kind and amazing. Their facilities were clean and well kept and you could tell the dogs were all well taken care for and loved. I’ve only had Sarge 2 days and he’s already practically potty trained and is so well behaved. I literally could not have gotten a better dog.
Submitted by: Joy D on Jun 29, 2020
My girl Lily is from Jasper and Blossom. She is the sweetest pup ever. She is smart as a whip and clever. She's a companion for our family with 2 young children. I've been amazed at how well she gets along with people and other animals and how well-mannered she is at just 2 months old. She sleeps through the night quietly and is happy in her crate. This is my first venture into Brittanys, and I'm impressed. She is setting a high standard for all other Brittanys! The Powes had already started crate training and house training before I even got her.

My vet was a little apprehensive when I told him I was getting a Brittany because he wasn't sure I was fully aware of their energy and prey drive because he's only known me with a Doberman (I assured him I am), but when he met her at her first puppy visit with me, he was very impressed. He has long-loved Brittanys, and said he thinks I have a good one.

The Powes are very accommodating and straight-forward. They held on to my girl for an extra couple weeks until I could make the trip to pick her up. (This pandemic has required flexibility with schedules!) When we arrived, they were outside playing with her. We visited for a while before we had to head out. They seem like folks I definitely want to keep in touch with in the future. Lovely, warm people. They are long established in their community, and strike me as honest.

Final thought about my is easy to see she has the potential to be the best dog our family has ever had. If she doesn't turn out that way, it will only be because I messed up!
Submitted by: Spencer on Jun 06, 2020
Can not say enough good things about the Austin Creek Farms Brittany’s. We have had our Willow Rose for about a week and she has been amazing. You can tell they spent a lot of time with the dogs and worked on the basics. We look forward to watching her grow and if we ever are looking for another one we will definitely return. Thanks again for all the updates and pictures while she was still with you guys!
Submitted by: Cynthia Laughlin Bierd on Mar 20, 2020
I am a widow and my husband purchased a Brittany Spaniel in Moulton Alabama 18 years ago she was our last tide to my husband and she was a thoroughbred from a long line of Brittany Spaniels she was the best dog ever and part of this family she sat at the end of our driveway engraved for 6 months when my husband was killed in an automobile accident after leaving his work at the Jefferson County Commission I am looking for a Brittany Spaniel puppy for my grandchildren I don't care if they're AKA registered I just want a full-blooded Brittany Spaniel Princess Daisy Mae Bierd passed away the same way my husband did a neighbor ran over her she had became deaf and blind although she has had three surgeries on her eyes she needed hit replacement I was having to carry her up onto the porch we just could not let her go so our heavenly father it's sad to say no we were too weak to do the right thing and put her down could you please contact me I am looking for a puppy a 6 week old puppy
Submitted by: Phyllis Henderson on Feb 17, 2020
I picked up my puppy just 2 days ago and I am totally smitten. She has adapted amazingly and my 2 year old Brittany took to her right away. Her coloring is black and white and is a real beauty. She is bright eyed and frisky, yet her overall temperament is relatively calm. The Powe family was friendly and caring and you could see and feel the love they have for their dogs and each other. The entire process was smooth and easy. I highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Randal on Jan 11, 2020
Mr. Bullard came through for us right in time! I was looking for a puppy for my daughter and after weeks of no luck I ran across Austin Creek Farms and boy am I glad I did! Mr. Ed was very helpful and the puppy has been great. She has been a delightful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Dusty & Rachael Skelton on Jan 05, 2020
We can’t say enough good things about Mr. Ed!! We recently picked up our 4th Brittany from him and couldn’t be more satisfied! There is a reason we continue to come back to Mr. Ed, he’s the best Brittany breeder around! Thanks again for another great member to the Skelton family!!
Submitted by: Alex & Katie McWilliams on Jan 04, 2020
Mr. Ed & Miss Donnie are two of my most favorite people on this planet!! You won't meet anyone more kind than they are. I got my first Brittany from them in 2013 and just recently got my second this November (2019). Boy are they just the most perfect dogs!! They are as well mannered and smart as can be! I am so blessed to be, what I consider, family with the Bullard's and to have two of their beautiful dogs!
Submitted by: Bayli Morin on Jan 03, 2020
We bought a Brittany from Mr. Ed in 2018. Not only is Cotton such a beautiful dog & a huge blessing to my family; but Mr. Bullard was also extremely nice & helpful. I 10/10 would recommend this breed & breeder!! I wish I could post pictures to show you how handsome he really is!
Submitted by: DANNY E MCAFEE on Jan 03, 2020
My first Brittany came from Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. When I lost him prematurely in an accident, I called Ed. Ed was able to get me my new puppy from the same dam and sire as my first. In fact, this litter was the first time the parents had mated in 4 years so I got my favorite dog's brother in no time at all. Ed made the entire process enjoyable and I am looking forward to many more years of fun with my favorite breed. Thank you ED!!
Submitted by: Taylor on Jan 01, 2020
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are wonderful. We picked up our "Scout" this past Friday and she has exceeded our expectations. Can't recommend Austin Creek Farms and the Bullards enough!
Submitted by: Shea & Caleb on Nov 29, 2019
My boyfriend and I have talked about adding a puppy to our family for a year now, and he decided that if we were going to it MUST be a Brittany. After talking to several breeders, we contacted Mr. Bullard. We immediately knew he was who we were going to get our baby from. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are incredibly kind, informative, and friendly, and they take great pride in their dogs. He showed us all around and let us meet all of his own Brittany Spaniels, and then he let us meet our own. Since we've brought ours home, he's checked in frequently and answered any and all questions we've had so that we can take the best care of our new baby. I could not recommend him more. Best experience, best animal care, best personality. Thank you, Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Dalton on Nov 23, 2019
Ed Bullard is a great breeder. I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience. Very helpful and willing to take time and answer any questions you may have. Can’t wait to see this puppy grow up. Thank you Ed.
Submitted by: julie on Nov 22, 2019
Most wonderful and blessed People to meet. I have been corresponding with Ed for three years for a female Puppy. Ed stayed in contact with me until I was ready for my pride and Joy. IT was time 11/19/2019. very excited to Finally meet Ed in person. drove 9 hours stayed Visited with ED & Miss Donnie for 4 hours taking and getting to know my knew friends and family. Ed and Miss Donnie were so welcoming that it felt like have know them all my life. During the 3 years of corresponding Ed knew exactly what i wanted and need for my little Girl " * STAR *". she is a handful, Most outgoing puppy, not afraid of anything.
The only Bad Thing is ED "Austin Creek Farms" has to come to and End.
I was lucky enough to get his last breeding from his Farm.
even though he will no-longer be breeding we have made life long friendship and I will continue to comment on the progress of This little Girl. Thank you so much ED & Donnie """ Austin Creek Farms"" happy and sad. but fully understand why it comes to an end. I hope you Both now get to get out and enjoy this breed out in the Fields more.
Submitted by: Dalton Munday on Nov 16, 2019
Ed was wonderful. Great people and great breeder. Can’t say enough good things about him and his dogs. I can’t wait to see mine grow up and go great things. Would recommended them to anyone. Had a very pleasant experience all the way around. Thank you Ed.
Submitted by: Grace Stearns on Nov 11, 2019
Austin Creek Farms has been an absolute blessing to me and my family! I put a lot of extensive research into several breeders and no one came close to comparing to Mr.Ed's hospitality and kindness. We now are overwhelmed with love from our beautiful puppy, who could not be more well behaved. Before deciding to purchase a puppy Mr.Ed and his sweet wife allowed us to come up to their beautiful home and visit with them and all of their very well taken care of pups. Those sweet puppies could not be more loved on or well taken care of. Ed and his wife have brought so much joy into our life and I cannot wait to do business with them again!
Submitted by: Nick joiner on Nov 09, 2019
We love our new Brittany from Austin creek Farms! He’s the most beautiful American Brittany. So smart and so much drive it’s unbelievable and I’ve owned a lot of gun dogs. This dog is already sitting and kenneling by 7 weeks old. He’s going to be a fire cracker!
Submitted by: Courtney McCrummen on Nov 09, 2019
My family and I could not have asked for a better experience. I feel like Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie should be our family now. Our Brittany baby is absolutely perfect and I know she’s exactly what our family needed. We are thrilled to add ‘Fancy’ to the fam!
Submitted by: Kenneth Piper on Nov 06, 2019
My wife and I can't say enough good things about Ed Bullard and Austin Creek Farms. We were somewhat reluctant to get a dog from a breeder, but all the positive feedback and thank-you letters we read about the Bullards made us go ahead and take a chance. Really, it wasn't a chance at all. Our gorgeous Brittany is extremely well adjusted and is asleep in a crate beside me as I write this from work. She loves everybody and all the attention she gets, and everyone asks where we got such an amazing dog. The entire adoption process was pleasant, and the Bullards provide excellent communication throughout. Whether you're an avid bird hunter or you're like us and just love the breed, an Austin Creek Brittany will be an instant blessing to your family.
Submitted by: Lane Wooley on Nov 02, 2019
We couldn't be more pleased with our new Brittany. She is the perfect addition to our family!
Submitted by: Chance Praytor on Oct 30, 2019
Thank you again for another wonderful puppy!! She’s full of life and a little fire cracker! Mr. Ed is always great to us and a delight to talk with! Thank you for our Maebelle!
Submitted by: Sue Baacke on May 28, 2019
Wish I could give Ed and Donnie at 10!! We brought home our third Bullard Baby a few weeks ago and she is wonderful. We first met Ed and Donnie 15 years ago when we brought home our sweet Layla. She gave us years of joy and was a true blessing to our family. We brought home our second girl, Stella 4 years ago and now she has a new sister - Lily. They are the sweetest most loving dogs and we just love them all!! Ed is so responsive if you have any questions he immediately calls/texts you back and they have made us feel welcome in their home three times now. I would not get a dog from anyone else! Love our Brittany Girls!!
Submitted by: TJ McDowell on May 13, 2019
Picked up our new pup Presley back on May 4, 2019 and couldn't be happier. I would give Mr Bullard 6 stars. He is one if the nicest people you will ever meet. I loves his pups. It was very nice to meet him and his wife. Mr Bullard loves to share hunting stories of his pups. Our next Brittany will come from Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Wes Carter on May 09, 2019
Had our puppy home for about 5 days now and couldn’t be more pleased with her. The Bullard’s were an absolute pleasure doing business with. After talking with Ed the first time back in February I knew he was the guy I was getting ourBrittany from. He is easy to talk to and will answer any questions you might have. Thanks again Austin Creek Farms and the great experience. Would highly recommend the Bullard’s if you are in the market for a Brittany pup.
Submitted by: WILLIAM D PARKER on May 07, 2019
Have 2 of Ed Bullard Britney spainels and they are outstanding in the field and with the grandkids. Great dogs from a great breeder who you can trust to do you right
Submitted by: Liz Griffith on May 07, 2019
I’m not even sure where to start with this review! Mr. Ed has walked me through each step of being a new puppy owner! We finally brought our little girl, Marley, home this weekend. She is a smart, smart girl already, with very little crate training needed. I’m shocked!

Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie made us feel so welcomed in their home. Such a genuine family, and beautiful dogs!
Submitted by: Laura Broadhead on May 06, 2019
The Bullards are wonderful people! They can answer any questions you may have and they can tell you any specific detail about each one of their dogs. They love their Brittanys. We first met them 8 years ago when we got our first Brittany (Milo). At the time we didn't know what joy we were bringing into our home. His pups are so loving, smart, and very well behaved. They love life to the fullest. We lost our first Brittany a couple of weeks ago and knew we couldn't live without a Brittany. I contacted the Bullards as I was hoping to have another pup that had the same lineage as Milo (bc he was so awesome). As luck would have it, he had one puppy that did! We've had Cooper for less than a week and he is already adjusted and incredibly smart. He absolutely loves my 5 year old. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Brittany. Great People, Great Dogs!
Submitted by: Patty LaMure on May 06, 2019
We recently purchased a beautiful puppy from Ed and Donny Bullard. We couldn't be happier. Our Toby is bright, inquisitive, brave, and has the sweetest personality; all wrapped in a healthy body and beautiful coat. The Bullards, together with the Aycock family, gave us a sweet, KULACsociable puppy that is fitting perfectly into our family. If you are looking for a Brittany, look no further than Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Kerri Gay on May 06, 2019
After a few months of conversing back and forth with Mr. Bullard we finally picked up our boy Whiskey. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are so sweet... and seeing how well they treat all their dogs, we would highly recommend them to anyone that is searching for a dog.
Submitted by: Charlotte Edenfield on May 06, 2019
Just returned home from Austin Creek Farms with our Brittany puppy, Bo. Ed and Donnie Bullard are a genuine Southern couple who make you feel so welcome in their home when picking up your puppy. Ed is ready to answer any questions and share a good dog hunting story. There were 3 other families there to get their puppies, but Ed and Donnie made each one feel special. Looking forward to see what this puppy will do with our 2 other Brittany’s that are 12 years old. My husband is ready to get the quail feathers out and start training another hunter. Would recommend this breeder for quality Brittany puppies. Ours is beautiful and starting to show his personality.
Submitted by: Tara Barger on Apr 30, 2019
Absolutely wonderful! We got our little pup April 27 and I am already amazed by his intelligence and personality. We already had one beautifu dog (3 years old) and this little guy fits right in. We couldn’t have had a better experience getting him either. These sweet folks have a genuine love for the breed and it shows. I now have two of the best dogs from the best breeder. I will never get a Brittany from any other place! Our dogs have been perfect with our 3 & 5 year old boys. I have a feeling this most recent guy won’t be our last. So thankful for our experience.
Submitted by: Robbie Smith on Apr 29, 2019
My wife and I along with our 3 year old son visited Mr. Ed and his sweet wife to pick up our new puppy for our family. The Bullards are wonderful people and welcomed us in their home to meet to meet their pets. My son who can be reserved at times was right at home talking to Mr. & Mrs. Bullard and playing with their older Brittany.

Our new Brittany puppy is beautiful and playful. You can tell she has been cared for as she is very comfortable with people and very sociable. She is 6 weeks old and has required no crate training, it's as if we have had her for a month already and we just brought her home 3 days ago. It is apparent already that she has a very active nose.

I highly recommend not only Austin Creeks dogs but also getting a chance to speak with and meet Mr. & Mrs. Bullard. They also have a BEAUTIFUL place.

Submitted by: Gabi on Apr 28, 2019
My only regret is not submitting a review sooner but I wanted to spend a few weeks with my new Brittany before submitting anything! Ed is an absolutely amazing breeder and person. Whenever I contacted him, he was always sure to answer. When I went to pick up my little Kovu, I appreciated the fact that Ed introduced me to "Tink" his at home Brittany. It gave me an idea of how well he treats his gun dogs. After taking Kovu home, he adjusted so quickly to his new home and most importantly, is as healthy as a horse according to his vet. What impressed me most was the fact that Ed reached out a few days after taking my pup home to see how he was doing. That shows me that Ed truly cares about his dogs and his customers. If you are considering a Brittany, please consider going through Ed. You will not regret it!
Submitted by: Thompson Pitman on Apr 28, 2019
Mr. Bullard was very friendly. He has amazing dogs and even better customer service. All of his dogs are up to date on shots and treatments before he sells them. Overall a great experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality hunting dog or just a family pet.
Submitted by: Leah Hudson on Apr 28, 2019
If you’re reading this and you’re considering a Brittany, stop searching elsewhere. The Bullard’s have become family to me, as they’ve given me my now two Brittany babies, who are my whole world. My oldest is almost 4, and my new precious little puppy came home yesterday. Mr. Ed is always patient and helpful, as all of these reviews suggest. Mrs. Donnie covers each puppy with her own brand of sugar and you sure can tell. I believe in this breed and the Bullard way of raising and placing these dogs, and wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. The blessings I received from finding this page almost 6 years ago changed my life forever. Much love.
Submitted by: Noah York on Apr 26, 2019
Me and my wife just made the trip to pick up our new puppy and we had a wonderful experience. Mr. Bullard and his wife are exceptional people that love making a connection with people. We really felt welcome in their home. Our new puppy is fantastic. At a little over 7 weeks, she’s full of energy but already showing a desire to learn. She’s already learned to sit on command which is by far the earliest I’ve ever had one of my dogs start learning commands. All in all, we’ve had a great experience. In fact we started asking when we could get another puppy before we even got her home.
Submitted by: Carolyn Patterson on Apr 15, 2019
After being in contact with Ed for a few months about getting a puppy, I finally picked up my boy Henry 3 days ago! Since he's so little he sleeps a lot and he LOVES to cuddle! (He is curled up on my lap as I write this). My entire experience has been more than wonderful. I contacted Ed many times with all sorts of questions and he was more than happy to answer all of them. I can already tell how smart and loving this dog is and I can't be happier with my decision to get a Brittany! Ed and his wife are such nice people- I would definitely recommend getting a dog from to everyone I know!
Submitted by: Courtney Bell on Apr 12, 2019
We love Mr. Ed and his wife!! We have gotten 2 fur babies from them. They are so beautiful and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Mr.Ed has always been fabulous about answering any questions we had even after we leave with our puppies. I wish I could rate him a 10!!!
Submitted by: Lizzy Pardue on Mar 27, 2019
I’m a little late on my review, but my husband and I visited Mr. Bullard and his wife earlier this month to pick up our male puppy. They are so loving and very welcoming. Our puppy, Boone is full of energy and so so loving. He’s going to be a great companion for my husband, 3 boys and myself. We are excited to start this journey with our brittney! If you’re in the market for a new companion & hunting dog please consider the Bullard family first. Amazing people!
Submitted by: Debrah Ingram on Mar 21, 2019
We got our 2nd Brittany puppy from the Bullard's a few weeks ago. The first puppy we got is 11 years old now and becomes younger everyday with this new pup. I have never had a dog that so many strangers come up to me and tell me how beautiful he is. Now all the neighbors that drive by have to stop and check out the new pup. I guess I will have to stop wearing my PJ'S all day. I have to admit this puppy is keeping me on my toes. Amazing how I don't remember ever potty training my first one or can't remember him being so small. Well at least that 7 days of training is over. Looking forward for the next adventure with this puppy. And enjoying how my older Brittany reacts and welcomes this new pup. And I appreciate the Bullard's still being there when I have questions after the,sale.
Submitted by: Jessica Hutton on Mar 12, 2019
My husband and I had been looking at different breeds of dogs for over a year. We were searching for the perfect dog for our three young kids to grow up with. After seeing pictures of Brittany’s, we knew that was the breed that would make a great addition to our family. The first time I spoke to Mr. Bullard, we stayed on the phone for over an hour. He is so helpful and knowledgeable about this breed, and talking to him was like talking to someone I’ve known my whole life. We just picked up our sweet Huck 3/8, and he has indeed been the perfect addition to our family! Our kids LOVE him (we do too!)! He is the sweetest little guy. I highly recommend Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Chris S on Feb 20, 2019
I bought my brit from Ed three and a half years ago. She is the best dog I could've asked for. She's fun and energetic with plenty of spunk. Most importantly, she's never had any health problems. Because of our experience with Penny, I recommended Ed to a friend of mine who got his brittany from Austin Creek Farms. Their dog is healthy as can be as well. Thanks Ed!
Submitted by: Gia on Feb 20, 2019
A couple of years ago we decided we wanted to get our first puppy. We knew we wanted a Brittany so we began searching and contacting breeders. After sifting through numerous breeders we found Mr. Bullard. From the first time we spoke with him we knew we wanted to get our puppy from him. He was so friendly on the phone and answered every question we had. He even invited us to go check everything out before putting our deposit down. We drove all the way form Georgia to visit Austin Creek Farms and we were not disappointed. All of the dogs there are just so sweet and loving. Ed and his wife were so kind, we didn't want to get our puppy from anyone else. When it came time for us to pick up Titan we instantly fell in love. We were so in love we came back a year later and brought home Rheia. The dogs from Austin Creek Farms are gorgeous and working with the Bullards is so easy. When we decide to get another dog there's no doubt we will be back!
Submitted by: William McCamdless on Nov 26, 2018
We just added a Mr. Eds and Ms. Donnies brittany to our family our Thanksgiving weekend. She is a smart and sweet pup that has already acclimated to our family. She is letting us know right now how she misses us from the other room. I was really impressed with how friendly everyone was, including all the adult dogs on the property. We made a great decision and would recommend the Bullards to anyone looking for a high quality addition.
Submitted by: James Cleckler on Nov 24, 2018
We picked up our 2nd brittany from Mr. Bullard and Miss Donnie yesterday. They are the sweetest people you could ever meet. They treat you like family and we consider them family. Our little black and white girl is so precious. My daughter couldn't be happier with her Christmas present. You could not ask for a better breeder than the Bullards.
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on Oct 27, 2018
We are going into our fourth hunting season with Frances, our Bullard puppy. She has been a lovable part of our family and an excellent bird dog. We have hunted a variety of wild upland birds with several other dogs of different breeds in Canada, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and New Mexico. While some of the other dogs may have been more experienced or better trained, none of them had a better nose or instincts than Frances. She is always in the middle of the action, finding the birds (alive and dead). She is very smart and adaptable, traits that cannot be taught out of book. For those willing to spend the time getting to know their dog well, a Bullard puppy will make a great family member and hunting partner.
Submitted by: WILLIAM D PARKER on Oct 26, 2018
Got my first Ed Bullard Britney almost 3 years ago. She was pointing birds at 6 months . Hunted her over 150 birds before she was a year old. Seems like she came already trained and all I had to do was fine tune her. I now have a male I got from Ed and can't wait to hunt then together. A little advice to everyone never get just one unless you can spend a ton of time with them . 2 are much better. They do good in pairs during daily life.
Submitted by: Jason Peterman on Oct 20, 2018
Me and my wife were looking at dog breeds to add to our family. After much studying we decided to get a Brittany. We came across Mr. Ed Bullard on this website and sent him an email. The next day he called me after a good and long conversation we took a visit to see him and his dogs. After meeting Ed and his wife in person we knew we had found the right people to get our dog from. We felt as if we were good friends by the end of the visit. He has a lot of passion for his dogs and they are well loved and taken care of. During our waiting period for our puppy if I had any questions he was more than willing to answer them. We finally got our puppy Ollie and he has been great you can see those wheels turning in his head. Seeing as I am not a hunter Ollie will be great at hunting those tennis balls. We could not recommend the Bullard's enough to get a Brittany from. So pleased with our experience.
Submitted by: Michael Wagner on Sep 20, 2018
We picked up Kepler 2 weeks ago, and he will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.
We can already tell how intelligent he is and he is a very fast learner! We couldn't have had a better experience with Ed Bullard, he takes great care of his dogs and we can tell how much he loves Brittany's. He was very welcoming when we arrived and we met one of his personal dogs. She was very intelligent and well trained, and we know our boy has had a great start to his life.
Submitted by: Jerry Griffith on Sep 19, 2018
Got a Brittany from Ed a couple of weeks ago. We are having a blast with our little "Brandy". Beautiful orange and white puppy. Even my wife who isn't a big dog fan can't help herself around this little bundle of joy and the kids are wild about her. Absolutely can't wait to get a few birds in front of her. Even if you're only thinking about getting a Brittany, talk to Ed. He's a lot of fun just to talk to and you can tell he loves his dogs.
Submitted by: Matt Mitchell on Sep 18, 2018
My wife and I got our little Leaf from Mr. Bullard this month and she is PERFECT! It could not have been a better experience from start to finish. Mr. Bullard was always willing to take my calls and answer any question I could have. I know that even now I could call and ask for advice about my hunting dog and Mr. Bullard would be more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge about his Brittany's. Our puppy is happy, healthy, and already smart as could be. I can't recommend Mr. Bullard and Austin Creek enough.
Submitted by: Thomas Stephenson on Sep 14, 2018
Let me start by saying Mr Bullard is amazing. If you are truly looking for a real breeder this is the man to speak to. My wife and I spoke to multiple breeders and none compared to Mr Bullard. He was genuine and very upfront about everything. We will continue to do business with Mr Bullard.
Submitted by: Tanner Rhodes on Sep 11, 2018
I recently bought a puppy from Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie. They are some of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Mr Ed was more than happy to answer any questions I had over the phone before I bought the puppy. I couldn't be happier with my orange and white male. I've been around several different breeds of bird dogs and he is one of the smartest and well tempered puppies that I've seen at his young age. If you want a great puppy buying experience and a great puppy than give Mr. Ed a Call!
Submitted by: Josh Shideler on Sep 10, 2018
I had been wanting a dog for quite some time, and I did my research on Brittanies and got connected with Mr. Ed by recommendation of another breeder near me. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and easy to work with. The whole process was a joy and I'm very pleased with the great work and care that he puts into his dogs and care he gives anyone who contacts him. I'm very pleased with my new puppy (I've had him 4 days now) and can tell that he'll be a quality dog and companion.
Submitted by: Harold Robison on Sep 08, 2018
Mr Ed loves to talk about his dogs! He makes you feel like family when you call are visit and he is a hunter and breeder of good Brittany's . This pup I got is for hunting and time will tell if she makes it as a bird dog but I have high hopes she will so I can go back and let Mr. Ed shoot some quail over her. If you are looking for a hunter or pet give him a call . O I forgot he talks about dogs while Mrs. Donnie is feeding ,watering and scooping poop.LOL
Submitted by: Kendal Hood on Jul 19, 2018
It’s taken me longer than it should have to write this testimonial. But anyway, Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are some of the nicest people I have ever met! I got remi from them a while back and I could not have asked for a better pup. She was super easy to train, and she is extremely smart, she was pointing the wing at 8 weeks and isn’t gun shy at all. Everyone I know that has talked about wanting a pup for a family dog or hunting, I have told them hi to Austin creek Farms. I believe 100% in what Mr. Ed told me “you can go online and find a more expensive dog, but you won’t find a better one” and that’s the truth!
Submitted by: Clyde Keller on Jul 02, 2018
Tess is pointing the wing, and gunfire doesn't bother her. Comes when called, sits and stays. She is a real Sweetheart !!
Submitted by: David Skinner on May 08, 2018
I picked up my puppy on April 27 2018. My grandchildren have taken my hunting dog away from me. I've already put a deposit down on another pup. I spent the morning with Ed and had a great time visiting with him. No need to buy a Brittney anywhere else.
Submitted by: Danielle on May 07, 2018
Mr. Ed and his wife welcomed my family with open arms when we arrived at Austin Creek Farms. Our orange and white Charlie is the prettiest and smartest little man. The experience was absolutely amazing and we are truly blessed to have spent the time we did at their Farm. Two drops of a quail wing in front of Charlie’s nose that day was all it took. He pulled his point so high and tight at six weeks old. The American Brittney is an amazing breed to say the least but Mr. Ed’s litters I’m positive will exceed your expectations! Beautiful dogs!!
Submitted by: Brittany McRae on May 03, 2018
So I want to start by saying how much we adore & love our Phoebe! She is beyond perfect for our little family and my son LOVES her, he is four! We simply cannot thank Ed & his wife enough for being the wonderful people that they are. Anyways, we took a little road trip last Saturday give or take 4 hours there and 4 back. Besides the fact that I got us lost in Birmingham on the way there and being so ecstatic about finally getting her it was all better when we arrived to pick up Phoebe. It felt like home as soon as we arrived! I found out about Mr.Ed's Brittanys online by doing some research and it all started with an hour 1/2 long phone call. Ed and I are so much alike when it comes to talking non stop haha I wouldn't let him get a word in seems like because I just wanted to know more more more! We waited a little over a week anticipating Phoebes arrival... I kept bugging Ed to send me pictures and updates.. needless to say I am VERY impatient lol but anyways, it almost felt like I was talking to family while we waited for Saturday to come and it felt no different when we finally made it out to Austin Creek Farms! I have been a Brittany breeder in the past and I know the dedication and hard work it takes to keep them happy. Ed and his wife are probably the most caring and selfless people I know and I have only known them for a couple of weeks! I just want to throw out there how many times Ed asked me if I was listening on the phone calls we shared haha or if I was just thinking about my new life with Phoebe :) We went on and on and probably could have talked all day long since we are so much alike.. as a matter of fact he told me I basically could be his "youngin" lol! We got very lucky with her and Ed promised me that she would be everything I was wanting and he was 110% right! Its weird not texting or calling them everyday and bugging them haha even though Ed said I could call him anytime I needed but we are beyond grateful and will be visiting them again for another Brittany in the future! Thanks to Ed and his lovely wife our family is now complete!
Submitted by: Ray Schmeck on May 02, 2018
I looked online to find another Brittany after my other one passed away. I wanted a female puppy and found Ed Bullard's website (Austin Creek Farms) on and called to enquire about a puppy. After waiting around five weeks I picked up my female, (Bella), April 27, 2018 and she is already making her mark in the family. She is smart and has adjusted to her new home quickly and is learning new things every day. Ed Bullard is easy to work with and will try to see that you get exactly what you want in a puppy! I look forward to many years of hunting and enjoying Bella.
Submitted by: Richard Dean on May 01, 2018
After narrowing down which breed of puppy we wanted to a couple, I gave Mr. Ed a call to continue this process. After the call and a trip with my family to see Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie's Brittanys, we were sold. The Bullard's were so informative and helpful through this process and last week we brought a wonderful white and orange Brittany puppy home. Timber has already brought memories and laughs!
Submitted by: James S. Files on Apr 30, 2018
My wife and I are super excited to have our new Puppy!! Mr. Ed Bullard and his wife raise their puppies in a loving environment, and all of his dogs and puppies are well taken care of. Happy with the health, color, and temperament of our new pup. Also, feel as though I left with a new friend in Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Will Ver Meulen on Apr 28, 2018
The Bullard's are the most kindhearted and charismatic people that I have met to date. I picked up my puppy yesterday (4/27), and I cannot put into words how happy I am. Koda is an amazing dog and I haven't the slightest doubt that he will make an exceptional bird dog. His personality is great and he is very a handsome puppy. If you are in search of a birddog/Brittany or just want a loving companion, well look no further my friends and reach out to Austin Creek Farms to add a little more love into your life!
Submitted by: Nick and Emily Lisle on Apr 16, 2018
WOW!! Where to begin on how amazing working with Mr. Ed was... the moment my husband met Mr. Ed, he said he knew that Austin Creek Farms was the place we needed to get our puppy. Mr. Ed is a nice, genuine, and caring man. When he found out our 4 year old son lost his last puppy, he went ABOVE and way beyond to make sure we got a puppy from his next litter. We toured the kennels and they are nice, clean, and well kept. You can tell Mr. Ed loves his dogs and takes great care of them! Our little "Cookie" girl we got from him is the sweetest and "cuddliest" (as our 4 yr old says) dog ever! She is a beautiful dog. If you are looking into getting a puppy, you CANNOT go wrong with Austin Creek Farms! Thank you for making our little boy so happy!
Submitted by: Jason Mallis on Apr 10, 2018
Mr. Bullard and his puppies are amazing! I got my male, Copper (orange and white), this past weekend (04/07/2018) and he is extremely intelligent. I could not be happier with the experience of dealing with Mr. Bullard versus other breeders. He truly cares about every puppy and ensures that they go to good homes.
Submitted by: Ben and Diann Rutherford on Apr 10, 2018
We lost our pride and joy Otis, who came from Austin Creek Kennels. With our hearts broken, we wanted another Brittany. There is no other breeder we considered. Ed and Donnie are wonderful Christian people, they love their dogs and it shows. Maggie has won our hearts in one day, she is going to be the real deal, another great hunter, and our new beloved little girl. Thank you Ed and Donnie.
Submitted by: Bill Sawyer on Apr 10, 2018
I picked up my Brittany puppy from Ed this past weekend. He and his wife have great puppies and I am thrilled with my liver colored male. I would definitely recommended Austin Creek Farms for a Brittany. Ed has done his job and now it's up to me to make "Huck" my hunting companion.
Submitted by: Sherry on Apr 09, 2018
My husband grew up with Brittanys but I didn’t know a lot about them. I was in love with this breed after talking Mr. Ed and Mrs. Bonnie’s and seeing their dogs. They were both so kind to show us around and explain more about Brittany puppies to me and our boys. Mr. Ed is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this breed... you want to take one home immediately.
We picked up our little girl, Roxie, this weekend and she is perfect...absolutely gorgeous. I was a little nervous to bring a puppy home with our 5&7 year old boys and Mr. Ed and Mrs. Bonnie answered all my questions and had great advice on what to expect the first few nights/ days, they gave us a great little booklet to read and showed us pictures of other dogs in her family. It was so exciting and I feel like they are family now.
Submitted by: David Hooper on Apr 08, 2018
Picked up Gabby a female brittney from Ed and Donnie yesterday. It was a great experience from the first time I called Ed until the day I picked her up. Ed is very knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. Gabby was great on the 2 1/2 hr trip home. I am looking forward to getting her in the field on some birds. I will probably get another one in about a year and will be sure to check with Ed at Austin Creek.
Submitted by: Trey Powe on Apr 08, 2018
From the first time we called Mr. Ed Bullard, we were comfortable with our decision to purchase an Austin Creek Brittany puppy. Luckily we were able to get a puppy within a few weeks. Seeing our Cotton playing with his litter mates was great. All of the puppies were so healthy and happy! Cotton is adapting quite well. He is very playful and eager to please. I am looking forward to training him to bird hunt and having him as a constant companion.
Submitted by: Maggie Grace Shytle on Apr 07, 2018
Our sweet little Radar is a beautiful liver and white female, and we couldn’t have asked for a more lovable puppy. We can’t thank Mr. Bullard enough for all of his help and kindness along the way. He was always very upfront with us about his expectations and easy to work with, especially since we had our pup transported all the way to California. Thanks again, we would recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone who wants a top notch Brittany and a new best friend.
Submitted by: Coltin Bell on Apr 07, 2018
Mr.Ed was so nice and helpful! He did his very best to help find us a puppy that met our desires. We are in love with our little lady, Lucille!
His prices are fair and his dogs were very well taken care of!
Thanks for all the help Mr. Ed!
Submitted by: Tracy Bracken on Apr 07, 2018
Well, I'm not going to say anything that hasn't already been said. But Ed and "Miss Donnie" treated us like family and turned over a beautiful little orange/white male (Murphy) to us just this week. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or better people to work with. As long as Ed is breeding these dogs I won't be going anywhere else for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Phyllis Henderson on Mar 29, 2018
I could not be more pleased about the entire Austin Creek Farms experience. Ed Bullard is personable and very knowledgeable and will converse with you for as long as you would like about the breed and breeding. I bought a female puppy last weekend and I am in love already. She is a beauty, smart, and fast as lightning. I highly recommend this breeder. He and his wife are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Submitted by: Clyde Keller on Mar 28, 2018
We’re and older couple that still likes to bird hunt and decided to get a pointing dog. Found Mr Ed’s website by chance. We became friends on the first phone call. We decided that a Brittany was the right breed for us and Mr Ed was able to supply us with a little female in a couple months. Little Tess made the six hour trip home like a champ. When in her kennel she doesn’t cry. Sleeps the whole night. Thank you Ed and Donnie
Submitted by: Hugh Herrin on Mar 27, 2018
Had a really fun time picking up my new pup & talking dogs with Mr. Ed. Its a real pleasure talking with somebody as experienced as Mr. Ed & thanks Mrs. Donnie for your hospitality!
Submitted by: Heath Gothard on Mar 27, 2018
We had an amazing Experience with Mr. Ed. From the first call and all the way through the process he was a pleasure to talk to. If you are looking for a Brittany you can not go wrong with Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Robert Stevens on Mar 26, 2018
Had a great time seeing y'all again and enjoyed talking to y'all as always we picked up our second puppy for our son she is beautiful as are all your dogs ,we had a great trip home with her she made the 6 hour trip with ease she is full of charm . Great Dog Thank you Ed and Mrs Donnie , and Suzy I'm sure we will be back.
Submitted by: Don Speight on Mar 26, 2018
My name is Don Speight, EMCM (SS) Retired. I talked to Ed in December 2017 after I decided that I wanted a Brittany. I had no idea of breeders and reviewed many websites to find one. So after reading The reviews for Austin Creek farms, which are all positive (as is mine) for good reason. Because Once you talk to Ed one time, he is a part of the family. He was honest up front about waiting list for a puppy and how long it could take. Asked what were my needs and desires for our pup. I was lucky and it didn’t quite take as long as stated, But let me tell you what, the bundle of joy I received is amazing and I would wait a year if need be for her. Her name is Cheyenne, and she is so beautiful, full of life and the most loving pet I have ever experienced. I believe it is truly because of the love she received as a puppy from Ed and his wife, which they provide for all their animals. Thank You Ed for such an enjoyable experience.
Submitted by: Betty Dowling on Mar 17, 2018
Rita will be three months old Monday, and I had to send Ed a picture of her today with her "first retrieve". Ed is a wealth of knowledge on how to introduce your puppy to the world of bird hunting. When you pick up your new best friend, be sure to give him the opportunity to offer some tips.
Hold on, you're one day closer!
Submitted by: John Steele on Mar 13, 2018
Ed and his wife were very good to deal with. I had ordered a female pup from them some time back and was notified he had what I had ordered ready to go. When I got there I received a pup we have named Maggie. But I let Ed, with the permission of my wife, convince me to take another pup. Named this one Dama. Maggie is a wonderful dog, let me just say that Dama is different. A good dog but a whole different personality than her sister Maggie.
Submitted by: Margaret Davidson on Feb 22, 2018
I loved the experience I had with Mr. Ed while selecting my white and orange Brittany, Rudder. Rudder is a very lovable and willing to learn puppy and is already "mostly house trained" and knows what "sit" means. After meeting Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie, I feel like part of the family. They are a joy and love their dogs and puppies. I am trying to find someone else who "needs" a new family member (puppy) to recommend Mr. Bullard just so they too can enjoy the GREAT experience I did and gain a forever friend!
Submitted by: Betty Dowling on Feb 22, 2018
I've been on this site a lot over the last several months admiring Ed's dogs as I tried to be patient in waiting for our new puppy, and tracking the heritage of our 11 yo Brittany whose granddaddy, I discovered, was a Bullard Brittany! It was fun to read the testimonials and they certainly confirmed that Ed was the right man to go to if you wanted a Brittany puppy.
Well, three weeks ago I finally got the call I was waiting for. Not only did my daughter and I get to go pick up my sweet Rita, but we finally got to meet Ed and Ms Donnie who already seemed like kinfolk! It was worth the wait and Ed was always so kind and patient in answering all my questions whenever I called.
Rita is a love. She is learning quickly and is fitting right in with this "senior" couple who still loves getting out in God's beautiful world.
If you are reading this, you're looking for a Brittany too. Your search is have found that right man to help you get your new best friend!
Submitted by: Nic Mullins on Feb 21, 2018
If you're searching for a Brittany then Austin Creek Farms is definitely the place you need to go. Just picked up my beautiful pup a few days ago and he is absolutely perfect! The Bullard's are the nicest folks you will ever meet and they truly have a passion for breeding Brittany's.
Submitted by: Janet Jones on Feb 20, 2018
Austin Creek Farm is a wonderful kennel! We bought our first Brittany this past weekend and Mr. Ed Bullard and his wife made our experience there top notch! He showed us around and introduced us to all his dogs and we felt like we had known him for years. His kennel was clean and all the dogs were very well taken care of. I would recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone who is looking to buy a Brittsny!
Submitted by: M S S on Feb 20, 2018
Enjoyed the visit and Ed was very helpful during the process. Great looking puppy and an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to reporting back this fall when we get him in birds. Thanks Ed
Submitted by: Rhonda Greene on Feb 17, 2018
We had the most amazing journey with the Bullards. They are exceptional breeders. They care for their dogs more than any breeder I have ever met. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great dog. We love our little "Piper".
Submitted by: Allie Green on Feb 14, 2018
I highly recommend Austin Creek Farms. Picked up my little girl last weekend and she is so beautiful, smart, and funny. House training is going great and she learned "sit" in a few short training sessions. I know we are going to have so many adventures together. She is such a cuddle bug when she's not in crazy puppy mode, ha ha! She's just perfect. Everyone has fallen in love with her.
Submitted by: stephanie young on Feb 13, 2018
We bought Cooper in January 2018. He is a very smart, spunky and beautiful dog. Our experience with Ed and his wife was GREAT!! I would FOR SURE recommend that if you are interested in this kind of dog that you would call and talk with Ed. You will NOT be disappointed!! You can tell how much he and his wife love their dogs. We are very satisfied and happy with OUR Cooper!!

Stephanie and Pat Young
Linden Alabama
Submitted by: Katie on Feb 12, 2018
I can not speak highly enough about how wonderful Ed and his wife are! They have been so sweet throughout the process of getting our new puppy and very professional. I would highly recommend getting your next puppy from Ed.
Submitted by: Bryan Miles on Feb 10, 2018
Ed and Donnie, the Miles cannot thank you enough for letting us in your home, allowing us to watch you raise a newborn puppy and walking us through the process of having our own puppy. It has been a pleasure getting to know the two of you. We look forward to staying in contact with you all.
Submitted by: Kelly Mcdonald on Feb 05, 2018
Great experience..Ed was very easy to work with.. provided all the need Ed information, concerning vaccinations and registration ..provided lots of helpful tips.. would gladly do business with Austin Creek farms and with recommended him.
Submitted by: Kendra & Tyler Stewart on Feb 04, 2018
I cannot begin to say how WONDERFUL Mr. Ed and his wife are. From the very first phone call I could tell that Mr. Ed has a genuine kindness that pours over into his love of Brittany's. I first began talking to Mr. Ed in November of last year and had a very specific request for my husband. Mr. Ed worked hard to get my husband exactly what he asked for and definitely went above and beyond. We picked up our Lola Belle yesterday and have been smiling ever since. We could have stayed and talked all day because they truly feel like family. You will not be disappointed with working with Austin Creek Farms. Mr. Ed and his wife are the absolute best and you'd be crazy to go elsewhere! I wish I could give 10+++ stars!
Submitted by: Hunter Mullins on Feb 03, 2018
If you are in need of a Brittany, this is the guy! Last night our Boykin got him a new best friend. I got a female Brittany from Ed and he is an A1 guy. Ever since the first day I called him, he has been very responsive and professional. To Ed this was more than a purchase, this was an opportunity for him to create a relationship. I could have stayed and talked with Ed and his wife all night. Not only do I have a great pup, I feel that I have made new friends. You don’t find many folks like the Bullards these days. Thank you so much Ed!
Submitted by: Ben Panter on Feb 02, 2018
We picked up Remington, a beautiful liver/white Brittany about a week ago from Austin Creek Farms. One of the best experiences I ever had purchasing a dog. The Bullards are some of the most genuine and down to earth people that I've met and they truly love their Brittanys. They not only opened up their kennel but they opened their home and made my family feel like part of their own. I recommend that anyone looking for a Brittany Spaniel contact Mr. Bullard. You will not regret it!!

Thanks to Mr&Ms. Bullard for their wonderful hospitality and amazing experience for our Family. Our boys are in love with the new addition to our family!!

Ben&Mandi Panter
Submitted by: Crystal Aycock on Feb 02, 2018
Ed and Donnie Bullard are the absolute best! We love them and are so happy that we got one of their puppies. He is the most beautiful and smartest dog ever! He is already spoiled rotten!
Submitted by: Megan Rushing on Jan 27, 2018
We have had the best experience picking up our new pup with the Bullards! They showed us the kennel which was very nice, and introduced us to all of their beautiful dogs. The love and passion they have for them is clear. Ed was open and friendly throughout all of our communications. We are in love with this beautiful puppy! We highly recommend Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: Chance Praytor on Jan 27, 2018
Had a wonderful experience with the Bullard’s! Our puppy is great! Will recommend to anyone who wants a spaniel or hunting dog! Miller is already pointing at 6 weeks!
Submitted by: Tom Baker on Jan 17, 2018
Our male pup is doing well - he is showing a lot of potential as well as being one of the sweetest pups. I wanted to thank Mr. Bullard for sharing his considerable knowledge of hunting Brits - it makes the purchase of a hunting pup a lot easier.
I would highly recommend talking to Mr. Bullard if you are thinking of buying a pup - he will definitely POINT you in the right direction.
Submitted by: D. Bumgarner on Jan 11, 2018
We picked up Jetpack for our son Luke two days before Christmas. Needless to say, they have taken to each other well. Jetpack is a well built, handsome pup. Thank you Mr. Ed.
Submitted by: Judson Pheny on Jan 06, 2018
This is our families second Brittany. Ed Bullard is absolutely the best man to get your dog from.We love Winston our 1 year old, and Maggie our new 8 week old puppy. We will be back in the Future to Mr. Ed to get more!
Submitted by: Keith Rainwater on Jan 06, 2018
Mr. and Mrs Bullard are all around good people. Its plain they care a great deal about their dogs. Mr Bullard has a deep knowledge of his dogs pedigrees and their history. Our pup is a playful and happy pup. He has taken to house training very well. I have a deposit for a female in the near future. we are very pleased with our pup.
Submitted by: Jack Kimbrell on Dec 27, 2017
Wonderful, energetic, and healthy puppy. Amazing dog. My granddaughter is already preparing to take her away from me.
Submitted by: Rachel Bell on Dec 26, 2017
We picked up our new puppy several days ago, and already she has made her place in our family! We have had many dogs in the past, but one thing is for sure, nothing compares to a Brittany! Our sweet girl is friendly, playful, cuddly, and adventurous. We can't thank the Bullards enough! Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are two of the kindest people you will ever meet and they made the whole process super easy. It is obvious that they love raising their beautiful brittanys!
Submitted by: Robert Stevens on Dec 23, 2017
It was a pleasure meeting Ed and his wife. Really enjoyed the tour of his kennels. He has some really beautiful dogs and we are so happy to get our little girl right here at Christmas. Probably will have to secure another one for son and daughter-in-law as they have fell in love with ours.
Submitted by: William Russell on Dec 23, 2017
We had a wonderful experience dealing with Mr. and Mrs. Bullard. And we love our pup so much already after driving 3 hours one way just yesterday to pick her up. The drive was well worth it. We were truly touched by how we were instantly welcomed into their home. Can easily tell they love very much what they do. They've made this the best Christmas possible.
Submitted by: Jordan Hagen on Dec 19, 2017
Ed and Ms. Donnie are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. My wife and I wanted a Brittany so we did a little research and stumbled on Austin Creek Farms as well as many other breeders. While doing our research, we found that no one was as polite and answered all of questions like Ed could. We first met Ed and Ms. Donnie a little over a year ago, they let us meet some of their dogs and we were sold. We put down our deposit, and waited for our Brittany. We just picked up our orange and white Brittany and couldn’t be happier! We named our pup Wrangler and we look forward to the good times we will have together. Thank you Ed and Ms. Donnie for putting in all the time and hard work you do!
Submitted by: Kuhlman on Sep 20, 2017
What a wonderful experience from beginning to end! Ed always took the time to answer phone calls and any questions we had about Brittanys. We picked up our puppy, Lilly back in June. She's taken no time at all adapting to our lifestyle. I'm ready for another one!!! Thanks Ed, Austin Creek Farms!

The Kuhlmans
Submitted by: Pamela Gonsalves on Sep 18, 2017
Austin Creek Farms- Ed Bullard....

After much research, my husband decided our next dog would be a Brittany...Among other breeders, I contacted Ed Bullard from an internet search...Even though he did not have EXACTLY what we wished for, I knew he would be the breeder that I would entrust to provide our next dog...My husband had specifics- he wanted a liver & white female puppy....Mr. Bullard spent SO MUCH time on the phone with me- explaining how he certainly did not have such a puppy currently it may be a long wait time, no one can predict the outcome of a litter of puppies, etc....well, he calls me back like the NEXT DAY and told me he had found me a female Brittany puppy liver & white- WOW! He referred us to a friend of his who had such a puppy ( the parents were previously owned by Ed and he could vouch for the parental lineage)...Thanks to Ed Bullard, we now have AKC registered Ray's Lil Cocoa born July 4th, 2017....I can tell you that if you are looking for a Brittany, look no further than Ed Bullard...You won't find a finer man than Mr. Bullard...
Submitted by: Wil Hildebrand on Sep 14, 2017
My female pup - Sweet Covey Music - was breed from Reb's Confection and Reb's Mountain Music. Born on October 22, 2016. She come along good with all basic training. Covey was first introduced to birds on September 9 2017. On that first day she pointed and retrieved, although retrieving will need some polishing. From that first day, she will hold a rock solid point for up to 10 minutes- totally amazing - Today is the fifth day since first being introduced to birds and her hunting drive is insane. I actually had to hide her "Training Wing" on the roof of my house to stop her from hunting. I have had Brittany's for many years, and this girl is something special. Can't wait to hunt her for real. Thanks Mr. ED!
Submitted by: Richard Bordelon on Aug 22, 2017
One can read all the testimonials, but cannot really experience what has been said about Ed and Donnie Bullard.They are probably the most sincere and honest individuals I have ever dealt with. The have a first class operation and truly love what they do with their dogs. I think that Ed can personally tell you off hand the bloodlines of all his dogs.Our short visit turned into an enjoyable two hours trading our stories about our experiences with our Brittanys'. If you are looking for a great Brittany, you cannot do better that working with Mr. ED and Ms. Donnie. Our new pup Beaux at 12 weeks is already pointing!!!
Submitted by: Bob Black on Aug 07, 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are the best. Mr. Ed's dogs were not cooperating with his breeding plans. But he went off to find himself some puppies and found one for me as well. I thought I really needed a Brittany puppy -- got my first one about 40 years ago and have been without a dog for too many years recently -- thought I would have to wait months to get one of Mr. Ed's pups. Very pleased with my new friend. Hope he's going to be a good family pet and a really good birddog if I don't mess him up too much. Don't believe I could have done as well anywhere else. Very grateful to Mr. Ed for letting me have this pup.
Submitted by: Joey Epps on Jul 15, 2017
Outstanding people and even better kennel. We had a wonderful transaction. Excellent pedigree and beautiful example of the breed. If you're looking for a Brittany, then you won't find anyone better than Ed and Donnie. You'll absolutely love them.
Submitted by: Maxwell Carter on Jul 12, 2017
Ed and Mrs. Donnie are wonderful people and do an excellent job and have great facilities that are impeccably clean and maintained. They have some of the most superb bloodlines of Brittany Spaniels that I have ever seen and I have owned them since a young child. We are super excited about our new puppy and thank you very much for all the patience with us!!
Submitted by: Krista Carter on Jul 11, 2017
I have been wanting a Brittany for many years now and when we met Ed and his wonderful wife, we knew this was the breeder for us! I can't say enough about how wonderful they are! You can tell that they love their dogs to the moon and back! I am so proud to have one of their sweet pups and I can't wait to see what the future holds! If you are looking for a top notch, caring breeder, look no further than Austin Creek Farms!!!!
Submitted by: Wesley and Alex Woolard on Jul 11, 2017
We picked up Shores, a white and orange male, last Friday. He is our first Brittany and my husband and I are already in love! Our 6 year old brown lab is learning to love him.(ha) Shores is beautiful, playful, and smart.

My in-laws bought their first Brittany, Birdie, a year ago and loved working with the Bullards. Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are so helpful and informative. They really are a joy to work with.

Thank you Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie for helping us find the perfect match for our family!!

Alex and Wesley Woolard
Submitted by: Marc & Debby Burdick on Jul 11, 2017
We are so happy with our experience with Ed & Austin Creek Farms! Our female puppy Murphy won our hearts from day one, she has such a sweet personality.
The kennels were spotless and we could tell the dogs/puppies were very well cared for and Ed answered our many questions anytime we called while on the waiting list. We highly recommend Ed Bullard & Austin Creek Farms when looking to bring a Brittany into your family!!
Submitted by: Will Shurling on Jul 10, 2017
My wife and I recently picked up our female puppy from Ed. I spent a tremendous amount of time researching and talking to breeders before selecting Ed. From the very first time I spoke with ED I could tell the tremendous passion and love he had for his dogs and the breed. Our puppy was well socialized and loving from the moment we held her. I cannot thank Ed and Donnie enough for all the love and care they put into their dogs. Once I can convince my wife that our little girl needs a friend I will be placing another down deposit. She is already very adventurous and cannot wait to put her on some birds soon.
Submitted by: Ricky Crosby on Jul 10, 2017
We picked up our first Brittany Spaniel from Mr. Bullard and Ms. Donnie yesterday. We are already in love with him! He is so sweet and today he sat on command with just a couple of tries so he is going to be very smart! Mr. Ed and Ms. Donnie run a top notch facility-everything was very well organized and they are extremely knowledgable about Brittany Spaniels! We definitely recommend them.
Submitted by: Abby Armstrong on Jul 09, 2017
Mr. Ed is the best! He is so sweet and caring towards his pups and his customers. My family got a puppy from him a little over two years ago, and now I have my own. My new pup is adorable and has such a good temperament. Brittanys are such wonderful dogs! So easily trainable and great personalities. I would recommend Mr. Ed to anyone who was looking for a Brittany!
Submitted by: Danny Hall on Jul 07, 2017
All I can say when I first met Ed and Donnie is friendly, friendly and more friendly. It's been a while since I have trained dogs and am at a point in life I can finally take time to take it serious and needed a serious hunting blood line...I think I hit the jack pot with Austin Creek Farms. When I first pulled up I could tell by their facility that they take bird dogs seriously. I can't say enough about how we were treated but more that that, I can't say enough about how they treat their Brittany's. Reb's Graham Cracker, our new Brittany has already made himself at home here in Eva Alabama, and I look forward in starting his training in a couple weeks. Ed and Donnie, thank you for our new friendship, and thank you for you love of the sport and your dedication to the breed.
Submitted by: Bill Bedgood on Jun 26, 2017
Picked up our first Brittany yesterday from Ed and Donnie. Beautiful Liver and White female. She captured out hearts as soon as we saw her. We met Donnie and Ed a couple months ago and felt like we had known them forever. Great people with great dogs. I'm sure we'll be spending time together in the future. Hopefully I'll be able to bring our sweet girl to hunt with Ed and his dogs one day soon.
Submitted by: Jim Kelly on Jun 19, 2017
We picked up our third pup from Mr. Ed and Ms. Donnie on Saturday. Our first was a liver and white male in 2003 followed by a black and white male in 2009. This one is a handsome orange and white little guy. The first two pups have been excellent hunters and even better members of our family. There is nothing better than a day in the field with these dogs doing what they were bred to do, then settling in for an evening by the fire with your buddy curled up at your feet! These dogs give you everything they have to give. It starts with good bloodlines, but the nurturing Ms. Donnie gives them from birth and the care the Bullards exercise with their dogs makes everything about the experience first class. The Bullards are special people; it's a pleasure to have known them for the past 14 years!
Submitted by: Katheine Lee on Jun 18, 2017
When we lost Amos, our 8 year old Brittany from Ed Bullard, in a sad accident right before Christmas; we were devastated. He was an amazing dog who went everywhere with us, never met a stranger, loved every dog he ever met, loved to hunt, loved to fish, just basically loved life and going and doing everything with his family. We were broken hearted and called Ed right after Christmas. Ed has been so kind and caring over the past six months--he has been in constant contact assuring us he would "get us another great pup" and that he would "get me another baby as soon as possible." We were overjoyed when he called in May and said he had us a liver male that is actually our Amos's nephew. This new puppy's daddy and Amos were half brothers. I can't tell you how much it meant to us that he worked so hard to get us another sweet baby that was related to our beloved Amos. We picked our new puppy Murray up on Thursday. We had the best visit with Ed and Mrs Donnie and all of their beautiful dogs. I could have stayed there for hours loving on every single one of their dogs and visiting with them. What a treat that was! We are settling Murray in here in his new home and he is truly amazing. He is of course the cutest thing ever (he has a half mustache that is precious) and so loving and we can already tell he is super smart. After two days of simple work he is recognizing his name, learning potty area, and he actually sat by hand signal this afternoon. He is going to be something else. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ed!! You promised me you would get us another great pup and you certainly did!!
Submitted by: Jennifer Massey on Jun 15, 2017
We were shopping for a Brittany when a friend of mine referred me to the Bullards. Thank goodness she did because we knew immediately that we were working with honest people who take good care of their pups. We have had our puppy for a couple of weeks now and, teething aside, he is a treat to have around. He is adorable, smart and strong. Little Copper was just the puppy we were looking for.
Submitted by: Carrie Davis on Jun 02, 2017
"Good People" seem to be harder to come by these days, but from the moment you meet the Bullards, you know that there are still some out there! When we lost our last Brittany, we were absolutely devastated and our good friends pointed us immediately to Ed Bullard! We knew from the very first conversation we had with him that he was the real McCoy! And it didn't take long after reading some of the testimonials from others that they felt that way too!
They say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and yes, we had to do a little waiting for our precious baby girl, but boy was she worth it! We were so excited when we received the call that our pup was ready, that we both felt like kids on Christmas morning!
The only way I can describe our arrival at
Austin Creek Farms was that it felt like coming home! Everything about the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. From the time we got out of the truck until we said our final goodbyes, I felt like I had known these sweet people my entire life! Even our 16 month old was right at home! (He was attached to Mr. Ed's hip the entire time) THAT's when you know it's "Good People" 😊
Not only did Ed and Mrs. Donnie exceed our expectations with their generous hospitality, they gave us the perfect pup to complete our family! If you're searching for the perfect dog, no matter what their "job" will be in your life (hunter, companion or all of the above) I can promise you there is no other place you'll find this quality of dog! Ed and his wife have raised Brittanies for over 40 years and they know the breed well! They are honest people and stand by their guarantee!
Thank you Bullard family for restoring the faith that "Good People" do still exist and "The best things in life TRULY ARE worth waiting for"
Love you guys,
Carrie Davis
Submitted by: Rhonda Greene on May 29, 2017
We met Mr. Bullard and Mrs. Donnie awhile back and we fell in love with them. They are so kind and give you so much helpful information for your new puppy. We brought Piper home 5/26/17and she is a joy. She is already crate trained! We are glad we chose Austin Creek Farms for our Brittany puppy. We would highly recommend them. They are NOT a puppy mill.
Submitted by: James and Tanya Cleckler on May 28, 2017
Mr. Bullard and Ms. Donnie were so gracious and welcoming when we came to pick up our puppy. They took time to explain the incredible pedigree behind our little guy. My daughter, wife, and I are in love with this little dude. From the very first phone call I made to Mr. Bullard to the time we left with our puppy he was honest, thorough, and up front about the process. I could not be happier. I would never even consider anyone else if I were to buy another brittany. There's only 1 place I would go.
Submitted by: Maria McCloud on May 21, 2017
Our Brittany, Oliver, is now almost six months old. We have never had a Brittany, but we have to admit, we are already contemplating getting another one in a few years. They have to be one of the most friendliest and lovable dogs that exist. They are truly amazing and smart. Potty training was effortless. No bells or whistles needed! He is completely trained and will whine when he needs to go out. We didn't have to do anything except show him where to go. Establishing a schedule was also another easy task. He fell right into our routine from the very beginning. He goes to sleep, on his own, around 9 p.m. and sleeps all through the night, never waking us even once! He learns commands easily with just a small treat, plays fetch and catch, loves chasing Matchbox cars, and is learning to play hide and seek! Most of all, he is wonderful with children. We have two small grandsons, four and five years old, and they love him. Oliver took to them instantly. We also have a Yorkie that he can't seem to be without. They eat together, go for walks together, and play and nap together. Oliver will even sit patiently and wait for the Yorkie to get done eating before eating himself. A Brittany is an amazing breed. People stop to pay compliments as to how "absolutely beautiful" Oliver is and ask all about him. We are truly thankful to Ed at Austin Creek Farms for the opportunity to discover and fall in love with this incredibly wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Robert Stevens on Apr 12, 2017
I have enjoyed talking with Mr. Ed Bullard several times over the last 2 months and there is no question in my mind Ed knows his Brittany's . I was happy to hear he received my deposit and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of his beautiful puppies . I have truly enjoyed Ed sharing his knowledge with me , what a great experience this has become. look forward to meeting them both soon.Thanks Ed.
Submitted by: Jeff and Rachael Wilson on Apr 08, 2017
We picked up our beautiful dog Scout from Ed and his lovely wife back in December. The entire process of selecting and going home with the dog was great.

First, I'd like to talk about the dog. This is the first Brittany I have ever owned. I did a good bit of research and felt that I knew what to expect from the breed, but I can easily say that this dog has exceeded my expectations and is a truly wonderful animal.

At the time of this review, Scout is around 6 months old. She is beautiful, incredibly sweet, a little bit spunky, athletic, incredibly smart, and easy to train. Everyone who sees her comments on her beauty and her sweetness, and that's not a coincidence. She is truly a wonderful dog. Ed told me that I would never want any other dog once I'd had a Brittany, and while that might not be true, I do think that we'll always have a Brittany in the family after this experience. She's just that wonderful.

Second, I would like talk about Ed and Donnie. Do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to call these people if you are interested in purchasing a Brittany. They are two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and working with them to get a dog was a pleasurable, never stressful experience. I never felt pressured, I never felt I was being lied to, I never felt that they were anything less than genuine. My wife and I came home not just with a dog, but with a new pair of friends as well.
Submitted by: Tom Baker on Apr 05, 2017
Just got back from visiting Mr. Bullard and getting on the list. My family and I really his enjoyed his hospitality. He was very knowledgeable about bird dogs and gracious with his time. My family absolutely adored him.
Submitted by: Dennis White on Apr 04, 2017
We have just lost our Junuh in mid March 2017 that we got from Ed and Donny back in late 2008. His dad is Chief and his mom is Speedee Dare,both beautiful brittneys. Broken hearted Kris and I were left with a huge hole in our lives not having our Junuh to always be there ready to romp and love unconditionally. I called Ed this past week to let him know of Junuh's passing. Ed said "you need to get you another one to fill that hole youngun"! After a couple of days we rode up to their home and talked,laughed,petted and cried as we loved on Chief, Banjo and the others. It did us a world of good to to talk about it with Ed and Donny who understand these pets are a part of your family. Our next one will be coming from Ed! Thank you so much for your support, understanding and sympathy over our loss. Dennis and Kris
Submitted by: Bill Bedgood on Mar 30, 2017
We went to visit Ed Bullard and his wife at Austin Creek Farms to put a deposit on one of his Brittany puppies. They are both wonderful people. They have some great dogs. Really excited about being on his list.
Submitted by: Randy Unger on Mar 26, 2017
Been friends with Mr. Bullard about 5 years on Facebook and he's posting pictures of Brittanies there .been trying for awhile to get another Brit. And he found what I wanted , a black and white female , super smart little lady hard to believe I know with in a week she's potty broke and points a bird wing .everytime I wanted to talk Brittanies, Mr. Bullard was ready to talk and answered all of my questions never got to visit his kennels, I'm in Iowa under doctors care and when called and told me he had a pup for me what joy , found Gundog Express out of North Dakota, and within 3 days I had my pup...I want to end by saying Mr Bullard has some of the BEST dogs in this country and when you talk to him on the phone he treats you like family.............
Submitted by: Ben Pitts on Mar 23, 2017
Ed went all out to get my daughter the perfect Brittany puppy. His knowledge of the pedigree and love for these dogs is very evident. We brought our dog home five days ago and she is smart, friendly, active, and the joy of our home and neighborhood. Her name is Willow and thank you Ed for bringing her to us!
Submitted by: Ryan Whatley on Mar 22, 2017
My wife and I decided two years ago that we wanted a Brittany and first visited Mr. Bullard. After visiting, we knew Instantly that was where we wanted to get our dog from and put down a deposit. When life happened and our plans changed, Ed understood and we kept in touch. Now, a move and baby later, we are happy that little Miss Harper has joined our family and will grow up with our son! I can't wait to take them both hunting one day! You won't find a nicer family to work with.
Submitted by: Stacey king on Mar 20, 2017
Mr. Bullard brings so much knowledge and experience with brittanies and a pleasure to deal with in understanding the breed and the buying experience. His network of other breeders in the south are also extensive which enabled him to find a puppy of my preference.
Submitted by: Barry M. Conley on Mar 20, 2017
Just got back from Austin Creek Farms and meeting the infamous Ed Bullard. When I left "Conley's Amazin Grace" was on my lap and in my heart. After having grown up with hounds, this will be my venture into the world of bird dogs. I am excited and can't wait to shoot my first bird over her. Thanks brother Ed.
Submitted by: Meghan Heard on Mar 20, 2017
We have only had our puppy since Saturday but I can tell you she is already such a blessing to our entire family. She is so smart, sweet and wonderful with our kids. Mr. Ed made the entire process easy and enjoyable which was icing on the cake to our receiving the best puppy we could have ever asked for. Words can't express how thankful we are to you and your sweet wife for our new addition to the family!
Submitted by: Beth on Mar 17, 2017
Our little girl will be two years old next month. She is full of spunk and beauty. Everyone comments about how beautiful she is. My veterinarian told me she should be a show dog, and that she has too good of a pedigree not to breed her! She is definitely the boss at home! We know she came from the best hunting stock, and she is really showing us! She is doing great, and when she points, my heart almost stops she is so beautiful! Mr. Bullard absolutely gave us the best pup we could have ever asked for!!
Submitted by: Ryan Zuerner on Mar 15, 2017
I first had the pleasure to meet with the Bullards last summer. I told Mr. Ed that I was looking for my new best friend to hunt with, and as he showed me around his kennels, introducing me to every dog, I knew I had come to the right man. He told me about their hunting prowess, their pedigrees, their histories, and other great stories on each dog. My father and I had the pleasure to come back and pick up a beautiful liver and white male puppy this past Saturday, and it was just as great of a visit as my first trip. I have been truly impressed with the care and attention to detail that the Bullards take in raising Brittanys, and the same level of care and customer satisfaction that they have shown towards me. Mr. Ed will be my very first phone call when I'm ready for my next Brittany.
Submitted by: Mike Whitehead on Mar 13, 2017
I've purchased three Brittany pups in the last 13 months. I wish I had started (and ended) with Ed at Austin Creek. I couldn't ask for more friendly, helpful and professional service. His bloodlines are as good as any i've seen for much higher prices. I purchased a beautiful liver and white female. Very pleased with the experience and my pup. Thanks Ed!
Submitted by: Wes and Allison Trammell on Jan 22, 2017
FIRST CLASS! We can't say enough good things about the Bullard's and Austin Creek Farms. From the first time you meet Mr. and Mrs. Bullard you will be made to feel like you are part of their family. In addition to just being wonderful people, their breeding operation is top notch. Ed is a hunter and truly understands what a hunter is looking for, but he is also quick to tell you that the first and foremost thing he wants for his pups is that they go to a home where they are treated like part of the family. The pedigree of the dogs Ed has is truly first class. If you are contemplating a Brittany then I recommend giving Ed a call. He will be more than willing to answer any questions you might have. If you have decided on a Brittany then look no further than Austin Creek Farms. You won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Joe Flippo on Jan 21, 2017
Our experience with Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Ed Bullard was fantastic. Our first visit we were able to see the kennel and all of the beautiful dogs that Mr. Ed has and it was great to hear the enthusiasm that Mr. Ed has for Brittanys, he sat down and we talked puppies and life for like an hour, and the Bullards are such genuine people. We just received our little Brittany puppy and it has just been a great experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a brittany to contact Mr. Ed and get their name on the list. Cannot say enough good things about this kennel. Thank you Mr. Ed
Submitted by: Joe Flippo on Jan 21, 2017
Our experience with Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Ed Bullard was fantastic. Our first visit we were able to see the kennel and all of the beautiful dogs that Mr. Ed has and it was great to hear the enthusiasm that Mr. Ed has for Brittanys, he sat down and we talked puppies and life for like an hour, and the Bullards are such genuine people. We just received our little Brittany puppy and it has just been a great experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a brittany to contact Mr. Ed and get their name on the list. Cannot say enough good things about this kennel. Thank you Mr. Ed
Submitted by: Maria McCloud on Jan 16, 2017
This is our first time getting a puppy from a breeder and it has been such a great experience. After researching several breeders online and experiencing their rather undesirable processes, we can honestly say that Austin Creek Farms is by far the most trustworthy and friendly. We look forward to our new addition to our family! Thank you Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: Stephanie McCain on Dec 27, 2016
Wonderful man! Can't wait to purchase another dog from him
Submitted by: Katherine Lee on Dec 25, 2016
I have been meaning to post about our sweet Amos for your years and can't believe I am just now doing this. We got Amos from Ed Bullard eight years ago and so so sadly he passed in a heart breaking accident day before yesterday. I cannot even put into words what a wonderful dog he was. He was the heart of our family. He was so smart and so kind and so loving. He was an amazing bird dog and also practically a sibling to our two children. From the first few weeks we got him we knew he was special--super smart and so eager to learn and please. My father in law would drive out of his way to pick him up every morning at 5:45 am to work him with his own bird dogs or take him hunting in season because he was so impressed with Amos and really enjoyed working with him. My brother in law and sister in law begged to keep him if we were going out of town because they loved him so much. The outpouring of texts and calls from close friends yesterday was so humbling. They all said Amos was like family to them. He loved every person and every other dog he met. As one friend said "He was such a gentleman." We were recommended to Ed by a friend years ago saying his dogs are the best. They truly are. Amos was something special. The picture we have the day we got Amos has Ed and our two children holding him. You can tell the love in Ed's eyes for these dogs. Thank you Ed. I truly can't thank you enough.
Submitted by: Stephen Faughn on Dec 22, 2016
Our family would like to thank Mr. Ed for our newest family member, "SADIE MAY". Mr. Bullard has dedicated generations to his love for Brittanys. This shows in each puppy that is put in their new family. If you have always wanted a Brittany, I would put my name on Mr. Ed's waiting list. You won't find a better pup!!
Submitted by: Janet Kendrick on Dec 22, 2016
We picked up our little orange and white female puppy from Mr. Ed on Saturday. She is such a doll! Our mini schnauzer absolutely loves her and I can tell that they will be best friends. Working with Mr. Ed was a pleasure, and meeting his wonderful wife, Mrs. Donnie was an added bonus. The pride and love they have for their dogs was very evident. Kennels were clean and well taken care of.
Thanks so much! Lucy is our best Christmas present ever!
Submitted by: Chris and Diane Cone on Dec 18, 2016
Started my search August of 2015. After contacts with two other breeders who didn't have any litters available ventured out and found Mr Bullards site Austin Creek Farms. I was impressed in regards to the knowledge of Brittanys Mr Bullard has and all the positive reviews people left.

He worked with me and my family when it came to selecting the dog that was right for us. On the day we went to pick up our puppy Mr Bullard was very welcoming and showed us all the other beautiful dogs he had. We got to see the mother and father of our baby and we were again impressed with how the dogs were cared for. Ample space for each dog, clean pine shavings, clean water and food available.

When he gave us our puppy he welcomed us into his home where he showed us his pride and joy a 10 year old female brittany. She demonstrated his talent for training and the ability of the breed to respond to commands. He was honest, friendly and very accommodating. We are very pleased and couldn't be happier with our brittany "Toby" and he is a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Ben Pitts on Dec 17, 2016
We had a great visit to Austin Creek Farms to check out Ed's Brittany Spaniels. The dogs and their personalities are upbeat and positive, like Ed himself. It was a morning well spent and we cannot wait to get our Brittany from Austin Creek!
Submitted by: William & Chanel Harris on Dec 13, 2016
I cant even begin to describe how awesome our experience was ! My husband, our three children, and I went up there to meet our new family member ! We got a male and he is honestly the best dog we have ever had ! His name is Captain and he is almost already house trained ! The kids love him and so do we ! Not to mention Mr. Ed is just an awesome guy ! He was so sweet and made us feel like family. Also the kennels where the dogs are extremely clean ! I have never seen anything like it !! We are incredibly grateful!
~ Love the Harris Family
Submitted by: Joe Loftin on Dec 13, 2016
On December 2, 2016 my grandson ,Maddox, picked up Rose, our new Brittany Puppy, and another puppy for a good friend. I highly recommend contacting Ed Bullard if you are interested in a quality Brittany Birddog. I can honestly say that Ed went above and beyond to be sure that we are satisfied with our new puppy, and his dogs are beautiful. I look forward to a lot of good quail hunting behind her. Thanks again ED.
Joe and Maddox
Submitted by: Dave and Dee Alei on Dec 10, 2016
We picked up Bullet's Augie Daugie from Ed on December 6th and couldn't be happier with our new puppy! The only downside to the whole experience was that we never got to meet Miss Donnie. She wasn't home when we first went to Austin Creek in April to see Ed's dogs, and she was out again when we picked up our new pup. Ed is what we call in the Southwest "good people" and I know we missed out by not meeting his better half. I heartily recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking for a great Brittany. Augie is our first of this breed, but judging from the first few days we've had with him, he won't be our last - and we'll go back to Austin Creek when we're ready for another!
Submitted by: Melissa Smith on Dec 09, 2016
1 year ago our lives changed! We got a call from one of the sweetest men I have ever met in my life and told us we got first choice of the puppy of my husband's dreams. Never did I think he could love a dog this much. She is off the charts hyper and crazy, but we love her anyways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAMA! #BamsSouthernPride #firstbirthday
Submitted by: wil hildebrand on Dec 08, 2016
WOW what an experience!The Bullards' run a PROFESSIONAL operation. All their puppies are very well cared for and are all up on their shots and ready to go when you pick up your pup. I have had Brittanys for 20 years but this is my first pedigree, and if the first 5 days are any indication of the quality of their dogs, it will be a joy to raise and hunt my little girl COVEY. If their is a better Brittany breeder, you will be hard pressed to find one. It took a while for Mr. Ed to find the right pup for me, but well worth the wait. Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie live for their dogs. What nice people to deal with!
Submitted by: Curtis on Nov 06, 2016
I picked up my Brittany puppy from Mr. Bullard this past week. He and his wife are some of the nicest people around! They have some great puppy's and I am thrilled with my little Hendrix. I would definitely recommended people looking for a Brittany to give him a call!
Submitted by: Connor Pheny on Oct 31, 2016
I purchased a brittany pup from ed a couple of days ago and it he was the nicest guy ever! Right when we got there he brought us in his house and introduced us to one of his dogs and told us everything we need to know about brittanys. After that he brought us to where he had all of the dogs and showed us all of them, then he showed us our pup. Our puppy winston has been the sweetest thing ever. Ed is such a great guy and was a excellent experience! He will be the guy I go to when we want another!
Submitted by: Jeremy on Oct 30, 2016
Highly recommend Mr. Bullard at Austin Creek Farms if you are looking at Britney puppy. My little boy loves his new puppy, Molly, and we look forward to many years spending in the field with her.
Submitted by: Andy and Julie Johnson on Oct 29, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Bullard welcomed our family into their family. They shared their home and refreshments! We enjoyed the tour around their home and kennels. We especially love our puppy, Spooky Johnson! We recommend Austin Creek Farms to all wanting a Brittany!
Submitted by: Amy Stone on Oct 17, 2016
My family fell in love with the Brittany after dogsitting the breed. Ed came to the rescue and we then had a puppy quickly. Ed has been very helpful with any of our needs and we love our new puppy! Highly recommend Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Bradley Hilderbrand on Sep 19, 2016
I had a great experience with Austin Creek Farms. Ed not only sold me a great puppy he has also been very helpful with my questions after I brought the puppy home. Ed doesn't just sell dogs he makes friends for life. Thanks for you help Ed.
Submitted by: Stephen Penfield Little, Jr. on Sep 15, 2016
We picked up our girl, Lucy last Sunday from Austin Creek Farms. We were welcomed by Mr. Ed who was full of enthusiasm. He introduced us to his older Brittany Spaniels, all full of life. Our family appreciated how Ed cared for his dogs; they all seemed extremely happy and comfortable. We walked up to his house where we met Mrs. Donnie, who introduced us to our sweet Lucy. We were all thrilled to meet her, and Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were excited for us. The Bullards were nothing but friendly to us, truly defining southern hospitality. The whole experience was a 10/10, easy and enjoyable. Our family is beyond happy that Lucy is in our family, and thankful for Mr. Ed and sweet Mrs. Donnie for everything they did for us. Lucy is home and already enjoying her new family. If looking for a Brittany, give Ed Bullard a call.
Submitted by: Joe Edd & Cathy Stifflemire on Sep 10, 2016
We are so glad we found Austin Creek Farms! It has been a little over 2 years since we made our trip from Texas to Alabama to pick our pup up! We met the Bullard'so for the first time! These people are the salt of the earth. Ed & Donnie love their pups. Tug is everything we were hoping to find in a bird dog! Great family pup at home & AWESOME field dog! He is a real hunting machine! Had him trained & the trainer said he could be a champion if we field trialed him. He was so impressed with Tug. Said that Tug had drive to hunt that he had never seen in other Brittany pups. We will be repeat customers as Austin Creek Farms is the real deal!
Submitted by: Abbey Mitchell on Sep 01, 2016
I've had my Brittany for almost a week and I fell in love with him the second I met him! Mr. Bullard and his wife were very welcoming and it's easy to see they love their dogs, but I think they love even more to see the happiness their puppies bring other people. From the first time I reached out to Mr. Bullard he was very helpful and excited to find me the perfect dog. I am more than happy with my baby, Scout and look forward to a lot of sweet memories with him!
Submitted by: Steve Maddox on Aug 28, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are some of the nicest people you will meet. They have a wonderful home with a fantastic view. Mr Bullard has a great kennel very clean his Brittany dogs are loved and taken very good care of. He knows the breed inside and out. Our puppy is so full of life she is has already pointed a butterfly in the yard this morning. Ellie is a sweetheart wants to please everyone. Mr Bullard answered all my questions a bout my pup. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Abby on Aug 28, 2016
We picked up our sweet Sadie from Mr. Bullard a couple of days ago and have fell in love. She is the sweetest puppy and has the best personality! We highly recommend Mr. Ed Bullard and Austin Creek Farms due to the amazing hospitality and experience we received. Choosing Austin Farms was the best decision we made, and we look forward to seeing our Sadie grow into a successful bird dog!
Submitted by: Justin Daugherty on Aug 27, 2016
We just picked up our orange and white female yesterday from Mr Ed Bullard. We love our new pup. Mr Ed Bullard as a true passion for these dogs and a great person to spend the day with. I would highly recommend Mr Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Steven Gross on Aug 25, 2016
Our experience with Mr. Bullard was positive from the first phone call until we left with our new little fella. He was very thorough over the phone with regard to the bloodline of the puppy, what we could expect, and all the initial treatment the puppy had and would receive before pick up. We spoke several times and I not only enjoyed our conversations, but I also learned a great deal more about Brittany Spaniels than I had previously known. Our Austin Creek Farms experience was a good one and we are happy to have the new addition to our family!
Submitted by: Dan on Aug 25, 2016
Wish I could fully describe the wonderful animal mr Ed helped make possible. I have enjoyed Harry the orange and white handsome Brittany more than I believed possible. The most loving and athletic best friend is he.
Thank you ten fold Mr Ed
Submitted by: William D Parker on Aug 19, 2016
Molly is about to turn 12 weeks and she is awesome. She is becoming an awesome hunting dog as the weeks progress. She is pointing quail wings and holding her point in classic style. She is also becoming a great family pet and has had very few accidents inside. She has been accepted by the cat but our yorkie is still having a few moments letting Molly know who the boss of the house is. Love this dog and Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are the most awesome people.
Submitted by: Anabel Webb on Aug 16, 2016
We love our little Jacquamo! He's the most beautiful little bundle of BOY. When we picked him up on Saturday, we found out that he (1) loves long car rides to sleep and (2) is already 90% house trained. We love him and we can definitely see another sweet Brittany from Austin Creek Farms in our future!!
Submitted by: Leigh K. on Aug 14, 2016
I'm absolutely in love with my new Brittany puppy Gus. It was a very positive experience purchasing from Mr. Ed. He's very kind and eager to answer any questions you may have. I enjoyed talking with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking.
Submitted by: Chris Odom on Aug 11, 2016
We are thrilled with Cochise our beautiful liver and white male Brittany puppy. He's very smart and friendly. We had a positive buying experience with Mr.Ed Bullard and a wonderful visit with him and Mrs Donnie. He even took us to see the covered bridge just down the road! Mr. Ed takes great care of his dogs and truly has a love and passion for the Brittanys. I would recommend Austin Creek Farm to anyone looking to purchase a Brittany. Thanks Mr. Ed for our beautiful Cochise!
Sincerely, Chris & Polly Odom
Submitted by: Hannah Hutson on Aug 09, 2016
Penny has been such a wonderful pet. She has the perfect temperament to play with our two year old as well as hunting birds in the back yard. We defiantly know where we will be getting our dogs from now on.
Submitted by: Lisa Woolard on Aug 09, 2016
We picked up our new baby Sunday and could not be any happier! Birdie is a beautiful, sweet and energetic pup. We have been waiting since December to get her, and she was well worth the wait! Ed and Donnie were so kind and patient. They answered all of our many questions , showed us around the property , and introduced us to their Brittany clan- all of which were friendly and well behaved.
It has been a wonderful experience all the way around :)
Submitted by: Kenneth McMillan on Aug 07, 2016
Great time at Mr Bullard's picking up my pup and seeing all his wonderful Brits . Have to say Dot is a big hit with my girls she's been all that Mr. Bullard said she would be hope do do business with him again in the future as she progresses I'll update . Thanks again Mr. Bullard
Submitted by: Kenneth Mcmillan on Aug 06, 2016
Excited and impressed with my A+ quality pup, named her on my way home. Mcmillan's Dixie Dot. Friendly people. Wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Heather I. on Aug 02, 2016
Keeper has been with us over a week now and we couldn't be happier with him. He has and excellent demeanor, is already showing signs of having good intelligence, and is a great addition to our family. Our experience purchasing Keeper from Mr. Ed Bullard has been nothing but positive and we have and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in adding an American Brittany to their family.
Submitted by: Bo Andrews on Jul 28, 2016
We love our new Brittany pup from Austin Creek Farms. Mr and Mrs Bullard are outstanding people and have a true love for the breed. As a result, they are producing outstanding dogs. Henry is only 7 weeks old but already has a drive for retrieving sticks and pleasing his owner.
Submitted by: Jeff on Jul 24, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are some of the nicest people I have met. I thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the Bullard farm and got to see some terrific dogs. Mr. Bullard has some of the best Brittany's available. I would highly recommended Austin Creek Farms if you want a GREAT Brittany.
Submitted by: William D Parker on Jul 23, 2016
Got my black and white female from Ed this past week and she is a spit fire. At 8 weeks she has stopped and pointed birds that are on the bird bath in my back yard. She hits the yard with her nose to the ground and best of all she does well inside. She will be a hunter and a house pet and at 8 weeks she seems to be doing great at both. So far house breaking is going well with very few accidents. She has already just about connected bathroom and outside. The things I am seeing at 8 weeks from this little girl show me she is going to be special at home and in the field. We also have a full size Yorkie and this little girl don't let the adult dog push her around. if you have any doubt about getting a Britney from Ed you can put your mind at ease ............ his dogs are awesome. I don't see to much training needed, she seems to be born with the skills. Looks like all I need to do is fine tune what she was born with. GREAT DOG FROM THE BEST BLOODLINES YOU CAN FIND. GREAT PRICE TOO. I HAVE PAID A LOT MORE FOR A LOT LESS DOG.
Submitted by: Susan Ray on Jul 13, 2016
We love our new puppy! Mr. Bullard loves his dogs and knows every one of them by name, as well as their parents, grandparents, etc. Mr. Bullard is a man of his word, and my daughter loved getting "Scout" from Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie (Mrs. Bullard). Their farm is set in a beautiful part of Alabama and the dogs are well cared for and loved as much as family!
Submitted by: Deanna A. on Jul 11, 2016
Dealing with Austin Creek Farms was a very easy and pleasant experience. When I went to visit the breeders he had on hand, I saw they were gentle, very healthy and clean, as well as gorgeous dogs. Once I decided I wanted a puppy in the future, I had all my questions answered then and with future phone calls that were always welcoming. If you want a good dog, mine will be just a pet, especially if you prefer Brittanys as I do, Austin Creek Farms is the place to go.
Submitted by: Tommy Tew on Jul 11, 2016
Saturday morning (7/9/16) my wife, daughter, and I pulled up to Mr. Ed Bullard's place to get our Brittany pup, but what we got was much more. We met two of the nicest people in the world, Mr. Ed and his wife. After sitting and visiting for a while they took us to get our pup and see the rest of their dogs. We were very impressed with the Bullard's kennels, the whelping house, and the care all of the dogs get. It was easy to see that the Bullard's dogs are all family members. (This is NOT a puppy mill). The dogs are well cared for and are much loved family members. We are very happy with our pup and the only regret we have is that other folks showed up after us to pick up their pup or we probably would have stayed there most of the afternoon talking about cows and quail dogs. Well, maybe next time when we pick up our next one.
Submitted by: Nick and Leighann Morgan on Jul 10, 2016
We had such a fantastic experience with the Bullards! In looking for a new Brittany, Ed is simply the best! We could not be happier with our pup and would gladly do business again with him and his wonderful wife! :)
Submitted by: Maegan on Jul 08, 2016
After losing our precious Cole (Brittany Spaniel), my husband and I were heart broken. We had the best experience working with Mr. & Mrs. Bullard. We are very thankful to have meet such wonderful people. They have a passion for brittanys, as do we, and they truly love each puppy. Today we came home with a bundle of joy, we are in love with him already. We will be using them again for our next dog. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Bullard!
Submitted by: Joseph Austin on Jul 08, 2016
I cant say enough good things about Mr. Ed & Mrs. Donna. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. They are so friendly. They have some wonderful dogs and we just added a great little puppy to our family.
Submitted by: Jordan on Jun 14, 2016
My girlfriend and I went to visit Ed to get a little bit more information about the breed and check out his beloved Brittany's. Ed was more than helpful and told us everything we would need to know about the breed. We loved how Ed and his wife interacted with the dogs. Although we had just met Ed and his wife, they made us feel right at home. Ed clearly cares and wants nothing but the best experience for his customers. I am anxiously awaiting the day we can pick up our puppy to be named Wrangler.
Submitted by: Nicole Pierluisi on May 28, 2016
Mr. Ed is so helpful in helping you find the right dog for you! In addition he loves to keep up with pictures of the pup as he grows. Mr. Ed has become a great friend through adopting one of his puppies. I would recommend him and his brittanys to anyone who is looking for a sweet puppy.
Submitted by: Linc on May 27, 2016
Just wanted to send a big Thank You from me and Gunner to Mr. Bullard, for not only a great pet and friend, but also for great service and being super friendly. I feel like he woulda given me the shirt off his back if I had asked.Great man to work with, and even better man to spend time and talk to. Thanks, Ed.
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on May 18, 2016
Mr. Ed, Fran is maturing into an amazing bird dog. At 1.5 years last fall, she handled South Dakota wild pheasants way beyond my expectations. I had heard female Brittanys have trouble with wild roosters. Not true for Fran. She would pounce on cripples and put them down instantly. Did not lose a single bird. This year is Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse in Canada, then Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in Wisconsin.Great tests for a smart, versatile young bird dog. Thank you, Tim McKaig
Submitted by: David and Kimberly Reece on May 15, 2016
We got our puppy, Piper, a little over a month ago and we absolutely love her! Mr. Bullard was very kind and helpful. We enjoyed talking with him and seeing the other dogs.
Submitted by: Anita Hilliard on May 07, 2016
Mr. Ed is by far one of the best breeders I have ever been around. He loves his dogs and keeps the kennels in top shape. The kennels are very clean and the dogs are in excellent condition. You will not be disappointed if you get a Brittany from him!
Not only did we get an awesome Brittany, but we have also made a friend! From the very beginning he treated us like part of his family. This is by far one of the best breeders you will ever meet.
Submitted by: Megan F on May 05, 2016
I LOVE Mr. Ed!! He's not only a breeder, but a good friend now! I'm so in love with Case! When I need another Brittany, I'll definitely be calling him! Don't hesitate to call him, he's the nicest man you'll ever talked to! :)
Submitted by: Scott Connell on Apr 12, 2016
What an awesome experience to do business with Ed Bullard. I have bought one other Brittany from another breeder and the experience was good. I didn't know the experience could be even better. First, Ed is the top Brittany breeder anywhere. We were number 35 on his deposit/waiting list. That is not a problem because he has so many dogs and always has puppies on the ground or several dogs pregnant and several others coming into heat. We thought we were going to have to wait 3 months, but several buyers on the list were not ready to get a pup so we moved up the list quickly. Also we wanted a female Black & White which many people do not want. Second, because he has so many dogs of different colors, you can basically get any color you want if you are willing to wait a bit. Third, the pup we got was from Nolan's Last Bullet bloodline (the top Champion Brittany ever). So if you are a hunter you can be guaranteed a super dog. Fourth, his dogs are $600 and that is very reasonable for the quality you are getting. Fifth, he has a beautiful farm and an awesome kennel setup. You can tell his dogs are well cared for and loved on. My little pup is very social and loves to cuddle. Sixth, Ed is available anytime to answer your questions and is fun to talk with. You won't meet nicer people than Ed and Donna Bullard. I won't go anywhere else to get a Brittany. I have an Orange & White a Black & White and my next one will be a Liver & White.
Submitted by: Chris Pope on Apr 12, 2016
I got a finished dog from Mr. Bullard and words cannot describe how awesome this dog is and I have seen and worked all breeds of dogs because I'm a bird guide at a hunting plantation. Best dog I have ever had the privelage of working. Mr. Bullard's pedigree speaks for itself with this dog.
Submitted by: Rob on Apr 10, 2016
We discovered Ed & Donnie Bullard nearly a year ago and just picked up our pup from him yesterday. She's a beauty with a great personality and playful spirit!

Ed is a meticulous breeder. His kennels and whelping boxes are clean, he is highly organized, and is genuinely interested in the care of his pups and the breed.

Ed is a pleasure to work with.
Submitted by: Gary and Jo Dunham on Apr 09, 2016
7 years ago, we met Ed Bullard and saw how well treated his dogs were, how clean his kennels were, and how genuinely he and his wife loved those Brittanys. We took a beautiful liver and white baby girl home that day, named her Lakota Braveheart.
When we decided to have another dog child, we didn't consider anyone other than Mr. Bullard, even though it meant waiting a while. This week, we brought home a sweet, orange/white 6 wks. old Brittany girl, Comanche Osage.
Repeat customer! People don't do that unless they're really impressed.
It's been 3 days and Lakota and Sage are playing and having fun together.
Submitted by: Scoggins on Feb 27, 2016
Ed, hey friend! Been thinking about you and Donnie. Looking at the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, Sienna. I can't tell you how proud and pleased of her we are. She takes commands so easily. Next to Rebecca she's my best friend! She goes with me 90% of the time no matter where I go. We always walk once or twice a day and she loves to explore new places. I think so highly of your dogs I want to talk to you later in the year about a second one. There's nothing like a Brittany! If I was a male dog I'd be kicking down our door to meet her (haha). But seriously she is my baby. We've enjoyed your friendship and look forward to continuing it. God bless you both and Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Robbie Estes on Feb 04, 2016
Mr. Ed,
our pup is 9 months old now and has been pointing birds for over 2 months. went slow with her at first without a gun and she has progressed from there. last hunt last week we shot 2 guns over her and she pointed a dozen times and we shot 18 birds! and she is starting to retrieve the birds too. she's a natural. great dog at home with the family too. very pleased with her. Thanks!! Robbie
Submitted by: Crystal on Feb 02, 2016
Mr. Ed, just wanted you to know we are in love. Our little girl is so sweet. I am so glad we got to meet you and Ms. Donnie. Y'all are wonderful people.
Submitted by: Jessica Garrison on Jan 31, 2016
We love our sweet Max! He is a member of our family. We appreciate Ed and his sweet wife! Thank you!
Submitted by: Corey Lowery on Jan 28, 2016
I can't say enough good things about Mr. Bullard. When I first met him I knew immediately he was a good honest man. His kennels were clean and well maintained and you can tell his dogs were well taken care of and they love him. My pup name is Koda and she's been such a blessing. Very loving,smart and she's already bird crazy and will be a great hunting dog soon.
Submitted by: Mindy Boone on Jan 27, 2016
Mr.Ed and Mrs. Donnie are a sweet, down to earth couple who are passionate about their Brittany's. He sent pictures and thoroughly answered each of my questions. Mr. Ed is so funny and truly is one of the kindest people I have met. We have loved our new puppy and are grateful to call the Bullard's friends!!
Submitted by: Melissa on Jan 27, 2016
Wonderful experience with Ed and his wife Donnie. Absolutely wonderful people! We picked up our baby and instantly fell in love with her! She is the smartest most playful pup I've ever seen! I highly recommend Ed if anyone is looking for a Brittany pup! You will get a wonderful pure bred puppy that you and your family will enjoy. Thank you Ed we will be seeing y'all in a couple years!!!!
Submitted by: Brantley and Judith Park on Jan 24, 2016
My wife and I purchased a Brittany from Mr. Ed Bullard about two years ago. She's been the best dog and we've enjoyed her so much that we decided to get another one. We got Amos about a week ago and love him! Mr. Ed and his wife are great and loving folks and we would recommend anyone who is looking for a Brittany to do so at Austin Creek Farms. Thanks so much!

Brantley and Judith Park
Submitted by: Mason Silavent on Jan 24, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were absolutely exceptional. I had a fantastic experience with Austin Creek Farms. Mr. Bullard was extremely helpful with information about how to raise and train my American Brittany. You won't find a better breed, or better people who love and care about their dogs the way Mr. and Mrs. Bullard do. I would highly recommend this breed and breeder to anyone looking for a great Brittany!
Submitted by: Jim Shaver on Jan 22, 2016
Update on Rebel and Babe from Missouri! We picked up the pups in July 2015 from Ed. Knew then we were in for something special. We don't have many wild birds here in Missouri anymore so most of our local hunting is on hunting preserves. We didn't push the pups but waited until December to expose them to pigeons and then this month to Chukars. Both are pointing, one is retrieving and neither one is gunshy in the least. These pups are biddable and bold. Can't wait to chase wild pheasants in North Dakota and Kansas next season with them!
Submitted by: Melissa Smith on Jan 22, 2016
First off, I am so thankful to have met Ed and his wife Donnie y'all are absolutely the sweetest people I have ever met. We are absolutely in love with our little Brittany pup and couldn't have asked for a better pup. She is everything we were looking for. I will be recommending Ed to anyone who would like to have a Brittany pup. The visiting with Ed and his wife make you feel like family before you leave. And are always there to answer any questions you may have about anything. And continues to follow them as they grow. Most people would not do that. Again Thank you Ed for everything we will be seeing y'all in the future. The Smith's and Bama!
Submitted by: Kyle Hutson on Jan 20, 2016
After looking all over Mississippi for my next Brittany I was pointed in the direction of Mr. Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. One phone call and I knew I had found the only place I would be getting a Brittany from. Mr. Ed was very giving of his time and it was a no brainer how much he cares about his dogs. This level of dedication and passion for the breed are what made it such an easy decision. The amount of care he takes with his dogs is what makes owing one of his puppies such a great experience. As soon as we brought her home she was one of the family. She adjusted perfectly to life with my wife and 16 month old daughter. And I am really excited to see her in the field this coming winter when I take her pheasant hunting in South Dakota as she is already displaying how fast of a learner she is at only 6 weeks old.
Submitted by: Stinson on Jan 19, 2016
Great experience! Family has loved our dog! It has a great temperament. The vet said that this was one of the healthiest dogs he has ever seen! Thank you for all of your help!
Submitted by: Rebekah Arnold on Jan 05, 2016
Mr. Bullard was extremely helpful in finding me a stud for my girl when his dogs were unable the week she was in heat. He was also ready and willing to answer my questions as I am a first time breeder even though I did not use use his stud service.
Submitted by: Suesann on Dec 23, 2015
Submitted by: Cody Barnes on Dec 19, 2015
Mr. Ed and Ms. Donnie are two of the sweetest folks you'll ever meet. They really do make you feel like family. Their Britts are beautiful and well cared for. The kennels are really nice, and the puppies are top of the line. Could not have been a better experience! Thank you, Mr. Ed for my sweet Ellie!
Submitted by: Carri F on Dec 13, 2015
I knew I wanted to buy a dog from Mr. Ed the first time I talked to him on the phone. From my first inquiry, he made me feel important and valued as a person and customer. He was giving of his time and expertise. He was a joy. The way we ended up with Millie was almost a fluke. I really think Mr. Ed has close ties with Santa. The very night before we got her, I had told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was a puppy...and low and behold...Mr. Ed shows up. When we arrived, he made us feel like family. He and his wonderful wife gave us a fantastic experience. We were doing more than just buying a dog. He's fair. He's fun. He's who you want at Christmas dinner. He's made our family more complete. I would go back again and again. His family (which include his dogs) are the best. I'd go back every time!
Submitted by: Phil Inman on Dec 09, 2015
I wrote the first comment on Austin Creek Farms almost 9 years ago, after I bought my Dog which I named Buster. I found that Mr. Ed Bullard was a man I trusted. I was invited to go back and have the pleasure to hunt with Mr. Ed and his group of find dogs. Buster got to hunt with his farther and full brother.I would be willing to say if you want a good hunting dog contact Mr.Ed
You may have to wait as I did to get one but it will be worth it.
Submitted by: Stewart Kaye on Dec 07, 2015
UPDATE - Its been 2 weeks since I picked up my little Brittany female pup from Ed. All I can say is that if you are thinking abut getting a Brittany, look NO further than Austin Creek Farms. The Bullard's are outstanding, friendly devout christians with a passion for raising gorgeous Brittanys and to say I am satisfied with my pup would be a tremendous understatement.
Submitted by: Brooke Turberville on Dec 04, 2015
We are so pleased with our new addition! Copper W. Turberville is adjusting well and we are in love! Mr. Bullord went out of his way to make our boys Christmas wish come true! Thank you SO SO much!

Submitted by: Matt C. on Dec 03, 2015
Our experience with Mr. And Mrs. Bullard was absolutely top notch. They went well beyond expectations to make sure our puppy was a good match for our needs and desires, and she's perfect! All questions have always been answered and Mr. Ed is joy to deal with. You won't find a better breeder and you'll be glad to call him friend too!
Submitted by: Ame Sexton on Nov 24, 2015
I could not have had a better experience than I had throughout my entire experience with Austin Creek Farms and the Bullard's. Their dogs were all so beautiful and well kept. I am over the moon with my Puppy Tanner! He is in the vets words "a picture of perfection" and SO fun! I had NO idea a puppy so young would already instinctively know how to point. I am SO looking forward to watching him grow and learn. I would definitely recommend this breed and breeder to someone looking for an amazing Brittany!
Submitted by: Zach Crawford on Nov 24, 2015
It was an absolute pleasure meeting Mr. And Mrs. Bullard. My daughter has wanted a dog as soon as she could say the word and at four years old we thought this would be the perfect present. My wife and I were raised with Labs and while they are wonderful dogs we wanted to try a different breed for Bella's first puppy. Something in the medium size range that would be active, loyal and keep up with our fast pace lifestyle. After much research we settled on an American Brittany. Now to find the right breeder. Top of the list always works for me but it was set in stone when I spoke with Mr. Bullard the first time. I felt like I was speaking with my grandfather. He gave me the full background on his operation and the breed as well. I was sold.

Mr. Bullard stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. We brought Bella over to Austin Creek farms to pick up her early Chriatmas present and the Bullards were even more friendlier in person. It was a brisk Sunday morning and Mr. Bullard welcomed us into his home and to take a seat by the heater while he went down to the kennel to get our new pup. Let's just say it was love at first sight. Bella adores her little Farmer(first words out of her mouth when he asked her for a name, so we stuck with it). They have been best friends ever since we picked him up.

I would highly recommend Austin Creek farms to anyone in search of a puppy. The Bullards really make the whole process a pleasant experience and I cannot say enough good things about them. (Mr. Bullard even called the next morning to check in on us, how many breeders actually do that?!?!? Impressed!!!
Submitted by: Tommy McCraw on Nov 23, 2015
Shirley has discussed a pup for several months now. She wanted a smaller outdoor dog that could be invited inside at her pleasure. We thought of adopting something but one day I reminded her of Lynn, the Brittany we owned almost 45 years ago. She agreed at once that is what we should look for.
An internet search led us to Mr. Ed Bullard in Hayden, AL.
A phone call to Mr. Ed got us on his list for a pup, preferably a female, when one became available. Sooner than expected we got a text and picture from Mr. Ed of a male that come available.
We left immediately and five hours later after crossing the covered bridge we met Mr. Ed, his wife and dogs. Ed Bullard has a very clean, healthy dog kennel. All his dogs appeared to be in excellent health.
The male he showed us seemed to satisfy Shirley and me. And now we have pup that we are calling 'Mr. Ed' at the moment.
I think that name will stick unless the other Mr. Ed objects.
Submitted by: Stewart Kaye on Nov 22, 2015
After an EXASPERATING long time of waiting, the time finally came for me to pick up my Brittany. I was greeted and welcomed into the Bullard's home with open arms and I was astonished at the kindness both Ed and his wife showed towards me. They have a beautiful home and their kennels are run magnificently. I look forward to going back to visit and STRONGLY recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone thinking about getting a Brittany. That you SO much Ed!
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on Nov 02, 2015
We have had our female Brittany for 19 months. Last year I trained her on shooting preserve quail and she learned the basics. This year I took her to South Dakota to hunt wild pheasants and she did much better than I could ever expect. She pointed when she could and moved forward to flush the birds when they started to run. She found and "dispatched" the cripples that could have been lost. She has instincts and intelligence that are way beyond my ability to train. If you buy an ACF Brittany and give her/him lots of love and birds, you will have a excellent bird dog.
Submitted by: Meg Guillory on Oct 31, 2015
Mr. Ed, you will never know the blessing that you brought into my life or the happiness he brings me daily. It was a perfect match. I have you and God to thank for him. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Mack!
Submitted by: DOUG BRESEE on Oct 31, 2015
Submitted by: Matt Fruge on Oct 29, 2015
Just an update on my dog Percy:
He recently turned a year old and hes my pride and joy. Hes a perfect dog and hes always happy to come along anywhere I go. He's also extremely birdy and has developed into a great, obedient dog and really enjoys his training. And I can't say enough good things about Mr. Ed. I look forward to going up there for another visit one of these days!
Submitted by: Kelsey Christie on Oct 28, 2015
My husband and I do not yet have our Brittany but we are on the list for one soon! We have been looking and looking for a breeder for the longest time and were extremely discouraged by their lack of friendliness or communication. Then we came across Ed's name. I gave him a call and he was by far the friendliest and most encouraging breeder I had spoken with. We went out to his farm that very weekend just to meet him and see his dogs. Let's just say we proceeded to spend 3 hours with he and his wife just laughing in his home. They are the most friendly couple and they have a passion for their dogs and the relationships they have made along the way. We are so grateful to have met them!
Submitted by: Elizabeth Adams on Oct 26, 2015
An update on my sweet brittany, Shug --

An entire year has passed since I picked her up from Mr. Ed. She is happy, healthy, and by far one of the smartest dogs that I have ever owned.
Submitted by: Linda Turner on Oct 26, 2015
Where do I begin? My husband and I started searching for a dog, but not just any dog, it had to be a Brittany. It had to be orange and white with a pink/brown nose. The sex of the dog didn't matter, so my husband found Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Bullard and we got on the list. I didn't think I could wait, I was so excited. Finally we got the call that there was an orange and white female available and you would have thought we were getting ready to have a child. Finally came the day I got my Mattie. She will be four in December and we loved her so much we called Mr. Bullard again and got us another little girl. Charlotte Anne will be three in April. Everyone calls them "the girls". They go everywhere with us and they are so sweet and they are like eye candy, everyone wants to pet them. Long story short, if you want a great pet, get yourself a Brittany from Mr. Bullard at Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Chad & Tiffany Johnson on Oct 25, 2015
What can I say about the Bullard Brittany's that has not been said already!!! Well we have 2 and they are the best dogs ever. Thanks again Mr. Ed.
Submitted by: Amanda Mickle on Oct 25, 2015
Just wanted to stop by and give an update on Zoey. Zoey just turned one at the first of the year. She loves to run our land and chase birds and chipmunks. She is kind of a scaredy cat so when the sun goes down and it gets dark, she wants to come in and snuggle in the bed with our daughter, Madison. During the summer she loves to swim in our pool. It is so funny when the kids are in there and Zoey just jumps in with them. We are so blessed that we found Ed Bullard and got our sweet Zoey from him. I hope to go back and get another Brittany from him one day. Having Zoey has turned us into a one breed kind of family. We love our Brittany Spaniel and you won't find a better person/breeder to get one from than the Bullards!!!!
Submitted by: Abby Armstrong on Oct 24, 2015
Cooper just turned 6 months old, and has been such a joy for my sisters and I! He's a ball of energy and loves to play. While he is full of energy, he also likes to cuddle and lay on the couch with you. We have loved him since day one, and our love for him grows with each day! He's our little "love muffin" and we couldn't imagine life without him! A huge thank you to Mr. Ed Bullard for breeding such wonderful dogs and for continuing to check up on Coop. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful Brittanys!

Abby Armstrong
Submitted by: Shane Brown on Oct 23, 2015
Where to start, Britt is our male puyppy now at 9 months old. He is turning into quite an amzing young masterful hunter. A pleasure to watch work in the field and a gentleman and perfect companion around the house. Bullard Brittanys do everything and more. I look forward to watching Britt delvop as he matures. Highly recommend a Bullard pup to anyone and I will be acquiring a second next spring!
Submitted by: Austin on Oct 23, 2015
We have had Bree for just over a year now and she is turning into quite the bird dog. She has endless energy, a super strong prey drive and a never quite attitude. She is also great in the house. We are extremely pleased with her and would not hesitate getting another Brit from Mr. Bullard. Thanks for a great dog and always being available to answer any questions.
Submitted by: Lisa Walker on Oct 23, 2015
We picked up our Shelby-girl from Ed Bullard exactly 2 years ago. Since then she has turned our world around in some of the nicest ways. Shelby is a Brittany and high energy, and we don't hunt! But we walk, and walk, and walk. I have lost about 30 of what I call Shelby pounds in 2 years. And she is the absolute smartest dog I have ever known. Not only was she easy to train, but she tries to anticipate what we are going to want. It is just hilarious. Going to the treat bag means you are about to ask me to get in my box so I will just go ahead and get there! Ed told me as we picked her up that he wasn't a trainer so they had to come into this world knowing what to do. I think he was understating his role, but he didn't oversell his dogs any. I also follow him on Facebook so I get to see other people's Bullard dogs. There is not an ugly one in the bunch (but mine is the prettiest, of course). I absolutely wholeheartedly recommend the Bullards to anyone looking for a companion of a lifetime.

Thank you, Ed and Donnie!!
Submitted by: Kelli giordano on Oct 23, 2015
My Marley what can I say she's the best dog I've ever had, we drove from Louisiana to Alabama to get her and we couldn't be more happy with her, she has brought more love into our family and she's like one of my kids, my kids love her and shes so good with our other animals, we are considering getting another one to be her sister

With so much joy
Submitted by: Rick on Oct 22, 2015
Just wanted to give a quick update on my Bullard Britts. I have two, Belle and Ace, and they are just the best dogs I've ever owned. These two dogs are such a great addition to my home. I've had them coming up on two years now and they are both still very healthy, happy pups. I was eighth in line on a litter of eleven and picked Belle back in 2013 and I've told Ed many times that I felt sorry for all the folks that picked ahead of me because there was no way anyone could have gotten a better pup than Belle. She is just such a pleasure and any dog lover, no matter the breed, could not fall in love with this sweet pup. Ace, well he's my shadow. Every move I make, he wants to be there. He's such a sweet, gentle pup but a flat out hunting machine when he gets out in the field. Absolutely love these Brittanys and Ed and Miss Donnie are such wonderful people. Two years later and we still talk and get together. Mr. Ed - I can't wait to get together and hunt this year!
Submitted by: Brandon Devereaux on Oct 22, 2015
I remember the day I went to pick up my Brittany from Austin Creek Farms like it was yesterday. I came home with Archer just over two years ago, and he's been by my side ever since. I have never met more good natured dogs than at Austin Creek Farms, and it shows through in my Brittany, Archer. He was by far the easiest dog to train I've ever owned, loyal to a fault, and friendly to every dog and human he comes into contact with. I look forward to the many years to come with Archer riding shotgun on all our adventures, and I'll be in contact with Mr. Bullard in the future when I'm ready for my next best friend!
Submitted by: Renner Rollins on Oct 22, 2015
I can't say enough about our beautiful Brittany Spaniel. We are so in love with him. He is extremely smart, gentle, and cuddly. Mr Bullard you have the best dogs in the world. I would not go anywhere else!
Submitted by: Brooklyn Levins on Oct 22, 2015
This is an update: I bought our Brittany spaniel from Mr. Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms for a Christmas present almost 3 years ago. Best service I have ever had. My dog is named Joker and he is liver/white. He is a healthy big baby. Been pointing since he was 6 weeks old. Wonderful obedient dog with a little help of a training collar as a puppy. Wonderful breed of dogs for a family with kids and if you love to hunt. Love my J and wouldn't trade him for the world! I highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone and everyone!
Submitted by: Tyler on Oct 22, 2015
We bought our Champ from Ed last Christmas. He is still healthy and a big ball of fun. The kids love him and so do we. You could not ask for a better dog breeder than Ed Bullard. If you are in the market for an American Brittany pup. Go see Ed. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Nicholas Stockdale on Oct 22, 2015
We purchased our Britt from Mr. Ed in March. Jagger is the best dog we could've ever asked for! He's not just our dog, but truly part of our family. He's in great health, well tempered, and so loyal. If you're thinking about getting a Brittany Spaniel, stop browsing the posts and call Mr. Ed. He and his wife will welcome you and your family into their home with open arms and give you a dog will be a part of your family. Bullard Britts are the best!
Submitted by: David Patterson on Oct 22, 2015
Ed Bullard (Bro. Ed)is almost as great as his dogs. My dad and I bought a Black and White male from Austin Creek Kennel. Red's Danny R.E.B. was six months old (6 years old now). Dan came on point with the first he came across in the field. He has only gotten better since. He was dad's therapy dog. Dad passed away two years later. Dan and I had a chance to hunt with Ed soon after. Dan retrieved a dead bird and pointed another on his way back to me. Ed and both watched him show out. I could not have been more proud of my American Brittany from Austin Creek. I know dad was smiling from above.
Submitted by: John Parrish on Oct 22, 2015
Just over 7 months ago we brought Bama's "Dixie" Darling home from Mr. Ed's. She was born February 2nd (daughter of Rebs Dixie Belle Lawson and Big Oaks Gambling Man. She is incredibly intelligent and beautiful. When I take her jogging with me she must stop to visit with all the walkers. She adores children and has fun chasing the family cats although she never hurts them when she catches up to them. She's a large sturdy female at 38 pounds and full of energy. It is our hope that within the next 2 years, we can breed her and keep one of her pups as well. When the times comes...I'll be calling Mr. Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: Kelsey & Joseph Kemp on Oct 22, 2015
We picked up our little puppy from Mr. Ed almost five months ago. Maisie is a beautiful and healthy puppy. She has the best temperament and is so sweet. She adores my husband and follows him everywhere. Her idea of a perfect spot is sitting directly on top of someone and snuggling with them. She is a great companion for our German Shorthaired Pointer. I cannot count how many times people have told us, "That is the prettiest Brittany I've ever seen," and people are constantly impressed with her temperament and sweet personality. I have referred numerous individuals to Mr. Ed. You can easily see how much time and effort go into his dogs. Mr. Ed was an absolute pleasure to work with and answered any an all questions we had. I sent him a message once with a question and he immediately called me. The experience we have had with our puppy shows that Mr. Ed not only produces quality hunting dogs but also dogs with a great temperament for a family companion.
Submitted by: McKenna Jones on Oct 22, 2015
I first spoke to Mr. Bullard back in 2010 when I was looking for a puppy for my boyfriend at the time. 5 yrs later, my husband and I have one of the absolute BEST dog in the world, Scout! I actually refer to Scout as my first born and my favorite :) If you are looking for a Brittany, Mr. Bullard is the man to see! Not only does he know everything there is to know about Brittany Spaniels, but he is an honest, God fearing man that makes you feel like family! Even though we bought Scout from him 5 years ago, he still keeps up with us over social media. Every picture I post of Scout, you better believe Mr. Bullard is one of the first likes I receive. He loves those dogs when they are born and for the rest of their lives!
Submitted by: Laura Ann Watson on Oct 22, 2015
Wanted to give a quick update on my gorgeous Britt, Hollie. She is the sweetest, pretties & smartest dog I've ever known & we can't imagine life without her! My husband, who originally didn't want a dog, is wrapped around her little paw. I couldn't be happier with where she came from, either. Doing business with Ed Bullard doesn't feel like business, it's making a new friend! He has kept in touch with us & loves pictures of our girl. He & his sweet wife, Ms. Donnie, welcome you in & make you feel like family. I have called Ed with questions & he has never failed to get back to me immediately to give advice & catch up. I would never buy a pup from anyone but Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Cathy Stifflemire on Oct 22, 2015
Our boy Tug is now 20 months old! Time has flown by since we picked up that sweet little 5 week old pup! We sent Tug to a trainer at 7 months old. The trainer told us he was the BEST Brittany pup he had EVER trained! Said he was running Tug at 1 year old with his 3-4 year old English pointers. Told us Tug was keeping up with them & didn't want to stop hunting! By the time we picked him up the trainer referred to him as an incredible pointer & that we should consider entering him into field trials because he could be a champion! He has since asked us for Austin Creek Farms website so he could refer some people! We got exactly what Ed Bullard promised us with this pup & them some....we have also claimed both he & Donnie as extended family! Such great people, friends & breeders! Bullard babies....nothing but the best!
Submitted by: Lisa Beyer on Oct 04, 2015
I have been meaning to post this for months, so I apologize, Mr. Bullard! And if for some reason, I did post and just forgot, another one won't hurt. We have bought 3 Brittanys from Mr. female puppy, a 2 year old male, and now a 6 year old female. My husband is sitting in Mr. Bullard's kitchen right (with our 3rd Brittany)at this very moment....he's been there for over an hour, I know, and I believe he is at least four hours from our home in Warm Springs, GA. I don't know how long Mike will be there, but I am sure he's in no rush to leave. Mr. Ed is, without a doubt, the most kind man we have ever known. You just want to be around him. His heart is so loving and sincere...he is someone you will never, ever forget. Raising/breeding/working Brittanys is not just his is his passion. His dogs are absolutely amazing, but I believe his heart for the breed AND people is something even more special. You will never regret working with Mr. Ed. We are so thankful that we have made such a wonderful friend that we can call for anything at all. And if you have never owned a Brittany, you are in for a treat! They are absolutely amazing sweet, fun, hard working, and wonderful with kids! There is something so special about the all of these testimonials. What we say is so true. Thank you Mr. Bullard! We love you!! Lisa & Mike Beyer
Submitted by: Stewart Kaye on Sep 25, 2015
I have been in the market for a good brittany pup for what appears to be a little over 4 years now. After talking with Ed Bullard of Austin Creek Farms numerous times over the phone, I was easily able to decide that my future brittany pup will come from his breedings. Ed is an outstanding breeder and person and will help you with any and every question/problem you have. As the time for my much anticipated puppy draws near, I can be sure that my puppy will come from honest, loving hands from the Bullards at Austin Creek Farms. Thank You Ed
Submitted by: Michael Smith on Sep 14, 2015
Austin Creek Farms and Mr Ed Bullard are top notch. My family and I traveled from Hattiesburg, MS this past Saturday to pick up our male Brittany Tucker. He was everything Ed said he was and more. If you are looking to add a Brittany to your family, then this is the place to get it from. Thank you Mr Bullard for your hospitality. Michael T Smith
Submitted by: Donnie Haskins on Sep 13, 2015
I just picked up my puppy this weekend from Ed Bullard and was very satisfied when I saw him. Ed showed me around his kennel and gave me a rundown on his dogs. His kennels are clean and I could tell he really loves his dogs and takes well care of them. Before we left we took the pup which is 7 weeks old and he put a quail wing on him. I couldnt believe that pup stoped and lifted that right leg in a perfect point position and I got the picture of it, what a great start. Thanks Ed for your hospitality towards me and my daughter we enjoyed our visit and look forward to good things on our Brittany puppy.
Submitted by: Alison Long on Sep 13, 2015
This summer our dog, Max, passed away from old age. He had been with us for sixteen years. Our two young boys were devastated and so were we. After a few weeks had passed we began looking for a new puppy. We wanted to stick with Brittany Spaniels since they are so loving. Thanks to a little research on the internet we found Ed! I cannot say enough great things about him and his desire to help our family get a dog. In six weeks we were able to choose our new puppy. He is absolutely beautiful and full of life. We named him John Cena. After a week of loving on Cena we received a call from Ed. He asked if we wanted a brother for Cena and we gladly accepted. Now we have Stone Cold. We are so blessed to have two sweet, playful puppies in our home. My two boys have so much fun playing chase with them in the backyard. Just today the two pups played a game of soccer with us. Ed, thank you for the joy and happiness that these two puppies bring our family daily. You are a great guy and we appreciate you! The Longs
Submitted by: Nathan on Sep 10, 2015
No shenanigans at Mr. Ed's. The whole process was smooth and easy and well worth the distance I traveled from Louisiana. The kennels and dogs were well taken care of, and I almost felt sorry for taking the pup from such a beautiful country farm. The pup is healthy and full of spirit. Our family is trying to keep up with the busy little pup.
Submitted by: Joseph Landers on Sep 09, 2015
Mr. Bullard is the best! We had a very specific request as far gender and color, and he was very patient with us and always gave us updates until our dog could be adopted. Although we wanted a family pet, not a hunting dog, he still treated us like a valued customer. He gave us great advice and support.
Submitted by: Leah Hudson on Sep 07, 2015
Mr. Ed is now an awesome friend of mine that I see pretty much as family. I waited several months for my Owen and finally I have him. He's been with me almost two weeks and totally turned my world upside down and melted my heart and given me something to look forward to every day when I wake up. He's brilliant and handsome. I am SO grateful for the Bullards and I just hope that if any of you readers out there are as serious Brittany lovers as I am or Mr. Ed is, then you would take time to do a lot of research, talk with him, think about it, wait it out, be kind and respectful of him (or me and Owen will come and get you) and his dogs because he REALLY knows what he is doing. I know that you'll fall in love with Mr Ed on that first phone call. And you will love your Brittany puppy more than you can ever ever imagine in a million years. Owen already knows sit, "look at me," (working on) stay, how to walk on a leash, where to go potty, how to go to his crate and feel comfortable in there, and his personality and awareness increase every day and it blows my mind! He is not even 8 weeks old yet. I can't wait to go back and visit Mr. Ed again and I keep in close contact with him still. People, if you are good, responsible dog lovers, this is your guy. Don't look any further, seriously. I just love Mr. Ed, Mrs. Donnie, and my puppy very much. Also, my dad got Owen's brother Harry and he is the coolest, most laid back puppy ever! They all have different personalities (but awesome ones) so be ready for a special treat with whichever of Mr. Ed's pups you end up with! :)
Submitted by: Douglas Burlingame on Sep 04, 2015
I have been waiting to get a Brittney for quite a while. Once I decided the time was right I had to choose between a rescue or a puppy. After searching through countless rescue sights it became clear that a puppy was the right way to go. I happened upon Ed's page on the Gun Dog Breeders web page and sent him an email regarding his dogs. He was quick to return my email and shortly after we spoke on the phone. He answered all of my questions and after 45 minutes of stories about his dogs and their adventures I was confident I had found my breeder. His concern for giving his animals a happy home was critical as he was excited to hear our dog was intended as a family pet and likely would never see a bird hunt, knowing she would be adored was all he needed to hear. I was prepared for a wait of at least 8 weeks after reading testimonials, so I sent out the deposit and hunkered down to play the waiting game. Getting a call less than 2 weeks later saying he had a liver and white female he thought would be perfect for me was a huge and welcome surprise and 2 days later I made the 4.5 hour trip to meet my new puppy. Ed was as gracious a host as all here have described and wow, does he love his dogs. Knowing that each one is a big part of his life is immensely important. Hearing that every dog he owns is hunted as much as he can tells you what kind of operation he is running. We were invited into his home and although the paperwork takes all of 3 minutes to complete, we were still chatting and hearing stories 2 hours later, only leaving because I wanted to be home before dark. If there are more Britney's in my future they will most definitely be from Ed.
Submitted by: Travis Meyer on Sep 02, 2015
Three years ago we visited Ed and came home with our first Brittany. Winston is now a full grown beautiful black and white Brittany who has been an awesome addition to our family. This past week we visited Ed again and added a second Brittany to our family, a six week old orange and white who we named Abel. Working with Ed and Austin Creek Farms has been awesome. It is a great experience to visit the facility and learn about his stock. It was even more fun to return and share stories with Ed about our first dog while learning about the next. We found Ed by chance on Gun Dog Breeders and we were very lucky to do so. The dogs are second to none and the whole experience is one you won't forget. Thanks again Ed. Hopefully we get to do this a third time in the future.
Submitted by: Karen & Julian on Sep 02, 2015
Last week we brought home our 4th Brittany in 29 years and our 2nd Brittany puppy from Ed Bullard's Austin Creek Farms. Loretta is an adorably beautiful black & white female with a super-sweet and loving disposition and, just as Ed promised, "she's as smart as she is pretty!" Our almost-6-yr-old Bonnie, a L/W female, has been the best bird dog my husband ever hunted and she is also a part-human member of the family who is intelligent, affectionate and loyal. Her new little sis Loretta came as a shock to her queen-bee system at first, but now they are starting to develop a good relationship. Loretta is calmer at 6-7 weeks than Bonnie was (and seems less "alpha"), and that helps. Loretta is already learning obedience just by how smart she is and by watching Bonnie. I am sure that my husband and Bonnie will have a ball training Loretta to bird-hunt and watching her work this fall. And we are already having a ball just loving on her and being loved back and watching her learn and grow and be so darn cute! We can't say enough good things about how well all the dogs are cared for and how much effort Ed puts into breeding and raising great Brittanys.
Submitted by: Chris S. on Sep 01, 2015
Wow! That's the only word that comes to mind when it comes to my experience with Ed. I am now the proud owner of Penny, one of Ed's beautiful Brittanys. From the time I went on the waiting list to the time I picked up Penny from Ed's farm, he kept me well informed about what was going on with the puppies.

I don't know what Ed does to socialize these dogs before he sends them out but he does a great job. Penny is so friendly to every person she meets and every dog she comes across. She even gets along well with the cat! It's hard to believe that Penny is only 6 1/2 weeks old because she's so smart and loves to please.

If you want a Brittany, Ed should no doubt be the place to start.
Submitted by: Richard @ Alisha Clardy on Aug 31, 2015
Thank you Mr Ed on helping get Lacy our new female brittany. You made this experience very helpful for me and wife, Lacy has made a good transition to her new home and Max her companion has expected her also. Also thank you for making us feel at home and introducing us to Lacy's Mother and Father.
Submitted by: David Rivenbark on Aug 31, 2015
I really enjoyed my visit with Mr Ed His dogs were top notch and he was a class act. I was excited to get my little male Bo from him. Thanks David Rivenbark.
Submitted by: Daniel Hudson on Aug 29, 2015
Ed and his wife made the whole process wonderful as they surely have love in the Brittany dogs they raise. They especially enjoy the placing! Couldn't ask for better folk.
Great genes, great facility and most of all, lots of tender loving care.

My daughter and I now have two orange and white sibling males from Ed's Farm. We are 24 hours into newborn bliss! 1 hour play, then eat, then sleep, then pee, and again: play....

We are forever grateful to Austin Creek.
Submitted by: Teresa Boutwell on Aug 05, 2015
It was a pleasure working, with Mr. Ed.
Buddy, our five month old, Brittany, loves his new little brother, Benny. We also loved Mr. Ed's home setting.
Thanks for your sincere, kindness and hospitality..
Submitted by: Derek W. Freed on Aug 04, 2015
We have had Brittanys in our family for nearly 40 years know. I got a beautiful tri-colored male (Rebel Gunnar) almost two years ago now from Ed at Austin Creek Farms. He was a long lean pup but has filled out in the last 6 months and is a real "stud" of a field dog. At home he is a "love muffin" and is a treasured member of the family.

My second trip to Austin Creek Farms, a couple of weeks ago, was to get my son a new puppy. He picked out a beautiful black and white male. However, as my wife feared, we didn't come home with just one puppy that day. As soon as I saw him I knew it was over. A striking, long eared, orange & white male with a ton of personality... There was no way I was leaving him behind.

Copper is 9 weeks old now and Gunnar already has him out in the fields pointing and flushing. I just stand back and smile as I watch the two of them.

Thanks Ed... for two great dogs and for what I know will be years of great times and memories!
Submitted by: Brandy on Jul 25, 2015
Ed Bullard is a pleasure! He loves Brittany's as much as I do. Austin Creek Farms is a wonderfully clean kennel with beautiful pups! Our pup is gorgeous with lots of spirit and sweetness! I will be back for another from Ed!
Submitted by: Chris S. on Jul 20, 2015
I put down a deposit for an O/W female with Ed back in February. I told him that I couldn't take the dog until August and he's been very accommodating to that. Every single time he has a litter, he gives me a call just to make sure I can't take a dog any sooner. He doesn't like to skip over people in line if he doesn't have to.

I finally got the chance to visit Ed's farm this past Saturday. It was really a beautiful farm. All of his dogs are in such great shape and Ed and his wife take such good care of them. Ed was just as personable and kind in person as he is on the phone.

I'm looking forward to picking up my puppy in 5 1/2 weeks and I couldn't recommend any other breeder than Ed!
Submitted by: Phillip West on Jul 16, 2015
Only been 5 days since we picked up our puppy (Rivo), but I know we got a good'n! Thanks for the great customer service, Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Vicky on Jul 16, 2015
Picked up "Aubie Blue" on Sunday July 12, 2015. Sweet beautiful Orange and White Brittany. Took the puppy to the Vet on Wednesday. Our "Aubie Blue" is very healthy and the Vet gave him an excellent rating. Called Mr. Bullard Saturday night and he emailed and called me on Sunday morning. He told me he had what I was looking for and had several pups for us to look at. Already in love with this pup. My husband and son are thrilled also. Thanks, Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Charlie A on Jul 14, 2015
As a Missouri Cattle Farmer, I am of the original "show-me" brand of Missourians. After talking with Ed on the phone me and my friend Jim decided his dogs were worth a try! To make a long story short. I got a beautiful little female Brittany that should turn into the bird dog I am seeking. My three year old granddaughter thinks she's the greatest already!
Submitted by: Jim Shaver on Jul 11, 2015
Ed is a what you see is what you get kind of guy. No subterfuge - no hidden issues. He went the extra mile in accommodating our travel plans and expectations. We are extremely happy with our puppy "Rebel". He's full of life, super coordinated, intelligent and already learns quickly. If he turns out to be half the bird dog we think he can become, we'll be forever grateful.
Submitted by: Chad & Tiffany Johnson on Jul 05, 2015
Bullard Brittany's are the BEST. We now have 2 and loving it. Tucker is almost 2 and Roxy is 6 wks. Tucker is slowly getting warmed up to his little sister. She is wanting to follow Tucker everywhere. She is full of personality and spunky. It has been a joy to watch her experience all her firsts, especially her first point at 6 wks and 3 days.
Mr. Ed at Austin Creek Kennels is the best. All his puppies are wonderful and are birdie!!! Best looking dogs around. Mr. Ed makes us feel like family every time we talk or see him.
Submitted by: Mike Carr on Jul 04, 2015
Working with Ed is such a pleasure! When you visit Ed he makes you feel right at home. A visit out to see the dogs he keeps and the way they are cared for makes you know what kind of dog owner you are dealing with. When you see the dogs it becomes difficult to decide what combination of parents and colors you want for your puppy. Once that decision was made then the waiting for your puppy starts. Ed is glad to communicate with you throughout the whole process. Once the puppy arrived Ed sent pictures every time I asked and that was pretty regular. Ed always took time to talk with me whenever I called. Thanks Ed!!!! The dog is beautiful and we will have many wonderful moments together!!
Submitted by: Sue Baacke on Jul 04, 2015
My family just adopted our second Brittany from the Bullard's. We have an 11 year old female named Layla who has been an important part of our family since we adopted her from Ed and Donnie so when we decided to expand our Brittany family we new she had to be another puppy from Austin Creek Farms. In fact my sister and I decided we wanted to adopt sister puppies so she got a L&W female and we got a B&W female. We met at Austin Creek Farms and Ed gave us a tour of the facilities and let us meet their mother a father before we were able to meet our new puppies. Just like last time Ed was great about answering all questions and making us feel at home. Thank you Ed! We love our new baby girl. I'm confident Layla will grow to lover her too!
Submitted by: Laura Ann Watson on Jun 30, 2015
Mr. Bullard spoke with me on the phone several times before we even decided when/if to get a Brittany, and he was full of helpful knowledge each time. He and his wife are two of the kindest people, and they become fast friends with your family. We finally brought our new baby home last weekend and we are in heaven, she is absolutely beautiful and sweet as can be. I went out to visit their farm and see his other dogs before our pup was ready and it is so much fun to be out there and see all of them! They are the happiest, sweetest, neatest dogs! They all adore him, and the feeling is clearly mutual! We couldn't be happier with our choice and we appreciate the Bullard's and Austin Creek Farms very much!
Submitted by: Fran Wills on Jun 24, 2015
Ed, Dixie is 41/2 months old now. You could not have picked a better puppy for our family. She is so smart. In addition to the beauty mark on her face, she has a heart-shaped area on both sides of her back. Our 12 year old Winchester has finally accepted her as a pal, and now lets her sleep on his rug in the shop. She wants to be with him all the time. Thanks for getting us the right puppy. Dave is pleased as she is pointing and retrieving everything. Fran Wills
Submitted by: laura from louisiana on Jun 19, 2015
we love our beautiful brittany, dixie from mr ed. she is such a sweetie and a lover. we have had her 2 weeks now and she is already learning her name and the command "come". the best personality ever. i cant wait to see her find birds. i know she will be great as all of our dogs from mr ed have been!!
Submitted by: Sarah on Jun 18, 2015
Our orange and white Dixie has the sweetest little personality and the greatest playful side! Mr. Ed raises some great dogs, as we have seen with our other two from his service. I can't wait to see how Dixie hunts; I know she will do perfect- just like our others from Mr. Ed.
Submitted by: Hunter & Anna Frances Walker on Jun 09, 2015
My wife and I met Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie about 3.5 years ago when we picked up our first Brittany puppy "Copper". We decided that it was time for another dog back towards the beginning of the year, and we didn't hesitate to give the Bullard's a call. After talking to Mr. Bullard about up-coming litters we sent in our deposit, and the waiting game began. Mr. Ed worked so diligently with us to make sure we were able to get a pup that we wanted, and that fit into our work schedules. We picked up our liver and white male "Cash" the last weekend in May. At 7 weeks old he already knows his name and is beginning to learn simple commands. The Bullard's have the most wonderful dogs, and these are some of the nicest folks you will ever meet. I cannot say enough great things about them to serve proper justice. Anyone who is looking for a bird crazy dog, or a loyal family companion do not hesitate to call Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie. My wife and I look forward to continuing to do business with them. Thanks again for everything Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Submitted by: Robbie Estes on Jun 09, 2015
Week 2 with our new pup! great dog. Good natured, lovable and has adjusted well to our family. Not skittish at all. Mr. Ed raises some good dogs and I'm glad we got one. Ready for the summer to end to start her on some birds! Thanks Mr. Ed.
Submitted by: Hunter walker on Jun 07, 2015
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are two of the nicest folks you will ever meet. I met them back about 3 years ago when we picked up are first liver and white male "copper". After he turned 3 we decided that we wanted another puppy by were hesitant to do so with everything we had going on (newly weds buying a home and work). With summer around the corner we knew it was time to give Mr. Bullard a call. We spoke with him back in April about getting another liver and white male, then the waiting game was on. Mr. Bullard so graciously worked with us to get our new pup in a time manor that fit our schedules perfectly. Our new boy "cash" is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a good boy and at 7 weeks old he's coming along great. I can not say enough great things about the Bullard family to serve proper justice. They are some of the most wonderful people and we look forward to the many years of doing business with the Bullards. I would highly recommend anyone searching for an amazing family pet or a bird crazy dog to not go anywhere else. Thanks for everything Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Submitted by: Shane and Ashley Brown on Jun 04, 2015
Our puppy Britt is now 15 weeks old. He has been everything I was hoping and 10 x more. Not only is he smart, athletic and bold he is the best cuddle buddy and friend. He is already pointing and scent tracking birds. I will be ordering my 2nd Bullard Brittany spring next year, and I would recommend one to anybody.
Submitted by: Ben Copeland on Jun 03, 2015
Mr. Bullard is a joy to work with. He is very passionate about what he does. We were able to go to his house and see the dogs a few weeks before we picked ours up. He was able to match me with my 6 week old puppy in only a couple of weeks. He knew it was a graduation present and did his best to get me a puppy as soon as possible. I could not be more satisfied with what I received. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions, he is a very friendly person and loves to help you. He's a joy to be around and you can tell that all the dogs are treated with the best possible care.
Submitted by: Kelsey & Joey Kemp on Jun 03, 2015
We went to pick up our puppy today and couldn't be happier. She is a beautiful little girl with a wonderful personality. Mr. Ed has been a pleasure to work with and has diligently answered all of our questions. We would definitely recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone.
Submitted by: Anthony & Dana Armstrong on Jun 02, 2015
When we made the decision to add another Brittany to our family (we have a 5.5 year old L&W female named Sadie) there was absolutely no question that we would call Ed Bullard of Austin Creek Farms. Mr. Bullard's knowledge and love for this breed is amazing, and he came highly recommended by our previous breeder. We wanted an O&W male. From the first phone call, Ed was up front about the possible wait and we were beyond thrilled when we got the call about 6 weeks earlier than we had expected. When we arrived at the farm to pick up Cooper, he showed us all of the facilities and we were so impressed with the kennels and the way that they take care of their dogs. Ed introduced us to the mother & father, and after discussing their pedigrees, we were excited to learn that Sadie & Cooper share the same bloodlines. We loved being able to spend some time with Mr. Bullard and just getting to know him better. We met his sweet wife Donnie and now have new friends for life!!! We are so in love with Cooper, he is so smart and healthy. He pointed the first night we had him at 6 wks old!!! Thanks again, Mr. Bullard for all of your help adding another great Brittany to our family!!!
Submitted by: Beth Joyner on Jun 02, 2015
I don't know Where to start! We picked up our little girl on Sunday May 31 from Mr. Bullard. It was such a joy working with Mr. Bullard and his sweet wife to get us a new puppy for our little girl. We had to put our seven year old golden retriever mix down just a few weeks ago, so we were in great need of a new baby to help heal the hurt in our hearts and home from this great loss. Mr. Bullard went above and beyond to help us get our little Riley. He and his wife are fantastic people and they really care about helping you.
He took the time to show us all of his dogs, including the parents of our puppy, and give us the history to each one. All of his dogs are very well taken care of, and all of his puppies are housed very well. He runs a nice clean business.
We are very grateful to the Bullards for helping us get our little girl. I will absolutely use the Bullards again when the time comes for another puppy.
Submitted by: Matt Kennedy on Jun 01, 2015
After a much anticipated wait for our new family member, we were finally able to pick her up on Friday. Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are family to us now. My children have talked about them since we left. They made us feel right at home. As for our new puppy goes, she is the most beautiful creature we have ever seen. The Bullard's have a great facility and their dogs are treated like they are family members. We are so excited to start this journey with our new pet and I am personally very excited to know that I now have new family in North Alabama. If you are in the market for a Brittany Spaniel, I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!
Submitted by: Donnie Robbins on Jun 01, 2015
Went to Birmingham on 5/30/15 and picked up little Reb-Jets Crimson Rosebud and we absolutely love her. Mr. Ed (the talking horse-lol) and Mrs. Donnie made us feel right at home. They introduced us to all their babies and showed us their beautiful facilities. We have so much in common. Even come to find out that Mrs Donnie was named Donna at birth just as i was and they have beautiful horses also as we do. We are well pleased with our choice of pups and the breeding that the Bullards work extremely hard at. I know, with the right training, she will make a fantastic bird dog for us here in Tifton Georgia.
Submitted by: David cotton on May 30, 2015
Well I can't say enough about our experience at Austin creek farms I talked with Mr. Ed over the phone a good bit before I made the decision to go ahead and send in my deposit don't know if I have ever meet anyone that knows his dogs and takes care of them like Mr. Ed and his precious wife We picked our puppy up today and I have never felt more at home with someone that I just met for the first time thank you Mr. Ed for a beautiful liver and white male puppy my wife will do her job and spoil him but I will do mine as well by putting plenty of birds in front of him on our shooting preserve. Thanks again for a great experience. David and Betty Cotton
Submitted by: john paul molpus on May 28, 2015
Mr, Bullard called me up last week on a Tuesday and told me puppy was ready, I came up from Montgomery on a Thursday after work. Mr Bullard was so nice, showed us around all the kennel. Introduced us to all his dogs and explained there blood lines and heritage. Got to meet my puppies father who was just BEAUTIFUL!! The kennels were all just immaculate. All the dogs were top notch. My puppy Angus is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen. He is only 7 weeks old and almost house trained. He does really good, he is a really smart dog, and learns very quickly!
Submitted by: Andfew Phelps on May 28, 2015
Picked up my new female Brittany from Austin Creek last Friday. The puppy is a beautiful puppy with a great disposition. She barely made a peep the almost 5 hour drive home. Has had a great appetite and perfect on crate training, so far. Mr. Bullard was also very helpful with advice. I would recommend Austin Creek for your Brittany purchase.
Submitted by: Danny McAfee on May 27, 2015
Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience. When you are looking for a 12 to 15 year companion you want to be sure it is coming from good stock. Ed Bullard impressed me the first time I talked with him on the phone and when I went to pick up my little guy, I was not disappointed. His kennels are clean and his love for his Brittanys is obvious. I knew I had made the right choice. I've made a friend and have a source for information I can rely on. 'Sunset', my orange and white, and I bonded on the way home. It is a good day.
Submitted by: Claude and Tina Pichard on May 24, 2015
If you have never been to Austin Creek Farms, just imagine a leisurely drive on a winding country road past southern farms, crossing over a small creek on a two plank bridge, and following that with a slow motion drive across a picturesque, single lane, wooden covered bridge built above a mountain stream. Then you top a hill and find yourself at the home of premiere dog breeder, Ed Bullard. Except, it's not just Mr. Bullard's home, it is also the home of his amazing dogs, their quality offspring, and any person lucky enough to meet him. He welcomes you like an old friend and makes you feel as if this were your hundredth visit and not your first. We drove all of the way from Florida to meet Ruby, our 7 week old Brittany Spaniel, and could not be more excited and happy. We know the type of quality lineage she possesses and the kind of great treatment she has received at Austin Creek Farms. After only two days, we already see her huge potential and she has stolen our hearts. Our total experience with Mr. Bullard has been nothing short of extraordinary and we hope to one day cross the old covered bridge to visit with him again. Many thanks for our new "baby".
Submitted by: Scott Hendrix on May 22, 2015
Well I have left a few messages here before. This is my second Brittany from Ed. He does such a fantastic job with all of his dogs. I think I've already used all of the adjectives that fully describe a wonderful experience anyone could have simply purchasing a dog. What I do have left to say is that once again as I got home today and started playing with Lucille, named in honor of B.B. King, I realized I was watching an alert, bold, smart Gun Dog. She slept on my arm all the way back to Mississippi and she is now asleep in her bed after she crawled up in it like she had done it a thousand times before. Thanks again Ed for a Full Wonderful experience!
Submitted by: Phillip W. on May 21, 2015
Have been chatting with Mr. Bullard over the last few days about a Britt for my little boy's first bird dog, and am really excited and confident we are going to be getting a 1st-rate pup! I have sent Mr. Bullard our deposit, and now we're anxiously awaiting that call to come pick up our new buddy! Mr. Bullard is extremely knowledgeable and obviously very passionate about his dogs--and I like that. I'm already thinking about buying puppy No. 2 from Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: Robbie Estes on May 20, 2015
Picked out our puppy this week. Ed is a great guy with a top notch kennel and the most beautiful well mannered Brittany's I've ever seen. Ed and his wife are great people and a pleasure to meet. Can't wait to bring the pup home.
Submitted by: Hunter Walker on May 18, 2015
My wife and I visited Mr. Bullard and Mrs. Donnie this weekend to pick out our 2nd brittany from them. The little fella will be ready to come home towards the end of the month. Our "Copper" is 3 1/2 yr old liver and white male and he needs a new friend. We called Ed back during the beginning of the yr, and he worked so diligently with us to make sure we were able to get a puppy at the right time for us, and the dogs. They are some of the nicest folks you will ever met, and run an amazing kennel. We look forward to getting the newest addition to our family, and the many years to come of business with the Bullards. Anyone looking for a Brittany would be crazy not to give Mr. Bullard a call and go check out his dogs. I am a repeat customer and will be for years to come. Thanks again Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie for everything, and we look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks.
Submitted by: Leah on May 15, 2015
Update: Me and my dad visited Mr. Bullard and his dogs yesterday morning, and had a wonderful time. Saying "I was impressed" is a severe understatement. He talked to us for a long time and introduced me to every single dog, and explained the whole process of his kennels and hunting to both of us. I can't tell him enough how grateful I am! I fell in love with each brittany and it was a wonderful experience. I should be getting my puppy in August (per my request because I want to wait until I am settled into my new house, and have puppy-proofed everything.) Sorry for all these testimonials, I am just SO excited!
Submitted by: Blake Gardner on May 11, 2015
Ed Bullard is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He goes above and beyond to make your dog buying experience, a wonderful experience. If I ever had questions, I could call him at anytime. If he didn't answer, he was sure to call back. I would rate my experience a 10 out of 10. Thanks Ed!
Submitted by: Walt on May 08, 2015
Good morning, Mr. Bullard. I hope all is well with you and your wife. My pup is now a little over 7 months old. He is doing great, and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you and your wife. Looking forward to getting another one of these sweet pups from you in the future!

He has turned out to LOVE the water - can't stay out of it!

Thanks, Walt
Submitted by: Leah on Apr 20, 2015
I absolutely love working with Mr. Bullard and can't wait for my puppy. I paid my deposit last week and now I am trying to stay patient! Mr. Ed keeps me updated about everything and is a very kind, excellent human being. I am just so ecstatic to be friends with him now, and do business with him, just as much as I am excited to have my little boy get here soon.
Submitted by: Leah Hudson on Apr 18, 2015
Mr. Ed was the answer to my prayers. I have wanted a brittany for several years now, and am finally old enough, and about to be living in a place where I can raise one myself. I sent in my deposit a few days ago, and Mr. Ed has been helpful with every step so far. I am sure if you read all these testimonials, you'll see that everyone says that-- because it is the truth. The pictures of his dogs on this webpage are just a drop in the bucket. I fell in love when I saw Mr. Ed's facebook page, and saw hundreds of pictures of absolutely perfect looking dogs. I would not want to work with anyone else on the planet when it comes to britts. Please, look no further if you are looking for someone to work with. He is your guy, no doubt about it. I am beyond excited to meet my little puppy. I already know he will be everything I imagined and more.
Submitted by: Dave Wills on Apr 16, 2015
My wife, daughter, and I picked up our new little female puppy, March 13th. She is the second puppy we have gotten from Mr. Bullard. I called him and ask him to pick out a special girl for Annaeke, our special needs daughter. We have named the puppy Dixie. She is the perfect fit for our family.

She is very intelligent and is already trying to retrieve and her nose is always on the ground. She is keeping our 12 year old Brittany young and on his toes.

Dixie is our 6th Brittany. She seems to sense that she cannot play rough with Annaeke. Dixie and Winchester are great companions to me as I work in my shop.

Ed is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and has a great Brittany Kennel. I would not go anywhere else to buy a Brittany. He truly enjoys his dogs. Thanks Ed for all your help.
Submitted by: Elizabeth Adams on Apr 14, 2015
My experience with Austin Creek Farms was wonderful! Mr. Ed and his wife are super nice, and their puppies are the best. They truly care about what they do, and they do a great job! My puppy could sit, shake, and retrieve before she was three months old. She is a great dog, and I will definitely purchase a second brittany from him in the future!
Submitted by: Nate Pearce on Apr 12, 2015
Ed matched us with a 8 wk old Brittney puppy for our sons 5th birthday who is named Holder.
Ed was very helpful and a pleasure to work with! We especially appreciated the follow up calls from Ed checking on the new puppy!
We highly recommend Ed as a breeder!
Submitted by: Shane & Ashley Brown on Mar 30, 2015
After being away on travel and receiving a call from Ed he was brilliant. He held our puppy for an extra week so that I could get back home in order to collect him. We called the puppy Britt. He has been a pleasure since day one. At 8 weeks he is already sitting, retrieving and being a brilliant puppy. Ed was a joy and his kennels and dogs were spotless and amazing. I Cannot thank him enough for what he did for my wife and I. I am looking forward to working with Britt and I can tell he is going to be an exceptional hunter. Thanks you Austin Creek Farms!!!!
Submitted by: Audrey Stockdale on Mar 17, 2015
Our family just purchased our Brittany puppy from Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie this past weekend. Mr. Ed has been more than helpful and exceeded all of our expectations from the first phone call we made inquiring about the breed until pick up date for our puppy. Their kennels were in pristine condition and all of their adult dogs were so friendly and well cared for. Our puppy, Jagger, is so well socialized and by far the smartest pup we've ever seen. He's a great addition to our family, healthy, eating, and playing well with our 2 kids. Mr. Ed & Mrs. Donnie were so welcoming with us into their home. Mr. Ed came to the car and actually toted our 2 year old to the dog pens and played with him the entire time we were there! He's a picky 2 year old so that told us so much about Mr. Ed's character! We're so excited to raise Jagger and look forward to adding another pup at some point into our family! If you're questioning a Bullard Brittany, don't! You won't be disappointed! Thanks again!
Submitted by: John Parrish on Mar 17, 2015
My parents had a Brittany before they ever had children and I knew that when I had my own home with some yard space, I, too, would have a Brittany and we did for over 13 years. It's been almost 9 years since he passed away. I thought about getting a different breed but recently decided I was ready and I realized that in my heart I wanted another Brittany. I wasn't sure that I would find any close to where we live but when I looked online, we came across Austin Farms. The testimonials were awesome and the fact that Mr. Bullard only breeds Brittanys showed me his love for the breed. After a phone conversation, I understood why these Brittany lovers were so enthusiastic about Mr. Bullard. He loves his dogs and handles the breeding with a level of professionalism that makes him a pleasure to deal with which we plan to do again someday.
Submitted by: Ryan Whatley on Feb 23, 2015
My wife and I are beyond excited to get our Brittany puppy from Mr. Ed. We paid our deposit yesterday and will now be sitting by the phone waiting for him to call and let us know when we can pick her up. Shortly after leaving Mr. Ed's house, we questioned just how many people actually leave there without paying a deposit. Mr. Ed and his wife are the kindest, most caring couple. His kennel area for the grown dogs is pristine and his whelping houses look more than capable of raising great puppies. I give Mr. Ed five stars all around and have a feeling already we will purchase a second Brittany from him one day.
Submitted by: Jamie Henderson on Feb 16, 2015
I have yet to buy a pup from Mr. Bullard but I have talked to him several times. I also was in a school up near him so I dropped by for one evening. He is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. His dogs were in top shape. You can het when I get ready to buy a pup it will he from him. I forgot to mention his wife is top notch also. Thanks Jamie Henderson..
Submitted by: Larry Bean on Feb 15, 2015
Over the last week I have talked to Mr. Ed 2 times and i have sent the money to have a female out of one of his next litters. My Wife and I are so excited and we can't wait for our baby to arrive. What a well spoken and wonderful man he is and I can't wait to meet Mr. Ed and his wife.
Submitted by: Kelsey&Joey Kemp on Feb 13, 2015
I came across Austin Creek Farms around a week ago. I started reading the reviews and sent Mr. Ed an email, I received a phone call promptly the next day. After speaking to him for only a few minutes I knew I wanted to buy our dog from him . My husband and I, not being super familiar to the breed, decided to take a trip down and meet him in person. We have nothing but great things to say about Mr. Ed and his sweet dogs. He clearly cares so much about his dogs. He told us the history on each and every one of his dogs. His dogs are well socialized, friendly, and the sweetest things we had ever had the pleasure of meeting. He patiently answered any and all questions we had and kept us entertained with stories of all his dogs. He made us feel welcome and at home and welcomed us to call or stop by any time. I honestly don't think we have ever met anyone more nice. We cannot wait to pick up our puppy!
Submitted by: Mathew Scroggins on Feb 10, 2015
I had been searching for a Brittany breeder for sometime and came across Austin Creek Farms. After talking with Mr. Bullard about his dogs and business. I knew that i had found the right breeder. Mr. Bullard is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He made the whole process with purchasing my brittany go effortlessly. Now i am a proud owner of an OW male Tucker Duke. I would recommend Mr. Bullard to anyone that is thinking about purchasing a brittany. I want to thank Mr. Bullard for everything that he has done for me and my family with the new edition to our family.
Submitted by: joe jacobs on Feb 09, 2015
I spoke with Mr. Ed on the phone several times in the last couple of days, and he is just the nicest, helpfulest, trustwothy gentlemen. He has finally helped me decide on 2 started brittanys and I absolutly can't wait to meet him this weekend when I pick up my new loves. Thanks so much Mr. Ed!!!!
Submitted by: Ed Bullard on Feb 08, 2015
I hardly know how to begin. Ms. Donnie and I are so thankful for all the Austin Creek Farms family. The wonderful comments about us and our dogs are so humbling. You helped us be the first to 100, 200, 300, and now over 400 testimonials. We appreciate each and every one of you, and want you to know we are so thankful. You know what I always say, "Call any time for any thing." Sincerely, Ed, Donnie, and Tink Bullard!
Submitted by: Lisa Beyer on Jan 30, 2015
Oh, my goodness...I just got off the phone with Mr. Ed and as always, he is probably the sweetest man I have ever met! We bought a female orange and white baby girl from him about 5 years ago and called him up today because we are ready to buy 2 more! Mr. Ed has nothing less than the finest Brittanys you will ever come in contact with. His bloodlines supreme and his puppies are adorable! You won't find a better dog--and you absolutely will never find another breeder that you will love more. Thank you so much, Mr. Ed!! We can't wait to meet our Cooper and baby girl once she is born! We are so thankful for you, your wife, and your honest, loving spirit. :) Lisa Beyer
Submitted by: tina kiker on Jan 29, 2015
Not my first review for Mr. Bullard...
Our Nugget, one of Bullard's Babies, is almost 3. We brought him into our home as part of family (we aren't hunters).He's an incredibly smart boy, very active, points beautifully and, i must say, is quite easy on the eyes.
The Bullards are a joy to work with, and you cannot leave their home without loving them AND your new Furball. I would not hesitate to have another Bullard Brittany in our home, and would recommend The Bullards to anyone who is in search of a Brittany puppy!
Submitted by: Scott Hendrix on Jan 28, 2015
I first met Ed Bullard in 2007 when I purchased my first Brittany from him. I am now returning in 2015 to purchased another. To me the hallmark of a great product/company etc. is repeat business. I'm buying this dog to hunt with, but at the same time will get a great companion and that speaks solely to the breeding of these dogs. Ed Bullard is responsible for that, good bird dogs that are good companions as well. There probably aren't many people that you simply buy a dog from that also become good friends, but I would certainly call Ed a friend. If you are looking for a natural bird dog that you can hunt without much training, Ed Bullard can give you that with a Fantastic Austin Creek Brittany!
Submitted by: Matt Kennedy on Jan 23, 2015
My name is Matt Kennedy and I spoke to Mr. Ed yesterday. He is probably one of the kindest men I have ever spoken with. I felt like part of his family after a 15 minute conversation. We live in Meridian, Ms. and are sending a deposit for a puppy from an upcoming litter.
Submitted by: Ryan Terry on Jan 21, 2015
Been proud of my Britt. His name is Huckleberry Terry. Between the ages of 15-17.5 weeks old he retrieved 43 of 61 doves that I killed. At 7 months old, on his second duck hunt, he retrieved 22 of 24 ducks. There was a really big mallard drake, he had to drag it back by the wing, it was one of the last birds of the day and Huck was getting tired. Thanks, Mr. Ed, for my great pup!!! Ryan Terry-Arkansas
Submitted by: Paul Cerny on Jan 21, 2015
Good evening, Ed, Paul Cerny in Atlanta here, just wanted to update you that Bella will give birth in about a week. We can feel the puppies moving inside of her. The kids are very excited, thanks a lot! We will let you know when the big event happens, take care! Thanks for Bella, and thanks for letting us breed to Jasper! Paul
Submitted by: Justin Bentzinger on Jan 21, 2015
Trooper is awesome. Thanks for checking in, Trooper is getting bigger and more comfortable every day. Thanks for everything! God bless your family! Justin--Omaha, Nebraska
Submitted by: Kelli giordano on Jan 06, 2015
I researched for months on the perfect inside/outside dog for our family, I found that the Brittany spaniels was the way we wanted to go, I contacted Mr Ed Bullard in Hayden Alabama to talk to him about one of his lovely puppies, knowing after I got off the phone with him that we had made the right decision! We drove 9 hours to pick up our female Brittany spaniel and now almost a yr later we are so in love with her that we are considering getting another one, these dogs are breed so we'll and have perfect markings and the sweetest non aggressive dogs I've ever seen, we have a farm and have horses and she's great with them as we'll, she gets along with all our other animals and is so good with my kids, I have a two year old that loves her so much! I can tell you not one person would ever be disappointed in a dog from Mr. Ed, he truly puts so much time and effort in breeding these world champion dogs and I will refer him the rest of my life, he loves and cares for the dogs so much that they are naturals when you get them, please take a moment to look at his website and view these beautiful dogs! Sincerely Kelli giordano, Alexandria Louisiana
Submitted by: DOUG BRESEE on Jan 01, 2015
My name is Doug Bresee and I first meet Mr. Bullard almost 9 years ago when we were blessed with a great Brittany we named Molly . My family has been blessed again with one of Ed's great dogs our newest puppy Belle, was picked up in November and she is just a great puppy healthy and full of energy. I would encourage anyone looking for a Brittany to give Ed a call and you will soon be making the dive to get a pup from him.
Thanks Ed for the great times my family and friends have had with your pups.
Doug Bresee
Submitted by: Laura Parmer on Dec 23, 2014
My husband an I were so excited when we received the news from Mr Ed that our newest addition was born about 6 weeks ago a black and white Brittany. We were thrilled! I went to go yesterday to pick her up from Mr Ed and fell in love immediately with her and not to mention how sweet and inviting Mr Ed was to have me in his home. When I saw our puppy she was just what I had imagined! I knew at that moment and with talking to Mr Ed that this was indeed going to be the BEST Christmas ever for our family and not to mention that our children were going to love her and that "Santa " had done the best this year. We have had her at home for just 1 day and she is perfect in every way ! We can't wait to share her Christmas morning with our children ! Thank you so much again Mr. Ed for everything! I already my husband that we may need another! Merry Christmas and thank you so much again !
Submitted by: Todd Angel on Dec 14, 2014
What an fantastic experience with Mr. Bullard. He was such a pleasure to meet and work with. He assisted us in getting our second Brittany puppy. He and his wife both welcomed us into their home and were a delight all around. Our puppy "Olive" is such a great dog and I just know that we have a great dog! I highly recommend Mr. Bullard and his farm.
Submitted by: Lisa-Marie on Nov 24, 2014
Mr. Bullard is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is very professional and informative. He doesn't mind answering any questions you may have and is always available. He always answered my phone calls right away, or called me back almost immediately. We are very pleased with our little Brittany and won't buy from anyone else!!
Submitted by: Anita and Jeff on Nov 22, 2014
Sometimes seeing is believing, and the wonderful trip that my husband and I took to Austin Creek Farms today was nothing short of amazing. Mr and Mrs Bullard are two of the most caring people that anyone could meet. They work as a team to raise some of the prettiest and smartest Brittany Dogs that anyone could ever care to meet or own. Anyone who will take the time to introduce you to the dogs and let you get a feel for the type of puppy you will be bringing home and answering all questions that you might have all the while opening their home to you to do it is a step beyond the norm for a breeder. The love that they have for what they do and the quality of the dogs is amazing at Austin Creek and we can't wait to pick up our puppy in February. The mixture of personal care, price and pedigree would make this a top notch rating for anyone looking for a Brittany Spaniel.
Submitted by: Mathew Scroggins on Nov 16, 2014
I have recently sent my deposit in on an OW male to Mr. Ed Bullard. From the first time that I spoke with Mr. Bullard on the phone to finally getting to meet him for the first time today. I knew I did not have anything to worry about. Mr. Bullard is a true southern gentleman. If the world had a few more men like this it would truly be a better place. After meeting Mr. Bullard this morning. I know that i have made the best choice for my family and i can't wait to bring our new family member home.
Submitted by: Sue baacke on Nov 16, 2014
11 years ago we were blessed to welcome our sweet Layla into our family. Ed and his wife were so sweet and helpful since we were new to the Brittany Breed. Layla is as smart, sweet and energetic today as she was as a young pup. She loves swimming at the lake and chasing ground squirrels in the back yard. She travels well with our family no matter where we go. Thank you Ed and we look forward to a sister for Layla soon!
Submitted by: Matt Fruge on Nov 14, 2014
Once we lost our beloved GSP Hank, I knew it would be a hard time replacing him. After weeks of searching for puppies and breeders I came upon Mr. Ed Bullard. After reading all the testimonials I was confidant that he was an excellent breeder, and after talking to him for over an hour I knew we would get our puppy from him. Friendly doesn't even begin to describe Mr. Ed. The next day I sent him my deposit and a couple months later my puppy was ready and I picked him up. Meeting Mr. Bullard in person was even more delightful than speaking to him on the phone. So I returned home with my puppy and he's doing great. He's only 8 weeks old, but he shows great hunting instincts and I know he's going to be a great hunting dog and companion. I highly recommend Austin Creek Kennels and if you are hesitant at all just give Ed Bullard a call and see for yourself.
Submitted by: Jeremy on Nov 14, 2014
I happened to ride with a buddy of mine when picked up his Brittany from Austin Creek and I have to say his place was impressive. You could really tell he was knowledgeable about his dogs and their bloodlines. He really cares about his animals. They welcomed us in like old friends and we just sat around telling stories and had a great time. Even though I didn't get a dog I had a great time and I look forward to going back for a visit sometime.
Submitted by: Farrah on Nov 13, 2014
We purchased an orange and white female from Ed and without a doubt couldn't be happier. Ed was a delight to talk with from deposit to pick up and answered any and all questions we had. We were very impressed with the quality of his facility and you could tell how loving and nurturing he and miss Donnie are to their pups. Our puppy is playful, smart and super sweet. We made the right choice in getting a pup from Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: Heather on Nov 13, 2014
We named and attached to "Annabelle" before she was even born. Mr. Bullard was so sweet and generous with his time every time I would contact him to ask if they were here yet, or (once they were born) to send me some pictures. He was always more than willing to answer all of my questions. By the time I was ready to meet my puppy, I was also ready to meet Mr. Bullard too! He and his wife were the kindest people and I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about them. Mr. Bullard showed me all of his hunting/breeding dogs and told me about each one. I especially enjoyed getting to see my pup's parents. When I first saw my sweet Annabelle, I knew she was absolutely perfect! She was plump, healthy, and beautiful. I have now had her for almost two weeks. She is eating dry dog food like a champ and is doing great with crate training...and I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten on her beauty! Thank you again Mr. Bullard for being so helpful throughout this process!
Submitted by: Mike Roman on Nov 01, 2014
Ed and his wife were very nice... Genuine and caring. His passion for raising and caring for his breeds plainly evident. We picked up our female liver and white Brittany today, and are so pleased. We named her Dixie, and our 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter are loving their new puppy.

We highly recommend Ed if you are considering a Brittany. You will be in good hands...

Mike, Heather, Jake, Mia and Dixie, Vestavia Alabam.
Submitted by: Alex Hogle on Oct 28, 2014
I just sent in my deposit for a Brittany from Mr. Ed. I can say without a doubt that I could not of found a better person to buy a dog from. He has answer every question I have asked and never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. Can not wait to get the call that my puppy is ready.
Submitted by: David Shealy on Oct 25, 2014
I was so blessed to be able to get my new Brittany puppy from Mr. Bullard. He was so helpful throughout the entire process. It was my first dog and Mr. Bullard was able to provide so much insight into the puppy raising endeavor. I contacted multiple Brittany breeders and, from the first phone call, I could tell that Mr. Bullard was heads above the rest when it came to product and service. I highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking for a Brittany Breeder. I couldn't be more satisfied with my new puppy and how Mr. Bullard helped during the process!
Submitted by: Samantha on Oct 25, 2014
My husband and I recently purchased a puppy from Austin Creek Farms. Before contacting the owner, we read all the positive reviews and were hoping they were true. Without a doubt, Ed Bullard was the most cordial, professional, and helpful dog breeder we came across. When we first arrived at Austin Creek Farms, Ed brought us inside to show us one of his grown Brittanys, and what we could expect to have with the proper love and care. They are amazing dogs! The facility shows how much respect he has for the dogs and the care he puts into providing a quality puppy. We are thrilled to have gone through this experience with Ed. You won't be disappointed!
Submitted by: Ciera Horan on Oct 13, 2014
I've had June for 2 months now and she is a joy to my family. Her and Dixie play outside every day and are constantly learning from each other. June is almost potty trained, she just pees in her box at night. She has only gotten big and more well behaved as she grows. Thank you ed for giving me such a great puppy and great new family member.I highly recommend ed Bullard puppies.
Submitted by: Vanda and Mark Mueller on Oct 06, 2014
It was a blessing for us to find a wonderful man as Ed and his wife at Austin Creek Farms. When I first talked to Ed over the phone I knew we had found the perfect American Brittany Breeder. I spoke with him on many occasions while we were waiting for our little Percy to be born. Ed was gracious enough to send me photos of the puppies when they born with their Mom. We drove all the way from Orlando, FL to pick up our little guy. After our 9 hour drive we arrived to Ed's farm and were treated like family right from the start. He let us walk around the property and meet the parents of our pup, take pictures and even got to meet one of his prize dogs. We ended up staying and talking with Ed and his wife for over 2 hours, getting to know our pup and learning some training techniques. Ed even sent us home with extra food for our little Percy. Percy is a joy to have as a member of our family. The pup was a gift for our oldest son who absolutely adores his new buddy. We would highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to everyone we know and if you read this testimonial and are trying to find a breeder look no further you have found the perfect one. Thank you Ed for finding us the perfect pup. You are AWESOME!!
Submitted by: mark ball on Sep 28, 2014
Mr. Bullard was not only very nice on the phone but he was also super nice in person. He is very knowledgeable about the dogs and very helpful. Slay, the dog I bought from him, is very smart and learns commands very quickly. Not only is Slay smart but he is also a beautiful dog. I highly recommend buying your American Brittany from Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Shelby McCreedy on Sep 19, 2014
I have had an awesome experience with Ed. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about his dogs. He is also just a great person overall. He's fun to talk to and will make sure you never hang up the phone until all of your questions are answered. We've had our Jake for three weeks now and he's full of energy and so smart. He's already picked up on potty training and the word "NO" when he's chewing on our shoes. He's a very unique puppy, not only in his markings but in his personality as well. When we held him, we were shocked that Jake was already so comfortable. Puppies we've had in the past usually took a few hours to warm up to us, but not with an Ed Bullard puppy. Anyone who is debating between any other breeders, I highly recommend Ed. There's a reason you're on a waiting list with Ed. Not only does he have great obedient dogs, he also provides a great puppy buying experience.
Submitted by: Heather Doster on Sep 16, 2014
We have recently sent our deposit to Mr. Bullard and are anxiously awaiting the newest member of our family! We can't wait to meet her/him!
Submitted by: Tim on Sep 14, 2014
We bought a liver/white male form Mr Bullard two weeks ago and love him. Austin Creek Farms was clean and extremely well maintained. Ed was a really nice host and wouldn't let me leave until he was 100% sure I was satisfied with the transaction....highly recommend
Submitted by: Cathy Stifflemire on Sep 07, 2014
Tug is now 7 months old & is being trained in Abilene, TX. He has been with the trainer for 4 weeks now & we just returned from a visit out there! We couldn't be more pleased to hear what the trainer had to say. He told us that Tug is out hunting other dogs out there of which all are older than him! He went on to say that Tug looks to have what they are looking for in a great hunting dog and is already hunting with a purpose at such a young age! Tug got that drive to hunt from Mr. Bullard's great breeding practices! We are so excited to have purchased a Bullard Brittany!
Submitted by: Katie S on Aug 30, 2014
My husband and I got a white and orange male pup from Mr. Ed-top notch man and a top notch pup. We arrived at Mr. Ed's house and he's got a great living quarters for the dogs. He invited us into his home, and my husband and I met his wife. We got to talking about my hometown that's not too far from Ed's house. Here's how I know he takes good care of his dogs--he buys his dog food from a company in my hometown that my dad uses to feed his horses--quality feed store, not generic dog food.

Now to the pup. We got him at 6 weeks old. We immediately brought him to the vet, and he had a great check-up. We've also seen him pointing already while we play with him. He has pretty much potty trained and crate trained himself. He has never pooed in the house, he'll have occasional pee accidents. He chooses to sleep in his crate with is great for us! He is very intelligent and enjoys clicker training. He can pick up new commands in as little as one training session.

We're in love with this pup,and so glad we got him from Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Jordan Scott on Aug 30, 2014
I bought an orange and white male Brittany from Austin Creek Kennels two weeks ago. He is already showing a muscular, athletic build, a strong prey drive, and a stylish point at less than eight weeks old. The most impressive thing though is this Brittany’s intelligence. He basically potty trained himself within just a few days and is picking up commands in a single training session. I highly recommend the Brittanys from this breeder.
Submitted by: Ciera Horan on Aug 29, 2014
I am extremely happy with my new puppy June Bug. I have had her for 3 weeks now and she is the most precious thing. I originally was not meant to have June but i got lucky when Ed told me there was a puppy i could come get that day. Ed told me June was the puppy from the litter he would of chosen and that just because she was the runt didn't mean she wouldn't be a good dog.we drove about 5 hours to get to Ed and his puppies but it was worth it. when we arrived it was so beautiful, and in the distance you could see the place where the dogs were held. you would think walking up that all you would hear is barking dogs. when i reached where the puppies were all the other dogs were well behaved and quiet, showing just how much training Ed had given his dogs. all the puppies were beautiful and it was so hard to chose but i know i chose the right dog.Ed has made buying my first puppy on my own very easy. June is an amazing dog and she gets along great with my 2 year old Aussie. I am so happy i listened to Ed and chose June. Thank you so much Ed for giving me an amazing, rambunctious new member to my family. i highly recommend Mr. Bullard and his puppies.
Submitted by: Austin on Aug 27, 2014
Our experience with Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Bullard could not have been better. Mr. Bullard is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and was a true pleasure to speak and do business with. Can't recommend him enough!
Submitted by: Kendall Harker on Aug 27, 2014
My husband and I recently purchase a puppy from Mr. Bullard and could not be happier with our experience and our new puppy. Mr. Bullard was a pleasure to speak with and has a beautiful farm and operation. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Walt on Aug 26, 2014
If you are looking for a Brittany Spaniel breeder, look no further. I did my due diligence in researching any and all Brittany breeders within an 8-hour drive of my home town of Fairhope, Alabama. I came across this site, read the reviews, and almost found them too unbelievable. After having one conversation with Ed I knew he was running the type kennel I wanted to buy my dog from. I was specific in the type of dog I wanted (liver & white male) and Ed made it happen without issue. I picked the dog up yesterday afternoon and could not have been more impressed with the operation he is running. He and his wife are great people! I will not hesitate to recommend anyone looking for a top-notch bird dog, or simply a great family pet, to Ed Bullard. Thanks again for your hospitality, Ed!
Submitted by: Tyler McCrary on Aug 06, 2014
My wife and I bought our first dog from Mr. Bullard about a year ago. We could not be happier with the amazing dog that she is. I have not had the opportunity to take her hunting, but you can tell she has great instincts by the way she will work a field when we go for walks through the woods. She is a great family pet and companion. I highly recommend Mr. Bullard and his Brittany puppies if you are looking for a great hunting dog, or just a great family pet.
Submitted by: RUDY JOHNSON on Aug 01, 2014
Submitted by: Sonia Rivera on Jul 30, 2014
This is our first dog. We pick him up about 11 months ago. Lucky is a smart, lovable and friendly dog a family can have. We drove almost 5 hours to get him, but it was so worth it. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are amazing people. They make you feel you are part of their family. They won't let you go until you are completely satisfy with the puppy you had chosen and understand what is that you need to do to take a good care of the puppy...
Submitted by: Scott Patterson on Jul 30, 2014
We got our Brittany, Lucy, from Austin Creek Farms bout 10 months ago. She has become a part of the family, and loves to accompany us on long walks and runs. When we take her to public places she is always complemented, and all the kids come up to her and pet her. She has never met a stranger. We highly recommend the dogs at Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Adam Narrell on Jul 30, 2014
We bought our Brittany from Mr. Bullard around the end of May and the experience could not have been better. First let me say what a wonderful person Mr. Bullard is. My wife and I carried a 3 and four month old with us to pick up Huck. He and his wife welcomed us into their home, talked with us concerning their breeding history, and just made us feel welcome. We toured the kennels and they were in top notch shape. The dogs are very well taken care of and quite spoiled to be honest. You can tell that Ed and his wife not only love all their dogs, but people as well. I can not say enough about their hospitality. We've had Huck now for about 2 months and he is doing great. He is extremely loving with our children and has already adapted to kennel training. He is very smart and eager to please as the breed implies. If you are looking for a quality Brittany in North Alabama, don't waste your time anywhere else. Ed knows what he is doing and will make finding a dog for you a priority.
Submitted by: Courtney Brown on Jun 17, 2014
We got our Brittany, Pluto from Ed 16 mos ago. He is the smartest, best dog we have ever had. He was so easy to house train and has learned many other commands. He points birds instinctly, he has never been hunting but I think he would be great. He is a wonderful family pet and great with children. We get compliments on how beautiful he is everywhere we go. The Bullard's are great people who genuinely care about their dogs and the homes their pups go to. We have taken him back to visit the Bullard's and they opened their home to us like family. We will get another from them one day.
Submitted by: David Evans on Jun 14, 2014
We have owned two Brittanys and are totally sold on the breed. When our older dog lost some of her energy and developed a few senior infirmities we decided to add a new puppy to our family. We figured that it could “learn the ropes” from the older one. My first phone conversation with Ed Bullard convinced me that our next puppy would come from Austin Creek Farms. His knowledge of the breed, and that of his past and current litters was truly impressive. Also Ed’s pride and love for his dogs showed through over the phone.

My wife and her sister went to pick up our new pup and returned, not only with a beautiful new family member but also praise of Ed, his wife, his kennels and his dogs. Our new puppy, named Maggie, is healthy, energetic, intelligent and insatiably curious. I certainly don’t have a trained eye but she seems to be perfectly shaped, balanced and coordinated. Our vet is overwhelmingly complimentary of her too.

It’s been three months since our puppy joined us. I waited intentionally to allow our dog’s personality and our relationship with her to develop. Our dog training skills seem to have eroded somewhat but her inate intelligence is making up for our shortcomings. Anyone considering a Brittany can be confident in choosing Ed Bullard and his Austin Creek Farm Kennels.
Submitted by: David Greco, Jr. on Jun 08, 2014
A few months after my pal "Moze" died last spring I began looking for another Brittany. I found the Austin Creek Farms site and called Ed. After that conservation I knew that was where I would find my new pal. When I went to pick him up I was quite pleased to see how Ed operates his kennel. It's been five weeks now and "Tripp" is a healthy active little fellow. So happy to have found Ed and my new pal. Thanks again Ed. David in Louisiana
Submitted by: Kelly Koch on Jun 07, 2014
After we lost both our dogs in a months time.(They both lived to their age limit or maybe even a little longer). We knew we wanted another dog and a puppy so he could grow with us. Our 16 year old daughter wanted a puppy to have another 13 to 14 years like she did with our first two. We all agreed on the American Brittany. We looked at a lot of the breeders on this site and after finding Mr Bullard with our little Beaux we just could not be happier. He was his last puppy and we drove for a little over 6 hours from Belle Chasse, Louisianna to get him. We could just tell after speaking with Mr Bullard he loves his dogs and it's not all about the money for him. He is very fair on the prices of his dogs believe me we looked. But he gets very happy we he see's how Tink is when he brings you into his home. She came to myself and our daughter first then went to my husband. His dogs are kept in clean kennels and he keeps fans on them during the summer to help them stay cool. He is just the nicest Man you will ever meet. Wants you to call him with any question. How many beeders would say that. I have never had to deal with a breeder before but I can say this if you want a Brittany pup as a family pet and to use for a little hunting as well he is your man. He is very honest and a loving man you can just see it. And the land he has them on is beautiful. All his dogs are beautiful. I enjoyed watching his face light up when he saw the way Beaux was with all of us and we were with him. I am so happy with Beaux. We have only had him for two days and he is already fetching toys. Still working on potty training and him understanding bed time but he was almost 11 weeks old when we got him on June 5, 2014. He is still use to being with the other dogs. Even though he was in his own very nice sized kennel they were still all their. I am sure he is gonna do just fine. Thank you so much Mr Bullard. If we decide to get another or anyone ask us about him we will be very happy to send them your way. And trust me I am the type of person if I believe in a place I will tell anyone who ask if I don't I will tell them that as well. But you are a keeper Mr Bullard. I truly believe you will not find anyone more loving to his dogs than Mr. Bullard and his wife. I wish we could have seen Mrs. Bullard. He apoke very highly of her with the dogs as well. If you are looking for an American Brittay as long as has a litter or is waiting on one this is your place to go. I would even wait for him to have another litter he is the best.
Submitted by: Chris Chubb on Jun 05, 2014
I manage a private quail hunting plantation in the Thomasville/Tallahassee area. Our land has been continuously managed to hunt wild quail for over 100 years. Every dog I hunt has to produce shooting opportunities for our guests.

Seven years ago we decided to add some Brittany's to our kennel of English Pointers so we can hunt some tighter woods on our property. We bought a puppy from Ed that has been a great dog to shoot over and a great personality to watch hunt. She's been such a good dog that we are back in touch with Ed to get another puppy. He has some fantastic bloodlines but, more importantly, he has our trust.
Submitted by: Josh Frazier on Jun 05, 2014
We picked up our Juno almost 16 months ago. She is the most loving and loyal dog I have ever had. Mr. Bullard is great to work with and I highly recommend him.
Submitted by: Ray Hensley on May 27, 2014
First class all the way. Meeting this breeder and his family is an experience all it's own. Super nice folks and kennels are kept pristine. Picked up a Brittany male that already shows all the characteristics of a powerhouse hunter. Strong nose, mild manner, already listens well (7 weeks old), sleeps through the night (right beside my bed), already answering to name (Buddy) and plenty playful. Already working on training the essential skills of a hunting dog. If you are looking for a down side to this breeder, well there is not one that I found. Extremely accommodating, well equipped for breeding and has the breeding stock you would want. If you are looking for a great Brittany then look here and I dont think you will need to look more. Sure love my little guy already and he us. Thanks Ed for a super Brit.
Submitted by: Tess McKaig on May 18, 2014
We have had our puppy, Frances, two weeks now. We cannot get over how intelligent and good natured she is. She loves being with us, but is also a very curious explorer of our backyard. We are very happy with this precious addition to our family and my husband is thrilled to have a new hunting buddy. We'll post some pictures on Ed's Facebook page.
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on May 18, 2014
Two weeks ago we picked up our puppy, Frances, and could not be more pleased with her. We had a chance to meet her parents who were as friendly as the Bullards. In fact, all the dogs on the premises were very friendly. That was a good sign, because we want our new pup to be part of the family. From the beginning, Frances has been an exceptionally smart pup and she has an easy-going disposition. It is fun to watch her creep around our garden like a little panther in search of birds. Thanks Ed for my new hunting partner.
Submitted by: Gerald Rollins on May 18, 2014
Made the 3 hr drive from Atlanta and picked up my son's Brittany this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are the most charming couple you'd ever want to meet. The kennels are well maintained and it was immediately apparent the Bullards go above and beyond to run a quality kennel. Mr. Bullard even took the time out to play his piano for my son who also plays piano. He even called us hours later to thank us and make sure we made it home safely. Well worth the drive, so happy with our new pup Skye.
Submitted by: Marshall Sims on May 12, 2014
I'll start by saying that Mr. Bullard has quickly become one of the most genuine and honest people I know. He and his wife, Mrs. Donnie, are extremely nice and welcoming into their home. They are absolutely more than willing to answer any and all questions you have. I personally spoke with Ed dozens of times during the process of buying a puppy, as he is seemingly always available by phone, email, and in person.

During the process, we visited three times. Once to give Ed our deposit and see the facilities, once to see the puppies and pick ours out, and once to pick up our puppy. We picked up our Brittany about a week ago, and couldn't be happier. Ed made the entire thing so easy and straightforward. On top of that, his prices are extremely reasonable, and in my opinion underpriced for the quality of service he provides.

I can't wait to bring our puppy back to Ed's in a few weeks to show him off. Ed genuinely cares about his dogs and your future dog. Do yourself a favor and call him. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

"If you don't like Ed, there is something wrong with you. And if you don't like Mrs. Donnie, there is something BAD wrong with you!"

PS. Ed, If you're reading this, THANKS AGAIN!!
Submitted by: Katie Brown on May 07, 2014
This is our first time owning a dog and we were a little nervous about it. One of our children was bitten by a neighbor dog and has some dog anxiety as a result. When I talked to Mr. Bullard about our need for a very gentle and easy going dog, I felt like he really heard me and wanted to work with me. When we arrived to pick up our puppy, Mr. Bullard first introduced us to our puppy's parents. They were so sweet and calm and came right up to our children wagging their tails. The kids were thrilled and it really put me at ease to see our son interacting so well with the dogs. And of course they love our puppy. We've only had him a few days, but so far he has been great. He has put up with all the love and attention from our kids without any problem whatsoever. I believe this will be a great experience for our family. I definitely recommend Mr. Bullard and Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: douglas d bresee on May 05, 2014
We brought home our first puppy from Mr. Bullard five years ago. Molly has hunted quail and woodcock in Louisiana and Mississippi, she has also made five trips to South Dakota to hunt wild pheasant. Everyone who has hunted with her and has had the thrill of taking a pheasant over one of her points is truely impressed.
My family and I are now looking foreward to bring home another one these wonderful puppies from Austin Creek Farms this summer.
Thank you for all fun Ed the Bresee's from Louisiana.
Submitted by: Robert Emmons on May 05, 2014
Picked up our puppy on May 2. Have had a great time watching him learn from our older britt. He is smart, happy and very energetic. Had a great visit with Donnie and Ed before we left. Any one who cares this much for their dogs have to be good folks. Would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a brittany.
Submitted by: Taylor Sexton on May 04, 2014
First off, I would like to thank Mr. Bullard for his patience. My Wife and I are first time pet owners and had plenty of questions. Mr. Bullard was very easy to get ahold of and was always pleasant to talk to. He runs a great kennel, We are so happy with our decision to get our pup from Ed!
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on May 04, 2014
We picked up our little girl, Francis, yesterday. As usual, the Bullards were very accomodating. We were delighted to meet her parents, both very friendly Brittany's. Since coming home, Francis has been a confident pup, quickly adjusting to her new home and exploring everything in sight. She likes chasing a pheasant tail feather, a good sign of her instincts. We are blessed to have her in the family and look forward to raising such a smart, happy dog.
Submitted by: Curt Casey on Apr 30, 2014
Just picked up my third Brittany puppy in about 7 years from Mr. Ed Bullard and Austin Creek Farms. It was time to add a new pup to the pack, and there was nowhere else I would get a Brittany from. The first two have been absolutely great bird dogs, and I know this new one will be the same. His dogs are so easily trained, and so very biddable. They are also great pets and a part of the family. Thanks Ed for your great dogs and your friendship!
Submitted by: isaac jett on Apr 28, 2014
Mr Bullard was very nice. The kennels were clean and the dogs were well taken care of and playful. I am very happy with my new puppy, Duke. Thanks Mr Bullard!
Submitted by: Matt H on Apr 16, 2014
I've had the pup for about a month now, and couldn't be happier! He's a little furry rocket, but he's very sweet and has already learned basic commands. Very smart and fun companion dog.
Submitted by: Brantley and Judith Park on Apr 15, 2014
When my husband and I got married six months ago, we knew we wanted to wait a while before having kiddos, but a dog, we hoped, would be in our near future. After having researched Brittany breeders on the internet, we were thrilled to find out that one of the best breeders in the country was located only a few hours away from where we live! From the first time we spoke on the phone to Mr. Ed we knew we couldn't buy from anyone else. His southern charm and honesty was inviting from the first phone call and proved to be even more endearing in person. Our preference was an orange and white female. We were prepared to wait until Mr. Ed had that particular combination available, but believe it or not, he happened to have one little girl dog who fit our description: Peaches. When we arrived to pick her up, Mrs. Bullard was out in the kennel giving the dogs some lovin' and treats, a daily routine of hers he said. The Bullard's were so genuine and kind hearted. I felt like I was visiting relatives. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and it's apparent that the Bullard's take extremely great care of their dogs. I'm surprised they can stand to let any of the pups go after having treated them as their own for so long. Doing business with Mr. and Mrs. Bullard was a pleasure and our sweet Peaches is an angel. We couldn't be more smitten with the entire transaction.

The Park's
Submitted by: Ryan on Apr 04, 2014
It has been three weeks since we picked Clyde up from Mr. Bullard and it could not have been a more wonderful experience. I knew from our first conversation on the phone he was not just an outstanding breeder but a wonderful person. I like to do my research and see everything about an operation before I commit, and Mr. Bullard was more than happy to show me his kennels before I put down a deposit. He has some of nicest kennels and each dog has plenty of room. They even fed me some breakfast before showing me around! I left feeling welcomed and very confident that I found the right breeder. As I waited for my pup over the next couple of months I was always kept up to date with how everything was going. Mr. Bullard was easy to stay in touch with, either by phone or over Facebook chat. We have had Clyde for three weeks now and he is a smart little guy and loves children. He seems to have been wonderfully socialized from an early age and loves being handled any which way. I’m very grateful I found Mr. Bullard and obtained the dog of my dreams. I can’t wait for him to become a great companion and I know he will, because I’m confident I acquired a dog from an amazing pedigree.
Submitted by: Jessica Missildine on Apr 03, 2014
Our sweet puppy, Annie, is now almost 8 weeks old! We are SO beyond pleased (and obsessed!) with this precious puppy!! Our whole experience with Ed Bullard was fantastic! We have already started training Annie with some quail. Within 2 weeks she could sit, come, and stay! She is so smart and very very cute!! Cant thank you enough Mr. Bullard!!! Keep doing what you love and breeding these fabulous dogs! :)
Submitted by: Scott Harlamert on Apr 03, 2014
If you have decided on a Brittany as family pet, or life long hunting partner you can rest assured Austin Creek Kennels and Ed Bullard will exceed your expectations. This testimonial cannot encompass my respect for Mr. Bullard and his passion. Simply put Ed Bullard does not operate a business, he lives a passion and shares it with others. A passionate dog lover myself I was determined to find a breeder who shared my love for dogs beyond any monitory value. Mr. Bullard personally called me the day after I emailed him inquiring about his pups. That was it, my decision was made and I haven't looked back since. Today my young Amber at 8 1/2 weeks is sleeping in my lap and I couldn't be more pleased. My only regret is that I don't live closer to Mr. Bullard so that I could make a hunt with him. I can only imagine the excitement for both of us watching a bird flush under our dogs. Give Mr. Bullard a chance and you won't regret it I'm truly thankful for Amber and friendship with Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Thomas K McLean on Mar 25, 2014
We have raised 2 Brittany’s in the past as house pets (much to the horror of most bird hunters). They are incredibly smart and extremely loyal and great with kids. Unfortunately, our last female met with misfortune. Our search to locate a new pup we led us to find Austin Creek Farms on the web. I called Mr. Bullard and could tell immediately that he had to be an exceptional breeder. We made our deposit for an orange and white female and we were put in the queue.

The proof was in the pudding when I got a surprise call from Mr. Bullard. He called to tell us we had been bumped up in line for our pup and could come pick her up that weekend. We hopped in the car and set our GPS for his address near Hayden AL. We arrived at Austin Creek Farms and were greeted like old friends.

Mr. Bullard took the time to show us around and I must say he truly runs an immaculate kennel. Wow!!!! I have never seen such a collection of beautiful Brittany’s. Mr. Bullard’s expertise and knowledge of each dogs’ bloodline was impressive. We concur with all the other positive testimonials about the Bullard’s kennel and the kind of folks they are.

Our little ‘LuLu” is just 7 weeks old. She’s healthy, inquisitive and shows great signs of high intelligence. We are truly thrilled with her and look forward to many happy years together.
Submitted by: Kelli Durand on Mar 22, 2014
From the very first call I got from Mr. Ed Bullard I was sold on a Brittany spaniel, I not only fell in love with him but with the dogs. Every question I ask he answered with such knowledge and love for the dogs. We have three kids so I wanted to make sure I was getting the right dog and I have never been so happy with a decision we made, we are so in love with our new baby Brittany spaniel! We have made friends for a lifetime with him and his wife Donnie ,, such sweet and kind people! Anyone that does not have a Brittany spaniel from Mr. Ed should get one! Your defiantly missing out on a lifetime of love for a pet!
Submitted by: Joe Edd Stifflenire on Mar 22, 2014
It has been a week since we picked up our little Tug! My wife has already written two testimonials, one before we met Mr. Bullard and the other afterwards because of the great experience we had buying a pup from him….but never would I have believed how great this little pup is! So after having him for only one week, I felt compelled to write one. Tug is so smart just to be 6 weeks old! I can honestly say that since we have owned many bird dogs in our 40 years of marriage! He is totally crate trained and never cries! All of our other pups cried for nights after being taken from their mother. I tell him to kennel & he goes into his crate all by himself! I am alternating two crates. I use a wire crate during the day & a plastic travel crate at night for him to sleep in! That way he is used to both. We take him riding in the plastic crate so he is comfortable travelling in it! He is walking so good on the leash and doesn’t fight it at all! All of our other pups fought the leash and were difficult to train! I am planning to introduce him to quail wings next week! I can’t wait to see how he does but I know he will do great! If you are reading these testimonials and are still on the fence about buying a pup from Austin Creek Farms, then you should just take the leap of faith and call Mr. Bullard! After visiting with him on the phone, you will know that you made the right decision!
Submitted by: Gary and Rebecca on Mar 19, 2014
Well we just completed our fifth week with our little bird dog, Sienna. She is a delight and a beautiful little girl. We've had occasion to visit Ed and Donnie twice now, the last time to pick up my friend's Brittany puppy. I can tell you this it's a pleasure any time or every time Rebecca and I have visited them in their home. They are very loving and sharing and we have come to love them. All their Brittanys are beautiful and well-cared for.

Sienna is lively and curious and definitely has a loving spirit. She is a beauty and we just look forward to watching her grow from a 11-week old puppy. We love watching her long legs grow...she is such an elegant girl! She's a perfect addition to our family that includes two Bengal cats.

I don't think anyone is more knowledgeable about the Brittany than Ed Bullard as is exhibited in his beautiful little girl, Tink. We are so glad we decided on this breed, as well as this breeder, and couldn't be more satisfied.

I expect Ed and Donnie to be life-long friends. Finally got my bird dog...thanks, Ed!

Submitted by: Amanda Mickle on Mar 17, 2014
We picked out our beautiful white/orange Brittany on Saturday for my son Jake's birthday gift. Her name is Zoey. From the first time that I called and then met Ed and Donnie a couple days later, I knew that we had made friends for life. They are the sweetest people that I have ever met. Ed took us on a tour of his kennel which was extremely clean and very well maintained. Their dogs are beautiful and Ed knew every dog in his kennel by name and its blood line. We then went in the house where we sat and chatted like we had known each other for years. Mr. Bullard is so knowledgeable about the Brittany breed and answered any questions that I had. This is our first Brittany Spaniel and we have fell in love with our Zoey. If you are looking for a Brittany. You will not find a better breeder than Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms.
Amanda Mickle - Corner, Alabama
Submitted by: Cathy Stifflemire on Mar 15, 2014
We got our call that our pup was ready for us to pick up. So plans were made & we headed to Alabama to pick up our little guy! We were so excited to arrive and finally meet Mr. Bullard & his wife in person! These people are the real deal! Such a fine & sincere couple with such a love for their dogs! It really makes us happy to meet people that share the same love as we do for the Brittany breed! They welcomed us into their home and made us feel like we were part of their family! We also had the pleasure of meeting Tink! She adores her masters, minds so well and just aims to please! The kennels were immaculate and the dogs were absolutely beautiful! You could just watch the dogs & see the love they had for the Bullard’s! We were so impressed with the entire set up of the kennels. After looking at the puppies which were all beautiful, it would have been hard to choose one but Tug made it easy…he picked us! Our little guy was everything that we expected and then some! He had to make a 12 hour from Alabama to Texas & never made a whimper! He was a real trooper! This excited both of us because we had never had another to do the same! Mr. Bullard took so much time with us discussing EVERYTHING from dog training to raising quail. Austin Creek Farms exceeded our expectation! We arrived as strangers shaking hands and getting to know them but left exchanging hugs knowing that we had found friends for life! We would highly suggest anyone who is thinking about purchasing a brittany contact Mr. Bullard first! After visiting with him you will understand why you will not need to contact any other breeder! His knowledge of the breed will amaze you and you could truly spend hours learning from his expertise! When we decide to purchase another Brittany we will be calling Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Jessica Missildine on Mar 10, 2014
I cannot begin to say how wonderful our experience with Ed Bullard has been!!! He is the most precious man that truly loves his dogs and their pups! I have been so excited and have called sweet Mr. Bullard about 10 times with all of my questions- and his help has made me even more excited to meet our sweet puppy! Cant thank you enough! This is THE breeder to deal with for a Brittany! Thank you! Thank you!!!
Submitted by: Ken G. on Mar 09, 2014
I've tried writing this several times to say exactly how fantastic my experience was with the Bullards... but it is easier to start by saying I know I can be a pain sometimes. I think I called Ed once a week to ask about books I should buy, training tips, house proofing tips, dog food, how the puppies were, you name it; Ed always was able to provide information for me and was always willing to talk to me. That's a quality that makes the Bullards genuine and will have me recommending Ed at any chance I get.

I love my beautiful female Brittany, Zola; she's about 10 weeks now. I cannot tell you how many times people have stopped on the side of the road (blocking traffic!) to ask what breed of dog she is or to just say that she is a great looking pup! I agree, she's wonderful.

If you are looking to get a Brittany, or if you are looking to just get a great pup from a great family, you're best bet is to call Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: Orion Willoughby on Mar 09, 2014
I had the opportunity to visit Ed and Donnie this weekend and spend some time with them. Ed took us for stroll about the farm and we were able to meet all of his beautiful dogs. Ed and Donnie maintain a clean and healthy environment for their dogs and provide plenty of love and exercise for them. Their compassion for their dogs was a testament on how much they love this breed and enjoy the company of them as well. Ed has a personality that is so rare to find today, and is a blessing to be around. His passion and love for his dogs; and his wife's caring, supporting, and nurturing nature provide such a great place for anything that takes residence or company with them to live and grow. I look forward to getting to know them better over the next couple of months and sharing my puppies life with them. I couldn't recommend a better lover/breeder of Brittany's in the area.
Submitted by: Mark on Mar 09, 2014
We're really pleased with our Brit and more pleased with the experience. Ed possesses some of the best pedigree around if you're searching for a Brit, whether it's for a superior hunting dog or family companion....or both. Ed is really focused on working with each prospective owner to find the exactly what they want, and he and his wife are some of the nicest folks you'll have the chance to meet. Finding the right dog is about having confidence in the breeder, and once you talk to Ed you'll know what I mean. I encourage anyone that's looking for the right Brittany to make certain they call Ed. We're glad we did.
Submitted by: Brent Turner on Mar 07, 2014

I wanted to give you another update on Miles. Miles, not even 1 yet, is impressing my hunting buddies. He has been out 5 times and is doing great: finding birds, whoaing, honoring points, and following commands. I wish I could say I had a lot to do with this, but it would not be true. This dog is running on pure instincts that have been handed down through your bloodlines. You have a top notch operation and I look forward to getting our next Brittany before too long.

Submitted by: Jan Taylor on Mar 07, 2014
Mr. Bullard, we absolutely love that dog! We brought our puppy, Mae, home 4 weeks ago. Mae is exactly what we wanted and expected. I am amazed at how quickly she adjusted. She didn't even cry out at night. She is so pretty and so much fun. She has playful times and calm times and is always affectionate. Our girls absolutely adore her also. After reading many of the other testimonials and visiting the Bullards, I never doubted what a great puppy we would have. Thank you so much, Mr. Bullard, for allowing us to have such a fantastic dog!
Submitted by: Cathy Stifflemire on Mar 07, 2014
Late last year my husband & I decided it was time to find another Brittany pup. After much research & discussion we decided that we should contact Austin Creek Farms owned by Ed Bullard. I called & visited with him for quite a while. He answered all of my questions. In fact, it didn’t take long for me to realize that he shared the same passion for the breed as we did! That sealed the deal! When the pups were born Mr. Bullard contacted me! That made for a really happy day at this house! Since then, Mr. Bullard has contacted me on several occasions. No other breeder has ever done this! We are anxiously waiting for our trip to Alabama! We are so excited…..we can’t wait to meet Mr. Bullard even though it seems like we have known him for years and pick up our little guy!
Submitted by: Lauren Davis on Feb 15, 2014
I absolutely love the Bullard family! Mr. Bullard was more than willing to answer any questions, and was very hospitable each time we visited. The first time we came to visit he let us spend a lot of time at the kennels looking at all the dogs. He also invited us into his home and took the time to get to know my family and I. I thoroughly enjoyed each visit and spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Bullard. I finally got to pick up my puppy, Hallie, and she has been such a pleasure! All of the puppies were beautiful as were his dogs. The kennels were very clean and overall the experience was great! I highly recommend getting a Brittany from Mr. Bullard! He is very knowledgeable as well as one of the kindest people you will ever meet!
Submitted by: Nick Carroway on Feb 13, 2014
I picked up my Brittany, Case, last Saturday from Mr. Bullard. He is a beautiful orange and white male, and I could not be happier with my selection. Mr Bullard and his wife are two of the friendliest, most genuine people I've ever met. He always made it his first priority to answer any questions I may have, and he was more than willing to go out of his way to make sure all of my needs were met. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of his kennels, and his overall care and dedication towards this breed. When we picked up Case, Mr. Ed and his wife very hospitable and invited us inside their home for several hours that afternoon. I could not ask for a more pleasant overall experience, and I would highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking to purchase a Brittany.
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on Jan 24, 2014
My wife and I had a wonderful visit to Austin Creek Farms today. If you like Brittanys and bird hunting, you will love visiting Ed Bullard and seeing his dogs. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his Brittanys.
Submitted by: Gary on Jan 20, 2014
My wife and I recently paid a visit to Austin Creek Farms owned by Ed Bullard. Ed is one of those men that you find to be incredibly interesting and caring. We have been thinking that a Brittany would be the top choice for a dog to bring into our family. Ed has the best looking and mannered dogs that we have met. He has a profound love for his dogs as can be seen in the kennels and upkeep of his dogs. There's no doubt in my mind that I will soon be the owner of one of his beautiful Brittany's. Awesome visit!
Submitted by: Jean Stewart on Jan 20, 2014
We got our sweet baby Delta for Christmas. She has been such a loving puppy. She's eager to fit in with our family and has tons of energy! Delta belongs to my son, Will. Will traveled with me to Nectar, Alabama to pick up Delta. He fell in love with her the minute he saw the beautiful white and liver pup. She has an adorable face and a great personality. The trip to Austin Creek Farms was well worth the ride! I definitely recommend checking out Austin Creek Farms. It is a beautiful place across a covered bridge tucked away in the hills.
Submitted by: Rebecca on Jan 14, 2014
We've had cats for the past 35+ years and once we decided to get a dog about three years ago we have thought what breed of dog to get. Once we spoke to Ed, we KNEW without a doubt we wanted one of his Brittanys so we sent a deposit immediately and were very excited about our choice...but you never know for sure.
Well, over the weekend we met Ed in person and saw his kennels. Oh my goodness...what confirmation we'd made the right decision!
Ed is one of the nicest people we have ever met and his dogs are so well taken care of, as well as being very friendly (just like Ed) and well-behaved (would expect Ed is too). They live in one of the most beautiful and calming locations I'd ever seen...perhaps that has something to do with their demeanor. We are thrilled with the opportunity to raise one of his puppies SOON.
Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan 06, 2014
I have owned a Brittany puppy that I purchased from Ed about a year and a half ago. Every bird dog training book that I have read thus far states that step one is finding a dog with a good blood line. After quail hunting our Brittany many times this year, she has been an outstanding performer with very little training. She is also wonderfully behaved around our 7 month old baby. Thank you Ed for your breeding expertise!
Submitted by: Ronnie Bailey on Dec 15, 2013
We lost our b/w brittney, Bandit,on Feb 2012. We wanted the same bloodline so our searched & found Ed. Ed went way out of his way to work with us. We picked out the parents and waited. Ed called and wanted us to look at something. We made the trip and found a b/w, whose mother was our dog's halfsister and Chief was the dad.(Chief looks like our first brittney(Coppper). We got our 3rd Brit (Scout). During all of this time, my son married and moved down the road from Ed. Ed has become a great friend.
Submitted by: Fernando Marta on Dec 08, 2013
We picked up our new brittany, back in October, and we are more than happy with him. Jack is a liver and white male, and he has fit right in with our family. I can not say enough about Mr. Bullard and his wife. He worked with me over the phone, email and via texts for two months, in order to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. His kennels are kept clean and all of his dogs are well taken care of. Jack is our first Brittany and I can honestly say my family and I are absolutely in love with this breed. I would definatley recommend Austin Creek Kennels to anyone looking to buy a new Brittany, and if you are on the fence about what breed to buy, I would definately recommand a Brittany over other bird dogs. Thank you Mr. Bullard for allowing us to add Jack to our family.
Submitted by: Austin Tucker on Dec 06, 2013
I have gotten 2 Brittany Spaniels from Mr. Ed. I have lived both of them. They have exceeded my expectations for a bird dog. The dod i use purchased about 10 weeks ago is already pointing and smelling the Quail wing. I really enjoy Quail hunting, but with these 2 exceptional bird dogs, it makes me want to hunt even more. Thanks Mr. Ed for being a great friend!
Submitted by: Daniel Tucker on Dec 05, 2013
We recently bought our second female Brittany puppy from Mr. Ed and she has exceded our expectations. At 8.5 weeks she was pointing quail wings. Her instinct and sense of smell are incredible. Everyone that sees this black and white pup says she is exceptional. I look forward to training Hayden and hunting with her with our other Austin Creek Brittany. Ed, thanks again and we look forward to visitng with you in the future.
Submitted by: Brent Turner on Dec 03, 2013
A quick update on Miles....the world's best Brittany. Miles went on his second hunt in November and did great. He made his first point at 7 months old and froze like a rock. I could not have asked for or gotten a better dog. He is a full member of the family now and I can't wait to get him back in the field. As always, Ed answers all my phone calls and questions in a delightful manner. Thanks again, Ed. Your kennel is top notch and you are a real joy to work with.

Submitted by: Alan Turner on Nov 26, 2013
I picked up my new buddy "Cash" in September. I cannot say enough about Mr. Bullard, he worked with me for several months to make sure I was able to get exactly what I wanted. Since then Cash has become the "star" of our house. He is a stunningly handsome liver and white Brittany that is filled with personality (and gas!) He is my first bird dog and I cannot wait to hunt with him. Thanks Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Lisa W on Nov 16, 2013
I spent months figuring out what breed of dog I wanted and then what breeder I wanted to get my Brittany from. My experiences ranged all the way from breeders telling me if I can't afford a $1500 puppy then I shouldn't get one - to a breeder with Golden Retriever / Brittany mixed puppies that they called Grits (just wrong, by the way). Let me save you all the trouble I went through. Call Mr. Ed Bullard and get on his list! The Bullards are some of those salt of the earth truly good people that you love to meet for any reason. Watching them with their animals was just a joy. I got the last puppy from his latest litter so I didn't get to pick her, but I am fairly sure the rest of you missed the best one! Shelby is a little shark toothed smart as a whip joy to have in our lives. At 9 weeks old now she knows SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, and has pointed her first quail wing. I am so thankful I found the Bullards and have exactly the puppy I was hoping for!
Submitted by: Debby Girvan on Nov 12, 2013
We are absolutely in love with our adorable Brittany puppy from Austin Creek Farms. He's very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He's playful with us and our 9 year old Brittany who he follows everywhere and copies everything he does. He's so smart and curious. He loved his own crate his first night home. We were surprised at how easy it's been to get him on a schedule and train, even at just 8 weeks. Ed Bullard and his wife did such a good job socializing our puppy, he's a perfect addition to our family. If you're looking for a smart bird dog or just a wonderful loving family pet, I highly recommend a puppy from Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Chad & Tiffany Johnson on Oct 31, 2013
We would like to give a BIG Thanks to Mr. Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Kennel for the best puppy we have ever had. Tucker is a Black & White Brittany. He is a very biddable. After about a week & a half he was sitting, lying down & using the restroom outside (by attaching a string of bells on the back door). He is now 12 ½ weeks old and getting bigger every day. He has found his place in our family & our hearts. He has adjusted very fast. Everywhere we go please can’t believe how much he has learned & how well he minds, which as you all know makes for an easy to handle dog. I would recommend Austin Creek Kennel to everyone looking for a Brittany—easy to work with and wonderful facilities. Chad & Tiffany Johnson—Flippin, AR
Submitted by: Craig on Oct 17, 2013
Went to see Ed Last week to look at his beautiful puppies. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and genuinely loves his dogs. His kennels are among the best and cleanest I have ever seen in my life. I absolutely could not resist buying one of the puppies and cannot wait to pick her up in a few weeks!
Submitted by: Kristen Lawhorn on Oct 16, 2013
My husband and I went to visit our liver and white female puppy over the weekend. She was obviously very well taken care of by both her mother and the Bullard's. I have no doubt she is going to be a great addition to our family. Mr. Ed is so hospitable and was glad to allow us to see our new puppy. We can't wait to bring her home.
Submitted by: Anthony Rogers on Oct 14, 2013
I drove home to Atlanta with a 7 week old orange and white male puppy last Monday. He is an alert lovable pup that is already using his nose to track and has stolen my wife’s heart. Ed Bullard runs an excellent kennel and is one the most knowledge breeders I have meet. His pups are from fine stock and he and his wife make sure they are well socialized and ready to be part of your family. I would gladly recommend one of Ed’s dogs to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Alex Farmer on Oct 09, 2013
My wife and I recently purchased a beautiful orange and white female Brittany Spaniel from Mr. Bullard at Austin Creek Farms for our three year old daughter. I cannot tell you how impressed we were with Mr. Bullard and his kennel. From the moment I talked to Mr. Bullard I could tell that he truly cares a great deal about his dogs and he was always available to answer any questions we had about his puppies. These days you do not meet many people as kind hearted and receptive as Mr. Bullard. I would without a doubt, recommend him and his dogs to anyone I meet!!!
Submitted by: Brandon Devereaux on Oct 02, 2013
I had done a lot of research about Brittanys before I decide to take the plunge. As I was searching for reputable breeders on the internet, Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Ed Bullard kept coming back at the top of my results. After reading through dozens of the best possible reviews, I promptly got in contact with Mr. Bullard in July, and right away I could tell he was one of the friendliest people that I had ever had the pleasure to talk to. Over the next few months, Mr. Bullard encouraged me to call him with any questions or just to check in, so I took him up on that offer. He was more than happy to tell me anything I wanted to know about his pups, his pedigrees, and anything else! When it finally came time for me to make the trip to pick up my brittany pup, I couldn't have had a better experience. We were met by Mr. Bullard and Mrs. Donnie at their home, and we were introduced to some of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. While getting to meet all of his dogs, we noticed that there wasn't a fly to be found in the kennels, and every kennel was kept clean as a whistle! We were later introduced to Tink, a beautiful orange and white female brittany who was quick to introduce herself to us and the puppy we were holding. She was a very friendly dog, super smart, and very well trained. Finally, Mr. Bullard ensured us before we left with our new puppy that we could continue to call him for any reason whatsoever! Once again, meeting Mr. Bullard only confirmed what I had learned over the phone - that he was one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Archer came home with us that day, and I recommend that anyone looking for the best brittany you can get to contact Mr. Bullard at Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: Katie Norman on Sep 16, 2013
We've had our little boy Axl (Austin's Axl Rose) for about two weeks now and he is such a great dog already!! The Bullard's are by far the sweetest people you could ever meet... like Mr. Ed says, if you don't like him there is something wrong with you! I was just amazed at how well trained his dog Tink was! His kennels are so clean and well kept. I wouldn't think twice about buying another pup from the Austin Creek Farms. If you're looking for a Brittany you need a Bullard Brittany, no matter where you live or how far the drive is it's worth it!
Submitted by: Tina Kiker on Sep 13, 2013
This will be my third review for Ed Bullard, because I have to brag about him and our boy, Nugget (a frisky, goofy, handsome Brittany who came from Austin Creek Farms).
Ed and Donnie Bullard are about the only other folks we know who love dogs as much as we do. From them came our Brittany who is both gorgeous and smart as a whip. They are always eager and willing to answer questions on the phone or welcome you into their home to spend the afternoon talking about dogs (and all kinds of stuff).
Visit or call and chat once, and you'll be convinced this is where your next furball must come from (the wait is worth it), and you'll have friends for life.
Submitted by: Mike and Carolyn Gaylor on Sep 07, 2013
We bought two seven week old female Brittany puppies from Mr. and Mrs. Bullard. Only went to buy one but couldn't resist the second one. Beautiful pups!! Fetching and coming on command already. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are a super nice couple with an obvious love for all their animals. Very clean pens - showing a lot of time and diligence in maintaining a healthy environment for their dogs.
Submitted by: William Lile on Sep 02, 2013
Two weeks ago we met Ed and Donnie for the first time. Two hours ago we returned home to Florida after a five hour drive with out new Brittany, 'Geyser'. Beautiful pup that is already developing a friendship with our 2 year old Texas Lacy, 'Ziva'. Twenty hours of driving over two weeks for a puppy? True value... 'priceless." Ed and Donnie were a pleasure to deal with and we got to see 'Tink' work some live quail on their property. 5 stars on both the breeders, and the dogs. We couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Michael Mims on Aug 25, 2013
Our sweet Baillie just turned 12 weeks old and has already engrained herself as a full family member. Last weekend she pretended she was in the movie titanic hanging off the front of the boat for hours on the Warrior River. She also swam for the first time. This weekend she will be spending her time at the beach chasing seagulls. While I don't bird hunt much any more and have not worked on training Baillie, she is already pointing birds in the back yard on her on. A special thanks to Ed and Donnie for loving their dogs and passing on those precious little bundles of joy so the rest of us can enjoy them.
Submitted by: Jonathan and Ellery Berryhill on Aug 19, 2013
Santa Claus delivered Belle to our house Christmas Eve 2012. See Belle turned a year old in July and she has been an absolute gem for our family. Well tempered, sweet, patient and playful -- everything we could ask for in an additional family member and pet. She loves to fetch and we look forward to seeing her grow in those abilities as she heads off to training in a few months. Our children, ages 11 and 9, have a wonderful companion to grow up with and she has been an absolute delight. Mr. Ed worked closely with Santa to help him select just the right puppy for our family. Could not have asked for a better experience or a better breed and dog. -- Sincerely, Ellery and Jonathan Berryhill
Submitted by: Bill Lile on Aug 18, 2013
We currently own one dog. A two year old Texas Lacy deer tracking dog named Ziva that is UBT certified and a proven deer tracker. She is great at what she does, but could not care less about anything with feathers. We had been searching locally and on line for a quality bird dog that would fit into our family. Genetics, size, and personality led us to the Brittany. After more searching, we decided it was time to drive 5 hours each way to North Alabama from Pensacola, Florida. We visited with Ed, Donnie, and all of their dogs. They could not have more kind and informative. Our daughters even got to hold some 11 day old puppies. Kennels are covered and spotless. The dogs are intelligent, playful and come from long lines of great hunting and trial stock. We went to a local joint for BBQ with Ed and left our deposit for a future puppy. We look forward to another 10 hours of driving with 'Geyser' in the back with Ziva and our girls on the way home. I will give future updates on our puppy, but from the genetics, and care that we saw at Austin Creek Farms, we know that we will be thrilled.
Submitted by: Kristen L. on Aug 05, 2013
We recently went to see the kennels at Austin Creek Farms before deciding to reserve a puppy there. Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie were so hospitable. They showed us their kennels which were spotless and their dogs which were so great. They invited us into their home and treated us like family. We so appreciate the time they spent with us. We are getting one of their Brittany puppies in the fall and can't wait to have it as an addition to our family.
Submitted by: Terri S. on Aug 05, 2013
I decided to visit the Bullards' farm after reading so many glowing reviews in my search for a family dog. My children are young (5 and 4) and have never had a dog, so I've been very careful in my search to make sure our new pet is a perfect fit. My children and I went to meet the Bullards and all their Brittanys in June. I didn't mention that my children are also afraid of dogs, especially my five-year old who completely freaks out when a dog is nearby. So I was crossing my fingers and anticipating what their reactions would be. As soon as we arrived, the Bullards invited us into their home and introduced us to Tink. What a sweet, lovable Brittany! My son still talks about her almost two months later! Mr. Bullard helped my children feel comfortable with Tink until they were ready to go outside and meet all the other Brittanys in their kennels. All the dogs looked happy and excited to get out and play with us! I did take note of how clean the kennels were and how healthy the dogs looked. Everything was what I would want from a breeder. However, I was mostly trying to gauge the kids' ease at being amongst all these dogs! Let me just say that when it was time to go my kids literally grabbed my legs trying to keep me there. They NEVER do that!! They really didn't want to leave!! That speaks volumes to me. After speaking to my husband about our experience we decided to put a deposit down for a puppy. Hopefully, we'll have something to surprise them with in a few months. Thanks to the Bullards for a wonderful experience!!!
Submitted by: Ray Young on Aug 02, 2013
Over the past 8 months, Niles has become a beloved member of our family! He eats with us, sleeps with us, travels with us, and thinks he IS one of us! He LOVES the outdoors, and likes to beat the brush to scare up squirrels and other would-be forest creatures. He has an amazing natural point, and is the fastest dog in the neighborhood, bar none! He is amazingly agile. More so than any other dog I've ever seen. He is a brave guard dog, but gentle around everyone we bring in to visit. He has a deep mischievous streak, and loves to play with his toys and his partner in crime, our little border collie female mix. I still can't believe we picked such a perfect puppy for us. Thanks to Mr. Bullard, who continues to check in on us, we have a greatly beloved family member who keeps us continuously entertained. Thanks Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Hannah Irwin on Aug 02, 2013
Just want to tell Mr. Bullard thanks for giving us such a perfect little puppy. Although he isn't so little anymore. He makes me feel safe at night when he lies by my bed or where I am sitting on the sofa. My step-dad takes him hunting for squirrels and birds, but me and my sisters set up obstacle courses for him and our other dog to run and jump through. He's really good at it, and fast, too! Thank you, Mr. Bullard for giving us the best puppy in the world!
Submitted by: Rick Ingram on Jul 31, 2013
Well...let's see... Our little Belle is seven months old and is a true treasure. I spoke with Ed back in February of this year and he told me he had a litter just born and had a few pups left to put a deposit on. I had been researching breeders and stumbled across Austin Creek Farms here on this site. I went ahead and sent a deposit and took my family the very next weekend to see the litter and meet the breeders. Suffice to say, when we left we knew we had made the right decision. Now, back to Belle...she is a wonderful dog and has given me and my family so much fun just watching her and her antics. Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie have been just great with any questions. I truly just enjoy going by and visiting whenever I can. If you are looking for an American Brittany breeder, your search is over.
Submitted by: Dan Tucker on Jul 29, 2013
We bought a female Brittany puppy from Mr. Ed Bullard 6 years ago. She pointed quail wings at 8 weeks old and by four months old we were killing birds over her. Experienced hunters tell me she has one of the best noses and instinct they have ever seen. I tell them it is God given ability; she came into this world wanting to hunt! Ed has always taken time to stay in touch and offer advice when we had questions. We look forward to getting another puppy from Mr. Ed this year. Dan Tucker- Fairburn, GA
Submitted by: Loye ayres on Jul 26, 2013
Having the pleasure of owning a Bullard Brittany for over a year now I feel qualified to leave testimony as to how amazing these companions are. These dogs are absolutely the friendliest you can find! Not to mention they are hard working, intelligent, loyal, and will love accompaning you on most any activity that you can get into(not really sky divers). I am extremely pleased with Buck and now a loyal Brittany fan. I am another satisfied Bullard Brittany customer, and will be a repeat customer to Ed and Mrs. Donnie!
Submitted by: Laura Rodgers on Jul 25, 2013
I can't say enough about what a great experience it has been to have our Brittany, Curtis in our lives.Ed Bullard was wonderful! He accompanied us on a hunt and allowed us the pleasure of seeing Curtis' sire in action. The dogs are unbelievable! Curtis is a wonderful pet and at only 7 months old already shows lives up to his pedigree. If you are considering a Brittany an Austin Creek puppy should be your first choice!
Submitted by: Linda Turner on Jul 25, 2013
My husband and I have purchased two of the best Brittany dogs from Mr. Bullard. Our first is now 19 months old and our second is 14 weeks old and they are full sisters. You couldn't ask for a better companion than these dogs. So smart and sweet and the best hunting dogs ever. Thank you again Mr. Bullard for these wonderful pets.
Submitted by: Jennifer C on Jul 25, 2013
We've now had Bella for a year. Every time we take her out, people go crazy over how beautiful she is! I've even had a Brittany breeder stop me and comment on what a great dog she is! She is so smart...she just has that intense look when you talk to her like she understands every word you are saying (however, she still has a tendency to take those words as "suggestions" instead of "commands...Lol) She is potty trained like a champ :) Just a great dog all around! So grateful we found such a wonderful breeder to buy from!
Submitted by: Justin C. on Jul 25, 2013
If you are looking for a first class Brittany, look no further than Austin Creek Farms. Ed Bullard is the best breeder that I have ever came in contact with. He really cares about his Brittanys. He communicates with me all the time wondering how our boy is doing. He is a breeder that you immediately form a good relationship with. Not only do they come from the best blood line that you will ever find, but they are all very healthy and well taken care of. We got our "Scout" from a little less than a year ago, and he is the best dog that we could have ever asked for. He is very clever and has been extremely easy house break and very easy to train for bird hunting. He is less than a year old and is already pointing like he has had a thousand birds killed over him. I have also had many comments about him being a very beautiful dog. We are looking forward to visiting the Bullard's for another Brittany very soon. Thanks again Ed for a providing me a great "best friend". I can't wait for you to see the dog that Scout has grown to be. You will be very proud!!
Submitted by: Andrew and Katie on Jul 25, 2013
Our Brittany (cooper) is a little over a year old now and has been a great dog. Mr. Bullard has checked on how the dog is doing several times, but hes been a great dog with no problems. Cooper is healthy and full of energy. We couldnt be more pleased with how we were treated when dealing with the Bullards.
Submitted by: Vince and Lindsay Thrift on Jul 25, 2013
We bought a fully grown female from Mr. Bullard approximately a year and a half ago. When we arrived to pick Sadie up, we found Mr. Bullard to be a very friendly, honest man who delivered EXACTLY what he advertised. Our Bullard Brittany fit in so well with our male when we got her home, that she immediately became an irreplaceable part of our family! She hunts with wonderful accuracy and retrieves to hand. She hunts hard, enjoys a life of leisure at home, and is the smartest dog I have ever seen. I wouldn't buy a Brittany from anyone else!!
Submitted by: jimmie summerlin on Jul 24, 2013
Some time back my son and I drove to Austin Creek Farms and Bought Reb's Boy Howdy, trained by Tim Fraizer, Rip as we call him is the most obedient bird dog I have owned or hunted with. I had little time to tune him up before Kansas But he did put on quite a show. He stands as number one at frosty Meadows Kennel.
Submitted by: Mark Payne on Jul 22, 2013
Five and one half years ago I bought my Brittany from Mr. Ed Bullard. I run upland hunts in Georgia and use Gus (my dog) to do these hunts we stay booked from Oct.- March and he does it all points quail,chukars,pheasants and woodcock. Best day we ever had on an all day hunt was when Gus hunted on an all day hunt and the customers killed 176 quail,chukars and pheasants. Ed's dogs have the best bloodlines and he is always there to help you I still call him now when I have questions. Thank you...........
Submitted by: Helen and Lance Warren on Jul 20, 2013
We recently got a puppy from Mr. Ed. You will not find a nicer person and better breeder than Mr. Ed. Our new puppy, Lucy is the best!!
Submitted by: Olivia Reed on Jul 17, 2013
We've had Dixie now for 6 years now and couldn't have asked for a better dog. She came to us naturally pointing and has been a wonderful family dog. 3 houses and 2 kids later, she is still the most wonderful dog! Special thanks to Ed for our beautiful Dixie.
I still remember the day I came to pick her up, we had the best time getting to know each other and the dogs! Thanks for our "First Baby"
Submitted by: Cheryl Gaskins on Jul 14, 2013
I can not speak highly enough about Ed and his wife. We went to pick up one puppy and ended up with two and they are so healthy and full of life. When we arrived we felt right at home. Lets start with the most important. His dogs were so well taken care of, clean, and all looked so happy and healthy. I could eat out of the dogs kennels myself. If you are in the process of looking for the best Brittany's and breeder please call Ed he is a superb person and breeder. Thanks again Ed to you and your wife. We will be back to get another female next year.
Submitted by: Jim and Susan Maerz on Jul 11, 2013
Our Riley is now 1.5 years old and absolutely amazing. He is everything Mr. Ed promised he would be and then some. We live in Florida and the only birds here are snowbirds so unfortunately Riley doesn't go in the field. However, we have no doubt that if he did, he would be remarkable. We only wish that when we picked up Riley, we had brought home a second with him. If you have selected this breed as your choice, you must then select Mr. Ed as your breeder of choice. Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie are 2 of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and their dogs are remarkable. You will not go wrong or be led down some wrong path by choosing one of Mr. Ed's dogs.
Submitted by: McKenna and Clint Jones on Jul 11, 2013
I bought Scout for my husbandd, Clint, almost 3 years ago. I could not have asked for a better dog! He is the sweetest, most loving and precious pup I have ever owned. I dont know what I would do without him. He is wonderful with other dogs and even around children. Always has a little smile on his face. Everything Mr. Bullard says about Brittanys is true! If anyone is ever looking for the perfect dog for their family, call Mr. Bullard! He is an honest and trustworthy man and I promise you will not be disappointed!
Submitted by: Anissa Briley on Jul 11, 2013
Just an update from a long-time friend here, on sweet Sara B, a beautiful tri-colored Brittany I got from the wonderful Ed and Donnie Bullard a few years back. Sara B has been outstanding from DAY ONE, and it looks as though she has passed those amazing genes of hers onto her bouncing baby Brittany boy, our sweet and loving Jack-Jack. Full of energy and spunkiness, Jack keeps the Briley family on their toes. He has the coloring and markings of his precious daddy (not to mention a passion for "chipmunking"), but all of his sweetness comes from his mama :) It's hard to believe that Jumpin' Jack Flash is 3 years old already.. We love our Brittany family and couldn't imagine a life without them - or a life without having the Bullard's as close friends. Thank you, Ed and Donnie, for being extraordinary, loving, and caring people. It's been more than evident since the first day we spoke, and we're so glad to have you as friends :)
Submitted by: Steven on Jul 11, 2013
We got our britney, Lolly Dog from Mr. Bullard in Jan this year. She is a great family pet for our two girls and baby boy. She is super energetic and willing to go anywhere with the kids. She will get anything they can throw for her and bring it back. The kids just love playing with her an our oldest makes us show her Lolly on Skype when she is at her grandparents. This is a great breed and the breeder deserves great credit for how well his dogs turn out. Whether in the field or in the yard Mr Bullard's dogs our top notch. Thanks again Mr. And Mrs. Bullard for taking the time and care to make sure my family got the perfect family pet.
Submitted by: David Patterson on Jul 11, 2013
I love my Brittanies. I have two great dogs from Austin Creek. The boys and I had a short season but they were both a delight to watch. Red's Danny REB (Dan)just keeps getting better. Dad would be proud. Lucky is getting old but is still raring to go. I think the best dogs come from Austin Creek farms. You can't talk about the dogs with talking about Ed. If you want to learn about the dogs, just listen. The dogs will prove everything he says is true. Dogs are man's best friend and I appreciate the great breeder who took the time to tell me about the Brittany. Thanks Ed. Great dogs from a great gundog breeder, it doesn't get any better.
Submitted by: Thomas Smith on Jul 09, 2013
Well it is finally time for us to pick up our new addition to the family. Mr.Bullard has made us feel like part of the family. I feel like I have known Mr.Bullard all of my life. He has been up front and honest and we are very excited to meet him.
Submitted by: Carrie McGimsey on Jul 09, 2013
So, its been a while since I submitted a testimonial. I got my puppy, Nick (Yes, he IS an Alabama Fan-ROLL TIDE!) from Ed Bullard last summer on my 30th birthday. Nick is a black and white French Brittany and boy, is he ever a joyful handful! I'm convinced he has enough personality for at least 10 dogs. He's a very smart, determined, and playful little guy. He swims until I'm either convinced he'll drown himself or until he simply morphs into some strange looking freshwater fish with fur. He also loves to run around on our 3 acres of property at our lake house and play with the other family dogs. Nick is a busy little dude. He goes to daycare at least once a week, the dog park at least a couple of times a week, jogs and hikes with me, Home Depot, the pet store, and even my parent's house. He even rode in the car for 12 hours when he was 4 months old, to visit my sister in Houston at Thanksgiving. Squirrels are Nick's morning nemesis. He is bound and determined to subdue one someday, and I certainly hope he reaches his goal!

Nick just turned a year old, July 1st. Its crazy to think he is that old, now! To some degree, I am relieved, as it means we are mostly out of the crazy puppy stage-whew! Even though I'm only 30 years old, I must admit, raising a baby dog by yourself is EXHAUSTING! Although it wore me out, it was a great time to learn how to be the provider for someone else. A lot of people tell me that raising a baby dog on my own is like preparing me for children. I say, "Hmmm...we'll see about that. After this, I might not have any children-haha!"
To say the least, it has been a great experience and a lot of fun to watch Nick learn and grow; from the moment he swam in the lake by himself, to the moment he finally figured out that he has to bring the ball back to me after he retrieves it. He is a spunky little guy with lots of zest for life!!
I live alone, so he keeps me company, makes me feel safe, and has brought me to meet so many people in the town I reside in. People I would not have met while on a walk by myself. I even met a girl at the dog park who ended up telling me that she got her Brittany from Ed, as well. We became friends as our dogs played together and later ended up at the same small group through our church. We're now friends and it is a lot of fun to "Talk Brittany."
With all of that said, I especially, as well as my family and friends, have really enjoyed having Nick around. He has been a true blessing. We are grateful to Ed for trusting us to provide a good, safe, happy home for Nick. We mostly enjoyed meeting Ed and seeing his beautiful property. The Bullards are such a sweet family and we feel blessed to have had the opportunities to see and know them! Thank you, Ed, for all you have done! You are a true blessing and it is a pleasure to know you!

Carrie McGimsey
Submitted by: Tony Rogers on Jul 09, 2013
I have been interested in getting another Brittany for several years and finally decided to start looking around. Last week I drove to Alabama and met Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Kennels for the first time. Ed has some fine dogs from excellent hunting stock and runs a top of the line very clean kennel. All of Ed’s dogs were well cared for, alert, friendly, and healthy. He impressed me with his dog knowledge and his love for his animals. Most pleasing of all was Ed’s willingness to work with me to make sure I got the dog I wanted. When I left to drive back to Georgia I had a new friend and my name on the list for a puppy!
Submitted by: Jo Ingram on Jul 08, 2013
In the past six months we have gotten two Britts from Austin Creek Farms. I have to tell you these two dogs are some of the finest animals I have ever seen. So healthy and lively, they are just perfect. Our vet is familiar with Ed Bullard's Britts and had nothing but respect for the pups Ed breeds and raises. Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are such sweet folks and are so dedicated to the dogs they raise. The kennels are always clean and the dogs always look so healthy, clean and happy. We've made several trips up to Austin Creek Farms not only to pick up our pups but to see the operations and meet these fine folks. No one could be more hospitable and kind than the Bullards. They are so happy to meet fellow dog lovers and excited to take you on a tour of their farm. I could not be more happy with the pair of Britts we have and I could not be more satisfied with working with the Bullards. They are just fine folks that raise fine Brittanys.
Submitted by: Lexi on Jul 08, 2013
Just wanted to give an update on my beautiful, 8 month old Austin Creek Brittany puppy. A few weeks back our cat had gotten out and had been missing for 4 days. By the end of the fourth day I was feeling pretty hopeless about finding him. We decided to try one last thing. We brought out Zoey, our Brittany pup, let her loose and told her to "find the cat". Not 5 minutes later, she runs out of the woods with the cat. Now if that isn't amazing, I don't know what is! Thank you for breeding such intelligent and beautiful Brittany pups Ed Bullard!
Submitted by: Jake Thomas on Jul 08, 2013
I purchased a Brittany from Ed about 11 months ago and wanted to wait before I did a testimonial so that I knew what I wrote was accurate. I knew from the first time I met with the Bullards that they were special people who put time and effort into every dog they come into contact with, but that doesn't always translate into good dogs. In this case it does! The bloodlines of the dogs he has is remarkable and it really shows. I bought my Brittany (Griffey) for a pet because I don't hunt I just love the breed. He is easily trained, as loving as you could ever imagine, and has had good remarks from the vet from day one. If you are looking for a great hunting dog from a great bloodline you found it, but if you just want a best friend that you can count on to be your right hand man I can't think of anything better than a Brittany from Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Hollie Files on Jul 08, 2013
We have had Jack for 2 years now. He is a very handsome and smart dog. He is always anxious to play and has turned out to be a great watchdog as well. The Bullards welcomed us into their home and made purchasing Jack the best experience ever. I highly recommend Austin Creek Farms!
Submitted by: The B. Family on Jul 04, 2013
We were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Bullard many years ago and did not realize they raised Brittanys at that time. Since, we have visited several times for various reasons. When Tink was younger, she loved my daughter’s hairbows. Tink during this recent visit would not settle between my daughter and I until I acknowledged her looking at me then at Ms. Bullard, I asked Tink if was that her Mrs. Donnie and then Tink just settled in next to me until I stood up. Tink’s face was so expressive. Tink made sure that we knew the Bullards were special to her. I took my children to Mr. and Mrs. Bullard because my daughter was puppy or dog shopping. She was sure that Mr. Bullard knew everything about dogs and could give her advice. She was positive that he knew more than her Mommy did, which was very true. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard have had wonderful patience with her questions and answered all of them. We were not even looking for a Brittany but another breed. He still gave her advice that she listened to and has treasured. Watching the dogs and their interaction with the Bullards (Ed and Donnie) just cannot be false. The dogs’ sincere affection and mannerisms around them show the world what wonderful people they truly are. The dogs are very focused on the Bullards as individuals. If you are ever in doubt of anything, just visit the Bullards and the absolute joy that Mr. Ed exhibits with his Brittany’s will energize you. He is very protective of them also. My daughter told me after our recent advice-gathering visit that she had to have one of the Bullard’s dogs as she said, “Mommy, I just know that his dogs/puppies will let me love it. No other dog is going to allow me be its friend and take of it like his will.” My daughter and I went shopping for a kennel where Mr. Bullard recommended and we looked at the puppy food and discussed that it was what Mrs. Donnie used. The cashier heard us and asked if we were getting one of the Bullards’ puppies and I said we were getting prepared. The lady said that Mrs. Donnie was sweetest lady and Mr. Ed had the nicest dogs. You cannot venture too far without someone having pleasant comments about them. It reminds me of the comments when people would speak so highly of my grandfather and would talk about him shoeing their horses and his kindness to them and their horses. I feel it is an honor to have had the privilege to have meet the Bullards and be welcomed to their home. They treat my children as if they are royalty when the Bullards are actually the royal couple. We are working on getting our home ready for the perfect Bullard Brittany for my daughter. Hopeful 2013 Black & White
Submitted by: Meg Guillory on Jun 21, 2013
I recently adopted my second puppy from the Bullard's. I believe that these are the best puppies and the Bullard's have the most beautiful Brittany's I have ever seen. They truly care for these dogs and have made it their full time job. There isn't a day that I have spoken to Mr. Ed and he wasn't just out running the dogs, giving them love, or cleaning their kennels and had to call me back. The kennels are kept pristine and are very large and spacious. The Bullard's have become like family to me. It is an 8 hour drive to their house from mine and they always check on me throughout the trip. Mr. Ed checked my tires when I got to their house! Mrs. Donnie always gives me a warm hug and makes sure I have eaten! (haha)I couldn't imagine dealing with any other dog breeders. I put my full confidence in the puppies they raise and refer everyone that wants a Brittany like mine to the Bullard's. I am so in love with my new puppy "Mack." The vet told me that Mack was the most beautiful American Brittany he has ever seen! There is a reason Austin Creek Farms is listed first in the American Brittany Breed! ;)
Submitted by: The Brown's on Jun 18, 2013
We were looking for a puppy for my 8 year old son and exploring different breeds. We went to visit the Bullards and see the Brittany's in person one Sunday afternoon in February. We were not expecting to bring home a pup because we were told they were all spoken for. After we had toured the barn and saw the parents Mr. Bullard showed us the current litter which included one little boy that he was keeping for himself. Well before our two hour visit was over he said he wanted my son to take home a puppy that day and he sold us his pick of the litter. He is the smartest and best dog we have ever had and very healthy. The Bullard's are excellent people and run a clean kennel. I will definitely go to them for any future pets.
Submitted by: Lincoln McClearen on Jun 13, 2013
I received my first Brittany pup from Mr. Bullard a little over two weeks ago. I researched what kind of dog I was wanting for a long time and once I had decided on a Brittany I found that Mr. Bullard had a great reputation with his animals. I must say that I have never met a more friendly man and honestly felt that he would have given me the shirt off his back if I had asked. Not only did he give me wonderful service, but I also feel as I made a friend in the process. So very thankful for Mr. Bullard and his family for his wonderful addition to ours.
Submitted by: Michael Mims on Jun 11, 2013
This week, my wife, mother-in-law, and I visited with Ed and Donnie for the second time. Unfortunately our primary choice for a new brittany pup did not materialize in the previous litter we had a deposit on. Always gracious, Ed and Donnie offered to refund our deposit or we could move to the next litter (which we did). This time, my wife was able to find just the right pup and and we look forward to bringing her home in 5 weeks or so. It's just not possible to visit with Ed and Donnie and not enjoy all the dogs (especially Tink) and stories. We even sang some good old gospel with Ed and my mother-in-law playing the piano. I worked at a vet clinic in my junior years and can honestly say that Ed and Donnie truly love their animals. Well cared for, clean kennels, and lots of fields to roam and work. If your looking for a Brittany, don't miss the opportunity to visit Austin Creek Farms 1st.
Submitted by: Warren on Jun 11, 2013
My wife and I made another trip to Austin Creek Farms in a little over a year to pick up our second Brittany. When our first puppy made her trip to the veterinarian he said she was in perfect health, this was the same response when the second one got her first check up as well. That is a testament to how well Mr. and Mrs. Bullard take care of their dogs. If you are truly interested in a Brittany be it for hunting or as a family pet you need look not further than Austin Creek Farms. I believe you will never deal with a more honest and sincere person or purchase a better bred dog.
Submitted by: Tim Frazier on Jun 10, 2013
If your looking for some of the best Brit's in the country, Austin Creek Farms is the place to go. I've had the opportunity to train dogs for Ed and we've seen some hard running pups make some fine bird dogs. I would recommend Ed Bullard (especially Ms. Donnie) and Austin Creek to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Tim Frazier
Ten Oak's Kennel
Submitted by: Liz Popwell on Jun 09, 2013
My husband and I went to the Bullards on Saturday to take our puppy Layla back for a visit. She got to see her sister Peaches who is the spitting image of her, as well as her Mom and Dad. We also brought our other Brittanies along for the ride and they got to run in the field which they really enjoyed. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Bullard for your hospitality. We all had a great time and will definitely be back again. Your place is always in top shape as you both take such good care of all your dogs and kennels. Very impressive!
Submitted by: Brent Turner on May 31, 2013
What a classy operatiion. This is my family's first Brittany and we had tons of questions. Ed answered every question and did so with a happy spirit. I picked up Miles this week and we could not be happier. Miles is a happy dog and great looking. He has already taken to his new family and we are all very pleased. Thank you Ed for walking me through the whole process and providing my family with a top notch Brittany.


Brent Turner
Submitted by: jimmie summerlin on May 28, 2013
May 25 my son once again drove to Alabama and bought Whittington'Mollie and Reb's Hi-Test Dream Maker. Thay now have a new home in Texas. Thanks

Jimmie Summerlin
Submitted by: Charles Prickett on May 02, 2013
We were looking to get a hunting dog, and after a little research, we found Mr. Bullard. We rode up to Austin Creek Farms, and hunted with and bought a 4 year old Brittany. We also looked at his puppies, and bought one of the males from a recent litter. We are incredibly pleased with the additions to our family, and with the experiences we’ve had with the Bullards. They have been kind and accommodating at every opportunity. Further, it is touching to see someone so excited about and devoted to these dogs. I cannot recommend Mr. Bullard enough.
Submitted by: jimmie summerlin on Apr 29, 2013
Some time back my son and I drove to Alabama and somehow talked Ed out of Reb's Chase the Wind Sandy. She has a new home in Texas and could be my best bird dog. I think She is the best looking female dog I have. She is bold and brassy, just what I like

Thanks again see you in Kansas!

Submitted by: Dutch on Apr 22, 2013
I just wanted to leave a great testimony for Mr. Bullard. I can honestly say I have never met a nicer man. He was a friend from the first 30 seconds of conversation of our first conversation over the phone. I would describe him as a true southern gentleman. So after a couple talks on the phone I decided to drive over and see him and his dogs. I knew he didn't have any pups at the time but was expecting some soon. I was hoping to get on his list right away! His dogs are kept clean and comfortable... well fed and have lots of fields to run in as he works them. Unfortunatley for me the upcoming litters were already spoken for and I guess the disappointment must have showed as I got ready to leave after my 3 hour visit with my new friend. As I was getting ready to leave he said "Hold on. I may have something for you." We walked back down to the kennels and he let out "Dare". Officially she is known as Speedee's Double Dare and she is 9 years old. Mr. Bullard told me he wasn't going to breed her anymore and she needed a good home... then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She is the sweetest thing... pretty and petite. She rode quietly home with me in the front seat... never whimpered or was I'll mannered. She even pointed two birds through the window as we traveled home! Thanks Mr. Bullard for Dare and I'm looking forward to talking to you later on.

Submitted by: Claudine and Josephine Graf on Mar 26, 2013
Josie fell in love with the Brittany breed and we went to meet the Bullard's and their dogs. We were so impressed with their farm. Their dogs are so loved and cared for. Clean and kept. This is a big deal for me as I (Claudine) am a rescuer and see so many dogs that aren't loved and don't have homes and often breeders who have gone awarry. Not Austin Farms! The Bullard's are fabulous loving people and it shows in their dogs. Exactly the kind of care you want given to your hunting dog and/or family pet. The Bullard's and my daugther have taught me so much about the Brittany and have given me a new love for the breed. This kennel is a must if you are looking for a quality pup.
Submitted by: Frank & Courtney Kimmel on Mar 26, 2013
We talked to Ed Bullard on the phone and discussed putting a deposit down on a male from his next litter of puppies. We sent a check and waited on the call that our puppy had been born. Unfortunately, no male puppies were born in that litter. Ed called us and explained and graciously sent our $100 deposit back. From what we can tell he is a good, honest man to deal with. We recommend him on that alone.
Submitted by: Martin Gonzalez on Mar 22, 2013
After researching Brittany Breeders all over the South East, I decided to talk to ED Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. I was very impressed with his knowledge and passion of the Brittany breed. I live in Florida, almost a ten hour drive from Austin Creek Farms, and I was a little bit hesitant to make a commitment to purchase a puppy that far away. However, Ed guaranteed me that his pups would be worth the drive. I made the drive and I am so glad I did. Mr. Ed Bullard’s Kennels were very clean and his dogs were healthy and happy. You could tell that he had spent individual time with each dog and knew everything about them. I bought a great female Brittany and couldn’t be happier. You might find a fancier more expensive kennel but you won’t find a better line of Brittanys or anyone who cares for them more.
Submitted by: Rick Ingram on Mar 14, 2013
Okay, I did it again. I had already gotten one of Mr. Bullard's fine puppies to raise in our home and she has been a pure pleasure. Her name is Belle and she is just a great, fun dog. I was speaking with Mr. Ed about another dog and he set me up with Ace. Wow! What a wonderful Brittany! Ace is 8 months old and almost full grown. We were a bit concerned how it would go with a 9 week old puppy and an 8 month old mature puppy. Mr. Ed assured us Ace was a good-natured dog. He sure was right! Ace is quite the gentleman and treats our little female Brittany so gentle. I couldn't be more happy with the experience of all my dealings with the Bullards. Miss Donnie is such a nice lady and Mr. Ed is a pure character. I feel as if I have been friends with them all my life. I cannot express how well-treated we feel in working with this breeder. I have called on more than a few occasions to ask questions about my dogs and have always been treated very well. These folks know their Brittanys and are happy to share.
Submitted by: C.J. & Kim Pearson on Mar 02, 2013
After speaking with Ed for a couple of years. My wife and I drove from GA. over to Ed's place. After hearing from several folks about his outfit and how well his dogs were taken care of I have to say every word was true. Ed's kennels were spotless and everyone of his dogs are in top condition and well taken care of. Spend 5 mins with Ed and you'll have met a "TRUE" Brittany breeder. When we decide to get a Brittany. Ed will be the one that we get it from. Not a more honest person will you find anywhere.
Submitted by: Allison on Mar 01, 2013
After visiting another breeder in VA, I was so disheartened that I wasn't even sure whether I should purchase the Brittany puppy that I had been wanting. But then I visited the Bullards. The difference in the condition of the kennels was mind blowing. Mr. Ed keeps his kennels in perfect condition. His dogs are clearly well-loved and cared for, and their respect and adoration for him is evident. We also had a chance to see an adorable litter of puppies who Ms. Donnie dotes on in the sweetest ways possible. We had a wonderful day visiting with the Bullards' dogs and puppies, and after we left, I knew that my puppy would have to come from Mr. Ed.

I've since sent in my deposit and can't wait to receive what I am confident will be a happy, healthy and smart Brittany pup from him.
Submitted by: Brian Fitzwater on Feb 27, 2013
We drove out to Alabama and met Ed and Donnie about a month ago to pick up our puppy. I can't say enough about them, they are good people and truly love their dogs and the Brittany breed. Our puppy smart, happy, healthy and is doing great. In fact we will be making another trip out this spring as soon as another litter is available to get a puppy for my parents. Would definitely recommend talking to Ed if you are considering a Brittany.
Submitted by: Hannah Irwin on Feb 26, 2013
Mr. Bullard's puppy was the greatest gift EVER!!! Me and my sisters enjoy playing with him every day... if we can sneak him away from our step-dad... (he sleeps with him! Kinda weird...)

The vet said he is in perfect health, and he likes treats after he goes outside to use the bathroom. Our step-dad is going to buy some quail to try to train him to hunt them. I'm sure that'll be fun to watch! Anyway, THANKS Mr. Bullard! Our puppy is the greatest ever!!!!
Submitted by: Jodie Martin on Feb 26, 2013
My husband and I recently lost our beautiful Brittany and we were heart broken. We looked on several web sites and talked to other breeders to try to find another puppy. When my husband talked to Ed Bullard, we knew that we had found a kindred spirit and that my husband and I needed to see his operation and talk to him personally. He and his lovely wife Donnie immediately made us feel at home and we knew that these people were true animal lovers. They took us into their home and introduced us to their "house dog" Tink, who was obviously well loved, but still well trained to maintain boundaries while still being affectionate. We were introduced to the other hunting dogs, including the sire and dam of the puppies,in a very neat, clean kennel. All the dogs were well groomed and healthy and showed that they were given plenty of attention. It was obvious that this was a hunting dog only operation. Mr. Bullard was extremely knowledgeable about every dog on the grounds, as he had personally raised most of them. After talking to other breeders, we cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed our visit with Ed and Donnie. With Austin Creek Farms, what you see is what you get....a beautiful gun dog with a good pedigree from a very knowledgeable breeder/trainer at a reasonable price.
They will definitely be our first call should we
ever add another Brittany to our family.

Jodie & Bob Martin
Fort Deposit, Al

Submitted by: Clay Rodgers on Feb 25, 2013
I can't say enough about Ed and his kennel that hasn't already been said. I must have read 50 of these testimonials before I was convinced this was the place to get our new puppy. We drove up from Mobile and decided to make an adventure out of our first trip to north Alabama. Ed was generous enough to join us on a quail hunt at Vicks quail farm, and he brought his pack of experts. We enjoyed a morning to watch many of Ed's best dogs perform for us, it was amazing. We saw our puppys'father; Chief, and his brother; Banjo,as well as Doc, Dare and several others.They were all so skilled at finding birds, pointing, backing and retrieving. We knew we had picked the right breeder. Needless to say, I was outskilled by Ed and his 410, but my wife was the photographer so I can screen those photos that showed my being bested.
Since we have returned home with Curtis we are very impressed with his intelligence and eagerness to learn and make us happy.
I recommend Austin Creek Farms wholeheartedly.I only hope I can make it back to Hayden to visit again.
Submitted by: Erin Revette on Feb 22, 2013
We just purchased a male puppy from Ed and Donnie after careful research about different Brittany breeders across the United States. Our puppy is our fifth Brittany, and I think that Ed and Donnie are the best breeders we have ever come across. The care that they give their dogs is readily apparent. The dogs are raised in a clean and loving environment and they are healthy. Ed and Donnie were very accommodating in terms of meeting with us, explaining the puppies' pedigree and answering our many questions. I would recommend Austin Creek Farms without reservation to others looking for a Brittany puppy.
Submitted by: Rick Ingram on Feb 20, 2013
Wow! What can I say about Austin Creek Farms and the Bullards that hasn't already been said in the numerous reviews for this breeder? I do have to agree with Mr. Ed when he says if you don't like him something must be wrong with you! ;-) He says it in a joking manner, but it is very true. If you are a dog lover these are the folks for you. They truly care for and respect the dogs in their care. I don't know how anyone could take better care of these fine Brittanies than they do. We picked up our sweet little Belle last night but have been to see the Bullards before to meet them and see the litter of pups we would be getting ours from. Ed told me before we got there you could take all the pups from the litter and put them in a bag and pick one out and you'd have a great dog and he was right! Every little spotted pup was beautiful, healthy and full of life. It was a pleasure to work with Ed on getting our Brittany and I look forward to speaking with and seeing Ed, his wonderful wife and charming son in the future. My wife and I are very satisfied with the entire process of adopting a puppy from these fine folks.
Submitted by: Liz Popwell on Feb 19, 2013
My experience with Austin Creek Farms and the Bullards was delightful. The Bullards are exceptional people and know their Brittanys. My whole experience from start to finsh was very professional and enjoyable. "Layla" is #6 is our household of Brittanys and we love her to death. She joins Zoie, Zeke, Abbey, Bocephus and Maizie (which is our Basset). They are still trying to get use to having a new baby in the house! I was so very impressed with the kennels and the cleanliness at the Bullards that I am going to take my husband out to see the setup. They certainly have a first rate kennel and if we do get another Brittany, we will certainly be back to Austin Creek Farms for our next one. Thanks again to the Bullards for a great new addition to our family.
Submitted by: Michael on Feb 14, 2013
My wife and I visited Ed and Donnie at Austin Creek Farms a few weeks back. While I am no longer a weekly hunter, my wife and I do lead an active outdoor lifestyle, mainly around the water, and our once rambunctious Jack Russell has slowed to a crawl as he is now approaching 16 years (the Rainbow Bridge is drawing closer within sight). We happened to arrive at the Bullards just as another young couple was picking out their new little orange and white female Brittany. Even though we were not prepared to make a decision that evening, Ed and Donnie could not have been more hospitable in opening their home and sharing their love for their dogs. We visited the adult dogs and their wonderfully kept kennels. We then visited the whelping houses (both full of pups) where my wife found heaven on earth. I think she loved on every one of those pups. Needless to say, Ed and Donnie have our deposit on an upcoming litter. We look foward to bringing home a liver / white male pup that will grow up fishing / swimming in the river and running up down the beach chasing sea gulls.
Submitted by: Brooklyn Levins on Feb 08, 2013
Ed Bullard at Auatin Creek Farms is most definitely the place to go where everyone who even considers gettin a dog or puppy. I recently got a puppy from him last Saturday February the 2nd. I asked for him to hold me a pup out of whatever litter I had to wait for just for a liver and white and he did and the whole time he stayed in touch with me to update me on how much longer it would be or how my puppy was doing! The Bullards are nice loving and welcoming people! The day I went to get my puppy they welcomed us in their home with open arms and we say around and talked and they sang and played the guitar! Best people I've ever met!
Submitted by: Pete Yelverton on Feb 08, 2013
My wife and I drove to Mr. Bullards house back in
October and bought a 6 week old male liver and white Brittany. His name is Jynx. He is about 6 months old now. He thinks he is the king here. I have two other Brittanys, one of which came from Mr. Bullard. At 6 months old, he can do it all. He can point and retrieve. He loves it and he is simply a natural. When he brings me the bird and lays it at my feet, he tries to bite me a little when I try to get it!!! He gets along very well with the other two Brittanys. At an early age, he knew that he was the same kind of dog that they were, even though he had been raised with a Jack Russell that he loves to death. He knew he was a bird dog. We have enjoyed him so much. He is such a loving dog too and still wants to get in my lap. He has been very pampered this winter. He sleeps under a warm heat lamp. Mr amd Mrs. Bullard have great dogs. We have been well pleased with the dogs that we got from them.
Submitted by: Amelia on Jan 31, 2013
We visited Mr. Bullard and his wife Monday night. They were so kind and so welcoming. You can tell they truly love their dogs--they are well taken care of for sure! Austin Creek Farms is beautiful and clean. Once we visited with the Bullard's dog Tink we were practically sold! By the time we toured the kennel and met the sire, dame, and puppies there was no discussion needed! We knew we wanted a Bullard Brittany. I feel confident about our choice and we can't wait to bring our little orange and white Brittany girl home!
Submitted by: Derek A. on Jan 27, 2013
What else is there to say! The Bullards are amazing, and so are their dogs! I have loved talking with and getting to know the Bullards during this process and really feel like I have a part of their family. They have a real affection for their dogs and the dogs the same back. My Brewski has been such a great little boy in the short time I have had him (He is 9 wks today, 1-27-12) . He makes me laugh daily and everyone instantly falls in love when they see him. I have been so happy with Brewski and the Bullards, and I look forward to many years of good times! I doubt anyone could find a better breed or breeder.
Submitted by: Ralph Burns on Jan 12, 2013
I have been wanting a Brittany for some time and decided last fall to get one.  My search led me to Austin Creek Farms owned/operated by Ed Bullard.  I contacted Ed and he insisted that I come visit his kennel.  After that brief conversation my wife and I decided to go by Ed's on our way home from vacation last October.  That visit was very pleasant and informative.  During our visit my wife and I were very impressed with Ed, the appearance of his kennel and his relationship and love for each dog in his kennel.  Each dog had its own kennel floored with fresh clean shavings.  It was obvious that Ed is very passionate and carrying about every one of his dogs. 

Based on our visit with Ed and Mrs. Dot and our tour of his kennels, my wife and I decided that we wanted one of Ed's puppies. 

I've had my puppy for a week now and she is adorable, smart, loving and already showing signs of having natural hunting instincts.  I am looking forward to her companionship as a pet and hunting partner. 

I appreciate Ed's honesty and professionalism and recommend him and his breed of Brittany's to anyone looking for an adorable, loving and beautiful Brittany. 

Ralph and Susie
Submitted by: Steven on Jan 12, 2013
My family got a beautiful Britney female from Mr and Mrs Bullard. Let me just say these are great people and you will make friends for life. They love there Dogs and you can tell by the way they care for them. My daughter has special needs and we were waiting on a pup. Mr. Bullard picked the best dog for our needs and we are very pleased. You will not be disappointed with these dogs either for a family pet or a great bird dog. Thanks again to Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Lee and Kelli Allison on Jan 12, 2013
If your looking for the most caring and professional Brittany breeder out there, look no further than the Bullards. We picked up our "Josie" on Christmas Eve as a surprise gift for our kids. Ed and Donnie were unbelievable. They welcomed our family into their home and made sure our kids were excited and comfortable with the new pup before we left. From the first minute you talk to Ed about a dog, you know instantly how passionate he is about the breed and making sure you are happy. Josie immediately became part of our family and we could not be happier. I took her out Christmas day, at 8 weeks old, and she was pointing a wing in the backyard! My family looks forward to many years with Josie, and when it's time for another Brittany, the Bullards will be the only call we make.
Submitted by: Jason L on Jan 06, 2013
No words can describe the Bullards and their love for their dogs. After the passing of our hunter / companion Brittany after 12 years I was reluctant to become attached to another. At the urging of our 10 year son, I was compelled into bringing another Brittany into the family. Hesitantly, I phoned several breeders and just didn't feel right about "replacing" my beloved Majerle. Once, I received a return call from Mr. Bullard the hesitation eased. He knew our pain as he had also recently lost a long time companion. For over an hour we chatted , not about purchasing a dog from him, but about the joy & memories that were brought into our lives by our previous companions. A few later our minds were made up to get a new Brit. I loaded the family up and we took a 3+ hour drive up to his beautiful farm. Needless to say he and Mrs. Donnie couldn't have made us feel more at home. We were able to meet Tink and all the other Brits on-site. Knowing that this dog would a reward for my son's hard work, the Bullards really made him the guest star of the tour. He was able to play with other litters as well as feed the horses on the farm. After he made his choice he must have wondered back to the kennel a dozen times to peek in on his "girl". I was amazed at the love the Bullards have for their dogs. I have never seen a whelping house and kennel area so clean. Now the waiting game begins. Our little boy's mind is racing with excitement over what he will do when he receives his puppy. With the positive feedback we have read and witnessed ourselves, we know that we will be 100% pleased.
Submitted by: Ray Young on Jan 05, 2013
Thank you all for the wonderful gift for the kids! Everybody is in love with "Niles!" He was well worth the wait! All the kids in the neighborhood are over here right now to play with him! I even have pictures of my wife now on fb holding Niles on the couch with a caption that reads her previous statement,"I will NOT allow ANY dogs in MY house!" Haha! Joke's on her! Even she can't resist "His Cuteness."

Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are the greatest! Their hospitality is second to none! They gave us food Niles was use to so he could transition slowly to what I had bought. Mr. Bullard gave me lots of points on training information, and continues to be a valuable resource! Nicest folks you'll ever meet, and LOVE their dogs! Awesome breeder!
Submitted by: Andrew and Katie on Nov 25, 2012
My husband and I knew we wanted a brittany so the search began. We searched and found Mr. Bullard he invited us to his house to look at his dogs. After our visit we knew he was the breeder for us. We received our puppy back in May and has been a great addition to our house. Mr. and Mrs Bullard couldn't have been more helpful with any questions and concerns we might have had. We made several trips to check on our little guy until we were able to bring him home. Thanks again!
Submitted by: Christina on Nov 15, 2012
I LOVED my experience with Ed and his lovely wife! They raise beautiful brittanys that anyone would be lucky to have. They are so hospitable and just genuinely nice people. They took us down to see all the dogs and spent several hours with my friend and I going over any questions we had. I feel confident that any dog from them would be of the best quality. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet them!
Submitted by: Lexi Fitch on Oct 24, 2012
Mr. Ed and Ms. Donnie are easily the sweetest people I have ever met. Me and my best friend drove up around 8 at night to take a look at some of their Brittany Spaniels, and we were welcomed with open arms! A dog is only as good as the people that raise it.....and take my word for it, you won't find better quality dogs (or breeders) anywhere. The Bullard's pour their hearts and souls into their dogs, and that is one of the many things that truly sets them apart from other breeders. Thank you both for the awesome experience and southern hospitality! I will be taking you up on that bird hunt soon! =)
Submitted by: James C. Conner and Family on Oct 21, 2012
I want to thank Mr. Ed Bullard for being honest about his dogs. They are the best. My husband and mother-in-law drove over 6 hours to get a puppy that my husbnd has wanted for years. It was well worth the trip. Our new Brittany puppy is healthy and happy and very smart. His kennels are kept very clean and his dogs are very healthy. The first time we took Dutches Ginger Star to the vet, the vet wanted to buy her, we gave him Ed's information. She is already a great pet and we love her. Thank you again.
Submitted by: Dave Wills on Oct 18, 2012
Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Bullard was a great experience. My wife had called Ed about a puppy.
We wanted a pet for our handicapped daughter. A
playmate for our 10 year old Brittany, Winchester.
I wanted a good hunting buddy.

Ed found the perfect puppy for our family.
We have had Miss Nilo for four months. She shows
great hunting ability and has bonded with our daughter, Annaeke wonderfully. Annaeke became
seriously ill a few days after I brought Miss Nilo home. I was amazed how Miss Nilo reacted, as young as she was. She did not want to leave her side at any time. Annaeke would relax, when the dog was at her side.

The Bullards were so nice and friendly. I felt like one of the family. Ed showed me around the farm and all the beautiful dogs.

Miss Nilo has won the heart of everyone who comes in contact with her. I recommended Austin Creek Farm to anyone that wants a superior Brittany.

Thanks Ed, for all your help in finding the perfect puppy.

Dave Wills
Submitted by: Justin C on Oct 13, 2012
There is no doubt that the Bullards are the best breeders that you will ever find. Upon speaking with Ed for the first time, there is an immediate connection. As you will see, the Bullards are 100% committed to giving you complete satisfaction in your dog. They not only breed the best stock of Brittanys in the country, but they love there dogs. It is not just a business to them, it is personal. We picked up our "Scout" a few weeks ago, and he is the best dog that we could have asked for. We primarily got him for a family pet. After showing him off to several serious bird hunters, they tell me that he has all the characteristics of a world class bird dog. I look forward to seeing him in action. Basically if you are looking for a great Brittany pup, stop reading all of these positive testimonials and start calling Mr. Bullard's number so that you can get in line for the best dog that you will ever love. If you don't believe me just give him a try. You have nothing to lose except a great dog.

Mr and Mrs Bullard, Thank you for the exceptional pup and the wonderful experience of dealing with you.
Submitted by: Cory Smith on Oct 08, 2012
Mr. Ed Bullard is one of the few people you will ever talk with and become instant friends. I feel like I took advantage of him a few years ago because I bought the best bird dog/pet that he has ever produced. I don't really feel sorry for him though because he has the breeding stock in the Southeast if not the nation. I haven't talked with Ed for a few years and felt the need to call him today. Seems like we picked up right where we left off. If someone wants a bird dog or a pet of the Brittany persuassion, look no further. There is a reason he has so many testimonials. You can't pay for advertisement like this. He is truly a Brittany man and represents the breed like no other person I know could. I just wished he lived a lil' closer to me, so I could gleen a small amount of this man's bird dog knowledge.

Cory Smith
Loxley, Alabama
Submitted by: Steven Wilkinson on Oct 07, 2012
Wow! Ed and Donnie Bullard of Austin Creek Farms are unbelievable people. We wanted a Brittany pup for our daughters to have as a pet but wanted a quality breed. I did my research and found Austin Creek Farms. The reviews speak for themselves. I called Ed and he invited my family up to see the farm. We loaded up and met Ed after church. He invited us in his home answered all our questions and then some. He really knows his dogs and takes pride in the business. We walked around the kennels and they were clean and all the dogs were well cared for. The dogs were friendly and my girls got to pet them. We then spent some time with Ed and Donnie while the girls played with Tink. We also got to meet the parents of our pup. We decided to go ahead and leave a deposit on a pup. This was a no brainer! Ed is top notch and I would reccomend him to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Christine Cheney on Oct 03, 2012
My boyfriend and I had been searching for the perfect dog. We already had a maltese/shih tzu mix named Cooper. This time we were looking for a slightly bigger dog that had just has much personality and love as Cooper does. After months of searching, we finally decided a Brittany was right for us. Little did we know, there was a wonderful Brittany breeder 15 minutes from our hometown. We contacted Ed Bullard, and immediately fell in love with all his dogs. After a couple months and several visits, we were finally able to bring our beautiful liver and white baby home. We named him Griffey, and he has brought us more joy than we could have imagined! Thank you Mr.Bullard for all the hard work you put into raising and loving your Brittanys. If you are looking for great bloodlines and incredible hunting dogs definitely give Mr.Ed Bullard a call!
Submitted by: Philip W on Oct 03, 2012
After almost 2 years of waiting and researching, my wife and I finally surprised our three daughters by showing up at the Bullard's place earlier this summer to pick up our Brittany. As you might imagine our girls were ecstatic to finally get their very own puppy and to meet Mr. Ed. The much attested hospitality of the Bullard's did not disappoint as they gladly welcomed us into their home and caught us up to speed on everything about our beautiful little pup. Mr. Ed even entertained our girls with some Southern Gospel on the piano in their foyer! We could not have made a better choice on the breed of dog for our family and we could not have made a better choice for a breeder either!
Submitted by: Lindsey Beville on Oct 01, 2012
Words can not describe how wonderful Ed & Donnie Bullard are! We have been waiting for a Brittany pup from Mr. Bullard for the past few months, and when we finally went to pick her up this past weekend we were ecstatic! Our puppy is everything we have been waiting for and more. As always, Mr. Bullard is true to his word and is a man of honor. His kennels are extremely clean and he truly does have the best looking dogs around. After losing our Brittany last March our hearts have been incomplete. We have now fulfilled the void we were feeling thanks to Mr. Bullard! Our puppy is absolutely precious!!!
Submitted by: Derek A. on Sep 17, 2012
I have been looking for my first dog to call my own for some time. I knew that it was not something I wanted to rush into and I wanted to know what to expect. Well after lots of research and time looking at other breeds and breeders, I could not be happier that I chose to get in touch with Mr. Bullard. After many emails and phone calls(the best way to get in touch with Mr. Bullard), I was on my way to N. Alabama from New Orleans! I happened to be going that way for a vacation and Mr. Bullard was nice enough take time out his day to meet with me. He was running an errand when we arrived, but he invited me go ahead and check out the kennels, dogs, and his amazing property while we waited. I am not sure what I expected, but I was amazed at his whole operation. The kennels are well taken care of, the dogs could not seem happier, and it just seems like it is a part of Mr. Bullard. It does not seem like a job to him, and you can tell that he just really enjoys his animals, meeting new people, and what he does. It would be hard to find someone more personable than Mr. Bullard.
The dogs in person were better than his pictures can do justice. They were well loved, healthy, and extremely friendly. It was so much fun to walk through the kennels and have all those happy faces waiting for you to come pet them. I was even lucky enough to see one of his females just about ready to have puppies (he was expecting them the day I visited!). Though I have a few more months to wait before I can get mine from Mr. Bullard, I have no doubt that I made the right decision. Everyday I look forward to having my own Brittany from Mr. Bullard. I can't wait to see him again!
Submitted by: Carrie McGimsey on Sep 11, 2012
So, I just turned 30 and recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment in the very charming Edgewood part of Homewood, Alabama. Well, I decided I wanted a furry companion, so my mom, sister, and I set out about 2 months ago, in search of a pup for me!
Before I knew it, mom found Austin Creek Farms and had gotten in touch with Ed Bullard. He provided a time for us to visit his home in Hayden, Alabama, (which is absolutely beautiful) where he had Brittany puppies. So we drove up there on Friday, August 31st, my 30th birthday. We arrived to discover the beautiful property and landscape Ed lives on, and how comfortable and well taken care of, all the dogs were. They had it made, with their own dog houses, giant kennels, a roof over their heads, and a giant fan to keep them cool in the summer heat.
Ed showed us his property, spoke about his life, and told us about the dogs and their breeding.
Ed was so kind, very knowledgeable, and quite welcoming! I ended up picking one of the Brittany puppies, and have Ed to thank for it! The puppy, whom I named, "Nick," is quite happy and energetic. I feel like Ed possesses a lot of knowledge about these particular breeds, as well as a genuine and outgoing character of his own. Ed made our visit very enjoyable! Not only did we have a great time picking out a puppy, but we also enjoyed our time spent with Ed. Ed is knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and funny! The main reason I would recommend anyone to Ed for a furry friend, is his passion for the dogs. He has such a love and influence for what he does, and that in itself, is a huge blessing and makes meeting and visiting Ed, special!

Although it is a huge challenge, I am having a great time with my new little friend, Nick!

Thank you, Ed!!!

Many blessings,

Carrie McGimsey
Submitted by: Katie Sloan on Sep 07, 2012
When I was growing up I promised my mom that I wouldn't get a dog while I was in college; the March before I graduated I started looking into getting a puppy. I thought I wanted a bulldog, my school's mascot, but I wasn't sure so I started looking around to see what was available fairly close to me and what type of dog had the general characteristics I wanted. I stumbled across this page and was intrigued so I started researching Brittanys. I liked what I read so I emailed Ed and then went out to see his dogs. I fell in love with his dogs instantly; they all had great personalities and I knew that I had to have one. I got my puppy a week and a half ago and she is perfect. Remi is exactly what I was looking for. The whole experience with the Bullards was amazing; they were incredibly nice and when I picked up Remi they told me to call them if I ever had any questions or concerns. I believe I picked both the perfect type of dog and the perfect breeder for my first puppy.
Submitted by: Rachel on Sep 06, 2012
This was by far the best experience I have ever had buying anything. You could tell that Ed and his wife breed dogs because they love them, not for they money. They were extremely knowledgeable about Brittany's. We had many "stupid" first time dog owner questions. They spent over three hours with us!!! We felt so welcomed! We are already talking about getting another pup from them next summer. We will be taking our Winston up to visit the farm again! They are great people. If you get a Brittany from anyone other than Ed... You have made a mistake!!!
Submitted by: Curt Casey on Jul 31, 2012
Just got my 3rd. Brittany from Ed and Ms. Donnie. He is the last pup out of Ole' Doc, Ms. Donnie's favorite. I know he's gonna be a great bird dog. Thank you for trusting me with this treasure.
Submitted by: Samantha Guthrie on Jun 29, 2012
We have had our little girl for two weeks now and could not be more pleased! We have a male Brittany that is 4 years old and knew right away that we would get him a companion in the future but it was a matter of when and where. We began searching breeders near us and came upon Austin Creek. We put a deposit down after reading reviews and speaking with Mr. Bullard. He was great in keeping in touch with us. When we went to pick up our pup, Mr. Ed and his wife took us around the kennel and told us about each one of their dogs. It was nice to see that the dogs were actually a part of their family. We spent over an hour at the farm and I came out confident that we made a great choice in purchasing our girl from the Bullards. At less than 8 weeks old she has already pointed at some neighborhood birds. I know my husband cannot wait to see how she does in the field and maybe she can teach our boy a few things!
Submitted by: Keith Foster on Jun 28, 2012
We were looking for a family pet. After lots of research, we settled on a Brittany. Since I live in Birmingham, I looked up the closest breeders. Austin Creek Farms popped up so I sent an email to Mr. Bullard informing him that I knew he dealt with puppies, but if he came across a 3-5 year old that would be a good pet, let me know. My intent was to contact several breeders with the same request an in about 6 months, maybe they would come across some. Mr. Bullard contacted me the next day and said a unique situation had presented itself. To make a long story short, I loaded up the family and headed to Austin Creek Farms. We visited with the Bullard’s and Bullet for a couple of hours. I do not know exactly what I was expecting, but it was certainly not what I experienced. I have never met nicer people, and I have spent my life in the south.

Bullet is one of Mr. Bullard’s dogs, sold as a puppy but circumstances led him back to Austin Creek Farms. Our GREAT fortune!!!

We have had him for 3 weeks now and are in shock. Bullet has been an unbelievable addition to our family. He is 6 years old and has brought so much to our lives. We constantly have kids in our yard and they love Bullet. His friends want to come over and play with him even when our son is not home. Bullet is outside during the day (with fans of course) and inside with us as soon as he gets home. I honestly believe we could not have gotten a better pet.

Thank you Mr. Bullard and Donnie for opening your home and your Brittany’s to our family.

PS. JT and I look forward to hunting this fall!
Submitted by: Jennifer Chancey on Jun 25, 2012
Where do I even begin? I lost my dog of 13 years in January. It was a very emotional experience for me. We got her way before we had our kids and by the time they came along, she never really wanted much to do with them. My 7 year old son started asking if we could get another dog and as difficult as the thought was, I understood. He wanted a dog that he could play with and love. I began researching different breeds to find the perfect fit for our family and lifestyle. After a lot of research we decided a Brittany was the breed for us. My first experiences with breeders were terrible. Many would not even give me the time of day or respond at all because we are not a hunting family (although my husband is planning on taking it up now :)), regardless of how much love and affection we would give a pup and what a great life we could didn't matter. Another one was offended when I asked the price...I mean really? What if you are trying to charge 5000.00 for a puppy? Kind of need to know that! The next train wreck came when I found a breeder about 30 minutes away from us. It seemed legit until we got there. She lived in a regular house with a regular size back yard & had about 10 different breeds crammed back there. I almost got sucked in because I wanted to "rescue" the puppy. Luckily God stepped in and that fell apart. It was about March when I found Mr. Ed Bullard on this website. I sent him an email (he's not crazy about email so call him if you can...Lol) asking if he sold to non-hunting families. I had a voice mail the next day from the nicest sounding man saying "I believe I can help you with exactly what you are looking for". I called him back and our very first conversation went something like this Me: "Hey Mr. Bullard, I'm returning your call"....Mr. Bullard: "Honey, I know I probably don't know you well enough to tell you this, but I've been out there chasing cows all morning & if I don't run to the little boys room I may just have an accident, can I call you right back?"...I knew at that moment I found the person I was looking for! He is real, he is honest, and you feel like you are dealing with family. He called me back immediately & we had about a 45 minute conversation about...well, just about everything! At that time we got on his waiting list and had about a 3 month wait. It was perfect gave the right amount of time to heal from the loss of my first dog and prepare for the arrival of our new family member. We decided not to tell my son and let it be a complete surprise. He asked us every single day for a new puppy...EVERY DAY...and we never let on at all. Finally, the puppies arrived and when it was time to go pick ours up we told him we were going to visit a farm. It was a 3 hour 15 minute drive and when we arrived Mr. Bullard met us in the driveway. My 21 month old daughter went right to him and held her arms out for him to pick her up (she never does this with anyone other than her grandparents!) She stayed right with him as we walked around, never tried to get down or come to me or my husband. When we told my son why we were really there he was ecstatic! He picked out the puppy he wanted and we walked around to see the parents. The kennels are kept so clean and you can really tell he loves his dogs. We went inside the house to get the paper work and got to meet Tink. She went straight to my son, which absolutely made his day even better...He still says "I am the king of the Brittany Spaniels because Tink came to me first!" Lol. Mr. Bullard made sure that we knew we can call him anytime for anything and actually encouraged it. We have had our sweet Bella for a little over a week now and couldn't be happier. She is absolutely beautiful and gets complimented wherever we go...not just the regular "oh how sweet" compliments, but people go crazy over her! She is only 7 weeks old now but I can tell this is one smart cookie! She's doing pretty good already with her house training and doesn't whine at night in her crate unless she has to go out. She is playful and happy but is a snuggler too, and loves to curl up on the couch and be loved on. I know God lead us to Mr. Bullard for the perfect puppy & we sure did get her! I couldn't be happier & if you are looking for a Brittany, I don't think it is possible for you to find a better place to get one!
Submitted by: Jeremey on Jun 20, 2012
I could not be more pleased with my experience in buying a brittany from Ed. I wanted a specific looking puppy and Ed happen to have just the dog for me. Unfortunatley, she wasn't for sale, but after palling around with Ed for a couple hours we reached a deal on a beautiful 6 month old female named Jennie. Ed met all my expectations as a breeder and will be recommending him to anyone in the market for a brittany. I look forward to the years ahead of hunting a beautiful bird dog.
Submitted by: Loye Ayres on Jun 09, 2012
Recently I was blessed with a puppy from Austin Creek Farms. My girlfriend and I traveled from central Louisiana to Hayden, Alabama, where we had the great privilege of meeting Mr.Ed Bullard and his wife Mrs. Donnie. After leaving their beautiful home and viewing their amazing Brittany's it felt as if we had bought our puppy from family. There was no doubt in our minds that we had received a top of the line, healthy puppy. Our vet back home was amazed with "Buck," and assured us was a high quality Brittany. It was easy to see in the Bullards home that their puppys and full grown Brittany's come first! Meeting the Bullards and viewing their home and amazing land only made us more confident with our decision. For the past week we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the incredible personality of a Brittany! Thank you to the Bullards for Buck! We are terribly attached already! - Loye and Meg
Submitted by: Amanda Ledbetter on Jun 07, 2012
We are so pleased to have our puppy from Austin Creek Farms. This week we were able to pick “Lady” up from Mr. Bullard. She has been a complete joy. Her temperament is precious and she is already learning so quickly. She is wonderful with our four year old son. We have had no problems with her adjusting to our family, and she is taking on crate training and house training wonderfully. Her instincts to point are also unbelievable! I cannot thank Mr. Bullard enough for providing us with a new member of our family. I would recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone who is looking for a Brittany! Ed Bullard is the kindest person to work with and is beyond helpful with questions. His Brittany’s are truly the best!
Submitted by: Erica Kennington on Jun 04, 2012
My fiancé and I got our puppy,Brewer, from Ed last weekend and we have been very happy with him! He is a very smart pup and we immediately noticed his natural instincts. He is only 7 weeks and 5 days, but he is healthy and he is doing very well with training. While at Austin Creek Farms, we also got to meet some of Ed's other dogs, including our pup's mother. Ed was really helpful. He gave us all the information that we needed and even sent us home with a bag of food to mix with our food to help Brewer to get used to it. Ed is a real great guy! He definitely goes above and beyond and his love for his puppies and the breed is clear. If you want a Brittany, give Ed a call!
Submitted by: Meredith H. on Jun 01, 2012
I can not say enough about Mr. and Mrs. Bullard...We picked up our 7wk old Brittany pup "Jasper" this past weekend and to say he is already spoiled is an understatement. I knew after speaking with Mr. Bullard on several occasions that we would not be disappointed when we picked Jasper up and we weren't!!!Kennels were nice and well kept, puppies were well socialized and Mrs. Donnie is a doll!(I even got a hydranga to plant when I got home!!) The Bullards have an obvious love for their dogs and the Breed itself. I would not buy a Brittany from anyone else!!! Great experience!!!
Submitted by: Tina on May 28, 2012
Two years ago, I posted another testimonial about Mr. Bullard ( scroll down and see: Submitted by: tina kiker on May 06, 2010). Without knowing me, he sat on the phone with us for the better part of an evening offering advice about our Brit puppy, Husker (Husker was a challenge, to be sure). We were having some training issues with him, and I got his name from another breeder in Utah who thought having input from someone local might help us. His advice was a true turning point. Husker turned into an incredible (and very funny) boy!
Several months ago, when he was 2 years and 4 months, a sudden (and very serious) illness forced us to make the hard choice. He was not going to pull out of it, and we put him to sleep instead of letting him suffer for the little time he would have had otherwise. We were completely devastated. Never thought losing a furball would be so painful.
We realized we were a family that would heal better if we brought a new Brittany into our home to be with us and our Golden, Gennie. We considered a rescue dog, but it became a joke; every single Brittany we inquired about ended up being adopted before we got a message in about them (we should have asked about ALL rescue Brits so they would all be adopted quickly). Then it was settled; a puppy for us it would be. Our first thought was to call Mr. Bullard.
It was meant to be. He had 2 litters due, and we didn’t hesitate to get our names on his waiting list. While we were discussing what had happened and the puppies, it was clear he felt my pain and he, somehow, made me laugh for the first time in a long time.
We visited the Bullards a few weeks before the puppies were able to be sent home. When we left, we were shocked to see we had been there with them for four hours. We visited with puppies, played with the lovable Tink (their favorite Brittany), and sat in their living room talking about dogs and life. They looked at pics of Husker, listened to our stories about him, and got me tissues when I cried. It was obvious they love Brittanys as much as we loved Husker. We feel we made new friends that afternoon.
We brought our new little guy home this weekend. He is beautiful, well socialized (Ms Donnie loves on those puppies every day), follows us around outside without a leash (he isn’t doing too badly with one, either), and isn’t afraid of anything. We’re in love with this puppy.
There’s no doubt Ed and Donnie Bullard get great joy bringing these wonderful puppies into the world, making friends with those whose homes they go to, and working with Brittanys in the field. I have little doubt; any Brit puppies in our future will be coming from Austin Creek Farms (yours should, too).
Submitted by: Mike Crowley on May 18, 2012
This week my wife and I visited Mr. Ed Bullard to pick a Brittany pup from a young litter. Ed and his wife Donnie are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Our visit this week was our second trip to see their wonderful Brittanys, the grounds and kennel area are clean and well kept which shows that Ed takes a lot of pride in his dogs, as well he should! This new pup will be our third Brittany and first from the Bullards. We are very excited about being able to bring our new puppy home to join our 7 year old Brittany, Rose. Brittanys are my favorite hunting dog and Ed has some of the best bloodlines in his pups!
Submitted by: The Ledbetters on Apr 22, 2012
I cannot begin to adequately comment on how unbelievably pleased I have been with Austin Creek Farms and the Bullards. In our search for a Brittany to add to our family, I have called more than 30 breeders. Funny enough Mr. Bullard was the last person I called and should have been the first. He and his dear wife are two genuinely kind people offering a good dose of Southern hospitality. They kindly welcomed our family into their home (within my first phone conversation) so that we could 'meet' his Brittanys. The care given to the dogs is exceptional, the kennels are spotless, and the pedigree of the Bullard's Brittanys is outstanding. Mr. Bullard truly loves the breed, which reflects in his genuine enthusiasm. Mr. Bullard is delighted to answer any questions you have - no matter how many times you call :) We are currently waiting on the arrival of our pup and cannot wait! A big thanks to the Bullards!
Submitted by: Lindsey Beville on Mar 21, 2012
We lost our Brittany Spaniel about two weeks ago, and our lives have practically felt empty. My husband and I are eager to get another puppy, so I started doing research online to find Brittany Spaniel breeders in Alabama. I was amazed at all the fabulous reviews Austin Creek Farms had online. However, the reviews online don't do justice for what Mr. Bullard and his wife are like in real life. We drove to Austin Creek Farms and our hearts melted when we pulled up. Mr. Bullard and his wife are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their Brittany Spaniels are absolutely beautiful, and their kennels are immaculate! We have not placed a deposit on a puppy yet, but we have every intention of getting a puppy from Mr. Bullard when the time is right! Thank you, Mr. Bullard, for spending the time you did with us and we can't wait to get a puppy from you in the future!
Submitted by: Vince and Lindsay Thrift on Mar 16, 2012
Just purchased a female Brittany and can't say enough about how welcoming and professional Mr. Bullard was! Very friendly and knowledgeable! The Brittany's at Austin Creek are top notch...Mr. Bullard and his wife put many hours of love, care and training into their dogs and we will do the same with Miss Sadie! Would recommend Austin Creek Kennels to anyone that loves the breed!
Submitted by: Mark Beaudoin on Feb 22, 2012
We live in Florida and were looking for quality Brittany pup to breed with Elmo when we found Mr. Ed at Austin Creek Farms. After talking with Mr. Ed, we felt comfortable enough to make a deposit and go all the way to Hayden to pick up our new puppy. We had a great experience and Zoe is now a year old. I waited to submit this testimonial because I wanted to see how this pup did in her first year of hunting. She was a handful at six months, but has really come into her own. On a hunting trip this week she actually outshone Elmo, pointing, backing and retrieving. She is very smart, has a great personality and going to be a great hunting companion and pet. Thanks Mr. Ed, I will send pic's!
Mark and Teresa Beaudoin
Submitted by: Mark on Feb 19, 2012
Mr. Bullard…an outstanding, honest and caring individual! 7 years ago my family acquired our first impressionable little Brittany, Molly. We found her from a local breeder near us. She was a fine addition to our family, but unfortunately we lost her a few years later. Recently, we are now searching for another exceptional little pup for our daughter. We placed a deposit down for one of Mr. Bullard’s fine pups…3 days later we then received a phone call. This phone call was from Molly’s breeder notifying us of an unexpected litter sired by Molly’s brother. An opportunity to obtain a puppy with a little of Molly’s lineage was difficult to turn down for my daughter. Mr. Bullard fully understood and refunded the deposit. Nothing says more about a man that is thoughtful and considerate like Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Illia Ayers on Feb 10, 2012
I'm tend to be a skeptic when it comes to buying almost anything and references have always meant a lot to me. The testimonials for Austin Creek Farms Brittanys led me to Mr. and Mrs. Bullard and for that I'm thankful. My wife, daughter and I first visited Austin Creek Farms in early January and instantly knew that our search for the right dog was over. Mr. Bullard and his dogs let me know that I had found the genetics I wanted in my first bird dog and Mrs. Bullard let my wife know that the pup would be socialized for our family. We have a 14 month old daughter, so a family friendly bird dog was a major issue for us. We didn't plan to buy on that first visit, but my wife and I didn't have any doubts after our visit.
We have now had King Louis of Lido (Louis) for the last two weeks and I feel completely comfortable in recommending Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking for a great Brittany. Our little Louis fit into the family instantly, took to crate training the first night, and the ease of house breaking has been a welcomed surprise (this actually led me to post tonight after he politely let me know it was time to go outside even though he wasn't in the crate). Louis is coming when called and is bold in his desire to explore. Our vet was also very complimentary of our new little man. We haven't officially started training to hunt, but he looks the part and I look forward to Mr. Bullard's help in training me to train. We not only found a great dog, but we made great new friends in Mr. and Mrs. Bullard. We look forward to spending more time with them in the future. If you are looking for a Brittany its not my place to sell you, but at least visit Austin Creek Farms and I think you'll reach a similar conclusion for yourself. My only warning is this... plan for more time than you intend to vist because you will not want to leave once you meet the Bullard's, their dogs and their beautiful farm.
Submitted by: Jeremy Hagler on Feb 05, 2012
Mr.Bullard is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and his knowledge of his dogs and the breed is outstanding. The quality of the dogs he puts out is outstanding, and my seven week old pup is already in the field and has had his first retrieve. These dogs are serious bird dogs, if that is what you are looking for this is your guy. Thanks to Mr.Bullard for a great experience and an even better dog.
Submitted by: Susan & Jim Maerz on Jan 31, 2012
We first met Mr. Ed and his dogs in October and knew right away that his pups would be amazing. We traveled back up on Saturday to pick up our new puppy, Riley and couldn't be happier. He won't be going in the field as nature intended, but we are certain if he was, he would be just as remarkable as all of the dogs that come from Mr. Ed's kennels. Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie are such wonderful is no wonder they have such incredible dogs. Thank you Mr. Ed and Miss Donnie for raising such incredible dogs and for your wonderful Southern hospitality.
Submitted by: joey tarrant on Jan 30, 2012
I purchased a Brittany from Mr. Ed 4 years ago. This was the first bird dog I have ever owned. Words can't describe the joy watching Hero grow into a bird dog anyone would be proud of. Everything has come natural to him, pointing, retrieving, etc... even backing. All natural as I knew nothing about training him. Just put the dog in birds and let their natural instincts take over. A little work and encouragement go along way. I would and have recommended Austin Creek Kennels to anyone interested in the American Brittany.
Submitted by: Tim Avey on Jan 30, 2012
My wife and I picked up our new puppy Saturday. It was a great time meeting Mr Ed and his wife Donnie they are great people and make you feel right at home. They have a very nice operation there and are very knowledgeable. My wife and I feel in love with our puppy at first sight and after a 6 hr ride home our puppy feel in love with our daughter and she with him he follows her everywhere. We are very pleased and cant wait for his first point. Thanks again Mr Ed and Miss Donnie for the wonderful time.
Submitted by: John Stanley Bonner on Jan 23, 2012
Me, my wife Kimberly and our 5 year old son Calen had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ed this past weekend and picked up our beautiful ball of Joy "Chipper." We felt right at home at the Bullards and really had the best experience getting our new puppy. The Bullards do a fantastic job of socializing their dogs. Our Chipper got to meet my sisters family and pets while in Birmingham before the 4 hr ride back home to Saraland, AL and he just took to everyone so well. We made the right choice of pet for our son, they help each other get their energy out. Mr. Ed makes sure you get what you want and I know that I can call him anytime for questions or advice on training. Thanks Mr. Ed! See ya soon for some quail hunting! - John Stanley Bonner
Submitted by: Jay on Jan 23, 2012
We just picked up our Brittany puppie this week from Mr. and Mrs. Bullard. Being from 10-12 hours away, we had to pick the pup early on a Sunday morning. Mr. Bullard was so easy to work with, and he and Mrs. Donnie were super nice. We felt like we had known them for years. You can tell Mr. Ed knows his stuff, and Mrs. Donnie is extra good to those"babies"! Tebo is settling in nicely with our family, and I can hardly wait till next fall. Great bloodlines and Mr. Ed and Mrs. Donnie are raising them right!!!
Submitted by: Linda on Jan 23, 2012
I just got my first Brittany from Mr. Bullard and she is perfect. If you want a wonderful pet or bird dog, I highly recommend Mr. Bullard. Thank you again for such a sweet puppy.
Submitted by: Hunter Walker on Jan 21, 2012
Mr. Bullard is one of the nicest people ive ever met in my life. I just picked up my puppy (copper) who is a liver and white male, friday 1/21/12. He is one of the smartest and most independent puppies ive ever seen. I contacted Mr. Bullard during last September and let him know I was interested in one of his pups. Being a college student I felt that it would be best to get my dog starting in the spring semester, and Mr. Bullard worked with me for all those months to make sure it was possible. He runs one of the best kennel operations Ive seen. Ive been around bird dogs my whole life, and his dogs are top quality hunting dogs. I want to thank Mr. Bullard and his wife for an awesome experience, and allowing me to get the best puppy available. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Jeremy martin on Jan 19, 2012
Mr. Bullard, this week has been crazy. I have had so much to do; however, I wanted to take a minute and thank you. I find it hard to believe that our friendship started just over six months ago, it seems that we have known each other for a lifetime and now our families will finally meet!
To all future clients your search is over, you will not find another man that is as honest, caring, and willing to answer all questions about the American Brittany, he truly loves his dogs. Just a little advice, do not call after 8:30pm he will probably be getting ready for bed, LOL!
One last thing Mr. Bullard, unless God returns, I am holding you to your promise about working for Austin Creek farms, I have three more years in the fire service.
“A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half cracked.”
Submitted by: Curt Casey on Jan 18, 2012
We have gotten two Brittanys from Ed, the first for my grandson, the second last year for me. When my pup was about 5 months old he pointed and held like a seasoned veteran. He took to Birds like a duck to water. Out of the box, a real bird hunting machine. When Ed says his pups are born hunting, it's real. Thanks, Ed, you know who I'll call when we get room for another Brittany!
Submitted by: Meredith on Jan 17, 2012
Even though we were unable to get a puppy this go around I am so impressed with Mr. Bullard. He is the nicest man to speak with and has an obvious love for his dogs. He will do what he can to help you get your new furry family member. I look forward to speaking with him in the future.
Submitted by: Ed Bullard on Jan 16, 2012
Again, humbly, many thanks to all of you who have helped us with another milestone for Austin Creek Farms. You helped us to be the first breeder to get 100 testimonials, now you all have helped us to be the first to go over 200. Ms Donnie and I are so thankful for the friends we have made with our Brittanys. The friendship, fellowship, and some very memorable hunts, have helped to brighten our lives! Sincerely, Ed Bullard
Submitted by: Jennifer on Dec 30, 2011
I recently got a Brittany bird dog from Mr. Bullard and she is one of the sweetest, smartest, most well-behaved dog I have ever had the privilege of owning! Duchess has been a joy to have from day 1. Also, I know that you could travel the whole world over and never meet anyone as sweet and kind and generous as Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are!
Submitted by: Chris Hammond on Dec 25, 2011
Beautiful and brilliant dogs. Mr Bullard is a joy to spend time with and his love and excitement for his dogs is contagious.
Submitted by: Alli Hogan on Dec 20, 2011
We just got a dog from Mr. Bullard and she is the best! Duchess is a sweetheart and she is just perfect! She'll point at anything that flies and lands in the back yard! She is a joy to have around and if you want an amazing dog, get a 'Bullard Brittany'. They are great dogs raised by two of the most wonderful people I know!
Submitted by: Glen Morris on Dec 17, 2011
I bought a pup from Mr. Ed that is now about 5 months old. I had only worked him on a wing some when he was little. My job had kept me tied up so he had not been on birds. Mr. Ed was gracious enough to invite me up to his place today, and what a thrill. He pointed the first live bird he ever smelled. We worked him a little with a blank pistol, and then killed him a few with a .410. I can tell he's gonna be a great bird dog, great nose and a fantastic instinct. Thanks Ed for a great pup, and a great first hunt!
Submitted by: wess hallman on Dec 16, 2011
Ed Bullard will be the first to tell you that a puppy must be properly socialized he has a secret weapon his wife donnie. Puppies are given lots of TLC AND are ready to start at an early age. All you can teach a good bird dog is discipline the rest its born with. If you want a BRITTANY you need to call he and his wife are good christian folks and will tell the truth, a rare commodity these days.
Submitted by: Jennifer Hogan on Dec 13, 2011
I recently went quail hunting for the first time with Mr. Bullard and his dogs and I had a ball! The dogs were amazing! It was like they had a sixth sense when it came to finding and pointing quail. I have never seen anything like it! Buy a Bullard Brittany and you won't be disappointed!
Submitted by: Doug Stanford on Dec 12, 2011
I have owned some of Ed's brittany's for several years now. As for them being a pet, you couldn't ask for a better companion. As a hunter, they'll be one of the best hunting buddies you could ever have. Ed's dogs seem to be born looking for birds. They really make foot hunting so enjoyable. If you are looking for a breed that will make a great pet/hunter, Ed and Ms. Donnie produce some of the best puppies you will ever find.
Submitted by: Dan Richards on Dec 07, 2011
I have owned several of Ed's Brittanys. I have the best two now I have ever had, specially with limited hunting due to my job. Thanks Ed for the friendship, fellowship, and Brittanys. Dan
Submitted by: Alli on Dec 06, 2011
The bottom line is Ed Bullard knows how to raise a great hunting dog. They are the nicest people with the nicest dogs, and I'm so glad I have the oppurtunity to see these dogs work. You won't be dissapointed.
Submitted by: Caleb on Dec 06, 2011
This is the place to get a good American Brittany. The kennels are spotless and every time I go the dogs are happy as can be. The Bullards are nicest people you will ever meet and a 'Bullard' Brittany is the best dog you'll ever have.
Submitted by: Allison on Dec 06, 2011
I took some of Mr. Bullards dogs when I went Quail hunting recently and I was amazed. These dogs knew their job and they did it extremely well. They were all excited to be let out of the cages and start their job. They were clearly trained by a person who knows how to make a bird dog. The Bullards know what they are doing and if you want a phenomenal bird dog don't look anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and get one of the 'Bullard' Brittanys. You'll never regret it.
Submitted by: Bobby Ingram on Dec 04, 2011
Mr.Ed it's that time of year again. Tader is fired up with the cold weather starting. He knows it's that time of the year. I hope We get the chance to come and hunt a little with you all. We have a blast and the young dogs you bring are, well lets just say pumped and ready to find some birds. To this day I "We" are so blessed and amazed on how much We have learned from you and the dogs. We have more fun and excitement just watching the dogs work. You have a very well trained and hard working breed. Thank you again Bobby
Submitted by: Tommy Frye on Dec 02, 2011
I have several of Ed's Brittanys now, and could not be more pleased. I hunted pointers and setters for years, but the Brittanys are so much easier to handle and are so willing to please, they make a hunt much more enjoyable. Anyone considering a bird dog or just a great pet should look no farther than Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. He and Ms. Donnie are some of the sweetest folks in the world!
Submitted by: Karen Hazelrig on Nov 30, 2011
Ed and Donnie may be my cousins, but they're like a second Mom and Dad to me and my family. I have two small children, the oldest being four years old. My children love seeing the Brittanys, and especially the new babies. They let us come play with the babies as soon as they're old enough, and the kids, Wes and Olivia, can't get enough. Wes can't wait until he's old enough to go hunting with my Dad and "Pappy" (Ed).
Submitted by: Ray on Nov 30, 2011
I have hunted with Ed for years. We have hunted Quail with every dog you can imagine in the last forty some years. It is unreal the Brittanys he has now. His older dogs are fantastic, but what impresses me the most is to take a four month old pup to a preserve,(we don't have any wild birds here now), and see it sweep the field. Such blood, such prey drive, and such natural ability. Thanks for the years of fun, and hopefully many more!
Submitted by: Diana Talley on Nov 30, 2011
I've known the Bullard's about three years. They are wonderful folks, and they raise the prettiest, sweetest Brittanys in the world. Their kennels are always very well kept, clean, fresh cedar shavings for a bunch of happy, well behaved Brittanys. They love their Britts almost as much as they love their friends and each other.
Submitted by: James Pate on Nov 30, 2011
I have a finished female Britt that came from Ed Bullard's stock. She does it all, and now I have two young dogs that are from her, and are showing great promise. They are all so easily trained, and eager to please. If you are looking for a great hunting partner, or just a super pet, Ed Bullard and Ms. Donnie are the ones to call.
Submitted by: William Bickerstaff on Nov 29, 2011
I've hunted with Mr. Bullard several times, and his dogs are true bird dogs. His Tink dog is really special, he has both her sire and grandsire. The old grandsire "Doc" at 13 years old still hunts with him, and everyone that's ever hunted with him wants a pup out of that old black and white dog. Thanks for the hunts and the friendship.
Submitted by: Tim Frazie on Nov 29, 2011
I am totallly pleased with my 5 month old female I got from the Bullard's when she was 8 weeks old. She is "bird crazy", pointing, holding occasionally, and beginning to honor. This pup has a fantastic pedigree and is proving to be a winner. Ed has some of the best dogs in the country and it has been my privilege to train several of his dogs. I now have his wife's (Ms. Donnie) personal 8 month old female in training. Little Casey is coming on strong and is another product of Austin Creek's breeding program.
Tim Frazier, Ten Oaks Kennel
Submitted by: Stoney Beavers on Nov 28, 2011
I grew up in a hunting family, but I didn't get interested in quail hunting until the last few years. My brother had gotten three Brittanys from Mr. Ed and they are simply amazing. He wasn't a trainer, but he didn't have to be. These pups were great from the word go. I have to have one of my own. When you meet Ed, and meet his dogs, you know there is a true love there. He has absolutely some of the prettiest Brittanys I've ever seen. Can't wait, hurry up new litters.
Submitted by: Gary Butts on Nov 28, 2011
I got a started female from Ed's bloodlines a couple of years ago, and have been well pleased. She handles very easily, and hunts like a machine. Thanks Ed for a great hunting partner.
Submitted by: Lisa on Nov 28, 2011
My little girl may never hunt, but I can already tell she is going to be a great pet and companion. Super smart, and so cute and funny. She already knows her name, and the commands to come and sit. I never knew a Brittany could be so sweet, but I know that's due to Mr. Ed and his sweet wife, Donnie. Thanks for my new baby!
Submitted by: C. Pearson on Nov 28, 2011
After doing months of research and speaking with many hunters concerning a good Brittany I was directed towards Mr. Ed Bullard. I called Ed and after talking with him I knew that he had exactly what I was wanting.
Ed's knowledge is unbelievable and his dogs are the best.
Submitted by: Susan & Jim Maerz on Oct 14, 2011
While returning from vacation,we stopped by to meet Mr. Ed and his dogs. We are on a waiting list for a puppy and can't wait. We are buying another Brittany as a companion to our 5 year old Murphy. All of Mr. Ed's dogs are beautiful and well taken care of. The kennels are spacious and clean and all of the dogs are very well cared for. After speaking with Mr. Ed for 5 minutes, you know how much he loves his dogs. He welcomed us inside his home to meet his little Tink who is absolutely adorable. We were there for almost 2 hours and enjoyed every second of chatting with Mr. Ed. While we don't have our pup yet, I have no doubt that he will be an outstanding companion. We are looking forward to making the trip back up from Florida to pick up the puppy. We highly recommend purchasing your Brittany puppy from Mr. Ed.
Submitted by: Paul Cerny on Oct 03, 2011
We got our Brittany pup at 8 weeks old from the Bullards, drove there from Georgia to get her. Because of our long drive there and back, we weren't able to linger nearly as long as I'd have liked, but the kennels looked good, dogs well cared for. We were very happy getting her from Ed and have not been disappointed (hard to go wrong with a brittany puppy, after all) - we're looking forward to watching her develop given her good blood lines - I agree with the other testimonials, and would recommend Ed - hope to take him up on his kind offer to do some hunting one day as my dog and kids get old enough...Thanks Ed!
Submitted by: Glen Morris on Sep 04, 2011
i purchased two pups from mr.bullard . thses are some of the best bird dogs i have seen. i spent most of the day riding around mr.bullards propertyand looking at his dogs. i can say that i will only purchase bird dogs from austin creeck farms from now on. this season im looking forward to doing alot of bird hunting with mr.bullard
Submitted by: Mark Payne on Aug 28, 2011
Just bought my second pup from Ed and already starting to work her. Lucy shows good promise we are working on whoa and here when she is called my her name and retreives. She has done very well on these,so monday we start on bird wings and points.If anyone is wanting a brittany give Ed a call he has a wonderful blood line and loves his dogs. I have two and one is already a tested hunter and Lucy at 8 weeks old is on her way also. Ed is always there if you have question and what I like is he loves for them to come over and do a quail hunt when you have them ready to shoot over. Thanks Ed and we will see you this winter for a quail. Mark,Gus and Lucy..........
Submitted by: Wesley McLellan on Aug 28, 2011
I got my puppy from Mr. Bullard at the beginning of August and the whole experience was a breeze. Mr. Bullard and his family treated me as if I was their own and they are the definition of southern hospitality! He has great looking kennels and dogs that are very well taken care of and loved. When I got my puppy home the vet could not believe how well socialized and healthy the pup was. Remmy is a very loving and well mannered puppy and everyone that sees him loves him! I would recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone that wants a great dog and experience!
Submitted by: Kevin Holland on Aug 14, 2011
Just recently bought a Brittany pup from Mr. Bullard named Dixie. Along with the excellent bloodlines the 9 wk old pup has a head full of sense. She was pointing a bird toy at 8 wks. Mr. Bullard and his wife are very nice people to deal with. Their kennel is very well kept and organized. You can't go wrong with buying a dog from these people.
Submitted by: Gina Osborne on Jul 26, 2011
My family and I picked up our new Brittany puppy last Friday afternoon from the Bullard's. We already had a three year old Brittany male and brought him along with us to pick up the puppy. The Bullard's welcomed us as one of their family. The kennel was well kept and clean. Mr. Bullard showed us all of his Brittany's and he knew all of them very well. It felt as if he had a connection with each of them. We had an excellent experience getting our new puppy. Luke our oldest Brittany has taken very well to ,Lola our new addition. She is very intelligent and has played very well with the whole family. Thank You Austin Creek Kennels for making us feel so welcome and breeding such a superb Brittany Spaniel.
Submitted by: Ben Hughes on Jun 16, 2011
We got our dog from Mr. Bullard last July.And when we came to pick out our puppy Mr. Bullard treated us as if we were family, he is a very nice man.Our puppy is the smartest puppy i have ever seen we didn't have to teach him anything about hunting it was all natural to him.He is also very sweet and loving but loves nothing more than to go hunting.
I would definitely recommend Austin creek farms.
Submitted by: Pete Yelverton on Jun 12, 2011
I recently got a puppy from Mr. Ed. I was very pleased with the puppy. She rode in the truck for over 4 hours to my home and she didn't even get sick. She was so sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were very kind to us and showed us all around their farm. We have enjoyed our "Lexie" so much. She has fit right in with our other dogs. She thinks she is grown. All our other dogs let her treat them just any way she wants to. Lexie is our queen. She will surely be a great bird dog real soon.
Submitted by: Ronnie Roland on May 09, 2011
I purchased two pups from Mr. Ed this past winter. I waited until they were old enough to do a little field work until I placed a testimonial on this site. Both dogs are very smart and biddable. They are perhaps the best gundog prospects I have had in several years. Both are extremely birdy, and are surely not scared of thick cover! I would highly recommend Mr. Ed to anyone wanting a quality gundog. Mr. Ed will treat you right!! Ronnie Roland
Submitted by: Ronnie Roland on May 03, 2011
I purchased 2 Brittany puppies from Mr. Bullard this past winter. I waited to put this testimonial on here until I knew for sure that they were gun dog material. Both pups are extremely birdy and very biddiable. I would recommend Mr. Bullard to anyone who is looking for a Brittany for a companion or most importantly for the bird hunter. He is truly a gentleman and will treat you right.
Thank you Mr. Ed!
Submitted by: Bonnie Bassett on Apr 22, 2011
We purchased Rusty for a family pet from Mr Bullard in October of '09. He is a perfect specimen-healthy and strong. He was pointing before he was a year old. I would definitely recommend Mr Bullard to anyone who would like to have a Brittany.
Submitted by: Keith Layton on Apr 20, 2011
I picked up a great little pup a couple of weeks ago from Ed Bullard. This pup is very social, spunky and is growing nicely. Ed was knowledgeable, friendly and very gracious with his time. Ed took the time to show me his kennel and the dam and sire of this pup. I can already see their mannerisms in this pup. Ed answered all my questions and remains a great resource as this pup grows and develops.
Submitted by: Chris & Kathryn White on Apr 06, 2011
We got our sweet Lucy from Mr. Bullard last May. She's a white & orange Brittany and she is just beautiful! We purchased Lucy as a family pet for our two young daughters and although Lucy can be quite energetic and rambunctious at times, she has settled nicely into our family. We researched quite a bit before purchasing a Brittany and saw so many positive reviews of Austin Creek Farms that we drove 4 hours from Madison, MS just to get one of Mr. Bullard's puppies. I just can't say enough about Mr. Bullard. He was the epitome of someone you want to work with when buying a puppy. He's very knowledgeable and very kind as well.

I would highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking to buy a Brittany.

Kathryn White
Submitted by: Carla Rhodes on Apr 05, 2011
We drove approximately 3 and one-half hours to purchase our 6-week old female Brittany from Mr. Ed and his wife. All of their dogs were beautiful. You could tell their dogs are all loved and very well taken care of. His kennels were immaculate and so well maintained. We are so pleased with our selection and after one week and three days cannot imagine our lives with our little "Maggie." She is very smart and just adapting to her new surroundings so easily. Thank you both for providing us with a beautiful, healthy puppy. We couldn't be more pleased. Also, thank you for inviting us in to your home to see "Tink" and also for answering all of our questions--since this is our first Brittany--but most likely won't be our last!
Jimmy, Carla and Zack Rhodes
Submitted by: Randy Clement on Mar 28, 2011
Ed, I just want to update you on how Ginger is doing. I have to say that she is probably the most alert, eager hunter I've ever owned. While we weren't able to get out hunting as much as I had hoped this past season, what hunting we did proved her abilities to me. This past year I mostly used Ginger for duck hunting even though I know she isn't bred for that. It took a little doing but I had her hitting the water and bringing in ducks on her first hunt. The only problem I've had with her was that she wants to retrieve the decoys as I throw them out. She is a natural hunter and seems to never stop hunting. In the backyard at home, she is constantly hunting and capturing lizards, squirrels, wasps, box turtles, birds, flies, dragonflies and anything else that flies, walks or crawls. Disposition wise, she is a very affectionate dog, not at all shy around strangers or other dogs, and very entertaining to watch. She has a very high energy level and is a bit on the hyperactive side so, we have to watch her around small children as she plays a bit too rough for them.
All in all, my wife and I are very pleased with her. She is everything you said she would be. You were a pleasure to do business with and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a Brittany.
Submitted by: Craig and Lauren on Mar 27, 2011
My husband and I don't even have our puppy yet, but Ed has been nothing short of fantastic leading up to our experience. We first called him to inquire about availability, and he was unbelievably kind and accommodating. He told us to call back anytime, and he meant it! Our (future) puppy was born two weeks ago, and he has allowed us to come out and meet her and get pictures of her while she is just two weeks old. It was a special experience that we'll never forget! Ed is the very epitome of a gentleman. We would recommend doing business with him to anyone we know. We look forward to getting our puppy around Easter and to keeping him updated on her life, because it is evident that he is as passionate about these puppies as we are!
Submitted by: Bob and Kate Hoehl on Feb 19, 2011
Thank you Ed Bullard for introducing us to the newest member of our family; you are the consummate Southern Gentleman.
We purchased a male orange and white puppy, his name is now Baxter, from Ed Bullard, Austin Creek Farms Brittanys. He is a beautiful dog, and we are proud to have him.
Anyone interested in obtaining a Brittany, I strongly recommend that you contact Ed. His kennels are pristine and his breeding dogs are beautiful. He is a pleasure to deal with as he is a real gentleman.
He and his wife invited us into their and home and treated us as though we had been lifelong friends. I am honored to say that my Brit pub came from the finest kennel I've ever seen.
Thank you Ed for providing us with such q great dog.
Submitted by: Sid Fondren on Feb 12, 2011
My daughter and I drove a little over 3 hours from our home in Starkville Mississippi to buy a puppy from Mr. Ed. I had heard nothing but great things about Ed and his dogs and saw all the great things others had to say about him on the web site. I have bird hunted all my life and had always used pointers in the past. This was the first Brittany to become part of our family and a wonderful choice it was when we picked a Brittany from Mr. Ed Bullard. I will never go back to a pointer again. This Brittany we named Rebekah's Charlie Boy has been an absolutely wonderful pet for my 14 year old daughter and a wonderful hunting dog. Brittany Spaniels hunting range is closer than the pointers I was use to and that is what I like most about this dog. He still hunts wide enough to find birds, but he never gets out of sight. The training of this dog was and still is the easiest I have ever experienced with any dog I have ever owned. He is a very lovable dog and I take him out most every day for a run in the country woods and pasture land behind our house. I can guarantee any one that you would not go wrong to get a dog from Mr. Bullard and they are well worth the dollars spent. Every thing Mr. Bullard told me about the dog on the phone before I made the trip was absolutely true and I would not hesitate to go back to him in the future if I decide to get another Brittany. THANKS Mr. Ed for making myself and my daughter such happy dog owners with our new puppy. We may very well be looking for a 2nd in the near future.
Submitted by: Mitze Bender on Feb 09, 2011
My dad wanted me to give an update on the puppy we purchased from Mr. Bullard back in December.
My dad decided to put out some tame birds to observe the puppy's interest and hunting ability.

My father has been a quail hunter for more than 50 years. He was comparing the puppy to some of his most outstanding dogs and how they hunted at this age.

At nearly 17 weeks, this little pistol was tracking birds that had moved, plowing through thick woods and staying after it until he found all three birds.

"He's a top prospect for a gun dog," he said.

It's my understanding a litter from this same line is due!
Submitted by: Amy Butler on Feb 08, 2011
I just brought home my sweet boy from Austin Farms yesterday. Mr. Bullard was wonderful. He was so helpful with any questions that I had. This is my first experience with a Brittany at it is wonderful. My pup is on 7 weeks old and is already pointing. I highly recommend Mr. Bullard and his Britt's. In fact, my parents are getting a female from his next litter. Thank you for allowing me to get this beautiful puppy from you. I couldn't be more pleased!
Submitted by: Cassidy Sawallis on Feb 03, 2011
Few words that describe Mr. Ed "Good ole Southern boy". It all started when I came across his ad on I sent him an email asking if he had any puppies, and sure enough he gave me a call within an hour later! I was so impressed. I have had to wait several days for some breeders to even email me back! I talked to Mr. Ed, for a good 30minutes talking about his brittanys. Just from the sound of everything, he knew what he was talking about! He answered every one of my questions without any hesitation. After talking to him, I knew I had to get a brittany! My husband and I went up to Mr. Ed's home and we were so impressed on how great his dogs are and how clean he keeps his kennels! Him and his wife are such friendly southern people! They invited us into their home and we talked for a good hour. Turns out Mr. Ed, me and my husband have the same interests! Cattle, Quarter horses and bird dogs. My husband and I are soo pleased with our brittany pup. We named him "levi". He has such a good tempermant. If your considering a brittany pup, don't waste your time on emailing and calling other brittany breeders, give Mr. Ed Bullard a call!
Submitted by: Cassidy Sawallis on Feb 03, 2011
Few words that describe Mr. Ed "Good ole Southern boy". It all started when I came across his ad on I sent him an email asking if he had any puppies, and sure enough he gave me a call within an hour later! I was so impressed. I have had to wait several days for some breeders to even email me back! I talked to Mr. Ed, for a good 30minutes talking about his brittanys. Just from the sound of everything, he knew what he was talking about! He answered every one of my questions without any hesitation. After talking to him, I knew I had to get a brittany! My husband and I went up to Mr. Ed's home and we were so impressed on how great his dogs are and how clean he keeps his kennels! Him and his wife are such friendly southern people! They invited us into their home and we talked for a good hour. Turns out Mr. Ed, me and my husband have the same interests! Cattle, Quarter horses and bird dogs. My husband and I are soo pleased with our brittany pup. We named him "levi". He has such a good tempermant. If your considering a brittany pup, don't waste your time on emailing and calling other brittany breeders, give Mr. Ed Bullard a call!
Submitted by: Christy Lee on Jan 31, 2011
My name is Christy Lee and I have to say Mr. Bullard and his wife raise some of the best looking American Brittany's I have ever seen. Really no lie! Their conformation, coats, structure, working ability, drive and mostly--great temperaments are some of the best I have ever seen in Brittany's. I raise English Setters and have always love the Setter but now that I have found someone who truly cares for his dogs in the way I do, I have found the right breeder to buy a Brittany from when the time comes, as well as a wonderful christian family to enjoy a day of quail hunting. Mr. Bullard and his wife welcomed me and my fiance Chris on their farm with genuine southern hospitality. We spent a whole day hunting, enjoying one of the most beautiful northern Alabama farms I have even seen. Sat down for a late lunch as we laughed and was in good company all day long. Mr. Bullard thank you for a wonderful weekend and tell your wife we will see ya'll soon! CAN'T WAIT TO KILL ME SOME MORE BIRDS.Give Tink a hug from us!
Submitted by: Julian and Karen Nealy on Jan 31, 2011
"Bonnie" is our third Brittany in 24 years, all females, and all have been combination family pet/bird dog, but she is the first from Ed Bullard. She always had great bird-sense, and she is already at 15 mos. old the best bird dog of 5 on our farm. She does, however, as Ed would say, "have Bullard blood" -- translation: she is strong-willed and Alpha-with-a-capital-A, as well as high-energy, strong and fast. So she was a bit of a challenge to obedience-train when she was a puppy. However, she was so adorable, and so smart, and ultimately so affectionate, that we persevered, and she has now matured and mellowed into a wonderful pet AS WELL AS a great bird dog. She sleeps in the bed with us (along with our 8-yr-old Brittany, Lady) and she "snuggles" on command! She is super-healthy, and we are extremely blessed to have our "Bon-Bon". Ed sure knows how to pick the bloodlines, and he makes the whole process of getting one of his dogs a pleasure and a family adventure. We highly recommend Ed Bullard and the Brittanys he raises!
Submitted by: Rick Davis on Jan 21, 2011
I've hunted with Ed several times. Talk about one great guy with a bunch of great dogs.
Submitted by: Janet Allen on Jan 14, 2011
My husband I are the parents of three active boys. Our two oldest sons already have Brittany Spaniels that are 3 years old. When our youngest son, age 7, wrote his letter to Santa this year the first thing he listed was a puppy. The thought of adding another pet to our family wasn’t exactly what my husband and I had in mind, but decided that it would only be fair that Santa bring us another Brittany. My husband searched diligently online for weeks in hopes of finding a puppy to join our family. We found Ed’s website and he and my husband began corresponding about Christmas time availability. Ed was able to accommodate us and we drove up the day after Christmas to fulfill our youngest sons Christmas wish. Ed and his wife, Donnie, couldn’t have made us feel more welcome! They graciously invited us into their home on a cold and snowy Sunday afternoon and introduced us to who we now call Bobo. This experience couldn’t have been more pleasant! It was so evident that Ed and Donnie truly have a love for Brittanys.

Once again a very special thank you to The Bullards for making this Santa wish come true! If anyone has a desire to own a Brittany, we highly recommend that you contact Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: Will Joslin on Jan 13, 2011
My new pup just came home this week and I can't wait for him to be big enough to take out into the fields. Mr. Bullard really went above and beyond in taking care of my pup before I picked him up and has been a trove of helpful information. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family
Submitted by: Andrew Talley on Jan 12, 2011
I had the priviledge to hunt with Ed and his Brittneys, and I do mean priviledge. It was wonderful. His dogs are spectacular. They never missed a bird. Their points were soild and they would go a mile to bring the bird back to you. If I could afford to, I would buy every dog Ed has. He is a superb breeder as well as a wonderful person to be around.
Submitted by: Braxton Vincent on Jan 11, 2011
I recently visited Austin Creek Farms with the intentions of purchasing a puppy from a future litter in the Spring for my daughter. Mr. Bullard is running a first class kennel. I enjoyed the time I spent with him as he took his time to tour me through his facilities. Ed is a genuine person who will answer your questions with real answers and not just tell you what you want to hear.

The kennels were clean and well kept. The Austin Creek Farms breeding stock are very social, interactive and energetic. My 19 month grandson was with me and had a big time playing with the dogs. "Tink" was very well mannered and didn't bring fear to him at all.

I have visited and/or contacted other kennels around the south and I am very glad that the quality pups at Austin Creek is less than an hour drive from my home. I believe Ed's Brittany's will suit my needs for a pup which my daughter and I will train for hunting. We are excited about our new pup this spring.
Submitted by: Lee Carter on Jan 05, 2011
Santa got my son a Brittany puppy for Christmas because that is exactly what he wanted. Thankfully Santa and Mr. Ed ( as my 8 year old son calls Mr. Bullard) loved the puppy so much that he cared for him and took care of him for Santa until New Year's eve 2010. That is when the family packed up and went to North Alabama to visit the Bullards. They are some of the sweetest people on Earth. Mr. Ed showed us around the entire farm and all the dogs and love he has for them. He and his wife welcomed us into their home for some Southern hospitality as well. He gave us papers, shot records and all with a great big smile and a hug for my son and 6 month old daughter. It was a great trip and we can't say enough about the Bullards and the beautiful Brits that he raises and loves himself. Can't wait to introduce him to his first quail birds this week. Thanks again Mr Ed. Ford says Hello.
Submitted by: Jason on Jan 05, 2011
I can not say enough about how pleased we are with our experiene with Mr. Bullard. He is such a kind man! We had just lost our family pet, which devistated our two daughters. I took my youngest daughter to visit Mr. Bullard's farm, and came home with the newest member of our family. Our new dog is such a joy. She has a great personality and is already spoiled rotten. I haven't had the opportunity to hunt with her yet, but I am looking forward to a trip very soon with Mr. Bullard. If you want to be treated like family, and get a GREAT dog, Mr. Bullard's farm is the place to go.
Submitted by: Ginny Webb on Jan 04, 2011
We picked up Belle for our children last Christmas(2009). She is a sweet and smart dog. Ed takes great care of all of his dogs and puppies. He is very proud of every single puppy that he raises and he should be! Belle is smart and is always hunting. She is beautiful and has settled in to her life as our family dog with great ease.
We were not able to pick Belle up until Christmas Eve and Ed was kind enough to take care of her for a couple of extra weeks. He and his wife did a great job of spoiling her and loving her until we were able to pick her up. They really went out of their way to help us out and it made the best Christmas ever.
Belle plays great with the kids and loves to run and take hikes. She also knows when it is time to get on her bed and sleep. Great dog! Thanks
Submitted by: Mitze Bender on Dec 30, 2010
I visited Mr. Bullard's house to purchase a Brittany puppy for my father. My dad has been quail hunting since he was 14 years old, so he has lots of knowledge about hunting dogs. He was very pleased with the puppy. "He's even prettier than I expected." The puppy was clean, healthy, alert and energetic. He took to us quickly, and we are really enjoying him. Mr. Bullard spent a great bit of time with me, showing me photos of the puppy's mother, father, grandfather, etc.

He and Mrs. Bullard were two of the kindest, sweetest folks I've met! I hope to deal with them again in the future!
Submitted by: Bob Moon on Dec 29, 2010
Talked with Ed back in November about getting a pup I ask him a lot of questions and he gave me a lot of good answers along with some good advise. Explained to him what i wanted and on Dec. 23 he really came through with a good looking orange and white pup. I am very happy with my experience with Ed and would highly recommend Austin Creek Farms to anyone. Thanks Again Ed.
Submitted by: McKenna Hicks on Dec 27, 2010
I have already written a testimonial about my first trip out to see the Bullards but I had such an amazing experience with them when I picked up my puppy, I wanted to make a point to write another one. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are two of the nicest and most trustworthy people I have ever met. We went to pick up Scout on the 23rd and I could not have been more pleased. All of the puppies were so cute and well taken care of. Just watching how the Bullards handle the dogs you can see how much each and every one of them mean to them. We haven't even had our puppy a week and he is already listening to us and getting smarter and smarter everyday. I am so crazy about him!! I want to thank the Bullards for being so sweet and helping us have the best Christmas yet with our new little buddy, Scout!
Submitted by: David Patterson on Dec 13, 2010
A great day with Ed. I had a chance to spend a morning with Ed, my 20 month old Brittany, Dan and Lucky Strike. I got both dog s from Ed last year. Dan was to be a project for my dad and I. Dad had one season with us. I know he looked down with a big smile as Dan showed his stuff last Thursday. He retrieved to hand and was retruning with a bird in his mouth and locked on point on another bird. I knew Lucky would have a good day but Dan really showed out. I am not sure who was more tickled with nthe performance, me or Ed. Thanks Ed for some great dogs and a great hunt.
Submitted by: mckenna on Dec 10, 2010
If you are looking into buying a Brittany, Mr. Bullard is the man to go through. I went out to see him and his dogs and he couldn't have been more welcoming! Mr. Bullard is such a sweet and honest man and he knows all there is to know about Brittanys'. His dogs are all beautiful and well trained. If you are looking for a wonderful dog for a very reasonable price, please go through Mr. Bullard... you will not be disappointed!
Submitted by: Dave Whalen and daughter Katie on Dec 07, 2010
What a nice couple Ed and his wife are. My daughter and I got up at 4am to drive to his place, day got cold. His first questions to us was were we warm enough or did we need a coat? Now we are dumb Floridians and were not ready for the cold that blew in on this day. Ed took painstaking time to share and show my daughter and myself the wonders of his dogs and they truly are wonders! His wife gave freely of her Sunday afternoon to my daughter and we have clearly found some new friends in Northern Alabama! We went on to a second breeder who impressed me as a poorly run puppy mill! Had all kinds of pups about every breed you could think of. Turned out he had Brittany's too but I didn't think he did before we got there. Bet if we asked to see coyote pups he'ld have had them too---well maybe not. While I felt bad for those mill pups I was glad my daughter got to see the difference between kind and serious dog lovers like Ed and his wife and the less desireable type, the other breeder, who might just as well be raising chickens as bird dogs. I am certain we will be contacting Ed in the near future to arrange a reservation for my daughters pup. He and his wifes kindness, sincerety and committment to his dogs and customers are beyond words.
Submitted by: Bob Moon on Nov 21, 2010
When I made the decision that a Brittany was the dog for me I stared a search for the best Brittany kennel I cound find. After talking to several Brittany owners I narrowed my search down to three kennels. One of those kennels was Austin Creek Farms owned by Mr. Ed Bullard. I was impressed with my first phone conversation with Ed but my visit to his kennel was a very unique. I had not spoke with anyone with Ed's knowledge of his dogs and their hunting abilities. Looking foward to getting one of Ed's puppies and someday doing some hunting with Ed and my dog.
Submitted by: Will Joslin on Oct 19, 2010
Mr. Bullard is a true Southern gentleman that clearly knows his stuff. This is my first Brittany and he was very helpful in walking me through the process. I had a check written to reserve a pup before I was even off the phone with him. Can't wait to pick my new hunting partner up
Submitted by: Stacey Box on Oct 17, 2010
I bought a Brittany from Mr. Bullard's Austin Creek Farms 2 years ago and he has turned into a wonderful family pet. I traveled to Mr. Bullard's home with my 2 year old son and we had a wonderful time chatting and looking over Mr. Bullard's dogs. He was more than helpful and seemed like an old friend. I can see his love for his dogs and how he treats them as part of his family. I haven't had the opportunity to hunt our Brittany but I can see the drive and instinct that is naturally there when we go to the woods. He has a wonderful temperament and is great with my 3 year old son. I would highly recommended Mr. Bullard if you are looking for a reputable Brittany man...Thank you Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Keith Miller on Sep 20, 2010
This summer I started looking at getting back into quail hunting. My hunt for a good bird dog ultimately led me to Mr Bullard, who I quickly found out was the local resident expert on Brittanys and quail hunting. After some very good discussions through email and over the phone, Mr Bullard invited my family over to his farm to see his dogs. During the time I was there, Mr Bullard and Miss Donnie probably answered over 100 questions we had about the dogs and using them to hunt. In the end, we bought a puppy through Mr Bullard. I also obtained an older male that was born on Mr Bullard's farm. We are very satisfied with what we have and we are looking forward to hunting them this fall.
I learned through reading and several reputable sources that genetics are about 95% the determining factor of whether or not a puppy will emerge as a good bird dog. IF you are looking for this quality and the expertise to back it up, you would be making a mistake if you went any other place than Mr. Bullards.
Submitted by: Margie Voltz on Aug 25, 2010
My husband, two children and I have never had a dog before as a family and began exploring the idea of taking own this special responsibility. I confess I was not very excited about taking on "another mouth to feed" and "body to wash", etc. However, my husband did his homework and got in touch with Mr. Ed.
The Bullards agreed to have us visit their dogs and have a conversation about how a brittany might fit into our little family.
After what might have been an anxious visit, we all felt connected with several of their dogs, felt very much at home, and left quite informed about what our life with a dog would mean. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were honest, upfront, but very warm. We have decided we want a dog----but now my kids are sure it must come from Mr. Ed!! Thanks to you both so much! (Thank Tink too!)
Submitted by: Donny Burge on Aug 17, 2010
I wrote Ed an email asking for advice with a skiddish dog I bought from a different breeder about three weeks ago. Gracy is a three year old female that i bought from a preserve in Mississippi. She worked very well when i went to check her out but i have had nothing but trouble getting her to do anything since i brought her home.( she would not come to me or my kids)

I guess Ed could tell how frustrated i was as his email reply was to simply call him. We spoke for over thirty minutes about the dog and the situation. He gave me some piece of mind as he offered one of his trained dogs to me in case this dog did not come around. Ed was more than happy to be my sounding board as i vented my frustration over my new dog. His advice was to start killing training birds over the dog as quick as possible as this dog has done nothing its entire life except work to make a living and that the family atmosphere i threw her into was basically a shell shock. I was reluctant at first as the dog will not listen or do anything in the yard why would she do anything in the field.
Well it turns out he was right.

I put out a single training bird for her this morning and put her on a 30' check chord. As soon as i loaded the shotgun this dog went from aggrevation to all business! She did it all, pointed, held, flushed the bird on command, and retrieved the bird to hand. She loaded in the truck on command and is currently taking a nap under my feet.

I called Ed as soon as i got back in and he was as excited for me as I was. I am currently planning a trip this fall to his place to hunt and to pick out a puppy to breed Gracy.

I can tell you that Ed will Give you his time to help you any way he can even if you have not purchased a dog from him.

Thanks ED
Submitted by: Matt Clegg on Aug 14, 2010
Our family has really enjoyed Lucy since we picked her up from Mr. Bullard in late May. She is a gorgeous liver and white female. She is now 4 months old and the whole family loves her. She has enjoyed going to the farm and just being a pet, too. She has a lot of natural instinct and I am looking forward to cooler weather to really begin working her. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Bullard and how nice he is. Go see him if you want a great Brittany.
Submitted by: Blake Jones on Jul 18, 2010
I recently purchased a brittany spaniel from Mr. Bullard and I could not be more pleased. My roommate bought a dog from austin creek farms about two years ago, and he has been on of the best dogs I have ever been around. This lead me right back to Mr. Bullard when I wanted a dog of my own. Boomer is now eight weeks old and growing like a weed. He is extremely energetic and very healthy. Mr. Bullard and his wife produce some of the best brittany spaniels you can find. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dog.
Submitted by: Sam Hathcock on Jun 27, 2010
I had learned about Ed Bullard thru several new quail hunting buddies and contacted him in Dec 09.After talking with Ed several times about the type dog I wanted/what I want from the dog...I soon sent a deposit for my first Britt(the most impressive recommendation was from my vet..who also has some of Ed's can you get a better recommendation than that!)Also...Ed was VERY patient and informative to help my lack of knowledge acquiring my first hunting dog/companion! "Bella" is now approaching 11 wks..she has been pointing wings since 8 wks..has been consistently responding to the "here" command since 10 wks...yesterday I noticed something had her attention in the yard..then she pointed??..I went over and noticed a bird feather ;)!!...She is a very sociable pup also and can not give Ed enough praise...I am already planning on Britt #2 next spring!!!...Quail season will not get here soon enough....Thank you Ed !!
Submitted by: Jim Brindley on Jun 12, 2010
In my 4 month search for a dual purpose gun dog, I decided upon a Brittney from Austin Creek Farms. Being a game bird hunter for most of my 48 years, I had specific requirements in mind as to the type of dog I wanted. I had previously owned GSPs as well as other big hard running pointers but wanted a smaller close hunting companion. My research took me down the trail to Ed Bullard and his Brittney’s. Ed has a wealth of knowledge on the Brit as a breed and absolutely one of the best hunting / retrieving blood lines you will find. Ed treats you like family from the very first call. My choice was a liver and white male we affectionately named Cooper. On 5/29/10, I met Mr. Bullard face to face when I picked up Cooper. I purposely waited to write this testimonial because being analytical by nature and trade; I wanted to work with Cooper first to make sure that I had made a wise choice. I am impressed by this pup and his intelligence, inquisitive nature, and ability to learn quickly. Cooper is pointing and holding point at 7 weeks old! The more I work with him the more excited that I get about the upcoming quail season. I would recommend Austin Creek Kennels without hesitation. My future plans are to do business once again with Mr. Bullard for a girl friend for Cooper. Thx Ed for your fellowship and willingness to answer my many questions, you are a true Southern Gentleman.
Submitted by: tina kiker on May 06, 2010
My Brit is not one of Mr. Bullard's. I got his name from someone else and contacted him for advice about handling our..."special"...Brittany named Husker.
Going in to details about Husker here could take all day, and I won't bore you with those details, but Mr. Bullard listened to me carefully and offered advice and caring words of encouragement. Some of it reinforced what our trainer had already told us, and some of it was new and different. He even offered to take Husker for a week to work with him (and offered to let us come and visit his place anytime we wanted to). I've started applying that advice, and already can tell I'm on the right track (our trainer will be pleased).
Mr. Bullard is a true Southern Gentlemen and such a delight to talk to. He truly cares about this breed and is dedicated to offering the best dogs possible. If I were in the market for another Brittany pup, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Ed Bullard first!
Submitted by: Mike Newman on Mar 14, 2010
A few weeks ago we made a trip from western Arkansas back to see Ed & Donnie. My “Shelby Girl” was 19 months old and I wanted the opportunity to hunt with Ed and his dogs before time ran out this hunting season. What a time we had! Ed ran “Chief” and “Banjo” which are Shelby’s Granddad & Dad. I am pleased to say my young dog held her own pretty well and I believe Ed was tickled with her preformance too. When Ed Bullard tells you his dogs will hunt…..well it’s just the plain old truth. Thanks again Ed.
Submitted by: Arthur Moore DVM on Feb 03, 2010
Mr Ed Bullard produces some of the nicest brittanys I've see. I have been exposed to 4 of them and all have the instincts you want to see in a good hunting dog. My dog Rosie is on the small side,22 Lbs, and a ball of energy. She does it all, points, backs and retrieves. Last year at 1 1/2 yrs old she retrieved most of the over 100 wild birds harvested on a trip to Texas and again this year she excelled in all phases of the hunt. She is a great pet for me and my wife and grand-children.
Submitted by: Jake Roper on Jan 31, 2010
My wife and I bought a Brittany from Ed back in June of 2009 and we absolutely love him. Whether you're looking for a hunting dog, a family pet, or both, you need to stop looking and call Ed. Jasper has been a great dog and there's no doubt we made the right choice. He was very easy to train and his instincts are better than full grown dogs that he's hunted with. As you can see from all of the other testimonials, Mr. Bullard is easy to work with and will treat you like family from the first time you talk with him. He always answered all of our questions and met our personal needs. He's even answering my questions months later. You can't go wrong with Austin Creek Farms. If Ed doesn't have any puppies right now then wait, I guarantee it will be worth it. To see pictures and video visit these two links:
Submitted by: Ben Rutherford on Jan 22, 2010
It was a pleasure to deal with Mr. Bullard. We bought a male Brittany named Otis the day after Thanksgiving 2009. We traveled from Cherryville NC
to pick up Otis, and the whole trip was very enjoyable. Otis seems to be very smart and is already housebroken, at least 95% at this time. I think he will make a good hunting companion and a best buddy in the years to come. He is a very handsome dog also. Thank You very much Mr. Bullard
Submitted by: Phil Inman on Dec 27, 2009
In 2007, on Feb.26 a puppy was born. He was named Buster and after a short time he move to New Bern, N.C. He joined the family of Inman's and there is where he will stay until. Buster is approaching 3 year old and has turned out to be a lap dog for me and my wife, but you know we got into wild birds and released birds Satuday 12-26-2006 and he did his job for his master with gleam in his eyes. He managed to point 20 birds, he is backing his pardner Dixie and she him. I could not have found a better dog. Ed, I am still looking a Black/white female, call me when you get one. I wrote the first testimonial and I would write a thousand more if I needed to but all who deals with Mr. Ed Bullard findes he is a very good person and has a good blood line of dogs. He has to many people talking about him. In a good way. Thanks Ed.
Submitted by: David Patterson on Dec 14, 2009
My wife and I had the opportunity to see Ed and Mrs. Donnie last week. I had a chance to tell Ed about Lucky. I purchased Lucky from Ed a short time ago. Lucky is at least everything Ed told me he would be. Lucky does it all. I think he may be the best dog ever on downed birds. He points, backs and retrives. He is great with the pup my dad and I got a couple of weeks before I got Lucky. Lucky has bevome my best buddy, too. Sorry Ed, you'll have to settle for a lower status. You can't go wrong with an Austin Creek Brittany!
Submitted by: Donny on Dec 11, 2009
I recently purchased a puppy from Mr. Bullard and this is the second dog I have bought from Mr. Bullard. I have been very pleased with both dogs. The first dog was already trained and doing great. Recently I bought a puppy and it is very healthy and energetic. I would recommend Mr. Bullard's Brittanys to anyone.
Submitted by: Jared Snider on Dec 11, 2009
I got a very good reference for Mr. Bullard and was very fortunate that he had a couple of L/W males available at just the right time. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Bullard from our conversations over the phone. I was sold on his dogs, but I was even more sold on Mr. Bullard, as with each conversation he was very helpful and I felt like I'd known him for years. I picked my puppy Doc up on 12/5/09 and my Wife and I are just having a ball with him. I'm confident he will make a great pet and great hunter. In a couple of years when I'm ready for another britt, you can bet I'll get her from Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: spanky connelly on Dec 03, 2009
i have hunted quail and pheseant for most of my life. i have been lucky to have owned brittany spaniels from the start.i decided this year to look for a completed dog for my father who is in the beginning stages of alzheimers(sp). i contacted mr bullard. from our very first conversation on the phone i felt as if ive known ed forever. i decided to make the six hour drive up from mobile and it was well worth it. not only was ed"s dog (ace)top notch he and his friends allowed us to hunt with them. so,a lifelong friendship has developed because of a dog. so,if you need a brittany,mr ed is your man< and if he is out at the time wait>>>his dogs are worth the wait....mike 9spanky)connelly
Submitted by: Hempstead Family on Nov 29, 2009
Mr. Bullard's kennel is a first rate operation, and he is a first rate southern gentleman. We picked up our orange and white Brittany on Thanksgiving and "Trooper" has been an absolute joy. Trooper has personality and is smart too. In only four days Trooper has already "gone to the door" to let us know he needs to go potty. Of course he's not 100% house trained yet, but we're sure it will not take long with this smart little guy. I would recommend Mr. Bullard and Austin Creek Farms as a breeder to anyone. He loves his dogs and loves "his hobby", and that shines through in his pups. Thank you Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Jessica Shavers on Oct 30, 2009
We purchased a male, orange and white Brittany from Mr. Bullard in September. Gunner is the smartest dog I've ever seen, not mention absolutely beautiful. He is already a precious member of our family. Thank you Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: David Wilson on Oct 18, 2009
My son and I were shopping for a bird dog in 2007 and after visiting several breeders and kennels, were so impressed with the quality of Ed's dogs and his kennels, that we bought one of his Brittany pups. Our dog General Lee has been a fantastic dog. General was the stand-out in both of his obedience training classes and has proven to be one of the most easy to train dogs I have ever had. A true credit to his breed and the quality of his lineage. We put General with Ed's friend and professional trainer Tim Frazier for 3 months to get him started and he's done great. We had the pleasure of going on a hunt with Ed and Tim and several of Ed's dogs for General's first hunt. He performed very well and it was truly a treat to watch our young dog in action with the other veteran dogs. General is now 2.5 years and is a fantastic family dog, is bird crazy, very well mannered and just a great dog. If you're thinking about buying a Brittany, go see Ed. You will be very impressed with both him and his dogs.
Submitted by: Blane McPeake on Oct 08, 2009
We love our new dog Amber! She is everything we could ever ask for and definitely has the hunting instinct. She even pointed at a stuffed duck! Mr. and Mrs. Bullard are the nicest people we have ever met. They went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for us and Amber. When we visited the farm, we were amazed with how well they are taking care of their puppies. They produce great Brittanys! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Bullard for the new member of our family!
Submitted by: Theresa Hauck on Oct 06, 2009
My family and I met the Bullard’s a little over a week ago and purchased a 5 month old female orange and white Brittany that we have named Abby. The Bullard’s were very friendly and knowledgeable as they answered all our questions about owning a Brittany as a family pet. Since then, Abby has visited 2 different veterinarians – one for a health evaluation, and one for her final puppy shots. Both veterinarians pronounce her to be in excellent health. One veterinarian complemented us on purchasing Abby from a gun dog breeder instead of a show dog breeder as gun dogs tend to come from a more healthy/established bloodline. Abby has quickly learned to walk on a leash and kennel overnight – she is quickly moving toward being “housebroken”. She is full of fun and loves to run in her fenced back yard and play with her new toys.
Submitted by: David Patterson on Sep 30, 2009
What a treat! My wife and I made the trip to Nectar and met two of the best people in the world. I am sure the puppy we got will be as good. We enjoyed our visits especially the opportuntity to meet all of the dogs on site. I feel like we have two new best friends. The puppy(Red's Danny REB) we purchased is a joint venture with my dad. He is already worth his weight in gold. After returning from his chemo, Dad has spent time the past two days working with Dan. I so look forward to our first hunting trip with Dan. Thanks Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Keith Rainwater on Sep 18, 2009
Mr. Bullard is an all around nice guy. If you do'nt come away more knowledgeable and excited about owning one of his dogs, it's your fault. We placed an order for a liver/white female and waited about 8 weeks for them to arrive. When the time came to pick our puppy up,my son had been wanting an orange/white puppy. Mr. Bullard twisted my arm and we left with two puppies at what I feel are excellent dogs and a good and fair price for me. Mr.Bullard has offered for us to hunt with him and we will take him up on his offer. If it's been awhile since you've been to his house make sure you ask him about the bridge. He will know what you mean. I hope to have more dealings with Mr. Bullard.
Submitted by: Bob Sarafino on Aug 24, 2009
Blaze is our new family member. He’s the handsomest dog around, not just the sentiment of his proud family, but confirmed by everyone who sees him. He’s full of energy and learned to “sit” and “stay” the first two days with us, and is already fetching and retrieving stuffed toys. We were amazed and proud as we introduced him to friends this week and he struck a pointing stance! We chose the name Blaze before we even saw him, and to our amazement, his sire’s name is Reb’s Blazin’ Ace. Naturally, his Registered name will be Reb’s Blazin’ Deuce. He’s so aware of everything around him and we just know he’s going to find every bird within a mile. Next week he’ll start obedience classes, and with the intelligence we’ve seen already, surely he’ll graduate magna cum laude :-) Can’t wait to hunt with my new buddy!
Meeting Ed Bullard was indeed a pleasure! It’s easy to see that his dogs are his pride and joy. He gave us the grand tour of his facilities and introduced up to each of his Brittanys. What a great gentleman! What great dogs!! The immaculate and shaded kennels are located on his beautiful Alabama homestead. We could hardly wait to meet Blaze. Ed opened the gate and out ran a puppy right into his arms. He told us his wife enjoys holding them an they put their head on her shoulder when she picks them up. He handed Blaze to me and, sure enough, his head was on my shoulder. He instantly won our hearts. We’re looking forward to a long, happy, loving relationship with our buddy, Blaze. We’ll keep in touch and send updates during the coming months. Thanks, Ed, for breeding such great dogs, especially mine!
Submitted by: Michael Sellers on Jul 17, 2009
As I was looking for a breeder I came across the Gun Dog Breeder Website and the many reviews on Mr. Bullard and his Brittany’s. Not only was there plenty of positive reviews but it was also close to home. Shortly after finding this information I deployed to Iraq so the puppy search was put on hold. Just prior to returning, in June, I decided to contact Mr. Bullard and see when his next litter would be ready. Just happened he had a litter that was going to be ready the week I returned from Iraq and still had a few puppies from it. With my kids continuing to ask and my son’s artwork he had sent me while I was in Iraq of him walking his dog it was hard to resist the urge. The Bullard’s happened to have one female left so we decided to stop by on our way home and check her out and to make sure the Bullard’s were in fact the breeder we wanted to go with. You can probably guess the end result, we took home the puppy. Lucky has definitely added an unexpected dimension into my coming home from Iraq but we are all happy to have her and love having her around. The Bullard’s were very knowledgeable on the breed, their dogs and seem to truly care for the breed. You will in all likelihood see both parents on site which is always a plus and the Bullard’s hospitality was even more so. I may never hunt our Lucky but she definitely has it in her blood so whether you are looking for a good Brittany as a hunting companion or just a family pet, as we were, I would recommend the Bullard’s and would use them again.
Submitted by: Dale Findley on Jun 20, 2009
I am now the proud owner of my second Brittany pup from Mr. Ed Bullard and i wouldnt buy a dog from anyone else. Mr. Bullards stock of puppies as well as started dogs are unbeatable not to mention when you buy a pup you will make a friend for life. Mr. Bullard is a first class gentleman and one heck of a dog trainer!! The puppy i just bought is a year old beautiful black and roan brittany with a huge heart and personality. I cannot wait for the chance to get him in the field this fall! He fit right in with the other dogs at my house with no problems at all. I attribute this to the wonderful job Mr. Bullard and especially his wife had done socializing him with other dogs as well as people. You can read the other testimonials and see that every dog sold has the same story. If you buy a dog from Mr. Bullard you can expect nothing but the best. Not only is my pup as birdy as they come as well as retrieving to my hand already but he is a great pet and spends most of his time in the house with my wife and i. If you are looking for a great pet/birddog/family companion you have found the right breeder. Also, as i stated earlier you will not find a finer man than Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: Robert & Judy Struchtemeyer on Jun 16, 2009
I didn't think we would ever send a testimonial to anyone...we are really not into the blogging, twittering, mail sending thing. We really feel compelled to send this one. Last week we met Ed for the first time looking for a Brittany puppy. While he didn't have any for sale, he was gracious enough to show us around the property (even with his broken leg!!) We ended up buying a 3 year old black & white female Brittany. I was unsure about how a non-puppy would work with our present dog family & our large animals. Let me say that Ed has the BEST Brittanys anywhere. This dog is amazing. She has blended so well with our family and has responded to field walks to find quail. Robert has fired several blanks over her head & she is so excited about the prospects of hunting! Only great thoughts for Ed & Austin Creek Farms! Thank you for a beautiful dog.
Submitted by: Rachel Kelley on Jun 09, 2009
I purchased a Brittany puppy from Mr. and Mrs. Bullard a little over a week ago and I could not be more pleased. "Toby" is incredibly smart with a spunky little personality. He is a great companion and constantly brings a smile to my face. I am so happy that I chose the Bullards as my breeder. I know that I received a top of the line dog and made some really great friends. Anyone who is looking for a Brittany shouldn't look anywhere else!
Submitted by: Rachel Kelley on Jun 09, 2009
I purchased a Brittany puppy from Mr. and Mrs. Bullard a little over a week ago and I could not be more pleased. "Toby" is incredibly smart with a spunky little personality. He is a great companion and constantly brings a smile to my face. I am so happy that I chose the Bullards as my breeder. I know that I received a top of the line dog and made some really great friends. Anyone who is looking for a Brittany shouldn't look anywhere else!
Submitted by: Matt Bell on Jun 02, 2009
I got a male and female puppy from Ed about a week ago. In all my experience working with people Ed is by far one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with. 1) You can't beat his price. 2) His personality is wildly entertaining. I really appreciate Ed's availability in answering questions long after the pup has been purchased. I think half the fun in buying a pup from Ed (other than paying considerably less for a great pedigree) is driving up Swann Bridge road, over an old wooden covered bridge built in 1933, and seeing a man beeming with excitement over what you are about to see. I have never seen a man so proud to pull out the books on his dogs. Not only did Ed have the papers on both parents with pedigree ready, he couldn't wait to show me! This man loves Brittany's and you will find it hard not to love every moment spent with Ed at Austin Creek Farms!!
Submitted by: Sonny Yarbrough on May 14, 2009
I purchased a 5 year old female from Mr. Ed and the dog is just as Ed described her. I have worked the dog on released birds and she performs great. Ed takes pride in his dogs and I don't think he will misrepresent the facts just to make a sale. Looking forward to a continued relationship with him and his dogs.
Submitted by: Phil Inman on May 02, 2009
I bought a dog from Ed on June 22,2007. We named
him Buster. Buster is now about 26 mths old and he has turned out to be a great hunting dog and a good family dog. When our friends see him laying on the couch, they say he cannot be a hunting dog. But when they follow him in the field they want to buy him. I understand Ed has a broken leg but the horse is fine.
Submitted by: Scott Laughlin on Apr 27, 2009
I just wanted to follow up on a previous testimonial. I brought my brittany Molly to the vet for her check-up. The vet is also a bird hunter. He asked me where I got the pup from and I explained to him it was from Mr. Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. He told me my dog was one of the finest specimens of a brittany he's seen in quite some time. This is from a vet and bird hunter.

My dog Molly already at 8 weeks strikes a very typical pointing stance when she get's something in her nose. I know that all I'm going to have to do is get her to react to the scent of the quail in the same manner. Mr. Bullard's dogs come into this world knowing how to be great bird dogs!
Submitted by: Jennifer Flowers on Apr 13, 2009
I purchased an orange and white female from Mr. Bullard in February of this year. 'Abby' is a brilliant and beautiful dog. She's a healthy puppy, that loves to be outside. Her instincts are impressive, she regularly points without any training. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were very helpful and knowledgeable about their dogs. To see pictures, visit:
Submitted by: The Middleton on Apr 10, 2009
We got our FOXY a little over a week ago. We can already tell she is very smart! We have two boys and they love her.
Mr. Bullard was very helpful. We called for information and had a dog as soon as she was old enough. Easy! Very nice people! Thanks for our new addition!
Submitted by: Ed Bullard on Apr 06, 2009
Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful testimonials that have been posted on the gundogbreeders website. I can't begin to tell you all how humbling it is every time I read over these. Not only have we enjoyed raising these great pups, but we have acquired so many new friends and family members that have truly enriched our lives. Thanks also, for helping us reach 100 testimonials, a first for the website. Thanks to all of you who have hunted with me, bragged on my dogs and my shooting, really helping a guy's self-image. Please all, stay in touch, and thanks again.

With warmest regards!
Ed and Ms. Donnie
Submitted by: Ed Hardin on Apr 05, 2009
My wife and I purchased a male Brittany from Ed back in December 2008 and the experience was a true pleasure. This was our first time buying a Brittany and Ed spent a lot of time with us showing his dogs and telling us about each of them. We've been very pleased with our new family member and our next Brittany will definitely come from Ed.
Submitted by: Kevin Lumpkin on Apr 03, 2009
I hunted with Ed Bullard and his great dogs. I was amazed at the ability of both. He is a wonderful trainer and friend. Before the hunt was over I wished I had my camera just to take photos of the dogs and the way they would back each other. Time is not my friend or I would hunt with Austin Creek Farms all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: K Walker on Apr 01, 2009
I have spoke with Mr Bullard on the phone quite a few times, we were hoping to get one of his puppies. We are going this weekend to pick up one out of his dogs, I can hardly wait. Mr Bullard has been extremely helpful. You can tell right away when you talk to him that he really loves his dogs. He has been very helpful, and willing to share his knowlage of the Brittany breed. Super nice man, I cant wait to meet him.

K Walker
Submitted by: Allen Heidingsfelder on Mar 31, 2009
When I was looking for a quality breeder of quality Brittanys I asked around and searched the net for someone who not only bred dogs with the kind of background I wanted, but also does his breeding, not just for the money, but for the love of the breed. Ed Bullard is this kind of person, he doesn't run a 'puppy factory'. He loves his Britts, and he loves to 'talk dogs' and hunting, and will spend all day doing it.
After talking to a number of breeders, I certainly could have found a bredder a lot closer to home, but what drew me to Ed were the testimonials on his Austin Creek Farms website. If you believe the old adage, "Only believe half of what you read.", you will still be very pleased with a Brittany from Ed Bullard.
Allen Heidingsfelder
Metairie, La.
Submitted by: David Cleveland on Mar 29, 2009
We got our Brittany from Ed about 6 months ago. She has been a delight for our family, Our 2 girls just love her. She is very smart, eager to please, and is great around the kids. I am not a big hunter or a dog trainer, but have been excited about her behavior. Just last week my brother in law, who also has a Brittany, and I were just playing around with the dogs in the back yard. He pulled out a Quail wing to show how the dogs would act, and our dog would lock up and point. I know. that does not mean a great deal, but I am in great hopes that it is a sign of more good things to come. As far as Mr. Bullard, he was a joy to deal with and you can tell he really cares for his animals. Overall, our experience with Austin Creek Farms was outstanding.
Submitted by: don markham on Mar 28, 2009
Ed, good to hear from you. I will be forwarding you pics of the kennels, and you can see how this set up aids in cleanliness. I am always glad to hear from people who have purchased dogs. Cheif was the best Brit I ever had the pleasure of running, and you can't buy a better bred one. I understand why his Sire holds so many NSTRA records. Please keep in contact, Don Markham
Flat Branch Kennels
Submitted by: Tommy Frye on Mar 27, 2009
I have known Ed for several years now, and we have become great friends and hunting buddies. I own several Brittanys that have come from his kennel, and I could not be more pleased. They were very easily trained, born gift wrapped hunting dogs, great attitude and enthusiasm. Thanks for the great hunting dogs, and the fellowship!

Rev. Thomas B. Frye
Submitted by: Marvin Vick on Mar 25, 2009
I own a quail and pheasant farm and hunting preserve in Blount County, Alabama. Many of the hunters that hunt with us using their own dogs hunt behind Ed Bullard Brittanys. These dogs hunt hard and are very biddable. I have known Ed for many years, and have never seen anyone that loves the Brittany breed more than him. When someone asks about a brittany, I only know one name, and that's Ed Bullard. Marvin Vick--Vick's Gamebirds and Hunting Preserve--Oneonta, Alabama
Submitted by: Lisa Beyer on Mar 23, 2009
We bought our Brittany puppy, Jordan (pronounced Jer-dun), in January. She was 6 weeks old and the most beautiful puppy we had ever seen. Mrs. Donnie was so sweet when we drove up after a 5 hour trip and she immediately showed us around. The dogs they have are simply breath-taking. You'd have to see them to know what I'm talking about. Jordan was so tiny and we immediately fell in love. She's now 12 weeks old and such a wonderful puppy. She's gorgeous and she is obedient, which was very surprising to us. We know that she comes from good blood, which truly makes all the difference. We can't imagine our life without her--our two little girls absoultely can't wait to play with her every day and Jordan can't wait to play with them. We are so thankful that we found Mr. and Mrs. Bullard and look forward to visiting them with Jordan in the future.

You won't be unhappy with your puppy! Only do business with the best, and that's with Mr. Bullard!

Mike, Lisa, Maggie, Lola, and Jordan Beyer
Submitted by: jo anne dunham on Mar 21, 2009
my husband, gary, and I love Brittanys. We learned about Mr. Bullard from a mutual acquaintance and recently purchased a 6 week old
female from him. We named her Lakota Braveheart.
The first thing Mr. Bullard told us is that Ed
Bullard don't raise no ugly dogs. That is certainly true. All of his dogs are well cared for and all are BEAUTIFUL. His farm is not a
puppy mill, and one can easily tell that he and his wife genuinely care for their animals. His
nursing females are well socialized; we were able
to handle the puppies without any upset from the
mother at all.
We noted that all his enclosures were warm and
clean, no feces in sight, plenty of bedding material for his dogs.
I would certainly recommend Austin Creek Farms
and Ed Bullard to anyone, with no hesitation. We
plan to buy our next dog from him, when the time
Submitted by: Scott Laughlin on Mar 19, 2009
Mr. Bullard is not only a breeder of great dogs, but a knowledgeable man that was more than happy to help with every aspect of my new brittany. He always answered each of my calls, or returned my message ASAP. This was important to me for a transaction initiated on the internet.

My dog was not going to be ready for a few weeks, but he kept me informed of their progress on a regular basis. Additionally, Mr. Bullard was more than happy to assist me in information about training my dog, selecting a shotgun, you name it! He is clearly passionate about bird dogs, and it shows! I can't think of a more positive experience in buying a dog!

As my sons get older and we hunt more regularly, I'll get a partner for my new dog. I won't hesitate to buy from Mr. Bullard. I not only found a great breeder that cares for great bird dogs, but what I think will be a great friendship for many years to come.

Thank you Mr. Bullard for a great experience, and for those considering a new brittany, call Ed. You'll get a great dog as well as have the opportunity to meet a great man.
Submitted by: PATRICK LEDBETTER on Mar 16, 2009
Submitted by: Mike Newman on Mar 04, 2009
Back last summer I bought 2 pups out of Austin Creek Kennels, a female we named “Shelby” and a male we call “Jackson”. I’ve held off a little while to submit this because I wanted to give an honest report of how these two dogs are coming along. After all, everyone loves a puppy.

Well Shelby is a pleasure just to watch run. She is about 8 months old now, and will cover a field in short order. She points, holds “fair”, retrieves quail to hand, and responds well to hand and whistle commands. Jackson is about 6 months old, and very “personable”. He is your best buddy, always attentive and ready to please. He is not as fast as Shelby right now, but has a great nose and covers ground more methodically. Jackson also backs another point naturally. Both dogs have had quail & pheasants shot over then. These dogs were well socialized with people when we picked them up, all pretty good for a couple of dogs that are still really just puppies.
I’ve never trained a gun dog and needed one with as much natural instinct as I could get. Well, I feel like that’s exactly what I got. Ed is a great guy to deal with and I have talked with him several times about how these dogs are coming along. He is quick with encouragement and advice when needed. I don’t know how he does it, but I’ll swear Ed remembers every dog he sells.

Mr. Bullard may be a good salesman, but when you see one of his dogs perform they sell themselves. I’ve already been asked several times “where did those dogs come from”? Alabama………Austin Creek Kennels. Thanks Ed.
Mike Newman
Lavaca, Arkansas
Submitted by: Katie & Philip Currie on Mar 04, 2009
We have what is now an 8 1/2 week old male. He is a very loving dog and we've had so much fun getting to know him. You can tell that he is very smart and he's already had some fun with quail wings and loves to chase all the birds in our yard. We had a wonderful experience with Ed and Miss Donnie and we would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a Brittany. Thanks so much for our new member of the family..."Captain."
Katie & Philip Currie
Submitted by: Troy A. Wallker on Mar 02, 2009
One of the biggest surprises I receieved was when Sadie poked her head out of the kennel and looked me in the eyes....A gift from my Great Friend (Jim) and Wife (Shellie). I had no idea Sadie would be so smart and loving as a puppy! There is no giving her up now, because of Sadie's eagerness to learn and please. Thanks to everyone, and to a Great Brittany!
Submitted by: jimmy dyar on Feb 16, 2009
Submitted by: Jason McNaughton on Feb 15, 2009
My youngest son told us about a year ago that he had wanted a dog since he was born. Needless to say the search was on. We wanted a dog that would be great with children and also a hunting partner. We got much more than we had anticipated as we also got two new friends in the Bullards. I had done some research on Brittany's and knew the breed we wanted but had no idea where we were going to get the new member of our family. I had originally found a breeder in South Carolina and had been corresponding via e-mail and had planned to purchase a puppy from him. That was until I found Ed and Donnie. When I found this website and read the testimonials, I thought to myself, no one can be this good or kind. And you know what I was right. The Bullards are more than these testimonials can describe. You have to experience meeting them to understand. There are some people in your life you remember forever and this is one of those couples. Originally my two sons and I met them to "check out" the dogs and meet the Bullards and we came away with a great experience. I then took my wife when we went to pick up our new family member and she felt the same way we all did. We are proud to say we know the Bullards and have one of the puppies from their kennel. We named our puppy Maddison and call her Maddie. We plan Pheasant hunt behind her in October in Minnesota and can't wait. We also plan to see the Bullards as often as we can. Thank you Ed and Donnie for welcoming our family.

Jason, Tracy, Caleb and Logan
Submitted by: Todd Johnson on Feb 10, 2009
Two weeks ago I got my second brittany pup from Ed. After the tragedy that happend to Scootie, I new the right person to call. I called Ed and he told me to come and see this puppy he had,that he was something special. I trusted Ed and drove to his house. There I saw Cooper. The minute I saw him I melted. He was just what I wanted. Cooper is a orange and white male with a orange heart right on his head, I could never pass him up. Our new puppy Cooper is now the man of the house. He is so special and smart, Cooper has begun to fill the holes left in our heart from Scootie. Both pups that we have gotten from Ed have been very special in their own ways. It is a blessing to have Mr. Ed and Ms. Donnie as our friends.
Submitted by: Mark Payne on Feb 02, 2009
I bought my brittnay from Ed 1 year ago this Jan. 2009. Gus has been hunting quail since he was 7mos. old.I have killed over 100 birds over him before he was 1 year old. He has also pointed woodcocks. Gus has hunted alone as well with other dogs he hunts woodcock with a 5 year old German Shorthair,which I have seen both dogs back each other.Gus is a good at retriveing your down birds,I have seen him find them in the thickets and twice I have seen him go in a farm pond swim and retrive the bird. Gus is a fine looking black and white male brittnay loves to hunt and please Ed was the first man to kill birds over Gus I had left Gus with him while I went to China for our sons wedding. Thats the kind of man Ed is I could not think of Gus staying at a vets while we were away so Ed found a place to keep and work Gus while I was gone. Gus hunts and is a pet stays outside during the day inside at night he is our companion at home and in the field. Everone who has been hunting with Gus loves him. Thanks Ed..

Mark and Gus..........
Submitted by: Tim Miller on Jan 29, 2009
I had been talking to Ed only by phone. At this time, I had only seen his ad in Covey Rise, and I was curious about Brittanys. I presently have German Short Hair Pointers, but I became interested in Brittanys. I got a lot more that I bargained for. Not only was Ed straight forward, he was willing to let me "melt his ears". Ed answered all my questions, and I asked if my wife and I could pay him a visit. What an experience! Ed and Donnie were like our next door neighbors that we'd known all our lives. My wife almost came home with a puppy before I could say hello. Here's the bottom line: You want honesty and straight talk? See Ed and Donnie Bullard. You want a great dog with tons of potential? See Ed and Donnie Bullard. You want to be treated like "kin folk"? See Ed and Donnie Bullard. I put my deposit down on a future puppy. Nothing to worry about. Ed and Donnie will see to that!

Tim Miller
Eutaw, AL
29 Jan 2009
Submitted by: Tim Frazier on Jan 27, 2009
I became friends with the Bullards a few years ago and have grown to care for them as family. As a trainer, I have found the dogs from Austin Creek to be exceptional to work with. I have trained several of Ed's dogs, and dogs for Austin Creek customers, and I'm well pleased so far with the results we've had,especially with young dogs. Any trainer worth his/her salt will tell you, a dogs success has a lot to do with how they are handled and socialized the first few weeks. I've trained dogs from Austin Creek from 8 weeks to 3 years old, and it's obvious they are handled correctly from the start. I have 2 dogs in training now from Ed's kennel, and had the pleasure to shoot birds yesterday over a 18 month old male which is pointing, honoring, and retrieving great. I look forward to working with more dogs from Ausin Creek in the future.
Submitted by: Jeff & Michelle Williams on Jan 26, 2009
I decided I wanted a bird dog and after much thought and research settled on the Brittany breed. I then went about the search for a breeder in my general area, I found several. I then went home to tell my wife the glorious news about how I wanted a bird dog. She was not nearly as excited as I was. Well, that was an understatement, she was totally opposed to the idea. I pleaded my case and she felt how passionate I was about the idea and because she loved me, reluctantly agreed to the idea. I then went and got my laptop and I showed her the websites I had saved and together we looked at each site when I got to Ed’s site we read every one of the testimonials. We both agreed this guy was worth a phone call. We called Ed and asked if we could visit. He said sure as he was home that day. We are roughly an hour drive from Austin Creek Farms so we are fortunate. I wanted to see his operation and meet the Sire and Dam of my potential pup. My Wife and I arrived and Ed and his Wife welcomed us and we toured his kennels and sat in the kitchen and drank coffee, if you visit plan to stay awhile. Ed and his Wife are very warm hospitable people and after a short time we were talking as if we were old friends. We met both of the parents of his next litter Annie and Chief. My wife fell in love with Annie, and we put a deposit down for an orange and white male.
We went back to visit Mr. Bullard last week to see the pup, Annie had one orange and white male and all of the puppies looked great. My wife was also very pleased to see Annie who was about as exited to see her.
In a nut shell if you are looking for a Brittany and can’t visit Mr. Bullard, take my word for it, the animals are well taken care of. Ed and his wife care about the animals. My Brittany will be trained to hunt but will be a family pet for my wife, myself and our two boys. I will return and let you know how both turn out in the future. In the meantime we wait the next few weeks until we can pick up our puppy. By the way my wife told me yesterday that she can’t wait until we can pick him up!

Jeff & Michelle Williams
Pelham, AL
Submitted by: Mike Beyer on Jan 17, 2009
We are picking up our orange and white female pup in 3 long agonizing weeks. We can't wait, to say the least. Speaking to Mr. Bullard has been informative and fun. He knows his dogs and how to treat people right. Really looking forward to meeting his family and seeing his operation.
Submitted by: scotty lee on Jan 16, 2009
we have purchased two brittany spaniels from Austin Creek and we've been very pleased. the dogs were exactly what we wanted and what we were told we were getting. Ed has been very friendly and has went out of his way to get our dogs. i feel very confident if we have any questions that he would be welling to answer and help.

-Scotty Lee
Submitted by: H. Bryan Bain, DVM on Jan 12, 2009
I have not personally met Mr. Bullard but I have talked to him several times. I first called him looking for a puppy and he told me that he did not have any at that time but he knew someone who had two of his dogs that were one year old for sale. My friend and I purchased both of the dogs which were male and female littermates. They are both making very good bird dogs and extremely good companions. I have found Mr. Bullard to be a very honest, knowledgable, and enthusiastic breeder. I have placed my order for a puppy from his next litter.
Submitted by: Ken Kelley on Jan 07, 2009
My wife and I had decided to get a puppy for our 3 year old son and 10 year old daughter for Christmas. The puppy was also to be a hunting companion for me, so I spent a good bit of time looking through websites and reading testimonials. I decided after reading all of the testimonials for Mr. Bullard that this was the place to get our pup. I then called Mr. Bullard and talked on the phone with him. (From this first conversation I learned to block aside some time when you call Mr. doesn't seem like a very long time while you are talking, but you can easily spend a long time talking dogs and hunting with him !) Anyway, we were scheduled to go see the dogs and put down a deposit on a puppy (I could have mailed the deposit but prefer to see what I am paying for before I pay for it), but my brother got sick in the meantime and I spent most of my Christmas break and a good bit of vacation time filling in for him in the construction business that he and my dad own. We (the wife, the boy, and I) finally got up to meet Mr. Bullard and his wife right after Christmas. I was very impressed. The Bullards are extremely nice folks who obviously care a lot for their animals. I was impressed equally by them and by their dogs !! While Mr. Bullard didn't have any puppies available when we were there, I gladly left a deposit and told him that I wanted a puppy when one was available. I would encourage anyone who might be interested in a puppy to contact mr. Bullard. Talk to him. Go by and meet he and his wife. If you want to buy a puppy this is the place...and if not you will get to meet two extremely nice folks who will gladly talk dogs and hunting with you.
Submitted by: Jeremy & Anissa Crow on Jan 06, 2009
Anissa and I got a 4 year old Brittany named Sara from Ed in 2008. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and an A-1 hunting dog. She will turn on a dime and retrieve to hand like a glove. She is a house pet by day and a hunting dog on the weekends. We couldn't imagine a day without her. Ed and Donnie are two people that will steal your hearts in seconds and have you wanting to come back to visit them every chance you get. I've always said one will accumulate friends in the hunting dog business but Anissa and I were blessed to get new family members in the Bullards.
Submitted by: Dennis White and Kristi on Jan 04, 2009
Kristi and I picked up our orange and white male on Dec 26th 2008 as a Christmas gift for both of us as well as a companion to our 10 month old Golden Lab mix named Bagger. Ed and his wife made us feel at home and treated us as family, and their should be no doubt that the Bullard's love and care about their dogs. We do not intend to hunt the newest member of our clan who we named Junuh, and he has kept us running every since we brought him home. He is very healthy and full of mischief and and has worn us all out but we know that the end results will be worth the lack of rest now! From everything that I have heard and read, the term "that dog wont hunt" does not apply to the Bullard's Brittney's. We were very impressed with the clean kennels and how Mrs. Bullard dotted over the pups. You cant go wrong if you want a Brittney, it was a pleasure working with Ed and Donnie and we appreciate them for caring so much about their dogs!
Dennis and Kristi
Odenville, AL.
Submitted by: Butch Jordan on Dec 30, 2008
I had a 16 year old Brittney that I had put down about 8 months ago. I thought after that loss that I did not want another dog. My 9 year old granddaughter gave me an 09 calender for Christmas that had Brittneys all over it. After recieving the calender, I went on line where I found Ed's website. I made a call to Ed and we made a trip to north Alabama last Sunday after church, where we were greeted by Ed and his wife and were treated as though they had known us all our lives.
Ed had one orange and white male puppy left from a litter that was 6 weeks old. It was love at first sight and the puppy now resides with us in Fortson, Ga.
Ed, thank you and your wife for your warm reception and for treating us like you did. We are so pleased with Chris(short for Christian)and he is a joy to have in our family. Thank you,Butch,Connie and Katie.
Submitted by: Jim Walker on Dec 10, 2008
Wow!!! Being referred to Mr. Bullard was the BEST thing that could have happened towards getting my first bird pup ever. Mr. Bullard promptly answered every question I had to him. I was absolutely blown away with the genetic bird characteristics Kate immediately showed. She has brought so much joy to me and our whole family. My grandmother, who has always disliked dogs, absolutely adores Kate!! She shows so much passion and want in the fields its just truley awsome to see her work. Ever since the trip to Hayden, AL my life got better. A hunter and a lover is a good phrase for Kate. I am getting another pup for a close friend from Mr. Bullard next month and would recommend him and his pups to absolutely anyone. Austin Creek Farms has PURE TRADITION in Brittany Spaniels!!!

Thanks Again,
Jim Walker
Sandy Creek Plantation
Camp Hill, AL
Submitted by: Joey Tarrant on Nov 07, 2008
I purchased a year old Brittany from Mr. Bullard last Dec. He had originally sold Hero as a pup to a family who had to give him up for family reasons. Mr. Bullard came to their rescue. I called about a "started" dog and he told me about Hero. He was not started but was trainable. I had never owned a "bird dog" before and was somewhat hesitant about training him myself. No worries here as this Britanny more or less trains himself with a little encouragement. He is pointing and holding very well now and is a great companion. He has been a great addition to our family. Mr. Bullard is truly a "Southern" gentleman and I would recommend his dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Trent and Suzanne Scott on Oct 25, 2008
We had a pair of Brittany Spaniels (Eli and Lily) in our family for three years. We lost Lily a few months back, and after a few weeks decided to start looking for another little girl for Eli to play with. I found Mr. Bullard and after a few minutes of speaking with him I knew that I had found a wonderful breeder. He truly understood how much our dog had meant to us because his dogs are so important to him. My mom and I traveled and picked up Whitney on October 9. She was five weeks old and cute as a button. We were both impressed by how much Mr. Bullard cared for and loved his dogs. Whitney is a spirited puppy who became a member of our family immediately. We highly recommend Mr. Bullard, whether you want a hunting dog or a family pet.
Submitted by: Scottie & Brandy Rostas on Oct 20, 2008
We picked up our beautiful liver and white male puppy from Mr. Bullard on October 19th. He is the cutest and sweetest little thing. We had a long trip home, but Cooper never whined or anything. He was the best little puppy. We can't say enough nice things about Mr. Bullard. He is a very nice and informative man. We were amazed at how much he could tell us about each of his dogs. It is very obvious that Mr. Bullard cares for all of his dogs and they are very well taken care of. Anyone looking for a Brittany should look no further because Austin Creek Farms is the place to go.
Submitted by: Susan McBride on Oct 13, 2008
I was searching for a brittany spaniel puppy and found Mr. Bullard (Austin Creek Farms), on this website. After speaking with Mr. Bullard two or three times I knew he was the breeder for me. He was very nice and helpful. He answered all my questions and assured me all of his dogs were good pets as well as bird dogs. I just had a "Good Feeling" about him and his puppies and I knew my instincts were right when I met him in person. I picked my puppy up on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008 and Mr. Bullard and his wife welcomed us into their home, treated us like family, showed us all of their dogs and let us spend time with the male puppies in the litter to decide which one we wanted. The Bullard's are super nice people and you can tell they really love each and every one of their dogs. If you're looking for a brittany spaniel puppy, look no further, Mr. Bullard is your man. We'll return in the future for another puppy! Thanks Mr. Bullard!
Submitted by: Monica McConaghy on Oct 12, 2008
I am from Auburn, AL and I bought a liver and white female from Mr. Bullard this weekend. She is 5 weeks and 2 days old! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a Brittany for almost a month now. We are so happy that we found Mr. Bullard because Cierra (our new puppy) is absolutely amazing! Of course we will have her trained to bird hunt but she will definitely be spoiled rotten (more than she is now). I have had many different types of dogs, but I am very satisfied with this one! I'm more than sure that we will be getting another one from Mr. Bullard within the next year! He is the best and the nicest man ever!!
Submitted by: James Pate on Oct 07, 2008
I not only have purchased a dog from ed, I also have bred my female with his male. These dogs are all registered, and have proven to be excellent hunters. The puppy named ACE that I bought fron Ed is an excellent, well trained 13 month old. I was producing excellent results hunting with this puppy at 3 to 4 MONTHS old. He is an excellent retriever, and if the occaision arises, I will gladly do business with Ed in the future.
Submitted by: Aleln Smith on Oct 07, 2008
I live just outside of Atmore alabama and just got my second puppy from Mr. Ed. My first dog is 10 months old and has been point since she was 3 months. She is doing great now at holding and retrieving and follows every command. Now I have the best looking little Orange and White Male you have ever seen. He thinks he is one of the kids. I can't wait to start working with him. Mr. Ed is one of the nice men I have ever done business with and when he tells you hunting is born in his dogs, believe him. I am not a trainer, mine trained herself.
Submitted by: Greg Cunningham on Sep 22, 2008
My wife and I have been looking for a puppy for our 2 boys for quite some time. We knew that we wanted a medium sized outside dog with high energy levels and a good disposition. We finally decided on the Brittany Spaniel breed and I then went about looking for a breeder. I found the gun dog breeder website and started looking through the testimonials. Austin Creek Farms and Ed Bullard stood out from the rest. I can say without a doubt that Sabrena and I choose the right breeder for our Brittany. The moment that I spoke with Ed I knew in my heart that this was the guy. Ed is very sincere about his passion for Brittanys, he knows the breed and will take the time before and after the sale to answer any and all questions. His operation is very clean and there is no doubt that the puppies are well taken care of. Ed will bend over backward to make sure that your experience is a positive one. Sabrena and I picked our Black and White Female up on Sunday morning the 21st of September 2008. My boys have both fallen in love with Brandy, especially my oldest as he will lay beside her bed waiting on her to wake up so that he can play with her. If you are considering a Brittany as a pet or a hunting companion, you will be selling yourself short if you do not consider Austin Creek Farms and Mr. Ed Bullard. I also challenge you to read the other testimonials for Ed as they speak to his character and sincerity. Ed is a true gentlemen of old during the time that a hand shake sealed a deal.
Submitted by: Lisa Guillot on Sep 10, 2008
My kids had been asking for a puppy for quite some time. When my husband and I finally felt ready for a puppy, we knew we wanted a Brittany. I had grown up with my father owning several Brittanys. I just happen to find the gundogbreeders website. I called a few of the breeders and knew after talking to Ed that he was who I wanted to get our dog from. Everything you read in the other testimonials about him is true. He is a wonderful man. I can't say enough about our new puppy! She is the most beautiful Brittany I have ever seen, has a GREAT personality, and is already showing signs of great hunting ability. We are already talking about the next dog we're going to purchase from Austin Creek Farms.
Submitted by: Russell D. Singleton on Jul 28, 2008
In November of 2007 my wife and I lost a dear member of our family in our black lab, Tucker. By December I started researching on the breed that I wanted to replace him. I had always wanted a Brittany Spaniel because of good eperiences I've had with a friend who is an advid quail hunter. After much research and disappointment with other breeders, Ed Bullard, was recommended by a store in Starkville, MS called Gun Dog. Since I've nothing but respect for the owner, I immediately got on Mr. Bullard's websight via Gun Dog Breeders and began to read testimonials. If that wasn't enough after talking to Mr. Bullard for the first time, I knew exactly who my breeder would be. I have found Mr. Bullard to be a man of great entegrity who seems to make you feel like an old friend during the first conversation you have with him. In July of this year I received a call from Mr. Bullard that my puppy was ready and headed off to Alabama from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I arrived at the Bullard's house right at supper time and was very apologetic for the inconvenience. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard had other ideas, however, because my place was already set at the table. I have known few people with the ability to make you feel so at home with your first visit to their home. After dinner all my expectations were exceeded when I received a tour of his kennels and met his dogs. The puppy I took home that day, a black and white male, has been an instant member of our family ever since I returned home, has pointed everything in sight, and is already retreiving. Needless to say we are simply in love with our dog. My wife and I also just had our fist born in July and it warmed her heart to see our puppies tail wag when our daughter is in the room.
Mr. Bullard has already called to check on our girl and the pup. Every experience and conversation I've had with Mr. Bullard has been a pleasure. We have definetly found life time friends and a breeder in the Bullards.

Russell D. Singleton
Biloxi, MS
Submitted by: Billy Bonds on Jul 24, 2008
I just wanted to let everyone know what a good and honest fellow Ed Bullard is and the quality of dogs he keeps and lets go to select "Brittany lovin" homes. I got a started male pup fron Ed in November 07 and a finished female a week or so later and I couldn't be happier with them. I have a litter from the two of them now and you can bank on what he say's about in their blood. Just today I took a picture of one of the litter pointing the wing and 2 of her litter mates backing her, at just 7 weeks old! When you see a puppy lock up on point at a wing and tremble with excitement at such a young age you know the breeding and instincts are all there.
Submitted by: Krista Collins on Jul 23, 2008
I can just not say enough great things about Ed Bullard and Austin Creek Farms. When we started looking for a Brittany I found the Gundogbreeders website and read all the testimonies Ed had. I knew right then that Austin Creek Farms was the place to go. We have had Scootie for just a little over 3 weeks and she is 8 weeks old today and she is all we could have asked for. She is smart, energetic and one of the prettiest brittany pups I have ever seen. I just can not thank Ed and his wife enough. They are wonderful people and you will feel like family when you meet them. Ed let us come see the pups when they were about 2 weeks old. When I met Ed I was so glad we choose Austin Creek Farms. Ed has great dogs and he really takes pride in them and runs a great farm. If you are looking for a Brittany then I would definetly call Ed at Austin Creek Farms.
~Krista Collins
Submitted by: Amanda Howard on Jul 23, 2008
By pure luck we found Mr. Bullard and our new pup Hank after loosing our Brittany, Duke, to cancer. We have had Hank a little over a week and he has been an absolute joy. We can already tell his is going to be a wonderful dog and hunting companion (he is so smart!). We could not have found a nicer more loving family to get a Brittany from and we are very thankful that we were able to get Hank the Tank. We hope one day we can get another Brittany from Austin Creek Farms. Thank you!
Amanda & Doug
Submitted by: Brent and Robbi Anne Adamson on Jul 16, 2008
Well, what else can we say!! The testimonials below truly say it all about Austin Creek Farms - not only the quality Brittany's but the world class Bullard family.
We will have our sweet Lola two weeks tomorrow and she has been a wonderful addition to the family. This experience has been great, from the moment we first spoke to Mr. Ed, we knew we had found the right breeder (we didnt realize we had also found a new friend)
Our Lola is energetic, eager to please, and a quick learner (and based on her bloodlines will be fantastic in the field). We wouldn't think twice about recommending Austin Creek Farms to anyone looking to add a Brittany to the family.
Submitted by: sandra posey on Jul 14, 2008
I bought my Kelleigh Belle from Mr. Bullard in May. He hand picked her from a litter and said I could make a trip down to see her at 3 weeks. She was just beautiful I wanted take her home then. I picked up a few weeks later. She is my second Brittany. I am enjoying her very much. Mr. Bullard was a joy to work with and very professional. Ive got a great pup and she is growing like a weed. Thanks Mr Bullard!
Submitted by: Jim Kelly on Jul 02, 2008
About 4 years ago I was ready to buy a dog that my entire family could enjoy and that would bring years of pleasure in the field. After a good deal of research I settled on a Brittany. I contacted Ed Bullard and that was one of the best phone calls I have ever made. Three days later we picked up Ripp, a ten week old male liver and white Brittany. Mr. Ed intended to keep Ripp for his own, but for some reason agreed to part with him. Ripp is perfectly content to lounge on the kitchen floor, but when he hits the field he is all business. To say he trained himself is an understatement. He knew what to do and all I had to do was keep from messing him up. Needless to say, Mr. Ed and Austin Creek Farms are first class in my book. I can only imagine the type of dog he is producing today after four years of continued breeding.
Submitted by: Scott Clemens on Jun 20, 2008
Quail Season had just ended in Oklahoma and my youngest son was really working me to buy a bird dog. After doing some research I felt a Brittany would be the perfect new hunting dog for our family. I then got lucky enough to find Austin Creek Farms- Alabama Brittany Spaniel Breeders on the Gun Dog Breeders website. Austin Creeks Nothin’ but Brittanys! caught my eye. I scrolled down the page and began reading the testimonials and thought I had just found the breeder of our first Brittany bird dog. I contacted Mr. Bullard the next day and explained what I was looking for. He informed me that all he had available was a 6 month old black and white female that came from 2 of his best dogs. The passion that Mr. Bullard has for his dogs and hunting were the deal clincher for me. I could not pick my pup for a month but was extremely impressed when I did. When I arrived Mr. Bullard and his wife invited me in for lunch and treated me as though I was an old friend. I also got to meet Jeremy & Anissa Crow who had also purchased a pup from the Bullard’s and have a testimonial posted on this site. We named our pup Piper, and she is one bird crazy dog. We have spent quite a bit of time playing in the field and are now starting to do some yard work, which she is picking up very quickly. My wife thought I was crazy to drive from Oklahoma to Alabama to buy a dog but I couldn’t be happier. I told her I wanted to buy another one and said only after we have a bigger yard. We are still in negotiations. I would highly recommend a Brittany from Austin Creek Farms.
Scott Clemens
Enid, OK
Submitted by: Allen Smith on Apr 12, 2008
I purchased a black and white female from Mr. Ed in Feburary, Dixie was born on January 12, 2008. I have worked her with a wing and tennis ball for since I got her, and my 3 kids have fell in love with her and treat her like the 4 kid. She is not scare of anything. I put out 3 quail this moring in pretty good cover and released her to hunt. The first bird she pointed for a second and then jumped in on him sending him flying and she was off after him. I called and she came back, as we moved forward she pointed the second bird and held for over a minutes before my son kicked the quail up and she chased it. The 3rd bird picked up from a good distance and worked her way in until her nose was inches from the bird. She couldn't take it and jumped the bird. That bird cound't get over a couple of feet off the ground and go a few feet, so we had a good 5 minutes of fun watching her chase and jump at the bird until she finally caught the bird and gave it to my son. It was amazing to watch a puppy this young to work so well. It was clear she was born to hunt birds, she went crazy on these birds. I can't wait to continue to work with her and get the male that I have a deposit on with Mr. Ed. We are all so pleased with our little Miss. Dixie and how she has fit into our family. This is my first time training a bird dog, but she is making it easy for me.
Submitted by: Natalie Corey on Apr 08, 2008
Ed and his wife are wonderful to work with. Ozzie, our stunning liver and white male, came home to us in Feb 2008. He's smart, strong, handsome and all puppy! Ed spent alot of time advising us on Brittany's and sharing his passion of these great dogs. I would recommend Ed to anyone looking for a Brittany pup. Thanks Ed!
Submitted by: alex mclennan on Mar 29, 2008
I bought a puppy from Mr. Bullard a year ago sight unseen, just on his word. We call him "Blaze" Put him with a trainer 4 weeks ago. The trainer keeps trying to buy him from me, says he is the bird findingest dog he has ever seen. Went to watch him work last saturday A fellow from Virginia was there with one of those fancy, high dollar english pointers. My trainer put out 6 birds and old Blaze found 5 of them before the pointer started hunting good. The dude from Virginia ask my trainer would he please hold Blaze to see if his dog could find the last bird. I have never been so happy with a dog. Alex Mclennan Ventosa plantation
Submitted by: R. Schofield on Mar 22, 2008
I got a black and white brittany pup from Ed a couple of weeks ago. She is all puppy... cute and full of energy! It was very nice to do business with Ed.
Submitted by: Gary Maylon on Mar 17, 2008
I spent several wonderful hours on Saturday with Mr. Bullard to get a feel for the person and place where my next hunting dog will come from. I was happy to find a man who loves is dogs and his vocation. Mr. Bullard has the most beautiful Britts that I have ever seen and I have already begun to prepare myself for next hunting season. I know I will love my "wee Las" (it's St. Patrick's Day) and I can see from the adult dogs that they will be great hunters and outstanding pets. If you are looking for the best Brittany mony can buy I believe you have come to the right place.
Submitted by: Gary Maylon on Mar 16, 2008
I have just returned from Austin Creek Farms to see for myself the way Mr. Bullard raised his dogs and just paid my deposit for a puppy from the next litter. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the kennels and the obvious love that he has for his dogs. Don't walk in to Mr. Bullard's thinking your just going to buy a dog. No sir you better show him that you will be willing to love and train this new member of your family or you probably won't get in line for a puppy. He can tell you where his dogs are, how good they hunt and he would be happy to have everyone of them back. I got the impression that he hates to let them go, even to a loving home. i am really looking forward next hunting season.
Gary Maylon
Submitted by: Mark Payne on Mar 12, 2008
I got my puppy from Ed thid Feburary 2008. He is a black and white brittany he is so smart. Knows his name and is doing small retriveing and made his first point on a bird wing today,a little over 8 weeks old.He also stays in the house right now and not to many accedents. I love Gus.Hope to get a female from another litter later. Thanks Ed.
Submitted by: Allen Smith on Feb 28, 2008
We drove up form south alabama and got our first little Brittany from Mr. Ed last weekend. Dixie is a great little black and white female. She is great with our 3 small kids, they are all in love with her. We where so impressed when we saw Mr. Ed's dogs that we put down a deposit on a Orange Male pup when he has anouther litter. Dixie is the best little dog, she has great attitude but comes to her name. She has already pointed several things in the yard. I can't wait to see her start working birds. The experience of meeting Mr & Mrs Bullard was well worth the trip, it is clear how much they love thier dogs and will go out of their way to help you make the right choice and explain how train your dog. I am so glad I found his site and purchased my first of many dogs from him.
Submitted by: Shea Wiggins on Feb 26, 2008
My husband and I have just bought our 2nd brittany from Ed. Nelli our first (and my husband's second love) is a champion bird dog. However, my pride and joy is Lady Belle at 5 months old she is only 12 lbs. She's so tiny, with a little pink nose and the most beautiful green eyes. But dont let her size fool you, she can point a bird like clockwork. I cant thank you enough for Lady. Ed, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Lady Bell is my snuggle at night, my kisses when i wake up, and my little hunter on the weekends. What more can a girl ask for? :-)
Submitted by: Dusty Skelton on Feb 25, 2008
We recently picked up our second Brittany from Ed. We are more than pleased with our little Mollie. She is beautiful, full of energy, and super smart. I can't wait to see how she turns out. If I had the room I would own ten more and every one would come only from Ed.
Submitted by: Bobby Ingram on Feb 17, 2008
A very good friend of mine Ben had purchased a Brittany from Mr. Ed Bullard. I was invited to go on a hunt with them. Nelli, Ben's dog was doing very well and we had so much fun watching her work. I told Mr. Bullard that I would like to purchase a Brittany from him. The male I got from Ed was almost out of the box ready to go. We named him Tader and he is an inside dog and loves to hunt. Thank you Ed
Submitted by: Bob Jones on Feb 02, 2008
I can't say enough good things about our new Brittany pup we got from Ed. He was 8 months old when we got him. My wife and 4 year old daughter love him. The only thing he does better than be a wonderful part of our family is hunt. At 8 months old, he is more than I ever expected. He holds point and retrieves to hand. I am by no means a trainer, so whatever he does in the field is all genetic. As soon as we get home from a hunt he's ready to lay down and have the whole family pet and love on him.

Mr. Bullard was very honest, easy to deal with, has great knowledge of his dogs and their pedigree, and otherwise just a great person to be around.
Submitted by: Jeremy & Anissa Crow on Jan 24, 2008
We are truly blessed to have met Ed and his wife, Donnie. They have helped us pick out a new addition to our family--a beautiful liver and white Brittany female. Hotty Toddy Andie is a sweet, smart, vivacious puppy who has won our hearts. We are thrilled to have her and look forward to spending time with the Bullard's bird hunting this spring. Thank you both for everything!
Jeremy & Anissa Crow
Gardendale, AL
Submitted by: Steve Findley on Jan 09, 2008
I bought a 2 year old Brittany, Hank, from Ed on December 8th 2007. I had owned the dog approx 2 hrs when he was accidently released in downtown Anniston Alabama. Not knowing me, and in strange surroundings the dog ran and I could not catch him. I called Mr Bullard who drove 70 miles and walked with me until we spotted Hank. After a couple of whistles and calls, Hank came running. Needless to say not many folks would be willing to go to this extent to help someone they barly knew. But, Ed Bullard is not like many folks. Not only do I have one of the finest little Brittanys I've ever been around,(he points, backs, and retrieves), but also a great new friend. If you don't want a fine little dog or if you don't want to deal with a class gentleman then you need to stay away from Ed Bullard and Austin Creek. Because from my experience that's all you will find there.
Submitted by: Dusty and Rachael on Jan 03, 2008
Right after my husband and I got married I decided to surpise him with a dog. I was very worried because I had never owned a dog. My husband always talked about wanting a brittany. I found Ed's number and gave him a call. After talking with Ed and hearing how much he loved his dogs I knew I made a great chioce. When I picked up Gracie, Ed and his Wife showed us all his other dogs. I coiuld see and hear the love he had for each dog. With that much love, I know it must be hard to see any pups go. He called us a few days later to see how surprised my husdand was. We love Gracie. She has a personality like nothing I have ever seen. My in-laws call her their granddaughter. We enjoyed her so much, when we moved a cross town we decided to get another brittnay from Ed. We can not wait!!
Submitted by: Tracie Burkett on Dec 31, 2007
We bought two Brittany puppies from Mr. Bullard two years ago one was a male which has turned out to be a very good hunter. The other one was a female which we got for our daughter as a family pet; she has a wonderful disposition, intelligent a great addition to our family. We are very pleased with our dogs they are healthy and have made us very happy. If any one was looking for a Brittany I would tell them that Mr. Bullard is the only man to call, he is very helpful, knowledgeable about the dogs and most importantly HONEST.
Submitted by: Cindy Housel on Dec 14, 2007
My family and I bought one of Ed's puppies about a year ago. Due to some personal issues, we had a problem that included our precious puppy. Ed was the first one to jump in and help. What a great guy! This situation proved without a shadow of doubt what kind of man Ed is as well as how much he loves and cares for his dogs. If you are looking for a Brittany, there couldn't be any better place to get one than from Ed Bullard.
Submitted by: Donny Powell on Dec 09, 2007
I bought a young started female dog from Mr. Bullard at the beginning of season this year and I have hunte this dog several times. I have been very pleased with the her performance. She will point, back, and retrieve. It was a pleasure doing buisness with Mr. Bullard and would recommend his dogs to anyone looking for a good brittany.
Submitted by: Lindsay Waltman on Dec 06, 2007
The Bullards are very good and honest people. I remember the first time I talked with them on the phone I instantly fell in love with them. They were willing to answer ALL my questions, and believe me there were alot. I was very impressed with how much Ed knew the blood line of his dogs, and the way he talked about each of them with love. At first I wanted a female, but when I got there to pick one out I fell in love with a copper male. We took him home and few days later he called to check on how the pup was doing. I am very honored to have found Ed and his wife. I recommened him to anyone who wants a great pup and breed!
Submitted by: Joshua Rotch on Nov 30, 2007
Over the past few weeks, we have watched our beautiful little puppy grow to be a young strapping dog with enourmous potential. Mr. Bullard and his wife were very helpful in making our wildest dreams come true. We have always wanted an active yet obedient brittney spaniel; and there simply are not words which could truly do justice to the pure beauty of being out in the hunting fields with "Felix", and his capabilities in the field are second to none. I have owned brittney spaniels before; but I have never owned a puppy of this caliber. He is smart, obedient, and very easy to teach; and in only 3-4 weeks, he is now completley housebroken. He gets along very well with our other dog "Munchkin", who is a Pomeranian; and he is even very nice to our little kitty, "Sunshine".
Submitted by: Charles McCoy on Nov 30, 2007
We bought our first Brittany, Patches, from Ed over 30 years ago. At that time, Ed was working a "real" job and only had a few dogs. Patches quickly became a part of our family and remained so for the next 10 years. He was a wonder pet with our children and an excellent hunting partner for me. Ed and his wife, Donnie, have always taken great pride in the love and care they give all of their animals. They are truly very special folks.
Pinson, AL
Submitted by: Jon Peterson on Nov 29, 2007
I got in contact with Ed Bullard in October after hunting pheasants in Minnesota and deciding I wanted a BRITTANY. I finally got the whole family to go up to his place the Friday after Thanksgiving and pick up SCOUT. The liver and white boy is just beautiful and full of life. We also arranged to hunt together the next Tuesday. It was a blast to hunt with some of his best dogs (specifically CHIEF and DOC) as well as give SCOUT a chance to point several quail and even have a few shot over him at 4 months old !! These pups truly come into this world knowing wh at to do as Ed likes to say- it's true because I saw it two days ago. Thank you Ed for your time and effort. Folks.... this man and his wife care about their Brittanys and it shows!! Thanks again from Jon in Acworth, GA.
Submitted by: Mark Depew on Nov 28, 2007
Purchasing a Brittany Spaniel from Austin Creek Farms has been an absolute pleasure. I received an quick response from Ed, the owner, who is clearly devoted to his dogs and a true gentleman. Ed took every opportunity to insure that our 16 week old pup would come to us in good health, spirit, and with proper socialization and early field exposure to give us the best chances for success. No question about it, our next dog comes from Austin Creek Farms. (By the way, Ed can spin a few good dog stories too if you've got a few minutes).
Submitted by: Carolyn Whitmire on Nov 27, 2007
Ed and Donnie Bullard are at the top when it comes to raising Brittanys! They give love and care to each and every puppy as it they are going to keep them all. We got our Brittany from them and "Sugar" is absolutely beatiful and full of energy! Ed and Donnie are wonderful Christian folks! I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Brittany!
Submitted by: Jerry L. Jones on Nov 25, 2007
As co-owner of Mountian Shadows Farms Hunting Preserve, I have had the pleasure of having Ed Bullard and some of his Brittanys hunt with us on several occasions. From the first time out it was apparant that Ed was serouis about producing quality Brittanys for his hunting use.
Recently my wife and I visited Austin Creek Kennels for the first time and found the same care and professionalism as I had seen in the field. Bottom line, I was impressed with what I saw. My family and I have been raising, training and hunting over Brittanys for 45+ years, and I woudn't hesitate to add one of Austin Creeks puppies to our hunting family!
Submitted by: Diane on Nov 21, 2007
I am NOT a dog person, but I wanted to make my children's Christmas one that they will never forget. My husband talked me into taking a road trip to Mr. Bullard's home. Once we got there I fell in love with the precious puppies he has and the bigger dogs he introduced to us. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard were so nice and wanted to make sure we knew that their dogs came from a loving Christian family and they also took the time to get to know us so that they knew we would be a good family for thier puppies. I cannot wait to see the look on my kids face when we tell them they are getting puppies. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bullard for helping my kids Christmas dreams come true.
Submitted by: brett barnard on Nov 21, 2007
If you get a chance to visit Austin creek farms you wont want to leave. The love that Ed Bullard shows for his dogs and bird hunting is just fun to be around.If you grew up bird hunting like I did you know its hard to find the old time bird dogs that live to point back retrieve and most of all please thier owner. But Ed bullard has took a bloodline dating years back has put the time love`and care into making the finest birdogs and friends you will ever see. He is one of the best friends i have ever had. If you visit austin creek farms you will have one of the best dogs and friendships you have ever had. I cant say enough about these wonderful people and their dogs. thanks Ed cant wait to go hunting again.
Submitted by: Patrick Shaddix on Nov 20, 2007
After searching extensively for a family pet to make our childrens' dreams come true, we wound up at Austin Creek Farms. Our brief phone conversation told me my wife and I had to meet this man! Ed and his lovely wife couldn't have been nicer, and their Brittanys are just gorgeous. After all was said and done, we ended up with not one, but TWO beautiful pups. Thanks again to these fine people and their love for these animals and people in general!
Submitted by: Tonya W on Nov 09, 2007
The anticipation of driving to Austin Creek Farms was only surpassed by the friendly and inviting nature of The Bullards. What wonderful folks! With great dogs to boot! My orange and white, Reb, is great with the kids and is already a great addition to our family. Look forward to seeing you all again soon and the covered bridge is great!
Submitted by: Beth R. on Nov 06, 2007
We purchased a dog from Ed Bullard that has turned out to be a great pet, as well as a great hunting companion for my husband. We are very pleased!
Submitted by: Blake S. Jones on Oct 30, 2007
Anyone looking for absolutely great dogs and even better breeders should look no further. The Brittanys at Austin Creek Farms are amazing and I would never think to buy one from a different breeder. Mr. Eds years of experience coupled with champion bloodlines led to the little liver and white boy I took home last sunday. He is beautiful and already at 14 months is one of the smartests dogs I have ever owned. If your looking for a dog that will hunt go visit Mr. Ed in Hayden, AL, I promise it will be worth the ride even if just to look.
Submitted by: Danny Womack on Oct 30, 2007
Sometimes in life we cross paths with someone who can both lighten our load and inspire us to become a better person. In my case, Mr Ed Bullard is one of those people. Having done the research, I have begun the wait for what I'm sure will be a wonderful addition to our family here in Georgia. Mr Bullards plesant demeanor and willfullness to freely give of his abundant knowledge is inviting from the start. I'm truly excited about the upcoming puppy and just as excited that God has made my path cross with such a wonderful man. Thanks for all of your guidance, Mr Bullard, and may God continue to bless you and your family!
Submitted by: Emily Hohneck on Oct 30, 2007
My husband and I live @ Reelfoot Lake in Tiptonville, TN. We have been searching for a puppy for several months. We wanted a Brittany Spaniel, but was unable to find one in our area. I started searching the internet and found Austin Creek Farms which was only about 35 miles from my grandparents. After talking to Mr. Ed, I knew I wanted to drive to Alabama asap. He and is family were wonderful and our 3 month old orange and white puppy is precious and playful. We were very pleased with this kennel.
Submitted by: blake jones on Oct 30, 2007
Mr ED and his wife at Austen Creek farms completed my search for a great Brittany. They have great dogs and you can tell right off the bat they take a lot of pride in what they do. Mr. Bullard personally knows the bloodline of every dog and puppy he owns, and he will tell you about all of them if you go to see him. My pup I got from them is wonderful and I would never have even thought about getting a dog from somewhere else. He is fifteen weeks old and looks as if he is going to be the best dog I have owned. If you want quality Brittanys look no further than Austen Creek Farms Hayden, AL.
Submitted by: Sarah on Oct 27, 2007
Where do I start? Ed Bullard and Ms. Donnie had me smiling all the way back to Georgia. Not only did I get the prettiest lil' girl this side of the Mississippi but they were an absolute treat. Look no further if your lookin' for good people with good dogs. I look forward to crossing that covered bridge again! :) Thanks again, ya'll!
Submitted by: Lee Cayse on Oct 17, 2007
A family friend told us about Ed Bullard and Austin Creek farm - they knew we were looking for a family dog as well as a hunting companion for my husband. After talking with Ed we knew he was the breeder for us, he was very knowledgable and so friendly. We requested a Brittany female (liver and white) and boy did he deliver. Eight weeks later we picked up the new addition to our family. "Ally" is a very smart, interjetic and loving dog. At 3 months old she went on her first hunting trip (opening day of dove season) everyone on the field was shocked at how well she retrieved birds. Ally's natural instincts were beyond all expectations. We highly recommend Ed, his wonderful wife and their well bred Brittany's.
Submitted by: doug bresee on Oct 16, 2007
I am from Louisiana and found Molly at Austin Creek Farms/Mr. Ed Bullard. She went on her first hunt at 12 weeks with our other two Brittanys. We went to Clear Creek Quail Preserve in Lumberton, Ms. She backed the two older dogs,made 3 retrieves, hunted dead birds on her own and also pointed butterflies (but we will forgive her for that). Molly hunted for 3 hours and never gave up. Dealing with Mr. Ed was a pleasure. He was very hospitable on our visit to see the puppies and one can tell that his dogs are truly loved and cared for.
Submitted by: The Stranges, Tony, Chris,& Jake on Oct 05, 2007
My wife and I, along with our six year old son were looking for a dog that could be a family pet but also one that could learn along with and teach my six year old about bird hunting. We decided on a Brittany and began looking for a reputable breeder. After seeing the ad in Covey Rise, I called and was introduced to Ed Bullard for the first time. He had a liiter of puppies right then but I explained that we were moving and were not quite ready but I would stay in touch. After doing a little homework, I learned that Mr. Bullard was a man of his word and could be trusted to always do the right thing. As time went on we visited several other Brittany breeders some of which felt more like a puppy manufacturing facility but always came back to Austin Creek Farms. In speaking to Ed one Sunday he explained a situation that landed him in an armful of puppies from his own line that were ready and in need of a good home. My family drove over to Alabama that night (we didn't get there until about 8pm) and was graciously met by Ed and his wife. Needless to say my son was "smitten" by a liver and white 9 week old female that he promtly named "Coco". We sat down at the kithchen table and did the paperwork and Coco became a part of the Strange family. Coco and the six year old are inseperable. She is healthy and happy and has already pointed a bird albeit a toy. Thanks Ed for making a little boys dream come true.
Submitted by: Jim Walker on Oct 03, 2007
I have invited Ed to quail hunt on my farm several times. It is always fun watching his dogs work. His Brittanys are agressive,hunt hard and cover the fields very well. They stay close enough that we can keep up with them.

His dogs enjoy pointing and retreiving the bird we shoot. It is always enjoyable to hunt with Ed and his dogs.
Submitted by: The Stanfords on Oct 02, 2007
We purchased a female Brittany from Ed Bullard after shopping around for just the right breeder. We visited several breeders but settled on Ed because of the quality of his puppies, his kennel and the breeder himself. It is obvious that Ed really cares about his dogs and the people who purchase his dogs. Our female puppy is a beautiful orange and white who won our hearts immediately. We intended to eventually breed her with our beloved liver and white Brittany we?d had for 9 years, but he became ill suddenly and we lost him. We were so impressed with Ed?s puppies that we got a liver and white male from his next litter, and we couldn?t be happier with him. These puppies are delightful family pets and are already displaying the quality of their bloodlines in pointing and retrieving. You will not find a better person to do business with than Ed Bullard, nor will you find any better dogs for your pet/hunting needs!
Submitted by: Cory Smith on Oct 01, 2007
I began my search for a Brittany around the first of August. I almost gave up when a friend told me about Mr Ed Bullard was one of the first I called. He happened to have a litter ready in 2 weeks. I picked out a liver and white female and man what a dog. She was pointing a wing @7 1/2 weeks and pointing and holding on birds @ 10 1/2 weeks. Mr Ed is the nicest and easiest to talk to fellow you will ever meet. He loves his dogs so much that I think he really hates to sell any of them. If you want a family dog, field trial dog or anything in between Ed Bullard is the man to call.

Cory Smith
Loxley, Al.
Submitted by: Scott Arledge on Sep 27, 2007
My wife and I purchased a liver and white male (Sir Charles)from Austin Creek Farms in March of this year. We were looking for a friendly, loving and smart dog for family enjoyment. I tell you, "Charlie" has been a joy for the entire family. He's healthy, happy, smart and energetic. You can tell he is well bred, and comes from a fine line of dogs. Mr. and Mrs. Bullard run a great breeding program, and I highly recommend getting a Brittany from them. It's worth the trip to the farm just to see all of the good looking Brittany's and meet some very nice people. You can tell that they are in the Brittany business because of the love they have for them.
Submitted by: Mike Tipton on Sep 20, 2007
I'll second what good things everyone else has said. I've had the pleasure of helping train a few of Mr. Bullards dogs and can tell you first hand that you'll not find a pup that would be easier to train than one of Ed's. You can tell when the dog's come to you that they are well socialized and are eager to please. As for Ed, he seems well socialized and eager to please also, just kidding I don't think you'll meet a nicer person I haven't met his wife yet but I'm sure she's the same. By the way Ed, How's those 16 inch haybale's? Cya next weekend.
Submitted by: Cindy Housel on Sep 18, 2007
My family and I got an orange and white Brittany from Mr. Bullard in January 2007. My boys were so excited about Hero. Mr. Bullard and his wife were kind and welcoming. It was obvious that they take great care of their dogs. Hero is a very energetic and very smart dog. He is a great addition to our family.
Submitted by: David Yates on Sep 18, 2007
I got a nine week old liver and white female from Austin Creek two days ago. I cannot say enough about Ed and his operation. He was an extremely nice man who is very knowledgeable about this breed. He answered every question I had with ease. After the first conversation with Ed I knew I had found the right breeder. My new puppy is amazing! After two days she is sitting and knows her name. She is almost housebroken and will retrieve anything I throw at her. In addition to being smart she is also very sweet and affectionate. If anyone is looking for a quality Brittany there is no reason to look any further than Austin Creek.
Submitted by: Ben Wiggins on Sep 06, 2007
I was looking for a good bird dog and a good family pet when I read about the Brittany.I found out about Ed on the web. After speaking to him over the phone a few times I knew I wanted one of his pups. Ed did everything he could to give me information about how to begin training my dog,good books to read and even gave me prints to build a qauil house.As for Nelli she is a great dog who loves a feather and aims to please. Thanks to the Bullards at Austin Creek Farms my wife and I have a great new addition to our family and I have an awesome new hunting partner.

Ben Wiggins Hoover,Al
Submitted by: Larry Baile on Sep 05, 2007
We got our puppy from Mr. Bullard when she was 6 weeks old. She is so energetic and has a lot of spirit. She keeps us moving and laughing. Next month she is going to start training. We're very happy with her.
Submitted by: Dan Richards on Sep 05, 2007
I have 2 Brittany Spaniels that I got from Ed Bullard - Dan's Copper Hunter is a white and orange male, and a great field dog and friend. He has a winning personality and is very eager to hunt. I got Dan's Bonnie Brown Hunter from Ed last year, and she has so much energy and spunk! She loves to hunt, too. Copper and Bonnie have produce 9 of the finest-looking pups you've ever seen, and those pups are also showing great promise as field dogs. Ed has a first-rate kennel, and he and his wife are more than just dog breeders - they truly love each and every dog they have - and it shows!! I'll be going to get another pup from Austin Creek Farms again ASAP.
Submitted by: Dan Tucker on Sep 05, 2007
My son and I heard about Mr. Ed Bullard from a friend who saw his Austin Creek Farm ad in Covey Rise Magazine. We bought a 6 week old orange/white Brittany female puppy and have been extremely pleased. At 8 weks old, our puppy will point quail wings better than any other I've raised. Friends can not believe the pictures. Ed's puppies are beautiful, very birdy, and really do "come into this world knowing what to do". It has been a great pleasure getting to know Ed; he is a very knowledgable Brittany breeder who you can trust. We will definetly buy from Ed again.
Submitted by: Jay Bicknell on Aug 26, 2007
I am a dog trainer in Kentucky and have been mainly a pointer man since the 5th grade. I recently got female from the one and only Mr. Ed Bullard. Macy is hard going intense tough little dog in the field but calm enough for my 5 yr old little girl to do some of the training. Macy has got a home till the day she dies. I am a brittany and pointer man now!!! Not only is Ed breeding some fine dogs he is one fine fellow who will bend over backwards to help you out. You meet Ed once and he will be a friend for life. The Bicknell Family says thanks for our Macy and thanks for the new friendship.
Submitted by: Scott Hendrix on Aug 23, 2007
Ed Bullard has a first rate operation in Alabama. He is honest and straightforward. His Brittany's are some of the best I have ever seen. My do, Buck is turning into a great birddog. Very smart, Very healthy. Can't say enough good things about Austin Creek Kennels.
Scott Hendrix
Submitted by: Scott Hendrix on Aug 20, 2007
I found Ed Bullard on the gun dog website and called him immediately. He had exactely what I was looking for, a liver and white male Brittany. After Talking to Ed I realized with the enthusiasm and honesty he spoke with I had found the right breeder. I arrived at his home early on Saturday morning to pick up my puppy and he and his wife were giving all the dogs their shots. His place is impressive and he has by far the best looking Brittanys I've ever seen. I brought Buck home and have been very pleased. He is already pointing a wing and became attached to me immediately. Ed Bullard has a great operation and best of all GREAT Brittany bird Dogs. I'll definitely buy another from him!
Scott Hendrix
Louisville, MS
Submitted by: Olivia Reed on Jul 08, 2007
I have a female orange/white from the same litter born in Feb. She is the light of our lives. She is everything we wanted and more. Ed and his wife are the most wonderful people and have the best raised brittany's in the south.
Submitted by: Phil Inman on Jun 22, 2007
I am fron New Bern, N.C. and I found Austin Creek Farms on your website. I checked the web for 9 mths. before I found these people. I drove to his farm to get two Brittany puppies. I brought them home one for me and one for a friend that hunts with me. The puppies were born Feb. 26. 2007. I could not pick them up until after mother day weekend. They had started to work the puppies and socilized them very well. The puppies are very birdie and want to retrieve for you like no other puppies that I have seen at that age. The puppies are all Ed. Bullard said they were and more. Ed. and his wife have a fine operation. I will be going back for another puppie as soon as I can get more room. These puppies are Champion quality and I would say if you are looking for a Brittany check out Austin Creek Farms.

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