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Submitted by: Kim and Jason Parsons on Nov 08, 2023
We are fortunate to have two dogs from them. They are the best of the best. Great bird dogs but can transition to being at home. Great personalities and wonderful with children. They are very well taken care of from birth until your pick up date. We only use them!!!!
Submitted by: Ivey Dyer on Nov 07, 2023
We have had our brittany for a little over a year now and couldn’t be happier. He is a sweet, fun, and loving dog. Bayli made it so easy for us to work with them, especially since we were out of state. She kept us updated during the process, and sent us pictures of our little guy before we could get him. After taking him home, we’ve stayed in touch sharing pictures and fun little brittany stories. We will definitely be getting another brittany from them in the future!
Submitted by: Donald Wood on Nov 07, 2023
I paid a deposit and waited almost a year. The wait was well worth it. My female Britt is the smartest pup I have ever owned. She is both a family pet and hunter. I would not hesitate to get in line for another pup at Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittany’s. The overall experience was great!
Submitted by: Mary Vincent Lewis on Nov 07, 2023
My Maggie girl is about to be 4 months old and her and my older Brittany get along so well she is the sweetest puppy and Powe’s Austin Creek was so special and easy to work with! Loved the experience and love my pup!
Submitted by: Joe McSwain on Nov 07, 2023
We’ve had our sweet girl, Pearl, for almost three months now after a long wait to get exactly what we wanted, a liver and white female. She’s very intelligent and turning into a beautiful example of the American Brittany breed. The experience with Powe’s Austin Creek Farm was great. Like I said, we were on the waiting list for quite a while, but they kept in touch all along the way. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a Brittany pup.
Submitted by: Greg Peart on Feb 13, 2023
Our male dog Hwyl is one year old today. What a great dog. Doing everything you can expect and more at his age. Smart and sweet.
Submitted by: Gregory Butler on Aug 11, 2022
Dea and everyone involved were the best we got little Oliver 5 months ago and he just fit right in to the family after losing our 16 year old Brittany Buddy.

Hes a family dog not a hunting dog but it suits him fine. Gets up every day and brings me his harness to go the the park for an hour of playtime just need to get him to realize it does not open till 7 as there's days hes ready to go at 5-6 am and impatient.

Just a well tempered puppy that has worked out great.
Submitted by: Janet Motley on Apr 11, 2022
We cannot say enough good things about Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys!! My 15 year old daughter worked hard and saved her money to buy her dream dog, an orange and white female Brittany. She got on the wait list in February 2021, and her puppy, Star, was born a year later. The Lord blessed her with the perfect puppy! At only 8 weeks old she has started asking to go outside and sleeping through the night. PACFB was wonderful to work with from the beginning. The communication was outstanding and they went above and beyond by sending pictures and videos of Star growing. Pick up day was a dream come true and we highly recommend Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys!!
Submitted by: Tim McKaig on Mar 10, 2022
We picked up our ACF puppy last weekend and we are thrilled to have her as part of our family. She is a happy, playful, smart puppy. Her nose works non stop when she is outside and we hope it is as good as her big sister's. Her big sister is also an ACF brittany who has an amazing nose and hunting instincts that cannot be taught. We look forward to many years with our new family member and hunting buddy. Thanks Powe's.
Submitted by: Jamie McKemie on Jan 24, 2022
Very Happy overall. Powe family was very welcoming and knowledgeable. The waitlist was long but Dea was upfront and communicated well during the wait. New puppy was very healthy, happy, and playful. Looking forward to lots of fun with him.
Submitted by: Eric Atkins on Jan 07, 2022
We just brought our puppy home last week. We are so excited to have him home. The Powe family was amazing to work with this past few months. There was a fairly significant waitlist, which I would expect from a reputable breeder, but they were always there to answer our questions and keep us updated on where we were in terms of getting a puppy. No one controls mother nature, but they're very up-front and easy to work with. We couldn't be more happy with the puppy we have. He's beautiful and was in perfect health when we picked him up. We can't wait to see him grow over the next few months.

I couldn't recommend Powe's any more in terms of the quality of dog we received and the family itself. I wouldn't get a Brittany from anyone else!
Submitted by: Taylor Crouch on Jan 02, 2022
We highly recommend Powe Austin Creek! They truly love their Brittany’s and take great care of them! When we got on the waiting list they continuously updated us on our status for receiving our puppy! When ours was born they sent weekly updates with pictures!

We couldn’t love this puppy anymore!
Submitted by: Jessica Lovelady on Jan 01, 2022
We placed a deposit several months ago, with the selection of color/sex we wanted in our Brittany. Bayli and Dea stayed in contact with us throughout our waiting time, and always sent us pictures and choices. We finally waited and got our perfect pup, just as we wanted. I cannot say enough good things about powes Austin creek farms and their staff. They genuinely care for their puppies, and all of their pedigrees! They’re an amazing family, and wonderful to communicate with. So far, our pup has loved us, and our 3 boys. We cannot wait to watch our puppy grow.
Submitted by: Carlie Gaskins on Dec 03, 2021
My testimony starts and ends with God. After losing our schnauzer, Dixie, I was heart broken but I knew Gods plans are perfect even when we can’t see it. My husband is not a huge fan of inside dogs so I thought, “God how am I going to make it when my daughters go to school and I’m here all alone?” But God changed my husbands heart and we ended up finding the Powes and getting on the waiting list within two weeks of losing Dixie. We were thinking that we would have a puppy around August which would be perfect because then I wouldn’t be all alone during the day. However, God knew better. I swallowed my impatience and told myself Gods timing is perfect. I said all that to say this, our Willow was born the day before my birthday and 18 people passed on her because of her color. God lined everything up so that we would have the most perfect girl join our family at the perfect time. I can’t thank the Powes enough for everything they’ve done for us and our Willow. She’s 9 weeks old now and is so smart it’s shocking us all. We love her so much already and I just can’t wait till she’s fully vaccinated so I can show her off EVERYWHERE. Hahaha.
Submitted by: Haley Sheppard on Nov 18, 2021
We got a last minute surprise with our little girl. We didn’t expect to get one before Christmas. That’s how I know she was perfect for us. She is so good with other animals and my two children and all their friends. She has yet to have an accident in the house. I can tell the breeders really care about their breeds. They prepared her to be separated and she had no anxiety the first night with us. Even as a puppy, she is so smart and I look forward to having her grow old with us.
Submitted by: Monica Childree on Nov 13, 2021
I picked up our little girl earlier this week and I couldn’t be more pleased! She is absolutely perfect and I’ve already spoiled her rotten. She doesn’t get to walk around much since we tote her everywhere and she loves it. ?? We had some unforeseen circumstances come up and had to put off getting one for a while, but Dea always kept in touch with new litters. We were finally ready and I am so glad we didn’t have to pass on this one this time!
Submitted by: bruce truog on Jun 30, 2021
Absolutely the BEST! Our pup is all Brittany with absolutely no defects, according to an independent DNA test. Dea was wonderful to work with and cares deeply for her dogs. We were advised to only buy from breeders who have a waiting list. Powe's Austin Creek Farm Brittanys has a long wait list but it is very worth it. Good things come to those who wait. Our pup began pointing a pheasant wing at 8 weeks less a couple of days. I am so looking forward to the fall. No gun shyness noted. I took her to an outdoor range and stayed back 50 yards or more, didn't even flinch. And we chose the runt of the liter because of a story in PF magazine and on Dea's advise. Send your deposit about 6 months before you want the pup. We love our Oreo!
Submitted by: Sheila H. on May 25, 2021
I can't say enough good things about how wonderful it is to have been able to get our puppy from the Powe family. I've waited on a waiting list for nine months and it was well worth the wait. I picked our Josie Ren up at the family farm just a week ago and saw the love and care they give their animals and customers. Communication throughout the waiting period as well as afterwards is greatly appreciated. Such kind people. Josie is exactly what I was looking for and is bringing us so much joy. Her personality is so sweet. If you're interested in a Brittany I highly recommend Powe's Austin Creek Farm Brittanys.
Submitted by: Eric W Barnes on May 20, 2021
We just picked up our male puppy called Hank on Monday of this week. We have had a wonderful time with him this week. He is so energetic, smart and athletic. He has a great personality and I am super excited about getting him into field work this summer and working him on quail in the late summer and fall.
The Powe family has been great to work with during the selection process. They have communicated really well and been very accommodating as we visited earlier to see their dogs. They are very professional and I certainly recommend them as a breeder for Brittanys.
Submitted by: Thomas and Jennifer Pickard on May 08, 2021
We couldn’t have bought our Brittany from a nicer family! Great people and beautiful extremely well cared for dogs. Baxter is gorgeous and we can’t wait to get our second from here as well! Thank you Powe family!
Submitted by: Avery Smith on Feb 21, 2021
Best Breeder in town! We Love our Brittany!

Our puppy name is Cash he is 11 weeks old now. He is loving life at his new home in Valley Grande, AL.
If we decide to get another Brittany we will definitely go and see Powe’s Austin Creek Farms Brittany’s.
Submitted by: Vicki on Jan 17, 2021
My husband and son went and picked up our little girl last week. If I could rate them higher then 5 I definitely would. We put our deposit on her back in august 2020 and received her January 2021. Worth the wait. She is so perfect and has such a great personality. I could sit here all day and talk highly of them. If you are searching for a Brittany, I wouldn’t look any further. Thank you to your family for welcoming us to your farm. All your dogs are beautiful. ??????
Submitted by: Kaylee Kuhlman on Jan 09, 2021
I had a great experience with Powe’s Austin Creek Farm! They were always quick to answer my questions and a pleasure to work with. Brynlee is such a smart social dog. They had no problem holding her for an extra two weeks until I was able to come pick her up. I couldn’t be happier and definitely recommend!
Submitted by: Robert Kersey on Jan 01, 2021
Waited months for a female, however due to unforeseen circumstances I was offered a male pup. After thinking about it I called and told them I would accept the male. He is the coolest little dude. He loves to go on rides and likes Home Depot and all the pet stores. He is 12 weeks old and sits, let’s me know when it is time to go outside, we are working on other trainings as well. Smart dog and very love able. I did go ahead and put a deposit on a female as well, even though we dropped down the list, I still want a female as well. I Love this pup and I will continue buying from the Powe’s! Recommend if you are buying a Brittney, this is the place to go, even if you have to drive for hours or days. There are no better people with top quality Brittneys.
Submitted by: David Phillips on Dec 11, 2020
We have had our male puppy for a week and are very happy with him! This farm is great, fair, and has an obvious love for their animals!
Submitted by: Delanie Jones on Nov 29, 2020
My first experience with a breeder and for my own first dog altogether. Powe's Austin Creek checks all boxes when it comes to communication, honesty, and quality - they ended up being the perfect fit for me and I can't thank them enough for my new addition, Roo.
Submitted by: Cline S. on Sep 04, 2020
Purdy is absolutely precious and the perfect addition to our family. We are completely smitten with her & she was definitely the best Covid purchase????. Whether she’s playing or napping, she is the perfect mix of sweetness, intelligence, and spunk. Y’all went above and beyond to make the process of getting her so great (constantly sending us pictures, videos, and updates) and we are so thankful for y’all at PACF. We cannot put into words how much joy y’all gave us!
Submitted by: Hayden on Sep 04, 2020
We got a puppy from PACFB just before August. Hendrix is smart and full of energy! The process leading up to taking him home was great. All of my (many) questions were answered in a timely and respectful manner. It was awesome getting to see “pupdates” in the weeks before picking him up- we were so excited every time we got to see a new picture! Dea was a pleasure to work with, she even met us with the pup on her way to work! We look forward to many fun years with our new dog.
Submitted by: Fallon on Sep 04, 2020
hands down best brittany breeder! The whole process from start to finish was a breeze. We got a female orange and white puppy from Powe's Austin Creek Farm. She is super healthy and very smart. She fits right in with my two young kids and loves them. Thank you so much!
Submitted by: ben pickett on Aug 05, 2020
I picked up Maze end of June 2020 and she is absolutely perfect, such a smart dog, she is quick as a whip and shows an incredible prey drive and willingness to work.
Submitted by: Brian on Aug 05, 2020
We recently purchased a puppy from Powe’s Austin Creek and couldn’t be happier! The transition home has gone smoothly, as our little puppy loves everyone and is already sleeping through the night. It was important to us to find a responsible breeder. Dea was quick to reply to questions, friendly, and truly cares about the dogs’ wellbeing. It's also been fun to watch the "pupdates" on Instagram!
Submitted by: Jillian Bates on Aug 02, 2020
I cannot say enough good things about Powe’s Austin Creek Farm Brittanys. After Sarge was born they texted me almost everyday with updates and pictures. If I had questions they never hesitated to answer. They were always so kind and amazing. Their facilities were clean and well kept and you could tell the dogs were all well taken care for and loved. I’ve only had Sarge 2 days and he’s already practically potty trained and is so well behaved. I literally could not have gotten a better dog.
Submitted by: Joy D on Jun 29, 2020
My girl Lily is from Jasper and Blossom. She is the sweetest pup ever. She is smart as a whip and clever. She's a companion for our family with 2 young children. I've been amazed at how well she gets along with people and other animals and how well-mannered she is at just 2 months old. She sleeps through the night quietly and is happy in her crate. This is my first venture into Brittanys, and I'm impressed. She is setting a high standard for all other Brittanys! The Powes had already started crate training and house training before I even got her.

My vet was a little apprehensive when I told him I was getting a Brittany because he wasn't sure I was fully aware of their energy and prey drive because he's only known me with a Doberman (I assured him I am), but when he met her at her first puppy visit with me, he was very impressed. He has long-loved Brittanys, and said he thinks I have a good one.

The Powes are very accommodating and straight-forward. They held on to my girl for an extra couple weeks until I could make the trip to pick her up. (This pandemic has required flexibility with schedules!) When we arrived, they were outside playing with her. We visited for a while before we had to head out. They seem like folks I definitely want to keep in touch with in the future. Lovely, warm people. They are long established in their community, and strike me as honest.

Final thought about my is easy to see she has the potential to be the best dog our family has ever had. If she doesn't turn out that way, it will only be because I messed up!
Submitted by: Spencer on Jun 06, 2020
Can not say enough good things about the Austin Creek Farms Brittany’s. We have had our Willow Rose for about a week and she has been amazing. You can tell they spent a lot of time with the dogs and worked on the basics. We look forward to watching her grow and if we ever are looking for another one we will definitely return. Thanks again for all the updates and pictures while she was still with you guys!
Submitted by: Cynthia Laughlin Bierd on Mar 20, 2020
I am a widow and my husband purchased a Brittany Spaniel in Moulton Alabama 18 years ago she was our last tide to my husband and she was a thoroughbred from a long line of Brittany Spaniels she was the best dog ever and part of this family she sat at the end of our driveway engraved for 6 months when my husband was killed in an automobile accident after leaving his work at the Jefferson County Commission I am looking for a Brittany Spaniel puppy for my grandchildren I don't care if they're AKA registered I just want a full-blooded Brittany Spaniel Princess Daisy Mae Bierd passed away the same way my husband did a neighbor ran over her she had became deaf and blind although she has had three surgeries on her eyes she needed hit replacement I was having to carry her up onto the porch we just could not let her go so our heavenly father it's sad to say no we were too weak to do the right thing and put her down could you please contact me I am looking for a puppy a 6 week old puppy
Submitted by: Phyllis Henderson on Feb 17, 2020
I picked up my puppy just 2 days ago and I am totally smitten. She has adapted amazingly and my 2 year old Brittany took to her right away. Her coloring is black and white and is a real beauty. She is bright eyed and frisky, yet her overall temperament is relatively calm. The Powe family was friendly and caring and you could see and feel the love they have for their dogs and each other. The entire process was smooth and easy. I highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Randal on Jan 11, 2020
Mr. Bullard came through for us right in time! I was looking for a puppy for my daughter and after weeks of no luck I ran across Austin Creek Farms and boy am I glad I did! Mr. Ed was very helpful and the puppy has been great. She has been a delightful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Dusty & Rachael Skelton on Jan 05, 2020
We can’t say enough good things about Mr. Ed!! We recently picked up our 4th Brittany from him and couldn’t be more satisfied! There is a reason we continue to come back to Mr. Ed, he’s the best Brittany breeder around! Thanks again for another great member to the Skelton family!!
Submitted by: Alex & Katie McWilliams on Jan 04, 2020
Mr. Ed & Miss Donnie are two of my most favorite people on this planet!! You won't meet anyone more kind than they are. I got my first Brittany from them in 2013 and just recently got my second this November (2019). Boy are they just the most perfect dogs!! They are as well mannered and smart as can be! I am so blessed to be, what I consider, family with the Bullard's and to have two of their beautiful dogs!
Submitted by: Bayli Morin on Jan 03, 2020
We bought a Brittany from Mr. Ed in 2018. Not only is Cotton such a beautiful dog & a huge blessing to my family; but Mr. Bullard was also extremely nice & helpful. I 10/10 would recommend this breed & breeder!! I wish I could post pictures to show you how handsome he really is!
Submitted by: DANNY E MCAFEE on Jan 03, 2020
My first Brittany came from Ed Bullard at Austin Creek Farms. When I lost him prematurely in an accident, I called Ed. Ed was able to get me my new puppy from the same dam and sire as my first. In fact, this litter was the first time the parents had mated in 4 years so I got my favorite dog's brother in no time at all. Ed made the entire process enjoyable and I am looking forward to many more years of fun with my favorite breed. Thank you ED!!

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