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- Cowcamp English Cockers
- Craney Hill Kennel
Absolute's Quailmoor Oahe Dakota - Covey Flush Kennels
Autumnwillow Wave - Covey Flush Kennels
Brair Creek Katie - Southern Country Kennels
Comanche Bandit - Comanche Kennels
Comanche Churchill - Comanche Kennels
Comanche Cricket - Comanche Kennels
Comanche Warrior - Comanche Kennels
Comanche's Bonnie Sue - Comanche Kennels
Covey Flush Annie Get Your Gun - Covey Flush Kennels
Covey Flush Loose Lucy - Covey Flush Kennels
Covey Flush Misfit - Covey Flush Kennels
Covey Flush Sadie Seed of Satan - Covey Flush Kennels
Fallen Wings Keegan - Lazy MD Gundogs
Fallen Wings Shooter - Salt Creek Shorthairs and Cockers
Flint Hill Leia - Flint Hill Kennels
Flint Hill Luke - Flint Hill Kennels
Fordrock Mocha - Kirby Mountain Sporting Dogs
Four Winds Kip - Four Winds Kennel
Four Winds Livi - Four Winds Kennel
Four Winds Marilla - Four Winds Kennel
Gavosie Fire Strike - Covey Flush Kennels
Gavosie Fire Strike - Four Winds Kennel
Kingcott Diana - Covey Flush Kennels
Lazy MD"s Brilee Braw litter - Lazy MD Gundogs
Leawyn Lenor - Comanche Kennels
Litomysl Barlow Of Prairierose - Maple Grove Cockers
Lmd's Glenugie Geronimo - Lazy MD Gundogs
Maesysaith Mali - Comanche Kennels
Mallowdale Nero - Covey Flush Kennels
Maple Sugar - NoDak English Cockers
Mudslide Golden Girl - Mudslide Kennels
Mudslide Winston Hopkins - Mudslide Kennels
NODAK Puppy - NoDak English Cockers
Omachie Beinn Dearg - Covey Flush Kennels
Our Blue Eyed Girl - Covey Flush Kennels
Prairie Prime Flushing Digger - Prairie Prime LLC
Prairie Prime Flushing Ellie - Prairie Prime LLC
Rosie - Kirby Mountain Sporting Dogs
Rusty & Bailey - Cambiar Kennels
Ryobi Max Factor - Southern Country Kennels
Salt Creek Miesha - Salt Creek Shorthairs and Cockers
Salt Creek's Baylex - Salt Creek Shorthairs and Cockers
Salt Creek’s Aspen Dream - Salt Creek Shorthairs and Cockers
Southern Country's Ace of Hearts - Southern Country Kennels
Southern Sweetheart’s Reeses Peanut Butter Cup - Southern Sweetheart Kennels
Southwen Black Beauty - Southern Country Kennels
Spinnchetti Cassino - Covey Flush Kennels
Spinnchetti Georgia (United Kingdom) - Covey Flush Kennels
Stella Mae of Halverson - Maple Grove Cockers
Sweet Sadie Ray - Walnut Meadow English Cockers
The Keeper Of Little Willow x Little Willow Bizzy B - Robertson Kennel
Thunderstruck's Twerp - Covey Flush Kennels
Toby's Kentucky Blue Moon - Walnut Meadow English Cockers
Trigger's Angel - Comanche Kennels
Walden and Zeeva litter - Kirby Mountain Sporting Dogs
Walden x Issy litter - Kirby Mountain Sporting Dogs
Wedding Bells Blaze - Covey Flush Kennels
Wind Whistle Halley's Comet - Covey Flush Kennels
Windmillwood Fizz (United Kingdom) - Covey Flush Kennels