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We have 12 started Labradors for sale.  Some are ready to go now and the others are in training working towards finishing their started training.  All of them should be finished with their training by the end of May.  These dogs will have been through Force Fetch, Collar Condition, Basic Obedience and Land and Water Marks.  The pointing labs will go through our Whoa training and will be pointing birds in the upland.  We will have both Pointing Labs and Flushers available. 

After completion of our started program, these dogs will be ready for the field and you can bypass the puppy stage which can be time consuming and costly.  All of these started dogs will have 30+ birds shot over them to socialize them to a upland and waterfowl hunting environment.  This will make the handler transition from us to you much easier because the dog already understands it's purpose and we have increased the dogs bird and retrieve drive in the process.  All the work is already done for you.  Let's face it, the average person does not have the time needed to put towards developing their young hunting companion the way they should be and it ends up causing a lot of stress and frustration in the fall.  Let us do the leg work and you can reap the rewards this fall.

We have Black, Yellow and Chocolate males available and Black and Yellow Females available.  We have started a waitlist for our 2020 started dogs.  How this works is we take a deposit of $500 down and that will hold your place in the pick order.  Once the dogs have completed their training we have the clients on the waitlist come and pick out their dog in the order that their deposits were received.  So if you are in the 3rd spot when you put down your deposit then you will be the 3rd person called to come and pick out your dog.  In the unlikely event that there isn't a dog you want, your deposit is refunded 100%.  It is normal for clients to come out and look at all the dogs before they are done with training to try and get an idea of which dogs they are interested in so if you would like to come and check them out please feel free to set up a time with one of our trainers and they will be happy to show you all of the available started dogs.

Contact Bryan @ 1-605-395-7788 for more information on our started dog program or to reserve your next hunting companion.

Ad location: Conde, South Dakota
Ad created: Feb 09, 2020

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