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About Stonewall Boarding & Game Preserve

We encourage you to bring your and hunt with YOUR own dog. I hope to build the cliental who not only like to hunt but watch dogs work. To me watching the DOGS work is the best part of the hunt. Also in the summer we offer birds and in a training area to keep your dog sharp.

4-Bird ---- Pheasant $64
8-Bird, 1-2 Gun ----Pheasant $128 ---Chukar $96
15-Bird, 1-3 Gun ---Pheasant $240 ---Chukar $180
20-Bird, 1-3 Gun ---Pheasants $320---Chukar $240
Addtional Hunters are allowed but with the width of the fields and hedgerows you may have to take turns shooting, but only when 20 birds or more a ordered. We may split groups up.
Guide & dog addtional $65 anything more then 10 birds
will be a double guide fee.

Bird Hunting Available
Chukar Hunting
Duck Hunting
Goose Hunting
Grouse Hunting
Pheasant Hunting
Quail Hunting
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Submitted by: guy martin on Aug 28, 2012
Michelle runs a first rate preserve where she has a verygood understanding of what's best for both you and your dogs.

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