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The cost is $600.00 per month. We require the first month in advance and then bill monthly. The monthly fee includes boarding, feeding of a premium quality diet, and birds (pigeons & ducks). Dogs can begin Gun Dog training as early as 5-6 months of age. Our Gun Dog program takes approx. 3-4 months to complete. In our program we teach the basics of waterfowl hunting and obedience. It is our objective that by the end of the program, the dog will work from a duck blind, go out and hunt up a bird that he can see fall, and retrieve it to hand. The dog will learn the basic obedience commands - heel (on and off leash), sit, stay, down and come when called. Ideally, during the first month the dogs will learn their basic obedience and will begin to hold and walk with a bumper. He/she will then proceed to be force trained to pick up the bumper on command. He/she will then be introduced to the gun, learn to retrieve a bird, and deliver it to hand, in the heel position. We also teach proper water delivery, to come up out of the water, sit, and deliver the bird to hand, before shaking off. At the end of the first month, if we are not satisfied with your dog'progress, we will call you to come up to observe and you can decide if you want to continue your dog's training. During the next two months the dogs are take out to different locations to learn to retrieve birds in simulated hunting situations. They are worked on retrieving ducks over decoys in the water and on land. Several days per week the dogs are loaded into their own kennel compartment on the dog truck, and transported to different fields and wetlands, where they are worked individually. The dogs are trained six days per week, with a rotating schedule for their day to rest. We use a choke chain and leash to teach obedience and the electronic collar to reinforce known commands. We find that the use of the electronic collar is the most effective method to teach the dogs that they must come when they are called in all situations, and to stay within gun range during hunting. We recommend that you leave the dog the for the first 2 weeks to become familiar with our trainers and accustomed to the kennel environment. We encourage you to come out for scheduled training sessions, where we will work with you and your dog together, instructing you in obedience and how to handle your dog in the field.
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