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All of our dogs are taken step by step on a proven training program depending on their age and their mental state. They are only progressed to the next level when they are ready to move on depending on each dog's learning curve. Consistency and solid fundamentals are the key to great gundogs. Patience and positive reinforcement are key in keeping a dogs intensity and style. Too many times I have seen dogs that will hunt for you but have no style or intensity because they have been rushed or forced trained. I am a firm believer in bringing out a pups natural instincts at an early age but it has to be done carefully and correctly. For this reason, we also offer a puppy program to make sure your pup gets on the right track. We then bring your dog back to finish his formal training. This training procedure can take anywhere from two to three months depending on each dog's learning curve and if your dog has to be forced broke to retrieve. I have been training gun dogs for over 25 years and horses most of my life. There are many simularities in the two such as regular consistency and release to pressure methods. We will train your dog to become a complete gundog. This includes yard work, generaral discipline, kennel to the box and truck. Your dog will be introduced to the e-collar and collar conditioned. Introduction and completion to the gun, teaching your dog to handle by voice command and whistle. Holding point steady to shot, backing & retrieving. We use pigeons, quail & chukar when training your dogs. Your dog will also be trained along side our broke dogs to aide in the training process. We typically have three or four additional hands to help out with the duties to make the training process easier on your dog. We also firmly believe in training the owners as well as this is a very important factor that too many tmes is not taken into consideration.

We also keep our broke dogs on a training regiment in the off season to keep them happy and sharp. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your dogs training options and prices. We train both outside dogs as well as our own bloodlines.

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Markus Lane Gonzales
3980 Sparrow Rd.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007
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Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: Linda Castorena on Sep 14, 2012
I took my 2 year old Brittany to Markus at Wrangler Kennels for gun dog training and I am so thankful that I did. Before I took her to training, I felt she was good hunter, but after she came back from Wrangler Kennels, she was much more refined and a great hunter. In the time that Briley was with Markus, she became very focused, disciplined and lean. I really appreciate the time Markus spent teaching Briley different commands like whoa and heel that are necessary when out in the field. Markus spends a lot of time not only working the dogs with birds, but he also exercises them in preparation of hunting season. I was very impressed with Markus at Wrangler Kennels and I will recommend anyone interested in buying quality gun dogs or in training quality gun dogs to him.

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