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TLC LABRADORS and CEDAR VALLEY HUNT CLUB offers professional dogs training for all breeds of dogs. We have experience in capitalizing on the strengths, minimizing the weaknesses, and adapting to the learning styles of individual dogs in order to bring out the best that they can be. We are known for getting good results with difficult dogs, soft dogs, and dogs with problems, as well as for our success with dog other have said could not be trained. Our success has been with all breeds of dogs. Every dog trains differently. We have a general training program for our dogs but every dog trains differently. Each dog has different things that motivate them to want to work for you. We take the time and patience it take to figure out what motivates each and every single dog, and then modify our training techniques to each dog. This allows us to get the most possible potential out out each dog so we can develop it into the type of dog that you hope to own. Thanks to our record of satisfied owners, and those that have seen our dogs work, referrals are our greatest source of business.
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Mark and Traci Christensen
57088 - 832 ROAD
Stanton, Nebraska 68779
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