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When a dog first arrives at our kennel, we begin by spending a few days evaluating the dog and getting to know them. We closely examine the dog's personality, temperament, and natural drive. ​Additionally, these first few days allow the dog to adjust to the new surroundings and familiarize themselves with the life of a dog in training. Regardless of the level of training the dog has had in the past, we begin with the basic obedience commands such as heel, come, and whoa. ​This gives us the opportunity to handle the dog and familiarize ourselves with them. Based off how the dog continues to advance through the basics, we are able to mold our training techniques and timing to the dog's individual needs as the more advanced training begins. Please visit the Training page on our website for more complete information on our Puppy Training, Advanced Training and Obedience Training programs
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Sara King & Larry Langley
668 Highway 18 East
Gray, Georgia 31032
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Like father like son!

Larry Langley, trainer for RoyaleRun with Joey.

Roading is important to conditioning

This one will be easy to train

A finished bird dog anyone would be proud to hunt behind

A Spinone Italiano youngster on point

Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: Julia Heidbrink on Dec 14, 2017
FC Ana von Heidbrink was our first AKC Field Champion, trained by Royalerun Kennels. She won her title at 3 years old under the steady hand of the trainer, and I have sent my bird dogs to Royalerun for about 8 years. Yes, they are great trainers!

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