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Training QUALITY gun dogs for 20 yrs now. Have trained most pointing breeds, using a gentle approach letting the dog tell me what I can do next. Being able to read a dog is critical and even more importantly after the fact, is knowing what to do once you have made the read. Trust me with your companion, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. References and testimonials available on
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This vizsla was finished in 5 wks costing the client only $550.00

This dog was trained and sold by me to a client in Colorado.

Another dog doing what he should be doing.

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Submitted by: Chris Pettey on Aug 15, 2010
Okay well i came across john's website and read some comments on his page about dogs that people have purchased from him so i came across his training and read about how he does it and was impressed with how he said he trained his dogs so i went ahead and called he was very reasonable with the price and sounded like he really loved what he does i took bella my english setter to him and dropped her off a few weeks went by and i called just to check on her progress he had her pointing and holding birds he told me that she didn't have much of a retrieve to her i was a little upset but what can u do not all dogs got it in them so a few weeks later he calls and says ur dog is ready to be picked up she is done so i get there he plants some birds out and we let her lose she finds the birds holds the birds when it was time to shoot the bird falls she goes and retrieves the bird to hand i was so thrilled that he had her doing it over and over right to hand then he throws a bird in his pond and she jumped right in and retrieved it over and over in water as well i am impressed with what this man that i now consider a friend did with my pup i will have to say that i would consider him to anyone that would like to get there dog trained or even to buy a pup from him he takes pride in what he does and it shows when u see how proud the dogs are when they work the field john i really can't thank u more for what u done with my pup thanks and i will be seeing you soon i will post another this nov. after season to let everyone know what a great dog she has become again thank you so much for everything.

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