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Our main drive at Power Point Kennels is developing each and every dog up to his or her full potential. We do realize there are no short cuts in training a quality end product. We also do not make promises we can not keep. We have trained and handled a good number of AKC Sr and Master titled dogs and know what it takes to be consistent day after day in testing as well as performance in the hunting field. Dave is an AKC Judge for JR, Sr, and Master Hunters, and knows what is expected. Every dog is not a champion but may be a great hunting companion. We do send dogs home who do not have what it takes to meet the owner expectaions. We do this prior to spending your hard earned money. We strive to provide you with the finished product you expect. If we can not then we discuss this prior to proceeding.

We offer two programs for pointing dog training, but can customize a program to fit your individual needs.

Started Pointing Dog Program

This program is for dogs 6 months of age and older, and is 8 weeks in length.

In this program we teach: Here, Sit, Natural Retrieve, Basic Whoa, Kennel, Proper Introduction To Gun Fire, E-Collar Conditioning, Stay, Load, Honoring, and Basic obedience

At the end of this program a person will have a dog that he or she can comfortably take hunting.

Finished Pointing Dog Program

This program is for dogs 1 to 2 years of age and older, and is 8 - 12weeks in length.

In this program we teach: Advanced Here, Trained Retrieve, Advanced Whoa, Polished Obedience, Range, Steady to Wing, Shot, and Fall, and Develop A Trained Honor.

At the end of this training program you can expect a finished hunting dog. Who will be to the Senior / Master level of training.

We also provide training and handling service for our clients for Jr. Sr. and Master AKC hunt tests. Timing and cost are set on a case by case basis. Give us a call, we would be glad to discuss the possibilities

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