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Basic Training and Beyond

Making a good gun dog begins with basic obedience. Once your dog has the basics we then move into the field introducing gunshot and working with Quail and/or Pigeons. Training is generally done on Commercial Game Preserves or designated dog training areas.

Beginning in April 2012 and continuing through August 2012, Keystone Gun Dogs will be taking dogs in for training. We specialize in training dogs from ages 4 months to 14 months of age. Although a dog is never too old to learn 'new tricks' we know that the earlier you start a dog in its field training the more productive the dog becomes. We are not interested in the older dog that already has learned lots of bad habits. We prefer to put our time and energy into pups and younger dogs that will offer the maximum potential. The only exception we will make in taking a dog over the age of 14 months is if the dog is obedient and may either need a refresher course OR you would like something specific to be worked on. For example; retrieving to hand, backing or steadiness. We will also take back a dog for training if we have worked with it in the previous year. Our training is based on positive reinforcement! Your young dog will be taught voice, hand, eye contact, release word, and whistle commands. The commands taught are the basics: Whoa, come, heel and down. We do not teach the sit command on pointers until they are "steady". Please know that although you cannot train a young dog to be steady-to-wing~n~shot in one month you will get a dog that is well on it's way!

We prefer 'house dogs' as we do not keep our dogs outside nor in kennels. Crate training is the preferred method of confinement when not at home. Our dogs are kept as part of the family. All dogs/pups are required to be fully vaccinated including rabies and bordatella and have a current dog license before leaving the dog in our care. The dog will be worked daily on a combination of obedience and field work. One-month minimum training. $600. In order for us to give quality training to your dog we only take in one-dog per month. We will work with you and your dog the day you bring him to us and also the day you come to pick him up. This way we will be able to go over with you the commands taught and proper timing of correction in order for you to continue your dogs' training at home. Email us for availability of training months. A $100. deposit will hold the month you want.


* Basic Obedience

* Introduction to Field

* Quartering and Whistle Commands

* Introduction to Birds and Gun Fire

* Retrieving to Hand

* Working within Gun Range

* Steadiness before Retrieve

* Steady to Wing and Shot

* Duck searches and Water Retrieving (if the dog is ready)GUN DOG TRAINING CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR HUNTING STYLE!

We also offer private lessons:

* One hour per session.

* Individual gun dog lessons are available.

* $50. per hour

* All sessions are paid in advance. Sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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Ten GSP's. (mostly pups)

Keystone Gun Dogs


Christmas 2007


Our dogs are awesome hunters and house dogs too!

Briar earning her AKC hunt test award.

Kansas (puppy photo)

What style!

Hunter as a puppy!

Pup from a 2003 litter.

Pup from 2006 litter.

Gypsy earning her AKC Hunt test award.


Journey retrieving teal decoy.

Tiva (Mallard duck decoy retrieve)

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