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Let us develop your pup into a well-rounded gun dog who is driven and enthusiastic about finding and pointing birds... Located in Southern WV with over 700 acres of terrain to train. We specialize in starting young dogs in the field and AKC Hunt test handling. We have titled several dogs in the field and have worked starting several different breeds of hunting dogs from Vizsla, Weimaraners, Gsps, Brittanys, Gordon Setters and more. We work on building young puppies' enthusiasm on birds to get them effortlessly finding and pointing birds. Along with introducing them to basic obedience and proper e-collar introduction. We will get your young non-started dog recalling, quartering and enjoying being a bird dog. We offer a 4-6-month program and will be offering a summer & fall camp each year starting in 2019! Puppy Intro to hunting course
  • *Daily obedience & crate training: We'll go over the basic obedience mentioned above to keep your new bird dog in tune with proper behavior in the field & home.
  • *Bird Introduction: Building prey drive! We keep a number of birds on hand to properly introduce puppies to birds. We'll spend time during our course letting your puppy enjoy being a bird dog to create a positive association with birds & hunt training. This is a major part of hunt training. If your puppy isn't rewarded with a positive introduction to hunting, they won't enjoy it. Bumping birds, chasing, play, running and being puppies! No rules, no pressure, no stress, just having fun, finding birds, learning how to use their nose and be BIRD DOGS!
  • *Independence/Confidence: We will get your puppy to begin confidently going out on his/her own to work the field & locate birds. Often pups like to hunt very close. With experience & patience, they'll be working the field in no time.
  • *Form: We will begin getting your puppy to point. Although it's a natural ability they are young and sometimes need bird introduction & the proper scenarios to encourage their natural abilities. We will begin getting your puppy to point on the wing and move to live birds.
  • *Check Cord Work: Introducing puppies to the check cord. Getting them moving around the field with the check cord attached working on finding birds & recalling.
  • First Level Gun Dog (AKC JH level) Let us develop your dog into a well-rounded pointer who is driven and able to find and point birds. Requirements for this program:
  • *Completed intro to hunting & basic obedience
  • *mentally, socially and physically ready to begin formal gun dog training.
  • Our four to six-month program includes:
  • *E-collar Conditioning
  • *Off-Leash Field Work With the check cord skills taught and mastered, pups are confident and happy to handle off leash in the field
  • * Handling well in the field (recall, working the field well, quartering, hunting with the handler, responding to the whistle)
  • *Finding and pointing birds
  • * Intro to starter pistol
  • *Ability to hunt at an AKC Junior Hunter Level
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