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Expearince training and handling many different breeds, Vizslas, WHV GSPs, Setters, Brittanys, Labs & etc Let us develop your dog into a well-rounded pointer or retriever who is driven and able to find and point birds,retrieve upland game and/or water fowl. 
  • First level Gun dog Pointers
    • ✔E-collar Conditioning
    • ✔Off-Leash Field Work With the check cord skills taught and mastered, pups are confident and happy to handle off leash in the field 
    • ✔Handling well in the field (recall, working the field well, quartering, hunting with the handler, responding to the whistle)
    • ✔Finding and pointing birds
    • ✔Intro to starter pistol
    • ✔Water intro
    • ✔Ability to hunt at an AKC Junior Hunter level
    • Second Level Gun Dog Pointers
    • ✔Well conditioned point allowing the hunter to walk in and flush game 
    • ✔Steady To Wing And Shot
    • ✔Intro to shotgun 
    • ✔ Backing and Honoring other dogs 
    • ✔Forch Fetch
    • ✔Ability to hunt at an AKC Senior Hunter Level
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    • Hunt test handling
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