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STARTED PUPPIES: Our NORTH STAR PUPPY TRAINING ACADEMY takes the "hard work" out of the beginning stages of owning a new puppy. It sets a lifelong foundation for your Golden Retriever and prepares them for more advanced training in hunting or other work.

As one of the top Golden Retriever breeders in the Nation, we pride ourselves on our superior quality breeding pairs. Each of our adult goldens are required to pass a 5-point genetic test prior to being allowed into our breeding program. We certify for the hips, elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid.

All of our North Star puppies come with a 2 year Health Guarantee (please see our PPA- under Contacts on our website) and are vet certified, up-to-date on all shots and wormings and will come with a Puppy Care Packet which will include the AKC paperwork, vaccination and worming records, food, and a dog toy (or blanket) with our (or mommy's) scent on it to help with acclimation. We also send a myriad of other information for you to read as well.

Below you will find information on our North Star Puppy Training Program which may be of interest to you. Most families really benefit from having one of our more mature, pre-trained Golden pups. The training takes place in our home on a daily basis and begins when the puppy is 8 weeks of age. Your little one would stay with us for the duration of her training and you would pick her up once she completes the program (13-16 wks old).

Basic & Advanced Training




Walk on leash




Ok (release word)





Soft mouth / bite (great for handling game)

No chew

No nipping

No begging / no table food

Basic manners in public, private, & with company

Doorway and stairway manners

Complete Potty Training

Crate training (great when traveling or when you have company over)

Ring a bell at the door to go outside (saves your door from being scratched up)

Potty on command (great when it's cold out and you want your dog to hurry and do his business )

Consistent potty place (in the "potty place" in the back yard)

Sleeping through the night

(Additional specialty training is available upon request, i.e.: bark on command [speak], retrieve the newspaper, shake, search, roll over, etc).

Your puppy will also be exposed to a wide range of people, places, animals and "scary" noises and situations such as the blow dryer, vacuum and bath time. Your puppy will also learn hand commands which we will include in the "training guide" we send home with your trained puppy.

The graduates from our NS Training Program are trained and handled by a professional- so the results are a more refined, more advanced training which sets the foundation for showing or a broad spectrum of service in other areas if desired by the new owners- including therapy, Search & Rescue, hunting, etc. Our training also makes for the best family pets you will ever encounter.

Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions or to reserve your puppy.

Dog Training Available

Melody- one of our North Star Golden Retriever dams.

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