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My methods are most similar to the Gibbons/West Method. My core belief is that it is my job is to maximize each dog's natural abilities. Every dog that I train has an individually prescribed program. I do not use a "cookie cutter" approach. This allows me to minimize the pressure put on each dog and to maximize each dogs potential. My method has produced terrific results in field trials, and on wild birds. I will also teach you what you need to know to ensure that your dog continues to be a great hunting companion or polished field trial competitor after he returns to you. I am located in North-Central Utah and as a result I am able to train dogs year round. The open country allows me to teach dogs to run and hunt off horseback. In addition, the availability of wild Chukar, Sharptail, Grouse, Pheasants, and Huns permits me to use wild bird contact to give dogs the equivalent of an "Ivy League" education.
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Josh McPherson
9416 North Elk Ridge Drive
Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Steve Wetherell on Jan 23, 2013
I've had the good fortune to observe Josh McPherson training a variety of pointing dogs of many different breeds, ages and temperments - from dogs which were brought to him gun-shy to others which have had AA field trial potential. With each dog, Josh has used his extensive knowledge of dog behavior to patiently and gently bring out the very best in every dog, frequently tailoring his training approach to benefit a particular individualistic dog's needs.

Josh consistently produces positive performance in all pointing breeds with lasting results. As he trains his clients' dogs, Josh provides honest, thorough feedback on the dog's progress to the owners. When he judges the dog is ready, Josh fully works with the owner to ensure they are comfortable in handling the dog and able to maximize the dog's performance in the field before the dog returns to its home. Josh's concern for the dog does not end when it leaves his care - he typically follows up by contacting the owner sometime later to see how the dog and owner are doing together and encourages to owner to bring the dog back for training "tune-ups" anytime they are needed.

I highly recommend Josh for anyone who is looking for a first-rate bird dog trainer that will provide a high quality, positive learning experience for both the dog and the owner.
Submitted by: Bonita Austin on Jan 22, 2013
Josh McPherson is a truly gifted dog trainer. He is patient, calm, and thoughtful. He knows how to read a dog. He customizes his approach to the individual dog. The risk with many trainers is that they will create problems in your dogs. Not so with Josh McPherson. A McPherson trained puppy that is broke out by him will be a true pleasure to run or hunt behind. I've watched Josh train dogs that came to him with bad manners, blinking birds and all kinds of other problems - only to turn out, thanks to his training methods, to be good bird dogs.

I have 4 outstanding field trial dogs - all trained by Josh. These dogs have absolutely no problems, great style, and are a true pleasure to run in trials or hunt behind. It is easy to ruin a dog, but difficult to bring out the best in a dog. Josh is a master at bringing out the best in a dog. My dogs have won national events, placed in regional AF trials, and gotten many AKC placements and wins. None of this would have been possible without Josh's training. His approach to the Gibbons/West training method works on hard headed dogs, soft dogs, and dogs in between. He knows every pointing breed and has trained them all successfully for hunting, hunt tests, and field trials.

Unlike all but the best trainers, Josh works with owners to teach them how to keep their dogs broke and performing at their highest level. His one-on-one instruction is the best available. He is just as patient and calm with owners as he is with dogs. Want a great hunting or trial dog? Send your dog to Josh to train.

I've worked with many trainers over the past 15 years and endorse McPherson Bird Dogs wholeheartedly.
Submitted by: Lisa Riddle on Jan 20, 2013
I first met Josh at the Vizsla Club of America field nationals in 2010. I have since sent my vizsla with him for training and conditioning and have been very impressed with his knowledge of dog behaviour and his skill as a dog trainer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

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