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I have been involved with dogs for the last 35 years. I have been training Flushers/Pointers for the last 6 years. I firmly believe in a positive training enviroment and use the techniques of Rick Smith. By working with your pal,we can develope a dog that can lay calmly around the house or turn it loose and give you 110 % in the field. I will use my winning techniques to train your best friend to the level that all parties involved in the success of your dog are happy. Please call with any questions or to schedule an appointment.
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Kerby Kroells
16095 highway 5 & 25
Hamburg, Minnesota 55339

If you want references call or e mail me and I will give you as many as you want. On both pointers or flushers. I charge a very reasonable fee, I have paid the high fees years ago for training and let me tell you, that doesnt mean that you are getting your moneys worth.My last pointer that I paid to have trained (6 years ago) I took to prior Lake and it took me 3 years to retrain him. What works for one dog may not work on another, therefor we cant train them all on the same program. We have to be able to read the dog.

Chloe is a dog that I trained and now bought and will be breeding in Sept. She has an incredible nose and gives you 200 percent every time in the yard or in the field. I will not breed a dog with an average nose.I see alot of trainers breeding anything and everything, What happened to doing whats best for the breed.

Thank you Jeannie Ide for doing an awesome job painting my sign for me.

By doing a lot of leash work with the command lead your dog will realize who is in charge. Im sorry but the dog cannot be the one in charge. They will test us but they want and need us to be in charge.

All my kennels are outside and not heated. I can keep a closer eye on your dog this way. I only train 7 dogs at a time so he/she gets alot of attention. And you dont need ear muffs to go get him or her out of the building.

If you are a serious pheasant or duck hunter I seriously urge you to force fetch your hunting buddy.I thrive on my dogs making retrieves that other dogs give up on.

Force Fetched Wirehair that is a retrieving maniac.

I use the whoa post in my pointer training. It is the foundation of a rock solid pointing dog. Alot of bad habits dissapear on the whoa post.

I do my bird work in a pen filled with barn pigeons. They dont have a choice but to be turned into a bird crazy son of a gun.

The chain gang is a very essential tool for my training program. They will spend hours and hours on it. The objective of the chain gang is to teach them to relax and wait their turn to be worked.

A English Setter that I trained and force fetched. Any questions call and see if he is happy. (507)326-5350 home or cell (612)244-1745

The only drawback for some people is that I dont have heated kennels for house dogs in the winter time. But I believe its hard to keep birds on your dogs in the winter with the snow, so I rteally encourage you to have him trained in the spring, summer or fall.

I have Dog Tra bird launchers that I use in the field. I use homing and barn pigeons for my training birds. they keep your cost down. If they will carry a pigeon correctly they will carry all birds correctly.

There is no such thing as to much leash work

I trained this shorthair female and she is one fine animal. works to please you and has a nose to back it up. Any questions on the training contact the owner. Jeff (763) 670-5571

This is my personal dog. He is High Island bred and his nose is out of this world. He is really a pleasure to own. He is 16 months old and will get on a ton of guided and wild birds this fall. Wanna see my dogs, I do most of the guiding at Caribou Gun Club in Le Sueur Minnesota. Let them sell me as a trainer.

Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Dominic Giuliani on Aug 12, 2012
Having spent copious amounts of money with a national known trainer that resides in Minnesota I felt like the dog was not performing up to her potential. I was looking for someone that would put a "Personal" touch on my hunting dog(s) by teaching them correctly and in turn spending time with me so that I could be tought how to handle them the way they should. After 5 years of searching and handling what I thought was the correct way, I was introduced to Kerby Kroell's, OwnerHead Trainer of County Line Kennels.

I have never been so impressed by the amount of time and knoweledge someone is willing to put into their clients hunting companion. He will keep you informed weekly if not daily on the progress of your animal. Additionally, once he has fully trained it he will invite you back on a regular basis to work with you during his weekend seminars where past and present customers come out to train and work their dogs.

I personally have 2 labs that he has helped me correct and train (retrain) to insure I unlock the natural potential of that animal. Moreover, my newest addition "Star" a German Wire Hair from High Island Kennels in Arlington; Kerby has worked with since she has been 4 months old.I could go on and on...

County Line Kennels is one of a kind and I highly incourage anyone that is looking at unlocking the full potential of their hunting dog to consult with Kerby, you will not be dissapointed AT ALL!! Best in the business, first class operation.
Submitted by: Jeanne Ide on Aug 09, 2012
Two of our dogs, Chester (5 yr old GSP) and Maksymilian (2 yr old vizsla,)spent a short period of time with Kerby, and each learned a great deal. We had Chester forced fetched as he refused to retrieve. He'd point over the dead bird, making us come to him--so who was in charge? After a few sessions with Kerby, Chester now does his entire job in the field: his version of quartering, pointing, and retrieving.
Maks received most of his training from Kerby (probably later than he should have--he is defintely my spoiled baby), and he also does a great job in the field. In my opinion, his points are awesome, and he loves to retrieve. My husband has high expectations for him as he matures, all thanks to Kerby.
I will note that my husband and I are friends with Kerby, so we may be biased. However, demonstrations by our dogs would erase any doubts about the truth of my comments. Kerby has an affinity for dogs, and I have heard numerous clients state that their dogs "love" Kerby. Ours included.

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