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We are a small family business focused on all-breed professional hunting dog training in Nebraska and quality breeding of UK variety hunting dogs (British Labradors, English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels) near Omaha, Nebraska. Our goal is to provide the average hunter a superior performing hunting dog that has a balance of enthusiasm and control.  Our method of professional training of hunting dogs is to build drive and hunting skills by creating positive learning situations.  At the same time the hunting dog is gaining confidence in the field, obedience is being taught in the yard and through daily activities and planned sessions.  Obedience is transitioned to the field and a balanced professionally trained hunting dog is the result.  We work with handlers frequently so they bond with their hunting dogs and a team situation is created.

British Labrador Association Field Trials

Looking for a dog like Todd, Toby or Duece?  We have world class field trial quality British Labrador Retrieverfor enthusiasts available.  Our British Labradors are the ultimate non-slip working dogs because of their biddability; this makes them premium Duck Dogs and hunting dogs for snow geese, Canadas and doves.  They can also work at heel beautifully for a traditional Quail Pickup Dog in tandem with a brace of pointers.

Spaniel Field Trials

We train a select few english springer spaniel and english cocker spaniel trial dogs and have a few young dogs around that are available for sale to trialers.  These dogs are the ultimate at finding and putting in the air pheasants within gun; ultimate pheasant hunting dogs!


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