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Training, show, and boarding kennel for all breeds. AKC Pointing Dog Hunt Test training and handling for pointing breeds, BHU Flushing Competition training and handling for Flushing breeds, and AKC Conformation Show training and handling for Sporting and Hound breeds available (evaluation required for suitability for competition). Located north of the Kansas City Airport. Specializing in German Shorthaired Pointers and Labradors. Stud service also available. Puppies occasionally available. E-mail or call for more information. Currently taking dogs for this training season. Puppy starting, full training programs, and tune ups for upland flushing and pointing dogs. Force fetching and E-collar conditioning also available. Show training and handling for AKC Conformation shows only. Boarding and obedience training for any breed of dog available anytime. Hardwood Kennels is currently operating out of Platte River Kennels - with a 45 run kennel, there's plenty of room for both of us! Kennel visits are welcome, please call before you come so we are home, we would be more than happy to show off the dogs while you are there! Check out the website for more pictures and up to date prices and fees! We are also a Nu-Vet Plus distributor. Check out our website for more info about this AMAZING product!
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Sheena Collins
17701 SE Hwy MM
Dearborn, Missouri 64439
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CH Malomkozi Heartland Song SH aka "Jackie" on point. 2017 GSPCA Hunt Test Dam of the year. Jackie is the foundation to our breeding program.

We are also a Nu-Vet Plus distributor. Check out our website for more info about this AMAZING product! ALL of our personal and most of our current client dogs are taking Nu-Vet with GREAT results!

Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: PJ and Nicole Widmer on Mar 26, 2014
Ranger has been a wonderful and rewarding addition to our family. New to the Vizsla breed, it did not take us long to become attached to their personalities! Our new pet of three became an instant priority in the home quite nicely with a 5 year old male cat and a 10 year old veteran of the house long haired dachshund.
As we became curious about Rangers instincts to hunt, we began to pursue an avenue to reveal these tendencies. Sheena, was our lady. Soft at heart, stern in voice command, gentle to touch. She was the answer to overall discipline and hunting training. Who knew, our young playful pup was wired only so that it's talent could be tapped into and developed so precisely! None of the skills, whether inherited or not would have been nurtured and developed without Shenna's expertise in her speciality . Since this opportunity to train with her, we have referred several happy customers. Ranger has successfully become the hunter that lies deep with, along with a great companion to any hunter!

Submitted by: Michael Mihalka on Jan 07, 2014
Brilliant trainer. Took my very energetic brittany, Zeke, to senior hunter. Knows when to apply tough love, but you can see that she really loves her charges. She will give you an honest assessment.
Submitted by: Cindy Brucksch on Jan 06, 2014
Sheena is wise and competent at assessing any pointing/flushing breed and customizing lessons for that particular dog. She has a fun approach for both dogs and handlers that is refreshing. I like her instructional style and accomodates a wide variety of strategies.
Submitted by: Dixon Gunther on Jan 06, 2014
Sheena fully trained my Braques Francais, Henri, and is starting my GSP pup, Sundance. Henri was about a year old when I took him to Sheena, and though I'd done basic discipline (come/sit/stay/heel) and some retrieve training, he hadn't had any real field training on live birds, and his exposure to other dogs had been extremely limited. The dog I picked up was a fully hunt-ready MACHINE. I took him to SD to hunt pheasants a week later, and as a 15 month old, he pointed, 'whoa'd', backed, and retrieved with the best of them. During the course of the four day hunt, he performed equally to or better than most of the other ten dogs with whom he was afield. I have nothing but good things to say about the facilities, the training, the rates, and mostly the people at Hardwood Kennels. Bottom line, they produce.
Submitted by: Mary on Jan 06, 2014
I am step Mom to Diasy Mae from Hardwood Kennels and I couldn't be happier! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and is our second GSP. The continuing advice and support Sheena has provided is invaluable! Thanks from Ohio!
Submitted by: John Mags on Jan 06, 2014
I was very pleased with what Sheena was able to do with my dog in such a short time. I started training my dog at 8 weeks old for upland game and as a retriever. I did most of the basic stuff myself but was lacking the time, the equipment, the location and more importantly...the know how to get my dog over the hump from a house dog to a hunting dog. She needed to be put on live birds and retrieve freshly shot birds under field like conditions. I dropped my one year old Lab off with Sheena and three weeks later I was able to take her on a successful preserve hunt. She is a natural flushing/retrieving dog and has been performing at near competition level. As a bonus, Sheena taught her to retrieve to hand which makes things a lot easier. The training was the best investment I have ever made.
Submitted by: Megan Fournier on Aug 02, 2012
I cannot say enough great things about Sheena! We brought her a 6 month old Vizsla puppy for boarding and obedience training. When we picked the puppy up about 10 days later, she had a whole new set of manners. That was just the start. Sheena recognized a great attitude and willingness to work in this puppy and the two of them have done great together! Sheena has handled our puppy in AKC shows (with Conformation points to her credit) and took her to her first hunt test (where she passed and had a great time). I think one of Sheena's greatest attributes is her level of patience when working with dogs. She appreciates that each animal has its own unique personality and she finds a training technique that works for that dog. Our Vizsla is a typical vizsla, she has a lot of energy, a lot of boing and she can be a handful! Sheena is always very calm and patient with the puppy and Sheena makes it fun for the dog. Our Vizsla has so much fun that when she just hears Sheena's voice she gets so excited she can barely contain herself! This puppy LOVES Sheena!!!

I could go on for days about how much Sheena has done for our puppy and how much we appreciate her. I have told all of my friends in the greater Kansas City area that they should take their dogs to Sheena for boarding and training!!!
Submitted by: Russ Nickell on Jul 17, 2012
I can not say enough good things about Sheena. A few months ago I aquired a 13 mon old GSP with very little training. She not only has him almost finished in the show ring, but about ready to run SH testing this fall. The progress she has and continues to make in getting Merlin to reach his full potenial, has made Hardwood Kennels a great value for my training dallor.
Submitted by: jackbertenjr on Jul 17, 2012
heres my input. mrs.collins is very good with the dogs she breeds and trains i have bought a dog from her kennel and iam very pleased with the dog i purchased and in the future if i need another dog i will buy from her kennel again if i have any questions or need any help with my dogs alls i have to do is call her and she helps me with what ever i need.

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