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We raise and develop our own German Shorthaired Pointers. We have an open kennel, where our dogs live in a pack setting. We are in the field almost everyday. This lets the dogs develop into hunting dogs. This seems to make a stable dog, and lets the dogs develop their natural ability. We don't take very many dogs into this setting, but the ones we do benefit from the program. It's also a great conditioning program, because all dogs are free to work those muscles in the yard and field. We realize that too many of you, your dog is a family member, and you want it treated that way. Your dog will live in the house with us and treated like a family member. We can design a training program around you and your dogs needs. We always have German Shorthairs available.
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A well started puppy is the key.

Lot's of birds help.

Plenty of Exercise.

Wild birds makes a real hunting dog.

Working together helps

The end result, a hunting dog.

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