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Free consultation to evaluate your puppy or adult dog. Visit my website to see video examples of training programs and current prices.  I offer weekly and monthly training programs and private lessons.  Hunting dog training and field trial training/handling.  Don't be intimidated, get educated I am here to help.  Puppy programs, steady to wing and shot, force fetch trained retrieve.  Hundreds of satisfied clients.  Give me a call and we can discuss the goals for you and your dog, if I don't answer please leave a message.  I do all the training myself.  Located in Forsyth, Georgia in the Fall, Winter,  and Spring.  Summer Training in Towner, North Dakota.
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Testimonials (21)
Submitted by: Bo on Mar 11, 2017
Dave did a great job with my 6 month old English Setter named Tara. I started talking to Dave when Tara was 3 months old. He was quick to point out that she needed to be at least 6 months old before she received any formal training. He was a lot more concerned about her being successful than anything else. He had her working great on birds and responding to gunfire in a positive manner in just 3 weeks. It does not take long to see how much he loves training dogs. Dave always took time to return my phone calls and text to make sure any questions I had were answered. I have hunted Tara twice since I picked her up from Dave where she performed flawless. She is an amazing dog that shows her full potential because of Dave.
Submitted by: Beth Massengill on Feb 06, 2017
Dave Walker did a fabulous job with our talented GSP, Lady! Dave really understands these hunting dogs and looks at them individually- accurately assessing their special needs and the best way to train that individual dog. Lady is highly sensitive, but listens selectively- and Dave struck the perfect balance between getting her attention, but not breaking her. As a matter of fact, she came back to us more confident, and we can now enjoy her (as we did off leash at the lake last weekend) without worrying about her safety. And she absolutely loved Dave- he really cares about the dogs. The investment of training is the best thing we have done for her and I highly recommend Dave. can't wait to drop our second GSP off with him in a few weeks.
Submitted by: Wayne Lancaster on Jan 08, 2017
You did an excellent job with my Llewelyn pup. He's shy of 9 months old and is steady to sing and shot, hunting with more and more confidence and retrieving to hand on most dead birds. Thanks fir a great job.
Submitted by: Mary Lynne McInnis on May 12, 2016
Dave has done excellent work with our dog Bo. He gave regular - and honest - updates on her progress and did not use a cookie cutter approach to her training. Dave also sent us videos and photos regularly so we could see exactly what Bo was doing in her training. Dave took good care of Bo during her stays with him, and she returned to us in excellent condition.
Submitted by: Lane Hodges on Apr 28, 2016
Dave is a exceptional trainer who understands how to fully develop dogs into a class hunting companions/competition dogs. His finished product puts him above the competition.
Submitted by: JR Wright on Apr 25, 2016
I sent my GSP to train with Dave on two occasions, once for beginner bird dog training, and the second time to steady her over the flush. She's shown exceptional progression, and I couldn't be happier with my experience with Dave. I highly recommend meeting with Dave before you send your dog off to train anywhere else.
Submitted by: Stephanie Phillips on Apr 24, 2016
This was my second time sending my GSP, Costa, to Dave both times were wonderful experiences. Dave is a great guy who has a great passion for training shorthairs. He always kept in touch with updates and was very helpful.Costa made tremendous strides in just 4 weeks. I would definitely recommend him for all levels of gun dog training as well as obiedience training. I will be a life long client of his!! Very thankful!
Submitted by: DAVE TAYLOR on Apr 07, 2016
I have owned 3 great Brittany Spaniels, 3 Labs and 7 horses. After hunting over a GSP this fall, we decided to find our own GSP pup. I honestly stumbled on to Dave and it may have been the luckiest find ever! Dave had a litter with a few pups available, but then offered up a little female from a previous litter. My wife was unsure about "another" puppy, which lasted all of about 10 minutes. We have LOVED Jager at home and in the field since day #1. Forget what you hear about the breed. Dave has a pedigree 2nd to none and his training is well planned and implemented.
At 6 months she is waaay ahead of any bird dog that I have owned. I look forward to working with Dave along the way, because he cares!
We wanted a dog that can hunt AND lay on the porch (or couch)! If you want both, don't look any further than Dave Walker's Farm and Kennels!
Submitted by: Jamie Simmons on Apr 04, 2016
I called Dave when I first got my GSP Chris "Kyle" as a puppy and discussed training him. Dave was very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and decided to bring him when he was about 11 months old. I left Kyle with Dave for 4 weeks and when he was done Dave brought me and Kyle through the course and he showed me his progress. Dave did an amazing job with Kyle and he absolutely loves to hunt. I didn't get to hunt the first season except for the last weekend and for a young dog he did Awesome. Was on point within minutes and was retrieving birds and bringing them to my feet. I would recommend Dave Walker to anyone who wants to have their GSP or any bird dog trained.
Submitted by: Susan Head on Mar 29, 2016
I got both my GSPs from Dave and have returned to him for training. I didn't know anything about field trialing but Dave has patiently helped me learn and now I have fallen in love with the experience. Dave is training by little girl Patch (and training me to handle Patch). If you've ever thought about field trialing jump right in! Dave has been willing to teach this newbie (who by the way had never even been hunting) and encourage me with all this new stuff.
Submitted by: Dan Fondell on Sep 03, 2014
In November 2013, I took my 9 month old GSP Palm Glades Stella Fondella to Dave's farm for the puppy development program - Stella spent five weeks at Dave's farm and progressed through the program as expected. What I didn't realize, until the 2013 hunting season concluded, is that Stella returned from Dave's a nearly finished hunting dog. Consistently throughout the 2013 hunting season my hunting partners would comment on how skilled and advanced Stella was in the field. They could not believe she was a one year old puppy. She consistently outperformed other dogs more experienced and tenured than her. She showed skills (whoa, retrieving, etc.) normally displayed only by dogs with years of formal training in her first full season. I attribute my success with Stella and in the field to Dave. Dave has many years of experience in addition to the patience, knowledge, and passion to properly train working dogs. I completely trust Dave to do what is best for my dog's development and training. Dave is a trusted friend and I have enjoyed getting to know him better. I look forward to working with Dave for many years to come.
Submitted by: Steve Carson on Jan 10, 2014
Submitted by: Steve Carson on Nov 03, 2013
I have a very active Vizsla and was looking for someone to help me train him. After talking to Dave, I felt confident that his approach was what I was looking for. My wife and I did not want to leave Chester with Dave because he is our constant companion. However, we have gone for lessons several times. Dave started with us last spring with pigeons working on the wing to shot. I built a pigeon house so I could practice in between visits. We are now going to start working with quail and retrieving. Dave has been a perfect fit for my wife and me because we can work along with Dave. The training is as much for us as for Chester. I highly recommend taking your dog to Dave.
Submitted by: Tim Mendenhall on Dec 29, 2013
Having been in Georgia for 10 years with dogs that were already trained finding a new trainer for my new GSP pup was a monumental task. Previous trainers in NC that I used and trusted had either retired or quit training. After much research, asking other hunters and reading hundreds of reviews, I found Dave Walker. We talked and traded numerous emails which lead me to Gray, GA. After seeing the facilities, discussing my goals and doing the initial test to determine if Zeke was ready, I knew Dave was the right guy. My dogs are my wife's babies and she gets the last say in picking the trainer. After our visit she was very comfortable leaving Zeke with Dave. After his eight weeks with Dave, we were very pleased with the results. We received updates via phone, email and videos as the training progressed. After a couple of hunts, I'm certain I made the right choice and will use Dave for all my dogs in the future. Glad to provide additional info and can be contacted at the email address below.
Submitted by: David Simmons on Dec 29, 2013
My friend and my Dog Ollie's trainer Dave Walker is a special man. He is truly devoted to his craft, he treats all dogs with positive patient training and Dave's energy on daily basis
to care for and train the dogs is truly unmatched. if you are looking for the best trainer for your Shorthair or other hunting dog species you owe it to yourself to visit Dave Walker and his special training grounds...My dog Ollie is now steady to wing and shot and is a relentless hunter....I will continue to have Dave Walker work with Ollie in the future to continue to fine tune the skills that Dave Walker has taught Ollie and equally of importance to teach me how to work with Ollie as a team....Thank You Dave Walker
Submitted by: Steve Carson on Dec 16, 2013
I have a very active Vizsla and was looking for someone to help me train him. After talking to Dave, I felt confident that his approach was what I was looking for. My wife and I did not want to leave Chester with Dave because he is our constant companion. However, we have gone for lessons several times. Dave started with us last spring with pigeons working on the wing to shot. I built a pigeon house so I could practice in between visits. We are now going to start working with quail and retrieving. Chester is doing very well with quail. He seems more excited about them than the pigeons. Dave has helped us when Chester crowded the bird or started to flag a little. The progress has been amazing and it's been so much fun to experience this with our dog. Dave has been a perfect fit for my wife and me because we can work along with him. The training is as much for us as for Chester. I highly recommend taking your dog to Dave. He is willing to fit your needs to his training.
Submitted by: Bob ivey on Dec 02, 2013
After conducting a long search for a trainer for my Brittany Spaniel, I was about to give up and then I found Dave Walker. After just a few minutes of talking with Dave I knew he was the trainer for Molly because his methods and attitudes agreed with what I was looking for.

After dropping her off at Dave's, I found Dave and his wife to be dog lovers and not just trainers. In a matter of days, I began to receive emails and videos of her progress. Dave had her pointing birds in no time and soon she was steady to wing and flush. Dave gave me more than I had ever hoped for and in all the videos Molly was truly enjoying herself.

Dave Walker understands bird dogs and can bring the best out of them with a gentle hand and the dogs love the work and Dave. I think Dave is successful because he is a natural and simply loves the dogs and what he does. The dogs in turn respond to Dave because he gives them the environment to do what they love i.e. hunt and find birds. He has trained national champions and in my case a great hunting buddy.

Molly was fully trained in a few weeks well beyond my expectations. She is an excellent bird dog and family member. Dave not only trained Molly but gave her a lot of love. I will never take a dog anywhere but to Dave because I now consider him and his family our friends. I could not have asked for more.

Bob Ivey
Submitted by: Michael Hughey on Mar 03, 2013
After several weeks of trying to find a trainer for our 5 month old puppy, Chase, we came across Dave Walker. Dave answered the list of questions I had prior to sending Chase with him. During Chase's stay with Dave, Dave sent several emails and videos updating us on chase's progress. We were very please with Dave's communication seeing as we were several hundred miles away and not able to hop in the car and check on Chase for ourselves. Watching Chase on video put me at ease knowing I had made the right decision sending Chase to Dave to train. Dave narrated the videos and I could tell chase was having the time of his life training. After 5 long weeks, my wife and I picked up Chase. Upon our arrival to Dave's kennel, we saw several dogs, all looked well taken care of. All of the kennels were spotless, with no urine or feces in them. After getting reacquainted with Chase, Dave took us in the field to show off chase's skills. Prior to chase coming to Dave, he was a bit of a spaz and very energetic. We immediately could see a change in Chase's behavior. He was well mannered and showed a lot of discipline, despite being with Dave only to learn to be a pointer/gun dog. Chase seemed eager to get to work. Dave set up some pigeons and Quail to show us what Chase had learned over his 5 week stay. We were very impressed with Chase's abilities for as young as he is. More so, we were very impressed with Dave. My wife and I would highly recommend him as a trainer. It showed how much he loves and cares about what he is doing. Before leaving Dave's kennel, he answered all our questions, gave us food for the ride home and gave chase a hug goodbye, Dave told us not to hesitate to call with any other questions and also recommended some good hunting places in Florida, our home state. If your looking for quality training and someone who truly cares, look no more, Dave's your man!
Submitted by: Michael Hughey on Mar 03, 2013
Chase, German Short Hair Pointer
Submitted by: Tom Pulliam on Feb 26, 2013
It would be difficult to find a better trainer than Dave Walker of Walker Farm and Kennel. His accomplishments are recorded with having trained many champions (both his own dogs and others) at all levels of competition. It is Dave's honesty, style, humble manner and approach to training and breeding that sets him apart. He truly is interested in you finding the right dog for your planned use. His facilities with training course set up using birds, birds and more birds sets him apart. Whether it is your dog or you needing a tune up, trial prep or starting with a new pup I do not believe that you will be disappointed taking the time to talk with Dave.

I was in the market for what will probably be my last birddog.
After 40+ years of owning and observing pointers in the field it was Dave that I chose to help me with selecting a top notch started GSP as my walking hunter. Katie 9 mths (shown above) is a biddable, friendly, first class bird dog and family companion.

Dave did a wonderful job training Katie to bring out the best of her natural instincts to point, retrieve,back and she does all with style. Katie came e-collar conditioned, introduced to guns, ready and willing to listen in the field. Her temperament also makes her a joy at home with the grand kids and other dogs.

After many months of searching and talking to various trainer/breeders from the Rockies to the East coast I found Dave Walker and could not be happier. After numerous calls and watching videos of his dogs being worked I visited his kennel only to be more impressed. Dave answered all of my questions and brought up several points that I hadn't thought about. After returning home I continued to receive videos of the dogs working. With Dave's guidance I was able to select the best dog for me. I will forever be grateful for Dave's help. It was never so much about him selling a dog as it was about finding the right fit for both the dog and me. Thanks Dave!

Submitted by: John McLeod on Feb 21, 2013
I had been looking for a bird dog for about a year when I came across Dave Walker. At that time I wasn't sure what type of dog I wanted. I spoke to Dave several times on the phone before visiting his kennel. He took time to answer all of my questions and explain the differences between the breeds. In the end, I chose a GSP puppy (Rocky) from a recent litter Dave had. Dave told me this puppy had good breeding, but I didn't know what to expect. I was not disappointed. Rocky is incredibly intelligent and catches on so fast. His prey drive is through the roof. Around the house he is a great family pet, even sleeping in the bed with me and my wife, but when we go into the field, he transforms into a bird finding machine. I have been very pleased with my choice to choose one of Dave's pups. At six months of age, I sent Rocky off to Dave's puppy camp for one month. During this time, Rocky was introduced to the gun, and to birds. He was hunted daily both alone and with other dogs, to enhance his natural backing instinct. At first I thought puppy camp was for the puppy, but it turned out to be for me the owner as well. Dave invited me up on several occasions to tag along for the training sessions. I did and was very impressed with the quail course he was putting the puppies through. After I picked Rocky up from puppy camp at the end of January 2013, I have taken him hunting twice in the following weeks since then. He did an amazing job for a 7 month old puppy, finding birds, pointing and even retrieving a few. Having said all this, the best part of dealing with Dave Walker was that he took time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. During training camp he sent me email updates of Rocky's progress, and even sent several video updates. Since training camp has ended, Dave has taken time to talk to me on the phone and give advice, most recently helping me to pick an e-collar best suited to my needs. I would highly recommend Dave Walker to anyone looking to purchase a quality-bred GSP puppy or to have a dog trained. Dave knows what he is doing, he has a passion for pointing dogs and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Dave!!
Submitted by: Tim & Erica Zick on Aug 13, 2010
Pictured above is Sonny, a GSP that we thought had field trial potential, but had some major training issues to be dealt with. We asked Dave Walker to evaluate this dog for the field trial venue, and he gave us an honest opinion. Dave hasn't steered us wrong yet in the four dogs he's trained for us. Sonny is now a Field Champion and quickly on his way to being an Amateur Field Champion.

Dave is honest, down to earth, works hard and loves what he does! He also puts effort into his amateurs to show them how to work the dog properly so there is consistency from pro to amateur handling. We are EXCEPTIONALLY pleased with Dave and his training.

We would highly recommend anyone looking for a top notch trainer for their hunting or field trial dog to consider Dave Walker.

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