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I have a small Kennel on 2-1/2 acres that works well for starting young and older dogs, It is excellent for puppy development and also works well for correcting behavioral problems in older dogs. I have great water work areas for training and socializing pups and other properties I use for training. My dogs are mostly inside with me when I'm home, Client's dogs also are in the house, I have kennels I use but by bringing them in and out they get to play be social, and be handled more than normal and it's a quieter atmosphere.
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Don Evanson
26602 S 1998 PR SE
Kennewick, Washington 99337
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Working the dogs for fun in the pasture..

Another good day in the field..

Opening day of pheasant.

4 months old

Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Damien Mauger on Apr 01, 2017
Review/testimonial of South Pines GSP..Wow, where to start? First of all its been an amazing 2 years with my GSP, Wrenns Hills Famous Amos JH. The last two letters of that sentance (JH),still have me on cloud 9. Thats the AKC hunt test title of juniour hunter and is the culmination of my interaction with Jim and Julie Birdsall and their amazing operation. This may get a bit long but let me start at the beginning. First off I am fourtunate enough to have a farm and land to train a dog on.I had all intentions of training my dog myself after watching a ton of video on the internet. This got to the point where it was all getting mixed up in my dogs head and one traning exercise was contridicting the other. I needed a firm training plan. I was referred to Jim by my vet. After a wonderful first phone call, and explaining what I expected out of my dog, I just knew Jim was the man to make it happen and he invited my wife and I up to check out his training facilty and kennels. These are both top notch and have everything you could ask for. My wife felt very comfotable leaving our "boy" with the Birdsalls' for a few months so arrangments where made. Just like in his description, Jim has indoor and outdoor kennels that are pristine along with great training grounds even including a beautiful lake and lots of decorative foutains for the dogs to get water when there out.I explanined to Jim that first and foremost I wanted a hunting dog that had style and good hunting mannerisms that would turn folks' heads and I would be proud of...let me tell you...I got exactly what I asked for and more. We waited a short time before we could take Amos back to Jim to start his formal training. About 3 days before he was supposed to start, our boy had an unfourtnate event happen...He broke both bones in his front arm. I was devistated when I had to call Jim and tell him this. He was extremly understanding and wanted nothing but the best for the dog. During his recovery time Jim called several times to stay in touch and check on his healing progress as if it was his own dog. This meant alot to my wife and I. Finally the time came for his training to start and Jim was there ready with welcoming arms. Amos was dropped off for a 2 month training program. The first month consisted of basic training such as come, whoa,and heel. The second month was where the magic started as this is when the bird work started. Once again, as in his description, we made a few trips to visit and where coached ourselves in what was making our dog tick. It was amazing to see the progress he made with every visit. Finally the time came to take him home. Jim, knowning we had a farm, explained alot of drills and exercises we could work on at home to further progress our dog. We took him hunting several times and myself as well as our hunting party where absoulty stunned by the style and ability of this bird finding machine. Just like I had asked for. We had stayed in contact with the Birdsalls' and through conversation had decided to enter Amos in his first hunt test and go for his juniour hunter title. This was all thoroughly explained to us by the Birdsalls' to make it a fun and super enjoyable process. The Birdsalls' where also at Amos' first hunt test with their own dogs. Amos absoultly stunned the judges, recieving top scores the whole way through with unheard of scores by either the judges or Jim with tons of complements all weekend long earning his junior hunter title in just one weekend. To sum it all up Jim and Julie have became good friends of ours and through there mentoring and training program, we have one heck of a dog on our hands that has made us very proud. I would highly recommend Jim and South Pines' training for all of your training needs.
Submitted by: Chuck STELTENPOHL on Jun 03, 2014
I bought an 8 month old black lab named "Charlie." He didn't know anything and was not interested on fetching. I took him to Donnie for 6 weeks. When I got him back Charlie was not.only ready to fetch, he would not let go of the dummies until I tell him. Adventure Gun Dogs is the best $1000 I have spent in a long time. I can't wait for duck season!!! Charlie is getting stronger and stronger every day and is obeying hand signals on blind retrieves.Thanks Donnie!!!!
Submitted by: Dean Jaquish on Jan 11, 2014
My 8 month old GSP/lab mix was showing signs of being gun shy. In addition I did not have any experience with pointer training. Since our dog was also a pampered house pet, my wife and I were apprehensive about leaving her with a trainer that boards the dogs in kennel runs. Fortunately I found Don Evanson and Adventure Gundogs. It was the perfect match. Not only does Don Evanson have the experience and understanding to take on the most difficult training challenges, dogs in training stay in Don's house, getting to socialize with his own dogs. During the training I received frequent up-dates through phone calls, e-mails, photos, and videos. After Don's four week program, our dog, Chica, was holding point and retrieving with absolutely no concern about gun noise. After Chica came home, Don continued to provide training support with phone calls and e-mails. I'm already looking forward to taking my dog back to Don for some additional training before next year's hunting season.

Dean Jaquish
Gig Harbor, WA

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