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About "Prepared Puppy" & "Summer Starter" Programs
Our "Prepared Puppy" approach used during the 11 - 12 weeks a litter stays with us, focuses on four critical elements of the initial individual and social learning and modeling processes in a canine: 1. Developing positive learning motivation drivers through re-enforcing a puppy's internal desire to learn by displaying behaviors that will get them rewards. In our case the rewards will be treats, play and praise, or bird related fun. 2. Developing self-control so a puppy's ability to learn extends to inhibiting typical instinctive reactive responses. "Hup" is constantly used (at dinner, at the door, at play) to begin the development of the all-important "steadying." The "Short Pip" whistle command will follow as soon as "Hup" is learned. 3. Developing core behaviors so a puppy that is at "Hup" will remain calm and steady when tempted by distractions. 4. Developing socialization and adaptation skills by experiencing a number of new and strange environments in a positive and supportive manner. This leads to calm disposition desired in a companion hunter and the ability to adjust when they encounter a new environment be it with people, other dogs, terrain, weather or even game birds they are not familiar with hunting. The "Summer Starter" program is offered to clients whose puppies were purchased the previous summer. The summer that follows is dedicated to preparing ONLY dogs from the previous litter to start their role as a hunting companion.For 12 weeks, these dogs get intensive training three times a day. The focus is on the required skills of quartering, recall, retrieving, and steadiness. Also, behavioral conditioning for walking at heel, calmness in boats and blinds, and hundreds of hours of exposure and experiential learning on game birds and different terrain takes place.The "adapting to a pack" adjustment is only days instead of weeks since we will already know your dog and they will know us. Just as with our litters, we dedicate ourselves to them 24 - 7 seven days a week for 12 weeks. The result a hunting companion who is ready for their first season.
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