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Submitted by: Susan Christianson on Feb 12, 2015
Submitted by: Jamie Harris, Texas - Sue, because of your reputation, your clients are confident in the purchase of their pup. ANYONE that has ever seen you with your beloved labs can clearly see how passionate you are about your fur babies! It is very apparent that their care, their health, their training, their comfort and their food are your top priorities! You are determined to make EVERY Wyngmaster Labrador the VERY BEST a LABRADOR can possibly be! You are THE MOST reputable & responsible dog breeder I have ever met in my life! Every Dam, Sire and Puppy in this world should be so lucky! To be born a WyngMaster means to be born the BEST!

To buy a WyngMaster means you are able to buy a Labrador with the confidence of knowing they are genetically sound and healthy, the feeling of knowing you bought Beauty AND Brains all wrapped into one beautiful pedigree! I am so very PROUD to know you Sue! I am so very PROUD of the work you do! It is evident that you love every second of it!!
Submitted by: Neil Norman on Sep 08, 2013
Sue ... I couldn't be prouder of Barbie. She passed he i9p[;]o'oo

Sue ... Jean and I were so proud of Barbie's accomplishments this week-end. She passed her first two Hunt Tests towards her Started Hunting Retriever Title at only 5 months old. I took her hunting for Grouse and Chukar this week and she was awesome!! We are going to Canada this week to introduce her to hunting in Canada as we hunt there often. You did a very good job in Field Prepping Barbie to become the fabulous Working Labrador that she is. Thanks, Neil
Submitted by: Neil Norman on Aug 29, 2013
Barbie is now 5 months old and I feel real good running her in the NAHRA Started Hunt Test this week-end near Spokane , Wash. Today.Barbie was running with the big dogs and she showed her stuff. At the end of the day the friends we were with that were down to judge and run the upcoming tests decided we should see what natural ability Barbie had. She had already done doubles with live flier ducks and the senior marks that she did as singles. They set a test with a well used slimy duck thrown into water on the far side of a peninsula designed to see if the dog would run the bank. The distance of 65 yards thrown from cover, Barbie tracked along shore about 10 yards out and could not see the duck land. She had to cross over the land that was heavely scented from a bunch of earlier falls. Barbie aced it with a straight out and back with no thought of banking. So the next was a 100 yrd plus mark across open water onto land and into heavy cover. No problem. Then they decided we should try this as a double. This double required the memory bird would be the long retrieve into cover was only 15 yards off line and down wind from the second bird down penisula bird. Well at 5 months old, she went for the memory bird, the scent and the close proximity sucked her in and she needed the bird boy to make noise in the area of the fall for her to remember the bird. It was a great job though because she never came close to quiting.

You would be so proud as compliments came from the NAHRA judge who wanted to know where Barbie came from. He said he would love to get a dog from her breeding. The next compliment came
from a handler that is running a Grand Master Hunting Retriever and has another 1000 point dog. He said he had never had a pup any better than Barbie. Congratulations, Wyngmaster. I am so proud of Barbie and the work you did on her foundational training. She's Awesome!!
Submitted by: Neil Norman on Aug 07, 2013
Hi Sue … All is well in Idaho. I have hunted with Labradors for over 30 years and trained all of my hunting dogs and it looks like Barbie will easily out do all of them. She heals without a
leash, sits, comes when called and swims like a duck.

Barbie retrieves with great enthusiasm and delivers to hand at 10 weeks old. I have her hiking 5 to 6 miles a day with me in the mountains of Northern Idaho. She is doing extremely well in her field training and will be hunting for me by Oct. 1st 2013. She is awesome!!
Submitted by: Donald Dickison on Nov 13, 2011
I've had really great Labs in the past, but, I can honestly say that Ace is the most well behaved
and obedient Lab that I've ever had. Saturday, we were hunting with a friend who has an 8 month old Golden Retriever that is also well behaved. There was no fighting over downed birds. Ace simply sat on command and retrieved when it was his turn! I am so glad we decided to drive from Pennsylvania to Tulsa for Ace. You couldn't buy him from me for any amount of money.
Submitted by: Gavin Bell on Nov 13, 2011
Sue.....Rayder and I had a wonderful hunting season last year!! We bagged 242 birds. Rayder, at only a year old, picked up those birds with style!! He loves his work more than I can describe. It's incredible to watch him retrieve. He received his JR and SR AKC Hunting Title in back to back week-end this past May. I am really looking forward to hunting with Rayder this Hunting Season.
Submitted by: Ted Pelzel on Sep 22, 2010
Sue, I took Biddle hunting in Iowa last week-end. He did awesome!! Retrieved every duck. Found two cripple in thick brush. He never slowed down the entire week-end. His drive is unbelievable. Truly a blessing to our family.
Submitted by: Tom McCarthy on Sep 22, 2010
Hi Sue, Eb has earned his SHR Title and we're very proud of him. Just a little over a year old. I have had Eb at Washita Retrievers. I had Jeff Chesnut to train him. I will be bringing him home for the hunting season this weekend. Next year I will take him back to try to gain another level on the hunt test. Jeff really does a good job. I was telling Jeff about WyngMaster Labradors and one of the other dog owners there had been checking out your website. Jeff thought he should contact you. I will get you some pictures as soon as I can.
Submitted by: Will Friesen on Jun 30, 2010
Sue, our family would really like to thank you for Cookie. I have had several Labs before, but nothing compares to her WyngMaster genes. Cookie, at 8 months old, was retrieving like a Pro.

I had two Ducks fall in the woods, so Cookie and I went looking for them. She kept going over to this log knowing there was a duck there, but I kept calling her off because I just knew it was not there. After 10 minutes of searching for it (my way) with no luck, I decided to go back to the blind. Again, she returned to that log, so I said, what the heck,I will check it out. Much to my surprise, she came up with the duck. I have never had a dog like Cookie. She has the best nose I have ever seen. Her nose only smells ducks and she loves it.

Her longest retrieve was about 100 yards this year and did not loose not one. She hears that duck hit the water and she is just itching for her command to go get her retrieve. She's even broke 1/4 inch ice for the duck.

There's not enough money in this world to buy Cookie from me. She goes to work with me every morning and sleeps in her kennel beside my bed every night.

Kim will be sending you some pictures and Thank You so much for such a Wonderful Dog (what we say is our fourth child.) If you ever need a referral,
my phone line is always open for any of your clients. Well,I think it's bed time cause Cookie is snoring!!

Thanks Again,

Will Friesen & Family
Submitted by: Stephanie McClure on Jun 30, 2010
Hi, Sue Thank you for your continued interest in Honor and his progress from puppy to adulthood. We are at the six month mark and Honor has grown to a healthy puppy weighing 47 pounds. Honor is happiest when he's swimming, running or hanging with his best friend and surrogate Dad,Scottsdale.

Honor is incredibly intelligent and learns
something new everyday. Sometimes we have a corrective action conversation about the things he learns.:) Honor is so smart, he graduated valedictorian/summa cum laude from his Pet Smart Puppy Obedience Training Class.

Honor wanted to share these pictures with you...
starting with a picture of him in January,2010
when he was with his Tulsa Momma to his graduation picture.

Talk to you soon ...

Stephanie and Honor (Arf, Arf)
Submitted by: T. Pelzel on Mar 29, 2009
Thank you for bringing Biddle into our lives. Without your hard work and efforts to raise such fine dogs, keep such accurate records and start these pups off in the right direction from the day they are born, we would not have Biddle.

He was a born swimmer and loves the water like no other dog we have ever had. He knows those bird feathers and gets excited whenever we get our hunting gear together. He is also a great family dog. He is our baby's best friend and we all love him.

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