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Submitted by: Will Oates on Apr 23, 2012
My Cab/Thyme pup had his fourth birthday on April 6. He has been a great field retriever who hunts hard, is VERY self-confident, tolerates pressure well, has a lot of bird desire to say the least, has an incredible nose and is a good marker. It is a real joy to watch him work and he never gives up. At home, he is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had and probably the most patient and gentle with small children that I've ever seen. Easy on the eyes, to boot. Roz's work has vastly improved my family and our next dog will be from her as well. I can't praise Wildfire enough.

-Will Oates
Submitted by: Greg Moore on Apr 01, 2012
We got our 8 year old son a male puppy out of a Torch and Web litter. Santa brought it on Christmas. This dog could not be anymore loving. When take him out to work the field...when his coller comes off he is about 1 thing...HUNTING. People can not believe he was born in Nov. 2011,the way he works. He only wants to be part of the team and you see it when he works. It darn near takes an act of God to get his noes off the ground!You can see his bloodlines in action...We do not get amazed by our Husker Boy anymore...we expect it....Santa could not have gave my son ( ME ; ) a better present. Thanks Roz...We WILL be back! Greg,Lucrecia and Michael Moore.
Submitted by: Dan & Sylvia Houck on Jul 07, 2010
If you are looking for a hunting Golden we highly recommend Wildfire Goldens...
We just picked up our 3rd Golden, 2nd one from Roz & Pat...Our 4th will come from them too...
Submitted by: Jonathan Pyne on May 29, 2009
We have had our dog for four years. She is the sweetest, best behaved Golden we have owned. She is also a remarkable bird dog. We plan to get our second Roz dog in a year or two. There is no other breeder that we would consider.
Submitted by: Bob Moris on Aug 03, 2007
Wildfire goldens are top notch family hunting and competitive hunt test dogs. Roz and Pat are exceptional people who are extremely dedicated to this breed and it shows in their lines. River, my Wildfire golden is 12 months old, very intelligent, easy to train, a pinpoint marker, and great in the field with an excellent nose. She's as good with children and other people as she is the field.

If you're looking for an average golden you won't find one at Wildfire. Roz and Pat's dogs excel in all facets of what you'd expect from a gun dog. I know, I've seen most of them work and I own one their dogs.

I'd recommend Wildfire to anyone looking for a great gun dog/family pet. My next golden will definitely come from Wildfire!
Submitted by: Adam Moris on Jun 25, 2007
My Wildfire Golden is 1 year old and just completed her first 2 passes on a Junior Hunt Test. She's been on live birds last hunting season at 6 months old and has one heck of a nose and is absolutely "birdie" to say it best. Our neighbors run a daycare and the kids (9 of them) come over and throw fun bumpers for my dog. She's as good with the young kids as she is in the field, exactly what I was looking for!

Roz and Pat are exceptional folks to speak with and run a top notch business on a beautiful piece of property with clean kennels to house each and every dog. Some of the dog?s kennels are better than the office in which I work as they get a bird?s eye view over the large duck slough they get to hunt. I highly recommend the Wildfire line for a good solid competitive hunting gun dog of many different game birds.

?This is my first Wildfire Golden and for certain not my last!?
Submitted by: Jeff Warwick on Mar 02, 2007
We have 2 Goldens from Wildfire, Summit is turning 11 this year and Sierra is 4. Perfect nose on both of them and they live to hunt. We ran a daycare and have small grandchildren...never a problem with either of them. Both are inside dogs but when I grab a gun they switch to hunting machines!
Submitted by: Pam and Jeff Johnson on Mar 02, 2007
We purchased a male 8 years ago from Roz and Pat - he's an outstanding dog. Great family dog and solid hunter. Just what we hoped for... and we're picking up another pup this weekend!
Submitted by: Steve Winslow on Feb 22, 2007
We own two Wildfire goldens and couldn't be more happier with them. Great dogs in the field for upland and waterfowl and fireplace dogs at home.

Be prepared.... Pat and Roz don't sell dogs- they place them. They want to ensure that their puppies are placed in a good environment prior to sending them home with you.

I seriously can't think of another golden kennel that I would go too.
Submitted by: Chris Potts on Feb 20, 2007
Pat and Roz breed the best Golden Retrievers. Lilly is 5 now and in her prime. She is just what I had hoped for. A trim,playful, friendly house dog who LOVES to hunt. She can't wait to get in the field and hunt pheasants. Trained by Greg Fryar she listens well, hunts close and has a great nose. She is my shadow around the house and hunting buddy in the field.

Chris Potts
Submitted by: Larry Monio on Feb 20, 2007
I have never had better dogs. Currently I have two goldens from them and plan to get my next dog from them too.

Submitted by: Greg and Carla Fryar on Feb 18, 2007
We have had 2 dogs from Pat & Roz and would recommend them to anyone who truly wants to HUNT behind an awesome upland Golden or over a wonderful waterfowl Golden.
The Fryar's

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