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Submitted by: Lindsay Chirdon on Aug 23, 2017
In the fall of 2014, my (now husband) and I visited Warriors Mark Kennels in search of the perfect hunting dog for us. Bernadette, Eric, and Donna were AMAZING and beyond helpful assisting us throughout the process. We ended up getting a GSP, and it was the best decision we ever made. Ellie will be 3 next month and she has been not only an excellent hunter, but an amazing running buddy, best friend, couch potato, and companion and enriches our lives beyond anything we ever expected. She has been perfectly healthy, super friendly and personable, and I do believe we owe a lot of that to Warriors Mark. My husband continues to take Ellie to Warriors Mark and participates in hunts and trials, and Bernadette, Eric, and Donna continue to be wonderful. Nothing but amazing experiences with Warriors Mark, I can't wait to add another GSP to our family someday.
Submitted by: Gene Showers on Oct 27, 2014
I Have had the pleasure of purchasing 3 gsp from warriors mark and would highly recommend them if your looking for a hunting dog or just a family friend.I'm currently training my third puppy that i picked up on October 10th 2014 and he is doing great,retrieving and pointing at 12 weeks.i have already shot 4 birds over him. Their dogs have outstanding blood lines and are easy to train with minimum experience in training hunting breeds. They are great to deal with and and offer many breeds. I wouldn't think of going any where else. My thanks to Bernadett and Eric also Donna.
Submitted by: Wes on Mar 24, 2014
Our English Springer Spaniel is now one year old and we couldn't be happier with how she's turning out. She's healthy, has a great personality, and obviously comes from great lines, given how effective she is on the hunt and how wonderful she is behaviorally. The Warriors Mark staff we're very helpful, kind, and informational. Whenever I had any questions, I called and they we're happy to help. Flying her out to Los Angeles from PA was no problem at all. I give Warriors Mark 5 stars, a 10 out of 10, two thumbs up, etc.
Submitted by: Barb Bloom on Oct 02, 2013
We got our German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) in September 2011. He is now almost 2.5 years old. Cooper has been an excellent hunter and replaced our other dog. Eric gave my husband some excellent tips to aid in water skills and training. Cooper will point and then retrieve perfectly on land or water. Highly recommend Warriors Mark. My husband has been back for some of the field trials there... Our 6 yr old is saving to get his own hunting dog, from Warriors Mark.
Submitted by: Don on Sep 27, 2013
I was looking for a good family and house dog as well as a good upland hunter. Based on other testimonials, I contacted Warriors Mark. So happy I did.

I went out for an initial visit to their facility. Eric and Bernadette and their staff spent a lot of time with me to gauge my needs. They confirmed that my interest in a springer would best fit my particular home, family, and hunting needs.

After the litter was born, I returned with my young sons to pick out our puppy. Again, everyone at Warriors Mark was helpful and accommodating. We spent several sessions over two days with the litter and then made our decision.

What a great dog she is. I couldn't be more pleased.

She went on her first hunt just yesterday. This springer puppy loves birds. She flushed a half dozen quail and didn't want to stop.

I had conditioned her over the summer to gun fire. She gets excited when she hears it. No problem at all with gun shyness.

Warriors Mark is a great facility run by great people who are producing great dogs.

Submitted by: Sharon Bernacki on Sep 25, 2013
I purchased my English Springer Spaniel puppy, Norm, from Warriors Mark in June 2012 and could not be happier with the experience. The day I picked up Norm he was a happy, well-adjusted pup and has remained that way. I am still learning the basics of hunt tests and field trials, but in the meantime he's been an amazing pet and running companion, and the star of his obedience and agility classes! Warriors Mark clearly cares about all of their puppies and prepares them to be great pets and high achievers. When the time comes for me to purchase a second dog, Warriors Mark will be my first and only call.
Submitted by: Steve & Lori Herzer on Sep 24, 2013
We had a beautiful English Setter for 14 years and when we were finally ready to open our hearts and home to another puppy we were referred to Warrior's Mark through a friend. From that first phone call with questions about the kennel Donna was wonderful and kind and patient with me. When we picked Amber up we had a tour of the kennel and got to meet her parents and even a couple of her brothers that hadn't gone to their new homes yet. The kennels are clean and the dogs that live there look very happy. Amber is a sweet girl, smart and eager to please. We couldn't be happier with her. Thank you Donna, Eric and Bernadette for the pleasant experience.
Submitted by: Bill Brady on Sep 23, 2013
We purchased our Brittany from Warriors Mark in September 2012. We wanted a breed that would make both an excellent family companion and hunter. We got both with Scarlet. Eric, Bernadette, and Donna are the nicest breeders to work with. They are knowledgeable and friendly. They were very patient with us as we had many questions about Brittany's and how to care for a puppy. They continue to be available to answer questions and concerns that we have especially in regards to training a hunting breed. Our experience was top notch. They do a remarkable job of socializing their puppies so that they are friendly and excited to learn about the world around them. My first hunting experience with Scarlet far exceeded my expectations. I attribute this to Warriors Mark dedication and passion to breeding top quality dogs.
Submitted by: jane c. branch on Sep 22, 2013
I have purchased 3 ESS pups from Eric, Bernadette and Janice and Donna. I mention everyone becsuse they are truly a family raising their babies. My dogs are true "field springers", are all birdie, (as well as chippie, mousie, rabbitie, froggie, and........). My kids are so loving and playful and are willing to learn ANYTHING I take the time to teach them. It is obvious that they have wonderfful nutrition from pre-pregnancy on because they are very healthy. Warriors Mark is a wonderful place to visit as well as patronize. I love them GOBS!
Submitted by: Deanna on Oct 07, 2012
We purchased a black lab from Warriors Mark in June 2012 and we are so happy with Hogan. He's such an amazing dog, so smart and loves learning new games for training. Hogan is a beautiful dog and we get compliments on him all the time. He loves other dogs and is great with people. He has an excellent natural retrieve and has done well with retrieving dummies for hunting. Very pleased with Warriors Mark as a breeder.
Submitted by: Mike and Ann Swoveland on Aug 27, 2012
We purchased our first GSP puppy from Warriors Mark Kennels in November 2011 and we have been so pleased with our dog. Scooter is such a big part of our family now, it's hard to believe we've only had him for less than a year. He is very healthy, smart, and house training him went very smoothly. Bernadette and her staff gave us a tour of the kennels and let us play with Scooter for a while so we could make sure we were happy with our selection. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Eric that day, but we hope to on our next visit. Within the next 3-4 years, we definitely plan on getting a second GSP at Warriors Mark Kennels. We highly recommend them!
Submitted by: Butch Decriscio on Aug 01, 2012
I have had the opportunity to purchase 5 dogs from Warriors Mark and could not be more pleased. The dogs are well bred and have great social skills from the very start making training and hunting with these dogs a pleasure. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hunting partner or even a family pet.
Submitted by: Missy Birdsall on Jul 25, 2012
We purchased an English Setter puppy from Eric and Burnadette. From the first phone call it was apparent they were very knowledgable and helped us make good decisions. Our puppy is a very intelligent, very willing to please, beautiful little girl. She is just 12 weeks old and can fetch and retrieve and is almost housebroken and just the best little buddy. It is certainly obvious that Eric and Burnadette do an amazing job. Can't wait till this little girl is ready to hunt!
Submitted by: Ken Lockhart on Jun 15, 2012
after looking around for a true field bred english springer spaniel . I was happy to find Warrior Marks . my pup is just turn a year and he has show great hunting drive and works good with my other ess and welsh springer .
Submitted by: Judy Potter on Jan 27, 2012
We purchased an English Pointer from Warriors Mark Kennels in December, 2011. This dog is extremely intelligent as well as beautiful. He was easily trainable and is sure to be a great hunter. We look forward to a time when we can add another of their pointers to our family. Absolutely wonderful dog!
Submitted by: Richard Marcinowski on Jan 17, 2012
Our family purchased a lab pup from warriorsmark and she has been a real joy to have.She is a great hunter as well as companion.Sadie has been a great addition to the family as well as a great hunting companion.Would love another and would purchase from Eric and Bernadette without hesitation.Happy hunting Rich
Submitted by: Donna on Dec 28, 2011
My Daughter and I got a Black Lab from Warriors Mark Kennels, Jack is the smartest dog I have ever owned. We got him has a puppy he was potty trained in two days. I would recamend any one wanting a lab to look into Warriors Mark kennels for there puppy.
Submitted by: Angela Okruch on Nov 17, 2009
We purchased an English Springer Spaniel in August 2009. What a wonderful puppy! He is a fast learner and has such a willingness to please. Bernadette and Eric have the experience and knowledge that I would expect from a breeder. They answered any questions that we had and were very helpful. We are thinking about maybe getting another puppy and we would definately go back to Warriors Mark.
Submitted by: Kelly & John on Aug 02, 2009
My husband and I lost our English Pointer at 6 years old and we were determined to find another one, we turned to Warriors Mark and found the best puppy ever. They were great on keeping us updated on the puppies progress and how they were developing into hunting dogs. We have had our English Pointer pup for three weeks now and it has been a joy to watch her! I would suggest if you want a great and healthy puppy to go to Warriors Mark Kennels great people and great place to invest! Thanks again for everything!
Submitted by: Susan Bieber on May 26, 2009
After suffering through numerous health issues and three types of cancer with my beloved chocolate lab Leo who was sweet but obviously not from healthy stock, I was determined after his death to find a breeder who was meticulous about the health of the dogs they breed. That search brought me to Eric and Bernadette and the two wonderful black labs we now live with, Sophie and Tucker. They are talented, sweet and healthy as can be. Thank you Eric and Bernadette!
Submitted by: Michelle on Mar 30, 2008
Eric and Bernadette guided me in selecting my first gun dog, an English Setter. This dog has been everything I could have hoped for - great nose, speed and class.
Submitted by: Jim Mariani on May 29, 2007
I cannot say enough about the incredible service that Eric and Bernadette have provided me in acquiring lab and GSP pups. They offer excellent advice and well-bred (and well-mannered!) animals to the hunting public.

I am convinced that you will not find a better quality animal from a more knowledgable breeder and at as competitive a price as what is offered at Warriors Mark.

Best wishes with your new hunting partner.

Jim Mariani

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