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Submitted by: Angela Disney on Jul 08, 2020
We recently brought home our second Boykin Spaniel from Walnut Ridge. I honestly can’t imagine buying a pup from any other breeder! These dogs are superior in every way. Health, temperament, a desire to hunt, companionship, these dogs have it all! We were already talking about buying a third puppy before we left Micah’s driveway!
If you are considering a puppy from Walnut Ridge, don’t hesitate!
Submitted by: Wesley Sumner on Apr 26, 2018
Could not be happier with my new Boykin "Woodruff" aka Woody! We brought him home about a week ago. Micah was very helpful and answered all of our questions. We met him initially to see the puppies and then again to pick up our new pup. Honestly we weren't 100% sure about getting a Boykin. I've had spaniels before but never a Boykin. However, after our first meeting with Micah, my wife and I both felt very confident about our decision to move forward. Woody has had his first vet appointment and everything checked out great. Happy and healthy pup. Can't wait to start working with him! Like I said, could not be happier!
Submitted by: Josh on Jul 25, 2017
Picked up my Boykin 3 months ago and couldn't be more pleased. He is very eager to learn and is great in training. He is already performing conditioned retrieves at 20 plus yards and loves the water. I plan on using him for duck hunting and have the complete confidence he will do great in the blind.

Micah was good at communicating and addressed all my questions. I definitely recommend.
Submitted by: Park Pickering on Jul 02, 2017
We bought a female Boykin from Micah just a few weeks ago. My family have raised 6 beagles now and thought it was the breed I would always have. That is until my son and I began to hunt upland birds here in Wyoming. Saw very fast that we needed a dog. I was a summer fly fishing guide for years and had experienced a Boykin then. While looking at potential breeds it is the one that stood out in my mind and their size fits much better with our family.

I ran across Micah and a potential pup here on gun dog breeder. From my first contact Micah was nice, professional and willing to work with me. He made all the arrangements to have her flown here. She arrived in excellent shape and came out of the kennel excited to see me and rarely leaves my side now. I must say that when I decided on this breed I truly didn't know what to expect. I couldn't be more impressed. She is healthy energetic and smart.

Thank you Micah for this little gem of a dog and for your willingness to help and respond to my silly texts.
Submitted by: Trevor on Dec 05, 2016
Picked up our Brittany on Labor Day, got Finn out in the field today for the first time. Couldn't have been more pleased with him. Every trip down the field the dog came more into his element. After a hour or so in he was really using his nose. Backed point a few times, was really great watching him come into his own. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Tim Boyce on Feb 12, 2016
Picked up a great pup from Micah, at 9 weeks he was already doing 20 yard retrieved with real birds. Will hold sit for 25+ seconds, and hold s Bokken quail dummy for 45 seconds. He is a great dog!
Submitted by: Jim Critchfield on Mar 28, 2015
I got 1 of Micha's GSPs from his last litter. He was very helpful throughout the whole process and patient, answered any question I had. Picked him up a few weeks ago and he fits in great with my family. He has adjusted well and doing great. Vet said he looked great and we get compliments from everyone who sees him. Micha and his family are great and do great with their dogs. I highly recommend his dogs. You will be pleased.
Submitted by: Jeremy Reagan on Mar 02, 2015
We got a black female lab from Micah she is everything he said she would be mossy is 9 weeks old she will sit, fetch,loves everyone has a great personality smartest puppy we have ever had these are some some of the smartest labs they have money could not buy this dog everybody that see's her falls in love with her if you are hunting for a smart lab and family dog Micah's dogs are it
Submitted by: Paul Worley on Oct 19, 2014
I would like to thank Micah for one of the best little female Brittany pups I have ever had. We picked her up in September and has been a joy. Great health, extremely socialized and has already shown she is a eager learner and hunter. I hunt grouse in NC and have taken her to some of the places I usually hunt where she shows she has the genetics to be a real hunter as soon as she gets big enough. That is if we daughter, wife and admittedly myself don't spoil her too much.
Submitted by: Lori Williams on Sep 10, 2013
In December 2012, we purchased a GSP from Micah. Our puppy, Orion, (from Ten Oaks Ramblin Jake and Walnut Ridges Homewrecker's litter in Oct. 2012), recently took a Prize 3 (104 points out of a possible 112) in the NAVHDA's Natural Ability Test. Orion received Prize 1 points in all areas except for tracking, which he received a 1 out of 4 points. We believe he is also a Prize 1 dog in this area. However, during the tracking phase, the conditions were less than desirable. The track was done in a fresh cut hay field, the soil was dry and sandy. After the test began, Orion tracked the pheasant approximately 6 feet, then broke track and began to search. At this point, we realized that we were downwind from the stocking truck. Orion followed scent up to the truck. We recalled him and he immediately picked up the track again on his own. When he reestablished track he followed it for approximately 10 feet and then began to search for the stocking truck again. We believe this low tracking score is due to judge and handler error for allowing the stocking truck to be where it was.

We have been told many times, and believe, that Orion is a top-shelf hunting dog with a cannon for a nose! We look forward to many enjoyable hunts and tests in the future. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hunting dog to see what Walnut Ridge Kennels has available!

Lori's Handsome Boy, Orion's scores can be verified at once they are posted. His test date was 9/8/2013 at the Delaware Valley Chapter.


Lori Williams and Steve Drescher
Submitted by: Chris and Sarah on Jun 05, 2013
Bought our GSP from Micah and he has turned out to be THE best dog I have ever met. Sweet disposition, great family dog, gets along great with everyone, and loves to look for birds. I would recommend this breeder to ANYONE looking for a dog. We love our GSP! Cant say enough good things!
Submitted by: Jessica on Feb 26, 2013
I traveled to Tennessee from Florida in September to look at a litter of puppies from Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennel. I must say, I was quite impressed with Micah, he was knowledgable and down to earth. Micah guaranteed his puppies. I was sold, and purchased a GSP puppy from Micah. "Chase" our puppy has been such an exceptional dog. Chase is eager to find and eager to please. At 3 months old, Chase was already finding birds. At 6 months old he is now being professionally trained and has quite the knack and drive for pointing. Chase is lovable and a great addition to our family! Looking forward to having my little man back! He's such a handsome little fella!

Overall, I would highly recommend Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennel. Great looking dogs that are well cared for.
Submitted by: Kristen Ives on Dec 26, 2012
Our 6 week old Brittany puppy is precious! She has a sweet temperment, beautiful coat, and is already showing signs of being easily trainable. She is very affectionate as well. She is a real GEM! Thanks to Micah for an easy and great experience getting a new puppy. If you need a great dog, give Micah a call! If we had a bigger yard, we would seriously be considering a second pup from this litter!
Submitted by: Ben Fender on Dec 09, 2012
I purchased a yellow lab from Micha at Walnut Ridge Kennels. This is a top notch kennel and Micha is a super good guy.The pup was seven weeks old when i picked him up. The pup is super smart , friendly and everything Micha said he was. He is nine weeks now and already loving to retrieve on land and water and can also do blind retrieves. He is not gun shy and has not been from the first day i got him. I would definatly recomend walnut ridge if you are looking for a honest seller and a dependable dog.
Submitted by: Scott and Tammy Nowland on Nov 29, 2012
We recently bought a GSP puppy from Micah, and his family, for our son's birthday present. The communication from them was great from the first email to the email after we took Gauge home. We took the puppy to our vet the day after we got him, and he got a perfect bill of health. We were very impressed with the health of all of the dogs at Walnut Ridge and recommend them for your next puppy/dog!
Submitted by: Randall Nemyo on Jun 12, 2012
I purchased a GSP in December 2011 and he has been everything Micah has said. Jed points on his own and can retrieve on land as well as in the water with no training required. Micah and his family do an excellent job breeding hunting dogs and I highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Ray D. Porter on Mar 07, 2012
In December of 2011, I purchased Sandy's Asia Broker from Micah. I am very pleased as to how Sandy performs in the field as well as the pen. She is a pet but when you drop the door on my dog box she is all business. I hunt only wild birds and Sandy found several covies this year. She is exactly what Micah said she was and I look forward to purchasing another dog from him.
Submitted by: Van Webb on Feb 10, 2012
I purchased a GSP puppy from Micah in December 2011. I had only saw a picture of her online and spoke with Micah over the phone before I picked her up. She was everything I had hoped for and more. Micah was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process and the vet said the pup(Maddie) was in perfect health. She has made a great family pet and is pointing naturally. I highly recommend buying a puppy from Micah and can't wait to get another one.
Submitted by: Eddie Malone@ Creekside Hunting Preserve on Feb 06, 2012
I purchased Walnut Ridges Lack of Cash from Micah to use on my hunting preserve and breed my best female. Cash is everything Micah said he was and more. He is going to be a great addition to my preserve. I would highly recommend Micah to anyone looking to purchase a puppy or trained dog.
Submitted by: Jonathan C. Reynolds on Nov 06, 2011
I purchased an 8 week old German Shorthaired Pointer from Micah in October of 2011. She is going to be a great gun dog, the vet said she was in perfect health, and Micah was extremely professional. The experience of purchasing a dog from Micah was excellent. I highly recommend him.
Submitted by: Scott NesSmith on Jun 26, 2011
I have purchased 2 GSP from Micah and couldn't be happier with my investments. They both have tremendous drive and they love to work. Training them has been very easy and fun due to their intelligence, desire to please, and great work ethic. They will work as long you let them. They have been great additions to our family. Micah was so helpful and knowledgable in both of my purchases and I'm very thankful that I purchased such amazing dogs from a breeder that loves taking pleasure breeding quality pups. I would recommend anyone to purchase a pup from Micah. I've purchased 2 and when it's time for the #3 I'll be back visiting the Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennel to pick up my next pup.

Scott NesSmith
Submitted by: Mike Fowler on Nov 21, 2010
I purchased a GSP puppy from Micah in April of 2010,from only a picture and talking to Micah over the phone and the GSP was everything Micah said the dog would be. He listens very well and was pointing at 4 months old. At 6 months old I took my GSP pup to Michigan and he was finding and holding points on grouse. I would buy another dog from Micah anyday and would recommend him as a breeder

Mike Fowler from Ohio
Submitted by: Jeff Lingo on Oct 15, 2010
I purchased a GSP from Micah and during the process we both encountered schedule conflicts, but Micah was great to work with and did everything possible to work with my schedule. My dog Kane did everything Micah said he would and so far he has been great to work with and easy to train. I will definetly buy another dog from Micah.
Submitted by: Rob Stephens on Oct 05, 2010
Update on Sammy the Britt Spaniel pup -

This is a great dog!!! He is pointing and flushing and I do not even know how to train him. I am sure everyone loves their first Brittany, but this dog is amazing.

Sammy is house trained (mostly) and is very attentive/receptive to training. He'll sit, high five, and lay down on command - outstanding for a 16 week old pup.
Submitted by: Vineyard on Oct 03, 2010
We purchased a German Shorthair puppy and couldn't be happier. She's very healthy, full of energy, and points on a dime. She's a great family pet. Thank you Micah.
Submitted by: steve elliott on Sep 11, 2010
I purchased a liver and white brittany from Micah 4 weeks ago and could not be happier. She was crate trained in just a few days and is almost completely house broken at 12 weeks. She has been pointing at everything that moves in our yard for the last couple of weeks. Micah was a real pleasure to deal with and I will purchase from him again.
Submitted by: Tyler Sneed and Kate Beckman on Aug 28, 2010
We purchased an orange and white male Brittany puppy from the Landers family two weeks ago. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! We took him to the vet the day after he was purchased, and the vet gave him an excellent bill of health. The vet was very impressed with the high quality of the vaccine that he had already received from the Landers family. The puppy is now 9 weeks ago, and he is crate trained and almost house trained. He is absolutely wonderful with our 2 year old niece! He likes to play rough with us, but he is so calm and sweet with her. We highly recommend the Landers family and their puppys!

Tyler, Kate, and Brooks
Submitted by: Rob Stephens on Aug 21, 2010
We purchased a Brittany spaniel from the Landers a week ago. We noticed immediately the fine breeding, as our pup was "pointing" at every grasshopper and bug he found in the yard.

Micah is quick recognize that the "Bullet" lineage is great, but he has the right mix of other great lineages to ensure that his pups are exceptionally well rounded; which our Vet commented on as he professed our pup to be in perfect health. The Landers have a family breeding operation. Our family dog was extremely socialized and well worth the 3.5 hour drive from North Atlanta - great breeder, great people and a great dog.
Submitted by: Michelle Moore on Apr 14, 2010
I bought my son a Brittany Spaniel last year from the Landers family and this dog has been the best addition to our family as well as a wonderful hunting dog. We absolutley love our little girl Scout!
Michelle Moore
Submitted by: Lindy Mason on Apr 05, 2010
Words cannot express how thankful we are for our puppy we bought from Micah and his family. We even named him Lander after the Landers family. :)

Lander is full of energy but also has a sweet side. He has even ran with my mom in two 5Ks this spring. In the most recent race, the organizers even gave him a medallion! :)

Our lives have not been the same since Lander came to live with a good way, though! We wouldn't trade him for the world!
Submitted by: Caleb Merritt on Mar 26, 2010
I just recently purchased a beautiful, healthy yellow lab pup from Micah. The pup was given a clean bill of health from the Vet just a few days after bringing him home. He is smart and fun to have around. I would highly recommend buying your next dog at Walnut Ridge from Micah Landers. Micah is a quality breeder and has been a pleasure to do business with. He was very accommodating and made getting the pup very easy.
Submitted by: Jeremy Crow on Mar 01, 2010
When a man loses his two Brittanys to unforseen circumstances it can be a blow that would cripple the strongest individual. With a heavy heart and wounded spirit I contacted Micah at the end of the summer 2009 about a young 6 month old pup he was adverstising. I loaded my fiance in the truck and we headed to Pulaski to pick up a spunky oranage and white Brittany that I dubbed Baxter Bobwhite. Baxter has matured into a beautiful young fellow and is now pointing birds like a champ. He will stop on a dime at the command of "whoa" is unboubtedly the quickest learner I have ever experienced. This dog was a true blessing for me and has revitalized my passion for bird hunting. Micah was very straight forward and encouraging about this young pup. Everything he said has held true. Baxter has progressed ahead of my schedule. Working a full time job and training a bird dog is quite the demanding task so he has learned a lot on his own. We love Baxter dearly and are so glad he is a part of our family. It has taken me awhile to post on here due to relocation and work but I want you to know there is no better place to find your companion than Walnut Ridge Kennel. Thanks Micah for uniting me with Baxter
Submitted by: Steven Cootes on Mar 01, 2010
Micah Landers and his family were very helpful and informative throughout the purchase of our yellow lab. They answered all our questions and kept in great contact. I highly recommend them and I am very pleased wih our pup.
Submitted by: Gina Mason on Jan 13, 2010
My husband and I received a German short haired pointer as a Christmas gift from our children. The Landers were so nice and very accessible to get in touch with. We have been completely satisfied with everything about the pup. We recommend Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennel.
Submitted by: Doug Brown on Dec 03, 2009
After deciding to purchase a GSP puppy for our family pet and a hunting companion, I started searching websites and local breeders for info and pedigrees. After seeing pictures of Mr. Micah Landers dogs and puppies at Walnut Ridge, I gave him a call and talked about some alternatives for a puppy. He was very informative and went out of his way to be helpful. I was impressed enough after a few calls and e-mails to comit to buying a pup 6 hrs. from home, and I am not very easily impressed for those that know me. On 11-21-09 we made the trip fom Bedford, IN to TN to pick out a puppy for our kids Xmas present. Upon arrival there was an 8 week old female still available from the thanksgiving litter that we had been keeping tabs on via the website. I had my mind set on a solid liver head with a few spots and a lot of ticking,and she had it all. But, we were wanting to wait for the xmas litter. My wife who wasn't keen on the idea of a dog at all got to meet this puppy first and it was love at first site for both of us. After loving up to my wife she went straight to some brush nose first then looked back as if to say are you coming and let's go hunt to me, that was all it took. Micah was very friendly and welcoming. All of his dogs were beautiful, healthy and well kept. Being a lifelong English setter owner, I am now proud to say that GSP's and Walnut Ridge has won me over. Thunder Rose has been a blessing to our family as a pet and will hopefully be an even better hunting dog in time. To you Micah, all we can say is thank you for all your help and for giving us the opportunity to own Thunder Rose. To anyone considering buying a GSP, I highly recommend Walnut Ridge, as I will use Micah for all of my future purchases. Thanks again!!!
Submitted by: Ken Ratliff on Nov 17, 2009
Micah was great to work with, he saved me two hours of driving time by meeting me at his parents. His parents were super nice and the pup is great. Very smart girl, she retrieves a tennis ball at six week and is very intelligent and playful. Thanks so much Micah.
Submitted by: Jeff and Melissa Lindmark on Oct 15, 2009
I looked at a number of breeders across the U.S. and talked to some of the most well know breeders in my hunt for the perfect dog. I looked for around 6 weeks to find a dog that would fit in our family as well as the needs of the family. One of the issues I was having was getting people to return calls, communicate through e-mail, explain the history of the pedigrees for the parents, and send pictures. Micah was the most helpful and knowledgeable about the family that I spoke to. He answered all of my questions and returned calls when he said he would. Micah was very honest about the complete process and left nothing unanswered. He can be trusted completely in helping you find a dog.

The puppy we selected was just over 6 weeks old; he was almost potty trained when we picked him up. He is also already starting to point, which is a sign of both the bloodline and breeding. He has a wonderful disposition and is a great addition to our family. Please feel free to contact me if you need a reference on Micah and the services he offers. You will not be let down with your new pet or the way he conducts business.

Jeff Lindmark
Nashville, TN.
Submitted by: Eric Allen on Aug 24, 2009
I purchased a liver and roan gsp pup in May. I can not take her anywhere without someone stopping me and either trying to buy her from me, or teling me how beautiful she is! She is FULL of energy and loves her people! She loves to go riding, and playing fetch. I have not hunted her, but she had a picture perfect point the first time she saw a wing. Micah was wonderful to work with, and took time to answer all my questions!
Submitted by: Rick and Bonnie Bryant on May 27, 2009
We bought a black and white gsp puppy (Parker) in May of 2009. He is wonderful. Full of spunk and just as happy go luck as they come. We don't hunt but he is a great addition to our family and is almost house broken. Thanks Micha
Submitted by: Richard Zingery on Mar 11, 2009
I purchased a male GSP puppy from Micah in Sept 08, the puppy is everything that I expected. It was a pleasure dealing with Micah. The dog is showing great potential. This is the first bird dog I have owned and I am very pleased with its progress. I recommend Walnut Ridge Kennel to anyone in search for a hunting dog.
Submitted by: Abby Anderson on Feb 09, 2009
In December 2008 I purchased a Chocolate Lab puppy from Micah. Micahs wife met me about halfway so I only had to drive an hour and a half instead of three! Micah was so easy to deal with and called me along the way to let me know exactly what was going on. They are a very nice family and I know where I will be going to buy my next Chocolate Lab. I wouldnt buy from anyone else. My puppy is so smart. He knew just what to do the first time he was thrown a duck. Even though he is still a puppy he is not wild, he minds very well! I cant wait to buy another one!
Submitted by: Tyler Butterworth on Feb 08, 2009
I bought a Chocolate Lab from Walnut Ridge and I could not have asked for a better dog. He was house broken in less than a month and has a drive like I have never seen. Everyone complements on how well he looks. Micah is a great guy to work with.
Submitted by: Nick Dalip on Feb 03, 2009
Recon is my gsp pup i bought from Micah back in Oct of 08. He's now 5 months old and THE smartest dog i have ever had the pleasure of training. Actually, I can't even say that. He pretty much new exatly what he was put on this earth for. I just refined him a little. The funny thing is that he is the first gsp I know of who listens to every command in the field without an electric collar on.He never takes off on me and that's unheard of. When I take friends out in the field with us they can't believe he's as good as he is at his age. He's 5 months and has his whoa command and directional commands down to a tee. I've had people offer me thousands for him. I tell them I wouldn't sell him for a million. Micah, I can't thank you enough. I wish I could show you sometime what kind of a dog you brought into this world.
Submitted by: Brady Jenson on Jan 06, 2009
We currently purchased Jackie black 2 year old started GSP. We live in Utah but when we seen her we knew she was for us. We had our Neighbor picking her up because he drives truck throw Tennessee, Micah was very helpful in meeting the truck driver.(Thanks Micah) She is a very Smart dog she has been trained well and sure knows how to hold a point and find birds, She fits in our family well. We recommend buying from Walnut Ridge! If Micah says it he means it. Jackie is everything Micah said she would be! Micahs a great guy! Also breeds great dogs. Thanks again
Submitted by: Connie Aull on Sep 19, 2008
I just purchased a 10 week old liver & white female Brittany (Lady) from Micah. She is very smart. She is already sitting and coming when called. She is very social and gets along great with my 1 year old male Brittany (they love playing tug of war, chase and wrestling). Micah was wonderful to work with. I live 9 hours from Pulaski but he arranged for me to pick her up 3 hours closer. It was well worth the drive for my sweet Lady.
Submitted by: Jay Garmon on Sep 06, 2008
We bought a Brittany from Micah and we are very pleased with him. Micah was a straight up kind of guy and was a pleasure doing business with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good dog. I will certainly give him a call the next time I am in the market for a good pup. A+++
Submitted by: Jay Stone on Aug 26, 2008
I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my recent experience with Walnut Ridge Kennels. I recently purchased a male Brittany from Walnut Ridge and the experience was positive in every way. Micah and his entire family were extremely helpful to my son and I as we picked out our latest addition to the family. Rocket is a seven week old liver and white Brittany who has moved right in and made himself a home. Micah is definately the type of person that I enjoy doing business with, and will go to him in the future, as well as reccomend him to anyone else.
Submitted by: Troy Spaulding on Aug 20, 2008
We are very pleased with the Brittany that we purchased from Micah. She(Jenny) started pointing right away, (using a grouse wing/fishing line). We took her out to an area where we new some quail were and she easily picked up on their scent. She is going to be a great hunter. Not to mention a real sweetheart. Micah was great, he is a very honest and trustworthy person.
Submitted by: Chuck & Sharon Coffman on Aug 11, 2008
Ms Daisy, our white/orange blue/green-eyed female brittany, born June 2, is beautiful and a true joy! She has become a much-loved pet!
Her speed and quickness, natural love of adventure and instinct for coming onpoint will make Daisy a great huntress!
The Landers are excellent and very accommodating... and raised a great puppy!
Thanks so much!
Submitted by: Brent Sammons on Aug 11, 2008
Just picked up Chief (16 weeks old) from Walnut Ridge Kennel and couldn't be more satisfied with him. He is lovable, affectionate and loves to play fetch, he will bring it back to your feet wanting more every time. Micah was a joy to talk with over the phone, and even offered to shorten my drive and meet me somewhere. When we pulled up in the drive the whole family was out to greet us with Chief playing in the barnyard. It was a pleasure doing buisness with him and I would recommend the Landers family to anyone who is looking for a top notch birddog. Great experience for this first time gun dog owner.
Submitted by: Zach on Jun 18, 2008
I purchased a GSP from Micah in the Spring, and he has been nothing but a pleasure to own and work with. I had no experience with this breed but had heard their high activity level was matched only by their high intelligence. I AGREE. Micah gave me a few hints on training but Coach seems to have done most of it on his own. Go to the brag board to see Coach at 16 weeks pointing a quail.
Submitted by: Ron Handshoe on May 11, 2008
I just recently purchased a beautiful, healthy 8 week old German short hair pointer pup from Walnut Ridge. I want to let you know how great I was treated by Micah. He is an extremely good and honest person to buy a dog from. He always had time to call, and answer my calls about anything. This was the first registered dog I have owned, and Micah made me feel very comfortable when I asked questions. If you are looking for a specific breed of dog that the Landers family raises, you should, without a doubt buy from them. Our Vet could not stop talking about how healthy and pretty our pup was during her check up. My kids love the new puppy. Rest assured I'll be coming back to Walnut Ridge and the Landers family when I'm ready to purchase another GSP.
Thanks again!
Submitted by: Abigail Hyndman on Apr 16, 2008
Although I did not actually purchase a puppy from him, Micah was very upfront and polite from start to finish. I had put a deposit down on a pup and he was quick to send me updates and new pictures which I loved. As it got closer to time he realized that the pup might not be the right fit for me so he called me right away and asked if I would like a refund of my deposit, I accepted and he sent my deposit back the very next day and I felt that I should share how pleasant my experience was.

Abigail Hyndman
Submitted by: Neal Roberson on Mar 08, 2008
I purchased a female gsp puppy from Micah. She is very healthy, energetic, and showing good instincts. Micah is honest and very easy to deal with. I would recommend Walnut Ridge Kennel to anyone looking for a hunting dog.
Submitted by: Dan Henderson on Mar 05, 2008
My experience with Micah could not have been any easier. He handled his business by demonstrating old-fashioned values, a handshake and a smile, and owned up to every thing he told me. I bought a GSP at 7 wks and was immediately impressed. He is highly intelligent with superb natural instincts. On top of that he is easily trainable and well mannered. My veterinarian spoke very highly of the breeder and stated that he "really knew what he was doing." If your looking for a high-end quality GSP, look no further than Walnut Ridge Quail Farm and Kennel!
Submitted by: Zane Brown on Mar 03, 2008
I purchased 2 dogs from the Landers family and both performed exactly as advertised. Very honest and hospitable to my family and I. This is a breeder who cares for the well being and progress of the dogs he sells. I highly recommend purchasing a dog from the Landers family, you will not be dissapointed.
Submitted by: Mike Buffler on Feb 27, 2008
Micha and his family were very nice and pleasant to work with. we purchased a female GSP at 7 weeks. we had her checked by our vet and she was given a clean bill of health. now at 9 weeks puppy is showing good signs of her natural instinct. puppy shows all signs of becoming a healthy and productive dog. thanks!

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