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Submitted by: Grace on Mar 17, 2022
My neighbor got one of Valeries females last year and she is a wonderful dog! My neighbor was very happy with her experience getting her pup Harley. I spend a lot of time with Harley hiking and she is such a lovable, and easily trainable dog. All around a great dog.
Submitted by: Sandy Bowman on Nov 04, 2021
We cannot say too many times how much we love our GSP. from VonBeauchene Breeders. When we lost our last GSP we knew another was an absolute for our family. (Yes our GSP is the center of our family). When we looked for responsible, ethical breeders we were lucky enough to find Valerie. From the very beginning she was so nice to deal with and we really were impressed with her importance of finding her puppies good families and making sure you were well educated and knowledgeable about the breed. She was very responsive to all of our questions and helped us pick out our new puppy. We feel lucky every day that we have Remi and anytime we are out with him, honestly, we get so many compliments on what a very nice looking dog he is and how lovable and sweet he is. If you are looking for a GSP, I would put VonBeauchene Breeders at the top of your list.
Submitted by: Nick on Apr 22, 2021
I cannot recommend Valerie enough for anyone looking for a GSP! We just got our 2nd dog from her in April 2021 and what a pleasure it’s been working with her. Valerie only breeds the best GSPs in confirmation, ethics, and function. Her responsiveness is always timely and the level of care for her dogs/litters is the best in the business. Each puppy is loved from the very beginning, and it shows. Both of our dogs have been the loviest, most personable, kind, and smart GSPs a family can ask for. And they’re GORGEOUS! Anyone looking for a family ready, field working, lovable and downright good looking shorthair needs to reach out to Valerie! 1000/10 would recommend!
Submitted by: Justin on Apr 19, 2021
Valerie was absolutely great to work with! Her enthusiasm, love, and diligence in breeding beautiful, healthy puppies really shines through. She even made the effort to deliver our Maple. We feel lucky to have found Von Beauchene Breeders and to have a new member of our family!
Submitted by: Nicole on Feb 07, 2021
valerie is the best and works really well with you and communicates great with you too. I bought a puppy from her Shelby's last litter that Shelby had in June. The puppy was ready to come home with me in August. Due to covid and the pandemic my family didn't feel comfortable meeting the puppies at Valerie's house and i wasn't sure which female pup I wanted from and Valerie was really great and communicating with me, keeping me up to date on how the puppies were and sending me videos/pictures of both female puppies everyday! I, had a hard time picking and valerie told me no matter which one I chose i would fall in love with it, I finally made my decesion on the female puppy and abosoutely fell in love with her the day that Valaerie came and delivered me my puppy! My puppy is 7 months old and from day one I have absoutely loved her. Her name is Harley and she enjoys long walks with me, playing fetch and cuddling up next to me every single night. I do have another dog which is a dauschand and Harley loves playing witb other dogs, she likes kids, and people. Every time i'm on a walk with her people say you have such a cute dog. All my friends who have met Harley tell me to bring Harley along with me so, they can see her! I highly trust Valerie and I'm happy i chose from her litter!
Submitted by: Darla Memmott on Oct 09, 2020
Best GSP ever! Ritz has the best disposition, loves her job, great family dog. I would have 100 of them if I could.
Submitted by: Jason and Kelly Hathaway on Jul 09, 2020
We couldn’t be more happy or impressed with our experience working with Valerie. She went out of her way to keep us updated about the litter, sending pictures and videos often and answering our questions along the way. Valerie even arranged to meet with us at a location that would save our family several hours of drive time on our pick up day.

Our puppy, Tilly, is incredibly beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and at only 10 weeks is already showing great promise as a bird hunting dog. She’s quickly become a part of our family and is already inseparable from our kids and our adult dog, Trig. With all the choices in breeders and puppies out there, we are very thankful that we made the decision to work with Valerie. We definitely could not have asked for a better pup!
Submitted by: MacKenna on May 25, 2020
We got a pup from the Shelby x Zeus litter last fall. She’s seven months old now, and is in training preparing to hunt this fall. She is our first bird dog, but our trainer tells us she has incredible drive and will absolutely be ready to hunt this fall. He’s very impressed with her so far. She’s a quick learner, extremely birdy, and very resilient. She’s even showing signs that she’ll be a natural retriever, though it’s still a bit early to know for sure. She got her dad’s drive and her mom’s sleek, sweet looks. She loves every human she’s ever met, and every dog too. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home with them!

She has a wonderful, goofy, and lovable personality. We get compliments on her constantly, from her looks to her character. She is definitely what you might call a “confident” pup—very energetic and willing to jump into most any situation. She could run all day and then run again all night. Infinitely energetic!

Valerie was absolutely wonderful to buy a puppy from. It has been obvious from the first day we met her that she loves her puppies SO much. They are well socialized and very used to being handled and having noises around. She invited us to visit as often as we would like and gave us so much time with the pups while we were choosing one. She would spend time with us and the pups, then give us time alone with them to bond and talk things over. We felt so welcome at her home. It was truly such a gift to feel no pressure to choose quickly. We spent hours with the pups over several different weekends before ever choosing one. She sent pictures and videos on weekends we couldn’t visit, and it really helped us stay connected while the pups were young.

We would very highly recommend Valerie and her pups. We feel so lucky we found her. If you want to see how our pup turned out, check out @ghillie_monster on Instagram.
Submitted by: Jaime Kord on Jan 27, 2020
We love our guy. At 12 weeks he is super sweet with the kids and all he meets. He also is very trainable.
Submitted by: Clayton on Jan 16, 2020
I’m very happy with my puppy. She is very well behaved and at 10 weeks old is already pointing quail wings. Very beautiful dogs! Thank you Valerie!
Submitted by: Matthew & Vanessa F. on Sep 05, 2019
We’d like to start off by saying THANK YOU VALERIE! The process or finding a good breeder for a new pup alone not to mention a hunting dog as well can be a very intimidating experience! Valerie was such a great communicator throughout our process with pictures & information! She was willing to meet us many miles away with our pup Piper. Such a wonderful experience we hope to bring pups from her home with us for the rest of our lives! Not to mention how OUTSTANDING our pup has been since we picked her up. Piper is a natural hunter with a high prey drive, she’s been pointing since she was 8 weeks old, she’s an avid retriever & has an amazing nose. Her natural ability & instincts are the most impressive we’ve ever seen. She’s a loving, goofy, well behaved & very obedient dog that has been the best addition to our family. Thank you Valerie!
Submitted by: Stan & Laurie Boggie on Apr 26, 2019
Valerie has been awesome during the entire process and Laurie and I picked up Jäeger in Eagle Point. This little guy is so impressive. He’s already retrieving , we have him holding little puppy points and have introduced him to the wading pool outside. We are sending him to Eastern Oregon for his formal pointer training when the time is right but for now we are spoiling the little guy and he sleeps right next to our bed every night. He’s going to be a great hunting partner. He’s already made Laurie and I so very proud and we could not be happier

Thank You Valerie!!!!
Submitted by: Josh on Apr 23, 2019
I couldn’t be happier with my pup and experience was super happy having videos watching him grow and colors change and also the love he was given thank you
Submitted by: Valerie Nelson on May 03, 2018
When my husband and I started searching for our first GSP puppy, finding a good breeder became daunting. We wanted a breeder whose focus is on family raised, well balanced examples of the breed. When I saw Valerie's listing welcoming inquiries, I knew she would be willing to help. Before I could give her a call, she posted the arrival of a litter. We talked for over 45 minutes that day and I knew right away we had found our breeder. Valerie started sending pictures and videos and answered everyone of my many texts and phone calls immediately. We drove over 400 miles to see the litter and choose our puppy. We were very impressed with her stud, Zeus. His photos didn't do him justice and he had a wonderful temperament to match. And the mom, well she was so sweet, my husband couldn't stop petting her. Valerie made us feel very welcome and we visited for 2.5 hours before heading home. She arranged to bring several of the puppies most of the way down, where we met with some other puppy people to pick up our boy. It was a great time saver and much easier for the puppies to travel together.

Jagger has been home with us for almost two weeks now. We couldn't be happier with our new family member. He is inquisitive, friendly and confident, not to mention gorgeous. He also is definitely a bird dog puppy with all the natural "birdy" instincts you want to see in a GSP puppy.

Thank you V!

Doug & Valerie
Submitted by: Kevin Swope on Apr 26, 2018
We brought home a little boy named Vince from Valerie and we couldn't be happier! This is my families 3rd GSP, second from Valerie, and probably not our last. If you are looking for sweet, smart, and beautiful dogs you are in the right place. Valerie herself is an extremely warm person and I think it rubs off on the litters she raises. Vince is self assured, not shy to any noises, easily trained, and a pure source of joy.

Valerie - Thanks again for everything.

P.S. Stop posting pictures of your puppies because with how great Vince is I am going to end up with more.....

Submitted by: Nancy Cushman on Apr 22, 2018
We met Valerie in March 2018 and we was still researching the GSP breed, she gave us so much useful knowledge to confirm our decision on owning one, she was so helpful and there anytime or day to answer question, sent videos and pictures throughout what we felt like was forever before we got him! I remember her telling us from the beginning “welcome to the family” and that is exactly what she made us feel like! The parents and puppies are beautiful their personalities are amazing you can tell she isn’t a breeder for the money but for her love of the breed! When it finally came time to pick up, she very kindly donated her time to meet in the middle so that we could have more time with the pups then on the road, when it came to good bye she hugged them all as tears rolled down her face, she is truly an amazing women and breeder! I would and already have recommended her to anyone if you’re looking for an honest, loyal and talented breeder with pure dedication and hopes to someone taking care of them before you get them, she is your person! Thank you, thank you words can’t describe how happy we are to add to our family! #congratulationsitsaboy
Submitted by: Mckenna on Feb 02, 2016
If you're unsure of which breeder to go to for your GSP pup, look no further! I can't even begin to thank Valerie Beauchene enough for being our "Santa Clause." If you know Valerie you'll know that she calls herself Santa Clause, and I can't think of a better comparison! She brings such incredible joy to the world, not only because of the beautiful person she is, but also from the amazing work and effort she puts into breeding, birthing and raising the most beautiful and well tempered GSP pups (presents) for us to bring into our families when they're old enough! These pups have incredible blood lines and yet she still only asks for a minimal amount for them as apposed to the $4,000 these dogs are REALLY worth. You see, Valerie knows first hand what kind of homes these dogs go to when they're priced higher. Homes where they're merely seen as trophy dogs and nothing more. She cares and loves each and every pup enough to make a financial sacrifice to ensure these dogs go to loving homes where they'll become part of the family and have a life full of love and fun! Do you know a breeder who cares THAT much? Who is that selfless? We love our little Remi to pieces and are so thankful we found Valerie's ad when we did. It was a good 10 hour drive there and back from where we live, but it was sooooo worth it and I guarantee it will be worth it for anyone else looking for a great GSP breeder!!

Valerie, we want to give you the deepest gratitude from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for everything! If we decide to add to our family we will be coming straight back to you!:)

- McKenna & Jesse
Submitted by: Jenny Johnston on Sep 04, 2015
Our relationship with Valerie started only 3 days after we lost our beloved 12 year old dog, Hazel. I called Valerie to just find out info about her past puppies and get an idea of when she might be having some more puppies, and quickly I ended up crying because I missed Hazel and didn't feel ready for another dog. Valerie was like a comforting mother over the phone. She told me I would never replace Hazel and to take as long as I needed to grieve and not let anyone rush me into getting a puppy. That was not the last time I talked to Valerie on the phone with her comforting me, either. Each time I called she had time to talk, a warm soothing way of comforting me and wise words of encouragement and love to share. She never was in a rush to get us to put a deposit on a puppy. Her number one concern was that I was ready to welcome a new puppy in our life. This is my review of Valerie as a person. I feel lucky to have gotten to know her as I did. She was a comfort to me during a time when I found it hard to be comforted by anyone.

Our puppy, Chaco, was born May 27th and we picked him up July 16th at 7 weeks old. Since the day we brought him home he has been nothing but a PURE JOY!!! He has never pooped in the house, and was basically potty trained by 2 months old. He slept in his crate with no issues from day 1. Just today (he is 3 months old) I couldnt find him anywhere so I peeked in his crate and there he was, sleeping soundly. He loves our children, ages 10 and 8. He loves anyone who comes over, welcoming them with a sit at the door and a wag in his tail. He has played with dogs easily and happily (still not fully vaccinated so only dogs of family and friends so far).

He is SO SMART!! He learned to sit for everything almost the first day he was home. Now he knows, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Go Around, Speak, Roll Over, Potty on command, and Bed (goes to his crate)

I HIGHLY recommend a puppy from Valerie. They are loved from day one and treated just like a family dog. I am so happy we found Valerie and now we have Chaco as such a sweet, happy and loving addition to our family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Valerie or her puppies....I am happy to share more of our experience with anyone who wants a sweet and loving German Shorthair Pointer. Thank you, Valerie!!!

Jenny, Shane, Alli, Jill and of course...Chaco
Submitted by: Grant and Pat on Jul 30, 2015
Murphy is almost 9 months old, and weighs 52 pounds. We constantly receive compliments on his coloring and great temperament. He is calmer than most of his peers and has excelled in training and will start hunting this fall. I highly recommend VonBeauchene Breeders. Valerie was great to work with and her dogs are the best GSPs that I have seen.
Submitted by: Tisa Douglas on Apr 21, 2015
I got our gorgeous Lexi from Valerie for my husband. Valerie loves her dogs with all her heart and it shows! Valerie is an absolute pleasure to work with. Lexi is an amazing and superbly bred young lady. Our vet was impressed! Valerie went out of her way to meet us in Santa Cruz so we didn't have to travel all the way to Oregon. I would have 100 of her pups if I could!!!
Submitted by: Jenni on Mar 03, 2015
Valerie was fantastic to work with as far as breeders go. Scout, originally Jazz, is just SUCH a gem! She is a gorgeous liver and roan female GSP. I got her at about 11.5 weeks and she has been the most gentle and delightful puppy ever since! She was 100% healthy at her first vet visit and has had absolutely no issues. Training has been a breeze and she pretty much came socialized with other animals and people. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and she loves to please.

Valerie was great and drove Scout all the way from Oregon to me in San Francisco. I couldn't be happier with how it all worked out and I highly recommend Valerie and her pups.

I get compliments on Scout absolutely everywhere I go and have given Valerie's contact info out at least a dozen times.
Submitted by: Jordanna Baddeley on Jan 17, 2015
When we found VonBeauchene Breeders on, my boyfriend and I had no idea how lucky we were. After the first phone call with Valerie, I was sold on getting our first puppy and GSP from VonBeauchene. Valerie was very informative from the beginning, and urged us to come and meet all of the puppies so we could pick our pup! She made us feel right at home, and let us stay and play with the pups a long as we needed before making our decision. We picked out a male, Vito, for ourselves, and a female, Rozi, for my boyfriend's younger brother. Valerie was nice enough to meet my boyfriend on her way into California to get us our pups on Christmas Eve. Both of the pups had a great temperament from the beginning. They are sweet, and good with people and dogs of all ages. The pups even knew how to whine to let us know they need to go out to the bathroom. Rozi is with a loving family with 3 kids in Idaho, and Vito is with me and my family on my grandpa's dairy in northern California. We couldn't be happier with our awesome GSP's. We will definitely get our next pup from Valerie at VonBeauchene Breeders!
Submitted by: Mark R Mullins on Nov 19, 2014
We picked up our GSP from Valarie as an 8 wk puppy. "Peaches" was bright and enjoyable from the first moment. Peaches is my second GSP and third Bird Dog, she was instantly trainable, smart, willing to please. As a serious Pheasant hunter the real test was in the field; I could not be happier. I take great pride hunting Peaches, when other hunters stop to watch her hunt I bust my buttons. Her ability to pick up birds, hold point and retrieve is beautiful. I could not be happier. As a friend,Peach is an excellent addition to the family, She is laying on her bed next to my chair as I write this. VonBeauchene Breeders would make a great choice for anyone in the market for a field and family ready GSP.
Submitted by: Sarah + Ben Thornhill on Sep 22, 2014
We adopted our girl Rooney from Valerie's last litter and have nothing but amazing things to say about our sweet, affectionate, beautiful and intelligent girl.

She is truly a family dog. Gentle with our friends kids, athletic like you wouldn't believe and has so much personality- she is quite the character.

Valerie was great to work with, loves the dogs like they were her own children and very informative.

If you have any questions, concerns or you have one of Rooney's six sister and would like to share photos please email me.
Submitted by: Sherry anderson on Jun 16, 2014
We just brought joy home. She is ajusting so we'll she is just so wonderful, and yes she is house broke already we renamed her daisy, it was a joy meeting with the beauchene's they take such pride in raising there dogs. There so loving.
Submitted by: Robbyn on Feb 07, 2014
We picked up Ducky last November. I just have to say how happy we are with our little girl! She is tender, loving and wonderfully playful with our three boys. Ducky has such a great personality! My husband and I keep telling each other how did we get so lucky with such a great dog! Well it was Valerie and her great kids. I drove down from Portland with one of my sons and we met little Ducky and her brothers and sisters and mom and dad. We could tell how much the puppies are cared for and loved by Valerie and her children. We are so happy with Ducky we have tossed the idea around of adding one more. If we do we would definetly come back to Valerie again! Thank you Valerie for our wonderful little Ducky we love her so much! She is so smart and was potty trained in two weeks. Her obiedence training is going great and we can't wait to start agility with her.
Submitted by: Melissa on Nov 24, 2013
We picked up our new pup last weekend and couldn't be happier! Valerie has been a pleasure to work with and very helpful through the whole process of finding the perfect fit for us. Her and her children care so much about these pups, there is absolutely no doubt these pups are well taken care of. Jake is a stud and Elsa the perfect nurturing mother. Our new pup has adjusted to her new home without any reservations. If you are looking for a new family member, be sure to talk to Valerie. I won't ever hesitate to contact her with questions (or future puppy desires)!
Submitted by: Chuck on Aug 05, 2012
I just want to congratulate the Von Beauchene Breeders on their puppies.We took Weatherby home and he is the best little boy. He is now an 11 week old German Shorthair Pointer. He is nearly house trained and is the biggest lover. He gets along great with Teodora our 4 year old female boxer. They are like Romeo and Juliet. We are very happy with our new baby. I would highly recommend the Von Beauchene Breeders to anyone looking for a new puppie for hunting or just to have for a loving baby. I think you guys have a great way of raising excellent dogs.
Thank you

Chuck McCracken
Submitted by: Jessica and Nathan Broaddus on Jul 24, 2011
Our GSP Bruce, from Elsas last litter with Jake, is very smart and LOVES to please. He loves to go our daily walks around the lakebed behind our house, point at ALL the birds or anything that flys. He loves to be picked up, lay on the couch, sleeps under the covers in our bed, and anything else we are doing! We brought out the pop gun and Bruce is definitely not gun shy, he didn't even flinch. Nathan and I hope everything is going great for you guys up in Oregon. Bruce would like to say hi to Elsa! Our neighbor has a GSP that has exactly the same markings as Elsa. We always wonder if Bruce thinks it is his mom because he will never leave her alone when they are together! It is pretty cute. Elsa did a great job, Bruce gets compliments from everyone that meets him. He is a gorgeous dog.

Submitted by: Jerry & Bernida Flynn on Oct 11, 2010
OMG! Ditto to what the others have said!!! We have just purchased our first GSP (8 wks)from the Beauchene's & can not begin to express our complete satisfaction & joy this pup has brought to us. "Major One" is out of Elsa & Jake. Not only is he house broken (askes to go out), he sits on command, understands NO & responds immediately, ajusted so well to our home & other dog. He does not use his mouth or bite when he plays w/you, only took twice to walk on leash, & yes, points too. Now for the meeting of the AKC standard, he is PERFECT in every way!!! I wish there were places for pics here because he is outstading. We want to thank the Beauchenes for doing such a honest/clean breeding business & we are already recommending them to people. Thanks to the Beauchenes & their children ;0)
Submitted by: Randy Gresh on Oct 10, 2010
My wife and I just picked up our puppy and we are very pleased! We are loving little Jackson! The family was very helpful and were able to answer all of our questions. They have a great family environment where the puppies receive lots of attention! My wife and I definetely recommend VonBeauchene Breeders. We drove 5 hours to get him and we would do it all over again!
Submitted by: Jessie Borden on Sep 14, 2010
I would and have recommended these breeders to everyone I meet! Last year I bought a puppy for my Husbnads birthday, also from Elsa and Gunner. We have an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL dog now, names Kaiser. The second day we had him, he was pointing at his stuffed pheasant we got him. That is a great instinct if you ask me. We are constantly getting compliments on how beautiful he is, and that he is a wonderful, well tempered dog. Having him ALREADY HOUSEBROKEN, was such a stress reliever, and it made his homecoming that much more filled with love. These dogs from the day they are born are surrounded with love. Kaiser is my cuddle buddy, and likes to be right in my face to cuddle. I think thats because the Beauchene's son held him a lot, and showed those pups love. Elsa is a GORGEOUS dog, and any puppy she has will be just as pretty. If you want a family friendly, great hunting, most beautiful dog you have ever seen....get your GSP through VonBeauchene Breeders, cuz they are exceptional compared to anyone else. They take care of you future pup like it was their own.
Submitted by: Meghan Smith on Jun 15, 2009
We just received our little pup Kase from this first litter from Elsa and Gunner... Kase is a dream come true and working with the VonBeauchene's has been a pleasure. We received Kase on May 30th when he was just over seven weeks old. He was fully housebroken and has a wonderful temperment and has been socialized quite well. He loves being around children and is even friendly to our unfriendly cat :) He is learning and adjusting so quickly! He is a beautiful dog, we get compliments on him wherever we go, his markings are gorgeous, his tail is perfectly cropped and he is even standing on point already... all of which we heard are signs of good lineage. We even had the pleasure of seeing 4 of Kase's brothers and sisters when he was dropped off to us, all of them were beautiful and well behaved... You will not be disappointed with a pup from one of the VonBeauchene's litters.

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