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Submitted by: Kevin Meehan on May 25, 2022
I fully retired, and wanted a German Shorthair Pointer to keep me active and be my hunting buddy. It had been 30 years since I had a dog. Friends told me that I should not get a GSP because they were too high strung, hard to control, destructive, etc.. I looked around for a breeder and ended up going to Upland Kennels. I told Julie my future plans, and that I wanted a buddy that would keep me active throughout my retirement. Julie listened to my story and called me one day and said that she had the perfect puppy for me and my family. We received Bree in DEC 20, and we never looked back. She is the sweetest most sensitive dog that you can every get. She is smart, fun, funny, lovely, and a perfect family pet. My wife and family just loves her. I sent her to Gun dog training, in which they turned her into a Bird Hunting Machine. Every time I go hunting, she is beautiful to watch. She finds birds over land that has just been hunted by other dogs. Other hunting dog owners are amazed at how young and good she is. We get comments from people on the street on how well mannered and pretty she is, and she is only 18 months old! Julie really cares and keeps tabs on her dogs, I always take pictures of Bree hunting and send them to her as well as sharing my hunting stories. I am so happy with that pup, that I want another one. I am already in discussion with Julie about getting another pup in a year. If you want a GSP, you can't go wrong Upland Hills Kennels. They are just good people.
Submitted by: Roxanne L Burke on Jan 30, 2022
I have had 8 wonderful shorthairs, since 1992. I met Julie Norman online 7-8 years ago. I was looking for a pup. She didn't have any of her shorthair pups available. BUT she found me one. He's Trekker descent, he is an amazing dog. In January 2021 I wanted one last pup (I turned 70 in November) Julie had puppies. She invited my husband and I to look at the pups. What a beautiful place, all of her dogs are Beautiful, I would live at Upland Hills. She is hands on with her pups all day and night. Puppies are introduced to kids, birds, obstacle courses, music, TV, vacuum, crates, you name it. Best socialized, started pup I ever had. Burke's Uplandhills Radiant Dawn will be my last Shorthair. Dawn brought us her first Dove when she was 8 weeks old. Anyone will be blessed to get an Upland Hills Shorthair!
Submitted by: Dean Patterson on Jan 20, 2022
Hi - I have received my second pup from Uplandhills (Julie). My first GSP Stella that is now 13 years old, She is the most social dog I have ever had along with a true hunting machine. Julie has followed Stella's growth and development over the years. Julie helped me in getting Stella into a hunting training course when Stella was a pup. With Stella getting older in her days, I reached out to Juiie last summer asking her if she had any new litters up and coming. I told her I couldn't handle a puppy until post Elk season (not fair to a new puppy to leave them for extended period of time). Julie come through with a great GSP named Aspen. Aspen is a super smart pup. Aspen's great granddad is Stella's father.
Julie has done a wonder job with the Uplandhills line of great dogs that are awesome hunting machines. Please check out Julie awesome line of great dogs.
Thank you Julie for your work
Submitted by: Kate on Feb 17, 2021
Upland Hills Kennels was excellent, and I highly recommend. Julie was incredibly gracious with her time and expertise throughout the whole process: from our questions to select a breeder, to visits to meet the parents and puppies, to her questions on our family’s needs and wants in both a family companion and hunting dog. The care and attention to the puppies is outstanding. While it showed throughout, we felt it especially on day 1 of taking our pup home: a happy, healthy puppy “just right” for our family; a detailed overview of next steps for bonding, vet visits and home care; a new friend in Julie with whom we will share how our pup is growing, and to whom we know to reach out with any question moving forward. Bringing home a new puppy is literally a life changing event, and the care we received at Upland Hills Kennels meant that we have the confidence and groundwork (and excellent pup!) to navigate assuredly. Thank you Julie!
Submitted by: Brianna Neyens on May 27, 2020
Julie is amazing!! I have always wanted a GSP and Julie not only listened to what I was looking for, but she went above and beyond to locate the right puppy for my life style. Julie was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about this breed. She was quick to respond to all my questions and concerns and never hesitated to remind me that she was here to help and loves to communicate!! I felt like part of a family. I was absolutely blown away by her customer service and friendly demeanor. This is my first time locating a GSP pup and I will never go to anyone else! She made this process streamline and easy. I am very excited for this new adventure at having my very own GSP. Thank you Julie for all you do and for the care you take in matching the right dog to the right owner. Your love for this breed shows and thanks for caring.
Submitted by: David Carson on Apr 22, 2020
Julie is absolutely wonderful! I reached out to her in search of my very first GSP pup and within two days she had connected me with a breeder. She helped me through the entire process and led me to someone she trusted. Thanks to her I will be bringing my first GSP home June 10th and I could not be more excited. If you need help finding your next dog I highly recommend you at least reach out to Julie as she would be more than happy to chat and point you in the right direction. Thanks for everything Julie. You are a Rockstar!
Submitted by: ASHLEY GRIMES on Dec 12, 2019
When I first talked to Julie on the phone a little over 2 years ago, I knew she was the right person to help us find our new German Shorthaired Pointer. During our phone conversations, Julie explained the testing all of her dogs go through and details about the pedigrees. We knew we'd get an outstanding pup! Here I am, 2 years later, bursting with nothing but positive things to say about Upland Hills Kennel. The male we purchased is a phenomenal family dog with a great temperament, loves to go on hikes with us, has a great nose for birds, and is very well structured. We love him so much that we just bought our second pup from Upland Hills Kennel. The moment we decided it was time for a second GSP, I knew I could rely on Julie for guidance. She is also great with communication by being honest and answering all the questions we have. We feel truly blessed to have found such a marvelous breeder. I happily recommend Upland Hills Kennel to everyone for their values, integrity, and high standards for German Shorthaired Pointers.
Submitted by: Will Llewellyn on Oct 20, 2019
Julie and brad are probably the most honest breeders I could have asked for! I have bought 3 dogs from her and will continue to use there years of experience and knowledge on GSPs and Labs. I will not go anywhere else for my labs or gsps. Currently we are about to get a 4th dog from there amazing breeding! Julie has guided us ever step of the way providing us with vet info and bloodline info that is unmatched. She knows these dogs thru and thru. I am excited with the relationship we have built and will continue to work together on every aspect of my kennel. They are the definition of integrity. They stand behind there dogs, and will do anything for there customers!
Submitted by: Allegra on Dec 11, 2017
Julie and Brad are some of the kindest people on earth. We were looking for a puppy when our lab spaniel started to get older. Julie and Brad were very accommodating when it came to coordinating meeting up with them. As soon as we met them it was clear that they live and breath care for these dogs. They are invested in great heathy happy GSPs and owners. Selling us a dog wasn’t at all their top priority. They were clearly looking to find a good fit for this puppy first and foremost. Even after getting our dog, Julie remains supportive and helpful. She’s an amazing resource. Great people and great dogs. Upland is world class.
Submitted by: ian Guise on Nov 10, 2017
Julie was aboslutely amazing!
She was always availible to answer any questions we had, and was with us every step of the way with Clover.
We were amazed by how knowledgeable Julie was about GSPs and how much she loves her dogs, along with getting to know each indivdual pup in the litter to help us pick the perfect one!
He truly is the perfect puppy, with a little something for everyone!
He is high energy for my dad, extremely intelligent and easy to train for me (because i love dog traning) , and a snuggly sweetheart for my mom who loves to lay down on the couch and read...
a book with clover on her chest!
When we went to pick Clover up he was in amazing health and was very well cared for!
Since we brought him home he has been nothing but a delight and is unbelievably affectionate and well tempered.
We have all been enjoying the hilarious puppy antics and watching him grow so quicly.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for an extremely well tempered, well bred, and intelligent GSP.
Submitted by: Randy L Randall on Oct 26, 2017
Julie and Brad are our dear friends, I did not know them before Shorthairs, we became friends over the phone and then their kennel got our dog Desert Point's Rob. Rob is a truly once in a life time dog, a true versatile hunting dog with hours of wild bird hunting. He has pointed a hell of a lot of these wild desert Gambel Quail. He is also great with dove, ducks, rabbits etc. He is the real deal. This past Summer I and a lot of our dogs went for a 2 month visit to Sequim Wa. where we really got to know Julie and Upland Hills Kennel. We were treated better than family. Julie does most of the running of the kennel and Brad supports her like the way wonderful husbands do. She does everything first class and has only the best of dogs. She is a master of networking and has a support system of friends, kennels, trainers, vets that is truly remarkable. I cannot say enough kind remarks, she is that once in a lifetime friend and person. You will not recreate doing business with her, and you like I will walk away with a new friend.
Submitted by: Dave Tanovan on May 23, 2017
3 months ago, our beloved 8 yr old GSP passed away after being struck by car. Indy was our first GSP from Upland Kennels. He was an amazing exercise partner and family companion. When he passed away, I contacted Julie to share the sad news. Julie informed me that Indy's sister (Angel) was having a litter, and after a couple weeks, we decided to welcome our second Upland Hills GSP into our family. Julie selected a pup that she believed would be a great fit with our active lifestyle. I met "JJ" when he was 7 weeks old, brought him home, and since, he has revived the loving spirit that Indy started many years ago. Julie and Upland Hills Kennel is more than just a GSP breeder. Through her well loved dogs, she has become a part of our family, and we have become a part of hers. Thank you for raising such great GSP dogs!
Submitted by: Julie & Joe Harris on Apr 13, 2017
We adore Julie Norman and the tender love and care she puts into her litters. Julie was always available for questions and was responsive to texts/phone calls. She sent me pictures of our puppy as he grew older of which we will cherish. Julie drove three hours to the airport to send us our puppy and he came with handmade toys, a puppy book full of information and a personality that we have fell in love with. Our family has had four dogs over the years, and the puppy we received from Julie has been hands down the best dog that we have owned. He is so handsome, so sweet and super trainable and we just adore him. Thank you Julie for all your hard work and for our new pup! Your efforts do not go unnoticed!
Submitted by: ChrisHinkley on Jan 06, 2017
Julie is one of the most kindhearted individuals you could ever run into.In our experience with her we found that she always puts her dogs first.Spending countless hours with her puppies preparing them for their future homes.We were very appreciate of Julies drive to better the breed through leading bloodlines and all of the latest and great health test out there.Julie is very Knowledgeable about the breed and if she doesn't know she is very well networked and capable of getting the answers for you.We have been thrilled with our pup from Julie he has been a match made in heaven with our other dogs and Family. Julie Asked several Questions to best suit us to a pup and would even go as far to match us with another breeder if needed.I can't express enough that the welfare of her puppies and the families they join are the most important thing to Julie.Keep up the great work Julie we really appreciate you taking us under your wing and sharing your Passion with US.
Submitted by: Sylvia on Nov 25, 2016
Thank you julie for finding a outstanding black lab female puppy for my husband David.She is 10 times the dog he had before.She is perfect
.great hunter and a great family companion.your the best.Syl.
Submitted by: Micheal on Nov 25, 2016
I love my pup!! I just 1 afternoon i see she is very very smartand willing to work,she is also soaking up all the love ,she's the best.Also i forgot to tell you she has a great nose 12 weeks old always working plus goes through the thick and nasty brush no Questions asked both very strong traits check this out two Canadian Geese landed in my tree in my back know the rest....I know no you were very correct Angel is a outstanding producer thank you for helping me find the very best!!! Micheal
Submitted by: Kyla on Nov 25, 2016
Julie thank you so much for Bailey she is amazing already pointing and finding birds on the farm,we love her so very much very smart and willing to do everything.We even had her in our wedding i sent you photos.again a amazing dog thank you you are the best . Kyla
Submitted by: Becky Metcalfe on Nov 24, 2016
I raise one litter of high quality GSP's per year and this year, the litter was huge! I contacted Julie to help me market the pups and not only did she send me top notch buyers, she matched the pups to the owners activities. She is not only very knowledgeable of the GSP breed and lineage, but also has a handle on the best gun dog trainers for specific needs and the best stud dogs available for my females. She has helped me continuously through the trials and tribulations of raising quality stock. In my eyes, Julie is by far worth her weight in gold and a valued resource within the Gun Dog arena. Wonderful and delightful person to work with!
Submitted by: Mindy Walton on Sep 09, 2016
Julie at Upland Hills is amazing. I contacted her at the very beginning of summer, just starting to investigate the idea of adding a GSP to our family. She was so patient, answering tons of questions, and texting with me. My husband and I knew we wanted a shed hunting dog,but also a fun companion for our boys who are 6 and 8. I wanted a dog I could bring with me to my office, but who would hunt with my husband as well. Since picking Bodie up at 9 weeks, he has fit in with our family perfectly. I can't imagine life before him! And Julie continues to make herself available to answer any questions that cone up regarding his training, or behavior. After being home for a week, Bodie was trained to ring a bell to go outside to go to the bathroom! My kids have taught him hide and go seek and numerous other little tricks. We have already taken two family trios to.our cabin in Winthrop, and he traveled amazing! I am so excited to work on his field skills and see what else he can learn. If you are thinking of purchasing a GSP, I cannot recommend anyone mote highly!!!!
Submitted by: Rebecca on Apr 22, 2016
I picked up my GSP puppy at 7 weeks from Julie. His first day could not have gone better! He has an amazing personality, sleeps all the way through the night, and already whines when he needs to go outside. Julie had done so much work with the pups prior to pickup, and is always there to answer any questions or concerns I have. Highly recommended! Julie is the best!!!
Submitted by: David Bruce Williams on Apr 22, 2016
Julie has been fantastic through the whole process from the first phone call and answering every question I had and beyond picking up our GSP Theo! It's my wife's and my first dog together and Julie was the key to making us comfortable. Theo is an amazing pup at only 8 weeks and has a great temperament and lots of confidence thanks to Julie starting them. His lineage is excellent and he'll make a great companion for my wife and I. If your looking for a great hunter or family companion and want the best dog and breeder then give Julie a call. I'm glad we did! Thx Julie!
Submitted by: Dalin McDonald on Apr 22, 2016
My son is the lucky owner of a 5 year old GSP named wife and I have been fortunate to have RUCA spend a lot of time at our house....we both have had dogs, sometimes lots of dogs in our lives for many years...RUCA was different, the GSP breed is amazing on so many levels.....I knew that I needed to have one as a companion, just a buddy to hang with.....searched for months trying to find a local breeder, but had no luck...I personally did not want to meet my friend for the first time at the airport...for many people that works but it was not for me....found Upland Hills by accident, and so happy that it happened....from the very first time I talked with Julie I knew that this lady was different...she took a genuine interest in me, my family, what I thought of dogs and the most important thing....what was my plan with the new addition to the family....she new that this was not going to be a hunter, but instead he was going to be my was a long 7 months waiting for Angel to give birth to her litter, but worth the wait....since Julie knew exactly what I was looking for, she had already had choices picked out for me...Julie takes the time to get to know the pups and learn there differences....this might be a bit long winded but this was a important decision for me and Julie knew that, she took the time and effort to make this a great experience....even going as far has having a wonderful lunch for us the day we met the pups....anyway "Cooper" is now at home and is amazing, already trained to let us know when he has to go out and loves riding in the car....Thank you Julie for everything!! Cooper looks forward to coming back to farm to visit soon....
Submitted by: Vera Porter on Jul 27, 2015
We picked up our puppy, a beautiful chocolate Labrador, at 7 weeks. She is amazing and has a great blood line. Her temperament is perfect and she has become best friends with our 8 month old Catahoula, Chanterelle. She is a little sassy but listens and has fit right in with our very active lifestyle of hunting and fishing. We are very lucky and privileged to have our little Morel as part of our family. We are grateful to have found Julie from Unland Hills. Julie has helped us in every way possible and is very informative. She has answered every text or call and has encouraged us to call her if we need to. Julie from Upland Hills is wonderful!
Submitted by: Ryan and Lisa Cole on Apr 02, 2015
We originally met Julie with Upland Hills six years ago. After our dogs were poisoned, I wanted to surprise my family with a new German Shorthaired Pointer puppy for Christmas. That is when we added our beloved "Sophie" to our family. She has been the best family companion and hunting dog we have ever had.

Naturally, when it was time for a new GSP puppy, I called Julie. On March 13, 2015 "Zeke" became the new addition to our family. Now, at only 11 weeks old he has mastered the commands "sit" and "stay" and will automatically sit prior to eating and before going outside. "Zeke" also has an excellent nose and is holding a beautiful point when using the pheasant wing.

Julie is a fabulous breeder and has a knack at matching pups with families. We will always get our German Shorthairs from Julie and Upland Hills Kennel.

Submitted by: VIC COON on Mar 15, 2015
Submitted by: Zach and Summer on Mar 14, 2015
We recently got our GSP puppy from Upland Hills Kennels and we are so blessed that we found them! Julie is outstanding to work with and she made a great match for us. We got a male and named him Wesson. He already knows "no" at 7 weeks and is the best pup. He will be an excellent hunting dog! We definitely can't wait to get him through training so we can start hunting with him.
Submitted by: Ben & Lisa Lee on Sep 29, 2014
I would highly recommend Upland Hills Kennel to anyone looking for the best GSP dogs avaliable. We met Julie & Brad after a three month search for a GSP pup, 3 years ago.We were looking for a high energy hunting dog. Julie reluctantly agreed to sell us a pup that she had planned on keeping for herself. She has a knack for matching dogs and owners.We recently bred Penny. Julie helped us find a Sire and advertize these fantastic pups,that were not already spoken for.She has a pulse on the GSP breed from all aspects. Whether your looking for qaulity pups,started or finished hunting dogs or top knotch training. You will not have a better experience than with Upland Hills Kennel. We feel blessed to know Julie&Brad and have Penny, one of the best GSPs on the planet.
Submitted by: Jason on Sep 28, 2014
Julie was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. She has a solid reputation among a wide network of dog professionals in the area, which made it easy for her to connect me with the right trainer for my dogs. I am very satisfied with her service.
Submitted by: Melissa Upson on Sep 24, 2014
Julie at Upland Hills is nothing short of amazing! She was SO helpful when I made the call to inquire about a pup, and has been awesome since that first phone call! The most important thing to Julie is that her pups land in the right home and that there is success to follow. She's answered every single text and phone call (and there have been MANY) and taken so much time to help me with all the questions I've had...she's given me awesome tips about everything from A to Z, and she always reiterates to me that I should call whenever I need to for any other questions. When we picked up our pup, Riggs, Julie was so excited to see Riggs go with us but was also teary eyed to see one of her own go--and that shows her true colors. I truly have faith in Julie & Upland Hills, they will do right by you, and you can trust that.
Submitted by: Kim Hembree on Sep 22, 2014
My husband fell in love with a German Short-haired Pointer working dog while deployed. I decided to get him a GSP puppy for his birthday. My search led me to Upland Hills Kennel. Julie, the breeder, had 2 males available for sale. The pups were only 4 weeks old when I made a deposit on our precious boy. Julie spent the next couple of weeks sending me pictures of our pup and helping me understand the breed. She also kept me up to date on his vet visits and how much he weighed. She truly is the real deal. I could not imagine going through this process with another breeder. If you want a GSP, call her FIRST!
Submitted by: Ed Dunn on Apr 09, 2014
Our GSP McCadan Kyan has been such an amazing dog, hats off to the breeders my experience has been fantastic and they are both world class acts, highly recommend to anyone looking for a GSP.
Submitted by: Lance Mefford on Oct 17, 2009
I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT UPLAND HILLS KENNELS (German Shorthaired Pointers). Julie is the breeder and she is the BEST. I have done a lot of research on local breeders (Washington, Oregon) and Julie is right up there with all the others.

When I originally contacted Julie she spent almost as much time getting to know me as I did her. She was insistent on placing the pups with the right owner. She is a wealth of knowledge on GSP’s and remains available to us whenever we need her advice.

We went to see the kennel and meet the pups at week 4 and again at week 6. She had several starter pups a pen and they all looked very healthy. We met the litter and both parents and all were very healthy and happy. Julie was gracious and showed us around the property and met the other animals. We put a deposit down and had the first pick of the males.

When we picked up “Zeus”, Julie provided us a binder with the AKC pedigree’s for both parents with pictures, registration paperwork, shot records and micro-chip and some “do’s and don’ts” for puppies. She gave the first shots with us there present and had a detailed list of all things that she has done with the puppies. Our Vet was very pleased with the care and documentation provided by Julie.

We stay in contact with Julie and she has even offered to puppy sit while we are on vacation. How cool is that? Anyway, I cannot say enough. This is a clean, professional and loving kennel and would recommend any GSP coming out of there.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you need a reference .

Lance Mefford
Submitted by: Richard parks on Oct 11, 2009
The gsp pup I got from upland hills is now ten months old and is doing great, julie was awesome she was more then happy for me to be able to visit the pups anytime I wanted. He loves the water and lives for hunting but is amazing with my two year old son he is an awesome guard dog but we also have never had any aggresion problems with him.

thank you for the awesome pup julie!
Submitted by: Jim Hackiewicz on Dec 03, 2007

Just thought I would give you a quick update on the pup.

He's quite likely the best dog I've ever owned for his age. At this point I
cannot imagine how he could perform better then he is.

I've only heard him bark once or twice, and not much gets me frustrated
faster then annoying and endless barking.
He does not get car sick( first dog ever for me)
He has learned not to eat or touch his food until given the Okay, that took
exactly the first day I made the effort to teach it. He would have been 8
weeks? It was the week I brought him home.
He will sit on command every time now, however sometimes just for a moment
and then he's up again, still working a bit on that.( puppy focus)
He will come to his name ":bushman" like a bolt of lightening about 80% of
the time, the 20% he does not there is usually some strong distraction.
Still working on that too, Puppy stage you know!
The best part is his strong retrieve skills. It took some rather close work
to start, but now he will retrieve the dummy as far as I can throw it,
about 50 yards. I have zip tied pheasant wings to it as well. I have been
able to get him to not only retrieve it but find it more the half the time
when I throw it into long grass and sage and he must work to find it with
his nose.He looks for a little bit then he gives up and comes back to me.

I walk over and say "wheres the bird" and he begins to hunt again. Then
when he finds it, I tell him how great he is and give him a tiny snack bit.
He also drops the bird at my feet and looks up to me for his treat( tiny
little dog rewards). Sometimes he drops it at full run about 5-7 feet from
me. I make him go back to get it and drop it at my feet or hand it to me.
He is spectacular at this for a week worth of training now. I actually feel
as if he would chase a downed Pheasant that was running. It may be a while
before he could catch one. His running skills are still not up to speed. He
would 100% try to retrieve it. I also had him retrieve a rubber dummy chest
deep into the Columbia river too. Not much fear or apprehension of water so
far. We did that right before we went home so I could get him into the
crate in my truck where is was dry and warm right away.

He sleeps on my lap while in the house, and sleeps in the crate over night.
He's the most calm natured dog I belive I have ever seen. He simply never
barks or runs wild. He stays close to me, and is simply a pleasure to be
Thanks again, this was a great deal for me to get this dog from you!


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