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Submitted by: Tanya Brobst on Jul 07, 2017
Thank you Tim & Kathy! Jameson has been a wonderful dog! So smart, easy to train and oh so cute and lovable! He gets compliments on his beautiful colors everywhere we go!
Submitted by: sam on Feb 12, 2016
Thanks for our awesome little LUCY [pinot]. She sure has fit in great with our family and also with our 2 year old Gunner dog. She also has been the easiest to train at 9 weeks old she goes to the door whenever its her time to go. Tim and Kathy are great to work with and very helpful. We definitely would recommend them.Thanks again.
Submitted by: Pj Maclaughlin on Nov 14, 2015
Thank you Tim @ Kathy for the chance to get the puppy of our dreams we can't be happier.The day we got to pick him up an bring him home was great I would recommend you to anyone that wants a great dog.
Until we meet again Thank you Phil Cindy Courtney
Submitted by: Becky Yocum on Dec 13, 2014
This our second dog from Kathy & Tim
Great temperament on both dogs. The pup we just bought Boulder (Peanut) fast learner great temperament. Just as comfortable with our family right away.
Submitted by: Jesse and Connie on May 06, 2013
Thank you for such a wonderful dog Timberkat Kennels! Our little puppy Beau (aka Rusty) ran his first rabbit this weekend at 3½ months of age. He has now run a rabbit everyday since and actively seeks his own rabbits. From what I can tell so far, he runs a good line and has great determination. He tracks faster every time he is out. Beau has also made a great house dog as well and loves to snuggle on the couch. Jesse and Connie
Submitted by: jim and rita on Mar 30, 2013
Hi Tim and Kathy,Eddie is doing exceptionally well,and has surprised me for a pup.i let him out 4 times a day to do his thing,and there are wild rabbits where he goes, i noticed he has been tracking them a little each day...this morning he dissapeared,and i became a little worried as the brush and weeds are so thick .to my surprise a rabbit came hopping out.a little while later Eddie came out sniffing the ground. i know it sounds redicullous but it seems like he is interested in them already.he is real independent for a little guy,and has adapted to us.i think he is going to be one heck of a rabbit dog,before he is 4 months of age.i did a lot of research on a lot of different kennels .i made the right choice in timberkat.Thanks Tim and kathy
Submitted by: Willy on Mar 24, 2013
We brought our little red tick female beagle home Saturday and she has far past our expectitations. Very beautiful dog very very pleased couldnt be more happy with Tim and Kathy thank you again.
Submitted by: Dolly Nicely on Feb 24, 2013
We brought our sweet blue tick boy home this past Thanksgiving weekend and have enjoyed every moment of his puppy development. He is very affectionate and easy to train. He follows commands well and does a great job of tracking and retrieving. Thank you Kathy and Tim for opportunity of owning one of your loving and obedient puppies. You did a great job at getting our boy ready for his forever home!!
Submitted by: jay on Feb 21, 2013
Emmett male blue tick beagle 4.5 months old great people to meet. Im happy i got emmett hes fun to be with. THANK YOU SO MUCH TIMBERKAT KENNELS .
Submitted by: Matthew Nicely on Feb 18, 2013
I got two female bluetick pups from TimberKat. I'm very pleased with how obedient and loving they are. The girls are now 4 months old and are scent training. Very smart and easy to train. I've had several beagles in the past, but not as promising this young. Can't wait for rabbit season!!! Thanks TimberKat kennels!!
Submitted by: Shelly on Dec 12, 2011
Beautiful, well behaved, cuddly rabbit crazy pup, we love her, thank you!

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