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Submitted by: Mindi M on Feb 19, 2014
Hi Ethan and Kat!

Max is going great-loved by all, but most off all he's so loved by me! He's my golden child! Our guests love him. Can't tell you how many have threatened to take him home. He's doing great hunting with Dennis, and I try to take him a couple times a week and he's awesome- thank you so much!

Submitted by: Jim Clark on Jan 02, 2014
Bought a GSP from Ethan in November and the dog has been absolutely fantastic. I had been looking for a new dog for about 6 months and just connected with Ethan on phone during our conversations. Not only is the dog everything he said it would be, but Ethan has also been very helpful with my follow up questions as well. He truly wants the dog to be successful and we couldn't be happier. If he has what you are looking for, jump on it. I highly recommend Standing Stones without any hesitation.
Submitted by: John M on Jan 09, 2013

I really appreciate all the help and advice that you have given me thus far with Benelli. Your advice on training has been greatly appreciated and has made great differences for me with early development. I am very excited to get her up with you for a day hunt with you and her brother! Even more excited to turn her over to you to have finished. We will talk soon I am sure and I will get some pictures up soon! Thanks again!!


Submitted by: Brian Kates on Jan 08, 2013
My wife and I purchased a solid liver GSP (Tripp) from Ethan and Kat this past fall. Needless to say we have not stopped receiving complements from family and friends on our newest family member. It was so fun watching Tripp grow during the first 8 weeks of his life via facebook. Ethan and Kat are both true professionals who have a love for each dog they raise. We would highly recommend Standing Stone Kennels to anyone looking for the whole package. It’s very comforting to know where we will be getting out next couple of pups!
Submitted by: Jay G. on Jan 08, 2013
Charlie and I spent the day with Ethan and his doggies.Took me to a favored spot for Ringnecks and we even found some quail.The dog work was great.His three doggies and Charlie made 4.I'm a little sore cause we covered some ground.The day ended with a nice surprise from Charlie and then it just got better driving back.I thought I was psycho knowing things inside out but Ethan is 'ALL IN" when it comes to his doggies.How far is Charleston SC from Lenora Kansas? Worth every mile.We'll be kinfolk down the road.
Submitted by: Denise Z. on Dec 05, 2012
Last year, Maggie was a overweight housedog. She has a really good nose; but when we took her hunting, the gun shots sent her to the sanctuary of the pickup. She was horribly gun shy.
We decided to take her to Ethan and Kat, in hopes to have her at least able to hunt along with us, not in fear of the gunshots.
She spent 7 weeks approximately with Standing Stone Kennels. She came back a totally different dog! She is not only cured of her gun shyness, but she points and retrieves like a champ!
I cannot thank Ethan and Kat enough, they truly worked a miracle with Maggie! She is a true part of our hunting group now and she loves her new life!
Submitted by: Gary Wilkos on Nov 15, 2012
Hi Ethan. We are so happy with our new addition. Drew our 4 year old son has named him BOLT and he is taking to it like a "CHAMP" His demeanor is awesome. He's just awesome with the family and his retrieving skills are perfect. Let's mention his looks....GORGEOUS FELLA.
Submitted by: Eric C on Nov 15, 2012
Tara and I would like to first say thanks to Ethan and Kat for the amazing job they did with our GSP (Gus). Gus spent about 4 months with them working on basic obedience and upland/waterfowl training. We recieved regular updates via facebook, emails and over the phone. Ethan and Kat were both very egar to answer any questions we had. They both have a true gift in knowing each dogs specific needs and what methods to use to help the dog along. Gus was no exception. I wanted a hunting machine while my wife Tara wanted him to have good house manners. Ethan and Kat acomplished both. When we went to pick Gus up in October Ethan and Kat spent an entire day with us making sure we were very comfortable with the comands and methods used over the course of his training. Ethan even put out some Chucker and allowed me to handle Gus in the field and gave me some greater pointers on different things that came up. We now have a greater knowledge of how to correct any behavior issues that may arise. Gus has turned out to be truly an amazing hunting dog and an important part of our family. Standing Stone Kennels will always be the place we turn to for future training and our next GSP. Ethan and Kat not only trained our dog but became our friends. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!
Submitted by: Eric C on Oct 26, 2012
Dear Kat and Ethan, Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and the fantastic experience not only for Gus, but us as well at Standing Stone Kennels. You two are first class at dog training and very professional. It was sad to have Gus say goodbye, but we are very happy to have him home. We have very big shoes to fill now and I hope we can do it. Thanks again Gus :),
Submitted by: Gail W on Oct 16, 2012
Ethan, we can't thank you enough for "tweaking" Bailey on her retrieve & recall! In just over an hour you analyzed the problem, had a solution & showed Gordie how to work w/her on this. Thanks to you she got her Senior AKC Hunt title in just 5 attempts!!! She had great scores on all 4 legs of 8s & 9s. Without your help we'd still be working on her title. You were great to work with & we'll be back for more training!
Submitted by: Cliff S on Jul 25, 2012
When we decided to start using flushing dogs on our plantation, I did not hesitate to get Ethan and Kat at Standing Stones Kennels involved in the training process. They helped me pick out a wonderful pup in “Cruz” and have been very attentive to our particular needs in a flushing dog. Since Cruz, we have added another flusher named “Rose” who is also in their care. I can’t think of a better place for an aspiring young hunting pup to be than at Standing Stone Kennels. Great job again guys!
Submitted by: Jim C on Jul 25, 2012
Just wanted to let you guys know how well Mathias performed during a pre-Thanksgiving quail hunt in South Georgia.

He handled really well with a minimum of fuss, handled his birds well ... sometimes for extended periods, and backed dependably. But he really performed way beyond expectation in his retrieves. On back to back flushes he made extremely long retrieves of birds that were lightly hit and flew quite a long way over some very tall cover.

He has also been very well behaved in the house. Well done guys.
Submitted by: Kyle Krof on Jul 15, 2012
I'd like to thank you for working with Drayko, I think he has come quite a ways in the last month. He listens better, has better manners, and been a joy to walk with now that he is heeling. I took him to a pond last night and my son was in ah on how he could swim. He even got on a couple of young pheasants in a nearby field.
>>> I am interested in bringing him back sometime middle-end of September, if have an opening.
Submitted by: Ron Wright on Jul 15, 2012
Back in Michigan at work with Rooster and Snap laying by my fee. I am very happy with the dogs. They were very easy to handle and pretty impressive in the field. The last day I hunted in Kansas they had 12 points on birds on public walk in hunting grounds. They pinned the birds well, you would have thought they were pen raised birds instead of hard hunted wild birds. Rooster and Snap are adjusting well to their new home. I wish the season was just beginning instead of ending. Thanks again, Ethan, for all your help and providing me with two new best buddies.
Submitted by: Ben Miller on Jul 15, 2012
Dear Ethan; We wanted to let you know how things went in Kansas hunting pheasant with Oscar. Although there weren’t many birds Oscar was excellent, he was much better than I expected for a dog whoa only one and a half years old. He pointed bird after bird, a lot were hens but a few roosters, which I managed to get. The first one he retrieved he dropped about ten feet away, so I did what you showed me to do and from then on brought them to hand. He also ran down a winged rooster and brought it back. He is what you said he'd be and more .I appreciate the program you have for training, it really works. His points are intense and solid, he quarters real good and is actually hunting instead of just running, overall I am very very pleased. I would recommend you to anyone, you are what you say. Thanks again for letting us have Oscar. Sincerely; Ben&Betty Miller
Submitted by: Scott A on Jul 15, 2012
Ethan is a very pleasant person, who has done a great job of training Fritz. Looking forward to our next dog!
Submitted by: Mark L on Jul 15, 2012
Ethan and Kat were great. They willingly answered questions, and offered great advice. In addition, I received a follow up call from Ethan a couple of days after I picked up the Cali puppy, and he strongly urged me to call him with any questions or concerns I might have - this is very much appreciated.
Submitted by: Donna H on Jul 15, 2012
Just wanted to thank you for letting me purchase Reba. My husband took her hunting the next day and she not only found birds, she retrieved for him. She has settled in well with our dogs and is in our outdoor pen with the other Pointer. Thanks again, and I also want to compliment you again on your training of Reba.
Submitted by: Don M on Jul 15, 2012
As the owner of Jett, I can't say enough about how pleased I am about the training and experience a young dog can gain by working with Ethan and Kat while taking advantage of the Standing Stone Guiding Experience.
Submitted by: Gary Findley on Jul 15, 2012
Ethan - great video! I had a great time. Just wanted to comment that I have been on guided hunts for more than 10 years and never had dogs this good. I just noticed how rested they were and they were having a very good time. Thanks - Gary
Submitted by: Jan Falkner on Jul 15, 2012
Last summer my husband and I lost our beloved German Shorthair Pointer, Daisy. She was 13 and to us, a dog that was as near perfect as one could be.

After giving ourselves some grieving time, we realized we were ready to move forward.

Our long time vet did some research and put us in touch with Ethan Pippitt. I didn't know at the time that it would become a friendship that would eventually match us with our precious girl Jules.

From the beginning, Ethan sympathized so deeply with us on our loss. He truly listened to what Daisy meant to us and at the same time was learning what we were looking for in a pup.

From the moment our puppy’s litter was bred, Ethan stayed in such close contact; from updating how the pregnancy was going to any other question we had.

Once the puppies were born, Ethan updated us with photos, descriptions of personalities as they began emerging and anything else we wanted to know.

We chose to leave Jules with Ethan for some additional training. I think we talked three times a week then! We have had our girl two weeks now and know we have a great dog already. She is obedient, loving and we couldn't be happier with our choice.

Jules is going back to Ethan at 7 months to complete her training. As much as we will miss her we know that with Ethan and Kat she will be with her extended family and we will be returned a polished gem of a dog!
Submitted by: Mark Olszewski on Jul 15, 2012
I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did with Remy. Remy is essentially a rescue dog that I took home when he was a little over a year old. After doing some of my own basic training, and hunting him for a season, I believed he had additional potential as a gun dog – mostly due to his good nose and very strong drive. Because of a very busy schedule, and my limited skills as a trainer, he was not always under good control. He also was not always solid on point. I decided to send him to Ethan for 30 days of training, followed by a month of the Standing Stone Guiding Experience, to see if my suspicions about his talent were correct. After his return from Ethan and Kat, Remy is now a joy to hunt with, under perfect control, but with all the drive in the world. I’ve had the opportunity to hunt him several times since he returned, and he’s been an absolute pleasure to hunt over! He’s found a couple dozen birds since returning, and been steady on every one of them. Even his retrieving has improved!
Again, Many Thanks!
Submitted by: Travis D on Jul 15, 2012
After a long search, I determined there was not a better German Shorthaired breeder in the country for my needs. I was interested in a pup with exceptional blood, excellent conformation and a wonderful personality. After nearly 6 months of waiting for the right breeding, I finally made the trip to pickup Hank, my Cali x Rowdy pup.

Hank is now 18 weeks old and quite an impressive pup. He is beautifully put together, very birdy and quite intelligent. At 12 weeks he was retrieving chukar and showing great cooperation in obedience.

I can't say enough about Ethan, who was always available and enthusiastic in fielding my questions before and after picking up Hank. I look forward to my future dealings with Ethan and Kat and Hank's development as a bird dog and family member.
Best regards,
Travis Drilling (Portland, OR)
Submitted by: Chad H on Jul 15, 2012
I took Rocky, my English Setter puppy for training with Ethan and Kat. I was a bit concerned with Rocky going through training being only 4 months old but he assured me Rocky could do it. When I picked him up after his 4 weeks of training, Kat, who had done most of the training with Rocky showed me what he learned and I couldn't believe it! I hunted with Rocky the whole season and he did awesome! Over the course of the season I've had questions on how fine tune some of Rocky's behaviors and Kat's always been available to answer my questions. I'm looking for many years of hunting with Rocky!
Submitted by: David Black on Jul 15, 2012
Ethan helped me pick a puppy out of a 2010 litter. She has been a quick learner and a solid performer. She pointed her first birds at 4 months, earned her Junior Hunter by 10 months and continues to work hard to add to this solid base on quail, dove and quail.

She is a great house dog with as gentle a disposition as anyone could want in a family dog/ gun dog combo.
Submitted by: don mick on Jul 15, 2012
I purchased Jett from Ethan Pippitt when she was a newborn pup. I picked her up in the middle of August, when she was a nine month old ‘started’ hunting dog. I wanted her then so that I could hunt grouse in Northern Michigan in the fall.

Jett had a phenomenal first hunting season. Even though Ethan called her a ‘started’ dog, she was solid as a rock on both grouse and woodcock. Grouse hunters know that it is hard for a pup not to bump birds, but Jett had a great touch with them from her first day in the woods. I shot 34 grouse and 31 woodcock over her in the first fall, and that does not include the birds shot by friends hunting with me.

In December, I was concerned about Jett’s range in thick cover, as she got separated from me several times. Ethan immediately had her picked up by a dog courier and delivered to Texas, so that he and Kat could work with her. I was planning on having Jett in Texas with him for six weeks during the winter anyway, but she ended up spending three months under Ethan and Kat’s training.

I cannot say enough good things about Ethan and Kat’s work, or about how valuable the time in Texas was. The opportunity to work on several hundred points a day, while in a live shooting situation, with a great dog trainer, is impossible to duplicate anywhere else. I picked up Jett two weeks ago, and have been in the field with her every day since then. Range is no longer an issue. Simple whistle commands are immediately complied with (though they are seldom needed). Jett is truly a finished dog now, and is a great hunting partner and family friend.

I have been completely satisfied with my experience getting a dog from Ethan and Kat.
Don Mick
Submitted by: carol M on Jul 15, 2012
A huge thank you to Kat and Ethan for a fantastic puppy pick-up experience. As you can see, Simon's big adventure home tired him out. We started getting him used to the sound of the clicker already and he is doing great. He's going to be a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!!
Submitted by: Daphne on Jun 01, 2012
Ethan was so patient with our dog, Missy! She can be a very silly dog sometimes but he worked with her to first gain her confidence and then to help her learn to walk on the treadmill. At first she wasn't too keen on being on the treadmill, but now she loves it, and I do too! Thanks, Ethan, for your hard work!

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