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Submitted by: Morgan McKinney on Oct 06, 2023
Eric was great to deal with throughout the process. Very helpful with any questions and responded quickly. He was able to give periodic updates and photos when requested. He genuinely cares about each of his dogs and the puppies that they produce. Our pup from the 2/1/23 Litter is happy, healthy, energetic, and full of personality. If you’re in the market for a Brittany that is well taken care of and have unbelievable pedigrees, then I would highly recommend Eric and Smokingun Brittany’s.
Submitted by: Lauren on Sep 12, 2023
This past March we picked up our second Brittany from Eric, we have a three year old female and picked up her half brother. We were not disappointed whatsoever - just like our other Brittany, he has tremendous natural hunting ability and is a fabulous family dog. He settled right in with our other two dogs and is a best friend to our young toddler. Our vet has been full of nothing but compliments on the health and breeding of both of our Brittany’s, and could tell there was obvious care and thought that went into their bloodlines. Eric takes care to note personality traits of each puppy in the litter, and honestly cares about the dogs even after they go to their new homes. He follows up with us regularly on how the dogs are doing (even with our three year old). I wouldn’t even question getting another Brittany from Eric in the future, having two Brittany’s from him is a privilege and we are so thankful we found him!
Submitted by: Tommy Peters on Jul 21, 2023
We just purchased a Brittany pup from Eric. Seeing his kennel and the way he selects his sire and dam made it an easy decision for us. His bloodlines are super and our new pup has the most complete set of instincts I have seen. Plus, she is a real fireball and ready for anything, scared of nothing. Thank you Eric for your hard work and efforts, we look forward to a long life with our Penny.FFHIK
Submitted by: Colleen Balik-Meisner on Jun 27, 2023
My family and I picked up our second dog from Eric last weekend. I can not speak highly enough of our puppy and Smokingun Brittany’s. The kennels are clean and it is clear that Eric loves his dogs. As for our newest member, she is smart and easy to train as well as a very affectionate cuddle bug.
Without a doubt, this will not be our last dog from Eric.
Submitted by: Casey Trantham on Jun 27, 2023
We have had the pleasure of working with and hunting behind several of Eric’s dogs and we can’t say enough good about them! We took one of his males to MN and ND with us durning the 2022 season and he excelled, he was able to work sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge in ND and ruffed grouse and woodcock in MN and NC! We cannot recommend Eric’s Brittany’s enough! We had the opportunity of getting a male out of one of his late winter litters this year and are so excited to watch him mature into a wild bird dog!

Casey Trantham
Cedar Grove Gun Dogs
Submitted by: Katie Somers on Jun 27, 2023
For years now I've looked at pictures of the litters that came from this breeder. They all were beautiful and seemed to be top notch. I finally made the decision to get a pup myself and it sure was worth it. My boy is exceptional! He's a fast learner and you can tell he has a good background. Working with Eric was a breeze and I would recommend ANYONE looking for a Britt to go through Smokingun!
Submitted by: Jaimie on May 04, 2023
I cannot recommend Eric enough! We were not able to pick up our little girl the first weekend but he sent photos and updates to help decide which puppy would be ours. We picked up our, Bria, June 2022 and she has turned into the perfect companion and her hunting drive is fully innate. She slept through the night since day 1 and we could have not asked for a sweeter, smarter, or more trained dog. Eric is super kind and you can tell how much he loves and cares for every single one of his dogs and pups. This is our first Brittany, and when it's time to get another, Eric will be our first choice!
Submitted by: Craig Branch on Mar 04, 2023
We recently picked up our second puppy from Eric! He never disappoints as a breeder. The dogs are healthy, well cared for and socialized prior to pickup. Eric keeps you up to date one the process and has very nice dogs. They kennels are well kept and Eric breeds top quality bird dogs. Their pedigree speaks for the dogs themselves and Eric is a breeder that only builds upon the great Brittany. Rip our latest puppy is sweet, loving, and healthy. He has drive and stile and will make a wonderful bird dog. Thanks again Eric for another great dog. If you are looking for a great bird dog or companion, look no further than Eric’s Smokingun kennels. They truly are the best Brittany’s around. Thank you Eric!

Craig Branch
Submitted by: Steve Gazda on Dec 22, 2022
Just got back from "the hunt." Brought Dash (male, liver) home in October of 2020 and had a good experience through the process of picking him from the litter. He's been a fantastic family dog, loving and affectionate. That was the compromise in our house, I wanted a gun dog, wife wanted a sweet cuddly pup. We both won. His natural abilities began to shine within the year out in the backyard with rabbits, squirrels and little birds. Caught a little bunny that we shared for lunch when he was 1 year old.

Jump to this season. I've had him out 10-12 times in stocked pheasant fields in the Willamette Valley for practice and then over Thanksgiving we teamed up with some more seasoned German Wirehairs for a wild upland hunt. His little gears were turning and his training was coming together.

Well, he just went pro this past weekend in the sagebrush of Eastern Oregon. Twenty minutes out of the truck he locked onto a covey of wild partridge and held point like he'd been doing it his whole life. He proceeded to point 3 more coveys in the next two hours and brought the birds back in great shape. He's a machine. He did it again the next morning. His only fault is he won't sit still and look at the camera for the "grip and grin" photo over his pile of birds. Couldn't be more happy with my little guy and can't recommend this kennel enough. Almost don't want to say too much, I'm already daydreaming about another pup and don't want to much competition for these little nuggets.
Submitted by: Jess Lallas on Jul 23, 2022
I live in Washington state and contacted Eric about one of his litters he was advertising back in may. Eric was extremely helpful and fast to respond with sending pictures, pedigrees, and answering all questions a guy could ask about getting a puppy sight unseen. Eric went above and beyond having the pup shipped and was very trustworthy with everything. Now about the little girl we got from him, there’s only one word to describe her and it is “natural”. She is about 14 weeks old now and shows everything you could ever want out of young puppy. Her first training session she showed no hesitation with gun fire and retrieving the pigeons to hand with nice body holds and confidence on the very first bird interaction. She has the most beautiful point, coat, personality, drive, and so damn intelligent. If your debating on getting a puppy from him do it you won’t regret it! I can’t wait for this hunting season with her. Again Eric if your reading this thank you my family and I are so happy with her.
Submitted by: Elizabeth Smith on Jun 15, 2022
We picked up Rush on May 28th and we could not be happier. He is our 6th dog and second Brittany, and has by far been the best puppy. He has a natural retrieve, and plenty of drive, but is laid back and easy to manage in the house. Sleeps through the night from day one in his crate and fit in perfectly with our four current dog’s ranging in age from 3 to 14 with a wide array of energy levels and play styles. He is extremely confident and outgoing without being pushy or dominant. We do hunting and therapy work and I am confident he is going to excel at both! Eric was extremely helpful throughout the whole process to make sure we got a dog that would match our needs. We couldn’t imagine a better fit for a breeder and a puppy!
Submitted by: Margaret on Feb 02, 2022
We just bought a Liver Brittany from Eric and had the best experience!! He was so kind and caring and you can tell he loves all of his dogs. He continued to follow up with us asking for pics of our new puppy after we took her home. We have already recommended him to multiple people we know. We had a great experience!
Submitted by: Chuck on Sep 23, 2021
When we decided it was time for another Brittany, there was only one choice for us: Eric Lowman/Smokinggun Brittanys.

Eric’s commitment to the American Brittany is second to none in my opinion. He is always available to answer questions and checks in on the pup over the first several weeks.

Oliver is doing great — healthy, smart, and a great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Monica and Jimmy Mullen on Sep 21, 2021
Eric was amazing through this entire process. Always took our calls and followed through with everything. Class act he loves his puppy’s.
Submitted by: Charlie Brooks on Sep 20, 2021
We found Eric because we were not impressed with other breeders closer to us in Virginia. Eric spoke hunting dogs not show dogs even though his dogs are beautiful Brittanys. We picked up Hickory and have been delighted with him completely. At 6 months he retrieves duck dummies in moderate chop and won’t quit. He performs all of his basic commands nicely. He begins collar conditioning to the E-collar next week. He is great pointing live pigeons. He is bird crazy.
Submitted by: Charlie Brooks on Sep 20, 2021
We found Eric because we were not impressed with other breeders closer to us in Virginia. Eric spoke hunting dogs not show dogs even though his dogs are beautiful Brittanys. We picked up Hickory and have been delighted with him completely. At 6 months he retrieves duck dummies in moderate chop and won’t quit. He performs all of his basic commands nicely. He begins collar conditioning to the E-collar next week. He is great pointing live pigeons. He is bird crazy.
Submitted by: Allison Zimmerman on Sep 15, 2021
I cannot rank this breeder or his dogs high enough! From the moment our little girl was born, Eric was kind enough to send updates and photos so we could learn about his latest litter. We were lucky enough to get one of his Liver and White females and she is AWESOME. She is very smart, active and eager to learn. She loves to please her people and gets along wonderfully with our Lab. At only 11 weeks, her training is coming along beautifully. She is vivacious and fun and we couldn't be happier with our latest family member. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is interested in this wonderful breed from a fantastic breeder.
Submitted by: Justin on Jul 31, 2021
You will not find a better Brittany or breeder anywhere in the country.
We put in a reservation for our orange female a year in advance. When the time came he only had 1 orange female and many people asking for her. Not only did he honor us with our pick, he also honored the price he had told us (which had increased over the year).
Eric continued to check in with us over the first months and was always willing to answer questions and offer suggestions.
Last week he sent me the contact of a local trainer. The trainer spent an hour on the phone with me and went on and on about how many of Eric’s dogs he had trained and how they have made some of the best bird dogs.
Our Brittany is beyond smart and energetic. I can’t wait to see how she hunts.
Cannot say enough about Eric and his dogs!
Submitted by: Michael Sprinkle on Jul 30, 2021
I did my homework and everything kept coming back to Eric and Smokingun Brittanys. We have had several conversations in the weeks after I picked up my puppy about progress and health care. Our puppy is very smart and bold with an extremely good nose. I Highly recommend Smokingun Brittanys.
Submitted by: Derrik on Feb 10, 2021
Eric was absolutely amazing to work with. He came highly recommended from a friend who has two Brittanys from him. Axl came home to California in January and he is already so attentive and learning everything quickly. Eric has a customer for life in me.
Submitted by: Jason & Jennifer Fessenden on Feb 05, 2021
I truly wish I could rate Eric (the owner) a 100+!
He has been a Godsend and blessing in helping & following up with our new family member. Not only did he ensure we were happy with our beautiful little liver-brit ?, but followed up making sure we knew when his shots were due, if he was a fit for our family, everything. This is a breeder who cares more for the breed, invests so much more into his beautiful (healthy, sweet) pups.
Smokingun Brittany's has done so much for our family, especially our 4yr old son (long story, but absolutely affirms the goodness in people & humanity ????)
This is definitively the best breeder I've ever spoken to, one who cares far more for his dogs than anything material.
Submitted by: Dwayne on Dec 20, 2020
Eric’s dogs are from the best Brittany bloodlines in the country. I have owned Brittanys for over 25 years and last year when I started looking for a new pup, Smokingun was at the top of my list. Bonnie turned one year old this past October while on a hunting trip to Wisconsin. After busting a few grouse, she quickly learned from her mistakes and pointed her first grouse of many on the trip. Bonnie is sweet, smart, energetic, full of personality and loves birds!

Eric is great to work with and I highly recommend Eric and his pups.
Submitted by: Mary on Nov 18, 2020
We picked up Phoebe Jane, our 3rd Brittany baby, and second pup from Smokingun Brittanys in December of 2019. She's been a doll from the very start and completed our family beautifully. She has the typical Brittany personality and smarts we have grown to love with her own quirks that make her special, and we couldn't be happier with our latest addition. Eric, as always, was a pleasure to work with, and always responded quickly to my many questions. Phoebe Jane is the smallest of our 3, but don't tell her that-she definitely doesn't know-small, but fierce ;-)
Submitted by: Lauren Dunnells on Nov 14, 2020
My husband and I picked up our sweet little Abby this past July. We have always been avid bird hunters but never had a bird dog of our own. Not having any experience with Brittanys, we did our research on the breed and spoke with some breeders and found Eric with Smokingun Brittanys. Best decision we made!! We drove 15 hours from NH to NC to pick her up, Eric was so kind and nice to work with and really showed us how much he cares about his dogs. Abby has been a wonderful puppy - she is healthy, very sweet, and has already shown to have incredible natural ability for hunting...between flushing grouse/woodcock around our house and getting a taste of NH north country grouse hunting on weekends. She is an extremely smart girl with a lot of determination. She is so sweet to everyone she meets and loves our rescue dog Lucy to pieces - and Lucy loves her just as much. To be honest after we got Abby, we strongly considered taking another road trip and getting another puppy from him this year...maybe not in the next year or two but it is definitely a consideration for the future. Eric has been so good about staying in touch with us on Abby’s progress, once again showing how much he cares about the well being of his dogs. It was a big decision for us but we have absolutely no regrets and are so happy with our girl!
Submitted by: Lyman Connor on Sep 14, 2020
My coworker purchased a Brittany from Eric 7 years ago and I fell in love with her dog as she was allowed allowed to bring him to work. I asked her who the breeder was and what was the chance of me getting a pup. I reached out to Eric and the stars aligned and he had a litter that was ready. Drove 6 hours round trip to pick out our pup "JuJu" and what an amazing experience thus far. Our vet is in love with our dog and has rated our pup "Ideal" which is 10 out of 10 stars.
Incredibly smart, healthy, loving and energetic and the most amazing companion! Highly recommend Eric as he is a great breeder and a very decent man at heart.
Submitted by: Susan Overstreet on May 25, 2020
After much thought and research my son and I decided on getting a Brittany. We researched different breeders and Eric Lowman came highly recommended. After researching Eric and reading reviews and looking at his dogs we knew we had found the right fit for us! My son and I drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up our little girl. When we saw her our hearts melted. Our “sweet southern Sadiebug” was ours! She has blesssed our lives during these uncertain times during this pandemic. Because of that we had one on one time and we’ve been able to spend so much time with her. Thank you so much Eric. We just love our Sadiebug.
Submitted by: Karen Hooks on Dec 10, 2019
Thank you for all of the reviews. We will be picking up our Britany later this week. Looking forward to getting ours, Bentley.
Submitted by: Halie on Oct 21, 2019
I brought Renly home back in May and this review is a long time coming! He is such a happy dog at all times - loves other dogs and people! He gets to go practically everywhere with me and visit the college students I work with. He is now about 8 months old and incredibly smart - he is currently in classes to work on his therapy certification (several months to go) and is the star of the class. He will do just about anything if it gets him attention and praise. If you're curious as to what Renly looks like - instagram @Renlypup

So happy to have found Eric and his dogs when researching back in the spring!
Submitted by: William Bealing on Sep 23, 2019
Decided enough time had passed and it was time to once again have a Brittany as a hunting companion and member of the family. I did some research and found that Eric’s pups had the bloodlines I was looking for (both my previous male and female’s sires were in there…although several generations back). Eric was extremely helpful in providing information and answering all my questions. We arranged for a time and I drove down to see the litter and pick out pup. I left thinking that I really couldn’t have gone wrong by picking any of those pups…they all looked like future masters of the field!

When the pups were old enough at the end of July, I made the drive back down from Pennsylvania to bring Parker home. I’ve been extremely happy with him…he’s big, he’s very smart (sometimes too much so for his own good…you know puppies!), he’s “birdy” and he’s a great all-around family dog. I’ve owned several Brittanies in the past, in comparison Parker seems to be maturing (housebreaking, socialization, etc.) earlier than my previous dogs.

Eric has kept in contact and cares about his pups. He’s also a great guy to swap dog stories with. I can recommend SmokinGun Kennels to anyone looking for a Brittany pup. Actually, Parker has been the one doing most of the recommending…everyone who sees him and plays with him for a bit, wants to know where they can get one for themselves. Thanks Eric!
Submitted by: Crystal Z on Sep 10, 2019
We got our second puppy, Cooper, from Eric late-July. Now a little over 3 months old, he’s showing that he’s super smart, gets constant compliments on his beautiful markings, and is picking up his training with ease (house training / general manners, etc.) The vet was impressed at his first appointment with how healthy he was and the detailed records we were sent home with. Cooper has a very sweet disposition, and we’re looking forward to seeing him grow up into a beautiful, loving family dog.

Our first pup, Ellie, we got from Eric almost 6 years ago, and though that entire time, Eric has kept in contact with us - genuinely interested and invested in knowing how his pups grow up. When we considered getting a second pup, we couldn’t imagine going anywhere else - even though we had moved and had to drive nearly double the distance to pick Cooper up.

Eric has always answered my (many) questions, is very knowledgable about pups/dogs, and been super prompt with his response. Honestly, I cannot imagine a better experience purchasing a Brittany pup.
Submitted by: Lilly on Jun 14, 2019
We got our puppy, Taffy in April. From the moment we picked her up she was and is the sweetest and fun puppy. We had a kitten at home and they hit it off immediately. They play and sleep with each other every day. I take her every where and she is easy around everyone. Extremely smart! I get so many compliments on her markings and look. Will definitely go back to Eric for our 2nd pup in the future.
Submitted by: Howard Matthews on Jun 01, 2019
I got my puppy (Waylon) from Eric (SmokinGun) in April. He was highly recommended from a friend of mine (Brittany breeder) who has gotten pups from Eric previously. Eric sent me pictures and I reserved my pup immediately! Waylon has a great personality and is an impressive little hunter already. He sits, lays down and points with hardly any instruction. He is a quick learner! I have never had a Brittany, always been a Lab owner but my pup is the smartest of all. I highly recommend Eric and his pups. Looking forward to getting another from him soon!
Submitted by: Matt on May 24, 2019
I love our Brittany Piper. At a young age she grasp everything with ease. She is an absolute sweetheart with our 3 yr old, and she is eager to learn.
Other than her intelligence and mannerisms, her markings are absolutely beautiful. You can tell she comes from great bloodlines and I HIGHLY recommend Smoking Guns.
Beat experience I've had buying a dog!

Thank you Smoking Guns!

Submitted by: Janna Wilkins on May 13, 2019
I purchased my brittany pup from Eric in April. She is beautiful, smart and a quick learner with a bold and confident personality. She's a wonderful pup and I look forward to training and working with her as she grows!
Submitted by: Mercedes Felix on May 01, 2019
I found Eric and Smokingun Brittanys just over 3 years ago and came home with a beautiful Male that was sired by Kid. My Hendrix has been a joyful addition to our family. He is sharp and witty with tons of drive and personality. We are so in love with him that we decided to come back to Eric for another pup. To our luck, he was about to have another litter sired by Kid and the stars couldn't have aligned any better. We just got our Page about two weeks ago and to say that she is a dream is an understatement. She is beautiful, smart with a heap of attitude that we just love! Great demeanor and disposition and very eager to learn. Eric takes huge pride and principle on the way he breeds and cares for these dogs. He is and will be my go to guy for Brittanys no doubt about it! My family and I are extremely thankful to have found Eric and Smokingun Brittanys!
Submitted by: Gus Dagostino on Apr 30, 2019
I purchased a 9 week old Brittany puppy from Eric in March from a recent litter. Trena is healthy has an easy going temperament, house broke quickly, quiet in the crate, and willing to Learn and please. She is beginning to point and retrieve at 12 weeks.
Eric is very willing to work with throughout the selection process.
I have known Eric for several years and he was the first person I contacted for a Brittany puppy.
Looking forward to hunting and entering Trena in field trials this fall
Submitted by: Mary Helm on Jan 23, 2019
I have been breeding and showing Papillons for 16 plus years. My friend Sissie Harper wanted to buy a companion Brittany for her son for his birthday. I am very familiar with breed standards and often see the Brittanys in the show ring. As soon as we found pictures from Smokingun Brittanys, I knew we had to go and see them. Often pictures can be misleading, but NOT this time!!!! His dogs are beautiful, well cared for and so very very sound! Henry, the Brittany that came to Tennessee has the best disposition of any that I have seen, so so sweet and loving. His head, top line, front and rear are so very correct from the conformation stand point. He could easily be very competitive in the show ring. I would certainly recommend this breeder!!!!!
Submitted by: Christopher Catto on Jan 20, 2019
I found Eric through this site and after asking around to people who know gun dogs found he and his dogs/puppies to have an amazing reputation. The statement from a highly respected trainer of many champion dogs was “Eric and his dogs renewed my faith in Britts”. This was the comment when he found out where Fergus was from!

Smokingun Rimfire Fergus is an amazing pup. His markings and build are just beautiful! Constantly getting compliments from everyone. At 12 weeks he is listening (not just responding) to basic commands to the point I can walk him off leash (Come, sit, woah, no, drop it, and toileting command “go outside”) he is very energetic and a great family dog at the same time. His genetics are showing through daily. I will be having him finished with birds starting this summer.

As for Eric, he was an abosolutly amazing breeder to deal with. You can see his passion in his dogs. The dogs he has on site are all great and look in amazing condition. The local vet and vet techs had nothing but great things to say about how he cares for his dogs and pups. Eric was above and beyond accommodating to my request for a final vet visit (I paid, he put in the time and effort). Eric is a hunter and works his dogs in the field.

I have and will continue to recommend Eric and Smokingun Brittanys to anyone in the market. Truly a great and responsible breeder.
Submitted by: Dale Bullock on Aug 21, 2018
We picked up "Smokin Gun's Hundred Dollar Bill" aka Frank, on April 1st. This happened to be the birthday of my first lab "Hedgehog's April Fool" which made Frank even more special. Being my first pointing dog project I wanted to maximize my chances of success and searched extensively for an exceptional breeder with exceptional genetics. Eric was that guy. Frank has exceeded all my expectations with his drive, intelligence, and attitude. Our 11 year old lab is a little undone but he's warming up to Frank as well. I can't imagine a dog with more prey drive and loyalty. School has started with Pigeons and soon Quail and he's yet to disappoint. i am confident that great memories are soon to be made behind this rock star of a Brittany. If your looking for a Brittany look no further than Smokin Gun. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Eric for a great experience and for your pursuit of perfection in the American Brittany. I couldn't be more pleased!
Submitted by: Suzanne on Aug 05, 2018
We bought Duchess from Eric when she was eight weeks old. Eric was super helpful in our buying process and willing to answer any questions we had. I was impressed with Eric’s follow up as well. He contacted us several times after to confirm we were getting our dog the appropriate shots and generally checking on her well-being. We would highly recommend Smoking Gun kennels to someone looking for a fabulous Brittany.
Submitted by: Diane Williams on Aug 03, 2018
This is our first Brittany and working with Eric at Smokingun Brittanys was easy and successful. Ranger is a beautiful dog with a wonderful disposition. The vet was very complimentary about Ranger's health and looks. He has adapted well to our pack including 2 other dogs. He is responding well to training. Eric was helpful and communicative and has continued to stay in touch. Our family is in love with Ranger and highly recommends Eric as a breeder.
Submitted by: Wendy Moore on Aug 01, 2018
This was a wonderful experience for our family. Eric was great to work with and his Brittanys are exceptional. We could tell right away that he really cares for his animals. Our puppy is beautiful, as were all of the puppies that were there.
Submitted by: Ken Curry on Jul 30, 2018
In my search for a good Brittany I talked to several breeders in a three state area. Thankfully I contacted Eric. He took the time to answer all my questions both before I purchased a pup and still responds to all my inquiries about the breed and bird dogs in general. She has gone thru three vet check ups with no issues. At 14 weeks she is impressing everyone we meet with her grasp of basic commands. She has a high drive a fantastic nose and is retrieving a dummy and dropping it on command. Loves to work the thick grass and is very bird aware. Very impressed with this pup as she is teaching me about bird dogs. If your looking for a quality Brittany from a breeder who hunts and knows Brittany's , call Eric today
Submitted by: Paul Blackwell on Jul 26, 2018
We would highly recommend Smokingun Brittanys for anyone looking for an American Brittany Spaniel. Eric was from the start informative, answered all our questions, is truly very knowledgeable regarding Brittanys (which we have had our whole lives) and always got back with us promptly. The whole experience was seamless!

Jake was born on April 18, 2018 and we picked him up on June 10, 2018. He is a beauty. Probably the best looking Brittany I have seen! At 3 months now, he can sit, lay down, shake, come, stay, fetch "hunt em up" and return....he also seems to point at anything that flys...he has a nose and a motor that never stops! lol

Thank you Smokingun Brittanys for such a great experience!
Submitted by: Thomas Branch on Jul 11, 2018
Smokingun Brittanys! What can I say! I contacted Eric wanting to get a puppy for my other Brittany gun dog. Eric is very knowledgeable and communicates extremely well. He answered all my questions promptly and kept me updated on my Chance with pictures and email. Upon pickup his kennel was very clean and well kept. Mom and dad were both on site. Chance has great drive, and is very bold. Full of energy and just plain fun. His vet check ups have been great. If you are looking for a great breeder look no further. Eric and his smokingun kennel is top notch. Thanks Eric! Thomas
Submitted by: Sam on Apr 16, 2018
I searched long and hard for a Brittany with the pedigree behind him to become not only a great hunter but also a family pet, and I was able to accomplish that when I picked up Fin from Eric. Eric's dogs have pedigrees with some of the best Brittanys in history at his kennels so you really can't go wrong if you're looking for a superb bird dog. From the start Eric was helpful and always answered my questions promptly (I had plenty of them). Always kept me updated on future litters and how the pups were doing. The kennel was clean and well kept. The process from start to finish was very easy and thorough. I highly recommend Eric and Smokingun Kennels for your next Brittany.
Submitted by: Clay Draughon on Apr 10, 2018
Bought my brittany, Gus from Eric about two years ago super nice guy, very knowledgeable and clean kennel. Owned bird dogs my entire life mostly English setters and can say this Brittany is one of the hardest working most naturally instinctive dog I have ever seen. Also a great pet and great around the fam and lap dog. 10/10 awesome dogs!
Submitted by: Doug Davis on Mar 10, 2018
May I begin by saying that I have owned some good Brittanys and one exceptional Brittany. You bird hunters know what I mean. I am very excited about the possibilities of the pup we bought from Eric. The pedigree is more than I hoped for. Eric impressed me from our first conversation and he has given us all the personal time and information needed. His kennels are clean and the dogs are well kept. After bringing our pup home we took him to our vet for a wellness physical. Our vet was impressed with the condition of Chief and the quality vaccines and worming products used by Eric. Pretty don’t hunt but this pup has great markings and conformation. His drive is wide open with natural casting and he loves the rough stuff. Loves to retrieve and release. He hunts, finds and points planted quail wings. Can’t wait to put him on a live pigeon. Developing very fast with promise to make an exception field dog and earning the title Mr. Thanks Eric for working to produce such genetically fine dogs. I will recommend you to all my friends and if in need of another pup will come back to you.
Submitted by: Steve Reutzel on Feb 28, 2018
I got my Liver & White Brittany, Rosco P. Coltrane, from Eric at Smoking Gun. Eric's kennel is great, I was really impressed when I first showed up to meet the pups. His facilities are clean and well kept. Eric clearly spends a lot of time on the dogs. He communicates well and always quickly responds to any questions, and is helpful in any way he can be. Eric puts the pups out to new homes at 7 weeks. I prefer pups be with litter mates until at least 8 weeks, so I asked if he could accomodate that, and he told me I could leave Rosco until 8 with no issues (some of the litter mates would be gone at 7, but a couple would still be there him).
Rosco's entire litter was born with naturally docked tails, which is great.
Additionally, Eric seems to be in it for the right reasons. He clearly loves his dogs and the breed in general. Eric is truly a great guy to work with. You couldn't find a nicer, more easy going breeder. I'm very proud to have a Smoking Gun dog, and I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for an extremely well bred hunting (or competition) dog. My Rosco is an OUTSTANDING dog so far.... healthy, smart, beautiful looking (every pup there was), energetic, brave and confident. I'm sure I've got a rockstar bird dog on my hands. I traveled 10 hours to get my dog from Smoking Gun, and will do it again next time.
Submitted by: Barry Reese on Feb 20, 2018
I searched all around for a top breeder, and am glad I did. Eric was knowledgeable and helpful from the beginning. He loves his dogs. We got a pup from Bullet and Dixie Dec 2017. Our pup, Ice, is a pleasure to be around. He was great on the natural retrieve at 7 weeks. I have mostly let him be a pup and have been working on letting him develop hunting with his nose with fun games. Not even really trying to train him he recalls almost every time, and knows whoa at 11 weeks. It is cool to watch him cover ground with his nose. He is a natural. In a few months we will start to develop his skills, which I look forward to. He does great in the house. He just curls up and sleeps in the corner of my office while I work. He sleeps in his kennel at night and goes in when I say kennel. Ice is hands down the best pup I’ve ever been around. Thank you Eric!
Submitted by: gary eudy on Feb 14, 2018
searched all the US and Canada for the right puppy. Found the best one 40 miles from home. Visited Eric and had a good meeting with Bullet and Dixie. Beautiful dogs both. Gave Eric a deposit and got the pick of the litter. Eric let us visit when the pups were about 4 weeks old and had naturally docked tails. On the way the song played the old song Wildfire on two different radio stations. The puppy was to be named Wildfire. Eric was very helpful in choosing the right puppy. Wildfire looks people right in the eye he is very quick to pick up things. Eric e mails us to keep up with puppy progress. Good times ahead hunting and hanging around home.
Submitted by: Jeanne and Leland on Oct 04, 2017
Our hunt for a quality Brittany puppy led us to Eric Lowman and his Smokingun Kennel. Eric was great to work with throughout the process. He kept us updated and was extremely helpful in puppy selection. And when we had to delay pickup, his flexibility was much appreciated.

Eric has top of the line Brittanys and we couldn't be happier with our puppy, Stoker. He's a sharp pup and we're looking forward to getting him out into the field. We highly recommend Smokingun Kennel to anyone looking for a quality Brittany. Great dogs! Thanks again Eric!
Submitted by: Tina on Sep 24, 2017
Eric was awesome throughout the process of finding the right pup for our family. He cares so much about his puppies and takes great are of them from birth. We love our Brittany named Harbor! We picked her up at 7 weeks and she has become attached to us very quickly. She has natural instincts and loves to play. She is a great family dog! Eric is a great breeder to work with and we plan to work with him again in the future!
Submitted by: Sharon and Matt on Apr 08, 2017
We can't say enough positive things about Eric Lowman at Smokingun Brittanys. This was our first experience working with a breeder and we appreciated his patience answering all of our questions about the process.

I researched many breeders online and Eric had the highest number of positive reviews and not a single negative, which put him at the top of our list. I explained to him that we were looking for a family dog first with a good temperament and hunting dog second. He listened to our needs and when it was our turn to pick, he worked with us to match the right pup with our family. He advised us that our pick for a female might not be the right match for us and met us to let us see another pup in the litter that would be better. He could have very easily just given us the last female, but it was important to him to match the right temperament with our family.

He gave us all the paperwork with history and shot schedule and continued to follow up with us regularly to get updates on the puppy.

Scout is extremely smart and learned basic commands the first week or two. He is a beautiful dog in his features and everyone comments on how great he is.

We had two neighbors get puppies from a different breeder around the same time, and they were so impressed with what I told them about Eric versus what they went through.

This is not a business for Eric - his love for the dogs really shows and his desire for them to be placed in the right home comes before money. So if you are looking for the best Brittany's with amazing bloodlines, look no further!
Submitted by: Ron Weaver on Mar 14, 2017
Eric was great to talk too and work with on picking out the right pup for me. Eric has some of the best bloodlines in the country and I know that for a fact.
I pick a male, named him Gauge on Feb. 18th. At 8 weeks he was so intense when he is on point. He show so much natural bird working ability right now at 10 1/2 weeks old. He has also been doing really well on his retrieve. I love this dogs looks, intensity, smarts and he is level headed too. I cant wait until I run him in his first NSTRA trial. He is also an awesome house dog and he gets along great with my other Britts. He has excellent temperament. Thanks again Eric , I am sure that I will look your way in the future.

Ron Weaver
Submitted by: David on Mar 12, 2017
Eric was great to work with, from start to finish. We visited several Brittany breeders before finding one who cared for his dogs the way they should be cared for. Even after taking our pup, "Birdie", home, Eric stayed in touch for updates and shot reminders. Highly recommended.
Submitted by: Ben Goodale on Mar 11, 2017
I Got Reese from Eric a week ago. Eric Shipped her from North Carolina to Iowa. Everything went smoothly. Reece is my first American Brittany and everyone in the family absolutely loves her. She's great in the house but is bold and loves to run out in the field, great experience, couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: David Allen on Mar 08, 2017
Eric Lowman is a top-notch breeder and highly recommended by my gundog friends. I purchased a male puppy from him back at the first of this year "Hoss" has turned out to be a super dog and I can't wait to shoot birds over his head this fall..... I will be doing more business with Eric in the coming years as I plan on picking up another female puppy and breeding the female that I have in the kennel outback. Eric is a super guy to work with and I highly recommend anyone to purchase a puppy from Eric. Thanks again Eric !!!! You have a friend and a customer for life !!!!
Submitted by: Peter burkey on Mar 07, 2017
I have really enjoyed working with Eric the past few months as we have gone through the process of purchasing a puppy. Eric kept us up to date on how the puppies were progressing. When we received our puppy he was in good health. Our pup (trigger) seems to be very smart and picks up on things pretty quick. This is my first hunting dog and I am looking forward to hunting with him.
Submitted by: Albert Clark on Mar 06, 2017
I wanted to thank Eric for the wonderful experience of purchasing my new hunting companion Ammo. Eric provided me with weekly pictures and updates on him. If I decide to purchase another hunting partner, it will surely be from Eric.
Submitted by: Colleen on Dec 08, 2016
I wish I could give Eric a higher rating. 5 years later and I still get continuous compliments on how beautiful, smart and sweet my Brittany is. I can not wait until my family is ready to grow and we get a puppy friend for my Breezy.
I highly recommend Eric and any litter he has!!
Submitted by: Sylvia and Ed on Sep 05, 2016
Our second Brittany from Eric is a true gem. She is our first Brittany's half-sister, ( also from Eric) and she is already exhibiting the early signs of a great hunting dog, just like her half-sister, Tamsen.
Our trainer, who is one of the best in the business, was so impressed with Eric's litters, that he himself has sent quite a few future Brittany owners his way.
I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is interested in getting the smartest, sweetest, and birdiest dogs around. You will not be disappointed. One thing though, you better be a good shot
Because these brittanies will do their part in finding the birds. Don't disappoint them!!!
Please feel free to call us 704-807-4466 if you want any more
Information. Ed and Sylvia
Submitted by: Bruce Colbert on Aug 13, 2016
This was the first time I got a puppy through Smokingun Brittanys. It has been a tremendous experience. Eric worked hard with me from the moment I called him through now. My Brittany is a great pup that is full of life and energy. She loves it here with our other pups and will be going into training when she is about 7 to 8 months old. She has brought us a great amount of joy in her childhood and I cannot wait to get her into the field. All of this because of quality breeding and genetics in her bloodline. Thank You Eric for this opportunity. I will be looking for a male in another year to start my own line here in Texas. I will be coming to Eric first.
Submitted by: Donna Rososky on Aug 10, 2016
We brought our Hank home a week ago. He is our first Brittany. We are in love with him! Eric was so helpful. We had many questions being a first time owner of a Brittany. Eric kept us updated with photos once a week so we could see how Hank was changing and growing. He would also let us know how Hank was doing. After we brought him home Eric kept in touch to check on Hank and see how he was adjusting to his new home. Thank you Smokingun (Eric Lowman) for raising beautiful, intelligent and well cared for dogs.
Submitted by: Ray Smith on Aug 08, 2016
Eric delivered on everything he promised with this puppy. He really did the puppy was shipped halfway across the country and every derail was perfect. The puppy shots form showed up a few days later. Eric was a pleasure to deal with. I asked a million questions and I asked for a dozen pictures everything I asked for he helped me with. The breeders that want to match you with your personality and not show pictures can get lost. Eric tells you about the puppies personality and you know what your looking for. Everything I asked for he provided and on top of that I received a puppy with enormous athletic ability.
Submitted by: Laura Rottmund on Jul 25, 2016
We have gotten two Brittany pups from Smoking Gun in the past three years. Eric is a class act. Our pups are healthy and gorgeous and absolute sweet hearts! Both of our girls are kept in the house and get along so well with both our children and other pets. Eric took great care of us through both experiences picking out our puppies and was so kind to respond to our questions quickly and frequently sent us pictures, so we could watch them grow. This was such a treat for our family, while we waited for them to be old enough to pick up. Our dogs are now 3 and 7 months and still doing well.
Submitted by: Martin Brown on Jun 25, 2016
I am again pleased to report a wonderful experience working with Eric Lowman at Smokingun Brittanys. In late May I picked up my second Brittany from Smokingun. My new guy is Sammy and is now 12 weeks old. He is full of vigor, carries himself well and possesses great bird sense at this early age. Sammy has all the makings of a fine field dog to accompany me in the years ahead. As before, Eric provided me with all the breeding info I requested, worked with me on my selection and was extremely helpful to accommodate my travel schedule from Pennsylvania. My first Smokingun Brittany Murphy is 3 years old and is a proven field dog and I can only expect the same from Sammy. Eric is a trusted breeder and I will certainly go back to him again.
Submitted by: Lindsey Golnik on Jun 23, 2016
We are so very happy with our TWO Brittany puppies from Smokingun (Eric)! We have a puppy each from two separate litters that are 15 days apart. They are healthy, lively and definitely keep us busy! Eric was so wonderful from the very beginning (before the birth!). He kept us informed with communications and pictures along the way. I couldn't recommend him enough!!
Submitted by: Shelly & Chuck Bishop on Jun 09, 2016
We bought our baby, Hondo, from Smoking Gun Brittany's a week ago. The breeder, Eric was well educated, kind and has great dogs! He helped us add Hondo to our family! We love Hondo so much and is such a great puppy! He is already spoiled and is also already pointing when he goes outside! He starts training in July for Therapy Dog training. Thanks Smoking Getting n Brittany's!
Submitted by: The Robersons on Jun 09, 2016
We got our puppy from Eric on Memorial Day. He was kind enough to drive about an hour on a holiday to meet us with our sweet puppy. He was very nice and has emailed me several times to check on her to see how she is doing. I highly recommend Eric and Smokingun Brittanys.
Submitted by: Brad Dominick on Apr 06, 2016
I bought a puppy from Eric in February and I've enjoyed every minute I've had him. I'm from Louisiana therefore I've never met Eric but talked to him on the phone several times and he always willing to answer any questions I had and also sent tons of pictures of Scout before I got him, which was really nice. My wife picked Scout up at the airport and called me immediately to let me know she had gotten him and how impressed with Eric she was because he had written such detailed instructions to the airlines of how to handle Scout, you can tell how much he cares for his dogs. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Brittany puppy to give Eric a call I know I will when I get ready for another one. Scout is coming along good with his training and is eat up with the quail i have in a small flight pen close to my kennels, looking forward hunting with him this fall and winter. Give Eric a call you can't go wrong.
Submitted by: ken knier on Apr 02, 2016
We picked up our pup Clay on Good Friday and were very impressed with Eric,he truly love his dogs.The kennel was clean and the dogs were very well kept.In the week we have had Clay he has been kennel trained and comes to his name and sits,a true testimate to the intelligence of the breed and Erics breeding,house training is also VERY good with only 1 accident that was our fault,he was trying to let us know he had to go out and we missed itHe is getting along pretty good with my 4 yr. old Brittany Buddy,actually following his lead by pointing quail we picked up for training on wednsday.He continues to impress us at home.I would recommend Smokingun Brittanys to anyone looking for a great hunter of family companion,I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE PUPS AS SOON AS I CAN CONVINCE THE WIFE !!!!!! THANKS Ken Knier
Submitted by: Dean Taplin on Mar 10, 2016
We were very impressed with Eric. From start to finish he was very helpful and answered all our questions. When the puppies were born Eric emailed us photos over the first few weeks so we could see how the puppies were developing.

He is a very knowledgeable breeder and gave us good advice and kept in contact with us for vaccination reminders.

When we went to choose our Brittany he gave us plenty of time with the puppies.

Floyd is now 10 weeks old. He is very alert, intelligent and quick to learn, lots of energy and great with the kids. We are looking forward to him growing up into an adult dog.

I have no hesitation recommending Eric. He has a nice facility and looks after his dogs well.
Submitted by: Mercedes on Mar 08, 2016
My family and I decided that it was time to add a new pack member into our clan. We already had 2 Golden Retrievers and 1 Brittany, so we thought we should add another Brittany to make it even at two pairs. Since my previous breeder had stopped breeding a few years ago, I took my time into researching where we would get our new puppy from. I wanted to get him from somewhere that I know was a clean environment, no inbreeding, and where the pups were cared and loved on from day one. Not just someone that used breeding as a means to earn a buck. During weeks of researching, Eric and Smokingun Brittanys continue to pop up and after narrowing down to two breeders, we decided to pull the trigger and contact Eric.

Best decision ever made! Eric was in constant communication with us from the moment that the female took, to when the pups were born (Best New Years news ever!!), and weekly updates with pictures and comments. He is entirely engaged in making you comfortable and informing you of milestones and so forth. Not to mention that the pups are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIIFUL!!! Although Eric was willing to ship our "Hendrix" to us back in Sunny San Diego, California, I decided that I would travel to NC and pick up our boy myself. Eric was extremely accommodating and willing to answer all the questions I had for him and truly made the experience a very rewarding one. Hendrix is more than I ever though he would be. Even at the tender age of 10 weeks. He already knows about 8 commands and even performs them when not qued. As sitting and waiting by the door to be let in or out. He has a lovely and willing personality and it is truly a gift to have him running around our home.
Last but not least, Hendrix had his wellness exam yesterday and my vet, who I HIGHLY regard, was so impressed with him in all aspects that he tried to convince me to show him. His exact words were: "He is too beautiful and too perfect and the dog world needs to take a look at this guy". Thank You Eric for truly breeding such exceptional dogs. I am forever grateful and will definitely get our next pup from you!!
Submitted by: Kristin & Eric on Feb 29, 2016
We picked up our little pup a couple weeks ago and I could not have been more pleased. Eric was so easy to work with and very responsive to any questions I may have had throughout the process. He takes very good care of all his dogs, they are in good health, and all super friendly. Our sweet little Sadie is in good health, cute as can be, and super smart, she learned how to "sit" in less than a day! We are looking forward to watching our little Brittany puppy grow up. Would highly recommend any one interested in purchasing a Brittany to get one through Eric as Smokingun Brittanys.
Submitted by: Chad Whitefield on Feb 29, 2016
We picked up our female 2 weeks ago and she is doing great. Very healthy and smart and well socialized. By the third night she slept through the night. She is doing very well with obedience training and we will introduce basic bird training next week. Eric communicated throughout the process sending pictures and updates on the pups. He has continued to check in on her and offer any assistance we may need. So far we could not be happier with "Ginger" and Smokingun.
Submitted by: Jeff Sauter on Oct 27, 2015
This is an update from an earlier comment. I just got back from a 4 week trip hunting sharptails and huns in Montana for 3 weeks and then grouse and woodcock in Wisconsin for a week. My pup Jordy turned 9 months old the day we left for Montana. After 2 days of "getting schooled" on those prairie birds, he was pointing hard, relocating if necessary and holding the birds 'til my wife and I came in to flush them -- he handled those birds like a 2-3 year old at the age of 9 months!!--I was amazed. He has been a natural retriever, and he backs my setter and GSP very nicely. When we hit Wisconsin, he handled the first woodcock he ever smelled perfectly with a nice point and retrieve (almost to hand). I am so stoked about him, I am debating going back up to Wisconsin to shoot more birds next week! This is a VERY impressive little dog. Thank-you Eric for "engineering" such a nifty dog. JS
Submitted by: Jerry & Louise on Sep 25, 2015
We picked up Mason the end of July. After having him for 2 months we are ready to say he is a joy to have, and very smart. After only a couple weeks he was coming to the whistle. He learns very quickly. He is full of energy and loves everyone he meets. His temperament is outstanding to say the least. Already chasing every bird he can finds, I can't wait till his training starts, and I can hunt over him. Eric my wife and I could not be any happier with your breeding line ! ! !
Thanks So Much, Jerry and Louise
Submitted by: The Richardsons on Sep 05, 2015
After researching Brittany breeders from all across the country we chose Eric and Smokingun Brittanys. Eric invited us to tour his kennels and meet his dogs. We were immediately impressed with his clean kennels and happy/healthy dogs. Eric is very patient (we asked a ton of questions), quick to respond, loves his dogs, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Brittanys. Penny is now a little over 3 months old and she is our first Brittany. She is nothing short of amazing. She is super smart, bold, full of energy, and has a great personality. Eric kept us well informed from the time the Dam went into heat until the puppies were ready to go home. He continues to stay in contact reminding us of vaccinations, etc. If you are looking for an intelligent and energetic Brittany, then look no further than Eric Lowman and Smokingun Brittanys.
Submitted by: Brant on Aug 23, 2015
We got our first family dog from Eric about 3 weeks ago. The pup was the runt of the litter and Eric had to give her subcutaneous fluid injections and bottle feed her to keep her alive. But she made it and is now thriving in her new home. Particularly important to us was Eric's responsiveness, always prompt, with respect to our emails.

Our runt is gaining about 2-3 lbs a week currently and the vet says she is in terrific shape. She is very smart and at 10 weeks is already following many commands. Could not be happier.
Submitted by: Lily Trimble on Aug 20, 2015
We brought home a beautiful, healthy, and happy puppy almost a month ago, and she's clearly that way because of Eric's excellent care. From our first meeting with Eric, he was professional and responsive, and he was very conscientious about sending pictures and updates after the litter was born. If you're an American Brittany fan, Gun Dog Breeders is an excellent place to find a good one.
Submitted by: THE EVANS FAMILY on Aug 13, 2015
Our family purchased a male puppy from Eric for our son's first birthday. From the moment I first contacted Eric (before the litter was even born) he was incredibly professional and answered all of our (many) questions. I told him our preference in puppy, and he was willing to help to the best of his ability. When our litter was born, Eric stayed in touch and gave me weekly, if not almost daily, updates on the puppies. He also sent pictures a few weeks after them being born, and it was awesome to be able to connect through pictures. Eric genuinely wanted not only his customers but his puppies happy. Our orange and white male, Chief, is doing absolutely wonderful and is already showing us how smart he is. If we were to buy another Brittany again, no doubt it would come from Eric at Smokingun Brittanys!
Submitted by: Mary on Aug 10, 2015
We love our baby! Eric was super accommodating when answering my insane number of questions! We were also able to visit the puppies when nearby on vacation. We picked Buddy up a little over 2 weeks ago and he is AMAZING! Crate trained successfully from the get-go! He's sleeping in his crate and does SO well. He is a beautiful puppy with an amazing temperament! And so smart! Can't wait to watch him grow! Thanks Eric for such a stunning puppy!
Submitted by: Kim Beauchamp on Mar 25, 2015
Tucker is my third Brittany and my first from Smokingun. After reviewing many breeders across the US, I ended my search only an hour away from home with Smokingun. Eric allowed me to watch the sire run in a field trial to give me an idea of the nature and capabilities of his kennel. Eric kept in contact with me throughout the process and, in my opinion, provided me with one of the best looking Brittanys I've seen in a long time. At 13 weeks, Tucker is full of spunk and a strong willingness to learn. As for Eric, it is evident that he loves the breed (and all of his dogs) and does what he can to maintain the breeds integrity. Hats off to Eric, as I highly recommend Smokingun Kennels if you're in the market for a top-notch Brittany.
Submitted by: Halle E Reeves on Mar 12, 2015
After having Brittanies growing up, and knowing how much my son and I love to hunt, he and I started looking around for a pup. After doing research and reading the reviews, I decided on Smoking Gun Kennels. I emailed Eric and received a response almost immediately with pictures of the Sire and Dam, letting me know he was going to have a litter. We were able to arrange for a male pup from the litter that would be born around Christmas. As soon as the pups were born, Eric emailed pictures and updates until they were weaned and ready to go. He was patient while we spent time with the pups to choose ours and answered our questions. Eric has a friendly and professional demeanor but a huge heart when it comes to his dogs. In addition to being patient with my emails and questions before we picked up Cap, Eric likes to have updates and pictures after we took Cap home. He provided information to us regarding future shots Cap will need, a sample of the food Cap should eat, and other information. Cap is a funny, goofy smart pup. Catches on quick and has an eager to learn attitude. He was house trained within 10 days and loves being outside. Loves being around people and is not afraid of anything so far! Very inquisitive and curious. Cap also likes being around other animals - even cats! I would recommend Eric and Smoking Gun Kennels to anyone looking for a Brittany. I don't believe there could be a better kennel anywhere!
Submitted by: Jeff Sauter on Mar 11, 2015
I picked up my male puppy at Erics on Feb. 15th at the ripe old age of 51 days. He's been with us for 24 days so far. The pup has been a real peach. This is my 7th bird dog and my first Brittany. The puppy has slept through the night EVERY night without disturbing us since we brought him home and in all 24 days, he's only peed in his crate once. The vet absolutely loves him-- she commented on his conformation, his crystal clear eyes, his lovely coat, his bite etc. What brought me to Smokingun Kennel is the dogs lineage. I firmly believe that you "buy" the breeding when you look for a pup. The number of dogs in my pups pedigree that are in the Hall of Fame amazes me--I expect great things from him as we go along and training is completed. The puppy will be travelling to Montana from our home in Virginia 2 days after he turns 9 months old for 3 weeks on the prairie chasing sharptails and huns, then a quick side trip through northern Wisc. for grouse and woodcock before returning home. I suspect I'll hunt WILD birds with him and my GSP about 40 days his first year plus a few trips to the local game farm.
Eric has been a pleasure to work with and kept me informed on the pups progress with pics and quick response to my (many) emails. When I picked my pup up, I was given a folder with the registration paperwork and vaccination/worming history. The entire process went very well. If all goes according to plan, I will be back for another pup when I retire my older dog.
Submitted by: Dennise Foster on Sep 12, 2014
I was really impressed with Eric, he was easy to talk to, quick to respond, very patient and he held a Brittany puppy for me until I came back from vacation. I offered to pay a deposit or the full amount if he would hold him until I returned but he told me that wasn't necessary and took me at my word that I would get him. I bought "Maverick" at the end of July for my dad, he absolutely loves him. Maverick is very intelligent and gets along well with my mother's chihuahua, which is very difficult to do. He hasn't been hunting yet but my dad is planning to take him soon. I would recommend Eric as a Brittany Breeder for anyone that is looking for one. He definitely made my dad happy with "Maverick" and my dad knows quality hunting dogs because he was a Brittany Breeder several years and has hunted with Brittany Spaniel's for the past 40 years.
Submitted by: Dale G. on Aug 25, 2014
Hello Eric,
My wife and just want to thank you again. we drove from Pennsylvania to North Carolina on July 11, 2014. We named the pup Angel. the following weekend home we had Angel on birds and she pointed right away. She has picked up all the commends and was house trained at 11 weeks. this is our third Brittany and by far the smartest puppy so far we trained. as brittany's are Angel loves people and is a great addition to our family. I would recommend Eric as a breeder, Eric was very easy to work with and always got back to you quickly. I will look forward to working with Eric again in the future.
Dale G.
Submitted by: Wayne Brummett on Aug 22, 2014
I can not say enough good things about Eric. We had a bad experience with another breeder and probably bothered Eric more than we should have. He was patient with us and provided a wealth of knowledge. This is our first Brittany and Scout has been wonderful. We picked him up on July 12th and a month later he has been quick to learn basic commands, is almost fully house trained and a ton of fun.
The whole experience was great. I would recommend smongingun Brittany's to anyone!
Submitted by: Michelle on Aug 16, 2014
Hi Eric,
I just thought you'd like to know the puppy is doing great! We named him Jack, hopefully this name sticks :) He is the smartest dog I have ever known! He can sit, down, crawl, rollover and give you his paw...he even has pointed and flushed out a covey of Bobwhite quail and pointed on some doves...I didn't even know they were there! He is amazing and learns so quickly! We just love him so much. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!

Submitted by: Kendra on Aug 04, 2014
We brought home Dixie, our orange and white female pup, two weeks ago and couldn't be happier. She is bright, energetic and has a great temperament. Eric Lowman was terrific to work with - a top notch breeder. He was incredibly responsive compared to another high end breeder we had contacted with a fancy website. He sent update emails with pictures and we visited him when the pups were 5 weeks old. We have a 6 year old daughter and visiting the pups before they were ready to go home was terrific so she could see them and understand the process. He let us stay and play with all of them! Eric kept us posted on what pick we were and answered all the questions I had. Eric's kennel is so clean and the dogs and pups were all happy and healthy. You can tell Eric takes great pride and loves the dogs. When it was time to select our pup Eric gave us time to observe and play with the pups. He had given the pups a bath since it was a rainy morning - so thoughtful. He supplied all the AKC paperwork, vet/shot records and even sent us home with a sample bag of the dog food she was eating. Our vet was very impressed with Dixie when we took her in for her first visit. Everyone was saying what a gorgeous and sweet pup she is! Dixie is doing great with house/crate training and we are taking walks on her leash every day. She's loyal and sweet. She likes to play fetch already and my husband is looking forward to taking her hunting. We would highly recommend working with Eric Lowman to buy your pup. The process was so smooth and Dixie is an awesome dog.
Submitted by: Whitney and Mitchell Feld on Aug 03, 2014
We got Atticus, a male Brittany from Eric and we couldn't be more thrilled with him! He has a wonderful disposition, is exceptionally smart, and is truly a beautiful dog. Our vet is very impressed with his disposition, intelligence, and form. At 11 weeks he is doing well with housebreaking and leash training. Eric is a pleasure to work with and quickly answered all of our questions. He still checks in on Atticus and reminds us of his upcoming shots. His kennels are clean and he truly cares about all his dogs. If you are thinking about getting a Brittany look no further than Eric.
Submitted by: Michelle Threewits on Jul 27, 2014
We got our liver and white, male Brittany from Eric and we absolutely LOVE him! He is gorgeous and he has a wonderful disposition; all of our neighbors and the vet's office went crazy over him. He is a quick learner and at only 10 weeks he is doing well with housebreaking and leash training...he is very smart. Eric is great about answering all of your questions, his kennels are clean, and the dogs are well cared for. He is a conscientious breeder and raises quality puppies that are well-adjusted and socialized. Our pup's pedigree is awesome and he goes to point naturally. If you are looking for the perfect Brittany, Eric is your man, you will not be disappointed! We plan on getting a female from him in the future.
Submitted by: Laura and John on Jul 27, 2014
We recently purchased two Brittany pups from Eric Lowman's Smokingun Brittany's (8 week old "Chase" from the P and J's Rimrock by Smoke's Shooting Star litter, and a few weeks later, 8 week old "Trooper" from the DC Wild Mtns. Shake Ya Tailfeather by Winswept's War Bonnet litter). Eric was terrific to work with and kept us informed during Star's and Feather's pregnancies and after the pups were whelped. Both pups are very healthy, and have terrific personalities. Our vet was very impressed with their conformation, health and temperaments when we took them in for their first office visits. They do have very different temperaments (as expected, since they are from different litters), but what they have in common is that they are both handsome and are smart, smart, SMART. They are doing well with house training and although we have only had them for a few weeks they are already learning to walk on a leash, and are doing well with picking up new commands, including come and sit. We are delighted with our new boys and recommend Eric as a breeder.
Submitted by: D. Wilkins on Jul 08, 2014
Our experience with Eric Lowman's operation has been above all of our expectations. His knowledge of this wonderful breed and commitment to ensuring that his litters only come from strong blood lines convinced us that Smokingun Brittanys is quality breeder. In addition, he is a true gentleman.

We recently picked up our female pup from the P&J's Rimrock and Smoke's Shooting Star litter. This pup has shown an amazing amount of native intelligence and curiosity. I am looking forward to training this fine pup and allowing her the chance to show off her field skills.
Submitted by: Jordan S on Apr 19, 2014
I've had Addy for a little over two months and I couldn't be happier with her. She's very intelligent, beautifully marked, and highly trainable for a young pup with hardly any discipline. She's incredibly sweet and great with people and other dogs when we go out. I've taken her hiking a number of times, she's very responsive off-leash and is very good staying close by. Eric has been very helpful, informative, and professional from day one, providing regular updates to the conditions of the pups and even following up on scheduled vet trips after I took her home. He gave me more than ample time and information when it came to picking out my pup, letting me see the litter together and spending as much one on one time as I needed. If I had to do it all over again I would choose Eric and his kennel without hesitation.
Submitted by: Hal L on Apr 01, 2014
Eric was very easy to work with and always seemed to reply back to my questions throughout the whole process very quickly. The pup we got from Smoking Gun seems incredibly smart and energetic. I certainly use Smoking Gun Brittanys if we were to get another dog.
Submitted by: Tom & Sandy on Mar 31, 2014
We purchased our male Britt Remy from Eric at Smokingun. Remy is now 3 and 1/2 months old and is growing like a weed. He is happy, affectionate, playful and full of energy. Remy is smart and was house trained and sleeping through the night in a few short weeks. He loves having the run of the backyard yet can be quite laid back when he comes inside.

We can't say enough good things about Eric and his kennel. He is honest and trustworthy. He kept us informed as the pregnancy progressed and responded quickly to any questions we had. When we picked up Remy, all of Eric's dogs were happy and healthy and well-cared for. Our vet has remarked on how healthy Remy is and we look forward to many years with him.
Submitted by: Steven Blackbutn on Mar 16, 2014
we just wanted to let you know that we have purchased our second pup from "Roys Quick Draw" (aka Trigge)from Smokingun Brittanys. Our Trigger is 3 years old and has awesome field abilites, he's very smart and dependable. Those qualities come from a well thought out breed line.
Our shadow, who is anything but a shadow, is 7 months. He is very energic, loves to play with the girls and is always ready and willing to retrieve. We highly recommend Smokingun Brittanys to anyone looking for high quality Britts. Eric cares about the future homes of his pups. Eric is available to answer questions or concerns about the Britts. His Kennel set up is accessible, clean and the Britts are happy in their environment. You will also find that Eric is very knowledgeable and trustworty of this breed.We are pleased with our selections from Smokingun Brittanys.
Submitted by: Steven Blackburn on Mar 12, 2014
We just wanted to share with you that this is our second pup out of Smokingun Kennel. Our "Roys Quick Draw" (aka Trigger) is 3 years old and has awesome field abilities, he's very smart and dependable. Those qualities come from a well thought out breed line.
Our Shadow, who is anything but, is 3 months old. He is very engertic, loves to play with the girls and already willing and ready to retrieve.
We highly recommend Smokingun Kennel to anyone looking for high quality Britts. Eric cares about the future home and happiness of his puppies. Eric will answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have.
His kennel set up is very accessible, clean and the Britts are happy in their environment.
You will also find that Eric is very knowledgeable and trust worthy of this breed.
We couldn't be more pleased with our pups from Smokingun Kennel.
Steve Blackburn
Submitted by: Dave Dawson on Feb 07, 2014
We bought Rowdy from Eric as a 7 month old male 6 years ago. I had been watching the market for a blood line that matched up to our 6 year old Britt, Chase. My wife Janet, Chase and I drove down from Ontario to meet Eric and view Rowdy. I was sold as drove in the driveway. After a brief field test we loaded up Rowdy and headed North. Eric had warned me that Rowdy could be a one man dog and instructed me on how to get him to warm up. As I put Rowdy in his pen after an evening walk, Rowdy turned and gave me a great big kiss. Rowdy has been a great field dog and a great family dog who listens, shows some great field techniques and is a great companion for Chase. Now if I could just convince Janet for a female pup! Check out Eric and Smokingun Brittany's
Submitted by: Crystal on Feb 05, 2014
We got our little female pup, Ellie, from Eric about two and a half weeks ago. We were in contact with Eric about a month before the pups were born inquiring about a companion Brittany.

From the time the pups were born until the day we got to pick the pup up - Eric kept us updated on how the pups were doing and sent numerous pictures. He promptly responds to any emails sent, and it's obvious from our correspondence with him throughout the process, and even after picking our pup up - he genuinely cares about his customers and his pups.

Eric kept the entire process of picking up our pup simple and professional. We got to meet our pup's parents, his other Brittany's, and his other litter. Everything was clean, and his dogs looked well cared for. Although we had last pick of the litter, we didn't feel rushed as he took his time and answered all our questions.

Ellie is a bright, energetic Brittany who acts like she hasn't met a stranger. She has quickly adapted to new situations, is rather fearless, and picks up on training cues with ease. She is learning her manners and doing very well with house training.

We're really looking forward to seeing her grow up to a beautiful, sweet Brittany.
Submitted by: Mike & Tara on Jan 31, 2014
We recently met Eric and his dogs when we picked up Daisy. This was our first bird dog and Eric made the process very easy. He answered all of our questions and sent pictures of the pups as they grew up. Eric cares very much for his dogs and has a nice kennel setup. He keeps in touch with us to remind us about vaccinations that Daisy needs. Daisy is just over 9 weeks old now but is very intelligent! She is a house dog and is well adjusted to the family. Basic commands have come very easily to her. I can't wait for it to warm up and get her out in the field.

We highly recommend Eric and Smokingun Brittanys to anyone looking for a Britt. We drove over 6 hours to get to his kennel and it was well worth it. We are very pleased with our Pup. Thanks Eric!
Submitted by: Mike and Lisa Waring on Jan 29, 2014
My husband and I had been looking for a Brittany spaniel puppy and someone recommended that we contact Eric. We have an eight-year old Brittany named Birdie that we felt would benefit from a companion. We wanted a great family dog that would also be a great hunting companion for my husband Mike who is an avid bird hunter. On January 19th, we went to pick up our new puppy from Eric. Trooper is now 9-weeks old. He is already housebroken and understands several basic commands. He is a strong, intelligent, healthy puppy and has bonded nicely with our older dog. We couldn't be happier. From the time we contacted Eric about wanting a puppy until the day we finally brought our Trooper home, Eric was in communication with us. He updated us on the progress of the puppies and sent pictures of Trooper with his brothers and sisters that we will treasure forever. It is evident that Eric is an excellent breeder. He takes great pride in his kennel and in his dogs. Our Trooper is proof of the pudding for us! I would highly recommend Eric and Smokingun Brittanys!
Submitted by: Speedy Casteel on Jan 18, 2014
I purchased Holly from Eric’s Smoke’s Confederate Bullet / Smoke’s Royal Flush breeding last year. At 8 months of age she is a very impressive pup, She works birds alone in the field, very steady on point, naturally backs other dogs with perfect stance and style and retrieves to hand; all of this with zero training. I usually start serious training around 1 year of age; letting a puppy be a puppy in the field, it does not look like I will need to train her very much, and it is all natural for her. This young lady is all business when in the field, and a real pleasure to watch and see her grow in confidence and ability every time we go out. Eric did a great job with this breeding and was very helpful and informative when deciding which pup and from which litter to choose from. I will be calling him again when I get ready to purchase my next pup.
Submitted by: Sylvia and Ed on Dec 28, 2013
Hi Eric,
Just a quick update on Tamsen
She's now a few weeks shy of 7 months and is obsessed with birds
Her trainer said that Tamsen was well ahead of her age in ability to seek out birds and he has actually accelerated her schedule
We are going to take her to Wisconsin along with her "sister"
Bella, a German Shorthair pup next year. Tamsen is a great dog with beautiful markings and is relentless in finding birds
We are blessed to have her as a family dog. When not sniffing out birds, she is a loving dog with a great disposition
And a tail that is constantly wagging.

Hope you are well and Happy New Year
Ed and Sylvia
Submitted by: Tom D. on Dec 03, 2013
It was a pleasure to work with Eric at Smokingun Brittanys. We welcomed our new Brittany (Zoe) to the family in early August. It is now early December and we could not be more pleased with our nearly 6-month old puppy. Zoe is developing nicely. She is energetic and has taken well to training. Our thanks to Eric for setting us up with this wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Tim Huglen on Nov 16, 2013
I have purchased three of my dogs from Smokingun Brittany's. I thoroughly researched different breeders and felt that Eric was one of the most knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy. Eric has always been willing to share his wisdom, and knowledge. I would recommend Smokingun Brittany's to anyone looking for a quality Briitany.
Submitted by: Tom Losey on Nov 12, 2013
Hey Eric,
Just wanted to give you an update on Max. He's a bird finding machine, out doing dogs a year or two older. Thank you so much for matching us up.

Submitted by: Tom Petree on Sep 24, 2013
My wife and I have purchased two pups from Eric over the last two years. We have been very impressed with their conformation and field abilities. We found Eric's kennels to be very clean. We would definitely buy another from his kennel. I feel Eric has put alot of effort in his breeding program and is producing some nice dogs. Contact us at if you would like more info. Tom Petree
Submitted by: Derek Bassett on Sep 13, 2013
Eric, Thank u so much for this amazing pup!! He is very energetic and a pleasure to be around!! Life is good on grand lake! He is bird crazy!!!

Submitted by: Dr. Charles B. Reed on Aug 29, 2013
We purchased our new Brittany puppy Ruff from Eric at Smokingun Brittanys about a month ago. From the initial contact Eric was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Eric helped us pick a perfect dog that is already showing hunting skills he has learned from our older 11yr old Brittany named Bob. Ruff will not be going to Wisconsin on the annual Grouse Hunt this year, but with Eric helping to get him started he will go next year with Bob. We were very impressed after seeing the kennel and the quality of the Brittanys, and did not hesitate to purchase a pup.
Submitted by: Sylvia on Aug 24, 2013
Eric came highly recommended by a local trainer for bird dogs
And We have been beyond pleased by his professionalism and honesty when it came to choosing a perfect Brittany to become a great hunting dog. Tamsen is 9 weeks old and she is already exhibiting a wonderful disposition beyond her puppy age. She is smart, learns quickly and is a true joy.

She adapt amazingly to new situations, is very social and has a very sweet and loving disposition.
Ed and Sylvia Bednar
When choosing a Brittany, whether for hunting or just a wonderful family pet, you cannot go wrong in having Eric help
You find the perfect dog for you. you can totally trust him.
We feel fortunate to have met Eric and you owe it to yourself to call him for the perfect Brittany companion.
Submitted by: Michele SAckermann on Aug 14, 2013
We have the best little pup! The process was easy and professional. I would highly recommend Smoking Gun Brittany's to anyone.
Submitted by: Fred Herbst on Aug 12, 2013
Eric is very active with his dogs and takes a great interest in his puppies,the puppies are well taken care of & Eric is very selective on his breeding & it shows in the fantastic blood lines he has if I were to purchase another Brittany I would look Eric up & check out his new litters,I purchased Zena at age 8 weeks & she is a bundle of pure energy which I would have no other way for a gun dog to be she is very intelligent & is pointing to smell at 14 weeks good job Eric it was a pleasure to meet you & be able to purchase such a great hunting companion

Fred Herbst
Submitted by: Marietta on Aug 08, 2013
Eric goes the extra mile to make sure you get the puppy you want. He will keep you up-to-date with e-mails and pictures of the puppies. Eric responds to your e-mails in a very timely matter. I would recommend choosing his kennel if you are looking for a Brittany puppy. I chose a liver and white male pup. Looking forward to hunting season.
Thanks Eric. Marietta
Submitted by: Charles Dixon on Aug 07, 2013
I recently had the pleasant experience of purchasing a puppy from Smokingun Brittanys. From the time of the deposit Eric Lowman, the breeder, kept us informed of the litters progress through email pics of the four females. Considering the quality of the breeding I considered the price very reasonable.

Eric has a history of going outside his own kennels to add the best blood available. In this litter the dam was out of Eric's Kennel and the sire was fom Pennsylvania.
Submitted by: Martin Brown on Jul 26, 2013
My experience with Eric at Smokinggun was great. I contacted Eric this Spring in search of a new Brittany. He had two litters available. We discussed the lineage and what would be best for me. I selected a white and orange Brittany male. His name is Murphy and is now 13 weeks old. He has great natural talent and is adjusting well to PA. Eric's has nice, clean kennels and has a great love for his dogs. He was very helpful and considerate to work with me to schedule my trip from PA. Three of my friends have also gotten pups from Eric this Spring as well. All our happy!
Submitted by: Michael L. Reynolds on Jul 06, 2013
Eric Lowman is a professional in every sense of the word. He provided a first time dog owner like me with excellent, objective advice upfront and continues to alert me to shots and check-ups Piedmont needs as a pup.
His kennels are clean and healthy; the dogs happy and thriving.
Piedmont is a top notch male Brittany with lots of spirit, energy, and smarts. He is attentive and biddable. On arrival at our place on the water we walked the dock, a seagull flew by and Piedmont launched himself into the air and 10 feet down into the Kiawah River. He came up swimming like a pro; his only problem was which way to go. We fished him out and he was ready to go again the next day with his life jacket on.
I recommend Eric's kennel and dogs for top American Brittanys.

Mike Reynolds
Rome, Ga
Submitted by: Danielle on Jun 30, 2013
At the time of inquiry, I was living overseas. Eric was so informative and helpful with all the questions I had for him. He always kept me updated on the litter and how the puppies were doing and even sent pictures. When I came back stateside, I went to meet the puppies for the first time. Eric gave me plenty of time to play with each one and ask questions if needed. I purchased my Brittany on June 15, 2013 at 7 weeks of age. Eric had some goodies to send home with me and my new pup. You can tell he takes great pride in his dogs. He is a wonderful breeder and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Brittany!
Submitted by: Gene Casteel on Jun 14, 2013
I went and picked up my pup this afternoon, I had the female pick of the litter, It was such a hard decision. I wanted them all. Eric let me spend all the time I needed trying to decide. He runs a first class operation. I can't wait to see how Ms Holly will do. Thanks Eric
Submitted by: Joanne Perry on May 03, 2013
Thank you Eric for a beautful puppy. We call her Remi. You have been very helpful through the process of looking for her. Choosing a puppy is not so easy. We appreciate you communicating with us by phone and e-mails. Remi has already shown us that she will make a nice bird dog. She is running off ATVs,has an awesome nose and really enjoys going to field trials to search out quail and anything else that moves. Thank you Eric. Joanne and John
Submitted by: Joey Mills on Mar 19, 2013
Hi Eric, Just wanted to let you know that Gunner completed his JH this Saturday at exactly ten months old! He was 4 for 4 on passes in the four hunt tests, no fails. Thanks again for a wonderful pup! Joey
Submitted by: Joey Mills on Feb 25, 2013
I got my puppy from Eric in July of 2012 he was very upfront and responded to all my questions and continues to answer training questions that I have about my puppy. I entered him in his first hunt test in Febuary and got his first pass on the JH leg. Highly recommend Eric.
Joey Mills
Submitted by: Robert in Calif. on Feb 24, 2013
I am the proud owner of "Cooper" our 2&1/2 month old Brittany puppy from Smokingun kennels. Eric & Smokingun kennels is definitely a 5 star operation! I was looking for an intelligent, healthy, well bred Brittany with a strong hunting pedigree and researched many different breeders before choosing Smokin gun kennels. Eric made selecting a pup so simple, with his honest feedbacks & pictures of the pups. I was nervous about shipping a pup to Calif. but Eric handled everything very smoothly. I have owned a Brittany in the past but this pup is the smartest, a quick learner & very birdy by far. He already will stock a quail wing and set a point. That demostrates a great hunting bloodline. I would highly recommend Eric & his Brittany's. I am looking forward to many years of hunting with Cooper.
Submitted by: Brittany Whitmire (yes, that's my real name) on Feb 23, 2013
When we went in search of a dog that could be both a hunter and a companion animal that is also friendly to the many visitors that we have on our farm, we visited with several breeders and trainers who worked with Brittanys. We ended up finding Eric and Smokinggun Brittanys and couldn't be more pleased. "Ada" is a female pup, welped in May 2012, from a cross of Smoke's Confederate Bullet and Smoke's Little Flicker. She's extremely bright, easy to train as far as manners as a companion dog, and she's amazing to watch in the field. We could not ask for more drive - she'll do it all, from scenting to retrieving, with quail (her favorite!) and grouse. She's even been in the duck blind several times this year and, with a little drag work with a duck at home, she'll do as many icy water retrieves for ducks as you allow.

She'll also go for miles with me on horseback. In fact, just this week, she "heeled" behind my horse on a training ride (I competitively endurance race) for about 5 miles before enjoying a bone and a rest in her crate while I logged another 10 with the horse.

We're looking forward to formal training with Ada - and many years of fun with her in the hunting fields and blinds, on the farm, and just around home as a big pet. I gladly recommend Eric as a breeder - pick the litter, not the pup. You'll get a good pup from him.
Submitted by: Malaina on Dec 04, 2012
Our pup, Tucker will be a year old this December! We got him February 2012 and he has been such a joy in our lives. Eric is to thank for this wonderful addition. I got Tucker as a surprise for my husband and Eric was so helpful and honest throughout the entire process which meant a lot. When Tucker got sick just a week after bringing him home Eric stayed in touch with lot of advice that the doctors didn’t even seem to have. Eric thank you so much for all you have done. We are considering adding to our pet family soon and would not consider working with any other breeder, you are AWESOME!
Submitted by: Justin Shroyer on Nov 10, 2012
Eric was very helpful during the process of acquiring our pup in Oct. He was eager to help us out in anyway he could; emailing pics, pedigrees, updates, and most importantly his honest opinions... He also routinely checks up on "Bernie" since we acquired him. Our pup has a TON of drive, brains, energy,and is very birdy... he lives to retrieve and ambush anything he can in the woods. We couldnt be more pleased. His dogs were all very friendly and beautiful, and his kennel was very clean. He provided details instructions on vet appointments, training, AKC papers, etc... I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking looking for a hard hunting, good looking Brittany.
Submitted by: Tom & Eileen Petree on Jul 21, 2012
We purchased Rosie in April 2012. Instantly we saw her potential as she displayed her natural ability to hunt. She has a keen nose and at 12 weeks showed us how she could find and point both quails and pigeons using it. She is very intelligent and has a perfect confirmation for working in the field. Having raised several litters of Brittanys over the years, we understand the work involved. Eric kept us well informed from the day the puppies arrived, sending pictures and updates regularly. He took time to understand what our goals were with our new puppy so he could help us choose the right one. He is very knowledgeable and cares about the dogs he has and the ones he is producing. Rosie is a wonderful addition to our kennel. We would definitely purchase another puppy from Eric and would recommend his kennel, Smokingun Brittanys, to anyone.
Submitted by: Alison Miller on Jun 01, 2012
We purchased two brittany female puppies in February of this year. They are wonderful puppies and we have enjoyed having them as part of our family. They have great markings, are well mannered and are quick to learn. Eric is very knowledgable and his kennel provides outstanding puppies. We highly recommend Eric and are so thankful for all he has done.
Submitted by: Al Miller on May 31, 2012
Thank you Eric for the wonderful experience of owning two Smokingun Brittanys. At five months old, we recognize that these dogs are extremely intelligent and very friendly. Our neighbors and friends enjoy our dogs as much as we do. These two pups are energetic, yet very composed and can be left unattended in the house without disturbing anything or having an accident for several hours. We are looking forward to field training in the near future. Smokingun Brittanys are a welcome addition to the Miller households in Fayetteville and Durham.
Submitted by: Jim Hammett on Jan 14, 2012
I had been looking for a hard-charging pup of a particular breeding when I found Eric. He was great to work with. My wife picked up the pup in June and she was very impressed with his kennel -- which says a lot -- she is a neat-freak. After getting the pup to Oregon, I think she will be a winner. Eric is a great person, his kennel has top knotch dogs, and he knows his stuff. Best of all he is honest to a T. You could not do any better than to get a pup from Smokingunkennels.
Submitted by: Colleen on Oct 21, 2011
I was deployed when I found Smokingun Brittany's and Eric was super helpful and informative. He ensured that I would have my dog upon my arrival and walked me though the payment process. My puppy is now 4 months and very intelligent. Everyone that has met my puppy tells me how impressed they are with how well behaved he is. I would recommend one of Eric's dogs to anyone looking for a well rounded puppy.
Submitted by: David on Sep 30, 2011
Eric was great to work with, very helpful. Adult dogs looked great, clean operation and he knows what he is doing. Bought a pup August 2011 and its doing very well. Growing like a weed, great personality and showing great intelligence. This is a 1st Class fellow and breeder. You can not go wrong.

Submitted by: David on Sep 24, 2011
Purchased a pup from Eric in August. He was very helpful with the background of the dogs and his training process. Very professional and honest and is willing to allow us to call back for suggestions. His adult dogs were all healthy and well cared for and the pup is a joy, very healthy and well adjusted. The pup is already showing very positive signs of intelligence.

It is clear Eric knows what he is doing, is passionate about his dogs and work and I highly recommend him.

David- Mocksville NC
Submitted by: John on Sep 06, 2011
We got our pup in august and have been so happy with her, breeder was very kind, and understanding to my daughter and I , Our pup is very healthy, smart and loves the whole family we only wish we would have gotten a boy also to keep Dixie company, oh well maybe next year

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