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Submitted by: Jake on Mar 11, 2011
I got my dog Cash from Tom and Lori almost 2 years ago, and I was impressed with Tom's understanding of these dogs,and how socialized the pups were. We brought Cash home and he adjusted right away. He was potty trained right away, only 2 accidents. Tom offers a free introduction to birds and Cash was retrieving birds right away, in water or land. Tom and Lori are very helpful and feel like family. Tom really helped me get the results out of Cash that I wanted, not every trainer will take phone calls and help you the way he did. His rates for boarding and training are so reasonable too. I know 4 dogs that have come from them, and they all have great noses and absolutely no quit in them. My father in law got a pup from Tom and Lori once he saw what kind of dogs they have too. We also just had a baby boy, and our dog is so gentle around him because they socialized him with kids from day one. I will definitely be buying from them again. Thank you! Jake and Kristina
Submitted by: Robert Baribeau on Oct 05, 2010
I've always been jealous of "that" dog. Typically a hunting buddy's, or a friend of a friend. The dog that worked hard, had a natural instinct and disposition to be everybody's friend. Well, I now am that guy with "the dog". I have Bella who will be 2 in October 2010. She is intelligent, has incredible instinct and an eagerness to please like I've never had in a dog before. Above all, she is the perfect family dog. I have 2 young children, one of which is a 5 year old girl, who has been known to put curlers and hair clips in her ears and fur, without so much as a complaint. Tom and Lori Casey have done a wonderful job raising dogs with that perfect balance of hunting prowess and family loyalty. It shows in their home and their dogs. I will most certainly be going back for an addition to our family before too long. Using Bella as a yard stick to measure the quality of dogs that come out of River Valley British Kennels, I won't be going any where else. Thanks Tom and Lori.
Submitted by: Benjamin McKinley on Aug 21, 2010
My dog Major is now 2 years old and is a fantastic gun dog and companion. His disposition at home with the kids is gentle and he does not lack for drive in the field. I couldn't be happier with my dog and I have only positive things to say about how Tom and Lori breed British Labs. The family atmosphere enables them to socialize these dogs well. Tom has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to answer questions. I have recommended River Valley British Kennel to a number of my colleagues and friends. When it comes time to add to our dog family, we will definitely be calling Tom and Lori!
Submitted by: Shawn Neri on Jul 07, 2010
We did a lot of research and visited a lot of breeders when we started looking for our dog. We couldn’t be more pleased with our Black Male British Lab that we purchased from River Valley British Kennels. Buster is now 3 years old and has been a great addition to our family. He is outstanding with our children and all of their friends. He looks forward to his morning ride to Caribou Coffee to get his dog treat. Tom & Lori are great people who truly care and have a strong passion for what they do. We would recommend River Valley British Kennels to anyone interested in purchasing a British Lab or for dog training as well.

Thanks again Tom & Lori!

The Neri Family
(Shawn, Jessica, Brandon & Kaitlyn)
Submitted by: Chuck Sward on Jul 05, 2010
We got our puppy, Ellie, from Tom and Lori in March, 2007. After having interviewed breeders from all over the country, I was surprised to find that the best one, in my opinion, was a mere 25 miles away. Tom's knowledge of the breed and genetics impressed me from the beginning, along with the care that they put into raising the puppies. Ellie came to us well socialized and with a drive to please. She made her first retrieve at 8 weeks and 2 days! Along with Tom's training, Ellie has performed extremely well. I compete with her in the NATHA tournament hunting circuit, and Ellie was featured in an episode of US Open Pheasant Championship that was aired on the Sportsman's Channel in May of 2010. I will be looking to the Casey's for my next dog.
Submitted by: Patrick Johnson on Jun 24, 2010
My wife and I received our yellow British Lab from Tom and Lori almost two years ago. Sconnie has been an absolute joy to have! She is a great house dog and an excellent hunter. We just had a daughter 2 months ago and were worried about how the dog would react to the newborn. Needless to say, there has been nothing to worry about. It is a direct result of the dog's temperament from her bloodlines. I would recommend a dog from River Valley British Labs to anyone that is looking for an excellent hunter and solid family dog.
Submitted by: Annie Sutter on Jun 18, 2010
We purchased our yellow British Lab from Tom and Lori last summer after losing our 5 year old beloved yellow lab tragically. I didn't know if we could love another dog as much and I was nervous about bringing another dog into the family. Tilly is now almost 1 year old and I have to say that we have all just fallen in love with her. She has the sweetest personality, she was so easy to train and she is always so eager to please. I cannot say enough wonderful things about River Valley British Kennel and the way that Tom and Lori breed their dogs. We went out to see the pups at least three times before they were ready to be brought home and Tom and Lori were always happy to have us and answered all of our questions. All of the dogs there were sweet and mellow and our Tilly is just a joy. Thank you Tom and Lori for bringing her into our lives!! The Sutter Family
Submitted by: Kathy Kaufman on Jun 17, 2010
We love our 10 month old black lab female from River Valley British Kennel!! Lori and Tom have wonderful dogs and give their puppies great care. Daisy is our house dog and much loved by our kids and grandkids. I can't say enough about how beautiful and intelligent she is.
Submitted by: Gretchen Alford on Jun 17, 2010
On September 7, 2008 we visited Lori and Tom Casey at their River Valley British Kennel because we had seen a couple with an adorable lab at an Art Fair the day before who had recently bought their pup from the Caseys. Needless to say, we left that Sunday evening with a precious 2 month old British Yellow Lab puppy whom we named Bravo. He has stolen our hearts and changed our lives forever. Having always had large American labs in the past for hunting and as pets, we were delighted to discover that the British breed is smaller and calmer. We have used crates at home while we are out and about during the day, at bedtime and in the car, and it's been a breeze. We often leave Bravo with Tom, Lori and the family when we go out of town so he can learn some new hunting tricks and enjoy himself with the other dogs. The Caseys treat their own and others' dogs/puppies so well and are pros when it comes to "knowing" dogs and their needs. You can't go wrong doing business with the Casey family. Our Bravo is so smart, quick, affectionate, mature, endearing and such an excellent hunter(thanks to Tom's training)that we sing his praises and those of the Caseys to anyone who will listen.
Submitted by: Cindy Pautzke on Jun 16, 2010
My husband & I have owned Labs all of our life. With his recent retired hunting dog he sought out a British Lab from this breeder. They promised she would be potty trained upon 7 weeks. We didn't believe them. They were right.....I own a therapy dog/yellow lab/service animal who I thought was as smart as they come. However, the dog from this kennel, Tora, is brilliant. She knows all commands and was kicked out of obedience and thrown up a level because she is so smart. I run a doggie day care on the side and she not only has IQ intelligence but emotional intelligence....she is beautiful and awesome to be around and my clients who have met her write me weekly asking for pics and an update. Thank-you River Valley British Kennel for bringing her into our life....she is simply amazing!
Submitted by: Nate Stadler on Jun 16, 2010
My experience with River Valley British Kennel has been excellent. Tom and Lori are great to work with and I have always been impressed with the all around quality of their dogs. We purchased a male black lab pup from them about 6 months ago and we couldn't be happier with or pup, Scout. He has a great temperament, is great with my young children and has proven that he will be an excellent hunter as well. I would recommend Tom & Lori to anyone interested purchasing a British Lap pup.

Thanks Tom & Lori,
The Stadler Family
Submitted by: Gary on Jun 16, 2010
We couldn't be more pleased with our yellow male British lab puppy now about 4 1/2 months old. Tom and Lori are exceptional to talk with before, during and after the purchase. They keep you updated with photos of the litter which is fun to see them develop. Our vet confirmed that he is a very nice breeding and checked over great. He is not only handsome but very smart and loving, so easy and willing to train. He is very attentive in puppy class and the teacher even commented on how smart he is for such a young pup.
Thanks again Tom and Lori for our new best friend "Pip".

Submitted by: Scott and Kelly Kehoe on Jun 16, 2010
We purchased the newest addition to our family in August of 2009. We were looking for a family pet, along with having a dog that would work well in the field for my husband and son. We looked at several breeds and breeders, and found that River Valley British Kennels was the right choice. Their values as a breeder were exactly what we were looking for. They take pride in what they do, their dogs come first, and the puppies are well socialized prior to going to their new homes. Our puppy, Blue, was fetching at 9 weeks, very mellow, and a good listener. He was showing his skills in the field at less than a year old. He was a natural when cornering and flushing pheasants without teaching.
Blue has been the perfect addition to our family, with all of us having different interests, he fits into everyone’s life, whether it is hunting, or just cuddling up with my daughters to watch a movie.
I would not hesitate to use River Valley British Kennels again in the future.
Submitted by: Carl on Jun 16, 2010
We are so happy with our three year old lab, Sydney. It is a joy to come home to such a loving and happy dog. Not only is she great around the house, she's an outstanding hunter as well. Thanks Tom and Lori!!
Submitted by: Linda Dorman on Jun 16, 2010
We purchased Jaxon, our British lab, from the Casey's almost 2 years ago as a 7 week old puppy. We couldn't be more pleased with the whole process. The Casey's were so helpful, patient and knowledgeable as we went through the purchase. They communicated with us (well me mostly) as we (I) had many questions, inquiries and comments. We even went to visit them before we even made our final selection. Their facility was facinating, well-maintained and full of life. All the dogs were so happy and well cared for. On the day we picked up Jaxon, he already had a great desire to retrieve wings. Thom obviously had worked with our puppy on the love and drive for what would be one of his future roles. Jaxon also came right away to the sound of the whistle. Also, I'm assuming, instilled by Thom. Jaxon is a beautiful dog with a great disposition. We couldn't ask for a better dog that suits our needs for a family dog as well as a hunting companion.
Submitted by: Tom Jacob on Jun 16, 2010
Tom & Lori- Ever since I was first introduced to the two of you a few years back, I felt I had found a breeder who really cared about the dogs, doing everything they can to make sure they are healthy, not over-bred and purchased by people who would be responsible owners. Since that time I have referred many people who have purchased pups from River Valley. I bought both of my boys', Dozer first & then Tommy after his time as a stud dog at River Valley, as started dogs, trained and ready to go as I do not have the time to go through the puppy stage and do the training. My two boys hang out at work with me and are great for 'public relations' and when people see them they always comment on their wonderful disposition and ask what breeder. They are best friends, fantastic hunters but also great family pets. I enjoy referring potential British Lab owners to the Casey's, they are good people.
Regards, Tom Jacob, Excel Boat Club
Submitted by: Ruth Ahrens on Jun 16, 2010
I have a British Lab from River Valley Kennels. She is now 4 years old, her name is Tai' Shara. She is intelligent, happy, very loving dog, great around people. No I don't take her hunting, not my thing, but she loves to retrieve the paper, retrieve the tennis ball in the water and go for long walks with me. Check out their website to view happy customers comments.

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