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Submitted by: STAN BOJANOWSKI on Aug 21, 2021
Casper is our third Brittany but our first from Rick. We got Casper in 2018 and are very close to getting another pup this fall. if we do, it will be from Rick. He was very accomodating during the process and sent pics and videos as needed. He also talked us through the personalities of the pups. This was crucial since we live in Atlanta, GA but are firm in wanting our pups from Michigan. The thing i appreciated most was that Rick knows what is best for the puppies and always put that first. I feel like one of our pups was separated from his mother too soon and i believe that contributed to his personality permanentlly. i will trust Rick with my next addition to the family!R
Submitted by: Brian and Lisa Bauer on Jul 24, 2021
We have always had Brittanys and the pup we purchased from Rick in 2018 is one of our best hunting dogs and one of the sweetest. Rick’s Brittanys excel in the field because of their excellent pedigrees and the time Rick and Roxanne take socializing their puppies. We highly recommend them!
Submitted by: Kyle Burleson on Feb 04, 2020
I got my Gus in spring 2018 from a breeding of Beckham and Kadi. Gus has been a great companion at home and getting better at hunting every time we are in the field. The instincts are strong with him and as he matures I'm sure he'll be rock solid. Rick was great to work with and kept in touch after I brought Gus home. Already starting to think about adding a second dog and I'll certainly be talking to Rick when the time is right for that.
Submitted by: Paul Popa on Apr 16, 2019
We picked up Willow in May 2018 after picking her out the previous month. This is our first dog from a breeder and the experience was great with Rick.
When searching for a breeder he was responsive and answered questions (can't say the same of other Brittany breeders). He sent us pictures almost every week of Willow from the time we picked her out to when we picked her up. When we picked Willow up Rick had her ready along with the paperwork and information to get us started raising a puppy (our previous dogs were rescue dogs about a year old). Willow has good hunting instincts (had her out last fall for grouse and woodcock) and has been easy to train. Willow has a great temperament, rarely barks, is good with kids, gets along with other dogs, and our cats. Highly recommend one of Ricks pups.
Submitted by: John Koskinen on Jul 24, 2018
I purchased Koba (aka Rowdy) from Rick in 2015. Koba is, hands down, the best dog I've ever owned. He has a ton of energy and a great personality. Hunting instincts like I've never seen. Since purchasing him, I've gotten married and my wife has turned him into a big, sweet baby. Now, instead of sitting by my feet in the evening, those two cuddle on the couch. He very rarely barks, which is great. He was very easy to train and listens great even now when we've eased off on the training schedule. Dealing with Rick was extremely easy and professional as well. I am looking forward to this spring when I can bring home sister for Koba. All I can hope is that she will be as good of a dog as he is.
Submitted by: Brooke Hartrick on Feb 26, 2018
I purchased Rowdy from Rick last fall and he has been a delightful dog. I get complimented on him all the time as a beautiful dog. He is very smart, with excellent hunting instincts and a great prey drive. Rowdy is a very loving and sociable dog, as has been a joy in our family.
Submitted by: Connie Bolmer on Aug 14, 2017
We picked up our puppy this weekend from Rick and Roxanne. They were great! They had Tucker all bathed and ready to go. All the necessary paperwork and information was ready too. You can sure tell the puppies are well taken care of, and well bred. We had a four hour trip home and Tucker was very calm the whole way.
We have always had labs and have always wanted a Brittany. I'm so glad my search for one led me to Rick. He shared a lot of information about the breed with us, and gave us many tips on how to raise a healthy, happy puppy. We couldn't be happier!
We've only had him home for two days, but I can already tell he's going to be a quick learner. He has slept through the night with one potty break, and no whining. (I think he likes us!) These are great dogs, and if you're looking for a Brittany, you won't go wrong with one of Rick's pups!!
Submitted by: Paige on Apr 15, 2015
Kadi and Chase pup...we were excited to hear they are having another litter and rushed to get our deposit in. We have a girl from their 1st litter and regret not bringing a sister home with her. Our girl Addie is the complete package of a Brittany, very loving and great hunting instincts. She was pointing soon after we brought her home. She is the smartest and prettiest Brittany I have seen, she continues to amaze and amuse us every single day.

Rick is a professional breeder, very helpful with any questions we have. He absolutely loves and takes care of his dogs and pups. Rick kept us posted on the litter from the day they were born. We are excited for our next puppy "Isha"
Submitted by: Rich and Tammy Diederich on Jan 03, 2015
We had always had 2 Brittney's. When our oldest passed away, We were looking for a very special breeder. After we talked to Rick, and checked out all the knowledge and history of raising Brittney's, we had found our breeder. He kept us informed every step of the way. Rick sent us pictures from birth on up. We picked out our pup at 4 weeks, they were all so cute, he let us take all the time we needed. Rick and his wife hand raise all the pups. We could never thank them enough for giving us our newest member to our family.
Rich and Tammy
Submitted by: Laura W on Aug 07, 2014
If I could give Rick's Brittany Kennel a 10/10 I would. I lost my previous Brittany named Diesel to cancer on August 23rd 2013. I knew I was going to get another dog but I didn't plan on getting another Brittany. Once I started to think about it I missed so many things about Diesel, his soft fluffy ears, his amazing personality just to name a few. I finally decided that another Brittany was the best dog for me. I live in Canada and because Brittany's are not common up here the wait lists are long and the cost is almost double. I searched online and saw that Rick's Kennel was having puppies in late September 2013. This was perfect timing for me because it was enough time for me to grieve my other dog but not too long to go without a dog. I contacted Rick to inquire about the puppies and requested a male. I sent in my deposit, which I learned that was refundable if I for whatever reason I could not take a puppy. This showed me that Rick cared about his dogs very much and it's not all about the money like most breeders. Because I lived far Rick was kind enough to send me pictures and weekly updates through e-mail. He even sent me a video of my puppy playing. I went to visit my new puppy at 3 weeks of age and met Rick and his wife Roxane. They were very welcoming to my family and I and we felt right at home with them. Their dogs are just beautiful and cared for so well. The puppies we just starting to be active so we were lucky that we could hold them before they got too squirmy. I went back to pick up my puppy when he was 7 weeks old, normally Rick said he preferred to wait until 8 weeks of age before the puppies go home but he was kind enough to make an exception as this was the only time I could come pick him up. Again we visited with Rick and his wife and played with the puppies until it was time to go. I could tell that it was hard for them to watch someone walk out with one of the puppies but I promised them that he would have the best life I could give him and all the love in the world. Phoenix will be 1 yrs old on September 22nd and has been an amazing puppy. I can't thank Rick and Roxane enough for giving me such a wonderful new friend.
Submitted by: Wendyliza on Feb 16, 2013
Let me start by saying for my fiancé and I deciding to add a puppy to our home was a very tough decision. We knew people that had brittany's and one day we decided to start our search online and our search brought us to Rick. We decided to purchase a brittany from Rick and when we called he only had one puppy left! I remember telling my fiancé we don't want the one nobody else wanted, thats the runt! Little did I know we would grow to love this Baby Jack as much as a family could ever love their puppy. He is an intelligent, strong, unique individual and a part of our family unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I give all the thanks in the world to Rick and family for being very good Brittany Breeders and for taking pride in what they do. I would recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you from the bottom of our heart's Shane and Wendy
Submitted by: Brian and Lisa Kelley on Jul 26, 2012
We purchased our puppy, Remington (AKA REMI), this summer from Rick. The entire experience was one of the best I have experienced with a dog breeder. The Ostrowski's truly care about their dogs and the Brittany Breed. We are so happy to have our new family member. The vet exclaimed that the care in the first 8 weeks was apparent and one of the best she had seen. She stated "You really found a terrific breeder". Thank you, and hopefully next year we can get our second pup from Rick as well.
Submitted by: John Whitlatch on Jun 22, 2012
Our Female Ginger, one of Maddies pups, just turned one a couple of weeks ago and has been a great addition to our family. Dealing with Rick was great. It took a while for our family to make a decision on which puppy to choose but, Rick was very patient and helpful. We even made a second trip a few weeks later to visit Ginger and Rick was more than willing to accommodate. As far as hunting, this Brittany is a natural. She points and holds as well as any dog I have ever hunted with. She got into the field at about 4 months and showed interest right away. I would recommend Rick's Brittany Kennel to any one who is looking for a Brittany pup.
Submitted by: Mike and Meredith on Mar 12, 2012
Bailey was born 6-1-11. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has a great personality, friendly to everyone and great with kids. She has shown signs of being a great bird dog, noticing birds right away. She started pointing around 12 weeks. The first time we were shocked. In October we had taken her to the U.P. and took her out for a first hunt for her and my wife. Bailey did very well. following direction and going toward any bird noise she heard. We had tested her with shot guns and wasn't phased a bit at the noise. This was very encouraging. I can't wait to start the serious bird training shortly. She mastered all of the basic obedience commands very quickly and I'm by no means a professional trainer. House training came very natural for her as well. I can't tell you how many compliments on how pretty she is everywhere we go.
Submitted by: Kyle Cove on Jan 15, 2012
My pup's name is Tucker and I could not be happier with him. He is a natural pointer and holds his point very well. He has a great nose for birds and is better behaved than a few other dogs I know that are twice his age. He is 7 months now and a true joy to have. Dealing with Rick was a great and smooth experience. He was more than willing to answer all of my questions even when I asked them more than once. I highly recommend dealing with Rick for your next best friend.
Submitted by: Mike Manges on Jan 11, 2012
Jake was born 6-1-11 of Dixie and Spice Rum Luke, I shot 4 woodcock and 3 ruffed grouse in Michigan over solid points. In early December I took him to Kansas where he pointed several quail coveys, wild pheasants and two flocks of prairie chickens. In January I entered Jake in a Hunting Dog Trial, his and my first, and he placed 2nd in the puppy class. He's points are rock solid and he's steady to wing. He's a great dog around the house, too.
Submitted by: Dennis Szagesh on Mar 03, 2010
We've been around bird dogs for 35 years, yet we've never seen anything quite like Grady at this young age. His natural hunting instincts are incredibly strong. Most pups don't get far from your heels the first season in the woods. Grady gave us five productive points this past fall, a day before his 5 month birthday, and it's been an amazing experience ever since. It's early in his development, but if all goes well he's going to be something special. Next season can't get here soon enough!

His behavior and personality are great, too. He is very social with other dogs, and has even befriended a female chow in the neighborhood that no other dog can get near. He's terrific with our grandchildren (ages 3 & 5), and he's a fast learner.

Rick and Roxan are friendly and knowledgeable, and they love their puppies. It's obvious that this is not a business for them, it is a passion.
Submitted by: Elizabeth on Oct 27, 2009
We got Chloe from Rick's 2009 litter. The whole process went wonderful and Rick's entire family were very kind to us. They were very patient while we took nearly an hour to pick out the perfect puppy and answered all of our questions. Chloe is a wonderful dog, she is kind, sweet and very smart! It only takes her one or two times to learn a trick and already has roll over mastered! I would recommend Rick's Brittanys to anyone who is looking for the perfect brittany puppy!
Submitted by: Dave and Colleen on Oct 25, 2009
We purchased our Brittany, Laci, from Rick in June of 2008. Rick was great during the selection process as our three boys debated which pup to pick for an hour. It was great to spend some time with Laci's mother as well while we evaluated the pups. Laci has been a great house dog as well as a natural hunter since day one. She was pointing wild pheasants on our farm at 6 months and accompanied me on a bird farm hunt last fall where she impressed our guide who could not believe she was only 8 months old at the time. This fall Laci helped out at a youth hunt with the Washtenaw County Chapter of Pheasants Forever. Laci was able to point a bird for all 6 youth hunters in our group. On opening day this fall I shot 2 roosters over her with several other solid points on hens as well.
Submitted by: sheila fowler on Oct 25, 2009
We purchased our brittany, Remmie(Remington), from Rick this past spring 2009. Words can not express the wonderful experience that we had! Rick was professional and a very caring breeder. We felt very much at home, when we visited the mother to be (Dixie) at his residence. We were sent up to date e-mails and pictures, of our little one, all up until the day that we picked him up! Remmie is a wonderful family dog and is great in the field! My husband is very impressed that he is so natural at such a young age! We have such a joy added to our family and we are very greatful!
Submitted by: Mari-Beth Bouma on Oct 19, 2009
We picked up our new puppy, Bayley this summer from Rick and his family. Not only has Bayley been a welcomed addition to our family but she has brought us so much laughter and joy. Her amazing, loving, spirited energy is outstanding. Already at 4 months old she was pointing and listening intently to birds in the yard and fields. Bayley's natural instinct to hunt is unlike any I've ever seen before. Plus, she is very smart and learns new commands easily. We are so happy with her and look forward to many days ahead with this wonderful puppy. Thank you, Rick for making this process easy for us and your willingness to help us learn more about the Brittany breed.
Mari-Beth Bouma
Submitted by: Angie on Aug 07, 2009
We purchased our brittany pup from Rick this summer. The whole process was very professional and Rick obviously cares alot about his dogs! He invited us out to meet the mom before the pups were born, and he let us stay for nearly an hour while we (myself, my husband and 2 kids) picked out a puppy. Our puppy is so joy-filled, energetic and smart! She is already pointing at 12 weeks and my kids have already taught her to jump through a hula hoop! She has a ton of great energy! The couple of times we had questions after taking our puppy home, Rick returned our calls right away! Angie
Submitted by: Kym on Jul 24, 2009
We purchased our brittany, Nyric, from Rick and his wife in July 2008. They were very patient with us as our 3 boys decided which puppy we would take home - which took quite some time. This is our first family dog and I can say he is a great addition to our family. He is a very loving and good natured dog. He loves to swim, run and play with my three young boys. He does have natural hunting instincts but we have him has a family pet and do not plan to hunt. Overall Rick was terrific to work with which made for a wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Pat Schweiger on Mar 05, 2009
I purchased my Brittany, My Jenny, from Rick's Brittany Kennel last July, 2008. Since then she has been on several hunts including a 5 day pheasant hunt at Windy Hill Outfitters in South Dakota. For only being 6 months old at the time, she hunted extremely well. She also has been on numerous hunts in the thumb of Michigan and also did outstanding work there as well. She is now beginning to retreive. She is very well mannered with a great temperment. We couldn't be happier with our Jenny!

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