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Submitted by: Kevin Biggs on Dec 14, 2013
Hi Tim, just wanted you too know that Dakota is really coming into his own. He is a bird finding machine and has the drive to go all day. He made a great water retrieve today that had me so thrilled. The youth pheasant season started last week and he is helping fill the kids love for hunting as well as there game bags! He can really move but listens well. For not being even 2yrs yet I feel he has exceeded my expectations and am excited to see what his future brings. Thanks for raising top notch Britts. Kevin M. Biggs
Submitted by: Bud Ogan on Jan 26, 2013
I bought a brittany pup from Tim at approx 3 months old. This pup was every thing I had hoped for.
It was hunting at 9 months, holding birds and retreiving. I named her Ice as she is almost all white except a little orange around the ears. Tim's a straight up shooter and has great dogs. I highly recommend him as a brittany breeder. I'm a upland bird guide and I must have way above average dogs for my guide bussiness.

Bud Ogan
On Point Guide Service of Nevada
Submitted by: Bud Ogan on Dec 18, 2012
In the Spring of 2012, I purchased a female Brittany pup from Tim Rhoades of The pup started training at 5 months old and at 8 ½ months she was hunting. A natural retriever and a solid pointing dog at this age is fantastic. I would highly recommend Tim’s pups to anyone. I don’t say these things lightly as I own On Point Guide Service in Nevada at take pride in my services. Tim Rhoades is a straight shooter, who tells it like it is. I have already placed another deposit for another pup out of his future litters.
Bud Ogan
On Point Guide Services of Nevada
Submitted by: Kevin M. Biggs on Sep 03, 2012
I have a 7month Brittany (Dakota) that I purchased from Rhoades Woods Brittanys. Dakota is a great addition to my family. He is learning fast and just went to a hunting preserve this past weekend and pointed his first birds. Listened well, come to whistle,whoa, and found birds in very hot conditions. I would like to thank Tim Rhoades for his care and compassion for this breed. He is breeding top notch trial and hunting dogs that our great in house as well. His dogs have great pedigrees that have champions as well as HOF's. Tim is a great guy who really takes the time to help his clients out with anything they might need. Thankyou Tim for everything!
Sincerely, Kevin M. Biggs
Submitted by: Kevin Zupin on Oct 29, 2011
We purchased a Brittany from Rhoades Brittanys about a year ago and have to say we are delighted with the way our pup has developed. When we made our initial visits to the Rhoades home to check out their pups we were immediately impressed by the love they have for the Brittany breed. It was very evident that they cared very much for and wanted the best for their dogs.

We were first time dog owners and Tim Rhoades and his family went out of their way to give us advice and guide us in training our Brittany Juta.

In the year we have raised Juta we have found him to be easy to train and also to have a great tempermant. We have three children and he has been great with all of them. He loves to bound through the meadow and 'wrestle' playfully with the kids.

Tim Rhoades knows his Brittanys and we are very glad he shared his love and knowledge of the breed with us!
Submitted by: Hap Harrison on Jun 22, 2011
I met Tim a few years back at a NSTRA Trial. I could not help but notice Tim’s love for his dogs and how devoted he was to them. Tim’s competitive nature has been rewarded, his dogs have perform well and achieved Championship titles. Tim’s devotion to his dogs shows in his breeding program. His dog display a tremendous desire to please with the natural ability to find and point birds. I have had the pleasure working and hunting with a couple dogs from Tim’s and it was a true joy…Hap Harrison
Submitted by: G. Wooden on Jun 13, 2011
I was referred down to Tim from Hap Harrison in Michigan who had bred his dog Zak to Tim's dog Tasha last fall. Tim was a pleasure to work with and accommodated my request to hold the dog for me for a few weeks till I could pick him up. Brodie is now 8 months old and is a well started dog. He has one of the best noses of any dog I have seen and works the field like a pro. In training he is outperforming older more experienced dogs in the field and has a great personality and desire to find birds. Really, all I have to do is let him loose and he finds birds. I look forward to years of Fall hunting trips and companionship with him in the days ahead. I don't see how you can go wrong with one of Tim's pups, especially one out of Tasha and Hap's dog Zak.
Submitted by: Steve Dimon on Apr 13, 2011
Great little pup. works the field like a champ, gets along great with other dogs and the kids love him
Submitted by: Steve Dimon on Apr 12, 2011
Hey Tim, I wanted to let you know that pup from last year is fantastic! His nose is great, his field manners are the easiest I have ever had to deal with and my kids love him. What a nice dog, thanks again
Submitted by: Brent Rothgarn on Nov 25, 2010

brent from Minnesota here took Berkley out hunting Wed at a game farm near here. I had worked with him a bit in the field but he wasnt showing much interest with the dummy. Whole different story with the real thing after he jammmed on point with the first rooster and lucky enough I hit the dang thing. Ah I am now a proud owner of a HUNTING DOG. The dog has a lot of natural talent ex. working the wind, following the bird when shot, when to go from wind hunting to trailing. I'm only using two commands hear and come he even took to hand signals abit. I hit him once with the collar shortly after getting out of truck and that was it, weren't even hunting yet, perfect!
Only problem I had was retrieving he would run to the downed bird and stand over it but would wait for the lab to come over and get it. Around the house he will fetch stuff but just doesnt like the feathers same with the dummy that has wings on it.

Brent Rothgarn (Minnesota)

P.S. Would you forward this to Hap please
Submitted by: Brianna Kupler on May 11, 2009
Here name is Shelby and she is a Brittany Spanial and now a year old. She has the best personality, fun, loving, loyal, and the list can go on and on. She was and is very easy to train for Hunting and the everyday tricks and commands.

And it was extremely easy to work with the Breeder because they provided pictures and updates. I would definitely go through the breeder again.

Submitted by: S. Montana on Mar 15, 2009
We purchased a Brittany named Comet from Rhoades Woods Brittanys as a family pet in June 2008. Comet is now 11 months old.

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the dog and with the support we have received from the breeder. I have contacted the breeder on several occasions for advice and support. I have received a prompt, detailed response every time. They have really gone out of their way to provide the best advice possible to fit our situation. Tim and Donna are very caring people who truly care about each of their dogs and the families who purchase them.
Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on Mar 04, 2009
I just wanted to say Tim put together some very nice pups for his program.

the people I sent that got pups from tim have been extremely happy with their pups

Nice biddable and super drive to get out there and find birds

Will recommend again in a heartbeat
Submitted by: Joseph Wellington on Jan 30, 2009
I did extensive research on breeders across the midwest and purchased a Brittany from Tim. He is committed to improving the breed and is a pleasure to deal with. I was impressed with the results he has had with both field trial dogs as well as companion hunters, which is what I wanted. He took care in matching me with the right pup and I could not be happier. Tim will really spend a lot of time with you and I was even able to watch my pups mother and sister hunt to give me some idea of what to expect. A+
Submitted by: Philip Coffren on Dec 01, 2008
I would just like to say that the brittany that I got from Rhoades Woods Brittanys is undoubtedly the most obedient dog I have ever owned. She is only about 8 months old and listens to every command and just loves to be in the woods. I truly believe she is going to be a tremendous bird dog and when I am looking for my next Brittany Rhoades Woods Brittanys will be the first place I go.
Submitted by: Nathan Charlton on May 21, 2008
My dog is about 1.5 years old. He is the best bird dog I have ever seen. My friends with pointers, and GSPs get jealous when they see my dog hunt. They train a lot and raise quail just to get marginal performance. If they would get one of these well-bred pups their lives would be much improved. He even taught himself how to back a point. This is the first dog I have trained and I wouldn't hesitate to get another one from Tim. I have noticed that this pup needs a light touch, so if you are rough or impatient then there are some real bonehead breeds that will suit you better. These Brits literally train themselves. If you just love to hunt and not have a lot of hassle. And you want to see a lot of amazing points then this dog is the right one for you. My dog sleeps in the bedroom and is a full-fledged member of the family. He is good with kids and doesn't need a huge backyard like some breeds. I can't say enough good about this pup!

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