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Submitted by: Alise on Feb 27, 2019
Our Odin will be 8 this May. Our experience with Razorsedge was incredible. In all honesty I hadn’t even heard of the breed until one fateful day almost 9 years ago. I had arrived home, opened my car door and this big dog climbed right on in and on to my lap, eager to give me kisses. Turns out our neighbor had some family visiting and their griffon came over to say hi. I fell in love with the breed in that moment. After much research and a bit of luck I found Paulette. Our Odin had required extra care as a pup as he had gotten sick and if it weren’t for Paulette hand feeding him, giving him the extra care and love he required he may have not made it.
Our Odin is part of the family. What an amazing dog he is, always so gentle with the kids and full of energy and love. His favourite toy is a balloon, he has the softest mouth. I would highly recommend contacting Razorsedge if you are looking to add a new integral part to your family. 💛
Submitted by: John M on Sep 11, 2013
Griff (male) is 8 years old and is a fabulous dog in all respects. We got him for hunting but he quickly became a treasured member of our family.

Griff is a hardcore pheasant hunting machine. He has a fine nose and is extremely tenatious in the field. He plows through cattails, works tall native prairie grass and makes water retrieves consistently. He is very aggressive on finding fallen game. In the field it is all business. I routinely hunt him 2 or 3 days straight with only minimal breaks. He is very strong and has great endurance. He is patient and methodical when he hunts. He was very easy to train and learned quickly. I had him on pheasants at 6 months.

Griff is a completely different dog at home. We live in the city with a small yard and he is a very content house dog. I am a distance runner and he trains for marathons with me. He is very smart and we consider him a clown. Among other tricks, he taught himself how to turn on flashlights because he likes to chase the beam -- very strong prey drive.

We highly recommend Razorsedge. Paulette was wonderful to work with. Griff has had no heath problems whatsoever and is going strong at 8 years old. We definitely will get our next WPG at Razorsedge.
Submitted by: Susan Jackson and Bob Rabnett on Jun 06, 2013
At six, Stan has proven herself (yes, Stan is a "she") to be loyal, loveable and an often entertaining companion. We are frequently asked about the breed by strangers, and Stan laps up the attention. Her soft touch and boundless enthusiasm also makes for a great fit with our children, who love her to bits. We're thankful to Paulette and Razorsedge for bringing Stan into our family. Paulette could not have chosen a better fit for us and we will not hesitate to get our next Griff from Rasersedge.
Submitted by: shannon geue on May 31, 2013
Our dog Link - just turned 1 this May. This is the first dog we have ever had and my list of questions and expectations was quite long. Paulette and Gerry were great at answering my questions, providing me with information and ultimately selecting the perfect match for us. They have been there along the way when I have called with questions and they are always following up to see how Link is doing. They truly care about the animals they sell and making the right match.

I have children, live in the country and there are lots of dogs in the area. I wanted a well rounded, playful dog who would get along with people and other dogs. Link is super smart, very affectionate, athletic enough to keep up with my husband and kids on their mountain bike rides and yet totally mellow when he is hanging out with us. He gets along well with every other dog he meets. Link is great with meeting new people - young or old.

He is a wonderful family dog, loves the water and the snow - is amazing to watch in the forest as he chases after birds or just bounds around like he is one with the woods.

People are always stopping to ask about him, take his photo, find out about his breed and asking after the breeder - I could go on and on about how happy we are with Link - but ultimately the credit goes to Paulette and Gerry as quality breeders and match makers.
Submitted by: K Findlay on May 24, 2013
Our dog,Oakley,just turned a year in May and has proven herself to be a most affectionate and loving companion.
She is incredibly athletic and amazes us with her speed and agility. She is a beautiful dog and we are often stopped by people asking what breed she is and commenting on her unique coat.
Oakley has really become part of our family and we are looking forward to hunting season in the fall.
Thanks Paulette
Submitted by: Matt Major on Feb 12, 2013
A future hunting companion and dog for my family is what I wanted. Stable, calm, well socialized, eager and enthusiastic are the traits we found in Paulette's dogs. Paulette worked with me to chose a pup best suited for my hunting expectaions. Gibson is only 8 months old now, but I look forward to working with him on Grouse and Waterfowl in the years to come. I also look forward to working with Paulette for my next WPG!
Submitted by: Suzanne Keithley-Myers on Mar 08, 2011
My husband and I had a very positive experience finding our WPG through Paulette at Razorsedge kennel. Daisy is six years old now, and she is truly a cherished family member. In addition to wanting a hunting dog, it was important to us to find a dog tolerant of children, cats and other dogs as well as being a friendly companion....Daisy is all of that and much more! It's hard to describe this breed to anyone who has not met one, but this dog's personality is enthusiastic, silly, joyous and loving, and she has loads of serious bird-hunting talent. We enjoyed every step of the process of finding and adopting this dog, and Paulette was informative, friendly, and professional all the way.
Submitted by: Peter Paige on Feb 22, 2011
We have had a great experience with Paulette and her dogs , starting with getting a dog , Paulette delivered the dog to Edmonton we live in Calgary as she lives far north of Edmonton so we met half way, on her holiday . Trixie our dog is great with the kids a very well mannered dog , and easy to train. She is proving to be a smart dog who has a keen sense for upland hunting, even though it is her 1st year, her progression has been excellent . Further she gets along great with other dogs in the field or at the dog park. I would buy another dog from here
Submitted by: Dana Veitengruber on Oct 24, 2010
Our dog Boone will be a year old on Halloween and we are SO thankful to have such a sweet and loyal pup! He loves being around people and never strays far when off leash. He loves being in the woods, swimming, and my husband tells me he as the makings of a great hunting dog. We live in Alaska and Boone loves to play in the snow, he is a dog for all seasons.
Our experience with Paulette was excellent. She truly cares about her dogs and puts so much love, time, and energy into early training and placement of her dogs. There were several breeders we spoke to before we looked into Razorsedge Kennel, but she was so helpful, kind, and professional that we knew Paulette and her pups were the perfect fit for us.
Submitted by: Dave McLaughlin on Sep 21, 2010
Tish is our first WPG after a series of Chessies and Labs. She is a wonderful family dog and a great hunter even though she is only 11 months old. She is excellent at both pointing and retrieving - loves the water. For us, her best qualities are she hunts close, she is easy to control and she doesn't shed in the house. Best of all Tish is a great companion and an inspiration to get out every day to exercise my new knee replacement.
Submitted by: tommie o. on Sep 01, 2010
Incredible lady! Incredible breed! Incredible dog! If you were to look up incredible in the dictionary you would find the name Paulette, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and pure joy. Paulette is nothing short of stellar so it makes sense that she also breeds stellar dogs. She is so understanding, helpful and knowledgeable, a total asset to the dog world. Simply can't wait to have another Griffon. So very glad I found this breeder, this dog. Thank you1

Submitted by: Blair Bukmeier on May 03, 2010
I have had many different dog breeds in my life and was looking for a versatile hiking companion with the coat of a German Wired Haired Pointier. After some extensive research I decided on the Wired Haired Pointing Griffon and selected Paulette at Razorsedge Kennels as the breeder. Capone is my first WPG and I am so grateful that he is part of my family. Capone has an excellent temperament when he is either working or inside the home. Capone is strong, eager to please, intelligent, and very trainable. Also, Capone’s natural instinct makes him an efficient retriever and proficient swimmer that never quits.

I strongly recommend Paulette at Razorsedge Kennels as my experience has been nothing but excellent. I could tell that our puppy was given a great start as he came confident, outgoing, and adjusted very well into his new family. Paulette has been there every step of the way and answered any questions I may have had in an informative and timely manner. I would absolutely get another WPG from Razorsedge Kennels.
Submitted by: Joanna Gray on Nov 15, 2009
Neither my husband nor I are hunters, and even though we've had other types of dogs, we knew nothing about WPGs except for the research we did in the months before we got our puppy. Paulette was extremely helpful during that time, and during the first few weeks of owning our puppy, we could see that she had had a great start! Happy and confident, outgoing and eager to please. A really well adjusted pup.

We have never regretted our decision. Zephyr is an amazing companion to us both. A pleasure to train and a delight to have around. She is a hig-energy dog and does require regular exercise (we walk her for 40 minutes in off-leash areas twice a day). We never worry that she will disappear on these walks; her instinct keeps her close to her 'hunting' partners. However she is quiet in the house. An excellent watchdog, she's good if a litle shy with strangers and wonderful with those she knows.

There is no need to be a hunter to own one of these dogs -- they will do it themselves as long as they have a bit of woods to investigate. Zephyr has even learned to fish (she hasn't caught anything yet but she keeps trying).

We can't imagine owning any other kind of dog.
Submitted by: Roger H on Nov 06, 2009
I am delighted to brag about Razorsedge's WPG's, My "SASSY" a 3 yr bitch, but first let me tell you why. I have had several gundogs thru my years and I am an avid upland hunter.But,Once seeing a WPG work , I was really impressed and I started research, found Paulette & Razorsedge, and the rest has been an excellent match. Not only is Sassy the best hunter: pointer, retreiver and tracker I have trained, but most importantly she is my daily companion. The breeds overall temperment is suited for close field work with keen skills in all the NAVHDA elements (prize I in natuarl ability and preUtility), and she is most affable in the inside home environment. You can trust Paulette to pick you a winner... I did
Roger H PA
Submitted by: Rob Watlov on Nov 05, 2009
I have two great Wirehaired Griffons from Paulette at Razorsedge Wirehaired Pointing Griffons.
Hunter(male) and Roulette(female) are not only great companions and family members, they are superior waterfowl retrievers and hunters as well.
They retrieve both ducks and geese on water and land both, are excellent, strong swimmers that will get their bird even if they have to swim a quarter of a mile to retrieve a wounded bird. They don't quit. They get their bird. Excellent search and nose work both in high grass marsh and field situations. I have been blessed to own 4 Griffons in my lifetime, all excellent hunters and friends, and they are the only dog I would buy again. They are also excellent pheasant dogs,
great nose, excellent at search and tracking and desire enough to hunt in all situations. If you want a great hunting dog and companion I would strongly encourage you to check out the Griffons at Razorsedge.
Submitted by: Craig on Nov 04, 2009
My girl(Smudge)is my first dog EVER, but as an avid upland hunter, I figured I had best get a dog. After much research I decided on a Griffon,the came more research and many phone calls later I settled on Razorsedge. Paulette was super helpful and answered all my questions honestly.Then came the wait....but well worth it! Smudge is just a fantastic dog. Loves people,other dogs and LIVES for grouse hunting.Being that this was my first dog,I was pretty concerned about a lot of things,but Paulette was there every time I had a question.Turns out I didn't really need to be concerned...Smudge knew what she was doing,I pretty much just needed to go along with her.
I would not hesitate to get another dog from Razorsedge. Fantastic breeder, fantastic dog

Submitted by: John M on Nov 04, 2009
I highly recommend the WPG breed and Razorsedge in particular. I have a 4 yr old male that is excellent in the field (pheasants and grouse). He is smart and was trained very easily. He points very well and is a solid retriever. They have very keen noses. In the field he is very workmanlike and all business. At home, he is a very sweet family dog and wonderful with the kids. Its like having two dogs.
Submitted by: Ray M. Calgary Alberta on Oct 23, 2009
Having owned a selection of Versatile Dogs over the years and this being my first WPG
I would have to say that I waited far to long
to have this experience ..I now own Shais Griphen of Razorsedge Kennels , a 3 yr old male ,
a bird hunting machine ...I know that Razorsedge
pre-breeding process is the reason that all the puppy owners I have spoken to , who selected
Razorsedge for their Griffon choice , all love
their Griffon ... The natural ability and ease of training ,the eagerness and outgoing personality are all there . The care that goes into puppying is more than evident ..

Ray M.

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