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Submitted by: Tim Friesen on May 17, 2015
Scott at Razor Labs has been amazing! He's been there through the entire process and is always available to answer any questions I may have! Raven has been an awesome dog from day 1! Full of energy and always looking to please. She's the quickest learning dog I've ever had the pleasure if owning and training. Can't wait to get her out in the field the fall!

Thanks again Scott!

Tim Friesen
Submitted by: Craig Rintamaki on Oct 27, 2013
Hi Scott, Long time no talk!!! I hope all is great with you and your family, I just came home from a 10 day stay at Lake Manitoba, we stay at the Narrow's there and hunt divers for a week and a half, great success everyday with full limits, with that said Sable is an absolute machine, in the last month she has successfully retrieved around 500 birds for me and my buddies, she only gets better with every hunt!! It was great to hunt over big water, I had her doing some nice long blinds on a few cripples, not too much gets away from her! It is soooo nice to take her out with fella's that have never seen a great dog work, she has grown up to be a big dog weighing in at just over 90 lbs. I look forward to many more years of hunting over her and try to get out as much as i can ( I hunt at least 4 days a week during the season)!! Keep up the great work producing exceptional retrievers!! Stay safe and fun hunting!! I attached a couple of photos of myself and my buddy Bruce for ya!! Regards, Craig and Liz Rintamaki Grande Prairie AB.
Submitted by: Randy & Francine Olson on Aug 18, 2013
Hi Scott,

Every day we can't believe how amazing this pup is. We have been on holidays for two weeks and he's had a good time retrieving on land and in the water. He was swimming and retrieving in the water at three months. He sits and comes to the whistle and marks very well. We are amazed at how quickly he learns and how obedient he is. He's a beautiful looking lab! Randy can't wait to take him duck hunting. We are hoping to get him in the canoe to practice this week. We really are happy with his progress so far for 6 months old! We love him!

Randy and Francine
Submitted by: Stephen Hambly on Jun 30, 2013
Afternoon Anderson's

Thought you might want to see a couple of photos of Mardi with Hannah.

Mardi is such a beautiful dog as you can see.

Just had her in for her 3 year check up, and all the Dr. Could say was "such a beautiful chocolate lab". Very lean and trim and strong....she was very impressed with the pedigree. 100% healthy...

We are enjoying her very much.. Such a suck yet very dedicated to the family. Does not like it when the family splits up during holidays or when family members leave.

Thanks again for the opportunity to own one of your dogs Scott. Very well done. I promote your kennel when ever I talk about her.

Submitted by: Shelley Kirkland on Aug 22, 2012
Hi Scott and Colleen,

Levi is doing really well! She has adapted very well to crate training and it is now her quiet spot when she gets too excited. She is always happy to "go kennel" as she knows it means getting treats. We have also taught her sit, down, come, stay, off, take it and to calm down when asked when playing with her toys. She is a very intelligent girl and wants to please, so much so she follows me around the house sitting whenever I stop. She doesn't pay much attention to Ryland as of yet besides chasing his swing but hopefully she'll be well trained and realize the baby is not a chew toy before he starts crawling. She has training sessions at least twice daily and we try to work her training into our lifestyle as much as possible so it becomes natural to us and to her. Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family. She keeps me on my toes, especially having two babies in the house but we love having her around!

Take care!

Shelley and Tyler

Submitted by: Donna & Jack Weiss on Aug 14, 2012
Hi Scott & Colleen ,

Well we have had a great experience with Jigsaw ,she has been amazing . She goes to bed at 10 pm and doesn't make any noise until around 8am ,this morning my alarm clock went off before her .She goes for a pee in the morning and then she goes right to her pend for her food and water . She loves to swim but when she gets out she shakes like a leaf loves to wrapped in a towel .I would have to give you guys a Great big THANK-YOU for this wonderful puppy .I can't beleive how well she has done .Comes to her name when told to sit she sits .Thank - you again for this great puppy
Donna & Jack
Submitted by: Rob Trettenero on Feb 29, 2012
Hi Scott,

Things are going very well,Molly is growing into a great companion and family dog.She has a very good nose and loves to retrieve,she is taking to training well and loves to please.We had her spade,she is just a few days over 8 months old and is currently 75 pounds of solid muscle.Molly has a great deal of energy and loves to run. A friend and I hunted her 2 days at the end of duck season and she retrieved 26 ducks, this was her first hunt.

My wife and I are very happy with her.
Submitted by: Kayla on Aug 13, 2011
Hi Scott and Colleen,

Rocco has been such a good puppy - and has totally exceeded our expectations! We just want to thank you both for being so helpful and there for this whole process,we are so glad to have chosen a breeder like you! It has made getting our first puppy that much more memorable and special.

He is doing really well with kennel and potty training and picks up on things so quickly.

Oh, and, he LOVES the water. I was watering our hanging baskets yesterday and as soon as he heard the water dripping through the bottom of the pot he started running through the water that was falling .. trying to get covered in water, it was the cutest thing.

Submitted by: Peter Menge on May 02, 2011
Hi Scott;

Thought I’d get you up to date on the Puppy. “Sniper” has certainly added a dimension to our household in the last few months and she is proving herself to be a significant personality. Now just past 6 month’s old she weighs in at about 55lbs – all of it pure energy. Her drive is extreme in everything she does and she has recently proven herself to be quite a mouser - with 10 mice to her credit in the last week (at least the ones we know about). It’s quite humorous to watch her mousing technique - I’ll be sending you a video.

Her training is progressing well and we are currently working on her collar conditioning, to which she has taken in good spirits, and she gets marks now almost every day. In fact she ran her first double on Friday (all be it a simple one) and she figured it out pretty quick. She seems to have enough drive to get her through a variety of factors and she enters cover without much hesitation so I am confident she’ll take to more difficult marks as the training progresses.
Last, but not least Scott, she is a real beauty. Nicely proportioned, strong and agile, and she absolutely loves all people. Pictures to follow….

Thanks a bunch for a wonderful animal.

Peter Menge & Family
Submitted by: Jim Renaud on Dec 26, 2010
Hi Scott,

Well Merlin is still black and beautiful. If he was a female he would be the belle of the ball. I don’t want you to get to swell headed, but so far this pup is everything I could ask him to be. His temperament is text book perfect. He is inquisitive and loves to play.
There are some dogs that you just enjoy being with. He’s one of those.

All the best in the new year.

Submitted by: Craig & Liz on Dec 19, 2010
Hi Scott;

I thought I would give ya an e-mail just to let you know how we are making out, so far so good!!!...She loves to fetch her stuffed Mallard for us, I know she is going to be a great retrieving dog it seems to just be natural for her, accidents in the house are almost non existent now, she is scratching at the door to go potty time and she is a little hellion most of the day but we love her, I am very excited to work with her in the spring and look forward keeping you updated with her progression. Merry Christmas to you and your family, stay safe and we will chat later.

Craig & Liz.
Submitted by: Derrell Rodine on Dec 13, 2010
Hi Scott,

This dog is so smart it is scary. He does all the hand signals now and I'm working on distance with him. I am still amazed on how well he is progressing. He is so well behaved around people it's unreal. Thanks for the chance to get a dog of such high quality.

Derrell & Joyce
Submitted by: Al Janke on Dec 10, 2010
Hi Scott,

Rio is doing a fabulous job. Its been quite a learning curve for him going from a trained hunting machine that he was bred for to playing with Rons grandkids,sleeping on our couch at the hunting lodge, playing with the neighbors dog and then going out hunting.

His nose and sense is spectacular. He seldom overruns birds and if left alone will find downed birds that he hasn't even seen go down and are on the run trying to get away.

The 12 roosters we got on Sunday ,( one with 41 bars )I would venture to say between flushing them and then finding and retrieving them,he would be responsible for 10.

Merry Christmas

Submitted by: Don Cook on Dec 06, 2010
Hi Scott,
Things here are going really good. Daisy has been a blessing to our family. We spent a few weekends hunting and Daisy did very good considering that I didnt work with her that much and she is only 7 months old she caught on quick and was fetching partridge and dropping them at our feet. she fetched up about twenty birds this fall.I will keep in touch Take Care Don and family
Submitted by: Brad and Erin on Mar 02, 2010
Hey Scott,
Well I don't even know where to start!
She is an AMAZING dog! She is sooooo calm! She doesn't even act like a "chocolate" pup! I mean she's a pup.... but she's not crazy! She's so well behaved and she's such a fast learner! She spends a lot of time outside (with us of course) she doesn't like to be alone. And that is fine with us. We'd rather have her near us than chasing her down trying to figure out what she's not supposed to be doing! She is soooo affectionate! We really like that!
She "leaves " things when we tell her to, doesn't jump on us, stays(kinda) comes, sits.
She's still a big work in progress but she has alot of play time right now and we're trying to balance the learning time with her as we go! We're only a week in now so we're still ogling over her of course! But we ARE training her as well. It was so nice to get the head start in the training. And we have you guy's no doubt to thank for that! I also think that her running with the big dogs helped out huge in the way she behaves!
She's not a barker.... which we like but she's the first one to tell you when someone's at the door or outside! Which is awesome! She has such a big dog bark too!
She really made herself at home immediately here! We were the typical worried adoptive parents though! She loves it here! I'll try to attach some pics here so you can see just why she loves it so much!

Anyway, Scotty you guy's are welcome to come up here anytime to visit her or just go fishing if you'd like.
We'll be sure to bring her over when she comes to Winnipeg next!
As you know I had a chocolate lab before, and all I can say is Maggie is a million times more well behaved!
We couldn't have asked for a better/well suited pup than Maggie!
Thanks guy's!!!!
Proud new parents
Brad and Erin
Submitted by: Teresa on Jan 23, 2010
Hi Scott & Colleen,

Well, Hailey is no longer the smallest dog in our house! She has made it past one of our cockers, still a bit to go before she gets to be bigger than the other one. She is the star of both puppy classs that she is in, and often we are the "demonstrators" or "models" which is quite a compliment! Many people have been asking where we got her as she is such a beauty and is so well behaved. We've given you lots of publicity! I'm not sure sure if each dog we have brought into our lives has been smarter than the previous one, or if we are just getting to be better trainers, but I feel like training Hailey has been a breeze and one of our trainers actually made a point of telling us how great a job we have done with her so far.

Have a great weekend!
Submitted by: on Nov 01, 2009
Hi Scott and Colleen,

It's been a while,I actually remembered to take some pictures of the big boy working today in between shots. He retrieved his first diver today, and nice drake bufflehead, good confidence booster for him after a cripple spooked him a bit. Also his biggest bird yet, a white-winged scoter, probably pushing 4.5 pounds.

He's working out great, mostly has the idea and definitely the basics. A very good nose on him too, he's picking the scent of mallards up from 2-300 yards when we're jump shooting, and I also had him down south hunting a bit and he managed to find a mallard in the 15 foot elephant grass that we thought we'd lost, Dad was impressed.

He's doing great at home too, everyone absolutely loves him and he's become very well-behaved and mellow for such a young (though he can still turn it on when it's time to go hunting :-). You guys did a great job with that litter, we're very pleased with him and love him to death, he even wore a tie for our wedding photos ;-)

Hope the fall is treating you all well,

Nick and Jenn
Submitted by: greg pike on Jun 19, 2009
Hi Scott and Colleen

Its hard to believe that Jade is almost 1 years old. She has been such a great pup to raise. All the kids on our street know her by name and her temperament is perfect.

We should have named her "oh what a beautiful lab" because everywhere we go that's how she is greeted. Its become her second name!

Thanks again for such an amazing dog!
Take care

Greg and Heather Pike
Submitted by: Tom & Pat on Jan 30, 2009
Hi Scott

Thanks for checking in with us and Maverick. I really noticed a change in him over the last 4 weeks. He's really grown. Pat has him in dog school classes on Saturdays and he is a real star! He is just so brilliant, bright, animated and polite. The teacher really likes him.

Pat's Mom bought him a couple of stuff toys the other day, a mallard and a bunny. They both squeek and he loves them both. He loves to retrieve, what else Eh? He jumps around like a bunny when he's excited.

I've attached a couple of photos for you taken the other day. I believe he is now 12 weeks old.

We'll try and drop by this coming week.


Submitted by: Chris & Leann on Nov 27, 2008
Hi Scott and Colleen

Kacie is doing great. She is full of energy and loves to play soccer and football with me. She has one of the best temperament that I have ever seen, she just loves people and will lick everyone to death. You would not believe all the complements that we get from people on how well she behaves. Just finished golf season so i will have more time to do some training (can't Wait)
Submitted by: Nick Buda on Nov 27, 2008

Kuma graduated from puppy school today at the head of his class. They had little hats and cake for them. His obedience training is going very well, and I've been getting really serious with his retriever training which is just play time to him, though the last few days he's been teething and whining a bit, and not too interested in the dummies, so I'm giving him a bit of a break for a few days. Little guy's done very well, and we're very proud of him!

I also had to attach a photo of him keeping warm ice climbing this morning, cute little bugger.

Hope you're all well!

Nick Buda
Submitted by: Jennette on Aug 29, 2008
Dear Anderson Family:

Jetta is doing absolutely great! she loves swimming and will play fetch till your arm falls off! When we go swimming we take her out on the raft with us. She dives off into the water thats over our heads and brings up rocks. Then she parades around showing it off. Sometimes I bring her to bed with me and she "insists" on having a pillow! Jetta just turned 9 months. Its hard to believe she's almost a year...Jetta loves riding in the boat and car. When dad takes the boat out,Jetta and I sit in the front and she tips her face into the wind and lets it blow her ears. As far as I'm concerned she's the most wonderful labrador in the world.

Love Jennette
Submitted by: Robert Chapel on Jun 18, 2008
After a few years of our chldren asking to get a dog, I finally gave in. I'm very pleased that we chose to purchase our black lab fron Razor Labs. He is a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't have asked for a better family pet. He has a great temperment. Very freindly, love people, especially children. Where every we go, people comment about his behavoir, and how great he looks. If you are looking for a family pet or a hunting dog, we stongly recommend Razor Labs.
Submitted by: Kevin Knox on Jun 16, 2008
Koda is a nice addition to my family. He is very well behaved and excellent with children. He is very easy to train and has shown excellent retrieving abilities. Razor Labs was very easy to deal with and very accomodating. I would recommend purchasing a lab from this breeder to anyone.

Kevin Knox
Submitted by: Gail & Arron Kohut on Jun 09, 2008
Leo is an excellent dog and a wonderful addition to our family. We love him to bits. He is great with the kids. We have had no problems with training him and is very, very well behaved. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for such a great pet!
Submitted by: jeffmirecki on Feb 26, 2008
my son and i love our black lab from razors labs.Her name is tikka,she has a great temperment and tikka is great with kids and loves to retrieve,i'm a outfitter in the manitoba area.I'm going to be training tikka to hunt waterfowl.I can see from her background and temperment,tikka will be easy to train.anytime you have a chance to get a dog from razors labs ,i suggest you get one. jeff and jordan from greatgooseoutfitting.
Submitted by: Mark Patton on Feb 26, 2008
We love our dog! She is so much fun and so friendly, such a gorgeous animal. We have gotten numerous comments on how nice and shiny her coat is and how great she looks. She's extremely healthy and happy. We couldn't be happier.

Mark Patton and Lisa Pilon.
Submitted by: Dave Freudenberg on Feb 25, 2008
We LOVE our pup! His personality and temper are SUPER! He loves people and kids!
He will be taking over the "hunting" from our old dog who is almost 10 now... I can't wait to see him go this fall!
Thanks Razor Labs for the beautiful puppy/new family member!

Dave & Darcy Freudenberg

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