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Submitted by: Todd Freeman on Oct 13, 2010
Travis, did a awesome job on picking out a pup to add to my kennels for my guiding business, I told him what I was looking for, and she has turned out to be that and every bit more! I cant say enough good things about Travis and his kennels they are top of the line!
Submitted by: Farrukh Ashraf on Aug 20, 2009
I could not be more happy with the started Lab I bought from Professional Gun Dogs. Excellent temperament, quick learner, friendly with other dogs. This has been a great experience for my family. I must thank Travis for the hard work that he put in the dog and the solid foundation he laid for him. He will be a great hunting buddy and me and my family, Travis thank you so much.

Farrukh Ashraf
Submitted by: Tim Gleeson on Mar 27, 2009
First off I would like to say thanks Travis; you did a remarkable job with Rex. When I took Rex (my GSP) to Travis he was a started dog about a year old, I had just picked Rex up from what is supposed to be one of the leading bird dog/field trial kennels in the nation. I was not happy, my dog was not happy! Rex had lost 8 lbs in 2 months time and his spirit was obviously damaged. To say I was upset at the Trainer/Kennel owner would be a gross understatement. I knew I had a good dog in Rex but not the experience to train him. I called the breeder I bought Rex from for help; he suggested that I try using Travis Ruff. I met with Travis to discuss what had just occurred with Rex at the previous trainer and what I wanted out of Rex as a finished gun dog. After satisfying my questions I turned Rex over to Travis. As promised, just a few months later Rex was putting weight back on and was responding well to Travis’ expertise and care. I was out of the country at the time working but Travis kept me posted and up to date, even sent the occasional pic so I could see my buddy. When it came time to pick Rex up from Pro Gun Dog Kennels I was still out of the country working. Travis suggested that he could enter Rex directly into a Master Hunter level hunt test and first time out Rex went 100%. Rex is amazing! He IS the whole package! The thing that first impressed me about Travis was that he took time to sincerely listen to what I had to say about my dog and his needs. Rex is 2 years old now and handles beautifully in the field. He is a joy to hunt with and a dog I am very proud of, the rest is just Bird Hunting Memories. Travis is currently training 2 more GSP's for me and I have no doubt the experience with these dogs will be equally rewarding. The facility at Pro Gun Dog is well kept and the animal’s cared for and checked periodically by a vet. I should mention that Travis has access to thousands of acres of prime bird hunting habitat which is conducive to his training-hunting facility. Whether you’re looking for finished gun dog training or looking to buy a gun dog/hunting companion I highly recommend Professional Gun Dog Kennels. Not only did Rex and I find an excellent Dog Trainer in Travis Ruff but a friend as well! Sincerely, Tim. 1-316-650-9952
Submitted by: Casey Adams on Mar 10, 2009
Travis is the most honest and upfront trainer I have come across. When I first called him he was very in depth, asking me as many questions as I was asking him to make sure that I was paired with the correct dog for the type of hunting I would be doing as well as the household environment. He always took the time to take my calls and update me on how the training was coming along and if there were any sticky points or issues. Before Buck was sent out he went over his attitude, what to expect from him when he got there, and gave me all the details of exactly where he was in training and where I should start to get the best results. Once the dog was home with me he was very helpful answering my questions and helping me with what I needed to do to help Buck adapt. I would recommend Travis to everyone as finding a trainer as honest, respectful and full of integrity as he is does not happen very often. I hold the upmost respect for him and the kennel he runs, and it is safe to say the next dog to join the household will be coming from Pro Gun Dog. Thanks again for all the help in finding me such a great dog.

Casey Adams
Submitted by: Jeff Barnes on Jan 15, 2009
Dear Travis: Just wanted to let you know how happy i am with the female (camo) Lab you sold me, she is doing very well, She is everything you told me and better. I am hunting her 2 to 3 times a week and she is a joy. Anytime you find another like her , i have a few fellow hunters looking for dogs like this. Let me know. Also, if you need a reference for future sales i would be happy to tell my story. thanks again.

Jeff Barnes
Submitted by: Russ on Dec 29, 2008
Travis Ruff gave me just the dog that I wanted and described to him. He told me that my dog had these strengths and these weaknesses, and he was honest and accurate. I also found him very workable and patient with his customer. He was an honest, fair and nice guy to work with, even when I was a bit skeptical buying a dog cross country and off the Internet, since I had been burnt by a previous internet dog deal with another trainer. I would buy another started dog from Travis in a heartbeat. My experience with Travis was a very good one, and I am 100% satisfied with my chocolate lab. She is headed for her HR title Spring of 09. The pup is birdy, fast, obiedient, healthy and alert. This pup has a bright future in competition as Travis told me she would.
Submitted by: John on Dec 21, 2008
Travis: I took the pup out this last weekend she is now 6 she pointed 5 pheasants I was able to hit 4 she retrieved them but wanted to play, she picked them up and carried them like she was so proud but never put a mark on any of them. I had taken her out without a gun a couple times to let her explore when she was 4 1/2 months before season started she scented 7 birds was unsure what to do when the flushed but did not really point at that time. But this time i was so proud of her. I will be looking for another so she can have a partner next year. I would suggest you to contact Travis if your looking for a class pointer that wants to hunt easy to handle and wants to please.
Submitted by: Jerry on Dec 16, 2008
It was very nice to meet you Saturday and I want to thank you for doing a great job with Ocho. Jacob (my son) is very excited to have her and is really looking forward to hunting with her. I will keep you in mind when we need another puppy.

Submitted by: Randa Person on Dec 02, 2008
About 2 years ago my dad and I bought a setter puppy from the Jane X Deets litter and I wanted to send a picture of her pointing, she has a wonderful point and find a lot of the birds she was not much of a retriver but we were actually hunting yesterday (11-28-08) and half way through the day she just went over and picked the bird up and for the rest of the day she picked them all up. Thanks for the great dog.
Ranada Person
Submitted by: Harry Dockery on Sep 10, 2008
Hi Travis we made it home O.K. I hunted him after we got home and he was outstanding. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your training of my dog. He quartered perfectly and pointed as well as any dog I ever hunted behind. When the bird came up I shot it, and he retrieved it to my hand. I am so pleased with him. I did not make one correction on the training collar. He worked like he had been doing it all his life. I would recommend your training to any one who loves their dog and has fun doing it.

Harry Dockery, Gun captain for many dog clubs for over 15 Yr,

Thanks again for a job well done.
Submitted by: Craig McMahon on Apr 11, 2008
Buster is doing FANTASTIC! The long distance shipping was not a issue for Buster at all. He gets along great with my other two dogs and is friendly as can be with my kids. After exhausting my search for a dog in my home state I couldnt keep Buster off my mind. I did my homework while searching for my dog nation wide. I checked refrences and pedigree on all of the dogs I was most intrested in from one end of the country to the other. Busters pedigree and training couldnt be matched anywhere!Without question Travis at Professional Gun Dogs was honest and more than trustworthy. A++ EXPERIENCE!
Submitted by: Jeff Moore on Apr 09, 2008
Travis Thanks for the wonderful work you did with my dog Mace this past fall. We hunted him quite a bit this year. It was kind of tricky for him to pick up the pheasants and not the quail the first week of the season. Opening day of pheasant season I had Mace out with my brother and I, not 15 minutes into the hunt he was on point. He held a monster covey of quail until my brother was able to get there and kick them up. What a sight it was!!!!!

Man does this pup love to hunt!!! He will run his butt off and then want to turn around and go the next morning. I know he was a handfull for you, but you'd be amazed at what this dog is doing now. I can thank you for this. Thanks for your wonderful patience and tremendous abilities, I mean if you can get my dog to do what he is doing then I have know doubt in my mind you can train any dog!!! If you ever need to use a reference please hand out my number or email, and I will vouch for you 100%!!!!!!

Thank you so much Travis

Submitted by: John Barrett on Feb 01, 2008
Hello web site looks great ,, cabin looks great in it I did see it in progress,you and family have a great thing goin,, KEYTOE my english setter,,he has performed super for me and I have never had a dog hold point on both quail/pheasents and retrieve as well as he does and the drive to hunt is fantastic,,,thank you very much , you truly have worked magic and brought out the best in the dogs you handle,,,,,,,, John Barrett
Submitted by: Michael J. Lipinski on Feb 01, 2008
I was very pleased with the training my young GSH received. Everything that was promised was delivered. What was more impressive was the willingness to go over and above and spend time with me when I arrived to pick up the dog. The knowledge transfer and comfort level provided by spending some quality time working through the training routine was invaluable. The most important factor for me in working with people is to work with people of character. The integrity of the people at Professional Gun Dogs was very impressive.

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