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Submitted by: Damian on Oct 07, 2019
Kris and Dale do a phenomenal job! I searched around to different breeders all across the country and when I spoke to Kris on the phone I knew Premier Gundogs was the place to go! You can tell she has a true passion for her Boykins. I live all the way in PA. So we made the drive out and she was first class all the way. The facility that they have is top notch. We got our boy Copper from them and Kris has already given me invaluable advice on tips to train her Boykins for waterfowl and upland hunting. When we went and chose our pup he crawled into my arms and hugged me. 5 mins later Kris came out with a dead chukkar and it was go time. The 8week old pup went and grabbed the bird and brought it right back to us. We knew he was the one. If anyone has any doubts or any questions on who to buy a dog from, just call Kris. She will give you the most real and honest answers and it won’t take long for you to purchase one of their pups.
Submitted by: Andrew Chevalier on Oct 04, 2019
I called on every trainer in eastern Nebraska. Kris & Dale listened to what I was looking for and created a plan based on those discussions. While there are a lot of great outfits in our state. I felt they engaged in what I was looking for out of my pup vs a canned "this is what we provide and a price tag." My advice is to call them, talk about your goals for your pup and you will see a high level of service from a caring duo. Our pup came back with the same calm demeanor, which was important to us having small children. However they hit every mark we were looking to accomplish for the field and obedience. Even called me 2 weeks prior to our projected pickup date saying our dog has hit every goal and ready to come home. Then followed up a week after pick up to check on us and the transition. Kris made sure that I knew I could call anytime with questions or follow up processes if he develops a bad habbit this season. This dog works! Hits the field with high energy quartering well and nose to the ground. Very obedient on command or with the whistle. I am impressed & Reccomend calling Kris & Dale. they are all about positive training methods and truly have a love for what they do!
Submitted by: Larry Vrtiska on Oct 03, 2019
We recently got our Boykin Spaniel from Premier Gundogs and we couldn't be happier! Kris was very helpful throughout the whole process to make sure a Boykin Spaniel is what we were looking for. This puppy is so smart and loving and we are so glad that we chose Premier Gundogs and a Boykin Spaniel. We look forward to many years of hunting and a family companion with our pup. You will not be disappointed if you chose a Boykin Spaniel from Premier Gundogs.
Submitted by: TODD PLAGMAN on Dec 17, 2018
I sent my new lab down to Dale and Kris for upland and obedience training. Sonny was about 6 months old when he went down. All I can say is this is 1st class all the way around. Not only have they made a great hunting dog, we have a nice well behaved dog for the family to enjoy!!!!
Submitted by: Paul Schiavone on Nov 15, 2017
Submitted by: Kurt Midyett on Oct 08, 2017
Kris and Dale have been incredible people to work with. They are quite personable and yet very professional. Their facilities are outstanding. I have been to their training kennels on five separate occasions and the place is spotless. They do a great job caring for all the dogs. I purchased a Boykin pup from them in the Spring of 2017. Kris was extremely knowledgeable about the Boykins and kept me updated consistently until I came to pick out our pup. I brought him back for training in the August of 2017. He was only 5 months old but they did an wonderful job on his training. By the time I picked him up (only a month and a half later) he was already following whistle commands and able to perform marked and blind retrieves. They did a great job on his general obedience as well. This attention to detail really showed that they were spending quality time with the dog. I couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend contacting Premier Gundogs if you are looking for high quality upland or waterfowl training for your dog (regardless of breed). If you are looking for a Boykin pup they are raising some great ones with a lot of natural hunting drive. On top of that they are good people who really seem enjoy what they do.
Submitted by: Shawn VanZanten on Sep 12, 2017
I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Kris this evening, she answered everything I had questions about, we will be making a trip down this fall, and are now eagerly awaiting our new family member in 2017!!!! Impressed already and cant wait to meet them and see their dogs.
Submitted by: Jeff martinez on Mar 13, 2017
I got my pup in the spring of 2016. Prior to deciding on a Boykin, Kris took the time to make sure a Boykin was the right dog for my hunting style. I got a late start on training due to Heath issues in the family, but Kris was able to get us in for fall training. I was really impressed with the updates on Chino's training and had the opportunity to hunt him in the late season of pheasant. He's not quite a year old and handles a snow goose well. Kris continues to answer any questions I have on training and I'm looking forward to not only the duck and upland season but further training at premier gundogs this year.
Submitted by: Jim Firmes on Nov 22, 2015
Our female boykin spaniel was everything Kris said she would be and more! Kris was super helpful and her passion for these dogs was so evident. She went out of her way to make sure we got the dog we wanted. Our satisfaction was very important to Kris. She answered all of my questions and provided many good training tips. She called and checked in to make sure the pup's transition to our house went smoothly.

This dog is amazing. She retrieved her first duck at 6 mos. Her instinctual bird drive is something to see. Highly recommend Premier Kennel!
Submitted by: Dustin Smoot on Sep 21, 2015
We now have a 17 month old Boykin Male named Juno we purchased as a puppy from Kris and Dale Taylor. His parents are Mocha and Tote's who are on site. We have also had the puppy back twice for foundation and upland/waterfowl training. Several things:

1. Kris is extremely knowledgable about her Boykin's, their lines and the current lines out there to breed to. I found the information I got before placing a deposit invaluable.

2. We were looking for a good pet as well as an awesome hunting dog. That is what they breed for and delivered. The stock has all of its clearances for health and are triple registered.

3. The training experience has been second to none. They know how to get the best out of this breed. My dog was always extremely well cared for and accomplished far more than I thought possible both times he was there. Good, clean facilities and wonderful training grounds right there. My pup was trained on birds, birds and more birds.

4. I picked him up on Saturday and we hit the fields for his first live hunt ever on Sunday and limited on grouse and Hungarian partridge. He performed beautifully. Didnt lose a single bird and made some very good retrieves in tall grass.

5. Kris is always available for questions after the pup comes home. I have had a couple of things I have had questions on and she will usually get back to me the next day and let me know how to fix any issues I may be having with my own attempt at training.

6. I wont hesitate to drive the 700 miles to get all of my training and any future pups from Premier Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: Greg Dynek on Jan 13, 2013
Dale and Kris worked with my 1 year old wirehaired pointing griffon Fozzie on general obedience, gun, and e-collar training in the summer of 2012. As a first time dog owner, I was concerned about how to pursue hunting training until I was given several strong recommendations to check out Premier Gundogs by people I respected. Dale did a fine job of communicating what needed to be done, providing a realistic timeframe for training, executing on his promises and helping us to reinforce good habits going forward. I look forward to working with my now much easier to handle Fozzie in the field and at home for years to come. Thanks.
Submitted by: Brandy Gott on Dec 13, 2012
Kris and Dale have done a fantastic job of training Maggie, my English Cocker Spaniel! My first hunt with her was a dream. She responded well to the whitle commands and retrieved downed birds to hand like a pro! Not only that, but her manners have greatly improved as well. We also purchased a Boykin from them and we have no doubt she will be every bit the bird dog Maggie has become once her training begins in earnest. Thanks for helping me train a gundog I can be proud of!!
Submitted by: Mike Meridith on Dec 12, 2012
Dale and Kris had our 11 mo old yellow lab "Belle" for the summer. They did a great job working her on retrieving and obedience training. She left a crazy puppy and came back a disciplined hunting dog. She is also great with the kids and easy to handle. I'm looking forward to having her return and finish with hand signals and becoming a complete hunting dog.

I totally recommend their services as they have a great facility and you can tell they really care about your dog.
Submitted by: Jon Squier on Dec 12, 2012
I would like to make a strong recommendation to Dale & Kris Taylor at Premier Gundogs in Hallam, NE. I wanted a quality waterfowl dog. I spent up to a year trying to find the right breeder, the right sire, and the right dog. Once a I had my puppy, I knew I didn't have the knowledge to train him myself, but I still wanted to participate in the training. Dale and Kris Taylor at Premier Gundogs was recommended to me by my Vet, Dr. Megan Ehlers. Dale designed a training plan for me and my dog.

Dale has worked with my lab since he was a puppy. I couldn't be happier with the results. Jett is now 2 1/2 years old with two successful hunting seasons behind him. Dale has had a major impact on Jett as a family pet as well as in the field!
Submitted by: Mark Allen on Dec 12, 2012
We purchased a Boykin Spaniel in August from Dale & Kris Taylor and have been very impressed with them. They really know what they are doing with the dogs and the training. They are very serious about breeding and training smart healthy dogs. This is not a side job for them but rather their whole life and they do it right. I would highly recommend them for dog training or purchasing.
Submitted by: Bill Maddux on Dec 12, 2012
Throughout my life I have had the privilege of working with several dog trainers. Some great and some...well I'll just leave it at that. I've not only had some great waterfowls dogs in the past but I spent 8 years training and handling Police dogs. I've learned the hard way a few times working with trainers who were an "over night success" and who were more worried about putting out quantity rather than quality. So needless to say when I made the decision to have my Lab trained by a professional I was quite picky.

I can tell you when I met Dale Taylor at Premier Gundogs I was ultimately impressed right away. He was up front with me about exactly what he was going to, what I should expect and what the complete process was to turn my Lab into a machine. Dale has been training my dog now for about 8 months and the things he told me then still hold true today. The training he has done with my Lab so far is at a minimum, impressive. I will definitely continue to work with him in the future and recommend him as much as possible. I would say very few trainers could match his experience, talent and love for training dogs.
Submitted by: Chris Henrichs on Dec 11, 2012
I took my 5yr old Springer to Dale for E-collar training because he had a bad habit of chasing roosters down corn or millet rows and getting too far out. The training worked great. I had many compliments on how well Jesse did from my fellow hunters on my South Dakota trips. I only had to correct him a couple of times. I believe the training helped his confidence also. Jesse is a pretty soft dog but this year he would not let his retrieve get stolen by the other dogs in the group and one was a 140lb Chessy! The training was completed earlier than expected also. The training is tailored to the dog's personality and temperment. Thanks again, Dale and Kris!
Submitted by: charles bussman on Aug 20, 2012
Purchased a new Boykin puppy the first of Aug. What I like about them is that they are a dog training family, not a puppy mill. They had a selection of several breeds of dogs there and were on an extremely clean airconditioned facility. Located on a farm with ponds and fields for training. They are very concerned about the puppies care and health. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a good bird dog
Submitted by: Skip Jacobs on Aug 17, 2012
Dale and Kris are truly an exceptional pair of dog trainers. They are accommodating, affordable, and best of all passionate about what they do. When I chose to have my 2 English Springer Spaniels trained for upland hunting, I was concerned that they would be too old and set in their ways but Dale and Kris were able to turn 2 couch potatoes into versatile, agile, hunting companions. When it can time to have my Chessie trained for waterfowl hunting there was no question who I would choose. Not only do they produce great hunting dogs but their focus on obedience makes my dog both a pleasure in the field and at home. They have a great facility which is always clean and you can tell the dogs are well cared for. Highly recommend.
Submitted by: Rodney Watters on Aug 11, 2012
Dale and Kris worked with my 10 month old Chessapeke Bay Retreiver "Sage" for a little over a month and a half on gun training, obedience and water training. I've been told of all water dogs Chessies can be a little more difficult to train. Good breading in a dog is important, but without great training they will never be brought to their full potential.

This is exactly what Dale and Chris have done with Sage. She responds her commands on que and works the way she was trained. I'm looking forward to hunting season.
Submitted by: Kevin Hennecke on Jun 23, 2012
Dale and Kris trained my newest yellow lab, Hennecke's Hunting "Husker", in the summer of 2011. Husker has done fine for me hunting both waterfowl and upland birds this past fall and winter. I have been hunting since 1974 and I ran a guide service for 10 years here in Nebraska from 1998 to 2008 mostly for waterfowl. If I still ran a guide service today, this new lab would certainly be able to handle the workload. Dale and Kris have done an excellent job training "Husker", since my job doesn't allow me to work him much myself. I will be taking Husker to them in the future for more advanced training and will take future dogs to them when the time comes. Kevin Hennecke
Submitted by: Patrick Glunz on Jun 01, 2012
I got my black lab Webster from Lincoln Creek Labs last summer. Dale came highly recomended from them as well as from many others as I researched trainers.

My wife and I are very busy when school starts up so Webster went to stay with Dale for 7 or 8 weeks. While Webster had some basic obedience he has not seen a live pheasant or heard a real gun.

By the time Pheasant Season came Dale had oriented Webster to all gun fire and he was retrieving adult pheasants to the hand. The bonus that no one expected he had started pointing as Dale was working with him on live birds.

Dale allowed me to select the timeframe that I was able to afford and he allowed me to pick the specific things that I wanted Webster trained on.

Last phesant season I hoped my new pup Webster was not going to be a liability in the field and that he could just go along for the experience. As it turned out he was one of the top hunters in the bunch.

Hats off to Lincoln Creek Labs and Premier Gundogs!

Pat Glunz
Submitted by: Brett Balkenbusch on May 31, 2012
A year ago I purchased a finished Boykin Spaniel (Trixie) from Dale and Kris @ Premier Gundogs. Not possible for me to say enough good things about Trixie - she is absolutely the perfect blend of family dog and hunting dog. Trixie is a delightful girl, quite affectionate, well behaved, and a complete joy. In the field she is a pocket rocket who just doesn't stop hunting. She works within close range, races to downed birds, retrieves to hand. It is fun to watch her go, go , go. Dale and Kris did a masterful job training Trixie for sure.
Submitted by: Curt on May 29, 2012
Flame, our Golden Retriever was with Dale from Feb – Sep of last year while I was working out of state. We felt that Flame was in very good hands while we were away from home. During that time Dale covered the following areas in training with Flame.

Feb – Jul
1. Intro to Gunfire & Birds
2. Basic obedience
3. Force & Collar Fetch
4. Collar Conditioned
5. Singles (Land and Water)

Jul - Sep
1. Doubles (Land and water)
2. Steadiness
3. Diversion birds
4. Walk up
5. Force to Pile
6. Back to Pile

With the training and experience Flame received from Dale, we were able to take Flame to his AKC JH Title, going 5/5.
Submitted by: Tom Denham on May 18, 2012
We were introduced to Dale about two years ago. Our dog was the sire to 10 black lab puppies and I got the pick of the litter as a stud fee, so I asked Dale to take him and train him. Our older dog is a gentleman's dog, very quiet and calm. Tigger the pup was agressive as the largest male of the litter and I knew my wife would not accept him if he was too wild. Dale took Tigger last March and turned him into a hunting machine (upland and waterfowl) in a few months but also the dog became very calm and obedient. In addition, Dale taught my son and I some tips on how to handle dogs better while in the field hunting. I have referred other owners of Tigger's litter to Dale and all have told me they are very pleased. Dale is a man of integrity and I refer friends and clients to him whenever the opportunity arises. Tom Denham
Submitted by: Pete Siegling on May 10, 2012
Dale and Kris are amazing! I've taken my dog Max to them for the last year or so and have been extremely happy with the results. He has done all the force fetch work with Max, and we just got done with his blind retrieve work as well. Being someone with ZERO experience training dogs or handling them, Dale has been a blessing. He treats the dogs and trainers with respect, teaches how to handle, knows that most dogs will be pets and hunting dogs, and trains accordingly. All the dogs out there keep their spunk and love for the retrieve, and Dale is a perfectionist and trains your dog as if he/she would or will be running the highest level of AKC or HRC tests. I can't wait to keep working with Max myself and taking him back to Dale for the things I don't have the time or expertise to do myself. Thanks Dale!
Submitted by: Jim Daubert on May 10, 2012
My 6 month yellow lab named Rio has become quite the hunter! He is now almost one and has began water retrieval and is amazing! Rio has also been treated very well by Dale and enjoys his time in training. I like the way Dale works with Rio and I to reinforce what he has learned. The facilities are great and Rio is treated to heart guard and tic control which makes staying with other dogs healthy experience. Try it you will enjoy your pet more!
Submitted by: Craig Draucker on Apr 04, 2012
Dale thanks for all your help with Yote and Badger. Much better after you worked with them. I hope to get Badger back to you if possible. Have a blessed Easter Holiday.
Submitted by: Eric on Mar 17, 2012
Dale was of great assistance in training my Black Lab "Duke." Not only was he an excellent trainer but he understood how hard it was for my wife to let our little puppy go and did everything in his power to make her feel comfortable with the situation. Duke was sent to him with some basics but Dale really brought out his potential and I would definitly recommend his services to anyone else. None of my hunting buddies could believe the hunting performance from a 9 month old lab and Dukes success in the field is a direct reflection on the excellent training Dale provided.
Submitted by: William B Fann on Mar 15, 2012
We took our Black Lab puppy, Spot, to Dale for an introductory lesson. We also took along, for the ride, our 1.5 year old English Cream Golden Retriever, Tasha, without any thought that she could be trained to hunt. She was originally purchased, as a pet; especially for my wife.

Much to my surprise, Dale indicated Tasha would do well as a bird dog. Tasha was not a Golden that liked to retrieve, playing in our back yard. So then, thinking that Tasha would not be a good hunter, I was greatly surprised that after only six weeks, Tasha completed training and exceeded my wildest expectations.

Dales training was superb; she is much more birdy than I thought and is 100% on retrievals.

As my wife's pet, Dale was very sensitive to her separation anxiety and scheduled Tasha's training in order to give Tasha a little time at home for my wifes sake.

He was also able to demonstrate to my wife that Tasha's time away from home was actually a very fun experience for Tasha.

It was also clear to us that Tasha loved Dale. It relieved my fear that Tasha's training would be too clinical and ruin her as a pet.

Another surprise for me was the highly effective ability Dale has to articulate training concepts through analogies of every day life experiences.

Now Spot: being hard headed, Dale has completed obedience training and Spot is ready to get in the water. I have never owned trained hunting dogs. I have hunted with numerous Labs in the past, both on the water and in the field. Spot's training is far superior to any of those Labs.

In short, Dale is the complete package when it comes to the skills for training hunting dogs and their owners.
Submitted by: Barry Hand on Mar 04, 2012
I heard about Dale and Kris from Justin over at Lincoln Creek Labs.

I took my dog in to Dale to train my lab(Jack) to be primarily an upland dog but still have the abilities for waterfowl. After training with Dale/Kris for only a few months I am more than amazed at my dogs ability. Just yesterday, we took him up to Oak Creek and the barely one year old pup went 10 for 10 on chukkars and pheasants! Our poor shooting would put some wounded birds out at 100 yards and Jack would tirelessly find them, bring them back to heel, and continue to hold until I said the release command.

My friends were amazed at Jack's training and it's obvious that I am too. I wouldn't hesitate to send another dog to Premier Gundogs.
Submitted by: john himmelsehr on Feb 25, 2012
I first heard of Dale and Kris from a lady in Omaha Neb. Having a new Golden Retriever pup that I planed on hunting over and that he was not one that I could control I got a hold of Dale and he set up a time for me to bring him out .I left Fletcher out at the kennel for about 90 days and was pleased with the results of their training not only does he hunt well he is under control so I would not be afraid of leaving any Dog with them as they take care with them and let the dog dictate how they want to learn. Makes for a better dog and family pet.
Submitted by: Chris Reha on Feb 22, 2012
Dale and Kris trained my lab for upland hunting this past summer. I couldn't be more pleased in the training. But most of all was that they treated my Bella like she was their own puppy. They also were very good at training me along with the dog. The dog owner puts a lot of trust in trainers when they drop their dogs off and I have no reservation with trusting Dale and Kris with the training of my pup or any future dog.
Submitted by: Mike Larson on Feb 15, 2012
I purchased my pup from Lincoln Creek Kennel in Nov. 2010. His name is Deak, a very nice chocolate lab. I highly recommend Lincoln Creek Kennel. He is now 1 year 5 months old and has one year of waterfowl hunting under his belt.

Last spring, after looking over the paper work that the kennel had sent with me about Premier Gundogs Training Kennel, I gave Dale a call.

Dale, has done everything he said he would, and Deak is doing great. Dale setup a program that fit my summer schedule. Because I lived about 2 hours away and was coming to his area on days when my son was playing baseball, Dale made it easy for me not to have to make any extra trips. Deak will be going back this summer to do his advanced waterfowl training.

One thing I want to mention is how Dale took the time to show my son how to control Deak as well as myself. He made sure my son was comfortable with everything before we left. That extra time was something he didn't have to do, but it sure made my son feel like he was a part of his training also.
Submitted by: Todd and Holly Schneidewind on Feb 13, 2012
Kris and Dale are fabulous. We had done some homework trying to find a trainer for our Griffon. A friend recommended Premier Gundogs to us. After several visits at their training facility, Snickers is a great dog to hunt with and well mannered. The last hunt she went on resulted in 9 points. She is still young and learning but we are so glad that we had Kris to help with lots of advise and guidance. Thanks a ton and would recommend you guys to anyone!
Submitted by: Riley Sandall on Feb 13, 2012
A great hunting dog becomes your best friend pretty quickly. It makes sense then to take your dog to the best. That's why I use Premier Gundogs. When I first got my chocolate lab puppy I had no intentions of running hunt tests or doing anything other than hunting in the fall and having a companion the other months of the year. Through a friend I learned of hunt tests and how Dale and Kris at Premier Gundogs could really turn my dog into more than a hunter. They have been extremely helpful and I have not regretted having my dog professionally trained by them at all. Unlike other trainers who insist they run the dog in hunt tests, Dale invites me to his house to train with my dog. They teach me as much as they do my dog in these sessions. I've heard stories of other trainers and how unhappy the dog's owners have been. I can honestly say I will take every dog I own to Dale and Kris and I know I will never regret it. I was amazed at how much my dog has learned in such a short time. Between teaching my dog, teaching fundementals to me, and their great communication, Dale and Kris really do have the equation for success. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me and my dog.
Submitted by: Skip Jacobs on Feb 13, 2012
We took our English Springers who I thought were past the point of being gun dogs due to their age (3 and 5). However 3 months later they are pheasant hunting machines. Kris and Dale are a pleasure to work with and take their jobs very seriously and take very good care of your animals. I would highly recommend them and I hope they have the availability this summer to train my new Chessie.
Submitted by: Eric Boettcher on Feb 13, 2012
At the end of 2010 my wife gave me the go ahead to get a 2nd dog. I knew it was going to be another Lab and this one was going to be my first gun dog. I had the breeder narrowed down to three and was still looking for trainers. While trying to narrow down which breeder I was going to go with I decided to call a couple of the trainers that I was looking at to see if they trained any dogs from these breeders.

I was surprised when I found out Dale and Kris had trained dogs from all the breeders I was looking at and they gave me their honest opinion about each breeder and the dogs they produced. It didn't take me long to narrow it down to Lincoln Creek Labs.

July of last year, when Jäger was 4 months old, I sent him to Dale for foundation training. After 3 weeks of working with him they had me pick him up. Dale gave me a little instruction on how to work and handle him and sent me home. He could have easily kept my dog longer but saved me some money by having me finish up Jäger's foundation work at home.

At the beginning of September I sent Jäger back to Dale and Kris for his formal training. I mainly wanted them to focus on upland hunting and force fetch and was hoping to have him back by Thanksgiving. They didn't want to commit to that short of time frame with the forced fetch, but said they would see what they could do and told me it would most likely be December before he would be ready to go home. Jäger blew them away and was eager to learn and had a strong drive.

I went to pick up Jäger on November 11th, the day before the season opener. When I arrived, Kris and Dale were standing there to great me. Dale was excited to show me Jäger at work, and we spent about an hour in the field with Dale teaching me how to work my dog. I was pleasantly surprised with all that he accomplished while at Premier Gundogs.

He flushed 37 birds and retrieved 26 to hand this season. Not to bad for being 10 months old.

This summer I'll be sending Jäger back to Premier Gundogs for a couple of months so that Dale can do some waterfowl work with him.
Submitted by: Bill Teten on Nov 04, 2011
I took Grady, a French Brittany, to Dale and Kris when he was a week short of 6 months. The first week did not go as planned and Kris sent me a note to let me know the situation. Her advice was to sit tight and see what happens. The next week she said it was as if someone flipped the switch. Away we went, they spent about 2.5 months working Grady and the progress was amazing. I brought him home and he was working to the whistle and holding the point until you would step in. I can't say enough good things about Dale and Kris and their philosophy on training. I believe they brought out the best in Grady and for an eight month old pup he is retrieving to hand and all I can expect from an 8 month old pup. Four points today and three solid retrieves to hand, worked to the whistle and did everything just like a real hunting dog. If you are looking for a gundog training kennel you can't find a better on than Premier Gundogs. Thanks Dale and Kris, especially Kris since she did all the work.
Submitted by: Zac Holoch on Oct 19, 2011
I was recommended to Premier Gundogs after I purchased my yellow lab from Lincoln Creek Labs. I knew she was a good dog, but she just needed some training. After having Dale work with Lulu for 8 weeks, I was very pleased at how obedient and well mannered she had become. Dale personalized her training based on what I wanted him to do with her which was very much appreciated. Dale and Kris treated Lulu as if she were one of their own. I would highly recommend Premier Gundogs for anyone that wants to have a well trained dog in the field or in the house.
Submitted by: Jon Squier on May 27, 2011
I wanted a "once in a lifetime" hunting dog. I did many hours of research, made phone calls and checked references on a breeder. Once I had the dog, I put the same amount of effort into finding the best trainer I could find. Dale & Kris Taylor at Premier Gundogs and Training Kennel was highly recommended by vets, avid hunters,hunt trial competitors, and breeders. I didn't have a lot of experience with hunting dogs so Dale has taken me on as a student as much as he has my dog. When I first took him into Dale, the dog was like a "kite on a string." A dog with great drive and talent, but a dominant male and hard headed. At his first birthday, and time at Premier Gundogs, I have a dog that is what I had dreamed of when I set out on this adventure. He is good at home and now possesses the discipline and obedience to go along with his talent and drive in the field. I am very appreciative of Dale's talent. He is a true professional and I would recommend him to absolutely anybody with the dream of a great hunting companion.
Submitted by: Adam Letheby on Apr 22, 2011
I highly recommend working with Dale and Kris Taylor at Premier Gun Dogs. They have worked with our now 1 year old yellow lab on obedience and retriever training and have not only done an excellent job with her, but more importantly, they have taught us the things that we need to be doing with her on a consistent basis at home to be successful. Having Dale and Kris train our dog to be obedient in the home and a great retriever in the field is one thing but to go above and beyond with their service and advice to actually show us the things we need to be doing, reached far beyond our expectations. That level of personalized service and attention is why we highly recommend Dale and Kris Taylor to our friends and family and will continue to take our dogs to Premier Gun Dogs for many years into the future.
Submitted by: Eric Sigg on Mar 22, 2011
I first learned of Dale and Kris through a dog that I hunted with on a pheasant hunt in North Central Kansas. One of the best dogs I had ever hunted with, the owner spoke very highly of Kris and Dale and I wrote down the name of the trainer and put it in my pocket, and kept the name. A few months later I was visiting with a friend and were talking about finding a good dog trainer and he remarked about a dog he had hunted with from a trainer in Hallam NE, that rang a bell with me and realized it was the same trainer that had trained the first dog I knew of. After talking with Kris, I knew I had found the right trainer.

Fast forward a year later, and my Visla has gotten a great start. Dale and Kris were able to correct a few bad habits I had started with Rudi, and also gave her an excellent foundation. The facility is great, the people are better, and we couldn't be happier with Rudi than we are now. We have more work to do with Dale and Kris, but I am confident that with their help Rudi will reach her full potential!
Submitted by: Lisa Roth on Mar 18, 2011
My husband, Brad and I decided we wanted a Lab for a family pet. We wanted a dog of substance to play with our young kids, go hiking, camping, and have the option to hunt. We were referred to the Taylor's to help find the right dog and have it trained.

We purchased our female, yellow lab, "Buckles" from Lincoln Creek Labs, as we were referred to them by the Taylors. First of all, what a great referral. She is very smart, beautiful and healthy. Secondly, we knew we wanted her trained by the Taylors so I got in touch with Dale and we set it up to take her out at about 6 months."60 DAYS LATER.....WOW!!!!" Buckles worked with Dale's wife Kris for her basic obedience and collar training. Primarily done in 60 days with the exception of a few follow-ups to have her fine tuned.

Buckles left acting like a holy terror, eating furniture, the fireplace, and lamps, sitting on the kitchen table, chasing the 20 pound cat into hiding, pulling everything she could reach off the counter, etc. I think you are getting the picture. Buckles came home a very well mannered young lady. Our neighbors were drawn to her as were friends and family who stopped over. It is hard to ignore her soft brown eyes patiently waiting for attention, and the next command. She wants to please and learns very quickly, though very strong willed.

I am very grateful to Kris and what she did for Buckles. I watched Kris work and it was like second nature for her. Kris taught me how to be a pack leader and stop humanizing Buckles as she was very confused by this. It was hard at first to wrap my head around but after watching Kris work her and how Buckles followed her around and gazed at her so lovingly I quickly figured out that I wanted the relationship with her that Kris did. Kris worked with me a lot and talked me through many different scenarios with Buckles and has been available for questions even after Buckles has come home. I am helping my husband and kids learn the commands and be pack leaders. It's especially nice to stand on the porch, blow a whistle and see her come running up on the deck, sliding in and sitting at attention.

I would NEVER trust my dog anywhere but with Dale and Kris Taylor. Their kennel is immaculate, warm on cold days and cool on hot days, and don't think for a minute with all of the structure of training there is not a lot of love. Buckles received my many hugs, kisses and lots of praise. You would have to love dogs a great deal to get the results the Taylors do.
Submitted by: Neal Hinton on Jan 29, 2011
I first met Dale and Kris Taylor on a bird hunt in '06 and was very impressed with the quality of the dogs they had trained;especially one english setter that a trainer I met some three years later told me that "that setter is the best gun dog I have ever seen." I later aquired a pup sired by this dog. This past season in South Dakota was my pups first season and after having her with another trainer for some time,I decided she needed another course in continuing education,Taylor style. I met with Dale and Kris and discussed a plan in which to bring the pup around to be on her way to being a gun dog. A very enthusiastic program in a very short time. They got the job done! I returned to see a young pup well on her way to being a close range foot hunting dog that points,holds,and retreives to hand and is easy to control by whistle and arm signals.I am very well satisfied with the training program that Dale and Kris have and the way it is applied to the individual dog.
The Taylors have developed an outstanding kennel and are very nice sincere people. The kennel is absolutely top notch and without a doubt the cleanest and most sanitary kennel operation I personally have ever seen.
This past week my pup found her first wild Georgia quail covey and handeled them like a pro.
Submitted by: Ginny and Allen Overcash on Jan 25, 2011
We recommend Premier Gundogs Training Kennel!
A friend suggested we contact Dale Taylor about obedience training for our Labrador retriever puppy. Although we had taken our dog to three series of obedience classes and practiced with him, he was not an obedient pet.
After his initial training period with Kris our dog was so well behaved that we thought we had brought the wrong Lab home. Our dog had learned to follow commands.
Dale and Kris Taylor developed our puppy into the dog we wanted. They taught our dog to obey and retrieve, and they taught us how to work with our dog. Now, he is an affectionate, obedient companion and a good hunting dog.
Ginny and Allen Overcash
Submitted by: gordon stutzman on Jan 22, 2011
I was looking for someone to work with our chocolate lab pup when Premeier Gundogs ad seemed to jump off the page of Nebraskaland magazine. After going to their website I was very impressed and knew that I should give them a call. When Dale returned my call, he asked what I was looking for in my dog, what kind of hunting I would be doing and several other things that I really hadn't thought about. He then invited me to come and visit his facilities, which I did. Dale then explained how and what they would do to get the results that we were looking to achieve with our 6 month old Sophie. I took her down the following week to get started, Dale told me that he would keep in touch which he did either with an email or phone call. I remember one of the first calls when he told me that Sophie was "soft natured" and I said oh great, now what? Dale assured me that it wasn't anything to worry about but that we just couldn't hurry her. Needless to say everything worked out very well. I know that it is all in the way Dale and Kris handle each dog and owner as individuals.Dale invited me to come and watch them work with her and also told or should I say train me also how to handle her. The day I went to pick her up my son went along and Dale showed both of us how to work with her and he also shot a few birds with her. My son couldn't believe it was the same dog. I would highly recommend Dale and Kris to anyone looking to do any training either upland or waterfowl. They are very honest and sincere people and will not keep your dog any longer that is necessary to get the results you want.
Submitted by: Randy Barrows on Oct 19, 2010
We took our Chocolate Lab to Dale when she was 6 months old for waterfowl training. We wanted her trained to hunt out of a boat and off of a stand. Dale worked with us and the dog to achieve the exact goals we wanted. We are very pleased with the results and excited to have her home. Our new member of the family is very obedient and has a tremendous desire to hunt. We couldn't be happier with Dale and Kris!! We recommend them to everyone. Thank you Guys!!
Submitted by: Jim & Karla on Oct 14, 2010
We met Kris & Dale after we were told that our 7 mo. old chocolate lab was never going to be a hunting dog and would only be a pet by a local breeder/"trainer" in our area. Took Cooper to them and within 5 minutes he was busy looking for the pheasants they had planted in the brush. They knew within 5 minutes that our lab had great potential. They have had Cooper for 3 months and he has learned so much! They have a passion for the dogs and really care about them. I trust them with Cooper and feel very fortunate that we heard about them. Best trainers around!
Submitted by: Craig Bair on Oct 13, 2010
Dale and Kris did a great job with our Lab. He was just under a year old, and had been at another trainer for four months, it was a bad experience. Dale took care of Pete..he is now very obedient, loves the hunt, but is still very affectionate, and is a good house dog. We can't say enough good things about Premier!! Thanks Dale & Kris!!
Submitted by: Mark Van Zee on Sep 02, 2010
I first met Dale at an HRC hunt test. I initially brought my dog to him with the intent of only having him force fetch her. He did so well with that I decided “well let’s see what he can accomplish if I just give him some time” – I have not been disappointed! My dog is about to come home for hunting season and I can’t wait to take her out and show her off to my hunting buddies!

One thing I feel sets Dale and Chris apart from other trainers is their willingness to work with each owner/dog to accomplish goals that they want. Dale has helped me prepare for both HRC & AKC hunt tests and now with my dog’s SHR title and two passes towards Junior Hunter, he has now turned his attention towards “gun dog work” (ground force blinds, ruff stands, duck boats ect.) as we get ready for hunting season. And that’s what Dale does – he tailors his training to produce whatever kind of companion YOU want.

The last important thing I would like to point out is that I had a fear of taking my dog to a pro trainer because I’ve heard many stories of trainers that want you to drop your dog off and then pick it up when its done. I’d heard about trainers who don’t want you to take your own dog hunting while its in training! This is not the case with Dale & Chris! Dale constantly invites me to come down after work or on a Saturday to train with Sam – and that’s exactly what he’s doing training BOTH of us. Dale encourages you to come and work your dog, take it to hunt tests, take the dog hunting. If you bring a dog to Dale you will still be as involved in your dog’s training as you want to be. You will not be told “drop him off and I’ll call you when he’s done”.

I just can’t say enough. Heck, Dale has even taken time on several occasions to help this lifelong pheasant hunter learn how to blow duck & goose calls as I get ready for a big season of waterfowling … with my new well rounded gun dog, why wouldn’t I hunt both?

Mark – Lincoln, NE
Submitted by: Roger Shelley on Apr 04, 2010
Many thanks to Kris & Dale. After coming up 2 braces short last fall on Doc's Master Hunter title; I sent Doc (GSP) to Premier Gundogs Training Kennel for touch up work before this springs trails began. What excellent work they do. Doc is now a Master Hunter and I can't recommend anyone else for training if your looking for the best. Once again thanks to Premier Gundogs for their excellent work.
Submitted by: Ryan L. Weeks on Feb 28, 2010
I bought Coal from Dale at 6-7 months of age. Took him to South Dakota at that age only a week after receiving him and he outworked most of the shorthairs and wirehairs on our hunt. He is just exactly what Dale told me he would be. A 57 pound black lab that will hunt all day and be a great family dog. He is a great house dog and lets our kids crawl all over him and give him love all day, but when i punch the numbers on the gun safe he is ready to go.

I would reccomend Dale to anyone for a good gun dog. He is a great trainer and very honest.
Submitted by: Michael Hudkins on Feb 28, 2010
I met Dale Taylor approximately 2 years ago. Since then, we’ve both trained, and run in numerous hunt tests. Dale is great with dogs, but even more is his interaction with the animal’s owners. He has a true desire to get the most out of his client’s dog, while at the same time showing the dog’s owner how to be the best he/she can be working with the dog.

I lost my companion this past summer, but I have a new dog coming. I bet you can guess where I’m getting him from.

That’s right, Dale.

Michael Hudkins
Submitted by: David Crockett on Feb 27, 2010
Afer much fact finding i choose Premier Gundogs as my choice to provide training for my 6 month old Llewellin Stetter Pete. I could go on and on about my experiences with Chris and Dale, however theres not enough time or words to express my thanks for the job well done. Pete came home in August and by Sept. he was performing like a seasoned setter, not an 8 month old. over the past 2 1/2 yrs, and without stretching the truth Pete pointed and retrieved over 1800 birds without EVER breaking point or failing to retreive, he did hesitate to retrieve a Woodcock however in the end made the retreive. I plan to return this summer to Premier with a new Llewellin Stetter for Chris and Dale to work the magic one more time. Dont wait call Dale now.
Submitted by: Chad LaGrange on Feb 25, 2010
I learned of Dale and Kris at a HRC/UKC hunt test. I watched a lab drive hard to a retrieve then return hard to heel and hold for several seconds before releasing on command. I immediately asked the handler who trained the dog and it was Dale and Kris. When it came time for my 11mo old yellow lab to be force fetched I knew exactly who to call. Dale went over the process and wanted to understand my goals prior to training. He put me at ease about the process and the expected result and catered to my needs. After about 10weeks, she is doing great. Goes hard and delivers to hand. She is also a better house dog now due to much improved obedience and my wife can now control her completely. I will likely use him more in the future to help prepare for hunt tests and more advanced training.
Submitted by: Dave Eilers on Feb 21, 2010
I recommend Premier Gundogs Training Kennels to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, quality breeder and trainer. I met the Taylors over 7 years ago after I had an unfortunate experience where I purchased a "trained" hunting dog that turned out to be gun shy. I ended up speaking with a local dog trainer that directed me to the Taylors. I called and talked with Kris about my situation. She was up front and honest with me in what they could do and then gave me her suggestions. This started a relationship that has grown over the years. I have since had the pleasure of hunting with and around a variety of breeds that the Taylors have trained. I can honestly say that each of them has been exactly what a person would want in a hunting companion. The dogs listen well and do a great job in the field. I have learned a lot from these hunting experiences with Dale from how a dog hunts, to how to help him hunt better and be more enjoyable to the handler. Kris and Dale give you instructions from the puppy stage all through the different stages of training. I have personally owned 5 dogs that Dale and Kris have trained and couldn't be happier with them.
Submitted by: Fred McLouth on Feb 18, 2010
I have known Dale and Chris Taylor for over 3 years now. I discovered them when searching for a quality dog trainer after acquiring my Small Munsterlander puppy in June 2006. After considerable research I chose Dale and Kris because of their dedication to the trade of training bird dogs. I am very pleased with that decision and would highly recommend Premier Gundogs to anyone wanting to develop their dog in to a solid hunter. Dale took Payton from foundation training through the natural ability test. Payton is what I would call a "soft" dog when it comes to discipline and Dale was quick to recognize her individual traits . I have continued to have Dale work with her as the need has developed . We live over an hour away from their location and I prefer to kennel Payton with Dale and Kris when traveling because of the trust that I have in them taking good care of her.
Submitted by: Dan Sullivan on Feb 11, 2010
My wife and I found Premier Gundogs Kennel online. I was searching and found their website and sent an email. We were a little concerned at first because it was a 45 minute drive from our house and we literally passed 3-4 other Kennels. However, if I had to make the decision now, I would take our Chocolate Lab (Palmer) to Dale and Kris even if we had to drive 3 hours each way.
The experience has been great. After the 1st month of training, we literally thought we had a different dog. My wife was much more concerned about obedience training and teaching him to be a great family dog than a great hunting dog. And she was enthused to hear when we dropped him off initially, that in order for Palmer to be trained to hunt, he will have to be the most obedient dog possible. And that's what we now have.
Dale and Kris did great work. They worked with his personality and trained him accordingly. We have now fallen in love with our dog so much more!
They also have a beautiful and clean place for training and lodging all the dogs.
And the best thing for us was that Dale and Kris are honest and trustworthy. They are Godly people whose word you can trust!
Submitted by: rexamack on Feb 11, 2010
Dale and Kris Taylor of Premier Gundog Kennels did an outstanding job training our 18 month old German Shorthaired Pointer, Becker. They are extemely attentive to his needs for future development. We fully attribute Becker's work ethic in the field,response to commands and pointing and retrieving skills to the quality training he received. We highly recommend Premier
Gundog Kennels.
Submitted by: Travis Shirley on Feb 09, 2010
Dale and Kris are two of the best people in the dog business today. I have bought 3 dogs from them and every dog has been exactly as advertised. They go out of their way to make sure you are completely satisfied. They run a first class operation that makes you feel like part of the family. I will not hesitate to use Premier Gundogs again in the future.
Submitted by: Kathy Gross on Feb 09, 2010
Living in Georgia, we searched out several facilities in the Midwest to give our English Setter a tune-up before our annual trip to South Dakota. We were looking for this 3 year old to move up to the next level, hunting similar fields that he’d find in South Dakota. Dale spent time on the phone to learn our goals before we made our decision. Upon arrival, every dog in the kennel felt compelled to greet us with enthusiastic barking...and with a one-word command, Dale brought them all to silence. (Now that's training!) Both Dale and Kris are experts. They take into consideration the needs of both the owner and the dog, recognizing that no 2 dogs (or owners) are alike. The kennels are immaculate and it’s clear they take great pride in what they do. Red's performance in SD exceeded our expectations. Today, he’s back in Georgia, and a quail hunting machine. And recently, placed 6th out of 32 dogs in his first Field Trial. I would recommend Premier Gundog Training Kennel to anyone looking to insure their training investment delivers results!
Submitted by: Jason Lange on Feb 09, 2010
Dale and Kris did an excellent job with Belle. They quickly transformed Belle from a young playful dog into a hunting dog. Not only did they work with her build up her desire to hunt the also gave her discipline. She is now a retrieving machine. I would highly recommend Dale and Kris.
Submitted by: Robbie Henderson on Feb 09, 2010
I met Dale & Kris Taylor more than 5 years ago. Since then the Taylors have trained 2 retrievers for me and I couldn't be more satisfied.
Dale and Kris have a passion for hunting and dogs and it shows in their training performance.
Not only will you get a great hunting dog, you'll get 2 great friends as a bonus!
Submitted by: Jason Smith on Feb 09, 2010
Dale and his wife are great breeders and trainers. They really take a lot of care in training and caring for the dogs. I have hunted with a few of the dogs trained by Dale and his wife and they all have been excellently disciplined.
Submitted by: Roger Shelley on Feb 09, 2010
When I bought my Greman Shorthair and researched into getting him trained I wasn't sure where to go. After talking to several gun dog owners and looking on the internet I found Premier Gundogs Training Kennel. Now after having Dale & Chris work with Doc, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The amount of time and work both Dale & Chris put into your dog is truely under estimated. The transformation of Doc from a puppy to now a Master Hunter is unbelieveable. I now have a hunting dog that all my friends want to hunt with,not because Doc is a good hunter, but the way he works, handles and controls himself in the field. My brother is now sending his Shorthair from Maryland back to Premier Gundogs Training Kennel, and you should to.
Submitted by: Hunter Shelley on Feb 09, 2010
Two years ago, I had the pleasure of hunting behind my brother's puppy, Doc. I knew immediately he had a very special dog and one that would do extremely well in AKC Hunt Tests, if he was placed with the right trainer. Roger found Dale and Kris Taylor at Premier Gundogs and they have done an exceptional job with Doc. In fact, in less than 16 months, Doc needs two qualified scores to complete his Master Hunter title thanks to the efforts of Dale and Kris.

While I was not able to hunt behind Doc this year, Roger has kept me updated on their successful hunts. He now understands why I insisted he find a qualified and personal trainer. The joy I have heard in his voice made my hunting season.

Thank you Dale and Kris! I plan to send my 16-month old GSP your way in the very near future.
Submitted by: David-Julie Bohm on Feb 09, 2010
I first met Dale and Kris almost five years ago now. We bought a puppy from them and over a period of 15 months Pearl spent a couple of months working with Kris and Dale. With their help Pearl received a perfect score in her first NAVHDA event and quickly breezed thru her AKC Junior hunt test. We have had two litters of puppies using Taylors stud dogs. We have seen first hand everything the Taylors and their kennel can offer. They do not sugar coat things and you always know where you and your dog stand.
Dale and Kris keep are super trainers and I would recommend them as your number one choice in training kennels.

David-Julie Bohm
Submitted by: william fruhwirth on Feb 09, 2010
There was a great article in the paper about premier gun dogs and I liked what I read. So I called and Dale and Chris trained my small munsterlander for me. I was impresed buy the way they worked with the tallent of the dog and didnt try to break him down and rebuild him. My dog Herman has turned out to be a special hunting buddy in the 4 yaers we have been out he has lost only 1 bird. I bought another Munster lander and they trained her aswell with great results. Both of these dogs are family members and great hunters I credit alot of this to the way they were trained buy Premier. I would not hesatate to tell any one to go there and I have many times allready.
Submitted by: Steve Nolen on Feb 09, 2010
I live in Oklahoma but was willing to make the 7 hour drive to Nebraska (a number of times) to have my British lab pup trained by Dale and Kris Taylor of Premier Gundogs. Here is why: Dale was the first trainer of many that I called that first asked me what my needs / goals were for my dog as opposed to immediately telling me what I needed. He really tried to understand my particular needs and then explained to me how we could get there. In addition, he was one of the few trainers that I contacted that had an emphasis and explanation on training an upland retriever -- which was one of my main goals. After an entire year of hunting with Gabby, I am completely satisfied with the training she received. She is well-behaved at home, obedient in the field, and is trained to the level consistent with my goals. I could not be more satisfied. Retriever owners in our local HRC club with much more experience than I have were most complimentary of her training and she had no trouble passing HRC started tests with no prior experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Kris and Dale to anyone wanting a well-trained retriever and I look forward to many years afield with my well-trained hunting partner.
Submitted by: Dar Andrews on Feb 09, 2010
Dale and Kris run a very clean and productive training facility. The 'conditioning' work that they did for my chocolate lab, Gunner, was excellent. Likewise, even though he was a 6 year old dog, after his 30 day stay, I found that his obedience was 'tuned-up', as well. I would definitely recommend their facility and their work as retreiver training professionals.
Submitted by: Jeff Bishop on Feb 09, 2010
In the summer of 2009 I started a search for a new shorthair to replace the 14 year old shorthair that I had to put down earlier in the year. I knew that I wanted a quality bred dog that was at least started on training. I contacted multiple breeders and I looked at multiple dogs.

When I contacted Premiere Gun Dogs Dale Taylor took the time to find out about me and what I was looking for and to he wanted to make sure I found the right fit. We talked on the phone and by the time I went to visit Dale I felt that I had known him for many years.

He had a Dog named Zane that he wanted me to look at because he felt it would be a good fit for me. I went and looked at Zane and he was everything that Dale said he was. He is a fully trained German Shorthaired Pointer that is steady on point, loves to retrieve, is always obedient, calm and good natured which makes him very pleasant to be around and these qualities make him the best Dog that I have ever seen.

Dale was completely honest and up front with me and he did not push the sale, he wanted the owner and the Dog to be a good fit. I am very satisfied and I recommend that if you are looking for or dog, you should talk to Dale and see if he can help you get what you are looking for. I am confidant that any Dog that Dale breeds or trains will be a well trained hunting companion.
Submitted by: George Formanack on Feb 09, 2010
I have known Dale and Kris Taylor for 10+ years and have done me a superb job. I have purchased a finished dog and a puppy that they trained. I can't be more satisfied with Dale and Kris training style and knowledge of dog training. They know how to work all types of dogs to get the best out of them. Dogs that are trained by Premier Gundog do what they say they will do and are very accomodating trainers that will go out of there way to get the job done right. You will not be disappointed. I would give them a 5 star rating.
Submitted by: Ken & Lana Rosburg on Feb 09, 2010
Being our first puppy, my husband and I took choosing a trainer for our new labrador very serious. After many recommendations from family and friends, we decide to go with Dale Taylor and could not have been happier with the results. Whether your looking for hunting or obedience training, you won't be disappointed with the Taylors.
Submitted by: Steve Culhane on Dec 31, 2009
Kudos to Dale Taylor in doing an excellent job in training my ll month old Lab pup. Dale has done a wonderful job in training Sammie for upland game hunting and an even more difficult task, in obedience training so she is now a great house dog. This is the third dog I have had trained, all by different trainers. Premier Gundogs is the best I have experienced.
Submitted by: Mark Harstick on Dec 26, 2009
I first learned about Premier Gundogs about 2 years ago. I purchased a puppy from them in 2007.Hannah was then trained by Kris Taylor in the spring and fall of 2008. She is a very good hunting dog. Dale and Kris do a fine job of keeping in contact with us. If we have any questions, they are more than willing to answer them.I would tell anybody that they should get a puppy from them. Hannah is a favorite of our grandkids. They are very good around children. We appreciated all they have done for us.
Submitted by: Keith Mitchell on Dec 23, 2009
Dale and Kris Taylor of Premier Gundog Kennels were recommended to me by some hunting buddies. I was experiencing some difficulties with my 14 month old Lab, Belle. She loved to hunt and retrieve, but wanted to drop dummies in front of me and with a wild bird, she wanted to play a bit and not release it properly.

I was surprised upon meeting Dale and Kris to learn they had worked with 5 of Belle’s siblings. Dale and Kris did a fine job with Belle and hunting with her is now a real joy. This fall, Belle has been to South Dakota twice and Kansas several times pheasant hunting. Belle’s retrieving and delivery is now sound and it is nice to hunt with an obedient dog. Dale has also been very helpful to me in correcting some handling mistakes I made. Did I mention that he is gentle but firm in his dog training? Well he is also gentle with owner corrections.

I highly recommend the Taylors and Premier Gundog Kennels.

Keith Mitchell, Lincoln, Nebraska
Submitted by: Sam Minor on Dec 22, 2009
Dale and Kris run a 1st class training kennel. Their training program and facilities are excellent. You will always know how your dog is progressing and what you can expect out of your dog. They are always there to answer any questions you may have. You will not find anyone more qualified to train your personal gun dog. I would highly recommend Premier Gundogs Kennel to anyone that is looking for someone to train their dog.
Submitted by: Aaron Hilkemann on Dec 22, 2009
Dale and Kris trained our golden retriever Gracie. She is very obedient and has a strong desire to hunt. At 20 months of age, I took her to South Dakota pheasant hunting and I couldn't be more pleased. Dale and Kris seemed to recognize her "soft" personality and were able to draw out her natural drive to hunt without harsh training. I receive a number of compliments on her obedience in the field with whoever I hunt with. I strongly recommend using Dale and Kris for training your dog.
Submitted by: Chris Lutz on Dec 21, 2009
I couldn't be happier with the work Dale did with my yellow lab, Cash. I knew I wanted to get the most out of my hunting dog, and realized I couldn't achieve that on my own. After numerous recommendations from other hunters, I chose Premier Gun Dogs. I'm glad I did. The training was set up specific to how/what I hunt, and I now have a well mannered, obedient, and driven "best friend"!
Submitted by: David Healan on Dec 21, 2009
I have been doing business with Dale and Kris for almost 10 years. They have trained several dogs for me and my wife. We have always been happy with the results. At Premier Gundogs your not getting just one trainer, your getting two of the best trainers I've ever found. Early on I tried several different trainers but wasn't happy with them. Dale and Kris keep you informed and gets you involved in the training process.
There is only one training kennel I would recommend. Premier Gundogs Training Kennel.
Submitted by: Steve MacDonald on Dec 21, 2009
My name is Steve MacDonald. I own, and operate a small breeding Kennel. Wildwind British Labradors. Dale has trained a couple of our Stud dogs. Cody, and Irish. We couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Dale, and Cris were easy to work with, and tailered their training program to fit our needs, and requirements.
Also, as a breeder, several of the puppies that I have sold have gone on to train with Dale, with great success. All of the puppy owners I have referred to Premier Gundogs have come away very impressed, and satisfied. British Labradors typically have a much softer temperament. Which may require different training requirements, than say an American Field Trial bred Lab. Dale, and Cris are well aware of this, and alter their training as required. They treat every dog as an individual, and don't try to force each dog to fit their program. They adapt their program to fit the dog's needs. and the owners requirements.
Submitted by: Carroll Dolson on Dec 21, 2009
I received Dale Taylor's name from two friends from Lincoln, NE. Previously, I have had two labs from the Oregon Retriever Kennels in Medford, OR. I had received my dogs from them at the age of two and contracted with Dale to do the same, since the people in OR are no longer training. I had my first opportunity to meet Avery on November 5th. Dale and I hunted over her for two mornings. I can not begin to tell you how satisfied I am at this stage of training. Although Avery was just 8 months old, the training had the quality of a two plus year old. She was steady in the boat and shows the "desire" in what one is looking for in a good waterfowl retriever. In conclusion, I feel that another great attribute of Dale is the opportunities he gives a young dog like Avery. Experience is a great teacher. Definitely a five star as a trainer and person!
Submitted by: Darrell Michael on Dec 21, 2009
After looking for, and giving many other trainers a chance, we came across Premier Gundogs Training Kennel, and since finding this wonderful kennel, we have never looked back. There were always a few things that one would like to see from a kennel when giving someone their prized possesion. Such as, honesty, creditability, personilization, and most of all results. I have complete confidence that you will never find a kennel with more honest people. These other testaments only verify the work of these wonderful people. From me experience, other trainers often train the dog the way that they would want their dog to be ran, when in all reality, it's not likely that it's what you are looking for. But what sells the story for me is the results. The dogs that are trained from Premier Gundogs WILL be the BEST trained dogs in the field. I know everytime I let my dog out of the box to head for the field, a sense of pride of ownership takes place. You would be blown away with how many compliments I recieve for the work of my dogs. If you give anyone a chance to train you dog, give it to Premier Gundogs Training Kennel. I know you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: frank hilsabeck on Dec 21, 2009
Dale and Chris Taylor are 2 of the most knowledgeable, pleasant and accomodating people i have come across in my 40 years of customer satisfaction responsibilities. On the strong recommendation of our veternarian, Kent Forney, we took our black lab puppy to Dale and Chris for bird training and general obedience work. We are extremely pleased with how Zoe gets along in our house and how well she does in every hunting situation. I have recommended PGTK to several of our friends and like us, they have been very pleased.Our dogs know what is expected of them and they retain great personalities. Everyone should have a trainer as competent as the Taylor's.
Submitted by: Leon Lennemann on Dec 21, 2009
I have been using Premier Gundogs Training Kennel for the past 8 yrs. I have MH female shorthair that Dale and Kris trained for me and she went through about every phase of training because I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do. Do to the way Dale and Kris train it wasn't so hard to change direction with the dog when I changed my mind. I have used several other trainers and usually end up bringing the dogs to Dale and Kris to fix.
Submitted by: Quinn Tirrel on Dec 21, 2009
I have known Dale & Kris Taylor for several years, and cannot say enough good things about them and the way they run their kennel. A little over a year ago, my wife and I bought Brady, a German Shorthair Pointer, from Dale & Kris Taylor's Premier Gundogs Training Kennel. Since this was my first bird dog, I needed a lot of help in the first few months of training (not to mention help with acclimating Brady to being an inside dog) , and Dale & Kris always made themselves available to give me tips and pointers, and were always very helpful when I scheduled an appointment to bring Brady for field training as well.

All in all, a great experience, a great dog, and I would expect no less given the great people Dale & Kris are. Thanks!

-Quinn Tirrel
Submitted by: Shane Forney on Dec 21, 2009
I have been blown away with how well My dog, Lexi, works. Dale and Kris did such a good job training her that I am proud to show her off in the field when hunting with people. Dale has taught, and is still teaching, me how to handle a dog and how to think like the dog does. The product, a very good dog on her way to being a certified Hunting Retriever and me becoming a more confident dog handler. I strongly recommend Premier Gun Dogs to anyone that is serious about training your dog the best it can be trained.
Submitted by: Chris Blaine on Dec 20, 2009
I've been impressed with Premier Gundogs Training Kennel from my first phone call. Dale and Chris Taylor are extremely knowledgable and take the time to get to know you and your dog - so they can customize a training program to meet your needs. It's not one size fits all. They use proven training techniques that build a foundation and deliver results, while taking into account the personality and temperment of your dog. The facilities, training grounds and overall dog care are second to none.

The results speak for themselves. I've had people tell me that my 1 1/2 year old lab Max is better than most seasoned dogs they've hunted over. He's obedient and delivers to hand, while maintaining a high level of drive in the field. Whether it be hunting upland or waterfowl he's a pleasure to hunt with. And the obedience translates over to the house, which my wife is extremely thankful for.

I strongly encourage you to check out Premier Gundogs. Their integrity, hard work and dedication to developing top notch hunting retrievers is evident in everything they do. I couldn't be happier with my overall experience. I know my dog is ready for whatever challenges we face in the field. And that's what it's all about. Having a dog you (and your buddies) enjoy having in the field and at home.
Submitted by: Jeff Pedersen on Dec 20, 2009
I left my 4-month old English Setter at Dale's training center for one week of work with birds, and a second week of introduction to the gun. I then took the pup and my son pheasant hunting. They limited out over solid points on public land. What more can be said! My pup is going back to Dale's for serious finish and polish as soon as the season is over.
Submitted by: Jeff Brehm on Dec 19, 2009
Dale did an outstanding job training my labrador retriever. I had inadvertently taught Scout (nearly 2 years old) some bad habits, which Dale retrained. Dale was upfront and honest with what he could do with the goals I had in mind.

I was more than satisfied with the outcome as Dale accomplished the goals I wanted and my dog had a great attitude after force hold training. Scout had the foundation to help me proceed myself with further training as well.

I would highly recommend Dale as a trainer and be confident buying a puppy from him knowing he can see trainable, quality hunting dogs. He will be there to support you with your new companion and hunting partner after your purchase as well.
Submitted by: Adam Fellers on Dec 19, 2009
When looking for a trainer you can trust to be honest with you about the ability of your dog, progression of its training, and finished product of your dog; Premier Gundogs Training Kennel is the epitome of the business. I have purchased puppies, started dogs, and finished dogs from them and all of them have been as advertised. When they say a dog is broke; they are broke.

I have seen a lot of different pointing dogs throughout the country, both competively and hunting companions and I will say the dogs raised by Dale and Kris and furthermore trained by them are second to none no matter what breed. Puppies are always very socialized, introduced to game, and pointing and retrieving when you pick them up at 8 weeks old. Dogs trained by the combo are the best of the best no matter what situation they may be involved in, when you see a finished product from their training program you always ask, "Who trained that dog?"

I would recommend Dale and Kris to any pointing dog owner looking to take the next steps in having a Michael Jordan in their kennel.
Submitted by: Frank Wells on Apr 07, 2009
Dale Taylor is an excellent dog trainer. He and his wife Chris are excellent people. I couldn't be happier with my Labrador Retriever Loki. After, only three months I am totally confident in my dogs ability to hunt any type of waterfowl and has Loki passed two HRC Started Retriever Hunt tests with ease. Better yet, Loki still has the same playful, eager to please personality he left home with.

The facilities and training grounds at Premier Gundogs are top notch. Dale is an honest hard working man and I now have a great friend and even better dog. Thank you Dale and Chris.

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