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Submitted by: Carson on Oct 21, 2019
We got our dog, Nottely, from Michael Pierce almost 5 years ago now. He is the best dog. My husband quail hunts with him and he is a great hunter. He was already pointing when we picked him up at 8 weeks old after Michael worked with him some. At home, Nottely is calm and cuddly. We have a 6 month old baby and he is constantly checking on her and laying close to her. I am allergic to dogs but have had no problems with Nottely. We could not have asked for a better dog and hope to be able to get another WPG from Michael in the future.
Submitted by: Shorey on Nov 29, 2018
Mr Pierce and his dogs are awesome. He was very helpful in choosing a pup. My pup is only 5 months but is amazing. I’ve always had labs but am not disappointed in my choice one bit. She doesn’t shed much at all, has manners for her age and listens. She wants to please and loves learning games. Points and water retrieves just fine. She is very sweet, loves other dogs and people too. Same type of energy as a good lab I’d say.

I know it’s early but think I’ve seen enough out of my pup to give a recommendation on the breed and Plum Creek Kennels.
Submitted by: The Buckner family on Jan 10, 2017
We got Murph from Mike 3 years ago. Not only is his prey drive fantastic and his pointing ability innate...he is the best friend our family could have asked for. Mike is a great guy and spent a good deal of time talking to us and helping us pick a pup.
Perfect in every respect.
Class act, great breeder.

Submitted by: Lee Tigner on Nov 16, 2016
We got out "Idgy" 9 months ago. Before I tell you about this dog, let me explain that I have had many, many dogs in my life of all different breeds. And some great dogs at that. But none have ever been anywhere near as wonderful as this dog. Our Griff is nothing short of brilliant and she is absolutely beautiful too. She has been a dream to train and is a natural with game. What's more is that she can go from that to the beloved family pet without missing a step. Greatest dog I've ever had. Mike has produced an incredible dog and I hope he keeps up his work. I'll be back for another at some point. We've fallen in love with this breed and you will too.
Submitted by: Faye on Mar 07, 2015
Though not ours, my husband and I were at Bass Pro Shop in Macon today and We meet one of Plum Creeks 9 month old female Griffons, a young lady had her (forget her name). Just wanted to say what a Gorgeous Griffon, great confirmation! Not many quality breeders in the south & it was nice to see one here! Kudo's.
Submitted by: Joan Martin on Jul 27, 2014
Our beloved Zolette will be 13 this Feb.An old girl now, she has more stamina than any dog we ever owned. Last summer we contacted Mike about a puppy when a Vet told us she had at besta month to live. She not only still lives, she is full of energy and swims, runs, hikes every day. She is Queen.Chased a fox off the property yesterday. She has rebounded from some health issues in almost miraculous way. Mike bred an incredable strong, beautiful, balanced Griff.She weighs 88 pounds. Not fat. We say she is big boned (ha). Thank you, Mike. You are the best!!
Submitted by: Cameron Scott on Nov 16, 2013
I got my Griff, Duke, from Mr. Michael Pierce and I could not ask for a better pup. He is a almost 5 months old and is a quick learner with a great nose. It looks like he is going to be a great duck dog also because he swims like a fish. Before I got my pup, I was worried if I was going to be allergic to him since I am allergic to most other dogs. Mr. Michael allowed me to come down to his place twice to play with his grown Griffs to make sure I wasn't allergic. I truly appreciated this because it helped to give me some peace of mind. Mr. Michael is a great guy and is truly passionate about this breed. Not to mention, the whole process was very professional. I recommend anybody looking for a good family hunting dog to get a Griff from Plum Creek Kennels.
Submitted by: Dusty Cobb on Aug 17, 2013
We got our Griff, Gumbo from Mr. Pierce in Early 2012. He has grown to be a great well behaved family dog. Mr. Pierce was good to deal with and very considerate sending us pictures as he grew and helping us to pick the best dog to suite our wants. Gumbo has turned out to be a large and handsome dog with lots of energy. We look forward to getting our next Griff from Mr. Pierce in the coming years.
Submitted by: Doug Woods on Mar 12, 2012
I just got my pup in Jan. 2012 - what a dog! Great breed and very healthy. Mike does an excellent job raising his dogs and it shows. The pup is now 15 weeks old, she retrieves, sits, and comes/stays on command.
I work her daily and she responds quickly and is a pleasure in the field.
I recommend the breed (smart) and this breeder (hunter) to anyone.
Submitted by: Joan Martin on Aug 13, 2011
We purchased our Griff from Michael almost 10 years ago. She is the healthiest dog we've ever owned, never had a single health issue and has the most wonderful disposition. He is a really good breeder who will take the time to match a puppy to your needs. We thank him for trusting us with one of his wonderful dogs. And at age 10, she has not even started to show any signs of old age. I call her my 10 year old puppy!!!
Submitted by: Reynolds Family on Mar 24, 2011
Good things come from good people... Mr. Pierce, is one of those folks... I picked up my pup last year. He just celebrated his first birthday! This dog is unreal? I've had dogs in the past, but never like this. He is a breeze to teach... By 6 months he was doing week long camping / hunt trips completely off leash, command only! I think it has to do with the fact that, Mr Pierce truly hunts and works with his bloodline, giving them all the built in characteristics needed to become great dogs! Thanks
Submitted by: Gary Priest on Mar 23, 2011
I recently purchased a male puppy from Michael Pierce. Though I had no prior experience with this breed or the breeder but it was a great choice. I explained what I was looking for in my next dog and Michael selected the puppy that he thought was the best for me. The entire transaction was so professional and the puppy "Micah" arrived in perfect health and has been a real delight.
Submitted by: The Eastwood's on Jul 12, 2009
We purchased our Griffon from Michael Pierce at Plum Creek almost two years ago. We love our Griff, she is an excellent family dog as well as a superb quail hunter. Hunting was in her blood and needed no training. I definitely recommend Plum Creek and if we ever decide to add a second dog would definately contact Michael Pierce

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